Kensington 72414 PilotMouse Bluetooth Mini Mouse (PC/Mac)
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Product Description

The Kensington Mini Pilot Bluetooth Mouse gives you the ultimate in mobile freedom. It quickly and easily connects to your existing Bluetooth -enabled laptop without wires or an added receiver. Just turn on the mouse's battery-saving power switch and go. With the advanced optical technology, you navigate accurately and easily virtually anywhere. Even up to sixty-five feet away so you can remotely control your presentations. Add programmable buttons, scroll wheel, ergonomic shape, integrated grips, and unrivaled ease of use and the Mini Pilot Bluetooth sets a new standard for power and portability.

The Kensington 72414 PilotMouse Bluetooth Mini Mouse offers the ultimate combination of comfort and wireless freedom. The Kensington 72414 features a compact size that is easy to carry and comfortable to use, as well as a battery-saving on/off switch that lets you conserve power for when you need it. This mouse provides secure, interference-free performance with any Bluetooth enabled laptop, within an amazing range of up to 65 feet for maximum freedom in presentation control. The speed and pinpoint accuracy of Kensington's DiamondEye optical technology allows it to respond to even your fastest movements with accurate tracking on virtually any surface. With a programmable buttons, a scroll wheel, and an ergonomic shape with integrated grips the Kensington 72414 is incredibly easy to use, and without having to use wires or an added receiver, it is one of the most convenient mouse you can buy. This Kensington optical mouse is guaranteed to work right out of the box on both PCs and Macs, with long-lasting reliability that is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The Kensington 72414 wireless mouse requires a Bluetooth enabled PC running Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP, or Macintosh running Mac OS 10.2.8 or later.

  • DiamondEye optical technology responds to your fastest movements with accurate tracking on virtually any surface
  • Provides secure, interference-free performance with any Bluetooth enabled laptop
  • Has a wireless range of up to 65 feet for maximum freedom in presentation control
  • Backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Programmable buttons, a scroll wheel, and an ergonomic shape with integrated grips for incredible ease of use
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for mac
    Just bought this from Fry's for my mac for $17.99 on sale. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for this mouse and I'm quite happy with the purchase. The amazon price is too much. It's a decent size for travel and the setup was painless. Just a few minor gripes. The "on/off" label for the switch at the bottom is in an awkward position. Also when I turn off the mouse it doesn't pair with the computer immediately when I turn it on again. Seems I have to open the set up preferences again. But these are minor considering I spent less than $20 on a bluetooth mouse. I don't know how long the battery lasts but we'll see. ...more info
  • Great Bluetooth Mouse !!!!!
    I am very happy with this Kensington Bluetooth mouse.Easy to set up and connect .Responds very well .Has a great feel.I would recommend very highly .Got a great price .Great size , just right for a PC ....more info
  • It simply works
    I've had this mouse for about 3 months now. I use it on average about a half hour a day. I am still on the original batteries, so to me the battery life seems pretty good. It has worked well - I just turn it on, click the mouse button, and it pairs with my laptop - usually in about one to three seconds. I'm always using it right next to my laptop, so I haven't really tested long ranges. I also like that it "suspends" itself after a period of inactivity, but comes right back when I start moving it. It is a bit small in my hand, but I kind of wanted that because I am usually working in tight spaces it's meant to be small and portable after all. I have occasionally ran into ever-so-slight jerkiness, but the motion has generally been very smooth and responsive. It certainly beats the touchpad on the laptop.

    I was kind of an idiot when I first started using it and didn't realize I had to actually click the button after turning it on to get it to pair with the laptop, so I kept recreating the partnership and was a little frustrated until I realized my mistake. Just thought I'd mention in case someone else has an aversion to actually reading the one page manual that came with it like me....more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    Loved the price, size, styling. But apparent weak workmanship. Couldn't get power. Batteries, except for 1 fresh set for about 1 minute, never worked after I tried 4 fresh sets. The cover for the batteries remains a bit loose, enough that there's no power. For that 1 minute, it worked fine with my Bluetooth-equipment laptop. Sorry Kensington. I'm returning it....more info
  • I'm happy!
    It's just a good little mouse. Not a fan of a trackpad, and especially on my MacBook Air, this mouse is perfect. I can tote it to work easily, it's a perfect fit for my hand, and is a super match for my Air. My son recommended the brand name having had numerous Kenington products. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great little BT mouse! But after further use...
    1. Great price here in 'Marketplace".
    2. Paired the fastest out of any Bluetooth device I own.
    3. Came in a nice deep blue and not the ugly greenish color thats on the amazon site.

    Really don't have anything bad to say.

    I have to make an addition to my original review...

    This IS a great BT mouse ONLY when it works. After a few minutes it goes to sleep its got to find the computer all over again sometimes taking a few minutes...real nightmare! And forget it when you start/wake your will be sitting there for a few minutes.

    This things SUCKS DOWN THE BATTERIES like no ones business. I've tried rechargeable and regular...about the same, couple of days at best.


