Pyle PWD501 LCD 2-Way Vehicle Remote Start/Security System
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Product Description

One 5-button 2-way remote transmitter with LCD display One 4-button 1-way remote transmitter 2-way transmitter confirmation with LCD display, piezo chime, and vibrate features 7 built-in relays for start, ignition 1, ignition 2, accessory, flashing parking lights, and door locks 125dB 6-tone siren External relay and harness for starter defeat with anti-grind

Protect one of your most expensive investments--along with all the stereo equipment inside--with the Pyle PWD501 two-way vehicle security system. Also equipped with a remote start transmitter that lets you warm up the car from a distance, the PWD501 is a must for folks who live in neighborhoods with high break-in rates, or for users who simply want to rest easy when parked in an unfamiliar locale. The system receives its cues from a five-button two-way remote transmitter with an LCD display, along with a second four-button one-way transmitter. The LCD unit offers an advantage over traditional keychain transmitters by visually confirming when certain actions have taken place. For instance, the LCD screen not only displays an icon affirming that the alarm is set or deactivated, it also notifies you when someone has tried to break into your car by indicating the triggered zone. The LCD transmitter displays more than 20 different screens indicating system status, including icons for alarm, disarm, trunk or door open, engine running, valet mode, and anti-carjack mode.

In addition to standard alarm functions, the system also offers a number of security extras. The auto immobilizer function prevents the car from starting--even with the key inserted in the ignition--until the appropriate transmitter button or the override button is activated. The ignition-controlled locks, meanwhile, kick in when the brake pedal is first pressed, and then automatically unlock when the ignition key is turned off. Other reassuring features include a remote panic siren; a valet mode that disables the security and remote start features; an anti-carjack function that monitors the vehicle's doors while the ignition is on; and a secure PIN code for override purposes.

The PWD501 also contributes when security isn't your main concern. The remote start function coordinates with your heater or air conditioner to warm up or cool down the car's interior before you get in, while the stop-and-go function keeps your car running during short stops without the ignition key inserted. Users can also shut down the car remotely after starting it should they have a sudden change of plans. And drivers in cold weather climates will delight in the auto cold start feature, which automatically starts the car every few hours to keep it in good running condition. Other conveniences include buttons that pop the trunk and the hood and a car locator feature. The system comes with a one-year warranty.

Additional Features

  • 2-way transmitter confirmation with LCD display, piezo chime, and vibrate features
  • Extended range transceiver
  • 7 built-in relays for start, ignition 1, ignition 2, accessory, flashing parking lights, and door locks
  • External relay and harness for starter defeat (with anti-grind)
  • Built-in electronic dual-stage shock sensor
  • Dual-stage optional sensor port LED
  • Emergency override switch
  • 125 dB 6-tone siren
  • Door lock, dome light, auxiliary, "ground when running," and horn honk outputs
  • Valet/tamper alert
  • Automatic bypass for defective zones
  • Factory alarm disarm output
  • Programmable turbo timer, chirp bypass, cold start timing, engine run time, tach sense, diesel mode, automatic re-arming, ignition-controlled lock/unlock, passive door locking, extended pulse lock, and double-pulse unlock modes
  • Remote valet and remote sensor bypass modes
  • Nonvolatile memory

What's in the Box
Five-button transmitter, four-button transmitter, security/remote start module, siren, LED, override switch, extended-range receiver, shock sensor, all appropriate wiring, user's manual.

  • 2-way vehicle remote start/vehicle security system with 5-button LCD transmitter
  • Visual icons confirm vehicle status and notify user when break-ins or other tampering is occurring
  • Auto immobilizer function deactivates vehicle until button is pushed; 6-tone 125 dB car alarm siren
  • Anti-carjack mode prevents thefts while driving; auto cold start keeps car healthy in cold climates
  • Valet mode disables security and remote start features; 1-year warranty