Hawking Net-Vision HNC230G Wireless-G Network Camera
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Product Description

The HNC230G is a Wireless-G Network Camera.

  • Wireless high-performance stand-alone camera
  • Connects directly to a network with its own IP address; view images anywhere in the world via web-based remote access
  • Supports 802.11b and -g wireless standard, as well as the 10/100 Mbps
  • Fast Ethernet standard
  • Captures video at up to 30 frames-per-second
Customer Reviews:
  • Terrible Camera
    This product is awful. I've been trying to configure the wireless connection for this camera for several weeks. At first I thought it was a problem with it understanding the WEP encryption so I set up a non-WEP access point just for the camera, but it still does not work with wireless at all.

    When connected to the LAN, I can see the camera without any problems (a bit of an over statement as I have to disconnect/reconnect the power every once in a while).

    ...more info
  • quirky, unimpressive camera.
    I have chalked this camera up to my 'failed attempts' file, as it never really worked for my needs. I could get it to operate as advertised when wired, but wireless never reliably worked. It would run fine for a day or two, but then stop for no obvious reason. The software was also very clunky. I eventually purchased a linksys wireless camera that - although far from perfect - is at least reliable. The price point may seem attractive, but I would spend a little more on a different brand....more info
  • Not for the faint of heart!
    The picture quality is mediocre at best.
    The camera setup for your LAN is ok, if you know how to operate your router and WEP settings.
    It still took me several tries and I know what I'm doing.

    Now to get it so you can monitor outside your LAN over the internet! Good Luck!
    First, most ISP use a dynamic IP system which means every so often your DSL/Cable modem IP address will change and you won't be able to get to your camera.

    OK, even afer I solved all of those problems, the connection to the camera goes up and down for no reason. At times I can't access the camera over the internet for no reason.

    Overall, this seems to be a rather unstable internet camera. Even over the LAN it drops the connection a lot, picture quality is sub-average and getting it to monitor over the internet is a graduate course in Internet networking.

    I don't know if all internet cameras suffer from these symptoms....but this one is a stinker....more info
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a HNC230G
    Very good value, rather flawed image.

    Love the price point. Image is disappointing though. Focus is always fuzzy wuzzy. Focus ring is very difficult to turn. White balance and contrast are not good. No image adjustments are offered.

    The wireless feature works as expected. Just make sure the SSID is being broadcasted.

    Software installation is pretty good although the applications need polishing. Exposing the camera to the internet needs a near expert with routers. A HostedVideo.com coupon for free internet video service is included. The features are inviting. The website doesn't list the HNC230G as a supported camera. The website is cumbersome to subscribe. It requires too much personal information. I hope to report on service quality later.

    This review is based on version 1.29 firmware. No update is available at this time.

    Comparing this model to the predecessor model (HNC320W), the predecessor has better white balance, better software control over the imagae. The HNC230G has better software installation....more info
  • OK, but needs work...
    I recently purchased this camera for use to monitor my Mom at home when I am away. So far, I am only able to get the camera working as advertised when it is directly wired to my WRT54G Linksys router. If I disconnect the Ethernet network cable it still manages to hold on to the wireless connection. If however, I power the camera down and power it back up again wireless, many strange things begin to happen, like the admin password is no longer valid (but the same password works OK, if running wired.) ...and yes, I have DHCP on the camera disabled. The user's guide mentions several features in the next firmware release. The current firmware version that came installed on the camera is V1.29 hopefully the newer version will be available soon!? Also, the "automatic" white balance does not seem to work indoors and everything has a green cast to it with no way to adjust the white balance given the software it comes with. It also seems to have a very limited range when working wireless. It is only about 25 ft. or so away from the Linksys box (due to my network cable issue from before) but it reports a "Low" signal strength, I have other wireless devices that work just fine on the other side of the house. All in all, for the feature set and the price, the camera works just OK. I am using it now by mounting the camera wired on the wall, powered up and disconnecting the network cable until the next power outage, or the power adapter gets kicked out of the wall and I have to reconnect the network cable again....more info