Epson StoryTeller Photo Book Creator -- 8in x 10in (10 pages)
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Product Description

Life is more than a snapshot, it's a story. And now you can share yours in a beautiful, glossy photo book. StoryTeller Photo Book Creator from Epson is an all-inclusive kit with everything you need to turn your digital photos into a beautiful, hard-bound glossy photo book for friends and family to enjoy. And, it can be printed and assembled right at home. You get a durable, pre-bound 8"x10" 10-page book, along with glossy photo pages, a glossy book cover, plus easy-to use software that lets you select, enhance and place up to 200 photos. Whether it's a family reunion, a graduation, an exciting trip or everyday moments, StoryTeller makes the perfect book for friends and family. Includes two custom-size sheets of scored glossy photo paper (use one for practice and the other for your final cover) Custom-fit transparent sleeve protects your finished book Easy at-home assembly Works with most ink jet printers Epson printers and higher-end printers from HP, Lexmark and Dell will print the entire 28.73 cover. Most other printers, including printers from Canon, cannot print on paper that is 28.73 long. See your printer's specifications for details. Ifyour printer does not support the cover-sized paper, you can use the two extra glossy photo paper sheets and adhesive strips (included in each package) to create separate front and back covers. Minimum system requirements - IBM compatible PC, Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP, 2.3GB of available HD space, 16-bit color monitor (800 x 600 pixels or higher)

  • Everything you need to make your own photo book
  • Easy-to-use software; 10 8-by-10-inch pages
  • Attractive and convenient outer cover
  • Provides easy at-home assembly
  • Works with almost any inkjet printer
Customer Reviews:
  • Epson Storyteller 8x10 10 page
    I bought the Epson Storyteller 8x10 10page scrapbook kit and was very pleased with my purchase. I recieved it in perfect condition and within the time esimated. Thank You!...more info
  • Excellent Product!
    The Epson Storyteller is an excellent product! I have used it for numerous scrapbook projects. It's very easy to use and the only time I've had trouble with it is getting it to print the storyteller long paper for the cover, because I don't have a printer that's compatible with that. Other than that, it's great! ...more info
  • we love it
    We find that this is a wonderful way to make a history of visits with our children and grandchildren and give to them so their memories stay fresh. We can't visit them as often as we would wish due to distances involved and this is a great way to keep relationships meaningful. Great product and easy to use....more info
  • Beware
    I have a Epson C82 printer. So far I spent 5 hours trying to get the program to print correctly. Tech support slight help, but still not able to print. Good Luck if you try it. Bob...more info
  • Photo Book
    This is a easy way to put together a photo album or write your own story book with your own pictures. Note that the pages are heavy photo paper and printable on just one side. ...more info
  • A neat concept.
    User friendly, but could have more options with Fonts and size of print. A wonderful idea to replace scrapbooking....more info
  • wonderful
    I read the other reviews and have to say that I loved the storyteller. I use an epson printer and it wasn't hard to print. It works better when you use the user defined custom setting to print the cover instead of the panoramic. I also printed the pages borderless and it looks like I sent it out to a professional printing service. Thanks Epson...more info
  • no room for creativity
    The idea of this book is great, but there is no room for creativity whatsoever. If a page has space for 11 photos, you have to put in 11 photos. If you like the layout, but only want to put in 9 photos, it won't adjust itself. If you're supposed to put a date somewhere, there is no room for more characters than a date would require, and it is not adjustable. You want to move a photo up a bit, out of luck. I got so frustrated using their software, that I will be doing most of the layout work (except the cover) in Adobe Illustrator, which is obviously more flexible, but will require more of my time. This is for someone who likes to be told how to design their custom-designed book....more info
  • Easy to Use -- Nightmare to Print
    Loved the software and layouts.....hated printing. It was frustrating and time consuming! Used 4 of the supplied sheets figuring out that regardless of my settings, it wouldn't print correctly on my Lexmark -- then I didn't have enough sheets left, so if I had figured it out, I would have had to buy more specialty paper = expensive! I ended up buying generic 8.5 x 11 glossy paper (20 sheets $14) and printed on those and had to trim every page!!! They look beautiful but was a huge struggle.
    ...more info
  • Nice idea, but nightmare to print
    I love the idea of this product, and I loved working with it. I created a great layout that looked fabulous on screen. But unless you have an Epson printer, it is very difficult to print out a great copy. My hp deskjet could not handle the supplied photo paper, so a friend printed on his Lexmark for me. It worked better, but still had a few problems. More paper should be included in the package in case of printing problems because after several printing problems, we ran out of paper and I could not find the same photo paper in any store; I ended up buying a second package just to get more of the same paper.

    Next time, I will make a book using the ofoto site -- much more professional looking (2-sided) and just as cheap....more info
  • Fun to use
    This is a lot of fun to use, even for a novice like me. The process is interactive and very forgiving. My only issue is that my printer a HP does letter size which is larger than the 8 by 10 the book requires....more info
  • Lived up to my expectations and then some
    This kit actually exceeded my expectations. I was able to produce a professional product in a few hours time. Make sure you have edited your pictures prior to starting your project. The software was easy to install and easy to use. The instruction booklet was complete and easy to understand. There are several album templates included in the software. The only thing that frustrated me was the inability to change the oreintation of a photo on the page layout. You end up having to choose your photos somewhat based on the openings on the different page layouts. If I was taking pictures of an event with the intention of making one of these books I would make sure I took pictures in both landscape and portrait orientations.

    The quality of the paper provided is excellent, the book is sturdy and they provide extra sheets in case you make a mistake. Make sure you print the draft pages and go over them carefully prior to printing.

    A great product!

    ...more info
  • caution
    The software was easy to install and I was able to create great layouts. The problem came when I tried to print using my HP printer. The settings are not compatible with the storybook layout. I would be VERY cautions about getting this product if you don't have an Epson printer....more info
  • It makes a beautiful book...
    I saw the ad for this in a magazine and decided to try it for a Father's Day gift. The software takes up a lot of space, but the program is very easy to use.

    I have a Lexmark inkjet printer and was able to print the glossy cover without any problems.

    The photo pages also came out really well, although I printed those at Kinkos for better quality.

    The pages were easy to bind into the book and it really looks professional.

    I will be using this again and again. My only complaint/comment is that I wish they sold the hard bound books and pages seperately so more books could be made with the program....more info