D-Link DCS-6620G Wireless PTZ Dual Codec 0.05 Lux Optical Zoom Internet Camera
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Product Description

- Product Name: SecuriCam Network DCS-6620G Wireless Internet Camera - Marketing Information: D-Link, a leading provider of wired and wireless IP Cameras, introduces a new member of the Securicam Network family of Internet Cameras the DCS-6620G Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera. Featuring dual codec support, a 10x optical zoom lens, 802.11g wireless connectivity, built-in microphone, and low-light sensitivity, the DCS-6620G is the ultimate remote monitoring solution for your security needs. - Product Type: Surveillance/Network Camera Display and Graphics - Sensor Type: CCD - Video Resolution: 704 x 480 @ 10 fps - Video Resolution: 352 x 240 @ 30 fps - Illumination: 0.05 Lux - Color Support: Color Lens - Optical Zoom: 10x Network and Communication - Connectivity Technology: Cable - Connectivity Technology: Wireless - Wireless Technology: IEEE 802.11g - Protocols: TCP/IP - Protocols: Ethernet - Protocols: Fast Ethernet - Protocols: DDNS - Protocols: UPnP - Protocols: NTP - Protocols: SMTP - Protocols: FTP - Protocols: HTTP Interfaces/Ports - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x RJ-45 10/100Base-TX - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x Microphone - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x Audio/Video Output - Interfaces/Ports: 1 x DC Power Input Power Description - Input Voltage: 12 V DC Physical Characteristics - Dimensions: 4.35" Height x 4.07" Width x 4.06" Width - Weight: 14.4 oz Warranty - Standard Warranty: 1 Year(s)

  • Up to 30 Fps at 352x240
  • 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
  • 802.11g wireless connectivity
Customer Reviews:
  • Its pretty good depending on how you use it
    I own my own business and got hired by a client who needed people who knew how to work security cameras. I didnt think it would be that hard. They needed security cameras for a national card game held 3x a year in different places all the time. They wanted us to watch or catch possible cheaters or disprove a cheater. I started out with 4 cameras.It was amazing. Loved how it could really zoom from far away and the picture quality. I could read people's suits in their cards from 100 feet away. But when I upgraded to 8 cameras,it started to become a problem.Using the DVIEW CAM program,8 cameras started to freeze or cut out.I was also using a dlink DIR 450 router and had a sprint air card attached to it(since it is what they recommended to use with these cameras)but what they failed to mention is that the more cameras you have,the more problems you will have too.The sprint air card(and any other aircard you buy)only provides a limited bandwidth.And to divide that to 8 cameras will really decrease it a lot which will then give you an unstable connection.The only way for me to solve this is to have a solid internet connection like comcast internet.But since I am always mobile with this system,I cant do that.I wish I knew that before I spent 4 additional cameras.Now I have to buy another router and air card and laptop to split 8 cameras into 2. Their tech support will take you hours. When you first call, you will be helped by a novice and if they cant help you, will transfer you to a higher level tech support, and if they cant help you wil transfer you to another higher level tech. They are quick to say that a product is defective even if it isnt. So you want to be sure you did everything you can. I know more about these cameras than I want to know. I had to change settings for the cameras, the router, ports, static IP's and everything technical. Also, make sure the computer you use is a 32-bit operating system because this is NOT compatible with 64 bit. Anything more than 3GB RAM will be 64 bit....more info
  • Setup was easy, tons of useful features and has been working great for weeks!
    I have installed this camera in order to monitor my newborn in his crib mainly so that I can hear him when I'm not in the bedroom and he needs my help.

    The installation was very easy -- took me only 10 minutes. The web-based interface is not as decked out, but very easy-to-use. After installing a small ActiveX Control, it immediately works with my Internet Explorer 6.5. I was even able to create different user accounts so that my son's not-as-tech-savvy grand parents and uncles/aunts can view him live from Taiwan and West Coast. It's been up and running for several weeks and no previously reported bugs have been found. I guess they updated the firmware/software.

