Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash for Canon Powershot Digital Cameras
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Product Description

High power flash for select Canon Powershot digital cameras / Compatible with the Canon Powershot A510 / Also compatible with other Canon Powershot models

  • Increase flash range up to 30 feet
  • Go handheld or use mounting bracket for attachment to camera, light stand, or tripod
  • Linked to camera's zoom lens, narrows flash angle at telephoto end
  • Guide number of 18, ISO 100 meters
  • For use with Canon G6/G5/S70/S60/SD500/SD400/SD300/SD200/SD20/A95/A520/A510/A400/Pro 1/S1 IS
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Product for Amature Photographer
    The Cannon HF-DC1 is an excellent assistant to the digital camera flash. I was the photographer a a friends wedding and all of the pictures came out perfect. The added power of the HF-DC1 illuminated the reception hall perfectly, not over or under exposed. I recommend this product very much....more info
  • Canan HF-dc1
    The flash has added much clearer pictures and lets you take a picture where you could not make one before. To me it adds a lot of value to the camera without buy another camera....more info
  • Canon flash
    I purchased this for my new Canon S3 IS. Worked great the first time I used it (as a bounce flash). I put it in my camera case, months later, I tried to use it again. Would not work (piece of junk). Amazon nor Canon will take it back....more info
  • Good for it's size
    I have a Canon SD850 I use for work. I take a variety of indoor and outdoor pictures. The SD850's flash does lack somewhat after the 10-ft mark, but the HF-DC1 fills in very well to 20-ft or so. 25-30 ft is pushing it, but keep in mind that this unit is small (a bit larger than a miniDV tape case), so it does perform well for it's size.
    I've had some off-sync flashes and non-fires, but not enough to take away any points/stars. In AUTO mode, the HF-DC1 looks for the Canon's pre-flash and then fires in sync with camera's flash (NOT instead of), so it won't be saving your camera's battery life in typical flash photography, unless you can manually lower your camera's built-in flash intensity.
    ...more info
  • In a Flash
    The only downside of this attachment is that you have to cazrry it separately, or attach it to the camera. That would be unwieldy. The built-in flash on my Canon PowerShot SD1000 is adequate for close-ups but I will have to get used to having to carry the external flash for those shots outside the range of the built-in flash. I think I am going to adjust to it....more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 Flash
    I have had already this flash and give it away to my niece who loves photography. Since then, my flash shots were sort of 'anemic' on brightness; that is why I bought it again for my SD40 Elph camera. Nice product........more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash for A650is Digital Camera
    Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash for Canon Powershot Digital Cameras Auxilary Flash for Canon A650is Digital Camera; comact and operated by a single battery. For taking intermediate distance flash including group photos and for use with telephoto and wide angle lenses whose sizes interfere with the standard flash. Includes a mounting bracket that places the flash side by side with the camera or it can be hand held and operated manually. Has a postive "off" position to avoid accidental discharge and three flash settings to conserve battery power. Durable draw string storage bag with pocket for bracket to prevent scratching. ...more info
  • Canon High Power Flash
    What a difference this flash has made in my inside house photos. As a realtor, the house photos are so very important as the first step to finding a buyer for a home since 87% start their search on the internet and will only view homes with photos, so they better be good!!!...more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 Flash
    This product was everything I was told it would be. It was shipped when I was told it would be and it showed up at my door when I was told it would be here. I am very happy with this flash unit....more info
  • Worthwhile Add-On
    I am using this flash with a Canon SD870 IS, which has a very weak built-in flash. It is incredibly light weight and comes in a nice bag, which is important given that I bought the camera to keep in my purse. The three flash levels come in very handy, although I've had to retake photos that were too light or two dark because I set the wrong level. Practice will resolve most of that. It's wonderful to be able to hold the flash in my hand and direct it where I want the added light. The only downside is increased red-eye, but the SD870 is weak in that department to begin with, so it's likely more a function of the camera than the slave flash....more info
  • Canon High Power Flash Unit HF-DC1
    I am very satisfied with this product. It enables me to get good pictures at a much further distance. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Camera Flash
    I like the look and it is great for taking far away pictures that are in a dark environment....more info
  • Great Fill-Flash
    I bought this to use with my new Canon SX100IS when the standard pop-up flash is just not quite enough. It has proven very useful when shooting large dim interiors (stage shots, church photos, etc.) and outside at night when the subjects are not close. The unit is well constructed and the mounting hardware is sturdy. However, I did have to modify the mounting bar slot slightly because it was not quite long enough to allow the flash to fit the Canon SX-100IS body. A small bit of filing at the end of the slot fixed this, but not everyone would want to undertake this type of modification....more info
  • Better pictures
    The Canon HF-DC1 is a must for any Canon camera owner. On-camera flash isn't powerful enough to photograph large areas inside (like weddings and parties). This unit extends your flash range to over 20 feet and lights up those images normally left in the shadows with a normal on-camera flash. This slave flash has worked flawlessly since receiving it. It is simple to use and has improved every picture taken using it....more info
  • Great Flash
    I really like this flash. I don't always need it but when the light is low or I'm taking a picture of something 20 feet away it's really nice....more info
  • Canon Camera Flash
    This unit is really good for addition light when making digital images. The bracket is slightly short to correctly fit my Canon Powershot SX100, but if I angle it a bit, it still works. The shipment was prompt and accurate. ...more info
  • easy to use
    Very easy to use and very compact. I have a Canon S5 and works great as an additional flash to it. I have the option of mounting a speedlite flash on my camera and opted not to because of the price and also the size. The price for this is very reasonable and you don't need a hotshoe mount for it. It works with any camera that is got a flash.
    Only (very minor) disappointment is that it is a gray color and doesn't blend in with my black camera.
    Other than this, this is a great product....more info
  • Adequate product, but didn't seem to help my camera's flash any
    I have a Canon 710IS. Its flash is great most of the time, but does give people Red Eye quite often. I thought the HF-DC1 would prevent Red Eye so I mainly bought it for that reason. Unfortunately, it didn't prevent Red Eye any. Since it failed in that main purpose for me I sent it back. So, I don't know if it would have helped in other photo situations, like a large group photo from some distance away, etc.

