Garmin StreetPilot c320 Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

Garmin has introduced two new in-vehicle GPS receivers for use in your car or truck, the StreetPilot c320 and Street Pilot c330. We'll be discussing both in each description as both are virtually identical with one key difference. The c320 comes with Mapsource City-Select award-winning software on CD (for installation into a notebook or desktop computer) and uses a 128MB SD card which allows you to download a particular region for GPS mapping as you drive. The c330, on the other hand, comes pre-loaded with highly detailed MapSource City Select street data of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The database features an industry-leading five million-plus points of interest?including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. So, if you do lots of long-distance continental driving, the c330 may be the better value for you. If you usually stick to driving within a section of the country, the c320 might just be the best for you. Both are exceptional units but you must choose which is best for you. Either way, you can be assured that you'll get where you want to go easily and comfortably. Choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional ?bird's eye? overhead view Each boasts distinctive and sleek styling?the only buttons are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch. The device is secured by a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield for easy portability among vehicles. Users can customize their unit's appearance with an array of colored faceplates (sold separately). WAAS-enabled 12 parallel channel GPS Built-in patch antenna; MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection Unit dimensions - 4.4? W x 3.2? H x 2.8? D

With a simple touch screen interface, automatic route calculation to any destination, and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions, the StreetPilot c320 GPS navigator is a powerful companion for your adventures on the road. Plus, Garmin has designed the "c-series" of car navigation units to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible-- no more intimidating features, just straightforward, basic navigation at your fingertips.

The streetPilot "c-series" GPS navigators feature a simple touchscreen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination.

The 3.5-inch diagonal, 16-bit color display makes navigation a snap.

A convenient touch screen allows for quick access to features such as addresses, recent locations, food, and lodging.
Selecting a destination is as simple as a few finger-strokes, and you can choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional "bird's eye" overhead view.

Although the c320 boasts distinctive and sleek styling, simplicity is the name of the game. The only buttons are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch. The device is secured by a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield for easy portability between vehicles. You can customize the unit's appearance with an array of colored faceplates that are sold separately.

For navigators who only require detailed maps for a limited area, the StreetPilot c320 features an SD card slot, a 128 MB SD card, and MapSource City Select street data on CD-ROM. To load the area you need, simply select the specific area of interest on your computer and the data is transferred from a PC to the unit via a fast USB connection. The c320's bright, 3.5-inch diagonal, 16-bit color display makes navigation a snap. The unit also features dual integrated speakers for high-quality voice prompts, and an internal lithium-ion battery for out-of-car route planning.

What's in the Box
StreetPilot c320 receiver, vehicle suction cup mount w/integrated power cable, PC/USB interface cable, 128 MB SD memory card, and setup guide. Also, Americas Recreational Basemap and MapSource City Select North America CD with full unlock.

  • Convenient touch screen allows for quick access to features such as addresses, recent locations, food, and lodging
  • Features a SD card slot, a 128 MB SD card, and MapSource City Select street data on CD-ROM
  • Data can be transferred from a PC to the unit via a fast USB connection
  • Customize the unit's appearance with an array of colored faceplates (sold separately)
  • Bright 3.5-inch diagonal, 16-bit color display
Customer Reviews:
  • Perfect!
    I've have 3 GPS's all Garmin. This was my first, I use it everyday at work with Verizon. Only downside is buying map updates every year (1 per unit)...more info
  • All the good stuff but.....
    I won't go over all the specs and positives, because others have gone through all of that and there is no need for repeating. The Garmin is everything great that other reviews are mentioning, but I'm just going to review the battery issue I have continued to have on this Garmin.... After having the GARMIN c320 for about 9 months or so, i had the problem of the battery not working on it's own (the unit would only work when sitting on the car charger mount. Even though at times it would say something like "charging the battery" in it's off setting, it was NOT charging the battery (since when taken off the mount it would not work at all). I procrastinated for about 3 months, because I didn't take the unit out of my car much so it wasn't such a big issue, but almost on the last day of warranty, I called and just had it replaced. Customer service for Garmin is great. There's no convincing or "did you plug the unit in" sort of questions.. they just took your word for what was happening and replaced the unit. I had the second unit for about 4 months or so before the same battery situation happened again. This time I was out of the 1 yr original warranty and the 90d warranty of the replacement... but customer service were more than willing to switch it out again.. (great customer service, very flexible).
    With this 3rd unit, it didn't take more than a couple months for it to have the battery issue again. I've been too cheap to buy another unit, and there isn't really a reason, since this one does work when it's connected to the car charger mount.

    The main inconveniences of this battery not working is that it seems to lose it's satelites since it's a dead unit when the car isn't on. It seemed before that with the battery working, the unit connects immediately to the satellites and maps your way very quickly. When I turn my car on now.. the unit will be show the time when I had turned the car off and will take anywhere from 3 minutes to 15 minutes to connect to satellites. There have been times that i've had to turn it off and on (usually around the 10 minute mark) to see if maybe it was "frozen" or something.....

    BTW, I'm sure the locating satellites delay issues is a problem with the unit, since I'm in a very urban city (Los Angeles) and it did not have these problems prior to the battery issue.

    Oh, one other issue, in downtown Los Angeles, it gets very confused...(maybe due to streets with freeway overpasses; though this happens when i'm not near the freeway too) even when it has mapped a nice set of directions and I'm following them, out of nowhere it'll recalculate and ask me to make some turns when the location is straight ahead...

    Also, there are several locations where it will tell me to take an inconvenient onramp to a freeway where there is a perfectly good one, one block ahead on my right (make sense?).

    I've still had the unit for 3 years or so... so I'm not entirely unhappy with it,......more info
  • gift for dad
    I bought this as a gift for my dad last year - he loves it and uses it all the time. Often he gets lost in his thoughts or misses a turn, this will reroute you and send you back on your way if you need to. It also comes with updating software, and my dad reports that even dirt roads will show up on the maps (don't know how well it works in the city). this device charges in its cradle/mounting device....more info
  • Great GPS, but too heary, Easy to fall down from windshield
    I would like to give 5 star to the GPS function. It takes several minutes to connect to the satellite.

    The problem is that GPS unit is too heary. It falls down easily after you used it for a while. I would not recommend any one to buy this GPS unit. Buy the light weigth GPS like Garmin Nuvi series....more info
  • a sound piece of smarts
    I have owned this for 4 months now. My husband and I travel for work so it is used almost every time we get in the car. We are in TX right now and I would be lost without it! I left off a star for 2 reasons. No. 1, she has taken me to the wrong place several times. Most often though, she will be in the area you at least need to be in so you need to switch over from tech gear to brains. No. 2 reason is b/c my husband got me a newer version that automatically detects what city you are in so you dont have to involve your computer in the situation. I turned it on and it started up immediately. This is an older version of course though which is why I graded a bit gentle. I would recommend everyone get a GPS navigator no matter what brand it is. It helps relieve tension on getting to where you need to go and you can concentrate on your end result and not have a tension headache when you get to your destination. P.S. Hubby has the "older version" now Ha ha ...more info
  • Good product for the price
    I needed to upgrade the memory chip, but good product for the price at the time. It works nicely, but will upgrade soon....more info
  • Good unit
    The GPS is very accurate, to within a few feet. The maps have nearly all businesses and restaurants, but not all. I was not able to find a qdoba in some cities, but was in others.

    The touchscreen was remarkably accurate, and easy to type on.

    Customer service on the unit was also very friendly and helpful, and spoke english as their first language.

    A 5-star product....more info
  • Excellent Affordable GPS
    I bought this GPS two years ago and it has worked great ever since. It was affordable then, and even more now. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles the new ones have, but it makes up for it by being extremely easy to use. Out of the box it takes literally 5 minutes to learn how to use.

    I also like this exact model because it doesn't have an on-board hard drive and therefore you can add any size SD card to it. This keeps the cost low as SD cards have dropped in price lately. A single 2 gig card will hold maps of the entire US. ...more info
  • Does exactly what its supposed to do
    A great basic GPS device that works exactly as advertised. Text to speech may be a nice perk, but you really don't need it, since a quick glance at the display gives you all the information you need.

    There are limitations you don't get with a higher end model however. You can't customize your route on a PC and upload it to the C320. Sometimes, it takes you on a wierd routing. It *will* get you there however, and if you're unfamiliar with the place, it probably doesn't matter if the route's not the most intuitive.

    ...more info
  • Garmin - Inaccuracy at a price
    I found one of these for $200, and based on the reviews I figured I'd be pleasantly surprised.

    I thought wrong.

    Not only are the maps highly inaccurate, but it doesn't give enough notice on when to turn, so missing turns is quite common. The routes this thing takes aren't usually the optimal choice, and it likes to avoid the highway even though it's on the default settings. So you end up taking a ton of back roads that really slow down your trip. I recently missed a trip to the movie theater because of this unit. When it said I was arriving at the destination, it brought me to a field. That's right, a FIELD.

    Not only am I out the $200 for this inaccurate POS, but I'm out $20 for the movie tickets. Thanks a lot, Garmin....more info
  • good GPS
    I love Garmin GPS products but I wish I got the 330 because this model does not come with the pre-loaded maps of teh USA. If you are going to buy a GPS have the maps pre-loaded. IT is just a lot easier then trying to find an SD card big enough for the USA...more info
  • OK unit, but others are better, and beware the update costs!
    I've owned this unit for a couple years and it has served me well, but even with one map update, there were a fair amount of "missing" roads. When I found out the latest map update costs $75, I started looking elswhere. Bought a cheap a Navigon product as a gift and the display and interface make the C320 look like Pong from the 70's. Navigon map updates are FREE, as well as traffic data subscriptions on the better units. You can actually email Navigon support, and they've emailed me back three times within a couple hours! Everything I wished the C320 had, even the little Navigon LOOX has: altitude, lat-long, ability to drag the map around to see what's around you, and a boat load of other "wow!" features. I'm a Navigon convert!...more info
  • Love it
    My wife is jealous......... but Garmin and I have a special relationship.........How did I ever live without it?...more info
  • Why Center City?
    Does not recommend Interstate bypasses (except, strangely, for I-285 around Atlanta) but rather directs you through center city. If you take the bypass it tries to get you back to the Interstate. Keep ignoring it and it finally will run out of options and direct you back to the Interstate where you want to be. I keep ignoring it so much in these cases that I expect it to insult me for being stupid--in fact it would be kind of funny if it did.

    Also, I have seen some new sights following its directions.

    The 320c, for the price, can't be beat....more info
  • Excellent in most respects
    This was a gift I gave my husband. He loves it and was thrilled with the gift. Flexible and easy-to-use with a clear, easy-to-understand voice (important because my husband is partially deaf). The graphics are clear, but not extremely useful. My only problem with the system is that the list of restaurants does not seem to be up-to-date. This led us on a couple of wild goose chases for coffee. However, we could add our own, which was great. I would buy this again...and may get one for myself....more info
  • saved my marriage
    This contraption saved my marriage. We went on a road trip to Massachusetts for our honeymoon. Boston is not the easiest city to get around in. Our c320 kept us out of poor navigation fights.

    Thanks Garmin!!!...more info
  • We love our Garmin...
    We love our Garmin C320 the only complain I have is that sometimes the computer is confused with abbreviations i.e. for the abbre. Dr. it would say Doctor. Then there is the issue of a parallel road with the freeway, it would say the street name parallel to the freeway you are on instead of saying the freeway number/name itself. This could be a problem most especially if you are not familiar with the city you are driving in. Plus it has issues saying some names i.e. Radisson, etc. I heard Garmin is Danish maybe this has something to do with its origin. But overall it did take us to wherever we want to go so I commend it and would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Cheap GPS
    I use the optional Garmin 27c antenna $60.
    Max SD Data card size you need is 1.1 GB for all the maps to be downloaded at once. 128MB SD is supplied.
    USB 2.0 : I have an older laptop running WinMe and USB 1.1 built-in = difficulty downloading maps and using my large 4GB SD card. Would not recognize thru laptop PCMIA USB 2.0 card?

    comes with DC car charger and Windshield sucker mount (nice) and version 8.0 MapSource CD.

    This unit works really well for most. If you want point-point-point GPS with looking at maps for routing you may want something newer.

    For a cheap ~$200 GPS it works well and you get quality. Mine was a refurb at 199 + SD card + antenna

    later edit:
    Install the Driver seperately and USB 2.0 should recognize (install thru Windows Driver search using the Garmin dvd for driver). =Would not recognize the unit going only thru the Garmin install process....more info
  • N.G with Mac
    Can not downloal maps via a Mac. Only PC.
    Did not always say when the trip ended....more info
  • Good Value, Good Price
    I really like this GPS. It is very easy to use and the touch screen feature is really nice. The screen is a nice size and the graphics are easy to see.

    As with all GPS systems, the route the computer selects isn't always the best. And you do have to pay extra to load the most recent maps....more info
  • My Garmin
    I purchased this unit to replace another brand that I had problems with. This unit has found streets for me that I did not know were out there. also used it to find an unlisted address based on a map location of an intersection of two dirt roads.

    ...more info
  • Not perfect but make you feel safe
    You can not rely on this product totally for the following reasons.
    1. The route it gives may not be the best one.
    2. It only tells how far the next turn is but not telling the name of the street. It takes a while to get used to it. I still peek on the screen to see the street name before I turn.
    3. Since it does not give naming direction, if you are in the intersection of serveral highways, you should just count on yourself.
    ...more info
  • What a great GPS!
    At Christmastime, I was eyeing different GPS units while shopping. My husband picked up on my cue! He is a shopper who will look, and look again at many different products to find just the right one. He will investigate it further, until finally making a choice. On Christmas morning, he suprised me with this unit! I can't tell you how much I love it! I take it just about everywhere! Besides taking me flawlessly to places that I've never been to, I love the feature that tells me what time I will get there. Within a few months, I bought another adapter for our other car, so either myself or my husband can use it. In May, my parents were taking a trip to Florida and they borrowed "Christine" (We named her the female version of Christopher, as in Columbus- the navigator!) By about 4 hours into their trip, they couldn't believe how great it was; showing them where food, hotels, and gas were! This item was so affordable, that for Father's Day, we bought one for my father! (They named theirs "Dora"!) There are newer and different models of this, but I don't know why anyone would look further than this! This little unit has all you need, and is a great price. If you even get stuck in traffic, hit the Detour button and it will re-route you! Who could ask for more!
    ...more info
  • satisfied
    the gps system works well, i expected the system to say the name of the street or road you should make the turn on.

    i should have asked more guestins....more info
  • C320 Garmin StreetPilot
    I love this product! Good price and the touch screen makes it so easy to use. Screen size seemed like it might be small but I was pleasantly surprised that it was very easy to see and read while driving....more info
  • Outstanding, but there are better Garmin Units Now
    This is a terrific unit that calculates\recalculates very fast! Miss a turn? No problem. The 320 will recalculate your trip in 1-3 seconds and inform you of the new instructions and the POI (Points of Interest) are among the best out there at any price.

    I use it even in areas where I know where I do not need directions. The reason is because I found that POIs come in very handy when I want a new place to eat or need to call ahead. I use it mostly for for locating resteraunts or calling in To-Go orders if I'm in a hurry.

    Loading maps is as easy as sending email but the supplied SD card is a bit small if you travel across many states. I bought a very inexpensive 2g SD card and loaded the entire US with room to spare. Now that I have the US loaded I expect to never touch the card again and have since deleted the maps from my computer.

    The only two complaints I have with this unit are the screen and suction mount.

    The screen must be tilted down away from the sun to see it. Thanks to the voice turn by turn instructions I find it is not necessary to see it, but I do wish it were brighter.

    The suction mount failed after only a few months. I opted for a friction mount from Amazon and couldn't be happier. It is easy to move from car to car and stays where I put it.

    As good as it is I'm giving it 4 stars because of the mount and less than bright screen. If you can find it at a good price and decide to get it you will receive a nice and very capable unit that will serve you well. However, Garmin has the 330 and 340 now which are basically the same unit but have pre-loaded maps and the 340 reads the streets for you. If money is a concern get the 320. Otherwise, go with the 330 or 340 but be ready to accept the screen and suction mount issues. You won't get a brighter screen unless you pony up quite a bit more cash, or decide to go with another brand and risk trading off some features and getting a smaller POI database....more info
  • Good product with flaw
    This is a very nice GPS. Easy to use and accurate in 95% of time.

    There are only two cons: It won't work when air temperature is below 50. Searching could be very slow sometimes. Otherwise, it would be excellent. Highly recommended for general user. ...more info
  • Great navigator for the price
    i have purchased three of these units now, one for my sister, one for my brother, and one for myself. it will definitely get you where you need to go - one warning though! in florida the suction cup mount will become permanently attached in only a few days! i purchased a friction type dash mount for transfer to other vehicles.
    ...more info
  • Good nav, but MapSource is far from perfect
    Good product, good tool to have when traveling. I have found a couple of bugs where the Garmin will try and take me home avoiding highways, even though all avoidances are turned *off*. MapSource is off on occasions, missing my target site by quite a margin of error....more info
  • StreetPilot
    This is a great idea for those of us who travel or visit in new areas that are unfamiliar. Took us to our campsite with no problem in spite of winding roads, construction, closed streets detours. Very nice to have when pulling an RV....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a fantastic device. I purchased one for myself, then for my daughter, and now for my salesmen. I highly recommend it to anyone who travels....more info
  • not bad
    1. long time searching by name
    2. some of new points are missing
    ...more info
  • Good ...but not great.
    My Garmin is easy to use and it really makes it easy to find places when you're out of town - i.e. - found a supermarket close to the hotel. However, it doesn't always give you the best route to take. Overall, I'm happy with the unit....more info
  • the comment was "awesome"
    I loaned my GPS to a visiting student from Wisconsin. He was taking a College entrance test in Long Island New York. When my wife asked him how the product worked, he said "awesome"....more info
  • Good product. Working well.
    Have used it for 3 months. It works well and accurately. Worth buying one. ...more info
  • the magic map finder
    I am a directionally challenged individual who could rarely find my way home let alone anywhere I was meant to be going, so when I bought this navigator, I was amazed to find myself arriving on time and at the right location! It is simple simple to use and tells you will plenty of time to shift if necessary where your turns are. I would tell anyone whose ever gotten lost to get one!...more info
  • Great value and esay to use.. but...
    Great GPS for the value. I loved the Navigation..But the GPS holder broke in the first month..
    The air suction does not hold the GPS to the wind shield or nor in the provided circular frame. I'm trying to get the GPS/holder replaced.

    ...more info
  • Really Great Unit
    I've had hand held units for several years, but wanted to get a real auto type unit. After reading the reviews and the cost savings of loading my own areas on to the GPS, this Garmin c320 is an excellent choice for me and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I bought this one about three months ago and have been using it in my semi-retired job of school bus driver. We had moved from Sothern Calif to northern Idaho last year and I didn't know much more than the local area very well at all. So long bus trips were at times a real challege until I got this. But I really got it for the occasional trips we make back to Sothern Calif and specifically the L.A., Santa Ana, and San Diego areas. My flight arrived at night and even though I lived in So. Cal. all my life, I didn't live in those areas and it is SO EASY to get lost when driving there, especially when you get on to surface streets off the freeways. When I got going from the airport I was all turned around and if I hadn't had this Garmin it would have taken me a loooooong time to find my motel, let alone find my way to my relatives homes in those areas. The Garmin is really clear to hear in a vehicle, easy to see (except as others have said in really bright sunlight), and compact enough to litterally take it everywhere. I use it on my Gold Wing motorcycle as well with the same great results.
    With SD cards so inexpensive I bought a 1 Gig card (also from Amazon)and everything fit on that card that would have been pre loaded in the c330 that I was also considering. In my local area they sell c330's for $500.00! From Amazon I bought my unit including the new card, for about $240.00, a very substantial savings. Other things, you have a choice of two voices. While easy to navigate it does take a little self training to use the unit. Yes, you can just plug and go, but it will work much more smoothly if you need to make enroute changes or have to find another location, if you take a few minutes and read at least the quick start guide or better, read the manual from the enclosed CD. Over all I think you can't go wrong with this unit itself for the cost savings, or any other of the Garmin brand units. ...more info
  • Outstanding value. Has all the necessary features
    This is almost everything I would want in a GPS. The maps are accurate and pretty fast, and I would much rather have the attractive price than the unnecessary features for 2x or 3x as much. (MP3 player? WHY??)

    The one shortcoming to me is the lack of preferences. I find this unit sending me through the middle of town all the time, when I often much prefer going on the interstate. It offers the ability to go for shorter time instead of shorter distance, but it apparently doesn't accurately account for the speed difference.

    All in all, though, I am very pleased and highly recommend this unit for the price. ...more info
  • Nav
    I wish it had more memory built in. Could not load maps with a mac...needed a pc....not cool...more info
  • Another Star from Garmin - Excellent GPS
    Yet, another awesome device from Garmin. I bought this for the in-laws. They love it. ...more info
  • Glad I bought it
    I bought 2 of these for my teens, then went back and got a 3rd for myself. Overall, we love it. Occasionally it tries to route us in round-about ways or takes me to a business that no longer exists, but it's right far more often than wrong. Positives: large bright display that I can read easily. Simple to operate. Negatives: We had trouble loading the software and the instructions aren't very detailed. One thing I didn't realize is that the charger plugs into the mounting unit, not into the device itself. Since I take this with me when I travel, that's one extra item to carry that I really don't need. Later models plug into the unit itself. Also, I find that when I travel to a new state I have to reload maps to make room. I'm going to have to spend for a bigger memory card. But overall, a great buy....more info
  • Like it, buc consider the 330
    In the end, I probabably should have gone for the 330 for the small price differential.

    WARNING: Although this is not a fatal error, DO NOT plug the unit into your computer until instructed by the on-screen display. I falsely assumed that I would save battery power by plugging it into the USB slot and THEN turning it on. WRONG. If you carefully read the literature, it warns you about this, but the "quick reference guide" does not. However, if you made the same error I did, you can reset the unit by removing the face plate and then start from scratch.

    Second thoughts: 1) Memory: I live in Pennsylvania, and once I loaded PA, NY, MD, DE, WV and NJ, there was no room for anything else. Not that I travel much outside of those states, but when I read the information that said you could load a "region" I was actually thinking more than five or six states. I sort of assumed the entire northeast, or something close to that. But it's limited. As I said, I don't travel much out of those five states, but for the very small price differential with the 330, "having it all" is probably worth it.
    2) Points of Interest: Maybe there's something I missed, but the 320 has gas stations, hotels and restaurants, nothing else I've discovered, like ATMs, museums, etc. And even though I've updated the software twice, it still lists places that haven't been in business for years, and does not list many other points of interest that I know exist.
    3) Navigation: Whether I choose "fastest" or "shortest" on this little "test," from work to home, the Garmin insists on routing me along a street with a traffic signal every block, not to speak of two hospitals and a high school, when there is a parallel route which is all of 0.1 miles longer, with one traffic signal and NO traffic congestion generators like hospitals and schools. Likewise, on the way home from the vet today, it insisted on putting me on a four-lane highway that was going to take me 15 miles away from my home. Sure, I couild drive faster while on it, but getting home from the nearest exit to my home was going to be far more of a headache than following the two-lane direct route. For about 8 miles, it tried to re-route me back to to the four-lane entrance ramp that I had deliberately not taken. I understand full well that I am quibbling about the fact that I know local routes, traffic patterns, etc. better than it does. Just be aware that if you are coming from the south, and going to the south end of your destination, the Garman may just well route you on a four-lane that takes you 15 miles east, and then brings you back via streets you wish you'd been able to avoid.
    4) Adding "this location" to your favorites is not particularly intuitive.
    5) If you're intersted in trip statistics, your "trip" starts when the unit is powered up, so if you're still packing the car, all your stats will include that "stopped time." If this matters to you, even as a matter of curiosity, remember to reset your trip when you actually start.

    Nevertheless, it is very easy to use with almost no learning curve. Very intuitive. The screen is easily readable, day or night, though sometimes glare interferes. Not a biggie. The "Go Home" feature is wonderful and isn't emphasized in what I've read. You can set any place as "home" and in 2-3 touch screen selections, you can set the Garmin to guide you back to there. This is extraordinarily useful for people like me who tend to like to explore unfamiliar terrority. Set your hotel as "home," and explore to your heart's content, and then hit "go home" and even if it DOES take you past three hospitals on the way and get you in line behind 17 school buses, it WILL get you back where you started. It is easy to remove the unit from the mount so as to reduce the potential for break-in/theft, and also easy to reattach it.

    All in all, I'm pleased with it. I just wish in retrospect that I'd spent the relatively few extra bucks on the c330...more info
  • Great - Saves me lots of time.
    I am in love with the Garmin C320 that I bought BUT I should have spent a few more bucks and bought a C330 or higher model. In saving a few dollars I have to download my maps onto a 128 MB memory stick. Because the stick only holds so much information I now plan on purchasing a 2 GB memory stick and downloading many more maps. I didn't realize this when I made my purchase. The C330 and later models are plug and play out of the box. Other than the memory problem I LOVE my Garmin and strongly recommend it to everybody. I should have bought years ago....more info
  • A great value an extra bonus for some users.
    I can't praise this more than what has already been posted by others. But I can offer another reason why you may want to choose the c320 over the pre-loaded c330.

    The Garmin MapSource City Navigator CD-ROM that comes with the c320 is licensed to allow map installation on one extra Garmin map-compatible product. After I purchased the c320 I got the Garmin eTrex Venture Cx for geocaching/hiking/etc. It comes with a very limited base map. However, it can be loaded with additional map detail (topo or street). To my delight, I was able to unlock and load the above mentioned maps to my Venture Cx.

    THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH THE c330 or other Garmin products with pre-loaded maps. You would have to buy the CD separately (an extra $107 currently).

    A nice bonus for some users!...more info
  • Fantastic value for money
    NOTE - this is a review for the EUROPEAN edition of the Streetpilot

    I needed a Europe SatNav for a long journey I'm making shortly from England through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany but I didn't want to spend very much money. I shortlisted my choice to the TomTom Go Europe or the Garmin Nüvi 350, both hovering around the £200 or more mark.. and then at the last minute I bought this one. And I am very happy I did so!

    Having read other reviews I immediately ordered an extra SD card - I got a 1 gig one for under ten pounds. I installed the software on my PC (beware, it doesn't work on a Mac at all!), plugged in the Streetpilot with the 1GB SD card and off we went.

    Interestingly I couldn't fit the whole of Europe onto the 1 gig card; I had to remove Egypt (I wasn't previously aware that was in Europe!), Turkey, Albania and Scandinavia; if you really want the whole of Europe you might want a 2GB SD card. But the remaining countries fitted fine on the new card - it took about an hour to prepare the maps and about 45 minutes to transfer them across to the Garmin; still, I don't suppose I'll need to do that again in the near future.

    So what do you get for your hundred and thirty pounds (current Amazon price). You get a lot. Why do you get so much? Well I presume it's because the Streetpilot is a chunky unit, rather like a CRT TV in an age of flatscreens. The Nüvi that I was considering is the size of a pack of cards; the Streetpilot has the same size screen but in a chunky unit that sticks out backwards - but at a hundred pounds less! Mind you, I'm not exactly short of space on the dashboard of my car so the size doesn't matter - it's a light unit so I can take it away from the car easily enough for security.

    The fixing and mounting bracket seems sturdy enough to me; it fixes very happily to my windscreen although there is no option to detach the charging cable. Bearing in mind the unit also came with a USB cable (which charges it through the computer) and a three pin plug charger, plus its battery lasts five hours, I don't foresee having to have it plugged in whilst driving very often. I actually don't mount mine on the windscreen but slot it into a cupholder in the centre console of my car and have no problems whatever getting satellite reception from that location.

    The latest software for the Streetpilot does have UK and European postcodes and this is by far the best way to find your address. It also has a very useful feature whereby you can ask for local banks, restaurants, petrol stations and the rest of it. It picks up the satellites quickly, calculated my route from Kent to Berlin in about forty seconds, and its estimated time of arrival on various routes has been nicely accurate.

    Disadvantages? You can't play around with the icon for your car (who cares), you can't use umlauts or other accented characters in naming favourite locations (not very European!), the screen seems quite bright at night (although it goes into night mode automatically) and it can sometimes take a while to redraw when you zoom out. These are all very minor inconveniences and they don't worry me at all because this is such a great value device. The speaking voice (a woman) is clear and she gives you plenty of warning before you have to manoeuvre. Sometimes she seems to think you're turning off a road when it's just an intersection and the left hand lane is peeling away but the map always shows you what's what and this hasn't caused any problems.

