Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras
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Customer Reviews:
  • Too "Slim" for Sony W170
    The case is functional and well constructed. I chose this case based upon Amazon's recommended-accessories offer when purchasing a Sony DCS-W170 camera. However, I would be more please if the case were a touch larger. The camera alone is a tight squeeze to fit into the case and renders the small zippered pocket is useless. By itself the zippered pocket is too small to hold anything other and a memory stick - the "G" battery is too large to fit into the pocket....more info
  • My Cybershot DSCW120 fits perfectly!
    My Sony Cybershot DSCW120 7.2MP Digital Camera fits perfectly, I read a review from a customer who said that this specific camera fit too tightly. I don't know if he tried the same camera with this case as me, but mine fits perfectly. In the front zipper you'll have space either for a replacement memory card or for a replacement battery, not for both!...more info
  • It works
    Watch Video Here: I review the case....more info
  • The Belt Loop Snaps
    The belt loop snaps. It also unsnaps and that is why I no longer have a camera case. Fortunately my camera was not in it. I need something that can not come loose....more info
  • Ok, I admit it - I'm a Sony FAN. This one though......
    I'm a Sony fan, own 5 Sony Cameras or camcorders at present (1 for me, 1 for the wife, one Sony High-end Camcorder for the practice, one for the family, and one older Camera that the kids use now). Bought this case for the w170 - fits, if a bit snug. Only issue is that it has open sides at the top which allow weather in and that's not ok in a case for a $250 camera IMHO....more info
  • too tight
    This carrying case looks cool, but I think it is too tight to hold my camera, so I somewhat worried about that the bag wore down the screen....more info
  • Excellent protection and Fit
    I bought this case together with a sony cs t-300. It's hard enough to protect the camera. Though, I would like the front extra pocket to be not so compact and the case to include a lead. Anyway, and excellent product. 100% recommendable....more info
  • Excellent value, nicely padded, and too bulky for jeans
    Great price! Excellent padding! Excellent finish and workmanship! Those are the pros. The only disadvantage is that I wanted a slim case to protect my camera's nice finish, something to tuck into my pocket. I definitely can't do it with this camera, so I was disappointed with it overall. However, my wife loves it, because she doesn't carry the camera, and said that it was nicely padded and would keep the camera safe, and that if she saw it in a store, she would purchase it. Ok then, so we kept it - I would have given it 5 stars, but there are small openings on the side of the case through which you can see the camera. If you are traveling in places where it rains excessively, and you have this on your belt, I would be concerned about water seeping in. But, for under $9, you can't beat this case!...more info
  • Very good, recommended
    I ordered this for my recently purchased Sony digital camera (DSCW120). The case is well made and seems to be strong enough to last for a long time. The only small thing that I noticed is that I have to push on the camera slightly for it to fit in. I don't know if that is good or bad. May be the case is supposed to be this way, or may be because the case is new....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to; inexpensive
    Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras

    The last camera I had, the LCD screen cracked, so I wanted a case that would protect the screen on my new Sony DSC-S730. This case has plenty of padding, which makes it somewhat stiff, , even though it is a "soft case". The seams are pretty rigid, too. That is fine with me, in fact I wish it had a stiff insert, so that I could know there was more protection for the screen, but what is there seems to be doing the job.

    The DSC-S730 fits snugly, but not so tightly that I have to wrestle with it, and not so loosely that I worry about it sliding and rubbing the screen.

    The little pocket is good for only a memory stick or two, not big enough for batteries.

    The unsnappable belt strap and one top d-ring serve alright for carrying options, although I would prefer two side d-rings for attaching a neck or shoulder strap. I put a c-clip on the d-ring, and attach the case to whatever bag I am carrying, or feel comfortable enough with the padding to toss it inside a tote bag.

