Winland Vehicle Alert System, 100FT Cable
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Product Description

Want to know when a car approaches your driveway? Just bury this probe 6 to 8 inches in the ground next to your driveway and run a wire back to the console indoors. The console will then buzz whenever a car approaches! Up to 2 probes may be attached to each console, and cable runs can be as long as 2,500 ft. To activate X10 lights or appliances, simply purchase the optional Powerflash Interface . Compatible with home control interfaces with digital low-voltage inputs, like the JDS TimeCommander Plus. Vehicle sensor probes come with special burial grade cable that can withstand years of burial without any additional jacketing or protection. You can purchase probes with a continuous seamless length of cable or add additional length with a splice kit that ensures a waterproof junction.

  • Hear when a car approaches through a buzzer on the indoor console
  • Console has 2 transistor alarm outputs (low-voltage)
  • Adjustable probe sensitivity