Powerhorn 110 Decibel Siren PH508 OR PSH01
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Product Description

Here's a remote siren that will scare anyone within a few room's distance. This powerful siren takes wireless X10 signals from the X10 alarm consoles. If the console's built-in siren is not loud enough, add this loud siren by simply plugging this unit into any 110V wall receptacle. Use multiple units so that the intruder doesn't know where the sound is coming from. A screw hole allows you to fasten the unit onto the receptacle so a burglar cannot yank it off. This unit is triggered by consecutive ALL LIGHTS ON AND ALL UNITS OFF X10 signals that are transmitted by the security console. This siren can be used with the X10 Powerflash Interface set to flashing mode. This siren is so piercing that it is hard to remain in the same room with it when it goes off.

  • So loud you can't stand it!
  • Powerful 110 dB siren
  • Triggered wirelessly by X10 signals
  • Secures to the AC outlet to make removal difficult
Customer Reviews:
  • "Power Horn" is a serious misnomer.
    I've installed five of these on my X10 home security system. When I armed the system and entered the house to test it, the noise was at best annoying, and I could easily walk through the house, find these bright white conspicuous noise makers and simply unplug them. From that point on, were I a burglar, the place would be mine.

    I've also tripped the alarm from outside the house and the cute little noise was barely audible. No way would it have alerted my neighbors that anything was wrong. Forget X10's claims that the whole neighborhood will hear them. That is simply not true.

    One reviewer here said there was a way to tweak these things to be able to set off a real security horn or siren. I'd love that information! If you read this, please post the URL!

    Bottom line: Unless X10 offered a module that would allow a real noise maker to be triggered by this system (and they don't), I'd not buy another X10 security system. Those so-called Power Horns are the weak link in the system. Right after the motion sensors that only work when they feel like it....more info
  • Louder than console, but not quite there yet
    The siren is rated at about 110dB however when it's blocked by an object the sound level drops significantly. I tried to place the siren to face the vent but the result is muffed alarm and you can barely hear it from another room.

    After some googling I found some FAQ saying that this unit can be modified to act as a relay switch to turn on siren of your choice, so I got a 12VDC 30watt dual-tone siren and some components ready, ideally I can install this weather-proof horn outdoor and it'll attract neighbor's attention. We'll see how it goes....more info