    I'd be peeved if I paid the full price for this thing, but I got a great deal...but, you get what you pay for.

    if I could change the star rating I'd give it a 3....more info
  • Good bargain
    Really cheap bluetooth mouse. It works, not very much else to say. Takes two AA batteries and has an on off switch to conserve batteries. Sometimes it takes several clicks for my computer to register the mouse, but that may be my drivers problem and not the mouse. Pretty comfortable, though a tad smaller than I would like, and a tad bigger than portable....more info
  • good mouse
    I brought this second hand. this mouse needs lots of energy.
    The reason why it doesn't pick up easier is because your folks used old or bad batteries.
    You need new or full rechargeable battery in order for this to work very good....more info
  • Nice idea, but bad tracking
    I have the usb version of this mouse, and love it. Unfortunately, the bluetooth one doesn't have the sensitivity of the usb version, and skips and flies all over the screen. It's very fussy about what surface you use it on. Good thing it didn't cost a fortune to find this out though....more info
  • Pilotmouse
    I really like the Kensington PilotMouse it is a good size (not too big, not too small) it works great with my Toshiba built in wireless receiver. ...more info
  • Slipshod
    The Kensington PilotMouse has Bluetooth on its side. But that's where its advantage begins and ends (Who needs one of those USB nodules hanging out the side of your computer?). I bought this mouse to replace my Mac infrared mouse that worked great until I dropped it on a very hard surface. There is no comparison between the two for control and precision. The Kensington is largely unresponsive on any surface from table top to dedicated mouse pad. I'm off to the Mac store to get the genuine article....more info
  • Great mouse
    The mouse is very esay to install, and it works great, I love it and recommend it....more info
  • great deal
    This product works great, save for some difficulty tracking on shiny surfaces. The size and shape are just right, and I had no trouble using it with my mac. It's half the price of other bluetooth mice, and not having to use a cord or receiver is super nice. Mine looks perhaps slightly cheap, but it works fine....more info
  • Bargain bluetooth mouse
    There is not much to say about this mouse, and it's a good thing: it just works. This is an ordinary 2 button/1 scroll wheel optical mouse, slightly smaller than the average desktop mouse but larger than the micro travel mice; that makes it just about right so that it's small enough to take along on trips and large enough to be comfortable to use even if you have large hands.
    Pairing is quick, reliable and painless on OSX and Windows.
    Unlike the tiny micro bluetooth mice I previously owned, this one uses a pair of AA batteries, not AAA. This explains the excellent battery life; good quality NiMH batteries will last weeks in there before you need to recharge them.
    The bottom features a pairing button and a sliding power switch. If you forget to switch the mouse off, no problem: it goes into power save mode after a period of inactivity. To wake it up, you just click on a button.

    Is your laptop bluetooth capable? Don't waste your money on a competing bluetooth mouse. This one does as good a job at half the price....more info
  • Nice compact little mouse
    It fits well in the hand and the batteries seem to go for more than 8 months. I bought some rechargable batteries to go along with it.

    It is comfortable and my Dell D820 easily found it. It even shuts itself down when it has not been used for a period of time which helps with battery life....more info
  • Nice Mouse. Mediocre Battery Life
    I have two of these, one Bluetooth, one using a dongle. The Bluetooth version dies when the batteries will still run its sister for a couple more weeks. Other than that, it's a nice mouse....more info
  • Not too Bad
    Mouse works very well. Have a small issue, and that is sometimes it seems to skip a bit. It won't move for a moment, and when it finally does, it goes much further than you thought it would go. Besides that, it works great on my Macbook Pro....more info
  • Best mouse I've used
    This bluetooth mouse is great. Easy to set up and a pleasure to use. And you can't beat amazon's price, as usual!!...more info
  • Pairing & Battery Issues
    I love this new mouse - when it works. Unfortunately you have to often go through the Pairing process as the Kensington Bluetooth system is much less automated than the USB mice we are all used to. It only takes a minute, but why is it necessary? Also the first set of double A batteries only lasted three weeks vs. 6 months in my USB mice as I don't remember to turn it off after every usage. Don't know whether it is worth the tradeoff, but with my new MacBook Air I only have one USB port and I wanted to leave it free without having to resort to a USB hub. I wish I had stepped up and purchased the Mac Mighty Mouse, the Bluetooth model I use with my iMac works flawlessly and hasn't needed a battery change in four months....more info
  • very reliable and well built, but hard on batteries
    I've had this mouse for two years and it has performed very well. No skips (except on glossy surfaces), good scroll wheel, and small enough to pack unobtrusively. I've used this with two laptops now, my Dell Latitude and now my Macbook. It worked equally well on both, but the Mac bluetooth setup was easier and more reliable. The only downside is that it will go through a set of AA batteries in a week if I leave it on. It powers itself down when it hasn't been touched in a while, but it still uses a lot of power. I would recommend a set of rechargeable Ni-MH or non-recharge Li batteries to cut down on battery costs.

    Very good tracking for a non-laser mouse....more info
  • The Mouse That Roared.
    This affordable mouse is well built and connects easily to my computer's bluetooth. The rubber grip is comfortable and adds protection for those moments when the mouse might fall.

    The mouse has a nice power save feature as well as an on/off switch. The batteries can be quickly changed when needed. It sure is nice not having to waste time trying to plug a mouse in.

    The only drawback it has is the lack of a "battery life" meter, so when the mouse stops working I'd recommend checking the batteries first thing.

    The batteries that came with the mouse didn't have a "best by" date so I have no idea if they were in good condition, but the new batteries I installed have already exceeded the life of the previous ones....more info
  • Great mouse
    Installation instructions aren't crystal clear but once up and running it works great.Using the mouse with a MacBookPro OSX Leopard.

    SHort lag time after start up for BlurTooth recognition.

