Sony ACC-FP50A Handycam Accessory Kit for Sony Camcorders
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Product Description

The ACC-FP50A Handycam accessory kit includes a high-quality LCS-VA30 carrying case to protect your camcorder while on the move. It features a shoulder strap for carrying convenience and three pockets for storing extra accessories.The ACC-FP50A also includes a powerful NP-FP50 rechargeable battery pack for long lasting power. It features InfoLithium technology so you can charge your battery at any time without the "memory effect" present in most common batteries.

  • Two great Handycam accessories together for one great price
  • Perfect as an extra battery or as a replacement
  • Perfect for carrying by hand or over the shoulder
  • The LCS-VA30 includes front and side pockets, plus an upper mesh pocket for additional accessories
  • 680 mAh maximum storage capacity for long battery life
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice Compact, Camcorder Bag
    This is a great little camcorder bag that even comes with an additional battery.

    Problem for me is the battery did not fit my camera. It was the same size, but does not lock into place.

    But as for a straight camcorder bag is works great....more info
  • A must-have for your Sony camcorder
    We bought this bag with our Sony video camera from Amazon. We wanted something that would keep our camcorder safe and hold lots of tapes and accessories too. We have not been disappointed. It's a great size--big enough to hold everything we need (we even keep our regular digital camera and its accessories in there too), but small enough that we don't feel like we're weighed down. I would highly recommend this product--I think it would be great for just about any camcorder and not just Sony....more info
  • Sony Accessory Kit
    The bag is great, the battery on the other hand is outdated for the new camcorder I also purchased and does not fit.

    Due to the fact it was inside the gear bag and I opened the box I now have been told I can not return for a refund. Could have purchased the battery locally for less than I now have in it and I still have to purchase a battery. Live and learn, last time I will use Amazon for a purchase....more info
  • Capacious, rugged, couldn't be better
    Has end pockets and a front pocket, all with easy-to use zippers. The padded interior has a velcro seperator that you can use to make two compartments, and the underside of the 'lid' flap contains another handy zippered inner pocket. The strap is comfortable and adjustable.

    I can tidily fit my Sony Handycam HC-46, two batteries, dock, power adapter and cord, USB, firewire cable, and six DV tapes in there. I use a smaller case for (just) the camera and its attached battery for day outings like hiking, but this larger case lets me bring my whole outfit along for more extensive projects....more info