    Also, I expected the manual to be more informative. But, it only had the bare minimum of information concerning the two switches on the camera.

    I did notice that it is light, automatically sync'd with my Canon camera, and was easy to use.

    The product may be more helpful on cameras that don't have as good of a flash as the 710IS, but I can't answer to that....more info
  • Excellent!
    Very nice add-on for any digital camera. You have to understand how it was intended to be used and use it properly, a SLAVE FLASH. If you do, it works great within its range. Basically, your own camera's flash is good for between 5' to say 12', 15'. So from my own little bit of experience, I'd say the 3 settings on this slave flash extend it between (min. = 15' to 25'), (med. = 25' to 35') and (max. = 35' to about 45') and actually a little beyond. You actualy can provide too much flash if you don't watch out!!!

    Buy it, you won't regret it....more info
  • Just the thing for pics over 12 feet away!
    I have to admit that the fact that this flash works without even having to touch the camera has a huge "gee whiz" factor... (Yes, you can even hold it in your hand at arms length for some unique effects)! But besides that... it works great for those dark shots that are more than 12 feet away... like groups, etc. If you are tired of having to take flash shots too close due to the low power of your digital cameras built-in flash... then this will do the trick for you. The handy two-compartment case/bag that comes with it actually fit the two parts well enough to prevent it scratching anything in your pocket or cameras case. ...more info
  • Canon high-power flash
    I was disappointed with this product and returned it to Amazon. The service from Amazon was excellent. ...more info
  • Great addition to my Canon Power Shot A620
    I take many photographs in a high school gym. My Power Shot A620 takes great pictures but the built in flash just doesn't have enough umpff for those longer shots. The[ASIN:B0007MGFI2 Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash for Canon Powershot Digital Cameras]gives me the option of three settings of flash level that are more than enough to give me the shots I was previously missing. I highly reccomend this slave flash to those who own the Canon Power Shot 620. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • HF-DC-1 High Power Flash Evaluation
    It is truly a HIGH-POWER flash unit. It is uniquely compact and utilizes a special technology which eliminates the need for an electrical connection between the flash unit and the camera. It automatically senses the output of the built-in camera and that sensing activates the HF-DC1 unit. I am thrilled with it....more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash - It works well
    I have used the Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash several times under different lighting conditions and various subject distances. The unit does work well to improve the flash range of my SD550. The instructions were not that great. They tell you how to work and adjust the unit power level, but like every thing else in photo picture taking experience counts. Before you use this unit for a serious photo shoot take a few dozen trial shot to get use to it's capibility. I found that after using the flash for some distant shoots you have to remember to turn it off again when getting closer to a subject otherwise you get over exposures. As far as redeye goes I did not notice much changes. The unit is a slave and is activated by the cameras built in flash. Since the cameras built in flash is still close to the lense the incidents of redeye looked about the same to me. ...more info
  • Simple and effective flash
    This flash is simple to use and works great. It just takes 5 to 10 practice shots to figure out how it impacts your photographs. I just set the flash setting ON and take pictures. The additional light helps interior photographs come out brighter and more balanced....more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 Mini Flash
