Palm Treo 650 Black Leather Open Face Case with Removable Belt Clip By Prima Cases
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Product Description

This elegant and functional case is made of premium full grain leather and designed to protect your Treo 650 from daily wear and tear. It allows complete access to the screen and control surfaces (no clear plastic covering), open access to the headphone jack and all side controls. This model is NOT SUITABLE for the Treo 600 Series. Check our line of case solutions for the Palm Treo family.

  • Made of Premium Full Grain Leather
  • Custom designed for Palm Treo 650 Series
  • Full Screen Visibility, Exposed Control Keys
  • Access to all side controls
  • Available with removable belt clip
Customer Reviews:
  • Love my Bellagio
    It is a perfect form fit. All keys, connections and screen are completely visible. It has a very rigid frame that protects the screen while giving you a perfect view.

    Pro's - All of the above


    As others have said the clip is centered in the middle of the phon so the Treo is usually upside down . No biggey....more info
  • This Case Can Damage Your Phone
    Do not buy this case. It's expensive for what you get, and serious flaws can result in damage to your phone.

    As another reviewer mentioned, the poor clip design causes the phone to spin around. Since the phone is top-heavy, the tendency is for the phone to flip upside-down when you use the belt clip.

    Combine that with a faulty button that un-snaps unexpectedly, and your phone will fall out of its case on a regular basis. I've had my phone fall out of its case on more than one occasion, and I no longer use this case as a result.

    The Treo 650 is a hot commodity at work right now, and several co-workers had the same case. They also stopped using it after experiencing what I described above, and have bought a different case. Save your money, time and aggravation -- buy a different case for your Treo....more info
  • Looking for a new case
    Love the case - hate the clip. The case works well with no interference when using the phone. But the clip is in the middle of the case so the phone doesn't hang up and down, it spins around. If I'm in and out of my car or my desk chair all day I'll unclip the phone and it will be upside down. Also, with the clip in the middle of the phone you have to spin the phone so it's horizontal so that you can unclip it.

    Great case, too bad they didn't think it all the way through....more info
  • Nice case, be careful who you buy it from.
    sterling123 is *not* selling this case -- what they actually shipped was a piece of vinyl crap, not even remotely the correct item. Make sure you buy it from Bellagio or from a reputable dealer here on Amazon.

    Basic case design is nice, although a little klunky-looking. Doesn't interfere with access to screen or keyboard, which is important -- plastic covers really do interfere. Nice choice if you're going to carry it in a handback or belt pouch!...more info
  • Love it
    High quality case that doesn't interfere with use of the screen or keyboard. Love it!!...more info