Reporter Wireless Alert System with 2-Way Voice Communication
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Product Description

Secure your home and business. Alerts you tothe presence of people or vehicles at your gate or door and lets you talk with them (or just listen). Also operates gates, doors, lights or cameras by remote control (if they are electrically operated). Advanced motion sensor distinguishes between vehicles and humans. U.S.A.

  • 1000 2-way transmission range to other intercom units
  • Alert sounds when heat or motion is detected by passive IR sensor
  • Advanced passive IR sensor distinguishes between vehicles, humans, and animals
  • Opens gates, door, and executes other commands with remote feature activated through 10A relay
  • Expandable up to 8 remote sensors
Customer Reviews:
  • Great if you can get one that works
    I ordered the sending and recieving units together as a package about 2 months ago. When it arrived it sent up a bit of smoke and stopped working about 30 minutes after we installed it. Chamberlain was very friendly and sent a replacement which took about 2 or 3 weeks to arrive. This time the microphone in the sending unit didn't work! I sent it back and about 3 weeks later they sent me just the sending unit! Finally they sent a package with both the sending AND recieving units. One of the recieving units was dead! Fortunately, I at least have one sending and one recieving unit which are working. Costumer service is friendly and they try to solve problems, but it seems that there is absolutly no quality control with their product. So now, I really don't trust their product. When it works it is great....but I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Great...but beware compatibility and newer models
    This product is great. Alerts every time with different bells for different (voice) units. But beware that the non-voice sensors are not compatible with the voice models, and the newer Reporter products are made by a different company (Chamberlain) and quality seems reduced....more info
  • Already Served Its Purpose
    I was moving from North Carolina to Michigan for work, so I put my house up for sale. In order to show the house, we put most of our stuff in storage and left only minimal furniture and very few decorations. We also had a For Sale sign in the front yard. That, and my cars being in the garage must have made my house look empty and attractive to burglers.

    I got up very early (about 4:00am) because I was taking a business trip and had to go to the airport. I noticed as I was leaving that the screen on my back window had been pried off, and there were foot prints leading to and from that window. My guess is that my getting up at 4:00am must have scared the burgler away.

    I then bought the Reporter. A week or so later, the burgler (or a burgler) returned. The reporter alerted me and when I turned on the lights the burgler ran away, again leaving footprints in my yard. I called 911 and waited. The reported went off agin a few minutes later, but when we looked outside, we saw a Police Officer checking out my back yard.

    Two people came into my yard (the burgler and the officer) and the Reporter alerted me both times. I am extremely happy with this product.
    ...more info
  • A Great Product
    After reading the generally good reviews for the Reporter Wireless alert system without intercom, I purchased the Reporter Wireless Alert System with Intercom along with a total of 4 wireless intercom sensors.

    Have a corner lot near a main road with ample walkby traffic and wanted to give our family an alert if anybody makes it to our driveway, frontyard or backyard. Have had the system for about a week and it operates great. Has two types of alarm sounds for the central unit, one is a type of doorbell sound with varying beeps to distinquish the specific sensor that is set off, and the other option is loud beeping noises with the number of beeps distinquishing said sensor. We have kept it on the doorbell mode for use in the house.

    The range for each sensor is about 30 feet and they all operated well even through a recent rainstorm. Each sensor has a normally open circuit whereby you can hook up lights, a gate opener, an outdoor alarm, or other device that is set off remotely by pressing a button on the main console after the sensor has been triggered. The sensor must be triggered to activate the remote circuitry.

    The intercom portion of the system works great with no complaints - I have it set on the lowest volume and can have a clear conversation with anybody at the sensor. You have 10 seconds to talk with somebody at the sensor after it is first triggered, but once you talk, the intercom will not shut off for about 20 seconds until after you stop talking from the main console so you can listen to the person's response at the sensor. As long as you keep talking from the console within the 20 second time period, you can continue the conversation without the intercom turning off for as long as you like (as long as you say something to the remote sensor within each 20 seconds even if the remote sensor is not being activated). A well thought out feature.

    It is good for keeping kids out of certain areas around the house. At night, we keep the unit by our bedside and have rest assured we will be awakened if there is there are any prowlers. Haven't had a single false alarm from any of the sensors in the week's time we've had the system installed. Installation is a breeze, but you will need to provide your own batteries. The console works with batteries (which is how we use it) or with a provided AC jack outlet.

    After reading comments about the non-intercom Reporter wireless alert system, it seems the manufacturers have taken the clues from the comments made by their customers and included most all of the needed conveniences in this system. Though the main console unit is quite small, my only wish is they would make the unit in a design that can clip onto your belt so you can walk around the property with it on. This is a great system and we will be purchasing 4 more sensors for expanded coverage of our lot....more info
  • monitoring access to our front porch
    I've read other reviews regarding the Reporter Wireless Alert System w/Voice versus the Voice Alert 6 - seems most were very happy with both models. But I ended up ordering the Reporter w/Voice because I liked that it has an intercom type system where when it alerts you you can hear everything on the sensor end for 10 seconds plus you can speak to the person as well within that 10 seconds (they would need to continue tripping the sensor if you wanted to converse longer). It does have volume control which is just 4 different levels and the lowest level to me is still pretty loud (we do not have a large house). I bought it to monitor people walking up to our front porch. The only thing is the instructions does not tell you the degree of range for its sensor - I think it's a straight beam sensor (not much sensing to the sides). Another comment I'd like to make is the first unit I received did not work properly - I tried it everywhere and it kept alerting every 4 seconds even though there was no motion in that area. was great in sending me a new one quickly and paying the postage for the return of the bad unit. So overall I am very happy with the Reporter w/Voice and the service at info