    Wonderfully small flash with good power. The item can also be used as a separate 'slave' flash. This flash is triggered by the flash-built-in-your-camera, so no additional wires are required. The provided bracket seems to be well made and sturdy. The mini size means it can be transported in a smallish pocket....more info
  • Very Good - As Expected
    I have a Canon SD1000, great little camera that I carry all the time, but flash throw is short. The HF-DC1 works well, especially when the subject is a large group of people. I also tried it with my 20D (curious to know) and it works. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great flash
    Canon makes a great little flash. It makes indoor pics come out very good. Well made....more info
  • No Flash in the Pan...
    I found this product to be very effective. Previously, the flash on my Canon PowerShot S200 wasn't effective in low light, but with the extra boost from the HF-DC1 High Power Flash I am able to get pictures that I couldn't before. ...more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash
    I received this item two days before our trip to Greece. It is the perfect companion to my Cannon SD600 camera. Both are small and fit easily into a pants or shirt pocket. I used it numerous times in churches and museums where flash was allowed. It did a great job. There's no need to use the mounting bracket unless using a tripod. Just hold it next to the flash side of the camera and it will fire when the camera flash fires. I also helped several of my travelling companions by holding it next to their Canon cameras so they could get a well-lit photo....more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash
    Great addition to my Canon PowerShot A540. This flash provides enough light to thoroughly light up virtually any typical photo you might take. On 'high' setting, allows upwards of 20ft. of light. Necessary addition to support the inferior built-in flash of the camera....more info
  • When Extra Light is Needed
    I have found the Canon High Power Flash to be extremely useful when extra light is needed to fill out the darker edges of a shot. It was a recommended additon for my newly purhcased Powershot S3 IS. After using it several times, I can understand why....more info
  • no complaints
    $100.....maybe a little steep, but worth every penny to get some memorable shots of your child in a lead role of her last high school musical. I have done it in the years pass without an remote flash with the pictures turning out dark and blurry. Using it my S2IS set on TV, I set the shutter speed at about 1/60 with the ISO at100, I was able to stand in the 3rd row seats which put me about 40'-50' from center of stage. After seeing the results I wish I would of bought this flash couple years ago. And do keep couple of the CR123A batteries on hand. ...more info
  • Flash works, but not as I expected.
    I expected the flash to work whenever it is turned on and a photo is taken. It works only when the built in flash flashes....more info
  • Just What I Needed
    The Canon HF-DC1 is a great addition to the line of accessories I have for my Canon Powershot A610. The built in flash in my camera hasn't really been a big issue since my photography needs aren't too demanding. However, with the 58mm lenses I recently purchased blocking a huge portion of the flash, I decided to get the HF-DC1. It totally solved my lighting issues and it offers me a lot more shot flexibility. As the term "slave" flash indicates, you can place the HF-DC1 any where around a 30 ft. radius of your subject and let your camera's on-board flash trigger it to help minimize ghosting and shadowing on you pictures. The aesthetic of the flash is a typical Canon and compliments the Powershot line of digital cameras very well. It is small enough to put in your pocket and easily attaches to your camera with the supplied bracket. You can also hold it for better lighting placement and effect. As you can see in the pictures I uploaded, the controls on the back are very straight forward and easy to use. I use Manual mode almost exclusively as it gives me total control of the flash while Min and Mid flash intensity produce ample lighting for my needs.