    It is a perfectly adequate case overall, nothing to get excited about, but just fine, especially considering the very low price....more info
  • Stu's review - Sony camera case
    Excellent! Lightweight, durable, fits digital Sony camera with some extra room for memory cards/sticks, key(s), $'s, etc....more info
  • Great case!
    My camera fits perfectly in this case. I don't have to worry about it getting scratched or messed up. It was in perfect condition just as promised....more info
  • not big enough for w170 and a back-up battery
    If you have a w170 and a back-up battery you want to bring it along with you in this little case, you can do it, but the case will look ugly.
    May fit smaller cameras better....more info
  • Great case - big for my little camera
    It's a good case for the right sized camera. My DSC-T30 is small enough that I'd rather like to go for a slimmer case with not so much stuffing. It basically defeats the purpose of getting a little camera that fits in your pocket....more info
  • Great Protection
    I used this camera case to take with me on a recent trip. I kept the camera in a back pack while travelling between cities and while doing longer walks. It kept my camera away from the elements and also kept it from getting scratched up while up against all kinds of other things. It was also very light so I didn't even notice it. Great camera case!...more info
  • Just Perfect
    I got this case to protect my Sony W150 camera. The camera fits perfect in this case. It is snug but not forced. I can hold it upside down and it will not fall out. There is a small zipper section in the front and i find that it is hard to get things out when the camera is in the case. I put my memory stick adapter in the zipper area, thats about all your gonna fit in there. All in all this is a great case for the price. ...more info
  • Good quality
    The camera case is exactly what I was looking for and is of good quality....more info
  • very solid, & large good looking
    It looks quality prone & roomy from the outside; but really can only take a thin Sony DSC T series camera, not barely any room left for any battery
    Not really for someone looking for thin impressive gadget than you can flash out of your purse...more info
  • Too Small
    My Cyber-shot DSC-W150 just fits (the flap just makes the Velcro). My spare battery with its protective plastic case also just fits in the spare pocket making it hard to get out. There is no extra room in the pocket for the Memory Stick Duo Adaptor....more info
  • Nice Camera Case
    Nice little camera case. I used it to protect my camera while traveling through Europe. It worked just fine. Only thing that would have been nicer is if it would have had a neck strap!...more info
  • Camper Case
    Just got my Sony dsc-t200 and wanted a nice case to protect it. This Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Case is great. The camera fits snugly in the case yet there is room to slid a cleaning cloth as well as an extra battery in the case. Good value for the price and it is a high quality constructed case....more info
  • Swift service and reasonable price
    I got the product within the time specified and in the same condition as stated. Nice to have a business with him. Keep up the good work....more info
  • Perfect for Sony DSC-W170
    I read a large number of customer evaluations before buying this for my Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 digital camera, which it fits perfectly. Regarding the little zipper pocket in front, it can hold either a spare memory chip or a spare Sony NP-BG1 battery (which fits that camera) but not both. The case is very trim and well-made, a bargain for the $7.50 I paid for it. The only gripe I have is that the attachment strap on the back of the case should be wider. The attachment strap has an interesting design however, which allows you of the choice of snapping it over your belt (with a substantial snap) or threading your belt through it, which would definitely be better for risky travel situations where somebody might try to grab the camera, case and all. If you wear it at your waist in front of you, in the latter situation you can unsnap it when you sit down in a bus or restaurant and it frees the camera from your belt without actually detaching it from your belt. The camera sits on your lap on a secure nylon webbing tether about 5" long. I would consider this a very secure arrangement on vacation in a country where thieves are present, and I have not seen this particular design on any other camera case anywhere. Regarding whether the case is "too tight" for a Cybershot-size camera, I observe that this is a "soft" case which will stretch and loosen up over time, so I wouldn't want it much larger. It has a very nice, soft, velvety interior that won't scratch the camera, whether or not you put a spare battery in the front zipper compartment....more info
  • Good for just the camera
    I got this case for my Sony DSC-W170. The camera fits almost perfectly and is held tight. The camera stayed in while I held it upside down with the flap open. With the 170 the extra pocket is almost a mute point. I put my spare battery (plastic case and all) in it and then could hardly get the camera in and the case closed, it was pretty much the same without the plastic case. An extra memory card would probably fit ok though. The case seems well constructed enough to help the camera survive a small fall and even does a decent job of shielding the entire camera. ...more info
  • Cybershot belt carrying case
    it works great. just make sure your looking for a pouch that can only fit the camera & a memory stick because that's all you get in the case. I didn't realize it was soo small, but great product....more info
  • well made
    it seemed well mde with i had it in my hands. it was a gift so i can't same much...more info
  • Nice and Snug
    Holds my camera nice and snug! I recommend this case to anyone needing a small case for their Sony....more info
  • good
    this product very well and making very good pressure. however was not what esperava porfa vor placed over size productu (pictures)....more info
  • Excellent protection
    I am very pleased with this carrying case. The snap-handle on the back allows you to attach it to your hip while you're on the go. The zip front provides room for an extra battery and a memory card so that you never have to worry about missing out on those precious moments. The case also provides protection against damage caused by dropping it....more info
  • Do the job, well done
    I bought this case for my Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera. Does the job very well: Soft, well padded (protects very well the camera), fits well in your purse, easy pull-off, good closing (doesn't get tired soon). The front pocket is small if you want to place batteries, but its okay for memories.

