X10 EagleEye Motion Detector, MS14A-C
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Product Description

You don't have to leave lights burning all night in order to offer your guests a safe walkway and prevent potential intruders from sneaking up to a darkened home. The EagleEye Wireless Motion Sensor has a fully weather-resistant case to protect the sensor from the elements, and it can turn on X10 lights automatically when someone walks onto your property, thus providing a sense of security as well as giving your guests a fully lit path to walk up to your door. Using wireless radio frequency (RF), the EagleEye Motion Sensor sends signals to an X10 16 Device RF Base transceiver (sold separately), which then passes them on to your house wiring, all in fractions of a second. The EagleEye has a built-in photocell that detects when it's dark. It can save energy by turning lights on only when it detects motion in the dark; if you prefer, you can set it to transmit every time it sees motion, even if it's not dark. The light will automatically turn off when it no longer detects motion for the length of time you specify, between 1 and 256 minutes. A locking screw prevents the easy removal of batteries, so you can rest easily, knowing your home is safe and secure. The EagleEye Motion Sensor requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries, sold separately.

Customer Reviews:

  • Been working for three years now...
    This unit is awesome. Yes, like the other reviewer said, there are false alarms but with me it's usually when the wind is blowing debris around. I have it installed outside my doorway and connected to a small indicator on my fireplace. When something comes in my driveway the light turns on.

    I don't know about battery life but it's still working when I change batteries once a year and I live in the Northease USA so it gets all extremes of weather.

    I recommend this to everyone.

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  • EagleEye is just OK
    Works maybe too well. It picks up many false alarms (cars down a far street, movement of neighbor's bird feeder, etc) and I had to move it many times.

    After a few months operation - it failed. It now sends out alternating on and off signals

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  • Good Motion Detector.
    I like this motion detector, I use it to light some areas of my office and to be notified by email (With the CM11a Computer Interface) if some thing or someone moves inside my office on the night. You must have the X10 Transceiver to see this working. And one X10 Module to turn on/off one light or appliance....more info
  • Exterior Motion Sensor Provides Safety and Security
  • Sends wireless (RF) signals to X10 RF receivers or X10 security systems
  • 24 hour motion sensing possible
  • Use with intelligent 2-way X10 controllers to activate macros
  • Can turn lights on when it gets dark and off when it gets light