    Overall, although the price of the HF-DC1 is a bit higher compared to non-OEM flashes, I have no regrets from buying it with all things considered.
    ...more info
  • Light up your pictrues
    Amazing little flash gun. Without it, most point & shoot cameras will allow you only 12-13 distance between you and your subject. With this, it'll go up to 30 feet. You can go even further out if you put the flash gun closer to the subject while you stand back. Can be used as a bounce flash too. Doesn't work for fill in flash in bright light, though. Most point and shoot cameras will boost its ISO to lighten the picture. Downside of that is when you blow up the picture, you'll see lots of grains. Using a flash will reduce the graininess. I would recommend setting your camera on manual to prevent the camera from selecting the ISO by itself.
    The batteries can cost you around $7, so it is expensive. I bought a bunch for $2 online. I took over 400 pictures on one battery and it's still going strong. I think the instructions said you can get up to 500 pictures on a battery.
    I was so happy with this flash gun that I ordered a Phoenix D92-BZS Digital Slave Flash. It's almost half the price with more power. The advantage of the HF-DC1 is its compact size. You can stick it in your pocket very easily. I'd like to get a Nikon D200 but I hate to go around carrying that heavy camera with a huge flash gun sitting on top of it. I can stick my Canon A640 in one pocket and the HF-DC1 in another. The Phoenix is quite large but more powerful.
    The HF-DC1 will work with most Canons and it even runs on my Minolta.. so I guess it'll run on many different brands. It senses the multiple flashes the camera puts out and then fires on the second flash. Some cameras fire on the first or third. So caution here. The Phoenix has a selectable flash for 1st, 2nd or 3rd flash. I would guess that it'll run on almost all digital point & shoot cameras. But it's big. Can't stick it in your pocket.
    Your camera has its mind and the HF-DC1 has its mind too, so sometimes they battle each other. So set your camera on manual and take an experimental shot. Make necessary adjustments and then fire away. I found that I could extend the range a bit by covering, with my finger, the sensor hole that the HF-DC1 uses to determine how bright a flash to give.
    All of this may sound a bit complicated but without the flash, you will end up with too dark pictures. At my son's wedding, my relatives and I took lots of digital pictures but all the shots over 12' were dark. With the HF-DC1, I went to our club banquet and took 250 shots using the HF-DC1 and I was able to get good pictures out to 40+ feet. I did not set the camera to manual so some pictures came out too bright and some came out too grainy. But I was happy with 95% of the pictures. With digital cameras, take a lot of pictures and throw the bad ones away. Without an external flashgun, you'll throw a lot more away. Precious ones too....more info
  • Lots of light in a small package
    I love my Canon camera, but the flash has not been strong enough to give me great photos when the subjects were more than 6 feet away in a dimly lit room. This little flash has completely eliminated that problem for me. It's amazing how much it has improved my photos! The price is very reasonable for the value it brings - no more underexposed photos!
    Only negative - I need to buy a new (larger) camera bag that will hold both my camera and the external flash for when I travel. ...more info
  • HF-DC1 Canon dig camera slave flash
    It works as advertised, no more, no less. It allows you to take flash shots at distances impossible with the camera flash alone. However, since there is no automatic exposure control, its easy to wash out a picture because of too much light, so you need to draw on your experience learned from prior photos. Its a good idea to take some practice shots to gain that experience....more info
  • Big power in a small package
    I am using the Canon HF-DC1 High Power flash with my Power shot S2 1S. For its small size, the Canon HF-DC1 High Power flash really enhances the built-in flash power I need for taking pictures in a large room or anywhere you are far away from. I like the feature of having the adjustable flash for minimum, mid, and maximum ranges. Turn it off or use it on minimum when using it for portraits since it may lighten too much the subjects' faces. On the whole, I would highly recommend this flash. Although removable, I intend to keep it mounted on the camera since I may need it at any time. ...more info
  • Perfectly Satisfied
    Purchased this to supplement built-in flash on my Canon SD400 and am very happy with it. Have so far taken perfectly exposed shots to 25 ft and am sure the range is even greater. Set it up on a tripod for multiple self timer shots and it recycled quickly enough. It's very compact, batteries are readily available, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Powerful punch at a peanut price.
    Bought this flash at an excellent price direct from Amazon.I use it with my Canon S-3IS and my Canon SD-400 Digital Elf.It works to perfection on both.The service from Amazon was excellent-very speedy delivery....more info
  • Handy addition
    Being an old-time fan of bounce flashing, this allows you to do that with almost any digicam. I've used it with a Canon S3 and A620 with excellent results. I can lower the main flash output and use it to trigger the external. It's really versatile in the hand-held mode, allowing me to position it where I want at most any angle. When used mounted with the full-strength onboard flash, it can be truly blinding to those on the other side.