    Small size is perfect for smaller hands. Get it. Great price, great size, great performance....more info
  • Does not work with my Brand New Macbook
    I bought this mouse to go with my new macbook. I set it up, followed all the directions, and nothing. It wouldnt connect. Returned it....more info
  • A Sweet Little Contraption
    The mouse irritated me at first because I thought it was constantly losing its connection to my Macbook, but I finally figured out that you have to click a button to wake it from sleeping, you can't just move it around like a corded mouse. It reconnects within a couple seconds of clicking a button, and I have had no issues with battery life at all. ...more info
  • good working mouse
    Good mouse comfortable for my hand does not charge or connect using a USB cord, uses 2AA batteries...more info
  • A Solid Wireless Mouse
    I don't relate to any of the negative reviews on here. I found that the mouse was very easy to set up and it works just as well as my regular corded mouse. Once the mouse is configured to your Bluetooth adapter, you never have to do anything again; the adapter will detect it when the power is on.

    It is nice and compact and is very comfortable for long time use. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and the batteries it came with are still going strong. I can't really find a negative thing to say about the mouse.

    It would have been nice if it included a carrying case, but that's a minor inconvenience....more info
  • Great mouse for the price
    I ordered this mouse to use with my Powerbook four years ago. I have now used it with three computers total and it has finally bitten the dust. A part snapped inside of it after being dropped a few too many times. For $30, this is a great mouse....more info
  • Satisfied
    This is an absolutely excellent mouse. However, it's performance seems to be very sensitive to your specific system and use. I bought this for my new Dell Inspiron 1521, which has a duel-core processor and came Bluetooth enabled. I wanted something small, completely cordless and plug free just to avoid using the touchpad. For my purposes it's perfect, as there is enough processor power for it and I'm not running any processor intensive media editing programs or what have you.

    Physically, the mouse is of good quality. It feels comfortable in the hand and is not flimsy. I love the design as well. Perhaps the only downside is that it doesn't come with a USB recharger. As for battery life, I have only owned it for about 2 weeks so it's difficult to tell. (It hasn't died yet, so that's a good sign).

    Update, Sept 2008: using rechargeable Energizers, battery life is acceptable. I haven't timed it or anything but I'd say a few weeks of regular/heavy use.

    -The tracking is precise, random mouse drifting occurs occasionally but not significantly more than with the plug in ball tracker mouses. I love that I don't have to move the mouse a lot to get the cursor from one side of the screen to another. It's much better than those traditional ones that you'd have to pull all the way off your mousepad before it got you where you wanted it to go. Is that what the DPI indicates? Others expressed their concerns about gaming, but I don't see anything inhibiting about this mouse. It's fast and accurate.

    -pairing was very easy. At first I didn't know how to make the mouse recognizable after waking it up and I was frustrated at having to pair it every time I wanted to use it, or wait 15 minutes for it to suddenly become recognized. But after reading some reviews I learned all I had to do was click it and it woke up again, instantly recognized by the PC. It seems that the method varies between computers, however.

    The other aspect I love is being able to use it on any surface. Sometimes I like to use it on my knee or in a bowl of spaghetti, which is just great!

    Final thoughts: I've now had this for a year, and overall it's a satisfactory product. Not ideal in it's functionality but I haven't yet met a technology that was. I highly recommend this to those with newer and more powerful systems and
    looking for something simple and convenient of good quality. And the current prices listed here are great; it's an amazing deal....more info
  • Works as promised depending on computer
    The first Kensington Bluetooth mouse was a gift for my wife. After seeing how well her laptop worked, I bought one for myself.
    First let me say that her mouse works perfectly with her Sony Viao laptop computer. At first she made the mistake of turning off the mouse power. Its far simpler and only requires that one power down the laptop. When the computer shuts off, the mouse goes into hibernation. When the computer turns on, it start broadcasting the bluetooth signal. . .one only has wait for the computer for a second or two, then tap the mouse button which wakes up the mouse. The mouse then takes a second to find the bluetooth signal and its good to go.

    Its comfortable to the hand and the batteries last so long that I don't worry about them. . .it sends a screen message when battery life is at 5 percent.

    I was worried about getting second bluetooth mouse and operating both computers within range of each other. They work perfectly without any cross over signal.

    There is a problem with the laptop however. The mouse works fine for a while, sometimes a long while, but the MY laptop (a Lenovo) has a signal problem and possibly a directional antenna. The mouse doesn't get the laptop signal and it acts jumpy if held in a certain area near the laptop. Sometimes the mouse looses signal. . .the mouse is still active, but the laptop somehow fails to keep up. There are work arounds for the problem but it means a less than acceptable performance from the mouse.

    My suggestion is to make sure that you have a good return policy before purchasing this mouse. If your laptop has a signal problem, then you may experience problems. In which case I would return the mouse and forget about a bluetooth mouse for the computer.
    ...more info
  • Very, very annoying to use...
    I purchased this mouse because it was relatively inexpensive for a bluetooth mouse. Feature-wise it is quite lacking...only two buttons and a scrool wheel. But I figured it was okay because it doesn't cost much, right?

    Well this mouse has other problems too. Most notably, it tracks very poorly. Even on a good mouse pad I get very jumpy action from the mouse. I've tested it out on three laptops: an HP 6400 laptop, an IBM thinkpad (t43), and a MacBook. On all computers the performance is about the same. The mouse is jittery and doesn't move smoothly across the screen.

