Universal Structured Wiring Box - 14IN
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Product Description

Looking for diode protection across your M1 or M1Gold control panel's relay coil? To convert low-current voltage outputs into SPDT relay outputs, this M1 Relay Board plugs right into your M1 panel (not included). When used with this M1 control, the M1 Relay Board also provides voltage outputs 7 & 8, which are ordinarily not available. Ideal for general-purpose switching, the M1 Relay Board features LED status indicators on all eight form "C" relays. Twelve-conductor plug-in wire harness attaches the M1 Relay Board to the control, which is mountable in the enclosure. Additional features include plug-in "removable" terminal blocks.

  • Supports Alarm System Circuit Boards
  • Houses centralized wiring for CATV, telephone, computer networks, security and more
  • Easily mounts between standard 16" wall studs