    The only "con" is the use of an odd-sized lithium battery. Even AA lithium would have been much more economical....more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash
    This is a very basic item. It is a slave flash system with three settings min, mid and max flash. However, after several uses you cannot tell the difference between the three settings. you can also set auto flash,hence the slave part, or manal. The kit includes the bracket to mount to the camera. Overall this little device does what it says it provides more light. On my smaller camer te powershot A80 it tends to overexpose the photos. It seems to do an okay job on my powershot s3 is. I don't think this device makes the difference between a good photo and a great photo. If you are a gadget guy feel free to buy, but it is not necessary. ...more info
  • A great choice
    This little device is really a great solution for extending the range of the original flash.
    I would recommend it....more info
  • Great addition for brighter group pictures
    I bought this for my Canon SD550 Powershot, which is a great camera but has limited coverage when using the built-in flash. We took group photos of the family this Christmas and they came out so much better, even on the Mid setting. In the past I would have to use the photo software on my PC to adjust the brightness which wasn't always satisfactory. The bracket for holding the unit to the camera is very handy. The unit is so small that I can carry it in my pocket; camera in one pocket, flash in the other. Very pleased with this unit so far....more info
  • Powerful Little Wonder Flash
    I tried to save money by buying a Sunpak slave that was triggered (like the HF-DC1) by the camera's built in flash and was supposed to work with all digital cameras, but it failed to work with my Canon S3 IS. Even though my Canon S3 IS did trigger the Sunpak, it would not fire in sync with the S3 since the S3's (other Canon Powershot cameras do the same thing) flash sent out an imperceptible pre-flash that caused the Sunpak to fire before the real full flash on the S3 fired. I called Sunpak and they had no clue what was happening. A call to Canon, however, got me answers and also got me to return the Sunpak and buy the HF-DC1. In summary, don't play games and save money just buy the flash that is made to work with this and other Canon Power shot cameras. In any case, the HF-DC1 is really, really, tiny and light and uses the funky and expensive CR123a battery. Buying a rechargeable CR123a with a charger is also an expensive proposition. What to do if you want to save money on batteries? Nothing! Buy the CR123a on the WEB cheap and be thankful that each one will let you take a tremendous amount of flash photos before you need another. This Canon flash is quite efficient in its power usage. The HF-DC1 also comes with a bracket that lets you use the tripod socket on the S3 and other Canon Powershot cameras to mount it on the side of the camera. You can also experiment and hand hold the flash at different angles without the bracket. The HF-DC1 is silver in color and doesn't really match the S3's black body but it still looks OK. The flash has three buttons. The first allows you to set the power of the flash from min to mid to max. You will need to think this through since there are no wires going from the flash to the camera so how far the subject is from you will determine the setting you choose. Figure the HF-DC1 working with the flash on the S3, for example, will extend the distance from 15 to 30 feet and play with the setting accordingly. The next button allows you to set the flash to fire automatically or manually and is also the power on button. The word "automatic" here means nothing more than the flash firing without you touching it as soon as it sees a flash, any flash. Thus, if you are in a crowd and everyone is taking flash photos your HF-DC1 will be triggered by the flash of other cameras in this setting. What to do? Set the flash to manual and hold down the third button on the flash when you are ready to take the shot. This prevents the flash from being fired by another flash until the button is pressed This is truly a great feature and it did not exist on the Sunpak flash. The HF-DC1 is not cheap but it seems help make fairly well exposed photos most (not all) of the time. These exposures would not be possible with the camera's built in flash alone. HF-DC1 is extremely small (smaller than you think!) and is truly a featherweight. Since the Canon Powershot cameras in question have no hot shoe, you must buy a slave that is triggered by the flash built into the camera. The HF-DC1 is worth the money and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Off-camera flash rocks
    The problem with built-in flash is not only that it can be weak, but that it's right in line with the lens. This gives, at best, flat lighting and, at worst, bad red-eye. This unit solves both problems.

