Nokia 7270 Unlocked Tri-Band GSM Fashion Collection Camera Cell Phone
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Sexy or sweet, naughty or nice... let your impulsive and spirited side come out with the delightful Nokia 7270 phone. It will awaken your passion for all things beautiful as it teasingly unfolds, to reveal its bold art deco elegance. Delight in its exquisite form and dramatic colors as you dress it up with coordinated textile wraps.

Customer Reviews:
  • Daughters B-Day Gift
    I bought this and it has been extremely useful to my daughter...more info
  • CheB
    I love this phone, I've had it for four months now and it works great. True it has no bluetooth but the infared works just as well. Only fault is that the back case is a little loose but still stays on other than that, this one is a keeper!!!!!!!!...more info
  • SEXY Mobile ???? I dont think so
    Nokia released 3 (ONLY 3, the 7610 is NOT a part of the group) Art deco mobiles which are all about looks.

    7260: The Smallest and cheapest
    7270: The Mediam clamshell
    7280: The Expensive masterpiece

    Since these phones are only made for looks, I give the 7270 one star. I had the phone for a month, very ugly and looks very cheap, also it has the worst assembly which makes look more of a cheap imitation toy rather than a $500 mobile.
    As for the functionality, the phone works great, great display, great features, no bluetooth though.
    So if you seek envy, crank up your wallet and get the 7280, if you seek envy and functionality, crank up your wallet ALOT and get the $1000 Nokia 8800. But If u seek supremety, get ready to max out a lot of plastic for the $40,000 Nokia Vertu Signature series.
    ...more info