    Also, the mouse has severe pairing issues. It takes a long time to pair initially, perhaps 15-20 seconds. (Compare to my Apple Pro Keyboard, which pairs in less than 2 seconds.) Of course, this isn't such a bad thing if pairing is a one time operation... But this mouse forgets that it is paired all the time! Every few weeks I have to pair it again.

    The last thing that bugs me about this mouse is the turn on time. When the mouse has gone to sleep (after a period of inactivity), it takes considerable work to turn it on again. Sometimes I just have to click one of the buttons and wait about 5 seconds. But sometimes that doesn't do anything. Sometimes I click several buttons, toggle the on/off switch, or push the connect button. When I need to use the computer, I don't want to have to spend the first 30 seconds troubleshooting the mouse. I want to sit down and have it turn on instantly.

    I don't know if this is an issue with bluetooth, but I also have a $20 logitech wireless mouse that uses a propietary RF protocol (NOT bluetooth), and it suffers from absolutely NONE of the problems mentioned above. I have switched back to using that in the meantime, but the one drawback of that mouse is it requires an external dongle to operate. I'd like to switch to bluetooth so that nothing hangs off the outside of the computer.

    Also, as mentioned above, my Apple Pro Keyboard turns on instantly and works flawlessly all the time. So I think the bluetooth technology itself is not to blame here.

    I'm going to try buying a better bluetooth mouse because I suspect this is just a cheap POC. I would not recommend this mouse, and I will probably stay clear of Kensington products for ever. (Also had a problem with a Kensington power supply. I suspect that they have a very poor design department.)...more info
  • Poor Battery Life, Sluggish Performance
    This would be a great little mouse except for 1. the battery life seems to be about a week or less and, 2. quality of the bluetooth connection seems to fade in and out.
    ...more info
  • Lacking one important feature
    This mouse is lightweight, small, (half the size of my optical mouse), easy to use, and frees up a USB port (plus no wires to tangle with my phone line.)

    BUT the mouse buttons cannot be reprogrammed. I do alot of cut and paste in my work and am used to being able to press the scroll bar to paste text. I couldn't do it with this bluetooth mouse.

    I called Kensington's customer support (very friendly, helpful, and answered the phone with a minimum of numbers to punch.) They told me this mouse is not designed to have its buttons reprogrammed. I suggested that R&D be informed that purchasers of $50 mice expect to be able to reprogram their mouse buttons.

    I'm returning this mouse because I'm in the window for no hassle returns. If reprogramming mouse buttons is not a big deal for you, this is not a bad point device....more info
  • Thee Bomb or Thee Mouse
    Simply the best. You have no plug in receiver to break off or lose. After pairing it with your computer (which must be bluetooth compatible) just turn it on. If you have any problems during use where the mouse does not respond briefly, IT IS NOT the mouse. Often programs are running or other wireless accessories are being used and it may cause very brief interferance, but never an annoyance....more info
  • Not "mini" enough
    Whoever thought this thing should be called "mini" should be smacked. This is by far the largest "travel" mouse I have ever seen. It's closer in size to a regular desktop mouse than any of my old travel mice. I guess I need to find the "micro" version......more info
  • Good choice.
    Nice little mouse so far. Smaller and more "handy" than the Logitech which would have been my second choice....more info
  • Extremely disappointed
    I am highly disappointed with this device.

    It has a very annoying soft-power off if I don't interact with it for about 15 minutes. This power-saving feature is understandable and I can basically deal with it by a left click.

    But it gets worse from here. Sometimes the above procedure fails. You need to completely power-down (remove battery cover) and reset.

    For the past week or so it required that I comletely redo the bluetooth pairing/discovery process.

    Today it is impossible to detect the device. In less than a month, this mouse has completely failed.

    I'm returing it to where I got it. Based on other reviews I've read, I'm not the only person experiencing these types of problems. I'm not even interested in a replacement. I'll get a competing brand.

    ...more info
  • Great Mouse
    Cheap and effective, with multiple buttons, this mouse is priced reasonably and works exceptionally well. Battery life is great!...more info
  • Nice, but worth the price?
    Nice features, on/off switch is nice. AA batteries last long. Sometimes not smooth tracking, though. Almost would be more practical paying less for a wired mouse that works smoothly....more info
  • One of my favorite mice
    I've been using the PilotMouse Bluetooth Mini Mouse for 3 months. It's my everyday mouse for use with my work laptop, wherever I take the laptop.

    Batteries usually last about 6-7 weeks.
    Very smooth and responsive, and has not needed cleaning.
    Very comfortable shape.
    Travels well.
    No Dongle!!!

    Could be a bit larger and still usable as a travel mouse.
    Sometimes bluetooth takes a few seconds to 'recognize' the mouse when waking from sleep/screensaver modes.

    I'd buy it again, but would prefer that it's the size of the Kensington 2.4Ghz mouse....more info
  • Wished for more
    Love the feel and portability. What I do not like is the responsiveness. At times very sluggish and frustrating. Battery life is disappointing as well....more info
  • A poor design
    I bought this mouse for my bluetooth-equipped MacBook.

    The first one often refused to turn back on after it would either go into sleep mode, (I'm assuming that's what it did) or after I physically turned it off.

    I returned it and brought home a 2nd one. It does the same thing.

    I tried different batteries, pairing it with the laptop numerous times and I have finally given up.