    I was jazzed to receive mine today. It's very small and light, and seems to work as advertised. I put the unit in several different positions and it always fired. It's so great to get off-camera flash on a P&S!

    It worked, that is, until I tried it with the G7's flash output set to manual. Won't work.

    Turns out the optical slave doesn't react to the flash, but to the pre-flash. That might not matter to most people, but I'm bummed because I had seen use for this mixed in with studio flashes, perhaps on location, as a way to add an extra pop of light to hard-to-reach places. Oh, well ...

    All in all, this is a very cool little item. I'm not going to use the bracket, because I see a great advantage in being able to move the flash off-camera. Do that and your flash pictures will never look the same. And that's a good thing ... :-)

    ...more info
  • Canon HF-DC 1 High Power Flash
    I had been having issues with underexposure until I bought the Canon HF-DC1 High Power Flash. It was a good investment because it has added a touch of professionalism to my photography.

    Except for the high price, I would recommend it to anyone who has a Canon Powershot Digital camera.I did not rate it 5 stars because I beleive it is unnecessarily overpriced....more info
  • Just so-so
    I'm using a SD700 IS, S400 and S100. If you just want additional range the HF-DC1 works, but it seems to have problems when the additional light is not needed -- It is unable to shut off quickly enough and so overexposes. The skimpy and vague manual says, "Set the intensity switch to [MIN], [MID] or [MAX]. Take a test shot before recording an actual image to find the most appropriate setting. This is cumbersome -- So much for spontaneity! I guess this is Canon's admission that the HF-DC1 only compensates for the camera's flash over a limited range.

    The manual position on the other slide switch only seems to control whether or not it responds to other photographers flashes. When in manual, you need to hold down a button in order to enable it. That way it won't fire every time it sees a bright flash.

    If Canon (and all the other makes) would stop trying to put everything into one small unit, they would have a better system. My 25 year old 35mm Minox was just as small as the SD700, but had a separate small flash (smaller than the camera size) that mounted on a hot shoe for those occasions when a flash is needed. When you leave home, you just stick the small flash in your pocket if you think you might need it -- None of this nonsense and problems with slave flashes.

