Canon LC-5 Wireless Controller for select EOS Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

For photographers who do not want to bump the bee's knees, spook the subject, or receive a stinging rebuke (or worse), Canon's infrared Wireless Controller LC-5 can make compelling close-ups a snap, even from more than one football field away.Working in Macro mode can demand a level of precision and steadiness that goes beyond the tolerances of typical picture taking. Mounting the camera on a sturdy tripod and controlling the camera functions with a remote switch are long-standing methods of minimizing camera shake and vibration. Now, thanks to Canon's new Wireless Controller LC-5, photographers can easily create compelling close-ups from a safe and secure "line-of-sight" distance of up to 330 feet. Far more than a wireless shutter release, this newly enhanced infrared remote provides photographers with the flexibility to control essential camera functions without intruding on the scene.

  • Easily capture rock-solid macro shots and close-ups from up to 330 feet away
  • One-shot release mode pre-focuses camera and waits for subjects to cross into range
  • Attaches easily to camera's accessory shoe
  • Powered by four AA-sized batteries
  • Compatible with Canon EOS 30D, 20D, 10D, 5D, EOS-1D, EOS-1DS, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS-1DS Mark II, EOS-1D Mark III
Customer Reviews:
  • It is enormous!
    It is Gigantic! The unit barely fits in a shirt pocket, and protrudes significantly.
    The receiver unit which mounts in the camera hotshoe, is 1/4 the size of the camera.

    I always prefer to purchase the Canon products, despite the higher price for accessories, but this was just too large to be practical.Coupled with the high cost, I chose to return it.

    It works perfectly, but unless you want the ability to daisy chain several of these units to extend the remote firing distance you might be better off with a lower cost, and smaller after market unit.

    I returned my unit, and purchased Canon WFT-E3A Wireless File Transmitter for EOS-40D The thought process was - if I'm going to use something large, it should provide far more capability. Very pleased with the WFT-E3A...more info
  • Excellent item but a little pricey
    I received the item within a few days after ordering. It works great and is very well made. The price was a little high for the amount of times I will be using it but I'm happy with the purchase. If you have the need, I would highly recommend this wireless remote....more info
  • overkill
    more than 15 years ago I was able to buy a wireless remote for my EOS Elan that was about the size of a box of matches and didn't need anything attached directly to the camera. When I bought this remote 6 months ago it was because it was the only available choice. Due to the weight it adds to the body it caused my tripod to fall yesterday which made the piece that fits in the hot shoe snap off, now it is worthless. Thankfully there are better (non-Canon) options to be found today so I'll spare Canon my angry note about the price of progress and how ridiculous it is to pay hundreds of dollars for something bigger than an ancient TV remote control. Adorama has a nice alternative with great reviews, save your money and buy one of those instead! Adorama Wireless Radio Remote Release for Canon EOS 5D, 10D, 20D, 30D...more info
  • Why not integral?
    This is one of those things that has always frustrated me about higher end cameras, leaving off the features that are standard equipment for ordinary cameras. I've looked at this, but decided against buying it for two reasons.

    One is that I already own a tethered remote - the only choice at the time - which cost too much and does more than I need. The other is that it ought to be designed in and I can use this money for something I use more. (And I do macrophotography)

    I've own a Canon G-6, a Canon s550 and have owned an assortment of good solid midrange digital cameras -- Olympus included -- that all came with a remote release.

    What I really could have used when I first bought an EOS 20D was just a simple remote. I used it for almost everything -- until I actually needed a remote. Then I dragged out the 8.0 Olympus that could do remote with my eyes open or closed.

    I'm sure the quality of this is good, but it's one of those things that they ought to include as part of the design, but it adds another $300 for a fairly simple function.

    I couldn't buy it, but you ought to consider remotes when you buy an SLR and decide if you need this oe something else. For Macrophotography, the tethered release is usually more than you need .. and it will do all the fancy stuff ... if you can figure the instructions out. ...more info
  • An organized user's manual would be helpful
    The controller is an elegant piece of gear, even for an rookie like myself. However, the manual is another story. In the English section, after page 4, it switches to Spanish. Then, in the Nederlands section, the preliminary english pages repeat, followed by the rest of the english pages, then switches back to Spanish. I didn't go through all of the other languages. I went back to Canon and asked if I could get a manual that was properly organized. They told me, by return email, that this is the only manual available, but I could call an 800 number if this response was unsatisfactory.

    So, unless you can puzzle this out without printed guidance, be prepared to an upfront challenge.

    Fred...more info