    ...more info
  • great deal
    great deal. bought it for a friend. save at least $15 since I bought the same case last year at best buy for much more....more info
  • Good Strong Case
    I bought this case for a Sony DSC camera since the camera did not come with a case. The case has no space for batteries but it fits most of sony's small cameras. Good rugged construction. protects the LCD screen....more info
  • Love this Camera Case!
    Bought this case for my Sony Cybershot. My camera is somewhat slim and I wasn't sure if it would fit but it fit in perfectly. I feel that my camera will be protected in this case, and its small enough to fit in my purse.
    Would def. recommend this camera case and its inexpensive....more info
  • oooops!
    Dang! So, I ordered this item to PROTECT my brand NEW Sony digital camera and keep it safe. The SECOND day I have my (did I say brand NEW) camera I slide it into this case - all was good.

    I hook it to my belt loop - bad idea. I barely bent over, the VELCRO enclosure opens up, and out falls my - you got it - Brand New Sony Digital 10.1 megapixel DSC-W170 camera right onto the rocky cement parking lot.

    I can't go on - what a bummer!

    Don't use the "belt loop" attachment - there is too much "play" since it is so long. Of course, there's no shoulder strap either, so in order for it to protect your investment, without worries, you kinda gotta hold it.

    Low price though, and it is soft inside, and looks good on the outside. But oh, damn the velcro.......more info
  • Great Product
    The sony lcs-cst carrying case was a great prodecut not much i can argue but thought i came with a strap to hang over my neck. The insise is every soft good for protecting the camera on the go, contains a great room to zip close or open and grab a memory card.a strap possibly used to strap on your belt every neat. overall it was what i was a good case and saved like 5 dollars from buying it from the store....more info
  • Pictures are misleading; does not come with a shoulder strap
    The case is fine, but I bought it thinking from the photo it included a shoulder strap. This case is meant to wear on your belt. ...more info
    Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras

    I have DSC-W90 and it fits perfectly it is stylish for me and my husband LOVE IT !!!!!...more info
  • Not the most attractive, but functional
    This camera case is not the most attractive of those available, but is functional. My purpose for the purchase was to have something to protect the camera during travel, not to carry around (because of its size, it will not fit in your pocket). However, my Sony Cybershot T70 fits snuggly inside and is protected as I wanted. Plus, there are extra pockets for memory cards and a spare battery....more info
  • Nice for Camera, but no room for accessories
    I bought this case for my new Sony cybershot dsc-200 and the camera fits nicely in the small case, but I could not store the extra battery and memory card. No room to store the charger either. It's a nice case, well padded and looks durable. If you want to just store the camera and extra memory, buy this case or get a bigger case to store x-tra battery, memory and charger.
    ...more info
  • Camera case -- pretty snug
    Item came in good time and in good condition. It was a pretty tight fit to get the camera into the case. Had hoped it would be a little larger....more info
  • Perfect Fit
  • Good for a slim camera.
    Fits my Sony DSC-T100 just fine, however the front pocket is practically useless. It barely fits a memory card and isn't big enough to fit a spare battery. Buy this only to hold the camera and nothing else....more info
  • Perfect case for my Cybershot DSC-W55
    Small Cybershot cameras fit snugly in this padded case. I am confident that the camera could be dropped on a concrete floor with no damage while in this case. Small zippered pocket on the front for a memory stick. Handy metal ring on top of case that you can attach any type of strap to for carrying. (I use a D-ring through the metal ring to attach to my belt.)...more info
  • Just what I needed
    This little carrying case is exactly what you expect it to be -- nothing more, nothing less. It's the perfect size for the Sony Cybershot camera, with just a tiny bit of extra space for a memory card or battery. The case has loop for hooking onto your belt (quite useful based on personal experience), and is well-padded. No, it's not going to save your camera if you run over it in the car or drop it off a cliff, but it should withstand minor accidents. And yes, it adds a bit of bulk to the camera, but honestly, what camera case doesn't? Overall, it's really a great product, and at that price, you can't beat the value....more info
  • The Perfect Size
    I bought this case to go with my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC90. My camera fits in it perfectly! There is even a little front slot that would hold an extra battery or memory card (although it would be snug). This is a good case for traveling with your camera. The only thing I would change is I would make the case a bit less bulky. It makes my camera go from less than 1 inch thick to almost 2 inches thick, which is not so good for carrying in my little purses. but besides that its great. when i need to put it in a smaller purse I just use my iPod sock, which fits it perfectly with no added width!...more info
  • You feel secure with this case
    This is not a slim case, but it isn't huge.
    I love how plush it is inside.
    With such a large display on my T-100, I was worried about scratches.
    Not an issue with this case.
    This case works perfect.

    Just understand, it doesn't fit inside a pocket, hence the velcro belt loop.

    Great case, would highly recommend....more info
  • Too tight for Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W55
    I think that other reviewers have said this too. This case doesn't leave **any** extra room for anything besides the camera. And it is bulky. I have a Sony Cybershot DSCW55 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black) camera.

