Nikon Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
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Product Description

Anti-static microfiber cleaning cloth

  • Lifetime Full Warranty. If any product is found to have defects in workmanship or materials, Nikon will, at their option, repair or replace it at no charge, even if you're not the original owner.
Customer Reviews:
  • Fiber cleaning cloth
    Got have a few of these around. I like having this cliped to my camera strap at all times, never know when or where it will be needed....more info
  • Great High Quality Micro Fiber Lens Cloth
    I bought this cloth to keep in my backpack for field use. The attachable hook keeps it where I can find it, attached to a zipper pull in my pack. The cloth itself is not huge, but doesn't really need to be. I didn't even try to get it folded back up and put back in the holder, but I'm sure it's possible with a little effort.

    A few other comments... Others have complained about the hook breaking. I can't imagine trying to use this as a keyring, etc. The hook is plastic and clearly not intended to be stressed - it's simply a means of attaching the cloth and its small holder so it can be easily accessed in (or on) a camera bag. It works fine for its intended use. The small size is just fine for cleaning a camera lens. It's not intended to be used for cleaning laptop screens, etc.

    Bottom line: This MF cloth is perfect for my needs. I trust a micro fiber cloth that carries the Nikon name for cleaning my Nikon lenses. The price is hard to beat and I will be buying a couple more....more info
  • Nikon makes the best stuff
    Great idea. The bag is attached to the cleaning cloth so they don't get separated ant the cloth always goes back in the bag after use. Just wash it with the white stuff when it gets dirty and it is ready for another hundred lenses...... Works great on my eyeglasses too....more info
  • A must for fast cleaning
    it is easy to carry and it has its own attached tiny bag. this way you actually protect the cloth getting dusty and dirty. I recommend it to photographers on every level....more info
  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
    Compact, easy to carry; however, not worth the price tag they've put on it to me. I would like to see it priced at 3-4 dollars as I can get a cleaning cloth for my glasses for about that price and what's the difference? I used this little cloth though and it did a good job of cleaning the fingerprint off my lens. I didn't have to rub and rub as with some other cloths. Two passes and it was clean. So the little thing works great! I also wished it was not sewn to the inside of the bag as it won't let go of the bag as you clean and who wants a hard plastic piece bouncing around all over their camera equipment. I would like to see this cloth a little bigger to comparable with the price and would like to be able to remove it completely from the bag....more info
  • Nice cloth.
    Not much to say here - it delivers what it says. Nice and compact. It stays in my camera bag wherever I go and is there when i need it. ...more info
  • Simple and compact
    Just a good cleaning cloth in a nice container you can carry anywher (even on the your coat zipper)...more info
  • A great Product
    A must have for your camera kit. Great for wiping down your lenses if they get spots on them....more info
  • cute thingy
    attach to the camera strap. nice and convenient. works well on wiping dust and smudges off the lense.
    like this product.

    ...more info
  • Small
    Very good quality but a little bit small. You can use it for everything like camera lens, laptop screens ......more info
  • If these are spudz then the price is really high
    On X-treme Geek website these are $2.29 if you buy 5 plus shipping. The 10 inch ones are $7.95....more info
  • Cheap, breaks
    Wore it on my keychain for about 3 months until the little cloth loop that attaches to the plastic clip ripped. ...more info
  • Does what it should
    Again it is a name branded item, check your local electronics or camera shop and you should be able to find the same thing for less if not this product is good and was attained on sale here on Amazon at the time. ...more info
  • Handy
    It is not very much to say about this product, except that it's got a handy size and does the job it's supposed to. Keep it in your camera bag (not your pocket), and you will always have a clean cloth available....more info
  • Nice in the damp
    I usually use the Nikon pen for cleaning my lenses and filters, but when they are a bit damp, I use this cloth instead. Once unfurled, it can be a bit of a pain to get the cloth back in the bag. Good all round and a must have....more info
  • Nikon Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
    This product is good but it is very small; it is a size of my small palm. On the item description, they make it look 10x bigger and it did not inidcate the size. The picture is misleading and the black pouch only measures 1"h x 1" w. It's not worth $10....more info
  • Novel idea at a great price
    Very convenient...easy to hang on and remove from your bag for easy access. Great product....more info
  • Convenient cleaning
    This works well for me as an adjunct to Nikon's cleaning pen (a five star item). This helps me clean areas that are more difficult to reach than the pen can get to such as the view lens. It also helps me easily wipe off the screen. It clips onto my camera strap and is fairly unobtrusive....more info
  • Handy lens cleaner
    This lens cleaning cloth is one I had seen my friend use. The lanyard strap attachment makes it convenient. It is light weight and does a fine job of cleaning off a lens or filter. It takes a bit to repack the cloth into the bag but all in all is very handy and useful....more info
  • Falls Short
    The cloth is nice but it concerns me that the cloth sticks out of the little container, thereby picking up dirt, dust, etc. that can be easily transferred to camera equipment.........more info
  • ...cute...
    Well i guess i expected more for the price i paid. The cloth is a bit shorter than i would like and when cleaning a lens it feels slightly awkward in my hands and difficult to get all edges/ areas with out worrying that i might accidentely lose my grip and scratch the glass with my nails. I could of just bought a micro fiber cloth at a pharmacy near the non-perscriptive reading glasses. But i guess the fact that it has a little clip thingy makes it handy to just hook onto bag instead of zipping it up in a pocket. Its cute though....more info
  • Great, but it's still a cloth
    The little bag with the Nikon holder is cute. This is, however, still a cloth. I now prefer to use the Nikon Lens Pen. Easier and more reliable cleaning.Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System
    ...more info
  • Handy and convenient
    This is a great item to clip onto your camera strap or onto a zipper on your camera bag. Throw it in the washer when its dirty. I bought two one for my 35mm equipment and one for the digital....more info
  • Can't believe how handy this has been
    Got it as a back up and so glad this is so great for hiking with camera....more info
  • Great for Cleaning Eye Glasses
    I like how it packs away into the little pouch. I just carry it in my pocket and use it to clean my eye glasses. Works for me!...more info
  • Good
    This item is good to clean off your lenses on the go. It is also small so it wont take up alot of room in your case....more info
  • Great lens cleaning cloth
    The nikon lens cleaning cloth is handy and works great and the price was right....more info
  • very good in cleaning your filter
    it's funny to say that my equipments are virtually all canon's and on my 1D a little "Nikon" micro fiber cleaning cloth hangs on my neck strap just between the canon E-1 hand strap.

