SmartDisk 6417 LEVITON DHC X10 MOTION ( 4082 )
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Product Description

ILLUMINATE THE NIGHT: This motion-sensing light control is ideal for use in outdoor locations, such as backyards, garages and storage buildings. Built-in infrared sensing technology monitors 4,000-sq. ft. field, 110 degrees wide, up to 40 feet in front of unit. When the 6417 senses motion in its field of view, it can respond by sending two types of signals: ON commands to Receivers set to control lights at four sequential system addresses, and MOTION DETECTED signals to other 6417s set to the same address. As long as the source of infrared radiation remains in the 6417 sensor field, it continues to send ON signals every six seconds to these addresses, providing the convenience of continuous illumination along a path from a garage to an entranceway, or around an entire residence, if desired. It can also turn on an inside lighting fixture as well as outdoor fixtures to help deter intruders. The 6417 is encased in a moisture-resistant housing. The control panel includes sensitivity adjustments to prevent nuisance tripping by small animals and a time delay to set the length of time the lights stay on (6 seconds to 30 minutes). Passive Infrared Transmitter installs easily into standard round outdoor junction box and comes complete with mounting plate, control unit, par lampholders and complete installation and operating instructions. Color: Brown.

  • Device Type: Burglar Alarm Interface
  • Line Type: Red Line
  • Communication: 1-Way
  • Operation: ON/OFF of 1 X10 address
  • Lights not included