Canon WFT-E1 Wireless File Transmitter for 20D and 30D Digital SLR
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Product Description

Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E1 allows photographers to transmit images from their cameras directly to a computer over a local area network (LAN).

Customer Reviews:
  • Know the technology!
    This device will use an ad hoc transmission to an FTP configured laptop (ie with built in wireless), but at the slower 801.11b mode - generally plenty fast enough >1mbyte/sec, so a high res raw file will be transferred in 10 seconds.
    This has a great range - can cover a football field with extnded range antenna - blue tooth is unreliable across a dance floor.
    If you are pro and need fast upload to acomputer for client reasons, go for it.
    Pricey, but then they don't sell 1,000,000 of 'em to recoup the development cost.
    One safe guard is it won't work if you are out of memory - you always have a backup of what you sent - on the card! Of course you can delete it then after your partner calls you on your blue tooth ear bud to let you know it was received and being printed for sale as you shoot your next shot!...more info
  • Doesn't Make Sense
    Ok, I imagine if you forked over the $900 for this baby you would not want me telling you that you got a bad deal, but I am going to say it anyway. This little baby is way over priced, not to mention you need a lot more than just this to make it work. You need a wireless router!! So rather than just complain, let me tell you what I want Canon to do about it and maybe we can start a revolution!

    With CF cards in the 12GB range it doesn't make sense that you would need this for capacity reasons (I know those of you with the biggest and brightes 16MP that shoot in JPEG & RAW on the highest settings just laughed at me), however where this item is worth it is if you want to immediately see your shots on a big screen or computer without having to take the shot, take out the card, etc.

    WHAT I WANT is a bluetooth compact flash card. They make these so I know it is possible. I would like Canon to offer support for these compact flash cards so that I can immediately sync my bluetooth computer with my bluetooth camera. Now that would make it so that when I am in the studio or shooting a wedding, I have the mobility 30 feet - 90 feet depending on card and I don't have to drag along a wireless router and I saved myself $700. Get to it Canon - I am waiting!!!!...more info