    All in all I am delighted with this bit of kit, very glad I didn't spend the extra hundred pounds for the Nüvi, and would happily recommend this to anyone else... whilst it's still for sale. Grab it while you can, I expect it won't be around for too much longer.
    ...more info
  • Don't know how I've done without it!
    It took a while and some research before I purchased this. I am so pleased with it's performance and features. I've gotten so attached that I've actually given her a name. Emmi is amazing! She's gotten me to everywhere and anywhere without any glitches. I even set her to avoid highways and go the shortest route and she is right on top of it. Sometimes she has me making 7 turns in only one mile, but she is so efficient. She really get's you where you need to go. I have no idea how I made it without her. The problem is though that now I don't pay any attention to where I am or how I got there because Emmi is my guide. She could use a little more data and you only get one code for upgrading, but she can manage if you go an extra inch. For instance, where I've moved is brand new and it's not in her system. So I took the address right across the street and I use that for "Home". Haven't really even needed to upgrade because she's really good. Seriously, I would highly recommend this unit. There are so many out there and the newer ones are way up in price. This is simple and easy and very well priced. It is so user friendly that my friend's 76 year old granddad uses it with ease. ...more info
  • Great value
    You will not regret buying this unit. You can save a few dollars by getting this one over the c330 and then pick up a 1 or 2 GB SD card and download all of the maps to the card at one time. Since having it I would recommend a unit that has text-to-speech as when you are in heavy traffic and don't want to take your eyes off the road, that feature would come in very handy. Hearing "Turn right in 400 ft" is ok, but "Turn right in 400 feet onto I64 West" is better when trying to decide which of two side-by-side exits to take. I will also opt for a bluetooth unit the next time. All of that said, I'd buy this unit again as it has worked great. One last thing, I had a problem with the suction mount not coming off the windshield after a month and contacted Garmin and they replaced it gratis. My next unit will also be a Garmin....more info
  • good
    this GPS does everything I need it to do. It gets me from point A to B. The only bad thing is that it doesn't warn you about traffic or anything else like that. ...more info
  • Amazon is manipulating the customer
    I have just purchased this item and am disappointed at the way Amazon is marketing this. Their retail price say the unit is listed for over $700 and the Garmin site has it for a little over $300. They also list a very limited number left for sale (1 item left) that didn't drop when I bought mine... It was still a good deal on a great unit, but I thought Amazon was better than this!!!...more info
  • what a life saver
    I bought this a while back and played it for a few days, then I just left it in my glove compartment and forgot about it since my commute is pretty much limited from home to work and work to home. I was driving to my work today and heard over the radio that 3 lanes ahead were blocked on the freeway, one lane blocked is bad enough in LA, let alone 3 lanes. So I took it out from the glove compartment and hit a few buttons, sure enough it gave me a detour route, which helped me get to work a lot quicker than it would have if I had been on the freeway, 20 minutes later, a coworker of mine showed up and was complaining about the traffic and was surprised how I could get here earlier than he did, normally he comes to work on time, and I am always 15-20 minutes late, guess what, it's the C320 that made the difference. ...more info
  • Great GPS for a car that doesn't have one
    I own an Acura with a GPS in it already but I bought it for my GF's little Hyundai. I found it to be really user friendly, very fast (no lag on commands) and very accurate. It's a great product and the only thing that makes it not as good as my built-in is that it doesn't have a joystick for moving around the screen and picking a destination by clicking (you have to enter a destination address to make it give directions). Other than that, it's a great GSP.

    Also, I've used it for hiking. It'll track your distance, speed, time rested, overall trip, etc. It's a great tracking tool. Also, if you're camping or hiking, it'll give you your location if needed in emergency. Just a little fun toy as well as a useful navi....more info
  • Is it really on discount?
    This product is available on Garmin site @ $350. That means this product is not being sold by Amazon at a discount it claims to be.

    This market gimmick is certainly not appreciative and not expected from Amazon....more info
  • Can't beat this GPS for the price
    I bought this item to use during our honeymoon. I did not want to carry around an atlas or Google maps to all the places we wanted to visit. I also did not want to start out our marriage rocky by getting upset with a wife whom is a little slow in reaction time.

    I bought this item along with a 2 gig SD card. I got it and used the included software to plug in our points of interest. I also plugged in places where we might want to go just in case.

    I read somewhere that with the version 6.X software that was included with this device that you will need over a 1 Gig SD card to put the whole US on the card (this is true). With the subsequent updates the size shrinks to about 900 mb (if the software was produced before you bought the GPS, you get the updates for free). So since I bought mine after version 8.X was released, I got a free update DVD with the most update version of their software which was up to the year 2006.

    Only ONE time I have been lead wrong. Let me explain what I mean first...I am the anxious kind of person. It told me to "Turn in 400 feet". Well, it was in a busy part of Myrtle Beach that roads are spread out about 200 feet apart. I turned 200 feet too soon. So it was actually my fault.

    I use my GPS frequently. I love the fact that I dont have to know where I am going as long as I have an address. It will get you there with the quickest route. It also gives you choices to not use toll roads, only use roads that are paved, etc. I also love the fact that when you do a group search (Food, Amusement,etc) it is a live list of updating areas. It will update every couple of seconds with the closest destination and what direction it is located. So when another place becomes closer to you than another choice, it will bump up the one that is now closest as you are traveling.

    The auto night/day feature is nice, too. It makes it not as bright at night and easier to read.

    -Hard to read sometimes in the bright light, reflections (can fix this by adjusting the angle of the device to not pick up as much reflection)
    -A few times the suction cup mounter has fallen off my car while driving (although, I will say my window was cold and dirty from winter this is up in the air)
    -Sometimes big finger make it hard to type in letters into the address part

    Overall..give it a 5 stars for being a great basic GPS. I really wanted an in-dash double din GPS unit..but for ~$1300, I can deal with using a suction cup when I need to....more info
  • Handy little thing
    Well, I just receieved this on Friday, so I have limited use of it, but I wanted to write based on what I've seen so far. I found it very easy (although a bit time consuming) to set up. I had no problem unlocking the maps, and found the instructions very easy to follow. I decided to use a 2G SD card I had that I wasn't using, so I downloaded the United States and Canada (which is why it was so time consuming.)

    The day it came, I found out I needed to go to a viewing in the Baltimore area two days later. I was not familiar with the area and it got me right there. The only thing that threw me a little was coming back. I was in familiar territory, close to home, and it was telling me to "keep left" in so many miles. I did not think it was accurate as I knew the next thing I would do would be to take a right off an exit. As I got closer I realized that it was looking at the PA Turnpike as a "fork" in the main road versus an exit.

    I've never used a GPS before and found it easy to program addresses. I like that it gives estimated arrival time and your current speed as well as the names of upcoming crossroads (I've always loved that in MD, many of the intersections have a sign prior with the street name you are approaching, PA doesn't do that.) I also like that it (at least so far) gives plenty of notice if your going to be making a right or left turn so that you have time to get to the proper lane.

    Great little device for the price. I was able to get mine for just under $200....more info
  • Nice One !!
    This is my first GPS, cannot compare with any other ones. Iam happy with this one, its small , pretty , economic (cheapest) and does its job most of the time. If you are totally unaware of the route , u can blindly follow what it shows, but if u r in ur own area, u may not like the directions it gives, sometimes it takes u inside the city roads avoiding highways, i guess its ok.
    Overall.. hey i like it.
    One thing i liked the most is display, it has its own trip meter, shows ur min and max speeds, idle time, estimated arrival time and etc.
    Go for it !!!...more info
  • Great unit
    Very simple to use, basic navigation. The 128 sd card will hold about three or four states, I use a 1 gb card that holds the lower 48 with room to spare. Not a lot of bells and whistles but does a very good job getting you where you want to go....more info
  • So easy to use and so useful
    I just used my device around Los Angeles and it was wonderful. Very easy to use, very accurate, very fun. I loved the way I was able to carry it in my carry on on my flight to LA and then use the suction cup to attach it to the rental car window. Very easy to load the maps. ...more info
  • Best Buy for the Money
    This is a great device, it features a very simple and user friendly menu that is all touch screen. It will display the address and phone number of the business or location you are looking up, very helpful for calling ahead to restaurants. If you want to put all the maps on from the USA, just buy a a gb sd card and you can put every map on it, making it just as functional as the c330, for a lot cheaper! (thats what i did!) You can select from 3 different map views, and they improved the windshield mounts from the first series of garmin models like the i2. The screen is also a healthy 3.5 in so there is plenty of map to see. Including me, three people in my immediate family own one, certainly a great buy!...more info
  • a good investment
    I used to get lost all the time. This little thing has improved my life so much. Thanks, Garmin. Reviewers on Amazon are normally very critical. This product has a 4.5 star, which shows it's really good. ...more info
  • Super
    Have been using it for a few months now. Very simple, yet very effective. What a great little unit. How on earth did I ever live without it?...more info
  • Not your father's GPS!
    The C320 is my third GPS unit, counting a Toyota factory unit
    which died.

    The C320 is economical and effective, and the navigation functions
    work very well. The voice quality is at least OK, though maximum
    volume is still not very loud.

    Check your state laws before using the standard suction-cup mount
    on the windshield. In California and Minnesota, they're not allowed.
    I recommend the "sandbag" mount, which has three splayed and weighted
    feet that hold the unit steady on the dashboard.

    Warm start (time that it starts navigating after being off) is
    very good, especially compared with older units. I had expected to
    buy an external antenna, but reception on the internal antenna is
    so good that I've decided it's not needed.

    The standard SD memory card is not enough to hold the entire (supplied)
    CD of street maps of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. You can
    switch to a larger SD card if you want to load the whole CD, or,
    as I did, you can just live with what the stock unit can hold. (You
    can always replace one state with another using your computer). In
    my case, the stock memory was sufficient to hold all of California,
    Nevada, Washington and Idaho, but without enough left for Oregon.
    For most users, you'll probably never need more coverage than
    the base unit provides.

    The touch-screen is bright and easy to use. That said, it washes
    out in direct sunlight, but no more than any other color LCD
    I've seen. In bright afternoon sun, I wished for a sun hood of
    some kind.

    The C320 uses a non-user-replaceable rechargeable battery, but normally
    operates off your car's 12 volt power. When you turn off your car,
    the unit shuts down in 30 seconds unless you use a touchscreen command
    to tell it to stay on using battery power. This is a very well thought-
    out arrangement. It means that you never need to turn the unit on or
    off -- just let the car cigarette lighter power deal with that
    for you.

    For the technorati: The unit disappointingly does not display lat/long
    position or satellite status, though it does support WAAS. It's not
    clear to me whether the included USB cable (which you use to load
    maps) supports NMEA 0138 or other standard outputs from the unit.

    Whew! For the rest of us, you'll find this a very easy unit to use.
    Once you store your home in it, you can just select GO HOME on the
    screen and it will direct you there. If you get off-course, it will
    recalculate the route automatically.

    Brightness is adjustable, though full brightness seems to be the one
    you want. It automatically switches to a dark-background display
    when it calculates that it is in darkness.

    When you register your City Navigator CD (a somewhat annoying but
    one-time procedure) you're immediately offered any downloads that
    have become available since your CD was burned. You can check a
    box to receive email whenever the database is updated. The update
    was large, (over 30 mB) but it was good to know that I had the latest

    The voice-synthesis is not smart enough to pronounce street names,
    so you only get "TURN LEFT IN 300 FEET", but that's fine. In any
    case, the name of the upcoming street is shown on the display.

    Compared with units of even a few years ago, the Garmin C320 is
    much more capable. The modern 12-channel receiver and WAAS
    enabling make it a capable car navigator.

    Whichever mount you have, the unit is easy to move from car to
    car in seconds.
    ...more info
  • True
    A ton of great reviews lay out the pros and cons of the c320. Thanks Amazon for the great price/service and Garmin for the outstanding device. I've had it for a month now and it's the surprising software that makes this tiny screen work. When they integrate the map browse with the map view and let you plot/browse way points on your laptop; and then just let this little device guide you on your way... Bottom line, it'll be on every cell phone in a couple years and you'll be old school. If you've got the bucks, buy it now because it flat out works and it's fun....more info
  • No mention of OS requirement
    All I can say is thank goodness I have an old Windows PC. Got the unit the other day assuming there would be the ol pc/mac combo software install because nowhere in what I have read does it say Windows PC only, which it is. I know it says PC in the description but I took that as a computer in general, so maybe I was being ignorant. The unit itself gets 5 stars but the clunky software install and no MAC version brings it down for me. But then it may very well be that I am being one of those MAC snobs. Unlocking the maps was a bit silly. I looked throughout the box trying to find the 25 digit key and finally found it in tiny font at the bottom of a nondescript piece of paper. Overall though this is a sweet little unit. I bought it for my wife and she just loves it....more info
  • Good deal
    The c320 comes with a tiny memory chip, which can hold only a few states. The SD chips it uses are so cheap, that this hardly matters. Plan to spend $20-30 more and get one that will cover most if not all of the country.

    Screen is a reasonable size. The screen cannot be seen well in very bright sunlight, but that is what voice prompts are for. It would be nice to have voice prompts that say "Turn left on main street in 1/2 mile" rather than "Turn left in 1/2 mile", but not worth the extra cost to me. Maps are pretty accurate. I have had minor troubles in downtown chicago, where there are multi-level roads and buildings that block the GPS signal, but in general it works quite well.

    Address entry could be more convenient, for example if you had a button that allowed you to reuse the last state & city, rather than have to re-enter that. Have not seen any that are much better....more info
  • Great investment!
    I have had this GPs system for a year now. It is an excellent product and works extremely well. The 2" screen is easily read and the sound is flawless. I keep finding new features. I really love it!...more info
  • Exceded my expectations
    bought this item for a trip to north carolina and loved it. it performed flawlessly, with the only problems being user error. i never read the instructions, and quickly picked up on how to use it. the unit found all the addresses we needed and also made some great suggestions on resteraunts and grocery stores. we found a few resteraunts that we would not normally have know about. this is my first gps and i am hooked now. it is small enough that i just put in in my backpack when i fly and atach it to the windsheild of the rental car. the suction cup ataches well, sometimes too good, making it hard to remove at times. the ladies voice is pleasing and the prompts seem to be at the right interval. i was a little nervous buying this unit, not know much about gps navigators, but havent regreted it for a second....more info
  • GPS C320
    I have been wanting a GPS navigation system ever since I roamed the streets of San Francisco with a rental car equipped with one. Finally, on a lazy Friday evening I decided to take the plunge. I am thrilled with my purchase.

    After I opened the box I quickly took out the cords and the GPS system. There are no maps installed on the system. I installed the map software, plugged in the GPS, and then was able to select the maps I wanted to download. I quickly discovered how to download an entire state by zooming in and out. The only difficulty I had was having to enter the 25 digit "unlock code". It is printed on a piece of yellow paper, and I had to call Garmin in order to figure out what number they were referring to.

    The maps were quickly downloaded. It's just a point & click process. Similar to any other software installation that you would do on your computer.

    At that point I was ready to go. The windshield mount is completely assembled and you only need to click the GPS into place. I have a 2006 Subaru Forester and the GPS fits very nicely right underneath my rearview mirror. The power cord reaches easily into the dash console.

    I find it tremendously easy to use. The push button screen is very cool. The directions are accurate, the categories and choices are quite helpful.

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. It is a fun device, relatively inexpensive, but with lots of nice features. ...more info
  • Great basic gps
    If you want ajust a basic gps for your car this should be a good choice. Easy to use, great graphics and an attractive price tag. It does have a smaller display than other models or makes and does not have a bluethooth technology but if you do not need one then this would suit you fine and save you some money. Very reliable....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    We are very happy with our purchase and the price was right! There are a couple of glitches with the maps but that is probably a satellite problem. For seems to think our house is on the left when it is actually on the right. Then I used it to go to a newer area of our town and none of those streets are in the satellite. That will probably happen sooner or later. I purchased a 2 gig SanDisk for $35 in order to download the entire United States. The system comes with a 128 MB....more info
  • Great GPS if you want to play it simple.
    1. Works great. Map update available (you get one update free with the purchase).
    2. Touchscreen.
    3. Very fast.

    1. Kinda big. Not pocketable.
    2. Not customizable.
    3. No mp3 or video.

    ...more info
  • Just works
    My wife and I used this on a trip to Michigan and Canada. The biggest compliment that I can give is that my wife loved it. She is not a gadget person and when I bought it, she was not impressed. But one of the things that is a problem for us on trips is finding a place to eat (particularly when we are with the kids). She will only eat at a few fast food places but you never know what is over the horizon so we sometimes stop at a less than desirable place. On our trip, she was able to search for what she wanted. She became a quick convert. Food, next gas station, finding our hotel - all worked flawlessly. In some cases, it may not give you the perfect route and in one case it kept trying to get us to take an exit that didn't exist, but all minor things.

    It would be nice if it had a better methodology for securing. I'd rather have an antenna wire so I don't have to worry about if the unit itself is blocked (I think there is an accessory you can buy, but I'd like to see that as part of the standard).

    By the way, the only difference between this and the c330 is the external memory card (c320) and built in memory. Buy a 1GB SD card for about $20 and you only need to download the maps once. But if the price is close, the 330 is a little more convenient since you don't need to worry about loading the maps.

    Overall, loved it. I write this as someone who did not use a GPS device before, so I can't compare to other products....more info
  • Greatest Gift I've Received
    I absolutely love this item. I received it as a gift and have used it for 3 months. It's easy to use and a wonderful thing to have for those of us that are directionally challenged. The initial set up might be somewhat difficult without some computer knowledge. I love being able to navigate to new places with confidence. Being able to find Starbucks for a passenger or a soccer shop that we don't know the name of is an amazing added bonus! I highly recommend this item and am grateful that I found it on Amazon and at a price that is affordable!...more info
    It's just inexcusable for a company to make a customer stand on his/her head to try to figure out how to install something. I have lots of experience with software and hardware and I was very careful to follow instructions. But the installation was like a trip through NJ where you have no signs to tell you where to go and the instructions are either left out or misleading. I wasted two hours trying. I even was prompted to go to Garmin's web site using a link that turned up 404! This is pure nonsense. I don't care how user friendly this thing is. ...more info
  • All You Need
    My son was constantly calling from various locations asking me how to get from here to there. This solved the problem of him getting lost and calling me and me worrying about him wandering around, lost. As a parent it has given me peace of mind....more info
  • BEST BUY IN A GPS ! ! !
    Folks, I have used several and this is simply the BEST GPS unit you can buy for under $300. I travel a Southeastern sales territory and use this device every day. NO GPS from ANY manufacturer is 100% accurate, but this one is pretty dang close.

    The interface is very intuitive. The controls are simple. The accuracy is stunning. It just WORKS. You can easily find addresses, hotels, gas, food, entertainment, etc. near your location, WHEREVER you are.

    You DO have to load your own maps with this unit ,which is fairly easy, but obviously you must have a computer and web access and know how to use it. You'll need a 1 GB SD card ( about $20) to get the whole U.S. The included 128 MB card will store a few states.

    You can go to FREE POI sites on the web and download your own "points of interest" and items like the location of "traffic cams" and many others.

    My only commment would be that if you are somewhat computer and web savvy, then get the C320, load your own maps and save some money. If you are computer deficient or unsure, buy the C330 ( only a bit more ) and it works right out of the box with pre-loaded U.S. maps. Later, if you gain computer skills , you can add your own points of interest.

    If you don't need the higher end features ( Bluetooth, traffic radio, MP3, etc.) then you can't beat this unit anywhere. It performs the functions you REALLY want from a GPS on a par with the $700- $1000 units. They only add features you probably won't need or use. ( Even the higher Garmins).

    I bought mine for $248. Why pay $800 for a GPS ???!!
    Don't let your wife see it unless you want to buy TWO !

    *** UPDATE *** *** UPDATE *** *** UPDATE ***

    APRIL,25 2007

    Had a little difficulty with the windshield mount. If you stick it without a little moisture first and leave it for a long time, it can adhere to the windshield and it is VERY difficult to remove and will leave part of the rubber on the windshield and render the mount unusable.

    A single call to Garmin (you get to talk within 2 minutes to an actual,live English-speaking PERSON!) and they sent me a new one out 2nd day Air!!!

    I am now a Garmin fan for life. Great GPSs AND super service!

    Also, I just used the C320 on a trip to the Smoky Mountains. Even with all the mountains and the very dense tree cover, I NEVER lost the sat signal. This thing just keeps amazing me.

    ...more info
  • Best for the price.
    The unit is remarkable, compares very favorably with other units costing up to twice as much. It does not have bluetooth and does not have traffic reporting but if you do not need those you will be very pleased. The only drawback is the limited memory for map storage provided by the 128MB SD card which comes with the system. When you price the unit consider adding about $40 to the price so you can purchase a 1GB card which will fit all the maps of North America, Canada and Alaska at one time. Otherwise the 128 card only holds from 3 to 4 states. The procedure to download maps from a windows PC is very simple and with the 1GB card it will be a one time deal. It paid for itself as we arrived in an unfamiliar large city at night and took us straight to a restaurant location to meet some friends. I was impressed. The verbals command are timely and easy to interpret. The larger screen of the streetPilot series gives it an advantage from other Garmin navigators. All controls except volume are touch screen with no thumb wheels to mess with. Very happy with the choice...more info
  • Easy to use, works well, price is right
    At $275 to your door, this Garmin unit is hard to beat. I was amazed at how intuitive the interface was. I never even looked at a manual. You just follow the onscreen prompts and you're in business.

    When it comes to navigating, it's like most NAV units... A human brain who knows the area well could get you there faster in some cases, and every now and then you run into road names that are unfamiliar to you locally or new roads that aren't in the Garmin's system map yet. It will also sometimes tell you to "stay right" on a road that really doesn't have a "stay left" to it. But overall, very good navigation.

    The mounting is solid. So solid, in fact, that it's sometimes hard to remove from your windshield. I would have preferred the power plug to insert into the unit itself rather than be integrated into the base, so that you can velcro the unit to the car if you wanted. But it's not a big deal. Besides, you can use battery power for quite a while, long enough for short trips around town.

    The main improvement you could see by spending more would be voice prompts that give you the street name you will be turning on, rather than just saying "turn right in 50 feet". But those were nearly double the price. I'm sure power users can think of many more "must-have" features, but I am pleased with the unit for the price. A more expensive unit would just not make sense for me, since it would not get enough use and I would be worried about breaking it or having it stolen.

    I did my research and nothing touched it in this price range. ...more info
  • Don't waste the extra money for the 330 or 340
    With this unit, your only extra step is to install the base map on a computer then upload the map area you want onto the SD card, which can be increased in size should you want more maps, all the way to the whole USA if you want (just like the 330 and 340. Sure, with the other two this step is not needed, but there is one drawback to the all inclusive units... Search time. Example.. I live in NH and only have ME NH CT MA RI on our card. (I doubt we're going past those states w/o planning.) That takes up about 2/3's of the included 32mb SD card included. FYI When I start searching for things, it only has to look thru what is on my card, vs things that are in every 50 states. I really don't need the unit considering things in CA....

    This is my second GPS unit, and the only drawback that I don't like is that you can't grab the map and drag it to see what is off to the side. I guess I'm spoiled by my other garmin. This gets an A+ for ease of use. You don't even need to use the manual to figure it out. Just start pushing buttons. ...more info
  • Nice GPS
    I initially purchased the i2 model. However, the screen looked too small to look at during driving. I returned the i2 and got this c320 model.

    I have been using this for 3-4 months now. I did a road trip from Austin, Texas to Toronto, Canada with it. It was a great guide to find attractions, food and scenic byways on the way.

    Before buying it, I was concerned about the negative reviews about screen washout in the sun. It is not a big deal at all. It may washout from a certain angle, but a slight change in angel solves all problems. Due to the reviews I read, I later purchased the Box wave screen protector, but anyone can do just fine without any screen protector.

    Sound is very clear. In fact, most of the times I drive following the voice command without even looking at the screen. Signal strength is good too. I lost signal only for a while driving through downtown Chicago or downtown Toronto. But it get signal back within few seconds as soon as you can see the sky.

    I would suggest buying the dash mount. It is more portable. The windshield mount that comes with c320 is easy to put on, but takes too much effort to take off. With dash mount, it moves a little bit, but I would still consider it a "must have" for regular in-town driving. Otherwise, every time you get off the car, you have to put all those effort to take the windshield mount off to put it away. By the way, put it away every time you leave the car unattended-- please.
    ...more info
  • Good product for Price
    Product works well and price was hard to pass up. Doesn't always fine the best/fastest route, but rest assured you will make it to your final destination. The only major problems I've experience is with poor satellite reception. On several occasions, I have lost satellite reception and was forced to navigate on my own. The last time I lost reception, it didn't return until several hours later....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320 GPS
    It's pretty reliable and I like it so far. The only problem that I have is the direction doesn't tell you make a left/right turn onto which street. It will say in x mile, make a right turn. if there are 2 streets you can turn to, you need to look at the GPS and find out which street it means to have you make the turn to. It's ok for me after I got used to it. ...more info
  • Clear Pic Direct Nav
    Easy to get uploaded and started.
    Bought it for my girlfriend (who has no sense of
    and she became familiar with its functions in days.
    Product has proven to be reliable and very well worth the money so far!

    Tampa,FL...more info
  • Gas Saver
    Even though I am not a "techie", I can operate this GPS! Being directionally challanged, it will pay for itself in 1 year with all the gas it has saved me. I am always going the wrong way and do not relate to north, south, east or west. ...more info
  • A GPS navigator well worth the price
    I am very pleased with this device. It is very accurate and helpful directing our travels. The touch screen menus are very user friendly; even those not technically savvy should have no trouble with this device. The only negative I have experienced is a tendency of the unit to fall off the windshield if both the window and suction cup are cold when it is first installed. Also the maps in our area are out of date, but so are all the map programs on the Internet, so I don't feel it is Garmin's fault. I bought this for my wife for Christmas, now I want one as well! ...more info
  • Tecnicolor lens for Navigation
    My introduction to GPS use was the Garmin GPS V (which I still have). It still works like it did when new, but it did have its shortcomings-difficult to see due to it's tiny display, inadequate map capacity for a trip of any distance, a cumbersome (and expensive!)procedure for unlocking additional areas(i.e Canada)not covered in the original purchase, and a rather anemic audio "beep" sigallin an approaching turn.
    Suspecting the mapset I had was obsolete, and having long ago lost the interface cable to connect to my computer, I was amazed to find it alomost cheaper to purchase a "modern" system than a current mapset and interface cable for the GPS V. I chose the C320 as I thought there might be advantages to only load the regions commonly needed on the SD card with the ability to add seperate regions as needed, or an additional higher-capacity card if necessary. the 128mb card that comes with the C320 is more than adequate for my local driving area-I purchased a 1gb card which is more than adequate to hold all of the western US and Canada which I may travel. A 2gb card would be sufficient for the entire North American mapset.
    I am very pleased with the C320. It resolves the major issues I had with the GPS V- visability,readability and audability
    The only feature it doesn't have that the GPS V did have is the capability to display GPS coordinates, but I can happily survive without that....more info
  • I love this, can't live without it now!
    I don't know how I ever lived without this! I will not be getting lost anymore. While on a trip recently, I decided to get something to eat and I just hit a button and I was there and back on track. I love this....more info
  • gps by garmin street finder
    its very precise,clear, and helpful. working as pilot car service for overdimentional loads, this will be an invaluable tool. ...more info
  • Easy enough for an 80 year old!
    I'm a fulltime RVer so often am in unfamiliar territory. I use MS Streets & Trips on my computer in the RV, but that was too much trouble to lug into the car. After buying the c320 for myself and really liking it, I thought even my techno-challenged 80 year old mom could use this. Now we both really love it! We like the touch screen - program is extremely user friendly and intuitive to use, and unit is easy to hook up and take off the windshield.

    I have noticed that sometimes it wants to lead you in a little different way (including dirt roads) that seems more out of the way than more direct ways locals know, but it has always gotten me to the destination.

    We highly recommend this GPS....more info
  • Great Unit
    I brought this GPS last month and I totally love it. I have taken short trips about 7 to 8 times and this had always get me to where I needed to be. The system is pretty accurate, and the 'recal' is pretty fast. During one of the trip, the unit gave me the directions to get to the destination. But on the way back, it show me a totally different route. Nonetheless, it got me home, but just kind of weird to drive complete different route. ...more info
  • Must Buy!
    This is a must for anyone who drives. Forget asking for directions, forget paper maps, the c320 does it all. Type in your destination in the touchpad, and if you have any problems it has a detour button that will take you on the next fastest route (works great for traffic or accedents). Good list of places. Very user friendly. Voice is loud enough to hear over radio. The best part is the price. Best price for all the features it offers (has a lot of semi-hidden features, read the manual or just press everything on the screen to see if it opens a new menu, which it might). Auto updates directions if you miss a turn. Calculates directions pretty fast. Will work well even with rain but try to keep the unit in open view of the sky, or use an antenna.

