Programmable Gate Alarm
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Product Description

Anyone with kids knows that even the most diligently supervised child can walk in or out of an unlatched gate without being noticed. But equip your gate with a Programmable Gate Alarm and a loud 120dB siren will warn you when it has been opened, so you can intervene BEFORE your kids fall into the uncovered pool or run into the busy street. But child safety isn't the only reason you could benefit from this security device. It can also be used to deter burglars or other unwanted trespassers that attempt to gain access to your yard. Or if you have dogs that know how to unlatch the gate, this alarm is great for catching them in the act. Authorized users can easily bypass the alarm by pressing a single button, or by entering a 4-digit pass code on the keypad (user-programmable). When successfully de-activated, a flashing LED provides visual confirmation and you'll have 30 seconds to open the gate and close it again without tripping the alarm. The alarm's pass code is perfect for keeping trespassers away while giving access to authorized users like gardeners, pool boys, etc. Uses 6 AA batteries (sold separately). The alarm chirps once every 60 seconds when batteries run low.

  • Protect Your Family With the World's Most Advanced Gate Alarm!
  • Alerts you when anyone enters or exits through a monitored gate or door
  • Install on a pool access gate to help prevent swimming pool disasters
  • Easily bypass the alarm with a numeric code that you choose
  • Battery operated; no power outlets required