Motorola SD4504?Wireless Camera/Intercom Module for SD4500 System Phones
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Product Description

Add this wireless camera/intercom module to a SD4500 phone system base with handset to enjoy full-motion video and audio monitoring. When used with the cordless video/audio expansion handset, this module creates an affordable, customized color video/audio monitoring and intercom system for your home or office. Night vision capabilities help to ensure that you'll be able to see what's going on in and around your home or office even in low-light situations.

  • 2.4 GHz Digital provides great range and audio performance
  • Wireless; remotely connect to system base
  • Does not interfere with wireless home networking
  • Hands-free intercom lets you communicate between rooms in your home
  • Camera is equipped with infrared capabilities for night vision
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Video Baby Monitor!
    I did a ton of research, online and in stores, before I landed on this camera and the base unit to go with it. First of all, there is the price. The camera plus the base unit is about 50% - 60% the price of standard baby monitors with full audio and video (depending on where you shop). Granted, this camera can only do 2 frames-per-second and not true full-motion video, but the price savings is worth it. Second is the automatic color/night-vision function - color when there is enough light and IR night-vision when there isn't. The book says it can only do 6 feet in night-vision mode But my son's room is 12'x12' and it illuminates just fine. Third, and to me the most important, is the portability. Because the camera syncs with BOTH the base unit/answering maching AND the phone handset itself, you can literally be ANYWHERE in your house or yard and be able to monitor your baby. The handset has an earpiece plug and belt clip on it, so I have even taken it out with me when mowing the yard while my son napped. The audio sensitivity was great and I was able to do my entire yard and never loose reception or batery power. That is something I couldn't even think about doing with a regular video baby monitor. The camera swivles 180 degrees horizontally and vertically so getting the right angle is no problem. You can have up to 8 cameras on your network at one time, another great plus. The only down side I could find is that Motorola chose to use the 2.4 GHz frequency, something that has been known to suffer from microwave interference. Bascially, if a microwave is operating within 50 feet of your unit, you will get a TON of static-like interference. But, bottom line, for our family it has been GREAT for video and audio monitoring of our littly guy. I HIGHLY recommend it to any parent....more info
  • SD4502 and SD5404 Phones and Camera
    We had a Vtech phone set. The remote phone had a plug for the headset. The phone only worked with the headset plugged in. And with a brand new baby she wanted the ability to turn off the ringer. I had some searching to do. I stumbled across this package deal at Costco that had a base with phone, 3 remote phones, and a remote camera. It was about $160. More than I was planning on spending, but the camera feature with the new baby had me intrigued. I decided to give it a shot. I am pleased to say that it has worked out like a charm. The ability to view the camera from any of the phones is great. We can check on our baby from the Living Room, Dining Room, Office or bedroom. Also there is a microphone on the camera so that we can hear her from any handset. The baby monitor we had we no longer use. I can work in the yard and have my phone with me turned on to listen to the babys room to make sure everything is ok. You can use the intercom to talk between phones easily. The speaker phone on each headset has great volume, and the headset plugs work great as well. There is a central phone directory so that you can save numbers to a main directory and access it from any handset. It beats having to program favorite numbers at every location. Also it has a separate local directory on each phone so that in my office, I can program numbers related specifically to my work. I can choose to search either that local directory or the main one. The only drawback to this phone is that it is somewhat tedious to work your way through the directory. You have to scroll all the way through. If you have the number memorized it is quicker to just dial the number. Also there is no autodial feature where say you programmed the phone so that if you held down a number it automatically dials a favorite number. The caller ID works great, dialing from caller id works great. The redial list works great. You even name each phone so that when you are putting the phones back you know which room they go in. You can even program it to have night time and day time displays. For instance, you can tell it to turn off the back light on the screen between 10PM and 6PM so that the bright light doesnt bother you while you are trying to sleep. Also we have only one ringer in the house turned on and we have it on low, so no waking up the baby. All in all I am very pleased with the set.

    Finally, I have a wireless interet connection in my house, I use Vonage phone service have not noticed any interference with these phones. When I was reading about these phones before I bought them, I thought I read that you could only talk on one phone at a time and that you had to transfer calls from one head set to antother. I have not noticed that to be true. My wife and I talk on separate headsets all the time at the same time. It works as you would expect it to if you had multiple phones plugged into different phone jacks around the house....more info