    I bought it for an international trip, but decided that the extra bulk of this case wasn't worth it. I just threw the camera into an interior pocket of my backpack. That way it was easily available while still protected "enough."

    Don't buy....more info
  • Excellent !!!
    I purchased this Sony carrying case for my Cybershot Camera. It is wonderful!!! The price is excellent also! I carry it in my purse and it doesn't take up a lot of space. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who carries their camera with them a lot.

    The inside is cushioned and the camera fits snuggly. I have even dropped it once and no damage at all to the camera....more info
    This is a very misleading product. The size is way too small to be useful. The camera it is made for, does fit, barely. Shipping was over 3 times the cost of the case....more info
  • Good small case
    The compact camera case is perfect for my Sony T-20. Small, firm but soft inside and the belt loop is also very useful....more info
  • Acceptable
    This product is small that is great but it has not enought space to keep other items that are necesary to the camera...more info
  • Great service
    Excellent product for a good price, usefull too, Amazon as always great service fast shipping.
    JG ...more info
  • Sony Camera Carrying Case
    This case fits perfectly on my Sony Snapshot. Great padding and keeps the camera safe. Very good stuff for the price. ...more info
  • Sony Camera Case
    Great case. protects my camera and has a pouch for extra memory cards or adapters. Not expensive either compared to store prices....more info
  • General Purpose
    Excellent protective lining that keeps the camera away from the common scratches, it is very well done and protects the maximum investment....more info
  • Small Carrying Case
    If you have a sony cybershot, you might want to get something a little bigger. This case fits perfectly BUT there is about an inch of open space on each side leaving the chance to introduce sand or whatever inside the case. However, the quality of the case itself is good....more info
  • simple works
    This product is exactly what it says it is: a carrying case for a small digital camera, in this instance a Sony. It is inexpensive and practically bulletproof. Do not buy the camera without this case or another like it. Do not risk injury or damage to the camera. It only takes a fraction more room in a purse, and can be carried on a belt. It's hard to imagine why you wouldn't have one....more info
  • Nice!
    This little carrying case has a hand strap and handle plus a little zippered compartment. Camera fits in very nicely. I love it!...more info
  • cheap and cheerful
    I bought it because it was offered for very cheap.
    It looks good, very practical yet makes my small flat sony take more space!...more info
  • Nice Case
    Got the case to go with the camera so the bf wouldn't just have it bouncing in his coat pocket w/o protection. Definitely does the job for an itty bitty price. Fast delivery....more info
  • Standard carry case
    Nothing flash or exciting about the case, but does the intended job. If anything a little bulky, but stores the camera and a spare memory card....more info
  • Great Case
    Love this case... very small, fits my cybershot camera perfectly and clips to my belt. It's easy to get the camera in and out, and it has room to store an extra battery and memory stick. It's a great value....more info
  • camera case
    I have the sony cybershot 150; the case is slightly to small, and unable to use front pocket......more info
  • Item is as it is displayed
    The item is good enough for carrying a small cybershot camera.
    No problem.. with the product....more info
  • Perfect for my new camera
    This little case fits everything perfectly! My camera is very protected along with the adaptor & memory stick. ...more info
  • Great little case
    This is a great little case with an area for the memory card and battery, but it is still able to fit inside my small purse. Soft materials inside so I am not worried about any scratching to the screen on the camera. Great Product. I greatly recommend this....more info
  • Simple and cheap.
    This case is simple and cheap. I just needed something to protect my Sony Cybershot, and this case works well. Even has a space for extra memory sticks or money, cards, etc. Cybershot DSC-W80 fits well into this case....more info
  • camera case
    the camera case is good. I just needed just a bit more room....more info
  • Something Small
    The case is small for the camera, it is very tight and does not allow loading cables or batteries in it, I suggest acquiring a bigger...more info
  • Good carrying case..
    This case is great for Sony Cybershot W80.

    At first when I got it.. it was a little tight for the camera but it holds it really well! There's no wiggle or loose ends and it secures the camera. After a while it does become easier to take the camera in and out of the case.