    My overall rating? Don't buy it. ...more info
  • mega mouse
    I wanted a small wireless mouse w/ a programmable key I could use to control a PPT presentation. This mouse is way too big to carry in one's pocket. Thus I returned it w/o opening the package. I don't know how well it worked: it's just mislabeled as a "mini" mouse...more info
  • Does Not Work
    The tracking on this mouse does not work. After a few minutes of use, it will start to stutter. Even when it is working, it is very laggy. And that's not to mention that the mouse is pretty expensive. Not recommended....more info
  • Good mouse for the money
    I bought this mouse for my Macbook a couple of months ago, and I am pretty satisfied with it. I wish I would have bought the mac mighty mouse that I have recently heard about, but I really like this mouse because you don't have to have a receiver. If you pick the mouse up, it will freeze on you for a couple seconds so just keep it on the surface, but it isn't a really big deal. If I were you, I would definitely buy this mouse because it is cheap works very well.

    pros: cheap, compact, good grip, on/off switch, long battery life, looks cool
    cons: will freeze for a couple seconds if lifted off surface briefly...more info
  • Great mouse, perfect for travel/compactness
    I use this mouse for travel and when telecommuting from home. (I use a Kensington Expert Mouse w/ rollerball at the office.) I wanted something small to take with me. I've had it for about a year.

    Small and compact; I was concerned with it being too small. I have relatively large hands (L to XL glove) but it turned out to be no issue at all; it's perfectly sized. And it even has the scroll wheel which is handy.

    Price - may be a bit high compared to most, however it is Kensington - excellent quality products that last a long time - but also it is bluetooth, so the price makes sense. Still, definitely worth the price!

    The on/off switch is brilliant, and it does standby so to speak after not being in use for awhile. Regarding connectivity, I find that I need to turn on the mouse before my laptop boots for it to be immediately connected. Otherwise, it usually takes 5-10 min for my laptop to recognize it... may be an issue with my laptop though.

    Definitely would recommend it. 4 to 5 stars....more info
  • Nice feel, but terrible tracking--huge lag time
    I've had this mouse for about a month...use it with my Mac G4 at home...and I'm exhausted. It feels very nice in the hand and I really like the scrolling ball feature (hence the 2 stars), but it's just not predictable. Sometimes it glides along smoothly, most other times it tracks across the monitor like you're mousing over pebbles. I've tried a number of different surfaces: desktop (light woodgrain); smooth, medium gray fabric mouse pad; mouse pad made specifically for optical mice (better than the other two) and I have even tried picking the thing up and shaking it to knock it into submission--to no avail. It still lags and I have a hard time honing in on an object to select it (or to check a box or pick up a puzzle piece in a jigsaw puzzle...)

    I use Photoshop and other mousing intensive apps all day at work and at home and I need a mouse that is precise (for silhouetting, etc.). This just isn't it. You shouldn't have to think about mousing when you're doing it, it should just happen--immediately and smoothly, corded or cordless. And a "newer" technology should work better that a gummed up "old" tracking ball mouse!

    Maybe it doesn't like my older Mac. Maybe it's the bluetooth adapter. Whatever it is, it's not working...

    I'll be trying the Logitech MX1000 next. It has a recharging base and is Laser (instead of optical). I'm hoping the higher price will translate into better performance....more info
  • It Just Doesn't Work
    I read the good and bad reviews of this mouse and decided to take my chances. I should have listened to the folks who had trouble with the mouse. It moves the cursor on the screen very erratically. I made several attempts on two different computers, and it was completely unusable. I've returned the mouse to Amazon, and I truly hope that they will discard any remaining inventory of this item and never offer it again. (They might also consider testing the items that they offer for sale.)...more info
  • The mouse with Parkinson's disease
    For my PowerBook - my first bluetooth mouse (a macally bt) worked for about nine months and then a bad battery caused major leakage all over my desk. So for the replacement I read the reviews and went with the Kensington bluetooth mini - primarily for the on/off functionality.

    I like the size and shape, the on/off switch and the scroll works just keen. However, tracking is a nightmare - especially when CPU usage is high (applications like Photoshop, Acrobat or using a VPN to access my work files). I tried troubleshooting, adjusting the track rate, but nope. The cursor continues to stutter across the screen with this mouse.

    I think I'm going to throw in the towel and go back to wired....more info
  • not all that it could be
    The first mouse I received was simply defective, and needed replacing, which Kensington did after half a dozen email exchanges. The mouse was erratic from the start, would not stay on, and eventually would not go on at all. The replacement mouse is problem-free, and perfectly adequate, thus enabling a comparison between it and Apple's wireless "mighty mouse". The most obvious difference is in the action of the scroll wheel, which on the Kensington mouse is ratchet-like and clunky. The scroll wheel on the Apple mouse, in contrast, is a tiny little ball that operates as smooth as silk. ...more info
  • Works as great as I thought it would.
    This mouse has gone above and beyond. I enjoy using it on a daily basis. Whether I am working on a hard desk or just checking email from bed (yes it works on the bed with no mouse pad) it has proven to be a very useful tool. I haven't even changed the batteries yet. It's a must for anyone who is on the go because of its small size. ...more info
  • Comfortable & convenient
    I've had this mouse for 2 days and I'm loving it!
    This mouse was easy to connect to my MacBook. It's hefty enough to feel like a full-size mouse. It's definitely NOT tiny, but I have smaller hands and it feels much like a full-size mouse.
    One thing people need to remember is the optical part of the mouse that does not allow you to use multiple surfaces; without a reflective surface, the mouse cursor WILL jump around.
    The scroll wheel is very smooth, but there's no sensitivity settings.
    Navigating the mouse without restriction is great on my wrist which just got through physical therapy and allows me to be as much in a neutral position as possible....more info
  • Kensington Mouse broke in 15 days
    I bought this mouse for my Macbook pro. It lasted just 15 days. After that the mouse flickers and looses connection randomly. Very very annoying. I am going back to a USB mini mouse. Sad that Kensington with such a good name produced such a bad product. I have read reviews of other customers as well with the same problem on other forums about this mouse. ...more info
  • Just OK
    One of the reasons I chose this mouse, was because Apple recommended it as one that would offer true smooth scrolling. It turns out that this mouse has the same click scroll as many others. It jerks one line at a time ... the clicking is quite loud I might add. Also, I have to set the tracking speed very low because the cursor jerks all over the screen if I don't. Sometimes just clicking on System Preferences corrects the problem, but if I had it to do over, I'd buy something else....more info
  • acceptable
    Been using it for two months, as much as I like its size, battery life, nice rubber grip, I wish it didn't come with the following drawbacks.

