GPX TVS200 Wired Surveillance Camera
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2-Wired video cameras with mounting brackets 5" Black & white monitor Records with any VCR (not included) Talk feature between monitor and camera(s) Includes 1 UL-approved adaptor & 2-65 ft. cables to connect cameras to monitor

Customer Reviews:
  • monitor surveillance camera
    This camera/monitor system is really good. The picture is clear with lights on or off in the room being viewed. I like the option to adjust the volume, able to view one or two objects one at a time or alternatly with being able to maximize or minimize the timer between the cameras. For the price of this system it really is a great deal. I use it to monitor my two young children and it is really better then the other systems that we have tried that didn't work. I bought this system 8 years ago and because i used it eery single night and left it on all night it lasted for 6 years. I wish they kept this system on the market because it really is worth the money....more info