    Overall, it comes in handy!...more info
  • Nice Addition
    This is a nice case for your camera. I have a sony cybershot DSCW80 and it fits great. The price from amazon was also great compared to the generic ones that I could find at my local stores....more info
  • Excellent case
    I totally recomend this case to protect your digital sony cybershot but it doesnt has space to storage batts...more info
  • Worst Camera Case
    Worst camera case I have ever used. It is not safe to use this case. Please don't waste your money on this worst camera case.
    ...more info
  • Perfect for the Sony T-series
    Great case for the cybershot t-series camera. Now, if only it could make my T10 take good pictures.......more info
  • Good case
    Perfect for keeping a camera, but only that. It looks after your camera. Good enough...more info
  • It works...
    I wasn't looking for anything special when I ordered this along with my new Sony Cybershot DSCW90, and I got what I expected. It's a tight fit for the camera, which I like because that way it's not banging around inside the case, but that's about all its good for. There is a small pocket in front which I did manage to get an extra battery in, but that only worked if I put the battery in before the camera. All in all I gave it 4 stars because its exactly what I was expecting when I got it, and it works just fine, however if you are looking for something that will hold a few more extras (like the cables or a charger) then I recommend you keep moving. But if you're just looking for something to keep the camera from scratching when its inside your pocket or backpack, for the price it's not a bad buy....more info
  • Very useful case
    After reviewing some cases for my sony cybershot t20, finally decided to have thsi slim case. it is very useful and gives a quality feeling when you touch the case. you can put extra battery or a memory stick to the front pocket. but you need an extra hook and strap for those who prefer a sling over a belt clip....more info
  • Excelente Carrying Case
    Es una buena opción para proteger tu cámara, yo poseo una Sony Cybershot DSC-W80, y cabe perfectamente además muy bonita y práctica, lo recomiendo para las cámaras Slim......more info
  • Perfect fit for the Sony W-55
    This is a perfect fit for the Sony W-55, a good looking case plus the price makes it a great purchase for any compact Sony camera owners...more info
  • snug as a bug
    i was glad i finally sprung for a case for my 300$ camera that had just been hanging out in a box for months. The interior is soft and plush.The exterior, while NOT a hardened plastic still feels like it will hold up well to any punishment i will be throwing at my camera for day to day use....more info
  • Functional Product
    (spanish) Es un producto que es de utilidad para las camaras sony, de buen material, resistentes y el tamaño es ideal para la camara....more info
  • The perfect case
    I have the sony cyber-shot DSC-W80, and this is a perfect sized case. The case supports a wrist strap lanyard, like the camera itself does. ...more info
  • The case is great!!
    The case is small, beautiful, resistant and in a good price.
    I wish my Sony Cybershot was great too!!
    When you use the zoom, th epictures turn out bad......more info
  • Not ideal for the cybershot camera
    I don't like this case - or really any case I've found so far for my new DSC-T100 camera. I put it in the junk drawer immediately - if it were more expensive, I'd take the time to return it. Problem is case doubles size of the camera for no good reason and that changes it from a compact thing that fits anywhere to something that is not. I think what you really want is a very soft case with shock absorbant qualities (like neoprene used in diving suits) vs. this case which has a lot of structure and heavy seams, etc. made of ballistic nylon fabric. If you are planning on dropping camera on the sidewalk or from the top of a building, this'll do the trick. If you aren't, save your money. ...more info
  • Great find
    This ended up being a great find. I got this because I had trouble finding a case for a Lumix camera, but this works great. There is even a zippered pocket for an extra memory card. For the price it's fantastic. It's very durable and even looks good too. I would recommend getting one of these. Can't beat the quality and price for this one. ...more info
  • Great
    Just as described, enough room for a memory card in front and hooks sturdily on a belt loop. Love it....more info
  • The Right Fit
    This is exactly what I was looking for. It's light, compact, and made of quality material. It fits my camera like a glove, and it's small, so I can take it anywhere. It has a belt strap to make it even more convenient....more info
  • Excelent Case
    This is an secure case, it protects the camera so good. and it is not hard, it is very soft. Good Buy! definitly, I recomend it! ...more info
  • Great Product
    This camera case is the perfect fit for my new camera and arrived in a timely manner. Use it every day....more info
    This is the perfect case for my Sony Cybershot camera. The case is very compact (small enough to fit in my pocket) and yet padded enough to protect the camera in the roughest conditions. This is the perfect carrying case for me. ...more info
  • This case is too small
    Please don't buy this product. It is too small and I returned it for full refund. I bought a bigger sony camera bag at walmart for less money....more info
  • good quality case
    This is a good quality camera case that is lightweight, feels sturdy and has a convenient pocket up front for memory cards. I have a slighter larger camera (DSC W80) and it fits pretty well. ...more info
  • could be better
    i just got this item so i dont know how durable it is... it does not have a strap to carry on as a purse, but it has a nice look...more info
  • cybershot is snug
    Great little case for my new Cybershot. It fits quite snugly in there along with some pockets for the memory card....more info
  • Good carrying case
    First I would like to say I think I made a great purchase with this carrying case. Perfect fit for my camera and easy to keep clean. I personally think it would be better than the leather case, but that is my opinion. Great carrying case for a great price....more info
  • Good for compact
    It is good product but you can't have all the camera related things in one bag....more info
  • Excellent Case
    I got this case a month ago and I love it. Is very soft, light weight and versatile....more info
  • What's the point?
    Unless you plan to use this pouch as a protection device for shipping or heavy travel, it's large, bulky form factor negates much of the reason one would purchase a Sony T series camera to begin with, which is it's compactness. For daily protection that will still allow the camera to slip into a pocket or purse, get the Sony leather slip case instead....more info
  • shipping and product: brilliant
    The carrying case is really nice to protect the cybershot camera. I took it on vacation in Europe, and it was great to have along. It was inexpensive, compared to what I might have paid elsewhere. It arrived quickly in the mail. Good stuff....more info
  • carring case
    holds my sony cybershot dsc-s650 perfect. nice soft insides so it does not scratch the screen...more info
  • could have a neck strap
    needed a case for my new camera. this one works fine. The Cam fits well (but it seems like only the thin cameras will fit.