    My overall feedback:
    - Very easy to setup
    - Support of two-way audio communication -- I can hear my son and talk to him
    - Camera rotation, zoom, white-balance (iris) even the LED lights can be controlled easily through web-based interface
    - Ability to create multiple user accounts with diff. privileges
    - Built-in web-based streaming server -- very easy to set up a web-cast
    - Has auto-focus and auto-white-balance

    - Doesn't support Firefox (reason for a 4-star)
    - Auto-focus sometimes doesn't focus perfectly
    ...more info
  • When it worked...
    When it worked, it worked very well and I was happy. Resolution was excellent, low light excellent, really all was perfect (I did not use it wireless, mine was wired into my network and used outdoors with the D-Link outdoor heated housing). About 1 year later it stopped taking any commands and then stopped working. So, it was great while it lasted. I replaced it with the lower level D-Link DCS-5300. You can read my review on that one if you like. ...more info
  • Purchase something else
    The first one I received was defective. That can happen with anything manufactured. The replacement(very fast, Thanks Amazon) was not a problem getting it to work, keeping it working was a problem. Camera would just quit working for no reason - black screen. Let it set for some time (cool) and it would come back on. Unit did get very warm, but not to the point it would cause a fire. Zoom and focus was OK, along with moving the camera. Forget about wireless! After hours of attempts, even with a person that works in that field, we could not get it to work unless it was hard wired. No support from company. Some have stated it needed a firmware upgrade. That may be the cause of most of the problems. Something that cost as much as that camera should do a much better job.
    I did what I thought was the best action to take, return for refund. Best thing to do is look at other cameras....more info
  • Don't know what in the world those guys are bitching about!
    I have use this cam without any problem. Wireless is rock solid, image good. 270 degree coverage is hard to beat, low light good, free software excellent for the price.

    Still scratching my head trying to figure out why those other guys are having so much trouble!...more info
  • Excellent Wireless Camera
    I am absolutely pleased with this cameras ability. I have been a security technician for over 6 years now and install cameras as well as security systems, access control, networks, phone systems, ect. I'm not saying that I know it all but I have seen a lot of things and hold a very good understanding of camera's. The 0.05 low lux is excellent. This is not meant to be a night time camera. It is designed to operate on very low light such as a parking lot with streat lights. The camera can do a 704x576 resolution while still recording at 10kb/s. Most camera's that are installed in business by companies only do 400x300 or somewhere around that range. Others have mentioned this camera freezing in reviews I have read, but not once since i bought this camera over a month ago has it froze. It took me minutes to set up the dcs-6620g on my wireless network and I have not droped connection since day one. Yes there are camera's out there that cost more, but why spend the money for a few extra features that you "may" not need. I would seriously consider looking over this cameras abilities before marking it off your list of possible choices. As far as technical support goes I can't verify either way. I had a small question about one of the features and they answered the phone at a desirable period of time (for tech support) and were able to help me. Although, the person did sound a bit busy as if I was just another call. Excellent buy, I know it is a bit pricey but I believe it was worth it. Just think it could be worse, some wireless cameras go for $1500+. ...more info
  • What a piece of junk
    I have many cameras, network and otherwise, PTZ and fixed, and this is by far the worst one. It has difficulty focusing, it's noisy, doesn't hold presets well, and the image appears to start "melting" every few seconds, then snaps back to clear. The wireless connection is pretty reliable, but that's about all I can count on. The API support for this thing is nil, along with the options they give you. Tech support is usually no help at all. I just purchased an Axis 213 PTZ, and it completely blows this thing out of the water. No more DLink for me....more info
  • Video Security Camera
    This particular Cam has some issues but as long as you understand how to configure it, it will blow you away. I've heard people complain about Dlink and they do have to get on the ball with tech support, autually their tech support sucks but I don't need them. This is not a plug and play device so study the online manual carefully. When you actually learn how to use it, you won't buy anything else for the price. If you are tech savey, you will really enjoy the product. I have nine cams installed at three locations. Using their IP software you can view upto 16 at once. The reason I'm back, on this site, is because I need to order two more. I did have to return my first one but it was a pre-production unit and somebody forgot a timing gear. Dlink sent my replacement direct. The oldest cam has worked flawlessly for a year now. One last comment, the next closent cam is a panasonic but for equal quality you will pay 50% more with less features....more info
  • Do not buy this camera
    I'm a software developer - believe me when I say - do not buy this camera. It freezes up constantly, loses its wireless grip, doesn't return reliably to location settings... All in all a great concept but D-Link doesn't deliver. No tech support. I had to return mine to Amazon. Funny, I then tried a 3220G and it died as soon as I applied the latest firmware. Don't waste your time with these cameras....more info