    Pros: Everything I listed and tons more.
    Cons: No traffic or Weather updates. Would be nice but not necessary...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320 is a great value
    I was very impressed with the performance of the Garmin StreetPilot c320. The sound is clear, good picture brightness and clarity, and great options for securely mounting the unit. Recommend using a 1GB memory card so you can load the entire U.S. at the same time. If you don't like to work with computers you should get the model 330 that comes preloaded with all U.S. maps. Great for night use in the city and finding alternate routes when you get off track or just want to explore another route. Use of a touch screen simplifies operations and reduces driving distractions. You need to pursue your own route at times when common sense indicates a better approach, as with all GPS navigators....more info
  • Great GPS
    This GPS is great. I saved gas and time using this. I love all its features. Great Product! The best in the market... ...more info
  • Garmin C320 GPS is a bargain
    The title says it all. We like it a lot and this is the 4th GPS that we have owned.

    L.B....more info
  • Very Pleased with this GPS Navigator
    I purchased this vehicle navigator, Garmin c320, for my husband as a Christmas present. He really likes it and it works great. I'm sure our whole family will get good use out of this, glad it's portable. We would recommend this product!...more info
  • Money Saving Device
    I own a legal service and have found the Garmin Street Pilot C320 GPS Vehicle Navigator to be above average in all catagories. The interface is so easy to work with. It has saved me untold gallons of gasoline and hours of waisted time. The unit will even put you on the correct side of the street when an access to a business or residence is blocked with a solid median! No more gas waisting u-turns and time waisting map reading for me! I was notified by Amazon about the device being on sale at a 58% discount, saving me hundreds of dollars. Way to go Amazon!
    Ed Yost
    Netparcel Legal
    ...more info
  • My garmin
    I owned my garmin for about three months now and I love it, first thing it came brand new in the box just like I paid full price. I paid about half of what the stores were selling them for and got to use it during the holidays. You can sit in your living room and plan your trip,where your going,where your going to eat, and any where you want to stop along the way. Very easy to get use to using,talks to you like someone reading the map next to you but nicer, its great....more info
  • Flawless Product
    Out of the box the GPS worked flawlessly. Battery life is 3-4 hours of directional usage and seems to charge very quickly. I also like that it can be charged via the car cradle or the USB port from your PC.

    I travel quite a bit with my company and over the past month this GPS has been invaluable. It's very comforting to drive several hundred miles into a foreign city and not have to constantly search for street signs and turns as you do with a paper map.

    I highly recommend!...more info
  • Love It!
    This unit has been a tremendous asset for my real estate business and impresses my clients as well. Additionally, I am a member of a local ambulance service provider and we carry these units in each of our six vehicles. They are easy to configure and utilize on a day-to-day basis. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Best Option for GPS
    I have tried many others and purchased this unit for functionality and price. I drive all over the country and with only a few glitches for road changes that are merely an update matter, it works well. I am not for bells and whistles...just want something that will work and be cost efficient. This fits the bill...why four stars...nothing is perfect....more info
  • It outperforms the navigation system of a Mercedes...
    I took out one star because of the difficulty setting it up. Otherwise, the unit is very good.

    First the good news: This unit does everything it is supposed to and do it well. The direction it gives is very accurate and recalculation is fast. I actually did a side-by-side comparison of this unit against the factory installed navigation system of a Mercedes driving around Long Island NY. I find it to have a better user interface, the voice prompt is easier to follow, and the map easier to read. I missed my exit a few time when using the Mercedes' GPS, but I have no problem at all follow the direction given by my Garmin. One time, I intentionally not followed the precomputed direction, the Garmin recalculated a new route faster than the Mercedes too.

    The unit comes with a 256M SD card. Which, for me, is enough to store most (but not all) of the New England States plus N.Y. State. Since SD memory cards are so cheap now, I suggest everyone get a bigger card and download the entire USA and Canada. (I think 1GB is enough for that)

    Now the bad news: You need to be very technology savvy to install the software for the first time. I am a professional software engineer and I still find it confusing. The quick start instruction sheet is very uninformative and do not describe the software installation well.

    You'll need to register the software and the map data with Garmin and obtain a 25 digit unlock code. I happened to do that on a night when Garmin's server went down. Took me a while to figure that out. They did not have a "Sorry, our server is down, please try again later." message, instead they had a "We think your software is out-of-date, please download a newer version and try again." I download the newer version and tried again, and that did not work. Finally, I went to the Garmin web site, manually typed in my registration info, and then manually copied the unlock code onto the software to unlock it.

    All through the process, Garmin customer service and tech support was non-existent. Their email arrived 3 days after I installed everything.

    So unless you knows how to work around software like a professional. Buy one that has map pre-installed....more info
  • Great for local directory lookup as well as directions...
    Great to have, even if you know where you are going. We are continually heading into traffic backups as we live along a stretch that is continually under construction as it would seem. Good to have if you want to take an alternate route to avoid lengthy backups, especially when kids are on board. Will also look up local restaurants, gas stations, etc. We have only used it a few times but has worked very well each time.

    Also good if you decide that you want to change your route midway through designated route. Will recalculate position and adjust route accordingly. ...more info
  • Good product.
    Good product with easy to use software.
    If you are going to get this one, make sure you are getting Garmin Dash Mount.
    It's sd flash based, so faster than hard-drive based c330/340.
    However, the processor speed on this model is a bit slow compare to other brand, such as Mio 310x (noticeable when you zoom in and out of the map)...
    The size of c320 is a little bit large for it to be pocketable so well....more info
  • GPSC320
    The Garmin StreetPilot is absolutely wonderful. We have used it many times to get out of a sticky situation. The C320 is exactly what we needed and works for us. It is simple to use and pretty much self-explanatory in the instructions. We would recommend this item 100%....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320
    This was a Christmas gift to a friend. She immediately programmed the GPS unit and during the time she was visiting, she could not wait to try it out with new locations. She found some delightful back roads never before tried. She was and is totally thrilled with the unit....more info
  • C320 Review
    I actually bought this for my girl friend. She finds it easy to use and accurate. She lives in a different city than I do so I will use it locate restuarants and other POI. We don't miss having all the maps pre loaded. The memory card holds more than enough, plus you can get a 1 gig card for $19-$25 that you could load all the maps to. Excellent buy....more info
  • c320
    Great hardware... Needs some updates to map provided for download. Otherwise the clarity, graphics and colors are excellent....more info
  • Garmin c320 GPS
    This gps works great. It has a few quirks but I think they are the same as most gps's.For the money this is a great buy....more info
  • StreetPilot C320
    Outstanding product. We've used this GPS in heavy congestion of Washington DC and it worked great to automatically re-route us around construction. When traveling long distances, it accurately locates our favorite restaruants along our route. In addition to never being lost, this GPS also does a great job of finding nearby hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc. The vivid colors, adjustable sound, and touch-screen features really make this product easy to use....more info
  • garmin Street Pilot C320
    I bought this product on a recomendation from my co-workers and I have not been disappointed. I love it! ...more info
  • good product
    It is very easy to use and has keypad to type in address instead of having to scroll up and down like the older model. I love that it talks to you and gives you alot of warning when you need to make turns and reminds you just before. The only downside is that the old Garmin GPS we had always let you know how many more miles and estimated time of arrival. This only gives you the estimated time of arrival. ...more info
  • Navigvator Review
    This product is excellent. A CD is included that covers a particular geographic area. Once downloaded into the navigator, the product is ready to use. The screen is large and easy to view and includes verbal prompts. ...more info
  • Never lost again!
    I am very happy with my purchase. I am new in the city (actually in the country!) and with the Garmin Vehicle Navigator I am never afraid of getting lost so I am confident enough to go anywhere. Whether it is shopping, or going downtown... I can just leave home without the hassle of printing the directions. I totally recommend the navigator.

    ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320
    We just love the Garmin c320. It is so easy to use and is full of so many features that are so helpful. i like that it is preloaded and I did not have to go to my computer and download to use it. ...more info
  • Good GPS Unit, with all the needed features
    This is a sufficient size car GPS unit.
    Brigntess OK
    Satallite Acquire time OK
    Volume for voice prompt OK
    Attractions/POI OK

    I have loaded latest ver on 1GB SD card with most of my east coast area.

    Problem: I have noticed that even after acquiring satellite, unit does not start giving directions immediately till you move for some time. At times it will give message only after you have made a turn (most often wrong!)....more info
  • Great value
    This GPS system is very helpful. I bought it mainly for the roadtrips that I like to go on, but it is also very helpful in my hometown. It is so easy to find gas stations and hotels too....more info
  • StreetPilot C320 Just fine with me. 5 Stars
    The C330 & C320 are the same device except the c320 has a SD Card. I had to load the maps to the SD Card. I also purchased a 1Gig SD Card and loaded all the states. Still cheaper then the preloaded maps of the C330.

    The device is very easy to use. It gets me to where I want to be.

    The device does not say the name of the street as in some more expensive devices (ie.. Turn Right instead of Turn Right on Main). I thought I would not like this but it's not to bad.

    All in all I am very happy with the C320. ...more info
  • excellent !
    The Garmin was really excellent for our needs. The voice prompts are very specific. On the whole a great buy....more info
  • good but not so precise
    I purchased this GPS because of price. I live in Bay Area, Ca and it seems to work fine here. Recently I travelled to Salt Lake City, Ut. The unit had problems locating satellites in Reno, Nv. After passing Winemucca, Nv, the unit lost track of satellites all the way to Wendover, NV. Next problem was in Salt Lake City, Ut, were in some areas it would put the car in a parallel road with the one I was using, prompting to change direction to get to what the unit was thinking is the real route.
    Beside these annoyances, the unit is very usefull....more info
  • A GPS Lacking Latitude and Longitude
    The most incredible deficiency in this model -- and I understand the entire "c" series of StreetPilots -- is its near total lack of any way to use numerical latitude and longitude, the oldest, most fundamental and universal of all navigational standards.

    Can it display Lat/Long on its screen? No. (Even my cell phone does that.)

    Can it output Lat/Long electronically via USB, NMEA-0183 or RS-232, etc? No.

    Can you key in Lat/Long on the touch screen? No.

    Can you input Lat/Long electronically? Yes, via USB, with some difficulty. You have to generate a .CSV file on a computer, and download some software from the Garmin web site.

    Absolutely astounding, it's like a suitcase without a handle or a TV set without a picture.

    Initial setup and installation are also quite difficult. It took me a couple days. The documentation included in the package consists of a few random scraps of paper. The actual manual you have to download from their web site. There's a cumbersome password thing you have to find and key in. Why I don't know, it should be fairly easy to make the software specific to the hardware.

    Once past the initial hurdles and disappontments, though, it does have some good points. It does a much better job of gathering and interpreting satellite signals than my old 75 did. The voice prompts and simple map display work very nicely while driving. If you choose a different route home than it suggests, it seems to learn your preferences and use them next time.
    ...more info
  • You can spent more, but why?
    You're going to love this GPS!

    For the money hard to beat. Purchased one for our son and then received one for my birthday and as a Christmas present combo from my in-laws with a little coaching from me.

    I researched this unit before purchasing from Amazon and I'm not disappointed at all. Great price and great unit.

    Reading about the cry babies that it dosn't say the name of the streets out loud, who cares. The streets are clearly shown on the screen if you really need to see them.

    I was a little concerned about the screen size before using it, but after using the unit for about two weeks now, I wouldn't want it any larger.

    Do yourself a favor and get a 1gb SD card from Amazon right away. The 1gb SD card will hold the entire USA and I picked a Kingston 1gb for under $20.00. The 128mb SD card that comes with the unit only holds about 3 states at a time. In my research it seems the 1gb SD card and the C320 unit is all around a better value than purchasing the Garmin C330 with the USA preloaded.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Glad We Puchased It
    The c320 is more than we expected it to be! The ease of downloading and installation was the first sign. It's ease of use makes it compatabile for those of us who are not "techies." It makes us ask, "How does it know?" For our less nimble aging fingers, to release the suction lever and then the adherence to the windshield is a little cumbersome; however, that does deter our usage or diminish our satisfaction. We are thrilled!...more info
  • Great Navigation System!
    I just bought this for Christmas and have been using it around the Los Angeles area. It's a great system, and very easy to use right out of the box. Of course you have to install the maps and everything, but the controls are very intuitive. There are also more complex features that I am still learning how to use, but it's been a big help so far.

    I've also used the TomTom navi system, and while it is a little more flashy and has more special features, the Garmin is much easier to use.

    I love the touch screen!

    My only complaint is that it takes a little while to acquire the satellite and load the directions. But once the directions are loaded, it's pretty good about giving you enough notice to turn.

    Also, it keeps asking me to take the freeways, which, as an LA native, I know is not usually the fastest route. So I guess I need to play around with the settings more. Or you can always just exit, head in a direction and allow the Garmin to recalculate. That's fun too, provided you're in a safe neighborhood. ;-)...more info
  • Very easy to use!
    I have had the Garmin original Street Pilot (B&W), GPS III and GPS V before buying the Garmin C320. For what it was designed for, driving directions, this thing is tops. It is easy to load up and use. The built-in Li-ion battery lasts all day (or night) and it moves from car to car with ease. The screen is easy to see in daylight or dark. Control is very intuitive, if you have ever had a GPS before, you will won't even have to read the directions. If this is your first, you will be on the road in about 10-15 minutes.

    I was able to load my waypoint set from my old GPS V (man! that was a time saver) so all my old points are still in there.

    The few things I wish it had was data out to run some programs that I have for Amateur Radio APRS. It would also be nice to have some hunting and fishing vector table data and you can't move car cursor and get Lat/Long info. In fact I haven't been able to get any Lat/Long info out of it.

    IF you can find one of these, BUY IT! If you don't have a nav system in your car, this is a great way to get one. You won't believe how you got along without it. ...more info
  • Great!
    I have been using this device for a month and a half now and I love it (I especially loved the price tag, haha). The display is bright and easy to read, the menu system easy to use, and the touch keys easy to use.

    I like that if you get off route it doesn't get mad at you, it just happily recalculates the right way to go.

    Traveling for work so much I love that I can find restaurants nearby based on the type of food (you never know where you are going to crave some good Mexican food).

    This devices has both a battery and the car lighter adapter. When you shut off your car it powers itself off after 30 seconds, unless you want to to stay on, then the battery seems to last for hours.

    I found that with the included SD Card I was able to fit all the maps for California, Oregon and Washington. If you require more space you can buy an additional card from the store for cheap.

    Overall a great product. I am very happy with it....more info
  • good product and easy to be used
    1 touch screen make typing so easy.
    2 you can set up your favorites in the system and one touch to go. Or it can find the place for you just by name, for example, just type "Gap" and it will find all of the stores arround you. Or you can select from its selection: attaction, food, mall, and so on. Or type the address.
    3 use battery or car power.
    4 memory your recent routines.
    5 very accurate.

    not giving the best routine sometimes....more info
  • Garmin c320
    This is a great product! It's very easy to use and gets you where you want to go. I wish it came with a bigger memory card to load more maps, but then I could purchase a larger one too. I like the fact it gives you off roads as well and you are able to update your maps via the Internet....more info
  • Good item, well priced
    Product has its limitations, but it does a good job. Good value for the price....more info
  • Beginner's GPS
    Extremely simple to use, very good audio and routing directions. I'm using now for over 3 months and I recomended, is a good product....more info
  • Garmin C320 GPS
    The only reason I didnt give it a 5 was because no GPS is perfect. This one couldnt be easier to use right out of the box with no prior experience needed. Wife was skeptical about it as a gift but now loves it. Maps are good and business phone numbers very helpful. Bonus for me is that the CD maps also work on my Garmin GPS which I bought for my boat but also now works in my car. Although it cost over twice as much and is about 10 times harder to use! ...more info
  • Big Value GPS device
    I bought a Garmin c320 in Nov. I am "tickled pink" that I could find a device so relatively inexpensive that ensured that I get from point A to B with such ease. No need, for me, to search for more features. The c320 is more than adequate. A 1GB SD card holds 1/2 the USA and if you need more, have a spare handy, but how far can you drive in a day. Plan your trip and load your SD card accordingly. Higher priced models have preloaded maps and vocal turn commands that speak the street name. Not necessary, IMHO. Enjoy!...more info
  • Garmin Street Polot c320
    It is even more than what I expected. The download of the States selected for the program was right to the point.It not only gets you to where you are going. It gives you the zip code and on finding Stores it gives the address on several nearest location as well as the phone numbers. I liked it so much I purchased two more for Christmas gifts. It's simple to use even if your not computer savvy.

    Dan...more info
  • I Love This Thing!
    I rented one of these for $10 a day through the rental car company on our last vacation to the Grand Canyon. It was so incredible I had to buy one for myself. Even the wife, who could care less about gadgets, loves it. Never needing maps and never getting lost again is an obvious reason to like it, but by far not the only reason. The ability to find specific types of restaurants while out of town in a matter of seconds is fantastic. Same for malls, gas stations, even churches. Not only that, it is great when you need to place a to-go order on your way home since it provides not only the address but also the phone number of each place listed. Awesome!

    The touch screen and menu system is easy to use. The voice is very pleasant. It lets you track max speed, avg speed, stopped time, moving time, miles-to-go, etc. BTW - The speedometer function is dead accurate which showed me that my actual motorcycle speedometer is a tad off.

    The reason I picked the 320 instead of the 330 is because the 320 comes with the complete US map system on a separate DVD. You load it onto an SD card that goes in a slot on the side of the GPS. Note: the SD card that comes with it is far too small to hold all of the US maps but that was not an issue considering you can get a 1 gig SD card for $10-$15 that will hold it all. The advantage of having the DVD was for the other Garmin system we have that came with no maps - the eTrex Venture CX. Garmin states that you only have to acquire one map set if you have multiple units. You just can't share it with others. The c320 saved us from having to buy the $144 map DVD separately for the hand-held unit. (btw, the eTrex is equally amazing and perfect for camping and geocaching)

    Possible add-ons I am considering for the unit is an external sat antenna to prevent signal loss in places like parking decks (I may tie into my existing Sirius antenna), and a better mount that sits on the dash as opposed to the suction cup windshield mount that comes with it.

    Again, this is a great product at a great price that gives you peace of mind, especially on long family trips....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320 GPS Vehicle Navigator
    This is a wonderful product! I bought two more c330's later for Christmas gifts. The product is very easy to learn to use and its portability is great. My daughter has lived in a large city for about a year and the GPS has guided her travels to new locations easily. I would recommend purchasing the c330 that is already loaded with the maps. Loading the c320 seemed a waste of time compared to the ready-to-use c330--that is why I purchased c330's for Christmas gifts. Also, I found the Garmin StreetPilot more user friendly than the expensive Navigation System option I purchased in my new 2007 car! I wish that I had just purchased a c330 instead. I definitely recommend purchasing the weighted Dash Mount accessory....more info
  • The Best Navigator Invented!
    We had gone to Florida and requested the Garmin Street Pilot 320 with our car. We did get it and used and from the moment we left the airport till our destination 1 1/2 hours away, it took us directly to our destination.
    When we came back home, I decided then that I would get one for our personal use and its best thing we ever done! It never fails and you get to your destination without any wrong turns whatsoever. I recommend every one that travels to get this, especially that its an item you can take along with you anywhere, and Amazon had the best price to booth!
    ...more info
  • better than expected
    We bought the Garmin 320 to get us started with GPS. So far it has been a good and fun experience to use the Street Pilot.
    The voice giving instructions is clear, well timed and with good diction.
    We plan to use it in Mexico where we travel in winter.
    At home we find it very practical to use in different cars.
    As a gadget lover I recommend the Garmin 320...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this unit, based mainly on price, to try out GPS navigation in my car. It performs so well, I can't imagine why I would need anything better, at least until I get a new vehicle with a factory installed unit. The c320 doesn't announce the name of the roadways but I find I don't need that. The audio instructions are clear and give me plenty of time to react. I have the unit mounted on my right side in my Sienna's "drink holder". It functions well in that position and I can operate the display to set it up (while stationary)and view it while driving if I have to (not recommended for safety reasons). I first mounted it on the window and that worked fine and allowed for continuous viewing but I was concerned that the hot Arizona summer sun would bake the unit. ...more info
  • Awesome unit @ a great price
    This is a very nice unit for someone who just wants the basics. I bought a 1 gig card for $14 and I have all the maps installed that I'll ever need. 2 reasons for 4 stars vs. 5. The volume, to me, needs to be at least 3/4 up to hear over normal conversation or moderate radio volume and I wish it had a case. Very, very happy with it's ease of use and display....more info
  • It simply works, better than most other GPS out there
    I have been a long time user of various GPS systems for over 8 years now.

    I started with the Hertz Neverlost 1st generation all the way to the 3rd generation (made by Magellan).

    I bought the C320 a year ago after a lot of research, time spent on GPS forums online.

    I bought a Magellan Roadmate 300 and 850 to compare to the C320 on a road trip from Arizona to Vegas.

    Both seemed to perform fine, although Magellan software is less intuitive to use and required extra clicks to do the same thing.

    On the way back from Vegas to Arizona, there was a major accident and the highway was closed. The Magellan GPS gave an alternate route of going through Flagstaff, which was going to add 2 hours to the trip.

    The Garmin GPS gave an alternate route of going through Williams, which only added an hour to the trip. The Garmin GPS had much better route detail and accuracy.

    I returned the Magellan units after the trip due to the dismal performance.

    My friends also purchased the Mio C310x GPS units recently. While they like the Mio C310x, it does not compare to the C320 as a GPS unit. The Garmin C320 is simply so much easier to use, due to the extremely intuitive menu system. The Mio C310x interface is very disorganized and confusing. Not good for someone who is driving and trying to interact with the GPS.

    -extremely intutitive menu system makes it a no-brainer to use
    -very accurate routes
    -GPS performance is great, WAAS system helps accurate pin-point of location (lack of SiRF chip is no concern here - it works better than the Mio which is SiRF enabled)
    -the battery lasts a very long time. Most of the time I do not use the car charger at all
    -SD card based, so no hard drive failure to worry about
    -menu performance is fast

    -no mp3 player (not a big deal, I use my 40 GB iPod on road trips anyway)
    -no bluetooth (I listen to radio for traffic anyway during rush hour)
    -a bit bulkier than the sleeker nuvi units (but I have a cup holder that fits the GPS unit fine)

    Overall I HIGHLY recommend this GPS unit if you are looking for an affordable and yet highly usable GPS system....more info
  • path calculation needs to be enhanced
    Generally speaking, this model is good enough for drivers to find the way. The drawback is the calculation algorithm, sometimes it will instruct you a funny way to go. ...more info
  • Great GPS, great price
    i did a lot of research regarding Garmin GPS units. for the price, in my opinion, the c320 is the best one. the bells and whistles of the higher c series, c340, c510, c550, etc, did not interest me. while it would be nice to have the unit announce the name of the street (the c340, c550, and c580 "speak street names," i.e. "turn right on Main Street" as opposed to "Turn right"), the name of the street to turn on is still on the screen. if there is any confusion as to where you are to turn, you can simply look at the screen. in addition, bluetooth would be nice, i can just as easily pull out my cell phone and press a few numbers. moreover, traffic alert is appealing, but it is not available everywhere and i am pretty sure it requires additional fee (although i could be wrong about the fee).

    the batter life is good (i dont doubt the 8 hour claimed battery life). the screen is completely readable, even in sunny conditions. the unit finds the satellites quickly. maps are easily loaded on to the unit, given that you have a DVD drive on your computer. moreover, it is incredibly to easy to use. bottom line, if you do not know where you are going, or are unfamiliar with the area, the c320 will get you there. and for $250, it is inexpensive for a GPS unit.

    it is interesting to note that when this unit initially came out (i think ~2 years ago), it retailed at somewheres in the range of $700. currently, the new streetpilots and nuvis are in this range. if you need the hottest and newest, get the c550, c580, or a nuvi. if you need a GPS unit, get the c320.
    ...more info
  • Great GPS for the money
    Pros: Product was easy to use and did exactly what I expected it to do. Went on a 2200 mile trip and never had to open my road atlas. Found needed services along the way with no issues.

    Minor Con: Maps are not exactly accurate due to new construction. Hope Garmin is stays on top of this.

    The supplied SD card is a 128MB. This hold, at most, two states. I highly recommend replacing the 128MB with a 1GB card. This will hold all states, eliminating the need for further map uploads other than map upgrades....more info
  • Must have gadget
    I recently had to travel to Washington DC for a business trip, and I can't tell you how valuable this product was. I was able to find my locations without looking at the local maps, and if there was traffic, the re-route option is wonderfull. Not to mention how quickly you can find points of interest (resturants, hotels, etc), and the phone number associated with them.. The battery last for long time, and the map is %99.9 correct...The menu option is very easy, and it offers various options. a Well worth investment!...more info
  • My Husband Loves This GPS
    I can't think of anything really bad to say about this product. My husband wanted this as a gift (anniversary). He did research it first and he is really good at researching; he's also a gadget person (loves gadgets). I would say it does really well for what it's supposed to do. Sometimes it asks you to go on the service road and then get back on the highway (or rather it thinks you took the service road when you are on the highway sometimes). It's not a big deal (off by maybe a couple of feet in some instances - don't know if this is a weather problem or what). This GPS works really well even in the rain and cloudy weather (it never was not able to find where we were located). Only one time (same intersection) it said to make a right turn when it was clear to continue straight (makes the same mistake every time you pass that intersection - wonder if the road had changed or it's just a glitch - no other wrong directions but that one and we've used it every time we go anywhere). It has some nice features (I like the save addresses and "Go Home" feature). It's also very accurate for the ETA to the destination. ...more info
  • A great machine for the geographically challenged, at a decent price.
    *Quick, accurate real-time directions.
    *Accurate, constantly updated Estimated Arrival Time (Very handy!)
    *Clear, multi-lingual voice commands and graphics.
    *Quick re-calculations when driver diverges from course.
    *If you buy a 1GB SD card (separately), you can load all of North America, still for less total cost than the next model up (c330), which comes with North America pre-loaded. Fly to the other side of the country, hop in a rental car, and start navigating like a native! (I'm not sure, but it seems you could buy and load CD maps for Europe or other places, too.)
    *Lots of "Points of Interest," so you can always find a nearby restaurant, parking lot, gas station, motel, etc. (Great for long road trips in unfamiliar territory.)

    *Not Mac-compatible; you need (or need to borrow, as we did) a PC, with a DVD drive, in order to load the maps onto the SD card, and it took several hours to load all of North America. (We took our friends out to dinner while we highjacked their computer. It was just finishing up when we returned.) All the more reason to get a 1GB card. You don't want to have to do this every time you travel to a new region.
    *This model doesn't have the capability to take into account real-time traffic conditions.
    *Some touch-screen menus (e.g. finding a specific type of cuisine nearby) take some time and concentration to navigate through, so you should either pull over or have your co-pilot do the button-pushing.

    Ever since I was a kid, I've fantasized about a map that would show where I was at any given moment. (This was long before Harry Potter's "Marauder's Map.") I've never been very good with directions, and I've spent a good portion of my driving life wandering aimlessly and making poor directional choices. The advent of Mapquest was a great leap forward, but once I'd made a wrong turn, the printed-out turn-by-turn directions were rendered useless. Enter the Garmin Street Pilot! Now, I still miss turns, but that's generally my fault for paying attention to the radio, instead of the machine's clearly spoken instructions--e.g. "[Bing!] In 200 feet, exit right.....[Bing!] Exit right," or the map's clearly drawn, constantly updated 3D map. The difference is that this little miracle patiently, and quickly, recalculates a new route based on my current bearings. This is also the case if I intentionally take a different route than "she" tells me. For a while, she'll encourage me to "Make a U-turn when possible," until she calculates a quicker way to go in the current direction. (You can always turn the volume down with the manual volume knob if you don't want to be badgered any more.)
    I've been thrilled with the Garmin StreetPilot c320. It's easy to use, and does everything I want it to. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is its incompatability with Mac....more info
  • happy with purchase
    Great product. Works fantastically. I have a problem with the unit charging. The power supply blows it's fuse every so often. I don't know why. Besides that it works great. I would recommend the purchase of a powersupply so it can be charged in the house and not just in the car.
    ...more info
  • Great Unit!
    The reviews for this product are all spot on, the unit works well, is affordable, and is irreplaceable once you get used to having it. Not having to worry about getting lost is priceless. Want to go to a nearby restaurant? Look it up on the GPS and call ahead to make a reservation using the phone number included for most POI's. Any issues people have written about the screen not being bright enough are no longer accurate: all new C320's Amazon ships have a different screen that isn't as shiny and I have never had a problem seeing the screen on a sunny day. BUY THIS UNIT!...more info
  • Navigating in England and Italy
    Great GPS! Worked even in navigating back roads (to obscure locations) in UK and Italy on October/November 2006 trip. Good data base. Besides addresses, we could usually type in hotel or restaurant name and it would be there. Really great when traveling in unfamiliar teritory at night.