    -Slippy scroll wheel, with a dry finger, I have to press a little harder to make it scroll freely. They should either use a softer rubber wheel or reduce scrolling resistance.
    -Sticky pad, if moving around my old MS mouse feels like ice skating, this one is like being dragged through mud. Combining with the extra weight from AA batteries (another drawback), it's bad for gaming, aside from slow movement, you'll end up with a sore hand very quickly.
    -Drifting cursor, as everyone has observed.
    -Low optical resolution, although I don't know what DPI it offers, it definitely not as smooth as my old MS intellimouse.
    -Optical sensor located too behind, which slows down cursor movement. I think they should swap the position of optical sensor with the on/off switch.

    Not sure if I can have a 'perfect' bluetooth mouse on today's market without all these annoyances, anyhow I'm looking forward to replacing it with a better one next year....more info
  • Finally.. The Perfect Bluetooth Mouse (for me)
    After owning this Kensington 72414 Pilotmouse Bluetooth Mini for over a year, here's why:

    1. Battery Life. This mouse takes two AA batteries, enough juice to last about a month with heavy use. For those keeping score, this is equal battery life to Apple's bluetooth mouse. Rechargeables are sill nice to have, but I'll cheerfully replace them once a month. (As opposed to once a week... but that's another mouse, and another review..)

    2. Drivers. Kensington FINALLY updated the MouseWorks drivers to support this mouse. While MouseWorks has been around for years, the software that supports this mouse is currently in beta... but it works very well on my PowerBook. The programmable options with this mouse are nearly limitless. Here's an idea of what you can do with this mouse:

    a) Left click (but customizable to whatever you'd like)

    b) Right click (but customizable to whatever you'd like)

    c) Scroll vertically, click the scrollwheel once and scroll horizontally. I can't get over how cool (and useful!) this feature is. Kensington even cleverly designed their icon that shows up in the menu bar to give visual feedback as to which direction the wheel will scroll. But just in case this doesn't thrill you the way it thrills me, you can also turn this feature off and set the scrollwheel click to anything else you'd like to.

    d) Chord (click right and left buttons at the same time) You can program this function to just about anything you want. The drivers support keystrokes; you can even write a script to be launched when you chord. I like closing a window by chording; others enjoy chording instead of pressing the enter key. The possibilities really are nearly endless.

    e) Application level control, if you want it. You can literally set up different profiles and have the mouse behave differently depending on which application you're using. If that sounds complicated, don't worry. The Default profile affects all applications globally. Power users will love the flexibility here, though.

    3. Size. I've used average-sized desktop mice and I've used tiny travel mice. This one fits smack in the middle. It's large enough to be ergonomic and easy to use, while still small enough to pack easily for travel.

    4. Competitors? The only competitor this mouse *might* have is Apple's (currently fictitious) Bluetooth Mighty Mouse. We shall see...

    In summary? If you're a power user with a laptop with built-in bluetooth, this is the mouse for you. In case you were wondering, it's the only Kensington bluetooth mouse with a power switch -- a huge feature if you're planning on keeping this mouse in your laptop bag. Even if you're not a power user, you'll probably still love this mouse.

    Disclaimers: Bluetooth mice are not for gamers. Your mileage may vary under Windows. If you like gigantic, oddly-shaped asymmetric mice, you'll hate this one....more info
  • Very convenient and reliable - perfect companion to a wireless laptop
    There couple of reasons why I'm happy with this mouse:
    1. It's using bluetooth - therefore I can have wireless mouse without plugging proprietary wireless dongles to my laptop (which has built-in bluetooth).
    2. It snugly fits my palm (which is quit big) although the mouse is relatively small.
    3. Designed to be symmetric, it's good for both right-handed and left handed people.
    4. Has optical sensor, with scroll wheel.
    5. Shuts down automatically when the laptop hibernates.