    the cloth is very useful, small, the bag hold the cloth very nicely and the clip makes it easy to just let it hang, ready for any cleaning.

    very happy to have it....more info
  • clean lens
    Napkins and towels can scratch good optics. I like that I can clip the cloth right to strap of whatever device I happen to be using. Clear vision and pictures is right at my finger tips....more info
  • Does the job
    This is a handy little item. I have it clipped to my camera bag. It's great for dusting off my lens or removing a small smudge. I'm guessing I'll need a lens cleaning kit with solution if I get a fingerprint or larger smudge on my lens, but so far this has done the job. When I'm done using it, it tucks back into it's pouch. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Does the job....
    There really is not much to it. Its basically a cloth in a pouch. I attached it to my camera strap so it is always there in case I have a smudge. The only gripe is it could be a pain to get it in and out of the pouch. Also I am not sure how easy it would be to clean. Its all one piece so I guess you would have to wash the whole thing....more info
  • Convenient
    Nice, just hang it from your strap or bag, etc. clean it occasionally, as with all cloths, to remove oil from your hands. ...more info
  • Perfect.
    Just hang it on your camera strap and you always have it. Perfect.
    ...more info
  • Quite handy
    I bought two of these Nikon keychain microfibre cloths before I realised they were just custom-branded Spudz, but I didn't pay any extra for it with the free shipping so it doesn't matter. It's very handy to have and the cloth is just like any other microfibre one, but it stores inside the attached elasticised cloth pouch. I don't know how useful the fact that it's 18% gray really is...but it'd be perfect if the pouch had a little elastic flap over the opening to keep out the lint from your pocket. If you like Nikon, get the Nikon one...if you like Sigma, get the Sigma one...but they're all Spudz....more info
  • Very useful and handy.
    The small wrapping bag works very well to carry this little tool and give it use whenever and wherever you need it. You can even use it a keyring. it cleans fast and good. Recommended!...more info
  • Better than I thought this would be.
    Good advice from the other reviewer about the picture.
    That having been said I have three of these and really wouldn't want to do without them.
    These clean my camera's screen and the glass on my lenses without a scratch every time.
    In my opinion almost a must have in your bag!
    Good luck!...more info
  • Good, but not size described
    2006, Amazon states;
    Product Dimensions: 13.0 x 10.0 x 7.0 inches

    There was no photo (until I uploaded one) so I thought this was the size stated, but turned out to be one of the little keychain bags with about a 5x5 cloth inside.

    Works fine, just not what I thought it was, and didn't want someone else to think it was large also. See my photo for actual size next to some keys.

    Update 4/8/2006

    I see they added a photo of what I THOUGHT I was getting when I ordered.. see my uploaded photo in "customer" photos to see what they sent.

    Edit 03/12/2008

    Been used and washed many, many times now and still doing a good job. I keep it on my belt loop every day so outside bag is showing a bit of shine in spots and is a bit lighter in color now, but micro fiber inside is like new. Was a good $5 purchase.

    Edit 07/29/2008

    Looks like they have the original info problem replaced at this point in time...

    Now there are new dimensions listed, but my old cloth still measures
    7 x 5.5 inches.
    Did they narrow it to 2.5 inches or is it another typo ?
    I'd bet on another typo.

    and since I'm here... weight on digital postal scale is 0.2 ounces ready to use 8-)

    Yes, still working well and washed even more times...
    just so you know, I use it for my plastic eye glasses not my camera lenses. Looking through the DSLR view finder in hot weather pushes my glasses into my face and makes a mess.. when shooting, I keep this cloth clipped high on the neck strap ready for fast action before next shot. Needs washing after each day of use in Summer heat.

    ...more info