    there is no reason for the case not having a neck strap since it even has a ring for that, guess I'll have to improvise.

    case is very thin and you it felt OK inside my dockers front pocket ...more info
  • Good
    This case has no wrist strap of it's own. It's light weight and is easy to open/ close with the velcro. ...more info
  • Perfect for camera
    I purchased this for my Sony Cybershot and am very happy with it. It is about as slim as the camera. ...more info
  • Perfect Product
    Looks excatly how I expected it. Shipped quickly. I would buy from this person again....more info
  • Great compact case
    This provides just enough protection in a compact space. Very useful for strapping to backpack shoulder straps for quick accessibility. Small zipper pouch holds spare battery and extra memory, but nothing else. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Awesome, convenient, easy access to camera
    I bought this case for my new shiny black Cybershot T-100. Beacuse of the large screen on T-100 you need to have a case to protect the camera. The inside of the case is soft and avoids any scraches to the LCD screen. The convenient belt clip allow the user to access camera very easy and fast, makes your hands free not to carry the camera all the time. A small zipped section in the front helps you store extra memory card or adaptor. I took this with me to my trip to Tokyo. I felt this is a great buy and a great price at Amazon. com. I am completely satisfied with the purchase. ...more info
  • Nice Case
    I got this for a Sony Cybershot W55, and it fits well also the interior of the case is great since it doesn't let your screen to scratch or anything like that, the only bad thing is that the little bag in the front is almost useless, you can have like an extra memory stick in there, but nothing else. But anyways I don't need an extra memory stick for the camera. ...more info
  • Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras
    Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras

    PERFERT...more info
  • Nice for smaller sony cameras!
    Nice for smaller Sony cameras like the DSC-N2. Plus space for memory stick and battery....more info
  • Its good for its price
    It isn't that 'catchy' but fulfills the purpose.
    I like the extra pocket to carry SD card/battery...more info
  • Good quality and protects your investment
    I bought this to protect my new DSC-W80. The case has a durable outside and a soft inside. The camera fit's securely itside. It has a small zippered compartment to hold extra memory or a battery. It has a closed belt loop, which can be un-snapped at one end to give some flexability in attaching the bag. I got it for under $10 from Amazon, half the price of local retailers!...more info
  • perfect for dsc w80
    I bought this case for my new camera (sony dsc-w80). It was not sold in the sony style shop. It is perfect for my little camera. I wish it also had straps. Front pocket is a little tight but it is ok for such a small case. It is big enough to put your extra memory cards....more info
  • super sturdy for my dsc-w55
    This case fits my DSC-W55 very snugly. The inside is soft so as not to scratch the camera or its screen, and there is a hard layer in the middle for protection. The outer pocket is small. Sleek looking case, and I feel very comfortable with my camera in it!...more info
  • great sturdy case
    The case is a perfect fit for the sony cybershot camera. it was a great purchase....more info
  • nice
    it's a nice cheap carrying case of the camera. the only thing 'wrong' is that i says the pouch can fit the can but it's really ard to get the battery back out. i'd say you should use that pouch for carrying your memory stick. other than that...does it's job...more info
  • Nice holder for Sony S650
    It's nothing special, and it's a bit difficult to get small items out of the front pocket, but it does it's job otherwise. Fits the Sony S650 perfectly....more info
  • Perfect camera case for my Sony Cybershot DSCW-80
    This camera case works perfectly with my new Sony Cybershot DSCW-80 camera and even has a little pocket for the extra memory or battery!...more info
  • Perfect fit and a cool look
    I bought this case for my DSC-W35 and I am very happy with it. The camera fits perfectly. I had a small trouble while trying to put the extra battery and the memory stick pro duo adapter into the small compartment but if you put them both before putting the camera, you have any problems. If it had come with a shoulder strap, it could be perfect, but nothing is. Still I rate it with 5 stars....more info
  • perfect for a sony camera
    camera fits perfectly. The hook it has is removable at one end, making it easy to fit in belts...more info
  • Good one for a Very Slim Digi Camera.
    This is a very good one for a Very slim Digi Camera. You can put 2 batteries ( with little bit hardwork). Very handy.