    We chose the version where you load the software on your computer, then download only the maps that you want to the Garmin. Garmin comes with US map software; we separately bought the software maps covering all of Europe (quite expensive!)

    Main criticisms all have to do with documentation. There aren't any paper instructions to speak of and the online documentation is not very helpful (or at least we couldn't figure out how to find answers we needed).

    (1) For instance, we figured out how to select and transfer specific maps to the Garmin by trial and error. There are about 3 different selection/copy/pasting tools, and the right one to use is not obvious. (There may be lots of enhanced features we are missing because we don't know what they are.)

    (2) Similarly, basic instructions for actual use would be welcome. We didn't realize at first that the voice tells you about a turn .2 miles before it occurs (as a warning) and then tells you again at the spot. At first, we were in a comedy of errors trying to turn before the turning ever appeared. Also, when first in England, we accidentally had the default set to avoid highways, so we spent half a day traveling on ridiculously back roads and lanes.

    But all and all it is a great gadget -- one of the best purchases we made in 2006....more info
  • Stellar performer. Competes robustly with built-in navi.
    I love this unit. Like everyone else, bought the 1G card so that I could load all maps. It worked fine.

    I then had the opporunity to get a 150x 512M OCZ card for $8, so I bought it to see if 150x made a difference. I DO think it's faster although I haven't actually conducted time trials. Note that the speed increase may also result from using a smaller card (less data through which to search, especially for points of interest).

    I used to think these things were worthless... BEFORE I got one. I always asked, "why do I need a navigation system when I have a Thomas Guide in my car and Mapquest/ Expedia/ Yahoo maps on my computer?" I then bought the stock navigation system in a 2006 Acura TL (made by Alpine) because I wanted the integrated touch screen for the radio and bluetooth. This purchase changed my mind about navigation units.

    Realizing just how valuable navigation systems are made me buy one for my second car, which didn't have one built-in. The unit I chose to purchase was the c320, which is of course the subject of this review.

    On both my stock Acura navigation, as well as this c320, you can look up businesses, which is much like using the white or yellow pages. These listings also contain the phone numbers if you want to call ahead to make reservations, check wait times or check inventory. You can look up a name specifically OR find the closest business of its type to your present location.

    This is great because say, for example, I am in an unfamiliar city, but want to get a carmel macchiato, then get my oil changed, and then buy some blank CD's... I can see where the closest Starbucks, Radio Shack and Jiffy Lube are, lock them in as upcoming destinations, and the unit will find the most efficient path. If, say, I want the coffee first, I can set that as the first destination, and then the unit will calculate the most efficient route to the next two destinations. Plus, you don't get reamed in charges for using directory assistance.

    The beauty of the c320 is that it's cheap (sub-$300)compared to the Acura nav, which costs around $2,000, and does pretty much the same thing. So far, the only things I've noticed that are better about my Acura nav are that (1) the screen on the Acura nav is an 8" LCD, (2) you can look up a business by its phone number on the Acura nav, which you can't do on the c320, and (3) the Acura navi turns down the volume on your sound system when it speaks its directions.

    (1) and (3) are not really fair comparison criteria because the Acura navi is integrated into the car, whereas the c320 can go WITH YOU from car to car.

    Oh, by the way, I've also used the Garmin i5. While the i5 lets you use batteries (I think AA size) and is smaller, I prefer the c320 because of the touch screen. That scroll wheel on the i5 is, in my opinion, much more difficult to use....more info
  • Never buy this stuff
    1. This frequently dooesn't work on a cloudy day or near an airport
    2. I live in NY and my work in Manhattan. But This only works normal only in 1/3 area in manhattan even with gps antena I bought seperatively(20dollor).
    3. It comes with 128 m memory card. But It can not have the minimal size of Map;Map for one state. So I had to buy 1 Mb SD card(40 dollor)
    4. It responds too late on a highway that I had to wait or go wrong way.
    5. Whenever I go long journey, I have to change Map with my Laptop notebook.
    6. Finaly I had to buy another one(c530). Unfortunately total price for c320. gps anttena and meory card was almost same as sigle c 530.
    7. Never buy this one please.

    ...more info
  • fixes to all garmin c320's problems
    The garmin c320 has many minor and some major problems. Here are fixes to all some of the mose known ones.

    -The garmin c320 comes with a 128mb sd card. This will only hold mabey 4 states.
    --Solution: 1gb sd card can hold US. A Toshiba 1 GB Secure digital card 1GB SD card costs $12.99 on amazon.

    -In some areas, the signal is lost.
    --Solution: For $19.95, you can get a gilsson antena that will defenetly at least double if not tripple your reseption.
    --or a cheeper on on ebay
    --of a none brand name on for ~$10

    -Glare from the sun makes the screen harder to see
    --Solution: you can get a Garmin StreetPilot c320 TrueVue Anti-Glare GPS Screen Protector for $9.95 on amazon.
    --or there are shades for the garmin c320

    -the window mount keeps folling off.
    --Solution: use alcohol to clean that part of the window off. It really helps.
    --or get a vent of dash mount. Dash is better because vent mounts block vent and can hurt vent.

    all this stuff can be found cheeper but i just showed amazon's prices

    On problem i can't help is the mapping software. Navteq is used by garmin and teliatlas is used by many of tomtom's stuff and mio. The thing about this is that all of the mapping software has problems. For citys in the us, navteq is the best. For Europe, it is defenetly teliatlas.

    garmin c320 is a very simple gps and can be used by anyone with half a mind. on the other hand it dose not have as much stuff as the mio 310x. Problem about the mio though is that is is way to compicated and by parents are impared when it comes to tecnoligy.

    If you need any help or have any other questions, email me at
    or info
  • Required setup and didn't hold enough
    I purchased this for my dad who does business development for the eastern half of the US. He drives different locations every day and normally has a stack of MapQuest maps sitting on his passenger seat. I had used this product in rental cars and thought the usability was great.

    However, when we took it out of the box, we realized that it had to be connected to a computer to load maps. We installed the software, hooked up the device and started downloading maps... it stopped us at about 4 states saying that the device was full.

    I was really disappointed. I assumed that it would come pre-loaded with maps, but could have accepted having to download them. But, I couldn't accept that it would only hold a few states at a time.

    I did a little more research and for about the same price (a $5 difference I think) I found the Delphi unit which comes with US and Canada maps already loaded. I returned the Garmin and am waiting for the Delphi....more info
  • Save money with this unit
    Yes, you have to load your own maps. I have loaded over 1/2 of the U.S. on a 512mb SD card. You could easily do the entire U.S. on a 1gb. This unit is cheaper than the C330 and worth the savings. The only difference is you need to load your maps off the CD which comes with the unit. I would recommend the dash mount, which works very well. The windshield suction cup does work fine, but it blocks your view a bit. The audible voice is a lot of fun - chose the British lady voice under options. The maps work well and seem quite complete for small towns or big cities. some streets which are new in the last couple of years are not on the maps....more info
  • Awesome GPS unit for budget buyers
    This is a excellent GPS unit for people who are looking for just GPS and no fancy stuff like Bluetooth, MP3 etc. Buy 1 GB SD card to store full America Maps in that, it will same as C330.

    1. First time it takes some time to connect to satellites (app 2 mins).
    2. It alarms at .9 mile then .4 mile and then just before 200 m to the turn. The last one did not give you time to correct yourself.
    3. If you stopped in between to fill gas, getting back on your route is not 1 click.
    ...more info
  • Custom POI software capability misleading
    A big reason I purchased the c320 was to load addresses into it using the available POI software, which advertises the ability to create custom points of interest. I planned on using .csv files of business addresses which I had compiled previously for other uses. The catch is that the .csv file has to already have the latitude and longitude for each address entered as a value, or the Garmin POI software won't work. If I had been sophisticated enough to have entered the latitude and longitude of hundreds of customer and prospective customer locations when I was creating the .csv file, I probably wouldn't be buying an entry level GPS unit. You can load address lists into Google Earth or MS Street and Trips, and they will plot the locations for you. Why the Garmin POI software won't, I don't know. With it you have to have the lat/long info already, which is pretty much the reason I bought the Garmin, to calculate that info for me once I provide an address.
    All I wanted was to be able to transfer addresses into My Locations. I'd then pull them up when needed, and the unit should build the route just as if I had manually entered the address keystroke by keystoke. But it doesn't work that way. I can do this, but it will have to be entered one at a time, manually.

    Not everone would plan on using the unit this way, and if you are only looking for an entry-level GPS unit and you don't mind typing in a lot of info to get to your route, and you don't mind having no browsing capability, and scrolling through several screens to get to the info you are looking for is okay with you, then this unit would probably be acceptable for the price.

    ...more info
  • Love this unit and love it even more now that it's dropped in price
    Read all the other reviews like I did and I think you'll find that this unit is the "TiVo" for your car. I bought this unit for my wife and "testing" it on the way home I decided I had to have it. I bought another one for her Christmas gift. I did find with the price drop it was cheaper at Wal mart....more info
  • Does not give you good routes
    I have been dissapointed & frustrated with the Garmin. The Garmin does get you to where you need to go, but often does not use a good route.

    - User Friendly interface
    - Updates arrival time
    - Provides the option of looking at a small map (indicating just where you are and your immediate vicinity), step-by-step written directions, or a large map showing the entire route
    - Can look up restaurants & other destinations just by typing in their name!

    - The satellite reception is terrible if there are any trees around! Anytime we drive on a tree-lined street, we lose reception.
    - It rarely gives you a good route (ie - the route which will take the shortest amount of time) to get from just gives you a route
    - Often takes several minutes to locate itself when you first turn it on....more info
  • A Great GPS If it still works!
    It is a great product. I only had a proble getting somewhere, twice, so far. But, I only
    had it for 3 weeks. I turned it on today and it shut back off and wont turn back on....more info
  • Frustrating at first but then it was good
    I first had trouble with this because I guess my SD Card was locked and I couldn't get the maps on it so I went with their 128 mb card. I put NJ, NY & PA on it (the states I was travelling within) and it worked well.

    1. Lots of locations nearby such as restaurants, shopping, gas etc.
    2. Recalculates route fairly quickly
    3. If it loses satellite feed, it gains it back fairly quickly
    4. Automatically changes the color scheme for daylight/night time to make it easier to read.
    5. Very light weight and not bulky
    6. Touch screen very simple and very easy to look at.
    7. Speaking voice was clear and easy to understand.

    1. Suction cup not the best. It fell a few times but thankfully it's light so it only falls on the dashboard and then you just stick it back on.
    2. During one of my turns, I had to wait on a red light when it told me to turn...and by the time I turned it sorta lost direction and had to recalculate itself (but did that fairly quickly.)
    3. DO NOT USE SHORTEST DISTANCE always use FASTEST ROUTE. For some reason the Shortest Distance one will get you god knows where so never use that :)

    People complained about the visibility of the screen in bright sun, but frankly that is only like that if you have the sun directly shining on it. I was wearing sunglasses and I could see perfectly where I was going so don't listen to that. The only way you'd get a horrible glare is if you decide to drive through a desert. No GPS is perfect to be honest. I always have back up directions so I can follow signs in case I lose sattelite etc. NO one should ever rely 100% on GPS, however it will make your life easier if in the case you are lost trying to figure out where you are on a 4 x 4 foot paper map. =)

    *Update* 1/2/2007 - After using this device for about a month I can say it isn't the most reliable thing. A GPS is a GPS so if you need SOMETHING nice get this however always have backup maps. This has led me into 1 way streets and opposing traffic on more than 1 occasion. When you get lost it keeps saying TURN LEFT TURN LEFT TURN LEFT and when you're panicking all that does is irritate the hell out of you @_@;; ...more info
  • Love it
    I love my C320. Its my first GPS unit. Doesn't take long to fix on satellites(maybe a minute?) but even so, if I'm entering in my destination that takes a minute to do so I don't even notice. It works fine, but I wish it would up date a little faster on the screen sometimes, but maybe thats an unrealistic expectation. I've had it a few months and I'm still learning how to use it, there's just so much functionality. I was just in Vegas and it came in handy, although even with the Ver 8 maps a casino or two hadn't been up dated(the Hooters casino, just FYI-which I highly recommend-wasn't in there , it was still under the old name).

    The POIs that I thought were silly have *really* come in handy! I found ATMs locally that I didn't even know existed, and finding restaurants my picky vegetarian friend could eat at on the way to vegas from LA(no easy task) was really great, as well as the phone numbers being included so we could call ahead and make sure they're open, etc.

    I've only used it in the LA area really, but have no problems with reception or anything, except under conditions that would knock out my satellite radio as well(trees, weather, parking garage, etc). If that were really a prob I'd just get an external antenna.

    I use the windshield suction cup and if someone wants to give me a $10 fixit ticket then I'll have earned it. At first I thought it didn't work well cuz I didn't have it attached to the windshield properly. Now it holds the unit almost *too* well, I can't get the thing off to save my life! You have to flip a lever once you have it attached, and that increases the suction somehow. There's a dashboard mounted system for around $25 on amazon that people rave about, maybe I'll spring for that. The ball mount where the unit attaches to the holder has been a little loosey goosey, so I tightened it up yesterday and hopefully it will no longer tilt the unit to odd angles in normal driving conditions.

    Overall I freaking love the thing. It isn't one of the sub $150 cheapies, but the more I learn the interface the more I like it, and I do get some peace of mind knowing its not a fly by night brand. ...more info
  • Disappointing so far
    Bought this GPS as it seemed to have good write ups. I have had a few problems with this. First getting the maps installed was a problem and the small storage only allows 4 or 5 states. I tried to load in all the states I95 went through and it could not be done. I read where other GPS have all the states already loaded and ready to go. Second problem I had was when I tried to go to a gas station. Following the GPS and I ended up in a field where the gas station was supposed to be. The gas stationed turned out to be about 4 miles in the other direction. Another road was labeled County Road 200. This road is listed everywhere and marked as Pages Dairy road. Garmin customer service has a lot to be desired. Tried calling and you get the taped message that it will be 30-35 minutes. They suggest email your question for faster response. Did that and you get a message that they will get back to you in 7-10 days. Now exactly quick customer service. I bought the dash mount and that works pretty good. ...more info
  • Just what your looking for
    I am impressed with this unit. I have not tried any of the other brands, so I cannot compare it with anything. I can say for sure that I love this product.

    I am a electronic gadget lover, and this satisfies my GPS needs. I do not miss the MP3 or blue-tooth support, I have those toys already. I feel that I am not missing the street names being read to me, I can read them right off the screen if necessary.

    I have had very little problems reading this in the sun. The auto sunset display change is awesome, and works perfectly.

    Sometimes the routes it takes you on are strange, however, they get you to your location as promised.

    I did invest in a 1gb. SD card. I would advise you to do the same. (HINT: make sure your SD card is in the unlock position before trying to program the unit! Yeah, I missed that.)

    I like the quick re-routing if you miss a turn. It seems to find the satellites very quickly upon start up, and route calculations are very quick.

    I love the points of interest, including the phone numbers, so you can call ahead for reservations, or business hours.

    Overall, if you are looking for a great little cost efficient GPS unit, you should check this out.

    I have owned this for about three weeks, so far so good....more info
  • an in-depth 5 month review of the c320
    I bought the StreetPilot c320 in July 2006 when it was $320. In the past few months I've been using it, it has been very reliable and easy to use, and definitely worth the money. I noticed that the price has dropped even more since then, so that's an even better reason to purchase it. I turn it on even when I'm driving somewhere I'm familiar with because I like it so much. So far I have only used it in the city of Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs, but it has found every address and point-of-interest I have entered. I still haven't gotten over the novelty of being able to confidently drive 2 hours away to a concert, or 10 minutes away to an unfamiliar part of the city.

    Here's some information on the unit based on my experiences over the past few months:

    Inside the package you'll find the c320 GPS unit, a 128mb SD card, a USB cable, an AC charger, a windshield mount (including a plug for your cigarette lighter), and the software discs. It's also equipped with a battery so you can take it out of your car and walk around with it. Note: this is not Mac-compatible.

    You can save your favorite locations in the "My Locations" list, type your address in on the touch screen, select a location from a list of recently selected locations, or select a point-of-interest from the c320's huge database. The addresses are usually pretty accurate. It thinks my apartment building is on the opposite side of the street though, so be warned that you might encounter that problem.

    The maps are not preloaded. You need to hook it up to your computer via the included USB cable and load the maps for the areas of your choice. When I purchased it, United States Version 6 maps were included. I was able to get a free upgrade to the Version 7 maps. You must install them all onto your computer, and load them onto the included SD card. It's not any more difficult than putting songs onto your iPod, but if you're technically challenged, you might want to buy a GPS with the maps pre-installed.

    It comes with a 128mb SD card to hold the maps. 128mb will hold about 5 US states. That's plenty for me, but if you do a lot of traveling, or you'd rather not have to load maps every time you travel outside a 5-state radius, just buy a bigger card. 1 gig should probably hold the whole country.

    The screen size is 3" x 2". That's probably as small as you should go for a GPS unit. On the c320, everything is easy to read in a quick glance. There are several units with smaller screens for a lower price, but then you'd have to do more than a quick glance at it to see where you are, and that wouldn't be safe. The 3D map view is very easy to read, and the on-screen (and audible) indicators make it almost impossible for you to miss your turn. I think there's also a bird's-eye-view map if you're not comfortable with the 3D map.

    I have one complaint about the screen. I wish there was a compass on it so you could see what direction you're driving. Instead, there's an Estimated Time of Arrival indicator, which is usually inaccurate because of traffic, so it's pretty much useless. You can view other statistics about your route by hitting a few buttons, but that's more time my eyes aren't on the road, and I can't spare it.

    The voice is loud and clear. There's also a handy volume wheel on the right side of the device so you can quickly lower the volume if you have to take a phone call. The voice does not tell you the name of the road you will be turning on though. I believe the c340 unit does that. I was debating on getting the more expensive c340 for that feature, but it turns out I'm fine with "Make next right." The name of the street is displayed in large type at the top of the screen anyway.

    The reason I give this unit 4 stars instead of 5 is that it takes a while to pick up a satellite in the city. Normally it finds one in the suburbs pretty quickly, but I guess all the buildings block the view of the sky downtown. In general it'll take about 3 minutes to find one in the city, but today it took it 3 miles for some reason. That's just one of the reasons you should take a good look at a real map (I use Google Maps) before you head out. But after the unit finds a signal, it holds onto it pretty well unless you're stuck under an overpass for too long.

    Another reason you should be familiar with your route before leaving the house is that, as with any GPS, it doesn't always select the best route. For some reason, the c320 always likes to try to get me on highways when side roads would be faster in some cases. So it's always a good idea to be familiar with your area. You can specify in the unit's settings to avoid highways, toll roads, u-turns, etc. if you want.

    So there you have it. The StreetPilot c320 is a great GPS unit, with a few basic flaws that are easily overshadowed by how useful it is....more info
  • Problems with built in SD card reader and 1Gb SD cards
    I have the 2610 unit and purchased this one for my parents. After spending about 6 hours trying to load all of North America onto two computers with two different 1GB SanDisk SD cards, I figured the unit was bad and returned it to Amazon for a replacement. Amazon sent a new unit out the next day - great customer service! However, the replacment unit had the same problem! What was funny is that both units worked if I just loaded the state of Florida on the included 128mb card. For some reason, larger memory cards seemed to suffer from 'communication' problems in the built in reader.

    The Desktop software doesn't offer using an external SD card reader on the first install but tries to use the built in SD card slot. Only after aborting the map loading process and restarting the software are you presented with options to use external SD card reader. After figuring this out, first attempt at loading 1GB worked.

    Took the unit out on the road today. Below are some of my thoughts compared to the 2610.

    1.) 3D view is nice, especially how it shows up coming road names.
    2.) Nice to have a volume adjustment on side of the unit. 2610 was difficult to adjust via on-screen slider bar.
    3.) Nice to have built in battery - keeps unit alive if car lighter plug gets disconnected.

    1.) Missed the buttons on the side of the screen which makes menu navigation quicker
    2.) Missed having the speed displayed on the screen - could only see it if I hit another menu but then the map was hidden - it appears this unit 'dumbs' down the display so users watch the road versus the GPS unit - might be a good thing for my dad but I like seeing things like current speed and next exit/turn info overlayed on map.
    3.) Voice is a bit more metalic/harsh
    4.) More screen glare compared to the 2610
    5.) Searching 1Gb for an address can take a long time. I searched for a name of a park and waited about 4 minutes for the unit to state 'not found' The 2610 seems a bit faster.

    I'll probably go ahead with giving this unit as an XMAS gift to my dad but if I upgrade my 2610, it will be to the 2710 or 2810. I guess I'm really a bit pissed at Garmin for all the problems associated with unlocking/installing maps. The documentation/software/web site were very light on details. They should have a forum where people could post problems like this.
    ...more info
  • good gadget, bad customer service
    There was a discount on this item right after I gave my order so I called for a price match and the CSR asked me to reject the first delivery and wait for the new order with new lower price, which means Amazon will pay for 3 times shipping cost and I will have to wait for more days! what a solution!

    This is a very good GPS system though. I substract onw star only for Amazon's service.

    Also, I suggest to hold your orders since recently Amazon's changing its price so frequently.
    ...more info
  • If only life were this simple....
    We have this unit for a month now and we love it. I bought it for my girlfriend and driving has now become a breeze.
    Once the software was loaded onto the PC and transferred onto the unit, we were good to go. The transfer is a one time affair and I will recommend getting one of those 1 GB SD cards if you want all the states. If you live in NY, the card supplied with the unit will probably be sufficient for NY and the surrounding states (considering that the density of roads is higher in this area). The touch-screen is just amazing. The software is simple to use: two choices - were you want to go, and show the map.
    Many POI (Points of Interests) are preloaded. So don't have to look for a Walmart, or a Denny's. Just find the store nearest to you and say "Go", and it will give you turn by turn directions, all with a 3D view. Recalculation is fast and there is no way you can get lost with this thing. I guess with time, one sort of gets dependent on it. The only con, I feel, is that it does not say the street name, though it comes up written on the top, and on the image.

    ...more info
  • A wonderful unit for its price
    I got this gadget 3 days ago, because I was tired of getting lost and hence frustrated. Often times I need to pay too much attention to find my way while driving. After getting c320, I only need to concentrate on driving. c320 reminds me which way to go and where to return. I don't need to worry about getting lost again...more info
  • Excellent Choice
    A touchscreen is a must have. Took about 5-10 minutes to register and load the maps. I was able to fit California, Nevada, and Arizona on the included 128MB SD card. After loading the maps, the displayed showed where I was located. Pretty amazing since I was sitting on my living room couch. Takes less than 10 seconds to acquire the satellite, 3 seconds to calculate the route. Miss your turn and it will recalculate in about 3 seconds. Voice directions are great. Menus are great. As soon as I tried it, I took all my paper maps and threw them in the garbage. The only option missing on this unit is text to speech so that instead of just saying "Turn Left", it will say "Turn Left on Main Street". This feature is really not needed though because the timing of the voice commands are very reliable and you can easily see the street name on the screen display. Text to speech units are considerably more expensive. The size is great, screen is big enough to see, yet unit is small enough to easily fit in your glovebox and does obstruct your view of the road. California does not allow suction cups mounted to the windshield. Don't order the dash mount until you try it first. I used the windshield mount and just wedged the suction cup part between where the window meets dash. That held the unit securely and placed it right on top of the dash. Worked fine, no need to spend extra money on the dash mount. I emailed Garmin tech support before the purchase and they responded within one day. They stated the internal battery is covered under the 1 year warranty. The internal battery is not user-replaceable, you have to send it in when it needs to be changed. They couldn't say how long it would last. I guess probably 5 years. That is the only negative on the unit, not sure how other units/manufacturers compare in that respect. For $268, this is clearly the best value for non-professional use. It is AWESOME!!!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    Love this navigation system, it has all the features that I need and more. Great built and extremely easy to use. Highly recommend the sd card, gives you the flexibility of loading as much or as little as you want. The 128 MB that came with it has been enough for me at the moment. I live in NJ and traveled to Boston this week, took it with me, excellent gadget to have. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars it's that it sometimes looses the satelite signal in cities with tall buildings and sometimes it may take some time to aquire the satelites. It doesn't bother me too much....more info
  • Great Product
    The GPS device works just fine and gets you to where you need to go. The only gripes that I have about it is that I noticed that sometimes it does not give you the best route possible. I would program it to locations aroud my neighborhood and it would create a route that is not always the best one. However, it always does get me to where I need to be. Also, I havent bee able to figure out how to move the map around on the screen. I wanted this feature so i can have a general overview of an area before I get there. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know!...more info
  • Good item with great price
    I recommend this navigator for someone need to buy a basic navigator with a great price. You just need to spend some time to install the map software and upload the states you are interested in. The memory card of course doesn't take everything, maybe you can think of memory upgrade later. Sometimes accuracy problem took place but I think it's a weather issue....more info
  • Great toy for serious voyagers
    This is one of the coolest things I have purchased in a while. Does a great job at a great price....more info
  • Garmin c320 GPs
    Is everything it was advertised. Am very pleased with it and would be glad to recommend it to anyone...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilotc320
    I have now had my c320 for about 6 weeks. I used it while travelling to another state and it brought me from the airport straight to the front door of my destination. I used it for the entire 8 days I was there and it never let me down. I am well satisfied with it. It *is* slightly difficult to see in very bright sunshine, but adjusting the location of the unit on my windshield solved that problem for the most part....more info
  • Garmin GPS 320
    Excellent value and great customer support. Had a problem with a broken contact on the dash mount, Garmin sent a replacement within 5 days....more info
  • Very good.
    The included 128 SD card is good enough to load 3 or 4 States. Solves my normal needs as a stranger in the new big city.

    Why I don't have a soft leather or leather-like case for it? My friend got one with his C330. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    We have found this product sooo very useful and would highly recommend it. We have used it locally and on vacation. It traveling by car all the more pleasant....more info
  • Worth the price
    I have been using this GPS for 5 months now. It is a good buy. The only thing I wish was there- If could speak out the street names as well while taking turns. This feature is a part of newer models like Garmin Nuvi, but thats double price of Garmin C320.
    ...more info
  • Best birthday present I ever got my son
    In his job, he's driving a lot. This gizmo worked perfectly and installed flawlessly. He's also impressed by how accurate and up-to-date the maps are considering the amount of road construction continuously going on in our area. He especially likes the feature that allows him to search for businesses. In terms of Amazon, I searched all over the web and Amazon had the best price and got it to me quickly....more info
  • Garmin 320 GPS StreetPilot Navigator
    I love this product! It tells me where to turn (nice soft female voice), & keeps me on track. When I don't enter an address (which is usually), I choose street map which shows me what streets are approaching. Great unit for the $....more info
  • How did I get along without it??/
    This product is amazing. I started a new job on the other side of the state of Florida. I got miserably lost in this new area untill I purchased my Street Pilot. I now have no worries of getting lost or being late. I can find anything or anywhere on the navigator and it takes me there with no hassle. Technology is wonderful!!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Everyone who drives should have one....more info
  • perfect gps
    it unbeleavable gps it takes you where ever you want at exacte adress, i used it in my summer holiday in united state ....more info
  • Garmin GPS c320
    This one will get you there! After reviewing about 10 GPS car navigation systems I chose this one. The Garmin Street Pilot c320 is easy to use,
    failry accurate in locating restaraunts in the area, (some restaraunts that closed years ago still show). Excellent at locating street adresses and gas stations. The low price is also what attracted me. This one cost me about $350 with S/H. I priced many and even a comparable model at local stores sold for over $500.00. I have used mine in the Santa Cruz mountains
    and it does throw it off. However, the mountains tend to block sattelite signals in general. I have had it show me on a parallel road, off road and stop short or long for 1 mile. It also has an annoying way of telling me to turn around when I passed a destination. I do use this for business and use it extensively. Most casual users will not run into these problems. When this one losses the signal it often regains it within a mile or 2 and recalculates. It is very easy to move from 1 car to the next. It runs off battery for a day or so. When you compare other GPS systems to this one. You'll see that for $200.00 to $1000.00 more your not buying much more of a GPS, your just spending more money....more info
  • Use with TOTAL confidence!
    I got this as an anniversary gift for my husband. We all know men WON'T stop and ask directions!! Now he doesn't need to. We just got back from Gatlinburg, Tennessee (from Maryland). Took us through Washington, D.C., without any problems. Our cabin was at the top of Ski Mountain, with lots of sharp curves and steep hills. We were able to see, in advance, when our roads were coming up. If "she" makes mistakes (only once) it's corrected, immediately. Definitely buy with confidence!!...more info
  • I prefer the Garmin C320 over Garmin C330 and Garmin i3
    We bought this unit and the Garmin i3 for comparison since they are about the same price. I was initially interested in the i3 because it's smaller in size. It's much easier for traveling, especially going to Europe, we are thinking of carrying it while we are walking. But once we compared it with the Garmin C320, we returned the i3. Using the wheel on the i3 is tedious compared to touch screen feature on the C320. It is definitely easier to see the bigger screen while you are driving. And I do think it's worth buying the dash mount because it's a pain to keep pulling the suction cup on and off the windshield leaving circular marks on the windshield. The dash mount does not require adhesive, it just sits there. It works very well.

