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Product Description

Use this automatic voice dialer as a stand-alone verbal reporting system for any N/O or N/C alarm sensor or to add voice dialing capability to most alarm systems. When the inputs are triggered, the voice dialer calls up to 4 phone numbers and plays a user recorded message of up to 20 seconds. Pagers can also be called and custom reporting codes of up to 20 digits can be sent to the pager (pager calls use two phone number locations). Two separately triggered channels each have their own message and phone/pager list. Use to alert different people when different alarm conditions occur. 1-16 dialing attempts, 1 to 255 message repeats - both user configurable. A built-in microphone allows call recipients to listen in if you wish. Runs off 12-volts DC. Use a separate adapter or if connected to an alarm panel, use the 12-volt DC output (normally used to power motion sensors, etc) to power the dialer. Visonic part number DL-125C.

  • Programmable number of dialing attempts and message repeats
  • 20-digit maximum telephone number length
  • Allows the called party to listen in and monitor the site.
  • Transmits voice messages recorded in any language.
  • Residential; commercial; industrial; health care; emergency reporting and process monitoring applications