    If you are planning for a day long trip with casual photography and video recording, i would suggest to go for a little big one , which can carry upto 4 batteries....more info
  • Good Case, small extra pocket
    Sony camera fits snugly. Design of case is good for protection of camera if dropped. Worked well with the belt loop. Small case and light camera made it unnoticeable. Extra zipper pocket is a bit too small. A spare battery can fit in, but it was difficult to fit in a battery and a memory card (in case). I managed to do it though....more info
  • Quick delivery!
    This is a great product and I got it in the mail faster than I thought. ...more info
  • It's a good case but not exactly what I needed
    There's nothing wrong with this case. It has a lot of room to carry a few other things in it (assuming you're using a small camera). The only thing that I had a problem with was it's softness. That's nice for putting stuff in, but having bought a very small camera (small Sony Cybershot) that I wanted to carry on my belt all the time, I wanted something that would offer protection too. Sony LCS-THG Cybershot T-series Soft Leather Carrying Case I found this case to be much more supportive and protective for my camera. Of course, the flip side is it's much smaller with no room for other items (batteries, Memory Sticks, etc.) I was willing to trade in the space for size and protection. I carry the battery and memory stick in a case in my pocket.

    Anyway, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this case. It just didn't fit the bill for what I needed.

    ...more info
  • Too Small
    This case was recommended for my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 and I found it to be too small. The size of the carrying case fits the camera but the zippered pocket for additional battery and memory card is the problem. Putting these items into the pocket is a very tight squeeze and removal then becomes a problem. I'd recommend getting something with more space....more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    My Sony Cybershot DSC-W90 fits perfectly in this little bag. And it has a separate compartment to place an extra battery and another memory card. I can loop my belt through it and when I need my camera, its easy and quick to get to. No fussing with a lot of stuff you don't need to have with you. If you want a well made, well padded bag to carry you small point & shoot camera in without all of the whistles & bells, then this is perfect for you. My wife now wants one to carry her camera is also. It protects the camera from scratches, yet fits nicely in her purse. The flap fits tight and secure via velco and you can get to it fast.
    I love this little camera bag for its ease of use and protection it provides for me camera....more info
  • Great case for the Sony cameras!
    This case is perfect for my 7.2mp Cybershot; it even has a belt clip!...more info
  • Perfect Fit.
    I bought this to use with my Sony Cybershot DSCW70, and I am very satisfied with it. It is the perfect balance of compactness and protection. The little pocket it small, but you can get an extra battery and a memory stick in it with a little effort....more info
  • Flawed design
    Nice case but the belt strap is sideways. Just makes sense to me to have the opening of the case piont up and not to the side. ...more info
  • featureless bag w/Sony label, nothing more
    i really wish that Sony would, along with the introduction of a new camera line, also engineer and introduce camera-specific bags...

    this bag is nothing more than your ordinary 'made in China' import, and is not form-fitted to any specific camera

    what's missing:

    - no wrist strap or neck lanyard
    - no accommodation for batteries
    - no through hole for strap

    what's bad:

    - uses a metal snap for belt loop instead of velcro
    - cheap finish inside w/poor trimming and single-stitching construction

  • Does the job just fine
    I bought this soft case for my recently acquired Sony DSC-T100. The case fits like a glove. It has a velcro front tab closure that works (no surprise). There is a belt loop on the back that fastens with a stiff snap at the bottom (can go through something stationary like a belt loop). It's got a convenient D-ring for attachment to a pack clip or carabiner, and it has a tiny zippered compartment capable of holding a few spare memory cards or a spare battery (both would be tight). The case is padded lightly but surely all over. The top flap is wide enough and sturdy enough on the edges to protect the case's contents if it should fall on something hard like tile or concrete. And it looks OK, too. I'm of two minds about the Sony logo on the front -- sometimes I think it's safer to not advertise what's inside a case, but, hey, it's their product and they seem really fixated on getting their name on EVERYTHING possible. It seems like it's only a matter of time until Sony and Starbucks duke it out in a takeover battle....more info
  • Excellent Product.
    This product is perfect to have a slim carry on for your Sony camera. It probably will fit other brands also... But im glad for my purchase....more info
  • Does the Job
    I do wish a more compact case was available for this item; the camera is tiny and I like that it's so small, yet once you've included this case, it no longer fits as easily into a small purse.

    Still, I don't think there are smaller cases available. This one appears to be of good quality and I'm confident it will keep my camera, mem stick, and battery safe.

