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Leviton Commercial Specification Grade Decora Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor, capable of detecting infrared emissions from human presence and responding by switching incandescent, low-voltage, and fluorescent lighting loads on. If this unit does not detect movement after a present period of time, it will respond by switching its assigned load off. The unit shall switch at the zero crossing point of the AC power curve to ensure maximum relay contact life and compatibility with electronic ballasts. Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor shall be equipped with a pushbutton to provide manual on/off switching. Leviton Decora Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor shall feature adjustable delayed-OFF time and ambient light override capabilities. Unit shall also provide sensitivity adjustment and integral sliding blinders to customize the horizontal field of view. Unit shall be capable of providing optional manual-on/automatic-off operation.

  • New, low-profile design eliminates obtrusive scanning-device look. Elegant Decora styling complements any interior; uses Decora wallplates and coordinates with Levitons popular line of Decora wiring devices.
  • 180-degree field-of-view provides approximately 2100 square feet of coverage suitable for small offices, conference rooms, class rooms, lounges and a variety of commercial areas.
  • Convenient push-button provides manual ON/OFF light switching at any time.
  • Segmented Fresnel lens provides optimum sensitivity and performance. Designed with an extensive small motion area where even slight body movements will be detected.
  • Horizontal field of view may be adjusted between 180-degree and 32-degree of arc by using integral blinders located on either side of the lens.
Customer Reviews:
    This works flawlessly. I put it the downstairs bathroom where most people left the light on. No more! ...more info
  • Perfect for the laundry room and hallways
    I installed one of these in my laundry room (which is located just inside the garage door in my house). Now, whenever we come home, we don't have the fumble for the light switch. I've also installed one in the room that my wife uses for her office for the same reasons.

    This switch comes with three adjustments to customize it to your needs.

    First, it has an ambient light adjustment so that you can tell it not to turn on if there is already sufficient light in the room. If you turn this setting all the way up, the switch will become a manual on, auto off switch that will only turn on when you push the button, but will turn off after it senses no motion for a set period of time.

    Second, it has a sensitivity adjustment, which adjusts how far the sensor will look for motion.

    Third, it has a duration adjustment to tell it how long it should wait with no motion before turning the light off.

    It also has a red LED, which blinks whenever it detects motion, so you can tell how whether your movements are being detected or not....more info