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SmileCAM detects and tracks motion automatically and can be controlled via Internet by clicking on the screen with a mouse. Also, with an application program it provides divers functions such as video monitoring, live video conferencing and web broadcasting without additional cost.PRODUCT FEATURES:High speed pan/tilt operation (90 Degree per second) at 180-degree pan and 60-degree tilt range (optional 320 degree panning);Local & remote camera control over the Internet (simply by clicking on the video screen);Delivers clear & distinct video;Automatic motion tracking function;Cost effective and compact sized.

Customer Reviews:
  • Buyer beware....
    I purchased 2 smilecams from [...]last year - one for myself and one for my daughter who lives in southern California. The cameras worked great but the software was/is horrible, even after the upgrade from version 2.0 to 3.0. Even more horrible was/is Smilecamusa and Sintec's complete lack of technical support. Earlier this month, both our cameras lost the ability to communicate with each other. I contacted Smilecamusa many times and they told me to essentially "buzz off." They said the problem was on my side and they would not help me troubleshoot it. I tried to explain that nothing had changed on my side. In desperation, I filed a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

    I hope that anyone who reads this reviews will also take the time to read the forums on

    My daughter and I now use the cameras with MSN Messenger and the difference is amazing. We get a much bigger viewing window. The response time is almost immediately and we have full audio communcation with microphones....more info