    I've notices some slow response when other devices (such as PDA) are sharing the bluetooth antenna. I guess it's not the mouse but the bluetooth antenna. Anyway, usually it lasts only couple of seconds so I don't really care....more info
  • it is very good
    I have used it about one month. It is very convenient and always works perfect.
    It has an automatic standby mode, so the battery may use longer time....more info
  • So far so good
    I have had this mouse for almost a month now. It is a very good mouse for my purposes. I need something small that I can carry along with me when I travel and to use with my laptop at home instead of the trackpad. I have noticed that when I have other electronic devices (video cam, digital cam, etc.) on my desk it gets jumpy and skips all over the screen, but when I move it closer to the computer this problem goes away. Not really a problem for me but if working with precise graphics it might become a problem. Overall I am quite pleased since I do not need a receiver as with most other wireless mice, which was the most important feature to me....more info
  • Perfect for my Dell i9300
    I have had this bluetooth mouse for about a month. I have a Dell i9300 laptop with built in bluetooth and this mouse installed perfectly and has worked exactly as advertised. I am a woman and the smaller size mouse fits me great. I am still using the same battery so it last at least a month. I do no turn it off but rather let it just "go to sleep".

    I have not found any response difference to my previous usb microsoft intellimouse.
    I paid $47.00 and that may seem high, but I really like being wireless AND not having to use an dongle or other usb stuff.

    Can't think of anything wrong with the mouse or its operation....more info
  • So So performance for a high price
    Pro - Nice size. So far the batteries have lasted and I never turn it off. It's comfortable to use.

    Con - I've had the mouse for a few weeks and I have a problem where the mouse cursor stutters instead of moving smoothly. It happens on multiple computers. Updating the Bluetooth stack has not helped and the Kensington support via mail takes almost a day to get a response. All though I've been waiting for 2 days for the latest response.

    I would not suggest you buy one unless you aren't worried about the $50 and have a backup mouse for when you get tired of it's erratic movement....more info
  • Pretty Good, But Could Be Better
    I've had this mouse for about 10 days now, so my experience is limited. However, I have a pretty good feel for how the device works. Let's consider the following areas:

    Size - I like this mouse because it is an in between size. It is smaller than a desktop mouse, but it is bigger than most wireless and other laptop mice. I have bigger hands so something a little bigger was necessary. I have found it very comfortable to use for hours at a time.

    Pairing - This is a little odd. You flip the mouse's on/off switch, and then a dedicated pairing button. After doing so, you search for a specific device from your bluetooth icon in the sytem tray. Select the device from the list and then click the mouse to confirm. However, the device doesn't show up in "My Bluetooth Places" or as a paired device. This is confusing because I thought that I would have to pair the device every time I shutdown/restarted my PC. To my surprise, after Windows boots, all you have to do is click the mouse one time, and it connects. It would still be nice for it to behave like other bluetooth devices.

    Usage - I do not play games so I have not had the problems that others have described. For use with Microsoft Office and surfing, I have found nothing negative about it. Right and left clicks and scrollwheel work as expected.

    Battery Life - I am still on the batteries that came with the device. However, I would have liked to have seen a rechargable device with a USB plug-in for charging purposes. Depending on how often the batteries run out, this might not be that big of an issue. Still, I would have liked to have seen more consideration given to this area. The dedicated on/off switch as well as standby mode should maximize battery life.

    Range - I have not used it at a distance from my laptop so I can't really comment. I use a laptray for my laptop, and I have the mouse on the other side from my USB bluetooth adaptor with no issue. I don't really have a need for much more range than that.

    Overall, it's a pretty good device. I prefer bluetooth over the wireless options because it is one less adaptor to have taking up a USB port. Perhaps a future edition will be rechargable....more info
  • changed review-now 4 stars
    I've had two of them now and both quit working. The 2nd one was complements of Kensington (after a month of waiting) and within 2 weeks it quit also. The company won't answer my email now (however sent yet another mouse--USB, not bluetooth).

    Well, I did a little research and found out the problem is that batteries don't last too long on this mouse. I now have two working bluetooth mice and a USB mouse :-)))...more info
  • Excellent product
    I've had this product for a couple of weeks and it is by far one of my favorite gadgets. It was simple to set up, the response time is excellent. In addition, it feels great in your hand.

    While it doesn't provide a lot of extra buttons, that's just fine with me as I'm trying to keep it simple. I haven't fully tested the range yet, but it definitely works at 10ft.

    Great product.
    ...more info
  • Decent mouse for laptop owners, but still lacking in some areas...
    First of all, I bought this mouse because I wanted something for desk use while my laptop was at home. I also really wanted two buttons and a scroll wheel, and no wires to get in the way.

    That being said, for my purposes, this mouse works fine. It doesn't require any special software to set-up (my PowerBook recognized it immediately), and works out of the box with the included batteries. It has an on/off switch, which I find VERY useful (and surprisingly is not included with a lot of Bluetooth mice). If you are going to be taking this in a backpack/bag then you will want to prevent the mouse from accidentally being turned on and wasting batteries.

    So what's my gripe for giving the mouse 3 stars? This mouse doesn't work that great if you are more than a few feet away. Although it's supposed to work within 60 feet, it doesn't work WELL. Also, it tends to lose connection once in a while (although it gains it back in a few seconds), and the tracking precision is only mediocre. However, I have gotten used to the way it works-- but I shouldn't have to, right?

    On a side note, the term "mini" doesn't entirely apply to this mouse. The mouse is more of a "midsize". It's larger than the compact & portable mice that are seen out there (geared toward notebook users). However, it's not as big as the full size ergonomic mice. This isn't necessarily a problem, but it could annoy some people. However, if that is what you're looking for, then it's a plus.