    Another comment I want to add is that it is very easy to load maps onto the unit. I live in Calif and if I am in town, there is no point in holding the whole country's map on this unit. The more states, cities you have in your database, the longer it takes you to scroll through to find the state, city, street that you are looking for. When I travel out of state, I just load the other state(s) onto the unit prior to leaving home. That's why there's really no need to buy a 1G memory chip and load everything on there. And that's the reason why I decided not to buy the C330 which has USA and Canada and Puerto Rico on it. Plus the price is another $100 higher
    ...more info
  • Awsome product
    I test drove it at BestBuy, immiditely liked it amone some others offered (tomtom, sony), then went home and ordered it online at Amazon. The GPS is exactly what it is designed for: Car Navigation! Directions and Points of Interest are really the only thing you'd need for a car navigation system, plus this litte thing even talks! with a 2GB SD card (cost $35) you can load entire US AND Europe Maps and travel everywhere in your car without getting lost.

    Screen is not as bad as most user describes, I made a small shade for it so it reads pretty darn good even in harsh bright sun light. Very responsive processor, no sluggish menu found on a lot of other brand GPS systems within same price range. Touch screen is also great and easy to use. Without power adapter, this little thing can run continuely for over 6 hours on battery, so you can carry it with you when you get out of car.

    Antenna is one of the best amone competitions, though not using Srif chip, it locks fast and accurate(WAAS).

    Route calculated is quite good, though not the best. Sometimes it will give false direction and ask you to go around a circle... If you get off the route, the system will automatically recalculate a new route for you.

    Maps are up to date, point of interest information is quite complete, though some information is really old and does not include newest shopping centers/grocery stores. Tor example, it does not include a major movie theater close by(rave motion pictures) or a Wal-mart that's been built long long time ago.

    Recommended Buy!

    //If you are looking for a hiking and off road product, Garmin GPS 60CSx or 76CSx is your best bet, they are also great car navigation system as well (just without voice navigation). Both GPS device support SD card, so you can use one SD card for both the outdoor model and the C320!...more info
  • Good product
    I love this GPS. But after using, you have to take it out and put in your trunk! Somebody broke my car window, and took out my GPS....
    ...more info
  • At this price a definite Steal!!!!
    I have used various pocket pc navigation software and was quite sketpical at the 279.99 price at first. However, this is a great basic device for on the road traveling. Extremily user friendly and very easy to set up. I recommend this model over the over cXXX models because like me 90% of the people that would use this device would probably stay in there region for example south east, north east, etc. Of course a 128 mb cd card isn't going to cut it but I'm sure you might have an extra one (there like 20.00 or so now). All and all great device for a novice user. Your average user doesn't need bluetooth, an mp3 player, traffic information, etc. All the other features that you get for $1,000+
    My only complaint would be, you are unable to see the actual coordinates on the device? You are unable to travel to coordinates only physical address. However, garmin does have software called mapsource which allows a user to upload his favorites to a computer and will allow you to see the gps coordinates. You can't complain for 279.99 for a automotive gps unit....more info
  • good product
    I have been doing research on finding a good gps for a few days know, i've actually read almost all the reviews for this one and decided it was right. I love it! I use the smaller memory card for my state, and the larger one for the entire US. (I bought a 1gig for 19bucks). Great buy!...more info
  • Garmin Lives up to their promise
    I recently moved to the Phoenix area and have to drive all over the Valley. This unit does live up to their promise out of the box. If you go to Garmin's website, you can download updated drivers, computer to c320 unit interface that allows you to customize the unit for your purposes. With the standard SD card slot, you can upload huge areas with good detail. The address or site imput is quick and easy and the detail is so good that it will even tell you on which side of the street a location is. This unit saves me so much time and trouble travelling from point to point. I cannot wait to download 3D topo maps for off-higway driving. ...more info
  • very disappointing-it's being sent back
    1. first peek the device looks small and cheap. the instructions are bare MINIMUM and the manual must be downloaded from garmin.

    2. the cd took a LONG time to load, then would not go beyond a window stating ' error communicating with device' and there was no going any further...period, rendering the device useless.

    3. to unloack the maps you need some type of 25 gigit code...which was nowhere to be found. you had to check a box which them connected you to garmin, supposedly to give 'the code'. by then i no longer trusted garmin and how they would then have access to data on my computer. some companies plant stuff and some take stuff and you would be none the wiser. so going that route, with all that goes on today, i do not think is prudent.

    4. the device as sold is NOT legal in california. you need to buy as they say, 'accessories'. i called the chp and they confirmed the illegality of using the device suctioned or mounted onto a window. you want ticketed?? i do not. if they are selling in california they should be up front in their ads and state the inability to use their device as sold in california.

    5. there are batteries somewhere IN the device. now i do not know of any battery that lasts forever. the batteries are well concealed and i could not find any access door to them. what happens then when they die? is the device kaput? can you change batteries? you just do not know, once again a failure to disclose.

    i read the reviews and bought based on them. but i am disappointed and frustrated with the device. it is useless to me and so will go back to amazon. since i was never able to get the device to load, nor get the maps unlocked i have no idea how well it works...but i would be ultra skeptical. and my trust in garmin is at a zero point. ...more info
  • Battery failed but otherwise OK.
    Editing my earlier review- device died after three months of ownership, had to send it back for warranty repair. Battery failure was the verdict, they shipped me an exchange unit that appeared to be brand new. I had to re-activate my maps software with the new serial number and reload maps. Since then it's working fine (knock wood).

    This is the first GPS I've owned. Just got back from a trip to New England and used the C320 extensively there. It never steered me wrong, and the detour feature came in handy in Boston where there were some Big Dig related closures. It seemed to know about every little dirt road in Vermont (though I wish it had a way to include more detail about the road type). It was fast in calculating and recalculating routes. This model does not speak street names but was not a problem. The suction mount holds onto glass VERY well. The touch screen is sensitive and the user interface intuitive. I NEVER had an issue with satellite reception (except in tunnels, naturally- and when emerging it would pinpoint location again in seconds).

    I do have a few quibbles. When using "shortest route" option it can send you on some odd paths. Claiming that you are a "truck" can eliminiate some of the back-road routes. Fastest route seems to work best. If you miss a turn, and have included UTurns in "avoidances," it can send you on quite a big loop rather than just having you turn around at then next intersection. It can be hard to read in bright sunlight. And it's "points of interest" seem to cover things like gas stations and tourist destinations well, but fall short on shopping.

    Overall, I don't hesitate to recommend this as a good midpriced GPS option. ...more info
  • Great value GPS!
    I bought my c320 from an ebay seller new for $287 b/c the reviews on it's performance were very high. I'm extremely impressed with the c320 and really do not know how I managed to live in Chicago without it. It's like satellite radio - after a taste, you cannot go back. The size is portable and touchscreen is large and vivid. The voice directions are easy on the ears and not chatty which was my original fear. It's user-friendly and I enjoy the simplicity of use. I tried the Lowrans GPS systems, but found them difficult to use. And I'm a tech gadget freak. The c320 has been very accurate charting routes around Chicago. I admit to intentionally missing my routes so it will automatically recalculate a new route. Oh, the little joys in life! I would highly recommend purchasing a 1gb memory card from Kingston for $19.99 on Amazon. I've downloaded all U.S. states onto mine. I packed it on business trips for use in my rental car. It's a great value and strong performer from Garmin family for less than $300. Picking up a carry case is probably a good idea. Amazon has that too. Vive le c320!...more info
  • Garmin is the best for GPS
    I spent a lot of time trying out GPS units, and have compared Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan, and several factory GPS units. All of these GPS units tell you how to get somewhere and will re-route if you make a wrong turn. However, Garmin is my absolute favorite, and here's why:

    1. The most important thing about Garmin units is the user interface. It is simple to understand and easy to use.

    2. The Garmin unit uses a built in database of sunrise and sunset times (based upon your location) to automatically change from daylight mode to night-time mode. This is important because the daylight screen is much too bright for use at night. With the Tom Tom, you must make this change manually.

    3. If you have the Garmin unit plugged into your car power, when you turn off the car (and the cigarette lighter power goes off), the Garmin unit will detect that and automatically turn itself off (it gives you 30 seconds to override and keep the unit on).

    4. When you start your car again, the Garmin unit will detect that too and automatically power up. If you were in the middle of a trip, the Garmin unit will pick up where you left off, and you won't have to tell it where you were going again.

    5. Unlike most factory GPS units, Garmin will allow you to select your route and make changes while you are moving.

    6. The Garmin units have an extensive database of locations and the excellent interface makes it easy to search the database to find what you want. Do you want food or gas? Just click three buttons and a list of locations (sorted by distance) will appear. If you know the name of the place you want, you can type it in on the on-screen keypad and Garmin will find it for you. You can even add your own locations using the favorites feature. I first started using this when I was out of town, but its amazing what you'll find near you when you look.

    7. While you are driving, the Garmin unit will both prompt you to turn and give you a written explanation of the turn (including the street or highway name and direction) at the top of the screen. The Garmin unit also shows an estimated arrival time (usually a few minutes earlier than you'll actually arrive) and the distance to your next turn. A separate screen gives you detailed trip information, including how far and how long you've been driving and your maximum speed. I used mine on an airplane once (yes, it is allowed - read the back of the airplane magazine), and it now says that by maximum speed was 590 miles per hour.

    8. I often use the Garmin even when driving locally, becase it often finds better, faster ways to get there then the way that I usually use.

    9. Garmin offers a variety of installation options and accessories. My favorite is the friction based dashboard mount (three weights connected to a center stand) which is much more convenient than the supplied mounting system.

    10. If you turn off the GPS receiver (see settings) and then look up another location, you will get the option to set this new location as your present location. This will allow you to use search Garmin's points of interest for the new location. This is a great feature when planning trips, because Garmin's points of interest database is quite extensive and includes all of the typical tourist attractions, plus food, shopping, gas, banking, etc.

    11. Be sure to check for the latest map and firmware updates at Garmin's web-site....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320 GPS Vehicle Navigator
    One of the best items I have ever purchased. There is no way you can get lost with this thing! I loaded the whole US and Canada on a 2 gig sd with 1 gig left over....more info
  • Amazing and easy to use
    October 17, 2006 Update: Still thrilled with the unit. The POS can be somewhat spotty though -- today we went looking for Cosi Restaurant in New Rochelle NY that was in the directory, however, it was not where the unit directed us. This has happened on a few ocassions in different places, however, the purpose of this unit is to prevent you from getting lost and to facilitate the discovery of more efficient routes (both of which it does almost flawlessly). I think that perhaps I should get a BlackBerry if I would like to locate a cup of coffee or a Macys.

    Another thing that is really cool is that you can view the surrounding roads in varying levels of detail. This is important if you're trying to figure out how to navigate around something like a roadblock or a back-up. I've discovered many shortcuts this way.

    I know some people have some sour grapes with this unit. However, it's less than $300. I've bought computers for 4 times as much and put up with a heck of a lot more dysfunction. Computers are not perfect, and a GPS unit is no exception. However, I cannot remember the last time I spent $300 on a piece of electronics that worked this well.

    We also called Garmin for a replacement suction cup, as it had adhered too stubbornly to my windshield to remove properly (I've got a rubber bullseye now, but the suction cup still works on my husband's car). This is a potentially annoying thing, but they were very helpful on the phone and didn't ask us to send the defective suction cup back.

    I still recommend this unit 100%. I only wish I could get commission for the units that people bought on my recommendation.

    After years of waiting for prices on GPS units to decrease to a reasonable cost, I was very excited to purchase the C320. We used it over the weekend to get from Westchester County, NY to Queens and then from Queens to Manhattan, and then onto Philadelphia. The accuracy was spot on and it was uncanny how we were able to track our exact location and view our progress. I also enjoyed viewing the trip stats -- time moving, time stopped, avg. MPH, highest speed, etc. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use -- if you can use a Microwave, you can use this GPS. The display was easy to read both at night and during the day. I don't have a single negative thing to say about the unit. It is probably the best $300 expenditure I've made in recent years. ...more info
  • Buy The Garmin C530 Instead Because It is "State of The Art"
    The Garmin C330 is "a good product." BUT, it is currently NOT "state of the art". For almost the same price you can get the Garmin C530. The C530 has a brighter screen. And, just as important, the C530 has a "Sirf" receiver. With the "Sirf" receiver I could "acquire sattlites" even inside my house---where before with an i3 I could not. And, I shopped around finding several places that sell the C530 for about $400. If you send me an email, if Amazon will allow it, I'll tell you where I found this lower price! Email:boland7214@aol.

    PS: Yes, it's true the C530 does NOT have "voice recognition" announcing the upcoming street name. But, do you really need it? I don't miss voice recognition because the SAME INFORMATION is PRINTED on TOP of the C530 screen in BIG LETTERS. If you can read you WILL know what is the next street---you HAVE to look at the GPS anyway to see where to just READ the next street. It's "no problem" in my opinion.

    Afterword: Stop! My C530 just died---won't start. I'll let you know more about what happens later.

    ...more info
  • Best product under $350
    I am a lifelong GPS user and I think this is the best product for under $500. I used this side by side by Street pilot i5 and Neuvo and MS streets GPS. This is the cheapest GPS reciever available. The only limitation which was not preloaded maps and expensive memory. Now a 2G SD card costs $40 and 1 G (which will have 90% of US) costs $25. So I do not see any reason for going for Street pilot i5 or C330.
    ...more info
  • Garmin made the GPS Even Better
    I purchased the SreetPilot III about four years ago and found to be accurate and very easy to use. So when it came time to upgrade the Map software I decided to buy the C320 instead of spending $100+ to just get the new version 8 Map software.

    Garmin has definitely improved not only the Map software but has written much better operating software. The software now finds the satellites quickly, and it doesn't lose contact with them either. The software performance is also much faster. A route from Washington DC to New York would take the StreetPilot III at least 3 minutes to calculate while the same rout now takes the C320 less than a minute.

    I also purchased 1 GB card and loaded all of USA on it. The 1GB card was was less than purchasing the C330 which had all of the maps pre-loaded on it

    I highly recommend this GPS, with only one reservation; that is: the screen does get washed out in daylight lighting conditions. But I believe the recommendation to create hood for the GPS will solve this issue. But for around $300 you are not going to find a better GPS and it is an excellent deal.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    A great GPS for the price. very up to date maps and easy to use system...more info
  • Love it!
    The only reason this doesn't get five stars is because it's not perfect, but it's very very good. When driving on some curvy back roads in West Virginia it got a bit confused about the proper route and took me through a private neighborhood with only one exit, the way I came in. I was also searching for a gas station while I was there and found that gas stations it had listed were no longer there and there were others that existed elsewhere. A little frustrating when the gas light has been on for a few minutes. I have not experienced any of these issues in Virginia, where I live.

    Other than that, the detour button is helpful and has already saved me a lot of frustration. I've also started being adventurous on my ride home from work letting the GPS recalculate the best route after each time I disobey its recommendation.

    Additionally, you should purchase a 1 gig SD card to accompany the c320 because the new version 8 of the maps software will fit all of the US and Canada on that one card. Perfect for cross country excursions!

    I would recommend this to anyone wanting a high quality GPS for a very low cost!...more info
  • Excellent Product & Service
    Purchased unit several months ago. Used in Southern California region. Has been reliable. Straigh-forward features. Easy to use. Much driving time saved.

    Warranty issue with mount being loose. Unable to tighten further. Contacted Garmin. Replacment sent via UPS 2 Day. No charge. Outstanding warranty service. Outstanding.

    Dependable gps unit, second to none warranty, and a great value. In addition, an American company. Very satisfied with product and service.
    ...more info
  • Perfect!!
    5 stars, no questions!

    Very user-friendly, extremely functional and now quite affordable. Get one and you'll never be lost. I researched other brands too but decided to go for Garmin. I chose the c320 over the c340 because it gets the job done for a much lower price. Unlike the c340 which has all the maps loaded, the 128Mb drive sufficient only for a small area (sometimes only 1-2 large states such as CA) but I got a 1Gb drive which are really inexpensive these days and have alomst the whole US map on it. And because it has to search thru that much less info, it is also faster.

    My only gripe is (and it's still not a big deal) that the built-in POI (Point Of Interest) database is a bit dated (I purchased mine in Dec 2005). There has occasions when my GPS took me to a store or a restaurant that is no longer present. But when it comes to getting from place A to B, I can move around with confidence!!...more info
    i love my street pilot. I feel so confident and secure by knowing where I am at all times. Even when I turn the wrong way, it takes me the right way. I even test it turning the wrong way just to the pilot can get me right back on the right track....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c320
    Wife and I traveled out of the country. The car rental offered the C320 for $9.95 daily rental and we tried it. GREAT results. We purchased three in total for our Realty Office. The more expensive models come preloaded with software, but you can save half the cash if you possess minimal computer savy to download maps....more info
  • review of Garmin
    Very easy to use. It provides so much information about where you are and where you are going. It provides info on places to eat, sleep and play as well as how to get there. It provides hospitals, grocery stores and the list goes on and on. I have found this product to be extremely useful. Even for the technically challenged, it is a snap to use....more info
  • A GPS that moms can love.
    I bought this GPS for my 60-something year old mother as a birthday gift. I bought it specifically with her in mind because of its simplicity. Many GPS systems have a multitude of buttons, confusing menu systems and exotic options. The StreetPilot series is very simple and straightforward, and having the large screen (for a unit of its size) was a big selling point for me.

    The unit is about the size of a baseball and reminds me of a tiny version of Apple's original iMac computer. There are very few external controls; only a power button and a volume dial. Every other function is controlled through the large (for its size) touch screen. There's also a "docking port" on the back which mates to the mounting arm and provides power, a port for an external antenna, and a mini USB port for connecting it to a computer. The unit contains a (sealed) rechargeable battery which is good for about 3-4 hours -- handy if you suddenly find yourself stuck on the road and need to walk to the nearest gas station or hotel for assistance.

    It ships with a suction cup swing-arm thing that you can attach to your windshield; the GPS mounts to the arm so you can position it to your liking. It also ships with an adhesive pad if you want to permanently mount it on your dashboard, a DC adapter for your cigarette lighter, a 128MB memory card (good for two small states or one medium/large state), a Windows CD containing the application and maps, and the owner's guide. No surprises there. It is my understanding that Garmin now offers a Mac OS X application although I have not tried it.

    Setup is a piece of cake. Charge up the GPS (mine shipped with a half-charge on the battery already) and insert the SD card. Install the software on your computer, connect the USB cable, select which states you want on the GPS and download them. When it's time to go, mount the unit in a location in the car where it will have good outward visibility (e.g., the base of your windshield) and plug in the power cord. One really clever/useful feature: The unit will automatically shut off (after asking you if you want to continue on battery power) when you turn the car off, and will automatically power up when you turn the car on. It does this through a simple voltage check through the power cord. Not very high tech, but effective and useful.

    There's one bad thing about the physical design of the StreetPilot which has been mentioned by others before me: The screen quickly gets washed out in everyday lighting conditions. You often find yourself adjusting the GPS so you can see SOMETHING. There are two solutions to this problem. Solution #1 is to fashion a sort of hood for the GPS. (I worked with a local shop to make a small opaque plastic hood which I Velcro'ed to the top, which works flawlessly.) Solution #2 is to put the GPS off the dashboard (up near the rear view mirror works especially well) and then run an external antenna. The problem is bad enough that I'm removing a full star from my rating of this product; had Garmin put a better screen in this unit I would have given it a full five stars.

    One thing I thought was particularly nice: At sunset, the GPS automatically shifts colors to a "night mode" which uses darker colors so as not to blind you during night driving. At sunrise it switches back. This isn't a Garmin-specific feature but it's nice to see nonetheless.

    You can preprogram a number of favorite locations into the GPS which makes it a lot easier to work with. You also program your home location into it so that at any time you can "GO HOME" with the click of a single button. It also contains an astonishing amount of information about regional businesses; you can tell it to locate gas stations, restaurants, hotels, shopping, amusement parks or virtually any other type of business in your area, and plot directions to those locations with a quick button press or two. Very simple.

    Directions are called out clearly in a mechanical-yet-female sounding voice. You quickly learn to pay attention to the verbiage in use; "turn left" is different from "stay left" or "merge left", for example. Directions are given according to speed and location. When you enter a highway, for example, you are told how long it will be before you get off the highway ("in 12.2 miles, keep right") and then as you approach the turn you're reminded again ("in 400 feet, keep right"). If you're caught in traffic it won't drive you insane with mindless repetitions. One REALLY nice feature: If you miss a turn, the GPS will automatically announce, "off route; recalculating" and within a second or two plot you an alternate route based on your current position. It bears mentioning that while the C320 does not call out street names or exit numbers the screen does display this information, so the GPS screen may show "Bear right at exit 17A" but the voice will say only "in .5 miles bear right". Many of Garmin's higher-end systems will call out the street names and such so if you must have that feature you'll need to look at something other than the c320.

    Of course, any GPS is only worthwhile if its maps are accurate. My c320 shipped with version 6 of the map software which were not flawless but were quite good. On 10-07-2006 I updated the maps to version 8 and found that several minor errors that existed in the version 6 maps had been corrected, and a number of points of interest had similarly been updated. It is my understanding that Garmin ships the most current map software as they're updated. (The 2820 that I purchased in 2006 came with version 8 of the map software which is the most current as of this writing.) Note that you will need at least a 1GB memory card to install all maps; a 2GB card is recommended (by me) so that you can have all maps and as many custom points of interest that you want. The c320 uses a standard SD card; as of this writing a 2GB card can be purchased for less than 40 bucks. One minor annoyance: The c320 has a USB 1.x interface rather than the faster USB 2 interface. Transferring all maps -- about 950MB -- takes between 45 minutes and an hour. Fortunately you only need to do this once.

    Garmin also has a very nice and painless method of updating the software in the unit. Connect the GPS to your Windows PC (no Mac support) via USB, then download and run Garmin's free WebUpdate application. It will detect your GPS model and then contact Garmin's servers for any applicable software updates. (You may need to run the updater several times to get all of the updates.) My c320 shipped with version 3.2 of the system software; after running WebUpdate it brought the Garmin to version 5.3 which contained a number of bug fixes and performance updates.

    I would definitely buy this product, or another Garmin product, again. In fact, I did! I purchased the Garmin StreetPilot 2820 for my own personal use. (You can see my review of it here on Amazon as well.)...more info
  • Easy to use, good value, minor mechanical problem.
    Got the C320 for a trip to California. Was able to load Arizona, all California, and a couple more states on the included SD card. Routing was easy to use, did have some problems acquiring satellite signal downtown in between tall buildings (drove in the general direction of where I thought I needed to go until satellite signal was picked up).

    Took it also on a trip to Kansas City. Also some problem acquiring satellite signal initially. Had a highway entrance ramp that was closed, and had to 'guess' whether to go east or west on another freeway. After making the guess and following the new freeway, the GPS recalculated the route quickly and took me to my destination.

    Had a problem with the mounting system...there's a lever to flip down for the suction cap to attach to the windshield. This lever worked at first, then stopped working (required too much force). Rather than forcing it and breaking it, I looked closely at the mount and saw that one of the pins that the lever pivoted on was loose. Shaking the mount a few times until the pin fell back into position fixed the problem. If shaking it a few times did not work, a convenient tool to use (for pushing the pin back in) is the plug from any headphone.

    Also bought an 1 GB SD card for $20 and now have the entire US map loaded in the memory (no more loading maps before trips).

    In summary...

    1. Easy to use, touch screen nice and faster then other data entry systems.
    2. Fast route re-calculation.
    3. Removable SD card allows inexpensive memory upgrade.
    4. SD card better than hard drive - no worries about hard drive crashes.

    1. Mounting bracket has problem with pin falling out
    2. Voice volume sometimes not loud enough
    3. Voice instruction tells distance to turn, but not street name (requires looking at the screen to see street name)
    4. Sometimes routing is not best - will take you on small streets, even a gravel road (turned out to be blocked)
    5. Entering custom POI's not very intuitive or easy

    For the price, it's a great value and gets its work done. It's dependable, though it's good to have a general idea where you are going (like north or south) even if you use GPS systems....more info
  • Great buy, but poor quality construction and worse tech support.
    Before we begin, according to Garmin tech support, what separates the Garmin C320 from its more expensive C330 is the amount of memory on the SD memory card. The C320 has 128 Megs. If want a C330, but can only afford a C320, buy the C320 and purchase an inexpensive 2 Gig memory card. Once you have the larger card installed, download all of the maps you need from the Garmin site.

    The unit that I purchased worked great. However, I did find that I occasionally deviated from its recommended routes. One of the first attempts at using the unit failed because the address I was visiting, a building on a college campus, didn't have an address recognized by the Garmin C320/C330. Most of the time, the Garmin worked flawlessly. When combined with a high detail paper map, the Garmin helps by informing you as to where you are.

    Unfortunately, my Garmin C320/C330 screen colors began to distort after about a month of infrequent use. The opening screen showed cyan distortion. Other screens showed magenta distortion. My first choice was to use the Garmin Web site to resolve the issue. The Garmin Web site is nearly useless and obviously not a high priority of the company. My call to tech support on a Monday morning, just minutes after they opened returned a message saying that they were busy and that I should call back early in the morning to avoid a long wait. The actual wait was more than an hour and half. The technician was good natured and provided an RMA number for the return of the unit. This could have been done automatically through their Web site if the Web site were functional. I can't imagine what the wait time would have been if I had called later in the day.

    I like the Garmin C320/C330 and plan to keep and use it. For $1,500 or more dollars less than a factory installed GPS system, it is a bargain. I fear that Garmin may fail as a company if they don't produce more reliable units, produce a useable Web site, and improve tech support service.
    ...more info
  • Lots of value for the money
    There are, of course, dozens of GPS systems available, priced from about $100 up into the $1,000+ range. They all perform the same basic function, and most of them actually work quite well; the price differences arise from their extra features.

    We chose the c320 because it's from a major manufacturer, it has a touch screen, and it's at the low end of the price spectrum. It doesn't have some of the additional features of the much pricier units, but I wonder how many of those bells and whistles really get used, anyway.

    The c320 gets us where we need to go, and it rarely makes a mistake in the process. Obviously, any GPS unit depends on the software, and the "City Select NT" software that comes with it is quite good. Will it know about every road, hotel, restaurant, and gas station in the country? Of course not; things change all of the time. But everything important is there. In addition, Garmin offers an easy update process for the software.

    The included SD storage card is big enough to store several states, and it's easy to dump some off and add others that you need. However, I bought a bargain-priced 1 GB card and loaded all of North America on it. (The c330 has a hard drive with all of the maps pre-loaded on it, but it's much cheaper to go with the c320 and add a bigger storage card.)

    It finds the satellites quickly, and it doesn't lose contact very often. Terrain matters a lot when you're using any GPS; if you're in city canyons, under bridges, etc., you'll have problems. The voice prompts are clear, and the screen is good. It will wash out in bright sunlight, but even when it does, the voice keeps you alert to any necessary turns.

    The windshield suction cup mounting system works fine, but in some states, it's illegal to obstruct the windshield with anything. We bought a Garmin accessory dash mount that consists of a heavy, flexible base that holds the unit, and it works very well. The rechargeable battery seems to run at least six hours, and recharging takes less than an hour. It would be a good idea to get some kind of case; this is an electronic device with a touch screen, so you don't want to just toss it loose into a bag. A screen protector is a good thing, too. I discovered that the screen is same size as the one on my Dell Axim x50 PDA, so those protectors work.