    I have Canon's G3 and Speedlight 420EX, so I know Canon knows what a bad compromise this system is. I guess it is the result of their market research....more info
  • Review of Canon HF-DC-1 Flash for Canon Powershot
    The unit performs exceptionally well. It truly lights up subjects that are 20 to 25 feet away, well beyond the range of the flash built into the camera. It is also suitable for hand holding a foot or more from the camera and fires with the built-in camera flash so as to avoid the "flat lighting" normally expected with on camera flash pictures. I have no serious complaints. My only negative is that the so-called "manual flash" does not work as I expected it to. The instructions could be a bit better on this point. Overall performance I would rate a 5 out of 5....more info
  • It's a necessity item.
    You will really enjoy the use of the extra flash. My photos have turned out beautifully....more info
  • Powerful flash
    This flash is so easy to use and does what I wanted - adds enough power when in large rooms/halls. So glad I bought it. One small negative - as it's wireless, it will fire if others are using Canon cameras with the wireless facility! ...more info
  • Canon HF-DC1 Slave Flash
    This is an excellent add-on to the Canon series of Powershot cameras, I am using it with an A620 and it produces beautiful pictures. The flash is a "slave" in that it triggers when the camera's built-in flash fires, so there is no cord needed to connect it to the camera. It comes with a fixed bracket but you can also hand-hold it for bounce flash effects very easily. It uses a 123A lithium battery which recharges very quickly (generally less than 2-3 seconds, about 7 seconds for a maximum-brightness flash), Canon claims approximately 250 shots from a new battery. There is an adjustment for low-mid-high intensity but the flash does not, to my knowledge, focus or adjust for subject distance (the camera auto-exposure does an excellent job of that). Finally, there is a "manual" mode which only means that you have to press and hold the indicator button to enable the flash to fire, this is to attempt to avoid having the slave trigger on someone else's flash if you are in a roomful of cameras. The guide number is 18 meters at ISO 100. I have found that, for example, taking pictures of actors in a high-school play from the audience, about 30 feet away, with relatively dim stage lighting, this flash was more than powerful enough to get excellent face shots, even with the camera moderately zoomed. This is a very useful and high-performance accessory, definitely worthwhile if you do a lot of indoor shooting where you can't get close to your subject....more info
  • Very good
    I had problems with the built in flash in my canon Ixus 40 when taking pics in the dark..

    so i decided to try the HF-DC1 power flash and the result is way better .. You can place the flash anywhere in the room and take a perfect picture .. or simply attach it with the camera..

    Great product .. recommended....more info
  • Works as advertised
    greatly improved the flash range (and, unfortunately, the bulk) of the SD400. a required add-on for that camera if shooting indoors....more info
  • Works as expected but not spectacular
    This flash does what it shound but don't expect wonders. It essentially "brightens" your flash photo. I am using it with a PowerShot S2 IS.

    When reading reviews, you might see it said that this is a wireless flash. While true, that's a bit misleading. The flash works by simply sensing that the primary flash has occurred and then firing as well. This means that you *must* fire the primary flash to have it work.

    Another thing that you might read is that this flash "focuses". I can't imagine what the reviewers mean. This is a simple slave flash. You can set the "range" in 3 basic increments but that seems to be it for adjustments. The manual is slim and gives no hint that there is anything sophisticated occurring.

    A few notes:

    - The flash is very compact and lightweight.

    - You can easily hold the flash in your hand to position it for better coverage.

    - The recharge time is extremely fast with a new battery -- essentially immediate.

    - It uses a non-rechargable lithium battery. These tend to be pretty expensive. The manual says it will get over 250 flashes on a battery.

    - This flash *does not* eliminate the shadow that the PowerShot S2 IS wide angle lens creates. It does reduce the shadow.

    Overall this is a good flash but seems a bit pricey....more info
  • Canon Flash Unit
    The purchase arrived shortly after ordering and was packaged with air bags to prevent damage. The flash performed exactly as advertised and I have no complaint whatsoever....more info