    BOTTOM LINE: If you want a mid-sized mouse with the convenience of Bluetooth, an on/off feature, and will be using this mouse close to your computer (3-5 feet) for basic tasks (i.e. not gaming), then this mouse is more than adequate. ...more info
  • Pretty good mouse
    Disclaimer: this is my first use of a wireless mouse, bluetooth or otherwise. Ergonomically, the mouse is good...maybe a little small, but then it is called "PilotMouse Mini". The responsiveness and tracking are very good, but there is one annoying issue: when the LED dims after a few seconds of no mouse movement, the pointer lags for a split second when you move the mouse again. It seems to be dependent on the surface, but I can't say for sure. The mouse is also a bit heavy with the two AA batteries. However, several of the Bluetooth mice I looked at need two AA batteries. I haven't owned the mouse long enough to comment on battery life....more info
  • Great little mouse
    Bought this so I'd always have a mouse available for my powerbook. Much more convenient than a USB mouse of any stripe. It was very easy to set up and I had it working in 3 minutes. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the software Kensington provides for OSX 10.X doesn't detect the mouse, even if OS X does....more info
  • Highly recommend. On/off switch a huge plus.
    This is an excellent mouse. The best feature is the on/off switch which is a huge saver on battery life - I've owned this for two months and have yet to replace the original batteries. This may not be a good mouse for serious gamers or graphic artists as it is a little on the small side, but it is excellent for general use and travel. I have a Mac and I love having a wireless mouse with two buttons and a scroll wheel. It powers up immediately and my laptop recognizes it within 5 seconds. I would highly recommend....more info
  • Works great with Mac Mini
    I have a wired Pilot Mouse on another computer and love it, but wanted to go wireless. I purchased the Pilot Mouse Mini rather than the Pilot Mouse because the former has an on/off switch, which I thought would address the complaints about the Pilot Mouse's power usage. So far I have not used it long enough to give a battery life estimate.

    Configuration with a Mac Mini was quick & painless. In terms of tracking & response, it's great for video/music editing but I haven't tried it with games. I have found if I don't do anything for a few minutes the first time I move the mouse there is a small lag but after that response is instant. The mouse does go to sleep if you don't use it for an extended period of time and it doesn't seem to automatically connect when you power-on, but holding down any button (I use the scroll wheel) for a few seconds will re-establish contact.

    So far - no complaints.

    ...more info
  • Convenient but overpriced
    After I noticed my thumbs developing slight pain from using the cramped touchpad on my laptop, I looked around for a cordless mouse. I opted for the Kensington Pilot Mini for the following reasons, in order of importance:
    1) Bluetooth technology (no infrared receiver to deal with)
    2) Priced lower than other models such as the MSFT mouse
    3) Compact size because I travel every couple of months

    I'll cut to the chase and list my pros and cons.

    - First mouse arrived and within a few days, the rubber pad peeled away from the chassis. I firmly pressed it down so that the adhesive made contact again but it would only stay down for a few days. I returned the mouse for a replacement.
    - About half the time, when I stop moving the mouse, the cursor drifted right to left. It's unclear whether this is due to the mouse or my Bluetooth card but the replacement does not seem to have this problem.
    - The scroll wheel makes an annoying rattling sound when scrolling. Not a problem at home but this could get annoying if I'm in a meeting. Replacement mouse also has this problem.
    - I bought this for $52.99 but I now see the price is $69.99. At $52.99, it was pricier than most IR mice but I thought I'd invest in the Bluetooth technology and use the mouse for a number of years. In retrospect, I find the quality shoddy for a product priced at this premium. Certainly at $69.99, the mouse is overpriced in my opinion. I recognize I'm paying the early adopter price for Bluetooth but if you can get by with an IR mouse, do that or wait until this device drops to $30 in a year.

    - Setup is incredibly easy (I'm using XP pro with the Kensington Bluetooth card).
    - Not specific to this mouse, but the comfort of a cordless mouse is fantastic. I plan on keeping the replacement mouse, scroll wheel rattle and all.
    - Mouse seems to work on a variety of surfaces.
    - Priced lower than other Bluetooth mice. Kensington marketing did their homework; this mouse is priced lower than mose Bluetooth mice but still higher than IR mice so it captures a profit. However, at $69.99, I'm not sure this is still true.

    All in all, I'm keeping the mouse but disappointed with the quality given the price. As a side note, I've shopped Amazon since they started business 10 years ago and this is the first return I've had to make. The make the process EXTREMELY painfree. They had a Returns web site that sends out a replacement immediately with no cost to me. Since the product is a defect, I do not incur shipping charges for sending the old one back....more info
  • Works well, a little bit of lag.
    I just recieved the Mini in the mail literally 15 minutes ago and have already installed it on my Dell Inspiron 9300 Notebook. The mouse was discovered very easily and i didnt have to put it 3 or 4 feet away. The only thing i've noticed so far is that the mouse lagged at first. I'm not having much problem with it right now, but as i said, its only 15 minutes old. Overall, this is a good mouse and you should not be worried about whether your computer is going to discover it or if it is going to be of poor quality. This mouse is a safe buy....more info
  • Easy to Use and a Solid Little Mouse
    This Kensington Pilotmouse Mini Bluetooth is the perfect addition to my laptop. Very easy to set-up and discover if you are using WinXP. I am amazed by how solid the build quality is on this device. This is my first Kensington product and I am very impressed. The mouse runs on two AA batteries and the built-in power saving functions make the batteries last a long time. Using this mouse with your laptop will allow you to eliminate the 'dongle' used by some other mice. Pick up this little mouse and enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth with a solid performer!...more info