    In summary, this unit is a very good value. I'm glad I bought it, and I'd do it again....more info
  • Excellent value for the money
    We decided on the c320 because it was the lowest cost unit with a touch screen and we didn't need the additional features of the pricier units. The 128 MB card is big enough for us to store 8 local states, more than we even need. Only had the unit for a month, but initial impression is very favorable. The c320 is easy to use and very accurate. Only once did it take more than 5 minutes to acquire the satellites. The voice prompts are legible and the screen is clear. The mounting system is very robust. The battery lasts 6-8 hours and recharging is fairly quick. Try to find the custom fit carry case. It's a perfect fit and stores the c320 mounted with a pocket for the 12V cord. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • GPS Review
    We bought it for our son in law since we have one and he loved ours. It works like a charm. When your car does not come with a GPS this is wonderful and we take it on our trips with us. We pack it in our suitcase and when we get our rental car at an airport we are ready to go with the GPS....more info
  • A Great GPS for the right price
    I purchased this GPS to help myself and my wife when we go to unfamiliar places. So far it has worked well and the interface on the Garmin products is much better than the other models we have tried. I recently took this unit with me on a business trip to San Francisco. It was a god send helping me get from the Airport to my hotel and then around the city to do the touristy stuff. I don't recommend buying the c330 model with the pre-loaded entire US maps. For only $30 more you can buy a 1gb SD card and load the entire US on it.

    My only complaint is that it is not easy to load new points of interest from the computer if you are not using someone else's premade POIs....more info
  • Fantastic - even in the mountains
    I'm in real estate and am new to the area of Big Bear Lake, CA. The street pilot is amazingly accurate and even estimates how many feet before I get to a turn on an unpaved mountain road with no homes nearby. I am thrilled with this new toy!...more info
  • One of the best device out in the market!!
    I have bought this device couple of weeks ago at amazon and this thing is a breeze to use. Loading maps using a pc is the only thing that keeps this GPS par from others.If you can manage to buy a 2GB SD, this would be a one time process.
    I was in a dilema whether to pick i3 or c320 in the begining but, the Touch screen feature and large display inclined my decision towards c320.
    Some people reported that the maps were outdated and the windshield mount wouldnt stick for a long time.The package I recieved came with the latest map verion-v8.0 and coming to windshield mount, I have left it on my cars windshield right from day1 and it never fell off.
    Over all I am happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to any one who is looking for an inexpensive GPS....more info
  • I love this thing!
    I ordered this GPS unit to help me take my daughter on college visits. It's helped so much. I wish you could program in building names (like dorms) rather than just street addresses, which dorms don't often have, but...aside from that it's great. I don't think even the really pricey GPS units allow that anyway. I do wish it came with a better manual though. There was a black shiny disk that came with it, however there was no documentation to say what the disk was. I finally realized that it was to stick to my dash so the unit could adhere to it rather than the windshield. But this unit really works well. We love it and use it constantly. My oldest daughter uses it just within town to get places she's not familiar with so it gives us both piece of mind....more info
  • Great Product
    Pros: Cheap, Touch Screen, Fast.
    Cons: Comes with Maps version 6 instead of 7, Glare.

    For the price (318.00) I don't think you can get a better product. I did a LOT of research before buying this and it really paid off. This GPS will give you clear voice directions turn-by-turn with great accuracy. Sometimes it misspells streets and minor details but it's rare. Also you should do the firmware update and order maps version 7.0 (free). After the firmaware update you will have to do a hard reset by turning it off then turning it on while touching the bottom left corner of the screen and saying yes when prompted. (search on google for hard reset). The only thing that bugs me is that version 7.0 is been around for more than a year and they still ship v. 6.0. Anyway, I love it and it was one of the best buys I ever made....more info
  • It is ok
    I shows the fastest road but not using highways but small roads.
    Besides ok...more info
  • Great Buy for Anyone
    Wow is this thing so stinkin easy to use!!! If you don't mind taking the time to up load the software to the GPS then it is the easiest thing to use. I didn't have it for one day and missed it instantly. I paid about $310 and that is really inexpensive. For what you pay for it, it is absolutely amazing!! If I had one complaint is that it doesn't have traffic avoidance, but that is in the newer models. This is a must buy for anyone who drives a car. Trust me you'll enjoy this thing so much....more info
  • Excellent Unit for the price
    I had previously been using TomTom software on a PDA with a GPS unit attached. When the PDA died, instead of buying a new one, I looked into getting a dedicated unit.

    This unit seemed to be the best buy, and it was. It works great. There are many aspects about it that take a little bit of 'getting used to' versus the TomTom, but once you have used it for a few days, you don't even look back.

    It is more simplistic in some cases (such as the Detour) functionality. But in reality, it's all that I need for detours (ie: Get me off this road 'now')

    I love it, and will consider buying another for the other vehicle, instead of switching it back/forth like I'm doing now....more info
    This GPS has everything that you could want! I can't believe the accuracy and the maps have information on the smallest of backroads and private streets. I was reluctant to buy one that didn't have preloaded maps, but I was shopping price so I tried it. I had the maps loaded and the unit ready to go in 15 minutes! Compare to units at twice the price, I can't imagine how they could be any better. I was able to load seven states on the supplied memory card, and I like the idea that in the unlikely event that I should travel outside of that area, I need only upgrade the memory card. An unbelievable value!!...more info
  • Arrive with latest version 8
    Just got my yesterday with latest firmware and City Navigation
    Easy setup and beautiful device

    Amazon is the best...more info
  • Great Little GPS
    I've had this unit for a week an so far it has functioned quite well. I haven't had any issues seeing the screen during the day (except with sunglasses on) and I have it mounted on the left side of the drivers console next to the driver's door window.

    It does a great job of automatically re-routing if you make a wrong turn. It does sometimes get confused when you arrive at your destination if your destination is a large facility (i.e. the mall, university, etc) and doesn't recognize that you are there.

    The download of the map was easy. The 128Mb memory card allowed me to install 5 East Coast Southern states. I will probably upgrade to a larger card but this one is sufficient unless you travel over a large area. I was able to pre-program locations that I may travel to (divisional offices for my work) ahead of time, although I couldn't find "How To" in the instruction manual. I just entered the address but instead of pressing "GO" I chose to "Save" and named the location. The entering of the address is pretty intuitive and the unit narrows your choices based on the info entered so that you don't have to enter the entire street address. I would have preferred a QWERTY display instead of ABCDEF but that's a minor issue.

    Overall, I am quite pleased with the unit and I would reccommend it to someone looking for an entry priced unit. I considered the Garmin i3 and i5 but I chose this one in part because of the touch screen. Using the dial wheel on the i3 would be problematic once the unit is mounted to the windshield....more info
  • Great GPS Product but terrible software
    Purchased item 2 weeks ago and was very excited until I opened the software and discovered you need a PC to install it as it DOES NOT WORK ON A MAC. 1st Major problem. After making a bunch of calls I was eventually able to get an associate to stop be with his laptop to install the V6 Maps from the software (unit doesn't work without maps). Once installed I was reasonably happy with the unit, especially the listings of stores, restaurants etc. c/o City Search. My V.7 Maps update DVD arrived in the mail and it was downhill from there. We weren't able to install the update as the maps were locked and no unlock code was provided. After waiting on hold for almost 30 minutes we got through to CS who after grilling me with what seemed like 20 questions to verify I was the legal owner of the unit, provided me with an unlock code. We entered it and we were able to install V7, however in doing so all the City Search information that makes these units so useful was erased. We tried numerous re-installs of both V6 & 7 Maps to no avail...there seems to be no way to uninstall maps 7 xlear the SD card memory. Tried call CS again around 4:20pm CST and there was no menu options to get tech. support. I pulled out the 128Mb SD card from my camera to try and get back the City Search information & were unsuccessful. This whole process took 2 hours. If you have time to waste calling tech support & screwing around trying to install maps and entering unlock codes, go for it. In summary, The 320c is a great product if/when you can get the Maps installed and are not a MAC user. I'll post an update if/when we resolve the problem.

    UPDATE: GARMIN exchanged this unit for a C330 with pre-installed maps. Although Garmin has been promising MAC support for sometime it's still vaporware. In anycase, I'm very happy with the C330. I suggest using Yahoo Maps or MapQuest ahead of time to evaluate alternate routes when planning trips as sometimes the directions given aren't the shortest/quickest route....more info
  • Sucked
    Nice Idea but this product never did work for me. It frozed up soon as I started to use it. That Sucked!!!...more info
  • Locks up - Freezes many times
    I read a lot of good reviews for this unit and decided to get one for my self. At first, I liked it 'cause of its compact, easy to use, and good price. But after a week using it, it started locking up and freeze the screen. I could not reset or turn off the unit at all. The only way to get it reset is wait for the battery to run out. It locked up every time I used after that. I'm returnning it now. I bought this unit from and I don't know whether they just only sell defected units over there....more info
  • Excellent Value
    The Garmin C320 is a very good value it has good features combined with easy operation. Although the maps and POI are a few years out of date, I still think it was a good purchase and would recommend it. I purchased a 2gb sd card on the internet for $40 delivered and loaded the entire USA and Canada and it's only 75% full. I also downloaded custom POI's Wal-Mart, Harley Dealers, Lowes, etc. now when I travel I can find more than just my destination.

    Now the downs
    1. It's hard to see on my dash in bright sunlight
    2. When I first turn it on it takes 2-3 minutes to find the satellites
    3. Sometimes the route is not what I would plan (but it will get you there)

    ...more info
  • Not So Good
    We bought it about 1 month ago. It malfunctioned the first stuck. It worked OK for 2 weeks and then again it started to malfunction. It keeps losing satellite reception every 10 minutes. I am returning it!
    ...more info
  • A Police Officers Friend
    I am a Police Officer in a large city and was recently transfered to a new section of which I had no knowledge of the streets. The key map I had did the job but gave me a headache evertime I used it because I just didn't know the area and didn't know what I was looking for. I researched the various GPS systems and decided on the Garmin c320 and was not disappointed. The first night I used it I was able to imput very quickly the addresses I needed to get to and it took me straight there. The verbal commands were very clear in the British English voice (don't use the American voice- it sounds like a computer). The second night I used it when there was a Home Invasion in progress and I had no idea where it was. I quickly put the address into the GPS and followed its directions and arrived in about 8 minutes, well before the other police units, who knew the area well but were having trouble finding this one location.
    I have tested it for two weeks now and I feel confident that I can get anywhere at anytime. One weakness though is the mapping system which I think is the weakness of all GPS systems. There needs to be a better and more accurate update system since it was unable detect the newer subdivisions and the new highways being built in the city. At one point the GPS told me to turn left but there was a new toll road blocking my path. Knowing that the street I wanted came out on the other side I drove about a mile and then turned and the GPS quickly recalculated a new pathway and took me to where I wanted to go. But still I think there should be quicker updates for users.
    Another weakness is driving into the downtown area. I asked it to find police headquarters in downtown Houston and it did great until I got in-between the buildings and then lost the signal. The entire time downtown I was unable to use the device.
    But overall I am very happy with it and can't imagine driving the streets of Houston without it. I rode with another officer who was also new to the area and showed him how it worked and he was blown away by it and probably made a sale for the Garmin people.

    This is the device to get if you want to use it for a single city or state. If you are a traveller I would probable get the c330 since it has the entire US already in its system. ...more info
  • Law enforcement patrols
    I have been very pleased with the StreetPilot. It is very useful on patrols at night where street signs can be difficult to read and house numbers missing. I found the loading instructions easy to follow and was able to make full use of it the first day....more info
  • Excellent GPS
    Highly recommend it! Have owned it for more than a year... works perfectly. Its very user friendly and provides accurate directions. We bought a 1GB memory card and uploaded all the US and Canadian maps into the GPS. Its a great buy....more info
  • Fun and useful toy!
    easy to use, easy to setup. Took it on a trip to the north woods of wisconsin and even the most remote roads were recognized. I love the detour feature and the route recalc. My brother used the speedometer feature in his ski boat! Good buy for the money and for someone who wants a good quality and easy to use GPS....more info
  • Nick Noriega
    This is an excellent product. The main things i was worried about was regional maps and city maps and it covers it. I only put a 256MB card in, and i have maps of the entire California, Oregon, and Washington area. The speed is excellent and always right on the mark. This is an excellent buy and i would use this over any other GPS....more info
  • Great GPS.
    I've been using c320 for about a month, and i'll never go back to printing directions from mapquest! Very simple and user friendly. If you can type numbers and letters, you'll never get lost. If you have poor vision, don't worry! there's a voice instruction too! It will remind you over and over again to take "left turn, right turn, exit, stay in left lane, right lane~..." in a female american English, British English, spanish, french, etc voice...
    My sister owns a Honda Accord with Navigation system, and I was actually thinking of paying about $800-1200 for a high-end system, but when I heard about c320, everything changed. I only paid $339 for it! and I don't see much difference.. You don't get extra options and buttons, but it's good enough to guide you.

    - great price
    - user friendly. It's so easy, they don't even include a long instruction manual! They do include a quick starter guide.
    - quick recalculation if you take a wrong turn.
    - touch screen. (you don't have to scroll...)
    - comes with a mount with charger. Just plug it in your car outlet.
    - very simple. No extra junk and features that will confuse and frustrate you.
    - Touch and go system.
    - choose, faster or shortest distance.
    - can set options to avoid U-turns, highways, unpaved roads, toll roads, carpool lanes....


    - outdated Version 6 map. You could order free version 7 map, but it takes additional 1-2 weeks to receive a cd/dvd, and you have to reload it to your GPS with an unlock key... too much work for me!
    - Voice instruction is only limited to left, right, etc.. Does not state the street names or freeway numbers.
    - glare.. can't see the screen on a sunny day.
    - SD card slot with only 128MB (will hold about 3-4 states. I loaded Maryland, delaware, virginia, pennsylvania). But you can purchase a 1GB for about $35
    ...more info
  • Overall good but poor name search ability
    Overall this is a good unit, but it's lastest V7 update is still poor. It could not find alot of business names even if the business been there for years. Until that option is upgraded. I would not recommend this GPS. I have been using it for 5 months....more info
  • Great all around product
    I did a lot of research before i bought this particular model. I've always been partial to Garmin compared to others like Magellan or TomTom because i have always heard great things about Garmin products and i have friends who own them and they love it.

    Right out of the box the product is very intuitive and easy to use. There are no buttons on the face. There is a volume wheel, power switch, and usb connector on the side. It's lightweight and portable. It has a rechargeable battery which is great. It has a windshield suction mount with a built in charger that connects to your power outlet in the car, so if your charge begins to die you can just plug that in (i really like that feature). This way you pretty much take it anywhere as long as it has battery power.

    The screen is not huge which was fine with me. As long as you have good eyesight you can see the screen and follow the directions. The audible commands are quite loud and you can hear it over your radio, even if its turned up a little. It does not say the street name where you have to turn, but it does give you ample warning and distance remaining to your turn. You can't miss your turn unless you just aren't paying attention.

    If you miss your turn the recalculation is almost instant (i love this). It uses a memory card to store map information. I have the standard card that came with it and i have the entire state of Georgia stored on it and it only filled it a quarter way through. If you are planning a cross country trip then you would probably have to buy a larger memory card, but if you don't travel out of the state much, you should be ok.

    I have had this GPS for about 2 weeks and have traveled around a bit, including downtown. It took me straight to my destinations without a hitch.

    If there is something that i really don't like about it, i'll do an update here later, but as of now, i'm really really happy with it, and i'm very picky about what i buy.

    Great GPS :)...more info
  • the Providence Canyon story/Cross-country trip
    So a few weeks ago, some friends and I went on a random Sunday afternoon road trip to Providence Canyon in South Georgia. The GPS got us there great. On the way back, one of my buds told me to take a left, and swore that was the road we came in on (it was getting dark), despite the GPS's recommendation, I took the road. A few minutes down the road, I realize he was badly mistaken, so I decided to try out how well the GPS performed. (Did I mention that the low gas light was on? - times were desperate to say the least!) The GPS said to a route that I was unsure about... Took us across dirt roads, back roads, etc. But said it was shorter than turning around. I was TOTALLY SHOCKED when we came out on a very familiar road - right next to a gas station!!! All that said - This GPS is well worth it. The response time is pretty good, and is VERY accurate (within a few feet).
    Some friends borrowed the GPS to take cross country trek for 3 weeks. All they could say was that they would not have made it without it - especially since they were camping out the whole trip. It found all the campsites they needed, without a hitch. Took them across sevaral states and 3 countries.
    The only thing I would recommend is to buy a 1GB card for it. You can store every state/province that is available with the software. (US/Canada). ...more info
  • Garmin and Amazon
    I would have rated this 4 stars but buying from Amazon earns it an extra star. I got it for 368.99 on May 11 and choose regular shipping FREE but 5-8 days. Well I received the Unit in 2 days. Great. I loaded up a few states, the 128MB card is lame but I can get another SD card easy enough. I would deduct a star from Garmin because it ships with Version 6 maps when Version 7 have been available for nearly a year. Anyway when I went back to Amazon tto post this, I noticed that the c320 was now $339.88. I made an automated call to Amazon and the credited me the $29. Great job. The Garmin c320 seems to be exactly what I am looking for and at a great price. I almost bought the I5 with the little screen and no touch screen but now the c320 is actually less....more info
  • Nice Unit - Old Data
    Unfortunately the map software providers of the world can't keep up with the pace of development in fast growth areas. We recently moved to Seattle area and I got this so that my wife wouldn't call me at work for directions as often. For that purpose, it works well. However our street doesn't exist on the map and there are other places around us that just aren't there. Restaurants are generally good but misses a lot (maybe you pay for a listing?). I would like to see regular software updates with downloads from Garmin site that kept this data more up to date.
    Other issue with the unit is in bright sun (this is mounted in the window of our Toyota minivan) display can get washed out.
    We like the array of voices that you can choose from, the directions and overall presentation of information is good, size of the unit is good, it mounts securly and easily.
    I wish you could enter additional datapoints of your own. Unit only lets you set your home. I want Favorites to let me add my current location and label it. ...more info
  • Solid no frills unit
    All things considered, a capable little unit for the price ($[...]at Costco). Its main benefit is simplicity -- if you like lots of bells and whistles, this probably is NOT the unit for you. But if you want an easy to setup and use unit where you hop in your car, enter an address, and get step by step directions (with voice), it's just fine. When not navigating a trip, it displays your current location on the map, noting direction of travel, the next cross-street, and speed. You can also browse the map (and zoom in and out), though on a screen this small it's not the same as having an old-fashioned AAA fold-up map. You'll need a PC with a USB port to download maps from the included DVD into the unit. The main drawback is that the included 128M SD card can only hold a few states -- I bought a 512M SD card for $[...]and can get about 1/4 to a 1/3 of the country on it at any one time. More expensive units typically come with a complete U.S. map preloaded. The other minor drawback for this (and all other brands) is the need to occasionally download (i.e. buy) updated maps -- not a big deal, but if you live in an area with a lot of new roads it might be a bit frustrating. (Most of the more expensive models also tend to include a free update download or a free time-limited subscription for updates.) If you're looking for simple and effective, yet realtively inexpensive, and don't mind using a PC to do the setup, this is probably the right unit.

    *** UPDATE **
    After using it on a long trip, I'd still give it a high rating. It was particularly useful finding alternate routes in unfamiliar areas and finding restaurants/gas along the way. Only complaint is that in bright sunlight (i.e. around noon) the glare can make it difficult to see. As a few other reviewers pointed out, the free V7 map update is available (if you purchased your unit recently.) You'll also want to upgrade to the 5.1 firmware -- it adds 'via' points (calculate a route through a specific point) and the ability to save way points while navigating. Very pleased....more info
  • Easy to USE
    I previously owned a NAVMAN. It finally quit working and I got the Street Pilot. This one is wonderful to use. My wife would never touch the other GPS, but she was able to operate this one immediately. The operation is so easy it's just great. It has many more streets and addresses. We were looking to have lunch. My wife said "what this town needs is a Denny's". I said OK, opened the menu, for places to eat, and there it was. It is also quicker to find the position in the first place....more info
  • Garmin C320 Streetpilot
    I received this unit a couple of weeks ago and it came with firmware version 4.2 and MapSource v6. I upgraded to firmware version 4.8 which was a little scary because the firmware application terminated after erasing the old version of the firmware on the unit. I restarted the firmware updater, and it succesfully wrote the new version. The new version of the firmware allows you to save waypoints in your favorites list.

    Also MapSource v6 requires about 1.2 G or so of memory to load all of North America. With the new version of MapSource v7, I was able to load all of North America including Canada on my 1 gig SD card. It is impressive how much data is going on that 1 gig card.

    Also, I have read some reviews stating that it doesn't tell the direction of where a list of places is located relative to your present location (whether behind, in front of, or whatever). When you are stationary, it gives you the mileage and the direction, and when you are moving it draws a direction arrow in the list, and the distance.

    It does get confused at times with highways and ramps that may cross over each other. It eventually figures out that you are turning a corrects itself. Otherwise, I cam very pleased with the unit and prefer this unit with SD memory over the newer units with hard drives that can have problems when exposed to vibration. This is my second Garmin unit that I've bought personally, although I have used several at work going back about 10 years....more info
  • Simple, easy to use with all the features you want....minus the traffic reports.
    If you're looking for a very easy to use unit, this is the one. The way it works is all very intuitive and you don't really need an instruction book to operate it. I purchased this product used and therefore it already came with the downloaded maps and was charged and ready to go.

    Unit is great b/c it's wireless. Originally I dreamt of having an integrated system with dvd player and all that jazz. I found the Garmin Streetpilot series to not only be much cheaper in price, but was very convenient to move from car to car. Share with friends and family! The unit can also be locked in the glove compartment when your car is parked and not in use.

    Garmin's great b/c their products cator to everyone. There are so many types of units, all very similar but have different features at varying prices to accomodate users of all budgets. The Streetpilot i3 goes for $265 brand new and shipped to your door from ebay sellers. Amazon has competitive prices too! I purchased my Garmin Streetpilot c320 used for $350 with all the components plus a storage bag. Don't pay more than $500. Look for $380-450 for the c320 unit....more info
  • Does everything more expensive systems can do (except live traffic routing), for so much less!
    If you are a first time GPS buyer and want an easy to use unit with intuitive touch screen controls and the best unit you can get for under $300, I recommend the C320 (or C330 which comes with pre-loaded maps). I bought this unit for much more a little over a year ago and so far I am quite happy. It has saved me many miles of extra driving! It also makes me a braver night time driver as I have difficulty spotting a sudden turn in the road at night time. But with my GPS I know exactly when to turn and it even tells me 'stay right' etc. This was confusing at first but now that I know what it means I find it very helpful to not have to change lanes at the last minute. It makes me feel safer on the road at night in unknown places! I can easily type in addresses on the touch screen with it's large display or look for a place of interest (a restaurant, library etc.) if I change my mind while at an intersection and then continue on the specified route. I often type in store names like "Target" or "Borders" on a whim and it takes me to the nearest one in the area. It just made a couple of mistakes so far once for a Kroger and once for a Walmart as the store had moved to another location about half a year ago but even Google maps had shown me the wrong location for that Walmart. It is also convenient to be able to specify the cuisine and locate the nearest restaurant to your current location or near your destination. However the restaurant choices are by no means exhaustive, it may miss a couple of good ones here and there but may show you ones you never knew existed.

    I chose the C320 as you can load whatever maps you need by just getting a larger SD card, especially as SD cards have come down in price.
    Before using this unit, I had used the Magellan Roadmate 300 for a few days, and Garmin's routing is a definite improvement over Magellan in terms of speed of route calculation and accurate routing. The Magellan locked up a couple of times although it was a new unit and I had to pull off on an exit and power it down for several minutes before it started reading the correct route. The Garmin C320 has never frozen on me. If I do not take the prescribed route or miss a turn it takes just about 2-3 seconds to figure that out and recalculates my route, this is way faster than Magellan or any other GPS system I've encountered so far. This is great feature as the next turn might be just 5 seconds away and you may miss it again if the unit takes too much time to recalculate!

    Some reviews complained about the maps saying the unit said that they had reached the destination even though they were 100-200 feet away and sometimes confused between left or right of the street. But if you have used other GPS systems you would know that no GPS navigation system is perfect and I generally prefer Garmin navigation over Magellan.

    The C320 allows you to specify your preferences such as - Avoid highways, avoid U turns, avoid toll roads etc. And you can set it to "Shortest distance" or "Fastest time". I've found that the shortest distance can sometimes take you on backroads or unusual roads which you normally may not take. This option gave me a great new route between office and home which avoids traffic but when I used the same option on a longer drive it suddenly detoured off the highway ans took me through bumpy back roads, a most unpleasant experience! But with experience I have learned the best way to calculate my route using the options. There is a bit of a learning curve with all GPS systems and the more advanced GPS users have rated Garmin navigation very highly in the several comparisons I read on the web.

    The C320 does get a bit confused in situations where -a) there is a small roundabout (like in apartment communities) and may keep missing the exit turn and b) when there are intersecting highways over and under the highway on which you are traveling, especially if it takes you more than 15-20 seconds to cross that area where the highways intersect c) In very long tunnels. But now that I know this I just stay on route and as soon as I've crossed that area it starts showing the earlier route.

    Some reviewers complained that the unit does not show the complete route turn by turn text instructions - that is not correct- as it will show you the turn by turn text instructions if you touch the green text bar over the route map.
    If you want to take a detour at any point in your route it will calculate an alternative route for you if you touch the detour button, but will try to get you back on the original route very quickly. You can create points of interest in the route through the software and you can also save your favorite locations or most used addresses on the unit.

    I prefer having a portable GPS than an in-car GPS as the software update is cheaper than in car GPS and I can carry it with me to use in rental cars when I travel. I tried out the in car GPS system in my friend's Honda and Garmin had better routing and a better "voice". The Honda GPS's high-pitched "Chinese Schoolgirl" voice drove me to distraction....!

    January 7, 2007 update: I've gotten so used to my GPS that I don't know how I lived without it. The only complaint I have about the unit is that it is very hard to read in bright sunlight and I have to depend on the voice instructions. Also, please don't leave it mounted in the car if it's above 90 degrees as my unit's battery died after it was out in the summer for a few days at 100 degree temperatures and now it takes time to read satellite signals when I start out as it starts from a "cold" state.
    May 7, 2007 Update: I called Customer Service last week as my internal battery died and the unit started falling off my windshield as the heat exposure reduced its grip. Hold time was very short, 3-4 minutes each time I called. They offered to have the unit repaired for $150 which is more than half the cost of a new unit, so I refused as it wasn't a critical problem. However, they offered to send me a new mount (including the windshield mount piece and car adaptor) for free despite being out of warranty . It was FedExed and reached me in 3 business days. That's good customer service!

    Overall I am satisfied with C320. Better GPS systems exist (some made by Garmin) but this one is the best bang for my buck by far!...more info
  • StreetPilot c320
    I purchased this unit about two months ago. I work with a local florist and thought this would be a good way to find the various delivery addresses. The unit is easy to use and has an easy touch screen which one could learn to use without reading the instruction sheet. The unit is only as good as the maps that are furnished. In my experience the local maps are about a year or two old as new streets at least this old doesn't show up on the unit. The most disturbing problem with this unit is not taking you to the exact address. Between 85% and 90% of the time the unit would designate an address on the wrong side of the street or having you arrive at the address and it still being several hundred yards down the road. The unit also leads you in the opposite direction you should be going searching out the major highways rather than a quicker, closer route. Other than these irritating problems the unit is simple to use and can definately get you to your destination (which may take longer if you're familiar with the city you're driving in) Another problem is the difficulty of mounting this on the windshield where it doesn't block your view. In my estimate the dash mount would be the best set up. I plan to purchase the dash mount accessory which doesn't require you to mount the unit permanently to your dash. It would have also been nice if the power cord was attached to the unit and not to the mounting bracket so it could be easily removed when wanting to use the battery power rather than have the cord dangling from the windshield. Because of these annoyances I have to give this unit 3 stars, but you can't beat the price that Amazon has to offer. Oh by the way the maps are easy to load from the cd furnished, but if you want to do more that a couple states at the time I would recommend you buy a larger memory disk than the 128mb. supplied with the unit...more info
  • Very satisfied.
    I bought the Garmin 320 for $399 after returning the Garmin Quest. The Quest was cheaper and had more features but the 320 is much easier to use because of the touch screen and the fewer menus and options.

    1. Easy to use, touch screen, clear directions.
    2. Fast satellite connection and route calculation/recalculation.
    3. The local business database with phone number seem pretty good. (I needed to find a 24 hr pharmacy on a trip to a remote place and this feature came very handy at 11pm in the night.)

