Maxsa 27510 Deer Alert Animal Warning System with On/Off Switch
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Avoid Hitting Deer and Other Animals! Reported car-deer collisions account for half a million to one million accidents per year. Deer Alert's unique "transonic pulse" emits both audible and ultrasonic sound to alert a wide range of animals. Installs easil

Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product
    I purchased the Maxsa 27510 as a replacement for a Hornet. The Hornet did not work when wet. The Maxsa works great in rain, fog, or dry conditions. The installation was easy, and the switch uses double sided foam tape to mount to the dash, making it easy to install anywhere on the dash without having to drill holes.

    The first morning after the installation I had two deer in my driveway. I stopped and turned on the 27510. At the first whistle both deer looked at the truck; on the second whistle the first deer jumped into the woods, and on the third whistle the second deer took off like she had been shot at!

    I run this unit anytime I am where there are typically deer on the road. I have yet to see a deer on the road since I installed it! They seem to hear it before my headlights get to them, and get off the road.

    I would recommend the product to anyone....more info