Chamberlain Additional Units for Chamberlain Wireless Portable Intercoms #RWIA
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Product Description

Works with Reporter Wireless Intercom system. Runs on 4 AA batteries for up to 2 years, ALWAYS ON. U.S.A.

  • 4-channel intercom system with 1000 range
  • FM modulation with fully secured connections
  • Allows up to 10 separate conversations simultaneously
  • Page all broadcasts to all units; secure link connection
  • Works with Reporter wall flush mount units
Customer Reviews:
  • Work great
    Ordered 3. Two worked, #3 would not talk to other two. Called Chamberlain and they authorized a return. They immediately replaced the defective one. The new one works great. Easy to use. Simple to set up. Incredible volume (maybe even a bit loud). Yes, I would recommend....more info
  • Intercom
    I purchased these wireless intercoms almost 2 years ago and they work fine. My elderly mother lives downstairs from me and that's how we communicate to each other. I am thinking about purchasing another set for our second home....more info
  • Very pleased after several months
    After reading several negative reviews, I'm surprised and maybe just lucky? I have two units that have been flawless. The battery life is great. They have been left on overnight and even over the weekend and are still using the original batteries. The sound quality is excellent. The distance is only about 30 feet in my office. I'm now expanding personnel and office space and going to buy two more units to add to the system. I don't know about long term durability. I tried a pair of Westinghouse intercoms and returned them since they didn't work after about 20 minutes of use. Replaced them with the Recorders and am very pleased so far. ...more info
  • Solved the problem
    Great product, works just as promised. Very portable and dependable. Only downside is volume. Very loud even on the lowest setting. (4 settings for volume provided) Other than that - Great value....more info
  • Awful documentation, bad packaging, not compatible
    In all the years and hundreds of products that I have purchased from Amazon, these "Reporter" and "Chamberlain" items rank as the worst products I have ever purchased. The manual is nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper and is useless. The packaging is so poor and the product itself is not even labeled so that you can figure out what item on your order to return!! The product descriptions are so badly done that it is difficult to tell which products are a result I ended up ordering two incompatible systems. I am returning on system and trying to get the other to work...or it will go back too. I was never able to get the system to anything but beep. Other reviews here sounded good but this product was nothing but frustration for me. The only saving grace is Amazons fantastic return policy. Amazon, you get 10 gold stars in my book!...more info
  • Reporter Wireless Intercoms
    I have 9 of these units around my law office in Louisville and all 9 have always worked great. Reception is always good and I run 6 of the 9 units on AC adapters to avoid any needs for batteries. As for the remaining 3 units, I do run them on "AA" batteries and just replace the batteries twice a year when we change our clocks (Usually changes are not needed, but I change them anyway, just like the smoke detectors etc). The reason I opted for these units over cheaper units is the range. My experience has been that the true range of any wireless unit is much less than whatever the manufacturer claims. I divide whatever range the manufactuer claims by 5 and consider that the true range in a downtown metro environment. We are in an old building with lots of concrete and brick and steel, and I wanted the best range I could buy. These have worked fine for 2 years now at 200-220 foot range and I have no complaints. Another feature I like is that these units form their own "closed" network with each other, which prevents people in surrounding buildngs from snooping as much as they otherwise would. ...more info
  • Great units - excellent sound quality - can call just one channel or all 4 at once in broadcast.
    I have 4 of these units and they all work flawlessly. They even have a hands free answer mode if you push the dip switch one in the up position. I originally had the westinghouse 3 channel wireless intercom. They work by transmitting through the house wiring and the sound was often garbled and of poor quality.

    You can have each of the rooms have its own channel so you can call only one or all 4 at once. The hands free is nice because you don't have to push any buttons when called. The sound quality is excellent and with the volume turned up you can hear these clearly from 20 feet away. Battery life is excellent and you can also purchase a 12 volt adapter plug from Radio shack if you don't plan on moving the units around much....more info
  • Excellent wireless intercom
    I purchased 3 of the units in order to connect the 3 floors of our townhouse. They work marvelously. 4 AA batteries supply the power for each unit. The sound is crisp and clear. Excellent units if you want wireless intercommunication. ...more info
  • Works as advertised: I like it
    I've used mine for over 2 years and it works exactly as advertised.
    I have a lot of wild life and the delay feature reduces falses over other units I've tried. You do need to avoid tree branches in the sensor area. Wind will cause them to set it off. I'd buy it again....more info
  • Look for other alternatives...
    I bought four of these and returned them immediately. Two were dead out of the box. A third had horrible sound.

    After searching the internet and reading a variety of reviews for similar products I finally settled on the 900 Megahertz Wireless Intercom from Radio Shack. (43-3102)

    Beautiful sound. Well made and about half the price of the Reporter. Pretty much the same featues but it only claims a range of 300 feet as opposed to 1000 feet. So if you need more than 300 feet for range it's something to consider. Better warranty than the Reporter as well and for 8 bucks you can extend that warrarnty for another year.

    Anyway I couldn't be happier with the RS intercom. I just can't recommend the Reporters given that 3 out of 4 units that arrived were faulty....more info
  • An expensive disaster
    I replaced 4 Novi units which had slowly failed over many years of use with 4 Reporters. Attracted by the true wirless nature of the reporter, I was willing to spend the extra money over competitve brands. Unfortunately the quality of the Reporter units is extremely poor as all four units failed after only a little ove one year of light use. Failure modes ranged from no transmit on two units, no receive on one unit and completely dead on the fourth unit... all with new batteries and resetup per the instructions. Don't waste your money....more info
  • My best watchdog.
    Truely wireless, the remote alert sender unit runs on 4 AA batteries. I don't know yet how long they last. Mine are now two weeks old and still good. The unit senses when ANY movement passes by. I live in the country and now I know when someone comes in the yard. Before I wouldn't always hear the car. Only drawback is that it picks up deer, dogs and other critters walking past at all hours of the day and night. I like this unit. It serves a purpose for me that other people may not have, but it works as advertised and nothing gets past it without it alerting me. The range is said to be 1000 ft. That is probably correct. Mine is about 300 ft. fromt he reciever unit and it works great. The two way "voice" speaker is the icing on the cake. I love being able to yell at the neighbors dogs to "get on out of here". It's a real hoot to watch the surprise they get when my voice comes out of the tree. I have less problems with the neighbor's dogs coming into my yard and bothering 'my' pets now....more info