    1. Cannot specify to avoid Highways (I work-around by not getting on to the highway and it recalculates with local routes)
    2. Map software needs to be updated (request from Garmin for free)...more info
  • Good product with improvement potential
    Well-designed, very easy to use. Only physical limitation thus far is sensitivity to heat. Being exposed to sunlight in the windshield makes it difficult to protect during travel. When too hot, locks up. Has to be re-set with button behind plastic screen surround.

    Maps still in early stage of development. Have numerous errors. Particularly aggravating is the frequency of errors on exiting a roundabout. Have hardly found one case where this is correct in the South African map. However one soon finds out when one has made a mistake as the unit recalculates.

    Adding new waypoints and POI should be made easier and one should be able to categorize the waypoints rather than save them in "favourites".

    Still product is a lot of fun. I wish I had bought it from Amazon. The South African retailers are charging more than double....more info
  • Garmin Pros and cons
    The garmin works well at navigating directions. If you should alter your course it will tell you all the directions you will need to get to your destination. I do like the not having to look at the map while driving to unknown places. The only cons I have had was loosing satellite signal during a heavy rainstorm and when there is a temperature change on the windshield the suction cup has come loose. Overall I do like this product but has a few flaws....more info
  • The price gets a hugh increase (more than $150)
    From the reviews provided by GPSer, C320 looks like a perfect machine with reasonable price, but now the price got up more than $150 now at . Personally, I think it is not a good time to buy this unit now, maybe after the new type of the Garmin unit comes out with reasonable prices. I will wait. ...more info
  • Very Easy to Setup and Use
    I would recommend the C320 as a very practical and economical auto GPS device. A word of caution, as with any automated mapping product, you should validate the general route prior to starting your trip since you sometimes are taken on longer or highly trafficked routes.

    -The setup is very easy.
    -The device can be used without consulting the manual thanks to well designed menu screens.
    -The suction cup that holds the unit to the car winshield locks on very tightly.
    -The screen is smaller than units sold with most cars, if you want to view a route or follow along while driving, this can be a bit of a problem. I use the voice prompts and rarely view the screen.
    -The included memory card can hold roughly 2 states worth of maps. That is more than enough for me, but might require an upgrade for others....more info
  • Great Gadget to carry around
    I bought Garmin C320 right before my 10 day trip in California. I'm glad that I made the purchase. It helped GREATLY. My wife and I do not have to mapquest in hotel like we always do. We've got much more flexibility in terms of sightseeing.

    The GPS is very easy to use. It not only offers driving directions like it is supposed to do, it also shows local landmarks, restaurants, gas stations etc, which proves to be extremely useful. Now we do not even have to carry a tourbook anymore.

    The only complaint that we have, however, is that the reception in extreme weather was not good. I am not sure if this is a common problem for all GPS or just this one. We were in Point Reyes National Seashore the other day. It was the foggest day I had. We were in a zigzag one-lane road with probably very limited view ahead. If the GPS could receive satellite signal all the time, instead of losing connection once in ten minutes, we would not have to looking for the edge of road all the time.

    Other than this, I have no complaint. This is a great tool. You will not make mistake buying it. ...more info
  • Garmin c320 - great unit for the money
    I've only been using mine for a few weeks, but so far I am very happy with it. I also have a Navman PocketPC with integrated GPS, the c320 is far easier to use.

    It can sometimes take several minutes to acquire satellites when you first turn it on, but my Navman was even worse. I've seen a lot of complaints about "screen glare", but frankly mine has been crystal clear in every driving situation so far. Maybe it's because my car's window is tinted on the top, or maybe because of the dark interior color, but I have not had the glare problem that others have mentioned. I've also seen complaints about the "window mount" -- I am very pleased with the window mount and would not replace it for "bean-bag" mount. It doesn't vibrate (like my Navman), it never falls off, it's easy to adjust, and it's well-built. I've also seen a few complaints about the 3D map mode. I used this all the time on my Navman, and I find it far better than the 2D map. Things up close I can see in greater detail, yet I get a broader "macro view" of those things further away. It provides a much broader/wider line-of-sight than the 2D mode.

    The unit is super-easy to use. It shows the turns using large white arrows. It "announces" the turn as you approach it, but unfortunately doesn't provide an audio alert as you just reach the turn (like NeverLost or my Navman does). The points-of-interest feature is really cool (but some of the data seems outdated to me). We were out-of-state & had a craving for Chinese food -- we selected FOOD and then CHINESE, and it immediately provided a list of all Chinese restaurants within about 20 miles (it shows the address, the distance & the direction).

    For the money (I paid about $400 for mine), the unit is a great value. My list of Pros & Cons:

    Easy to use
    Intuitive operation
    Solid Window Mount
    Points-of-Interest (POI)
    3D Map Mode
    Large touch-screen buttons
    Automatic switch to "night mode" screen

    Some of the POI database seems outdated
    No audio "alert" when you reach the turn
    Doesn't support waypoints
    Can take several minutes to acquire satellites
    ...more info
  • It will do for now
    Had to get something for now and would not spend too much. This seemed like not so bad thing, the biggest concern was the size of the screen. Got into local FRY'S and checked out the c330, the size looked good enough to use it, so I ordered the c320 from Amazon.

    Needed just something simple for wife to use when she gets lost, and this seems like good unit for that. I will not mention the good, but just the bad as I always want to know problematic spots when deciding to buy stuff.

    1 - as it was said, the unit takes a while to acquire the signal when turned on. I suggest to turn the unit on a bit sooner before you start driving.

    2 - encountered few satellite signal looses in areas where I would expect the unit to work flawlessly, but I had the unit in the middle of the car at the time, so perhaps that might be a factor, perhaps should think about external antenna

    ...more info
  • Sub-Par Performance and Functionality
    I returned mine to Amazon after a nightmarish trip to Washington DC. Even though I bought it for $399 (versus the $499 now), I still found it not worth the money. It seems this model was a good attempt by garmin .. but still has a long way to go before it is a professional GPS making significant contribution to the driver's navigation ability. Following are the six things that annoyed me the most:

    1. The screen in daylight is so dull. You can hardly see it. As somebody pointed out in one of the reviews, I can't believe that garmin engineers released this model after field testing. Shame on garmin for doing that. (Those who say it's okay .. I admire your patience with it .. and appreciate your effort to avoid buyer's remorse)

    2. The unit does not tell which street to turn on .. just silly commands like "Stay right and then stay right" even though there might be 3-4 intersecting streets. Without the street name, it is very easy to take the wrong street especially if you are in a busy downtown with multiple streets closeby (or intersecting). I know that the street name comes on the screen .. but it's too distracting for a driver to look at the screen .. (As stated earlier, you can only make out the street name by looking at the screen if it is "non-daylight" condition)

    3. The unit takes quite a bit of time to "acquire satellite signals". You keep sitting in the car until it does so. If you start driving .. it get's really confused .. seems to take even more time to acquire signals.

    4. The accuracy and directions are sub-optimal. It took me through real complicated ways .. when I could clearly see in the map how easy it was to reach a certain place. Sometimes it will say "reached destination" while the destination is nowhere to be seen!

    5. The suction cup mount is quite clumsy. The wire sticking out of the mount just adds to the clutter. Garmin adds the bean bag functionality to a higher priced model .. but this does not help the C320 buyers.. does it? (You can buy it if you shell out extra money).

    6. Even though it claims to be a portable unit, it is very difficult to use it in hand - it is bulky for your pocket.. and places where you need it most like downtowns, hiking etc. .. it does not acquire signals easily due to maybe the building/other objects obstructing the direct view to the sky.

    Just FYI:

    1. I had the latest v7 software loaded in my unit during the trip. The unit comes with v6 CD, and then you have to order the DVD from Garmin for v7 (It's free of cost). You will then have to connect to Garmin's website to get the unlock code (pretty simple procedure)

    2. Another thing that you may want to note is that the retail selling price of the unit $749.99 stated at Amazon is misadvertized .. thus projecting huge savings (almost 50%)... while the fact is that the official Garmin's Suggested Retail Price is $589.27 USD. Amazon should be a little more clear so as not to mislead the buyers using this falsely advertised savings projections. If Amazon is using it as a selling point, it is obliged to state it truthfully.

    Please feel free to disagree... this is just my opinion. I have tested it "a lot" .. and would advise you to wait a couple of more cycles before garmin (or some other company) comes with a reasonably priced unit which does not have these fatal flaws. Till then, I don't think serious consumers should waste their time and money in playing with this makeshift experimental toy .. ...more info
  • Great if you don't need to go anywhere.
    This was my first car GPS and my first Garmin product. The unit is well built, easily figured out and functions top notch. The mount is great, screen easy to see and the sound good and crisp.

    I am a bit put off, however, by Garmin's greed by selling the unit with outdated maps and database, then asking for $50 for an update disc on a brand new product! This is unacceptable. Here's some examples of bad data I've found in just a week of local use. I dread using the unit in an unknown city.

    Local map data not updated:
    Two freeway onramps changed 4 years ago.
    Freeway bypass loop opened 3 years ago.

    Database data not updated:
    Missing large mall 6 years old, but the Mall Loop Rd on map.
    18 stores opened 3-6 years ago missing.
    19 restaurants opened 3-6 years ago missing.
    K-mart closed 4 years ago still in database.
    Major park opened 8 years ago missing.

    All these found in just one week of use. I would have rated this a 5-star had it not been for the abismal map and database and the greed of Garmin wanting $50 to update it on a brand new product. They had a great product, then messed it up with the lack of a simple update of the data.
    ...more info
  • Garmin C320 Vehicle Navigator
    EDIT Dec 25th:
    One thing I want to point out is that A Gordon is wrong about the map upgrade to the latest version 7. I bought my C320 a couple of weeks ago and the map upgrade is 100% FREE. You have to go on the Garmin site and order the DVD, but it's totally free and you use your existing reg. to unlock the maps. Done deal...ok, so read below for my review.

    This GPS rocks for the price I paid. (I paid 399.99 with free shipping here on Amazon). It's easy to learn how to use, the text is big enough for even a blind bat like me to be able to see it easily, and the included suction cup locks her right onto your windshield until you remove it. Make sure you clean the area on the windshield as well as the bottom of the suction cup for best results.
    I live in MA and I've got all of New England loaded up and it fit quite well on the 128MB SD card. IF you want to be able to load up alot of states at once I'd recommend a 1GB card.
    It has been very accurate and always gets me where I want to go, but I have noticed it doesn't necessarily choose the shortest route but it does tell you the ETA. If you mess up and take a wrong turn then the unit quickly recalculates another route for you. I've had a much different experience than others who said their unit took a long time to acquire satellites. Mine is very quick to locate satellites and I've never lost a signal nor have I had to wait for it to recalculate a route if I took a wrong turn which I have done intentionally just to see how quickly it will provide me with a new route.

    Only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it came with outdated unit software as well as map software. The unit software you can download right away, the updated map software they will send you on a dvd. Once I placed the order on for the version 7 map upgrade, I received it in 4 days. You use your original registration code to unlock the maps and it IS A FREE UPGRADE for the V7 Maps on the C320 Street Pilot.
    I shopped around and looked at many GPS units such as Magellan, Lowrance, and Tom Tom. THis one has everything I need and then some. I believe it uses the same maps as the more costly Tom Tom Go 300. Some cool features that I really like is the ability to show you a list of eaterys, entertainment, movie theaters, airports, hospitals, and many other important points of interest. Additionally, with a touch of the screen you can instantly navigate to these places. Oh, and I almost forgot about the favorites. You can save any route to a favorites list instead of having to retype in your destination address or scroll through the categories.
    For the price I paid as opposed to the cost of others in its class, I think the C320 is a great unit and I'm 100% happy with the purchase.

    Update: I put this thing to a good test yesterday as I had a service call in Boston at a new clients home. I am happy to report that it works well helping you navigate the busy streets of Boston. The voice navigation will tell you how many miles before you have to turn, example: "turn right in 1.2 miles". As you get closer to taking the turn, example: a right turn, the voice nav will begin telling you, "stay right". Then when you are coming up on the turn, the voice will say turn right. Now, you do need to use some common sense a bit. IF there are several streets one after the other, then just look at the screen and it will display the name of the street that you should be turning on and the approximate distance it is from you. For best results seeing the screen on a sunny day, mount the unit in a spot where it's easiest to see. You can be creative. I removed mine from the windshield and now have it mounted on the shelf area above my steering wheel and its totally visible during the day. Read some of the other reviews on GPS units that cost 200 and 300 more than this one...I got news for ya, all of them have the LCD screens and all of them can be tough to see if the sun is shining either in your eyes or on the unit. It got me to my destination in the middle of Boston so its already worth it to me. You can change the way it plans a route in the settings by choosing either fastest route or shortest route. For my trip to Boston I found that the fastest route took me down the expressway, and the shortest route took me through the back roads. I let it take me the fastest on the way in town, and the shortest on the way home. Both were clear and got me to my destination with no problem. The fastest was 19 miles, the shortest was 14 miles. I love this thing and think it does a great job for a 400 dollar color GPS unit. Despite it's few imperfections, I find it 100% better than jerking around with map books, mapquest, or trying to read written directions from a piece of paper while you're driving! ...more info
  • Garmin c330 StreetPilot -- a great product
    I purchased my c330 from Amazon about two months ago. It was delivered next business day as promised. Also as promised, it was ready to go "right out of the box" -- nothing to load, nothing to configure ... I didn't even have to charge the battery! Just powered it on, took it outside, and watched it find the satellites in about four minutes. After that, it was ready to go.

    Changing preferences, entering waypoint information, and otherwise "navigating" the unit's menus and features is very easy, so it was a snap to plug in an address and have the route info displayed in seconds.

    Now, I'm from hill-country Texas and I currently live in the corn-field-flat mid-West, so driving in the New Jersey and New York area used to be a daunting task. The Garmin made it much easier, but not foolproof. This fool found that even with WAAS enabled, the voice prompt "Turn right in 200 feet" usually referred to the street that I just passed. The convergence can be off significantly. Perhaps the c340 unit (which has voice prompts by street names instead of approximate distance) would be better. But then again, you can't read most of the street signs until after it's too late to make the turn anyway.

    Problem not. Even if you miss your turn, the c330 is quick to recalculate your route and get you back on track. Sometimes, however, it can be irritatingly insistent that you make a U-turn to make up the missed turn, even when you can clearly see parallel streets and can usually navigate back to your intended path on your own. Of course, in downtown Manhattan, this means you get honked at by every cab driver, and most other drivers and pedestrians also signal that you're "number one" in their eyes as well.

    Customer service: Thanks to a careless baggage handler at O'Hare or Newark, my Garmin came out of my luggage strangely mute -- no sounds came out of the unit anymore. Everything else worked just fine, but I no longer had voice prompts. I logged onto Garmin's website, found the TechSupport contact button, sent an e-mail, and got a response in 48 hours. I was issued an RMA number, shipped the unit back to Kansas City, and received a brand new unit by return DHL shipment in only six days. Now that's quality stand-behind-your-products support, in my book.

    Overall, I give the unit a four-star rating. I'd give it five, except for the outdated map data that shipped with the unit, and the fact that it sometimes doesn't seem to know the difference between 200 feet and RIGHT THERE! Must have been a male who programmed some of the measurements. :)...more info
  • Five stars if the map data was more up to date.
    I bought the c320 the middle of October, 2005, and have updated the software to version 4.8 and the map data City Select North America NT version 7.0. This is the latest software and map data as of the date of this review. I really like this unit and would buy it again. I would have given it 5 stars except for the Map Data being just a bit too much out of date. Still, this is an amazing device. Here are some quick pros and cons for those who don't want to read the whole review:

    - It will get you to your destination.
    - Easy to use; you can figure out how to do most things just by playing around with it.
    - Calculates new routes very quickly.
    - Lots of Points of Interest (POI).
    - Map database shows even very remote roads, i.e. dirt paths out in the middle of nowhere.
    - Long battery life: about 10 hours.
    - Small enough and accurate enough to use while walking.
    - North American NT V7 is compact enough to fit ALL on a 1G SD card.
    - There is no itty-bitty hard drive to wear out.
    - Pleasant British English voice.
    - Knows when the sun sets to switch screen brightness.
    - ETA is updated in this software version.
    - Does not have any problem picking up satellites in any car (or train) I've used it in.

    - Map data is too far out of date; data must be at least 2 years old.
    - Screen is hard to read in direct sunlight.
    - Complex process to unlock new map data DVD.
    - It's a little fussy about street names when looking up an address.

    - No altitude indication.
    - Does not know when you cross time zone to change clock.

    I've used this now for a couple of months, including a train and car trip from Iowa to Arizona. I've also updated the unit software and the map data so I have an idea how easy that is to do.

    You can indicate your routing preference (shortest distance or fastest time, no toll roads, no unpaved roads, etc). This will at times produce some funky routes. For example, shortest distance and allowing unpaved roads can send you down some pretty rough roads. If you use it in a place you know well, you will probably disagree with some of its routes. That is to be expected because it does not know about busy roads or traffic lights or other things like that. On the other hand, since using this locally I have found some good routes I have not known about before.

    I took this on a train ride across 6 Western states. It had no problem picking up satellites if I kept it up against the window. If you set the unit to show enough detail, it will show you traveling right down the middle of the railroad tracks. Since this is a car navigation device it has a preference for roads, so if there was a parallel road near enough to the tracks the cursor would jump over to the road. Crossing those remote areas showed how much detail is in the map database; some roads that were no more than two dirt ruts showed up on the screen.

    We used it in the rental car when we got to Arizona. From the middle of nowhere to Phoenix it worked great. We were able to use it to avoid some heavy Phoenix traffic by just getting off the interstate and driving city streets. Even though Phoenix is pretty much laid out in a grid, I don't think I would have tried to navigate around the traffic jam without the c320. The out of date map data problem showed up in Phoenix in particular. The city is growing so fast that there was several times where the map data did not show a new street.

    I've used this in 7 different cars (and 1 train) so far and never have had a problem picking up satellites. Just to try it out, I bought an external antenna that I have mounted on my truck roof. With an external antenna, the signal is a little stronger and maybe it might take a little less time for the unit to first acquire satellites, but the external antenna is not really necessary.

    Sometimes looking up a specific address can be difficult. If you don't spell the street name exactly as it expects, it won't find the street. For example, if you are looking for "East Park Ct" and spell it "E Park Ct", the c320 won't find it. The solution is to be less specific; just search for "Park" and pick the correct street from the list it will give you.

    I received a free map data update since the new map data was released before I bought my unit. Unlocking a new version of the map data is too complicated. After getting a new DVD, I had to visit Garmin's web site several times to finally figure out how to get my "unlock code" for the new data. Once you get the data unlocked, loading it into a SD card is easy. The "MapInstall" software Garmin gives you is simple to use.

    The City Select North America NT version 7.0 map data is the same data as is in version 6.x, but V7.0 is more compressed. As a result, all of the V7 data will fit on a 1G SD card, including all 50 states, all of Canada, and Puerto Rico. Since you can now get all the map data on one SD card, why buy the c330? (The c330 is exactly the same as the c320, except the c330 has its map data preloaded on a little hard drive.) Here is how I see the c320 and c330 compare:

    - Map data is preloaded.
    - If the internal hard drive crashes you are screwed; it's not user replaceable.
    - Some reports of the c330 not working above 10,000 ft, but will start working again when it's moved below 10,000 ft.

    - Map data must be loaded onto a SD card by the user.
    - Even if you consider in paying for a 1G SD card, the c320 is still about $100 less than the c330.
    - No moving parts.
    - If the SD card fails (not likely) you can just replace it with a new one and reload the map data.
    - About twice the battery life of the c330
    - Works above 10,000 ft.

    Overall, I think I would buy the c320 over the c330. I don't know why Garmin doesn't sell a c320 with map data preloaded 1 G SD card and discontinue the c330....more info
  • GREAT aftermarket GPS
    Let me start to say that I have been using the C320 for about 4 months to the day. I bought this device when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, FL knowing my family was moving to a small county(but growing county)in North Carolina.

    I used this on our first offical trip to our new home here in Waxhaw, NC. There would have been no way I could have found our new home, with all of the winding country roads, without the C320. Yes, I was there when I purchased our new home, but the realtor was the one that did all the driving while we were looking for new homes. My family has used it numerous times in finding different locations(shopping, dining, post offices, etc, etc) without failure. It truly is an amazing device in finding locations since we do not know our way around in our new town. Even my wife says that it is very easy to navigate/program.

    Some friends came up to visit us and they wanted to go look at land to buy in another small county near us. They could not believe how well this device showed them around the rural areas that they were looking in. They also commented how easy it was to program using the touch screen buttons.

    One of the down falls that I have found that the maps are not up to date but the C320 still gets you to your destination without failure. Once you learn the roads you can figure out the fastest/easiest way to get there next time. Also the display can get washed out with the bright sun at times but the voice navigation tells you were to turn.

    I would absolutly recommend this device to anyone in the market for a portable GPS....more info
  • Simply superb
    This is a great product by Garmin. C320 is sleek and powerful. It has everything that you would ever wish for in a car GPS. I tested it in and out, and it never failed to impress me.

    Amazon purchasers should ensure that they have the latest firmware and latest map. Latest firmware is 4.80. You can download it from Garmin site. I received a version 3.2 GPS from amazon with mapsource version 6. If you are on the same boat, call Garmin and ask them to send you a North America Version 7 update DVD. They overnighted it for me.

    One advantage of the latest firmware and software is that it allows you to hold more data in the memory. With the earlier firmware I couldn't store NY, NY and Pennsylvania at the same time; Now I can store one additional state too!

    Also, if possible buy a 256 MB or 1 GB memory, whenever you get a good deal. This will avoid the hazzle of carrying your laptop in your car to upload new maps.

    Bottomline - if you are planning to buy a GPS for your car, this is what you should go for.
    ...more info
  • One of the best GPS for a very low price
    If you can use a computer, and it has a DVD drive, this is hands down the best value for state of the art technology. The 320 model stores the map data on SD cards, a 128mb card is included. Installation takes about 30 minutes to load the software and then upload the maps to the unit. You can get several states on the included SD card which is enough for most. For about $50 you can buy a 1 GB SD card which will hold about 2/3 of the United States. If you think your going to need all the maps you might consider the C330 for $100 more that comes with preloaded maps.

    The size of the unit is about perfect. The easy to use, I mean very easy to use touch screen, is the perfect size. You don't want a big heavy missle attached to your windshield blocking your view. The C320 also has an internal battery that allows you to play with and program the unit outside of the car.

    In my opinion, Garmin makes the best consumer gps devices in the world. They make gps units for airplanes, boaters, hikers and automobile drivers. Where some of the competitors have 2 or 3 offerings, Garmin makes well over 100 different models of gps devices. Do a little research on the internet. The great thing is, Garmin makes the best gps devices and they are also the lowest cost.
    ...more info
    Garmin provides little information on the portability of this unit outside US/Cananda. Their websites for C320 and their Mapsource products (eg. City navigator) do not clearly indicate that customer must purchase a full mapsource edition (US$350!) to use outside the US. The C320 website is deceptive and suggests you can upgrade to a Europe mapsource CD for only $50. Competitor products are usually comparable and much cheaper for use across both continents. ...more info
  • Look no further this is a great portable navigator
    I've had this for a few months. I didn't get it from Amazon and when it arrived it was DOA. I called Garmin tech support (I did have to wait a while) and they were extremely helpful. I was concerned that since I didn't buy it from an authorized dealer, I would have some problems. But I didn't. I didn't even have to pay for shipping. They sent me a shipping label and I had the unit back within a week. I bought the 512mb card and could load quite a bit of of the mapquest. It did not take too long and is probably calculates more quickly than the hard drive of the 330.

    I've had no problems with the window mount. It's been there for over a month and not loose at all. I put a screen protector on it to avoid any scratching. One thing with the screen, if you wear polarized sunglasses, the screen can be difficult to see, so when something important is coming up, I'll take off the sunglasses and the screen is very visible even during a bright sunny day.

    I love the 3D mode. I think it is easier to see how far ahead a turn is going to happen, especially when dealing with a bunch of ramps.

    The software is quite good too. I commute to Philadelphia and I have learned some shortcuts with the 320 which was especially helpful during the transit strike. It was also great when driving to Newark, NJ airport. It had the different terminals listed and the directions were right on. It recalculates when you go off route quite quickly. One time I had it set for shorter distance rather than faster route and I was not going the way Darla (my anthropomorphic name for the 320) told me to and there were quite a few exits close together that she was trying to get me to go on plus there were roads above me too. She was having a nervous breakdown and kept saying "recalculating, recalculating, recalculating..." Finally I just turned it off to give her a break. When I turned it on again, I changed the mode and there were no more problems and it worked just fine.

    I recently got a new car and was debating on getting an onboard navigator but decided against spending close to $2000 for it when I had the 320. I can move the 320 to other vehicles with no problem.

    Unfortunately you can't put in waypoints and save routes. For the waypoints I use my GPS for geocaching.

    If you're looking for a car navigation system, look no further. This one is great. I used to use my GarminV which just beeped when a turn was about to happen and it was harder to tell where the turn was especially if there were a couple of exits close to one another. Darla talks to you and she speaks quite a few different languages or with a British accent....more info
  • No more Mapquest for me!
    I've had the C320 for about a month now and I can honestly say it is a great product. It is extremely easy to use and has performed very well. It is so intuitive you will not even need to read the manual. The audio directions are clear and very accurate. It gives you plenty of advance notice when you need to make a turn and also prompts you about 30-40 feet just before the turn. I bought a 512mb memory card and was able to fit the entire east coast from Maine to Miami and Arizona where we like to vacation. It also is loaded with tons of Points Of Interest like stores, schools, gas stations, banks, restaurants, etc. It can be used as an information tool because it stores address and phone numbers for most of the POI's. It's great when you need the phone number to a local pizza place and you're in your car. No more 411 at a $1.50 a pop on my cell phone. The screen is clear and plenty bright but it is a little difficult to see when wearing polarized sun glasses. Just type in the address hit GO and it will lead you right to your destination! It's that easy! Get one!...more info
  • Very good, friendly GPS
    I haven't used this much as it's for my parents (I have Toyota in-car navi which I LOVE and have had a lot of time using) but I think this one is a lot better for my parents than the Garmin Quest I bought for them a year ago for about the same price. Larger screen and especially TOUCHSCREEN makes all the difference! The Quest is not touchscreen and has a arrow cursor you have to direct around the screen. It's too confusing for my parents, and they ended up not using it much. Typing in addresses on the touchscreen is a lot easier than going up-down-left-right through an alphanumeric grid. The Quest is smaller and has more flexible features but my parents would never use those anyway. I'm sure when they see this GPS next time they visit they will get a lot more use out of it. Also the speaker is built in-- the Quest speaker is integrated into the cigarette adapter. The c320 also picks up satellite signal a lot quicker and easier, without having to flip up any antenna.

    My one complaint is that in normal mode you can't just press anywhere on the screen to recenter the picture on the spot you pressed-- you have to go through the menu to some "browse" mode. ...more info
  • Worked great until...
    [10/12/05] broke one month after I bought it. The unit kept resetting itself, losing saved data (home, favorites, etc., but not losing the maps on the SD card). First it would happen every few days, then it got more frequent until it became unusable, turning off and on constantly until the battery would die.

    This leads me to comment on Garmin tech support. Once you get to talk to them, they're nice and helpful. However, grab a big cup of coffee, sit down and put them on speakerphone, because you'll be waiting 30-60 minutes to talk to somebody. I am not exaggerating. They open at 9AM eastern; I called at 9:02 and was on hold until 9:26. I called again at noon, and didn't get to talk to someone until 12:55. That's ridiculous.

    I sent my unit for service today. I will post an update when I get it back from repair...

    [Update 11/21/05: I received a new replacement about two weeks after I sent it in. Seems to work well so far...]

    Some comments about the unit itself:

    1) The operating system is intuitive and easy to use. No need to read the instructions, except the quick start guide for the map loads.

    2) The voice is clear. Sometimes the instructions are confusing. "Keep right/left" means go straight, for example. I like the British English voice.

    3) The unit has a fair amount of glare in daylight. This can be ameliorated by purchasing the boxwave screen protector. It is available here at amazon or at boxwave dot com. Some claim it improves visibility when using polarized glasses, too.

    4) The competing Roadmate 300 seems to have similar features and is a hundred bucks less (refurb) here at amazon. The Roadmate also has a flat rear surface, which would make it easier to mount in most situations.

    5) The face trim is blue; it looks kinda silver in the picture.

    6) The C320 fits all of Florida on its included 128MB card. Unless you travel across country ALL the time, 128MB is probably enough. You would need a 2GB card to fit the entire US, but you are unlikely to need the whole country. For a road trip visiting, say, 10 states, a 512MB-1GB card would probably suffice. Note that this unit plus a 2GB card is about the same price as the C330, but it does not have a hard disk, so you don't have to worry about it crashing....more info
  • Pretty Well Rounded GPS
    I like the quick reroute or detour button. Very useful when you run into road constructions or roadblock in area that you are not familiar. The POI(Points of Interest) is great. Map software is up to date & excellent. Response time from power on to aquire satellite signal is almost instantaneous(1~3sec). Birdeye view angle is not adjustable, so certain area in busy streets will make it hard to read. The direction arrow is way bigger than it should be. Speaker volume is good but when cranking up the volume the difference in loudnest from let's say 80% loudness to 100% is very different in loudness, the volume adjustment are not granular or smooth. 20% to 80% loudness is almost hard to distinguish. The size claim to be portable, but still too thick to in glove box. Dash mount has a very good & strong suction cup. But the wire is built in to the mount, so you can't remove it if you want to. It's not bad, but not great either. I still like my Navman ICN 510 better. ...more info
  • Great unit. So easy to use, even my wife can figure it out.
    After using the GPS navigation system that came with my car, my wife decides she wants one also. So knowing my wife and after doing some research we decided on the Garmin StreetPilot c320. We got it for the price, size, features, and I have a Garmin eTrex Legend so I'm very familiar with that brand. We chose the c320 over the c330 because of the $100+ price difference and especially because you get the freedom of loading in only the states/provinces you need. Also since you load the maps using the CD, you can every easily load updated maps using any future updated CD's. I don't know how you would do it when the maps are stored in the internal hard drive like the c330. Also it takes a lot less power to read off of the SD card than a hard drive so the battery will last longer per charge. The unit came with just a 128 mb card and that wasn't enough for us as we travel up to Canada quite often and we live in the NJ just outside of the NY metro area so just by having those two state in the memory card, that doesn't leave much room for much more and that just won't work for us because we ski in the New England states all the way up to Maine and we go to Florida quite often so we'll need maps for those areas. So I got a 512 mb card [...] and I was able to get all the states on the east coast plus Vermont, Hew Hampshire and Ontario Canada including Hamilton and Toronto. So after the setup I compared it with the GPS navigation system that came with my 2005 Honda Accord with the latest DVD mapping software. I found that for the most part they were identical. They both took me through the same route with some minor variations. What I liked about the Garmin is that when you get closer to the next turn it will zoom in closer for greater details of the streets. Then after the turn it will zoom back out to get a greater view. Another thing I like about the Garmin is that it seems to have more Points of Interests (POI) than my car's system. For example, I belong to a Tennis and Fitness club. I don't know the address but knew the name of the club. With the Garmin I was able to search for it using the different categories under Athletic Clubs. The club wasn't even in my car's navigation data base. The only thing I wish the Garmin can do that my car's navigation does is show you the list of turns and roads it plans to take you and the distance away your destination is from your current location. My wife is learning to deal with the mounting location of the unit but wishes that the mounting arm can be smaller so she can mount it on the dash of her car and not take up so much space. Overall she absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. Oh, one other thing that needs improvement is the "Go Home" feature. In my car's navigation system when you store your home location, in order to use it you have to punch in a 4 digit PIN. This way if someone steals your car, they won't be able find where you live. With the Garmin it doesn't have that safety feature. So if the unit gets stolen and you've put your home address in there, they'll know where you live. Therefore, to combat that security concern, I put the address of a nearby strip mall instead of my actual address. This way it will get us to a place where we are familiar with and get home from there....more info
  • Could call it GPS for Idiots
    Very good, I have Garmin GPS for my Sailboat. I bought this for my wife who can never figure out how to get to new places or take the shortest route. It is very easy to use. Not having the full US preloaded is no big deal. I have lots of high capacity cards around from Digital Cameras, so loading from the CD is Easy.

    User interface is very nice. My wife is using very sucessfully.
    ...more info
  • great gps, great value
    This is the easiet GPS I have used so far. It is true you have to load up the map, but I got a 1GB sandisk, allows me to load 1/2 the US at once, and you only have to do it once...I am sure in the long run, C320 should be more reliable than c330, b/c it does not have the hard drive. I found it to be very accurate, and the screen is just perfect. I do not have any problem with the suction cup falling off the windshield for almost a month now..
    It is not perfect, some exits on the highway are a bit confusing, but just slow down a bit, and read the title on the screen instead of listening the voice prompt. I blame on the poor design of the roadway, not GPS..Also map is not perfect... Just like any new car.. once you get warm up, it will be a perfect companion for the car......more info
  • Easy to use and good value for your money.
    This unit is great for the price I paid ($450.00 including shipping and taxes). The screen and usability is amazing clear and easy to use. I was ready to go in 1/2 hour once I received it. The reason I gave it 4 stars is that I have two issues so far:

    1. The screen is little difficult to see in the bright sunlight, so you have to really stare at it.

    2. The routing algorithm has a few bugs. The map told me to turn left but the voice prompt told me to turn right. I knew where I was going that time so I did not get lost. But even then the recalculation is pretty fast.

    Overall, a pleasure to use this GPS and I am really enjoying my trips to Downtown Boston without any sweat....more info
  • Overall pretty nice
    We've been using it for almost a month now.

    -Size.The size of this thing is perfect because it doesn't obstruct your view while sitting on your dash board.
    -Memory. With the c320 you have the option to use an SD memory card to store you map. USE THIS OPTION. Invest in a 1 GB memory card for around $50 now a days, and you can pretty much store the entire US on it. The memory card sticks into a slot on the side.
    -Battery Life. This thing came charged which was a huge surprise and bonus because it allowed me to test it out right away. The battery life likely wouldn't be an issue since the cradle plugs into the lighter and you'll likely be using the cradle most of the time anyway.
    -Ease of use. It's all touchscreen operation and the icons are very bright and easy to see. Also when searching for an address, the thing is intuitive enough to know what State, or City or Street you are looking for after keying in the 1st two or three letters. This saves a ton of time when keying in addresses. The database of attractions is really extensive. We've been able to find stores, restaurants, coffee shops, GAS STATIONS!!, pretty much everything under the sun.
    -Sound. The volume can go very loud! We used it in an convertable rental car and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to hear it over the wind noise. At highway speeds with the roof down, we had no problem hearing it, and it wasn't even at the highest volume setting. The volume is controled via a wheel on the side, not via the touchscreen. This allows you to change the volume easily without navigating through any menus.
    -Map Views. You can view your route in several ways: 3D Birdseye, Plan View like a traditional Map, Turn by turn. You can also zoom in really close or zoom out far en route. The more you zoom in the more road detail you get, when zooming way out you can get a sense of your proximity to other points throughout the region.
    -Price. Amazon had the best price on this unit when I purchased it. $479. I've since seen it in stores and online for well over $599. At this price point it's a bargain.

    December 2005 EDIT:
    Reroute/ Detour feature is GREAT!! Found ourselves in a bad traffic jam on highway 29 in Virginia over Thanksgiving holiday. The highway was pretty much shut down... I pushed the Detour/Reroute button doubtful that it was be of any help. BOY was I surprised!!! The unit told us to turn right in 400ft, onto some little back country road that wasn't even paved!!! 15 minutes later we were back up to almost highway speeds on some of the most beautiful back country roads and several miles north of accident and traffic we were in previously...


    -Map Transfer. The maps come in CD/DVD format and you must transfer them to the unit via a USB connection to the device. Depending on how many maps you want to load up, it seems to take a while. My PC has USB 2.0 but i'm not sure if the unit is USB 2.0 so that may be the cause of the slow transfer. But I imagine maps are pretty large. I transfered the entire east coast and southeastern region and it took over 30 minutes. The maps are actually being transfered to the SD Memory card so it may be possible to load them onto the card via a memory card reader. I haven't tried this however. So just allow plenty of time to transfer your maps.

    -Map Update. The maps that came with my unit say 2004 edition and have been fairly accurate. We vacationed in CHarleston, SC and while using the unit there, some of the new roads were not updated on our edition of maps. The roads didn't seem to be newer than 2004 though. I went online to see if there were any map udates available. Unfortunately, the update is only available for the c330. That kinda perturbed me. It seems like the updates should be available for the entire c3XX series since they are all still current models. Maybe they will release one later. It'd be nice to have the most up to date maps as possible. In our home town of Washington, DC I haven't run into too many problems with new roads other than the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and Springfield areas. But that area changes every week so......
    edit: I now see that a map update will be mailed out in October. That is encouraging.

    December 2005 EDIT: Map update was released. It was FREE!!!! My 5 star rating remains in force....

    -The suction cup for mounting on the window is strong but i've noticed that if the front windshield defroster is on, the cool air must weaken the suction because it tends to fall. This only happens when the front windshield defroster is on though.

    Overall I say the c320 is a good buy. The c330 doesn't offer an SD Card slot to load your maps onto, and i'm not sure how much memory it has. If it's at least 1GB then thats pretty decent. But if it's less, then it eliminates the option to load the entire US . With the SD card option you can carry all the maps with you at all times. ...more info
  • Not perfect, but very good
    After reading the reviews, purchasing the unit and using it for a couple of weeks, most of the reviews are spot on. There are, however, some issues that I have that have not been mentioned.

    The first, and most suprising, is that the screen is polorized. That means if you are wearing polarized sunglasses, that you will not be able to see the screen! After using the unit at night, I took my first day trip and when I put on my sunglasses, I couldn't see a thing! I had to peer over them or tilt my head about 45 degrees to see the screen. Without sunglasses the display was pretty nice in the bright fall sunshine.

    Secondly, the unit locked up. Unfortunately I didn't have the manual and was not able to use the unit the rest of the trip. There is a reset button behind the removable front bezel which reset the unti.

    Third, there is a slight flaw in the touchscreen on my unit. The upper left corner will not respond when touched, but if touched slightly below (say for the minus sign in the map screen) the unit will properly respond.

    All said, the unit works and I will keep it, unless the lockup problem reoccurs. It is accurate, plenty loud, compact, the windshield mount sticks very well, battery life is great, and overall worth the money. Also, Garmin has posted a map update which will ship October 15th. ...more info
  • Very pleasantly surprised
    I tend to be quite critical when it comes to products, but I have to say, the C320 blew me away. This easily ranks as one of the best products I have ever bought. I have had it for several weeks now and it still brings a smile to my face when I use it.

    First off, the touch screen is a MUST for this type of product. Initially I thought a button interface would be OK, but I was very wrong. There are many "hot spots" on the screen, and the device always seems to know what I want when I touch a certain location. This ease of use is simply unobtainable with buttons. Whatever you do, if you are in the market for an in-car navigation system, get a touch screen.

    On to specifics. The unit is very well made and has a quality feel to it. Setup took some time - the desktop companion application was not as easy to use as the device itself - but I did manage to load up maps for Maine, Vermont, NH, Mass, Conn and RI in the provided 128MB card. NY would not fit in the remaining space. My biggest complaint so far is that the database is not up-to-date. We were looking for a highly regarded seafood restaurant which it had in its database. We blindly followed its directions and it led us to a vacant lot where the restaurant used to be. There have also been one or two times when it suddenly blurted "off route - recalculating" while we were traveling along a straightaway on a divided highway. Turns out the highways had been re-routed a little and the device was still tracking the old path. I went to the web to download updates for the maps but could not find any for the C320 (the one I found said excludes 320). I don't know why that would be, but I am hoping an update will be available soon (or, if already available, hopefully I will stumble across it ;-).

    Aside from the occassional map discrepancies this product is perfect. The voice directions are excellent, clear and timely. I love how it gives you a heads up "keep right, exit right in 1.5 miles" and when you are approaching a fork in the road it always tells you well in advance to "keep left or keep right". The database is amazing. And I can't emphasize enough its ease of use. The windshield mount works well, but the provided dashboard mount is a permanent fixture. I have ordered a different dashboard mount (removable) for my other car so I can easily move the device between vehicles.

    The smallish 128MB card is more than big enough to hold several states. There are several advantages that I can see to the solid state memory of the C320 vs the hard drive capacity of the C330. First, searches are faster because they are searching significantly less data. Second, battery life is better. Third, I expect the C320 to be more reliable than the C330. Lastly, it's hundreds cheaper! If capacity is a problem, 1GB cards are $60 on sale, and would presumably have enough space for at least half the country (6 states in 128MB, 1GB is 8 times larger).

    If you are in the market for a nav system you cannot go wrong with this device. Highly recommended....more info
  • unit works great...but screen is horrible to see in daylight
    This would be a 5 star unit if you can see the screen. Between the shiny screen surface (too much glare) and lack of brightness...I could hardly see the screen on sunny day..Very unhappy with the screen. I spend more time adjusting the unit to see it than where I am going...Also...picks up major glare from the dashboard. Hard to believe this thing was field tested and released with this set up. Other than that..very easy to use...great touchscreen...everything else is great..but whats the sense in having a screen you can not see. Also..they shade out all the surrounding roads in a pale yellow so only the main road you are on is the daylight..these roads are basically gone on the screen..One last thing, if you wear polarized sunglasses..forget it.. It cuts down on the screen glare..but for whatever reason..also takes the brightness down even more..and you can barely see anything.. I will try the roadmate 300..heard it has a much better screen.

    UPDATE- atfter 9 months of very little use..the battery died just when we needed it..on a trip in unfamiliar grounds. I got a refurb unit back from Garmin that looked like it was used hard..Mine was used very little and babied..not a mark on it..I wish they would just fix the originals and stop doing this refurb thing..I like to know the history of what I have. I know it is more efficient to go the refurn route but I would have waited the extra time it took to repair mine....more info
  • Nice unit but a little dim on a bright day
    I have an Infinity FX with the in-house nav system so I have experience with these things. The c320 is a great unit for the price. Only two criticisms so far. The screen is too dim on a bright day and there's no "via" (waypoint) capability when putting in a destination. But, it doesn't cost a thousand bucks + either. I think it's a great value but it's a little disappointing the engineers didn't put in quite enough daylight screen brightness. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I read all the reviews, fretted over the choice between a handheld 76CS and the c320 and finally figured I'd be better of with a dedicated car navigation unit instead of a one size (tries) to fit all.

    The c320 didn't quite work out of the box; it insisted that it needed to be connected to a PC to install the maps. That all worked flawlessly. The unit is quick, calculates good routes and the detours are usually pretty good alternatives.

    The only reason I didn't give this unit a 5 start rating is that occasionally it can take a minute or so to acquire satellites, especially in remote areas. Also when you take it of the mount and place it back it forgets what city you entered last time which can be somewhat annoying if you do this a lot.

    I definitely recommend this as an easy to use, no techno-frills device. Am planning on buying a bigger SD card and getting the Europe maps when we go on our next trip to Europe...more info
  • Very bad customer support, weak features
    Got this item less than one moth, but it faild to provide function as it promised, also it is weak in some functions.

    I have owned several GPS, including Garmin iQue 3600, Quest, Navman . This C320 is not as it supposed to be. Here are its problems.

    1. Easily to lose signal in city.
    2. Confused directions. It told me turn right then asked me to turn left immeidately. It did not make any senses.
    3. Some maps/directions are not accurate. The stree name is diffent than the one actually showed. I use V6.0 most update map.
    4. In cloundy or bad weather, it really took time to get signals.
    5. CAN NOT save current locations, for example, if you want to come back to your current location, there is no way to save it.
    6. CAN NOT browse through map. For example, you know the place you want to go, but you don't know the exact mailing address. There is no way you can find such place through browsing map. It is useless function of browse map. Their customer support kept saying it is working, but never got a chance to use the actual item. Their knowledge is based on their web demonstration.
    7. Limited POI, you can only can find nearest location, such as 2 miles, if you want to more, you have to know the name.
    8. Few choices for planning trip. They only provide two choices, short time or short distance. But I found either way is not working as they support to as I know the trip.
    9. The holding cup kept dropping. My car is not bad, but the holding cup keep dropping when I am in the road. Man, that's too bad. I have Navman, which never drop!
    10. No via point. For example, if you want to go to point A before point B. You have to put point a as destination, then when you arrive you have to put point B as destination. There is no function let you put them in one time and allow GPS to caculate an effeicient way to route.
    11. It is REALLY HARD to see it under sunny day. It is bad than Navman. In CA, it is almost impossible to see it under such Sunny day! Also the holding cup is aweful to adjust to find a good way to view. Who design it?!!

    I may be picky for this product, but you should get a sold production for over $400 bucks! But it is a not too bad GPS for beginner user!...more info
  • Never leave home without it
    I have used this system now for about 3 weeks and I have already got my money's worth. Driving was a breeze even on the Las Vegas Blvd strip. The name search came in handy several times during our trips. There were some glitches when going through underpasses or in areas where many roads (overpasses) overlapped. The system got confused and thought we had gone off route. But, those were minor. Just the time and money you will save in gas by knowing exactly where to go makes it worth it....more info
  • Garmin c320
    This is an excellent product. We have a Garmin 530 in our plane, and this work as good for the roads ,as the 530 does the airways.

    Exellent product, and very easy to program....more info
  • Works Great - SD Card not a bad way to go....
    Thanks to the other reviewers for clarifying the difference between this unit (C320) and the C330, the C330 has a 2GB hard drive whereas the C320 uses a SD card (comes with a 128MB card). I thought my next purchase was going to be a 1 or 2 GB SD Card, until I received the unit and loaded 2/3rds of Texas onto the provided 128MB SD Card with about 65% capacity left. Why load more maps than what you'll use 99% of the time? Seems to me that searching for cities and addresses would be easier if the system had less data to wade through. If I travel out of Texas, I'll just add the additional state with a 2 minute software update and I guarantee you I'll have room left on the card. It also makes sense that battery life will be increased with the use of the SD card, rather than the 2GB micro drive of the C330, but I don't have any experiences on that yet. ...more info
  • Garmin C320
    Very nice unit for the money. You will need a 2GB SD card to fit all of the maps. (it comes wth a 128MB)The detail in maps is amazing. On a recent roadtrip into the middle of Arkansas it had dirt roads in the database! I have come to love this unit and would buy it again without a thought!!! Just bought the european software and drove 3900 miles thru Scotland and England with amazing accuracy!!!...more info
  • Garmin c320 - Good Buy
    Neat interface
    Map are accurate (so far)
    Decent display
    Voice commands are clear and really loud which is
    more important than the display
    Maps come as chunks of state, so easy to load
    Suction cup is very firm

    The SD card that comes along is only 128MB
    (can hold only calif maps .. )...more info
  • Great GPS at a great price
    This GPS has many pros like fast reroute calculations, nice touch screen, great visibility during day time, clear voice prompt, etc.
    I can't think of any other cons except that the software it comes with can have little more functions like finding picnic spots at a given location....more info
  • Great voice commands, not so great in bright sun.
    Voice commands, accuracy, ease of use, touch screen are all wonderful. In bright sunshine, wearing presciption sunglasses with polarized lenses I can barely see the screen. Night time use is wonderful....more info
  • Surprisingly very accurate
    I bought this GPS unit because my wife was nagging :) me to visit disneyland and hollywood in California. I wanted to drive (from phoenix, az) but concerened that we will get lost.

    I was very thankful I purchased this unit because I did not expect that California streets and highways are like a maze. With this unit however I was driving like I've been living there for a long time. I was very confident I won't get lost that I deliberately go off-route.

    Now, I am using it in hunting for our new home. What I do is to save all the addresses of the prospective houses to the GPS unit. Garmin will automatically sort them according to distance so your hunting will be efficient because you will be directed to the nearest point first from your present location.

    Buy and try it....more info
  • Great GPS!
    Beats expectations. Get a 1GB SD card and you are set - with almost 3/4 of the U.S. loaded....more info
  • Don't leave home without it!
    I bought this GPS device since I HATE getting lost. I was tired of printing out Google Maps, and then still getting lost. I took the family for a road trip and brought this along and it was flawless.
    Key points:
    > Very sharp and clear display.
    > Easy to use. The install software was a bit slow to set up (20 minutes) but worth it, as you only have to do it ONCE!
    > Offers choice of display (3-D, map, map North Up)
    > Choice of voice prompts (I like the Brit English voice).
    > Wide choice of maps.

    It's great to drive and not worry about the directions or getting lost. ...more info
  • Garmin c320
    Excellent product. Very easy to use. Touch screen is great. Even mounts to windshield easy next to previous products. Battery time is much inproved next to my iQue 3600....more info
  • The best GPS ever...
    I have used other GPS systems and even those on my laptop and all with some reservations. One day I was in Best Buy looking over what they had for onroad GPS's and came across the Garmin c320. I was comparing several brands there but kept coming back to the Garmin. Well, I asked the store attendant if I purchased it and later decided it wasn't what I wanted could I bring it back. I went out to my car, opened the package, mounted the unit, pluged it in, turned it on and viola!, the unit found me. Well, I quickly found out that the unit was most intuitive. I had an appointment across town and decided to use it to see if it would take me on the route I always went. Nope! It wanted me to go another way. In fact, they way it chose I had never even thought of. I followed it and got there without a hitch. It voice prompts you so you really never/rarely need to take your eye off the road. I knew right then and their that Best Buy wasn't going to get a chance to place their mits on my GPS! Trust me, if you are wanting a GPS unit for your car and you want one that is easy to use, get this one....more info
  • Excellent product, Mounting options limited
    This GPS was purchased for medical reasons and within one month has already paid its worth is stress relief.

    The touch screen is simple, logical, and has a specific "Go Home" selection that can be touched to get my family member home from anywhere at any time.

    I give the product a 5+++ alone; however I was not impressed with the mounting bracket.

    Because I needed the mounting bracket (not the GPS unit) to be permanently mounted in the car, there was no simple way of integrating it in to the rounded surfaces. The only option is an ugly black tripod device permanently glued to the dash board (our car has a tan interior). It's hard to fault Garmin for this because of the possibility of people interfering with their airbag systems, but it was a problem for me none-the-less.

    Regardless, I am extremely impressed with the product and its function. I built and installed a modified permanent mount, so everything is working great now.

    ...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    Just bought the Garmin C320. I love the product but here are a few suggested improvements.

    1) I am a Realtor so most of the addresses I'm looking up are in the same city. It would be nice if there was a default feature so I didn't have to type in Texas, then the city name everytime.
    2) When entering addresses, the screen should give the option of a QWERTY keyboard since most of us are more familiar with that.
    3) It would be really cool if we could download our contacts from Outlook into the GPS under My Addresses. If would be useful to have the info handy and just touch the address for directions.
    4) Wish the voice wasn't so robotic. She says the same things. No reason she couldn't say it in a natural sounding voice. I changed my settings to the British accent call her MoneyPenny.

    Other than that, this is a GREAT product for a GREAT price. Easy set up and use, great screen, good directions, nice mount, touch screen works perfectly, like the SD card, the restaurants, gas stations are very useful, good clarity etc. Almost perfect....more info
  • Very Nice
    I've been using Delorme's Street Atlas with a GPS device for my notebook computer for that last several years. It works well, but bulky.
    The C320 is the perfect alternative. It comes with everything it needs, including the windshield mount, AC and Auto adapters. Compared to Street Atlas it is so much easier to use, and the maps are up to date.
    The complaint that it doesn't readjust the arrival time based on actual speed is ridiculas. What is it supposed to readjust it to? If you stop at a light is it supposed to go to 100 hours for the last mile? No GPS system does this. They all use a preset average speed based on the highway you are on. It does readjust based on the distance left.
    All I can say this thing works well. I seriously thought about getting the C330 with all the maps preloaded on a built in hard drive, and just couldn't justify the extra $250. I bought a 512MB card for $30, and I can put almost half the US on it. I use the 512MB card most of the time, but if I travel out of the territory, then I use one of the other cards loaded with that territory. You can change the territory on any card at any time with your computer.
    My only complaint is I can't set an actual route myself. I don't view this as much of a problem, whereas if I travel a different way it will readjust the route based on the way I am actually traveling.
    One feature I really like is that you can select from numerous places near you location, like Restaurants, gas stations, amusment parks, etc... and it tell you how far away they are and how to get there.
    You can't go wrong with this unit....more info
  • Excellent basic functionality. Important stuff missing.
    Read the rest of the reviews to learn the virtues of this device. I will not repeat them. As the title says, it is an excellent device with greate basic functionality. Let me explain what is missing:

    Proper detour functionality. You can only ask it to detour from your current location. So, if you know that I-95 is at a standstill, you can't ask it to avoid I-95 until you actually drive up to it! My alternative route to work from home actually takes me initially in opposite direction. There is no way c320 would know that.

    User settings could be more flexible. In Routing category you only have two options: quick route and short route. Other devices allow you to fine-tune your preferences.

    No waypoints. You can't set up a route and then save it. Not a big deal for me but it is a standard functionality present in most of GPS devices.

    Street names could be drawn in smaller fonts, allowing for more stret names on the screen. The map itself is not the most pleasant map to look at. Orange-yellow color scheme doesn't please the eye. I would prefer standard colors you find in your road atlas stuffed in the pocket of yours seat.

    I only hope Garmin will be issuing firmware updates for c320 and does it soon....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I opted for the c320 over the c330 primaily for price, I'm not sure what the feature differences are.

    The only "technical" task is loading the maps from your PC, as far as I could tell Macs are not supported by the software. The unit will only hold about 3-4 states worth of maps (not an issue for me). Physical installation is simple and the instructions are clear.

    In operation the unit performed very well. The screen is clear and readable with a variety of view modes. We especially liked the voice directions which were more important to us than the visual element.

    My only concern with the unit was that when you are using it for close-in street to street navigation there seemed to be a lag in announcing a turn which lead to a few missed turns. This is only an issue if you are relying on voice only.

    I would purchase one again....more info
  • very nice
    I bought the c320 from Amazon. This is my first GPS navigation equipment and have owned it about one month. Just took it to Dallas were driving is a real pain. I am very pleased with its functionality. It does the job. It was so nice to not have to plan every turn in advance; I could just enjoy the trip.

    The screen IS big enough. The memory stick (128 megs) has enough capacity to hold Louisiana, half of texas and Arkansas. The c320 finds the satellites almost instantly. Calculations are quick. I love the dashboard feature that tells you max speed etc.

    I would buy it a gain. ...more info
  • I love this thing!
    This unit has been easy to set up and use right from the box. The software installation instructions are clear, the start-up guide walks you through the rest of the process and within minutes I was practicing using it. I used it in the car today to find 2 new locations and had no problems whatsoever. The screen is easy to read and use. The information provided is helpful and the voice instructions are clear and easy to understand. ...more info
  • One of the best for now
    I've been using it for about 1 week now. Great little unit, easy to use, superior to the Quest and 2610 that I've also owned because of its faster calculation times and ease of use. Does indeed update arrival time depending on speed (at least mine does). Seems to be accurate within a couple minutes on my daily 35 minute commute. Starts the estimate based on it's internal average speeds for highways, etc, then adjusts depending on how fast you are actually driving. I would not spend the extra money on the 330. Spend a few bucks on a 512md sd card, I've tried but can't possibly think of how to use more than that on a single trip. And I would assume the sd card is a little faster than the HDD. You get more batter life, like 2x. Also, I like being able to upload favorites from the pc using the software, so the sd version is actually preferable to me. And it looks like the price is still too high here so until it comes down check out pricegrabber or nextag.

    -large touchscreen
    -easy to use
    -portable, 8 hour battery, pocket sized (in loose pants or jacket
    -fast calculation times & map drawing.
    -nice mounting

    -no route saving or transfering, hence no waypoints can be stored in route but this is remedied simply by saving favorites and touching your favorite in route, just a little more attention requred.
    -weak software....more info
  • Inacurate "Estimated arrival time"
    The C320, including the updated version 2.8, is full of imperfections and has so far 1 bug: once the gps calculates the route, it gives the estimated arrival time on the lower left corner of the screen. This time is never accurate and does NOT take into account your speed. For example, if you are stuck in traffic for 30 min, the ETA remains almost the same (the ETA can be 8:45 while the current time is 9:15!!!).
    On the iQue 3600, the ETA is accurate +/- 1 min, it is constantly adjusted to the traffic and your speed....more info
  • Keeping c320
    - Easy to use. Almost no brainer
    - Small enough to carry around
    - Has alot of useful features like fiding nearest parking lot, restaurant, entertainment places, and etc...
    - Bright and clear screen

    - LCD is easily scrachable! put a screen protector
    - Window mount sometimes fall off from the window (about 1 hr driving)
    - Occational lost setalite connection. It would be good to display the predefined direction even though it lost the connection.
    - Gets confused on the road when you're on a bridge and there's a road below it
    - 3D is cool but I doubt anyone will use it. It's harder to see how far the next turn is.

    Overall, I still think it's great GPS and will keep it for very very long time....more info