    Shipping was fast and transaction was easy....more info
  • i didn't received this item
    please send it to me again, i really dont known what happend, this is the first time that happend something like this to me shopping at amazon...more info
  • Sony Cybershot Camera Case
    Love the case for my digital camera, fits perfect, perfect size to carry....more info
  • Perfect Case for the Sony DSC-W55
    I love this carrying case, is perfect for my Cyber-Shot DSC-W55 fits perfectly and is small enogh to have it in my purse, i,m happy with this purchased....more info
  • Good case
    I bought this case for my Sony T10 (also recently purchased, I actually bought the case while I was waiting to get my camera in the mail). It's perfect size, not too big and not too small, actually if the camera was bigger it wouldn't fit so it's a bit snug I guess but the top that closes is a bit longer so it makes for extra room once closed. It's very soft inside so you don't have to worry about scratches and it opens wide so you don't have to worry about the zipper scratching anything also. The only problem was there wasn't an extension for the handle, but you can always buy one. I haven't yet but it's recommended to do so before a trip because the little handle on the case isn't much....more info
  • Great buy
    I bought this for my camera Sony DSC T50 and i'm very happy with it. It is meeting my needs. If you're thinking to buy it do not hesitate.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Perfect fit for my DSC-W55. Also has a small zipper storage for additional memore sticks. Smaller than I imagined but still perfect for my needs. ...more info
  • Good value for money
    I have no complaints about this bag. It fits my DSC W50 perfectly and for the price ,you simply can't go wrong....more info
  • excellent size
    the case has the perfect size for my sony cybershot. It is very easy to carry in any place because, it very compact it almost could fit on your pocket...more info
  • NICE case for Sony DSC-N2...
    Just received this case and I was pleasantly surprised. It's padded nicely inside. Fits my Sony DSC-N2 perfectly and has room enough in the front pocket for a memory or a battery.... probably not both though. It's a tight squeeze but for me that's good because I don't like the bulk. Which comes to my only issue with this case. It is a little tiny bit on the bulky side which I think is from the material used on the trim... but that may soften up after some use. Bought from Amazon with free shipping option, arrived in 4 days. :)...more info
  • Must Need Camera Bag
    I brought this SONY camera bag for my SONY N2 camera. This is a requirement since the N2 package did not include the bag. However, the price is a little high at $14 for this little/simple bag. But, still need it to protect my N2. ...more info
  • Sony LCS-CST General Purpose Soft Carrying Case for Slim Cybershot Digital Cameras
    Quality product, quick shipping...more info
  • Nice Price Nice Case
    I just got this case with DSCW 55 perfect fit. Its well padded and feels like it could protect the camera if it fell from a few feet. Not much room for anything else, it has a zippered pocket but its very tight. You might be able to squeeze an extra batt in there but it would be very tight. I don't see the point in putting an extra memory stick in there as its just easier to buy a big stick and never take it out. I bought a 4 gig stick for 62 bucks shipped. For the price this case does what its made to do, protect your camera. It also will protect the view screen for scratches as long as you keep it in there....more info
  • Perfect fit
    This is the perfect case for my sony compact digital camera. Great price and now I have a safe place for my camera. It even has a spot for a memory card. ...more info
  • Nice but to tall
    This is a nice case for slim camera's. I have the sony cyper shot t-10, the case is too tall for for the camrea. So the camera fits nicely, but there is extra space at the top so the camrea may fall out and not be as protected....more info
  • Excellent Case For Your DSC-N2
    Great Case Fits The Sony DSC-N2 Like A Glove. Has A Little Zippered Pouch Under The Velcro Flap Closure For Extra Memory Cards. Has A Hand Stap & Also Can Be Put on A Belt. Protects The Whole Camera If It Gets Dropped. ...more info
  • Cheap but tight.
    This is a cheap case and works great if all you want to carry is the camera. The only drawback is that it fits my camera, DSC-S500, so tight I can't fit anything in the extra pocket. I was hoping I could use it to store batteries or something, no way. The only thing you could prob. fit in there is like an extra memory card or something....more info
  • Great Case - except
    The case is very nice and I believe will do a great job of protecting the camera. I would like to see the pocket just a bit bigger....more info
  • Simple, Great Quality, & Functionality
    This isn't the slimmest case if you own one of the very slim Cybershot's (DSC-T10 for example), but it is absolutely perfect for mine, the DSC-W100.

    + It fits extremely snug, yet has a very soft inner lining and hardened casing.
    + It appears to be washable (haven't needed to wash it yet), has a zippered space for an additional memory card, and has a belt-loop.

    - The only drawback I can see is if you needed extra storage for an additional battery or something, there isn't any. I don't need an extra battery, since the DSC-W100 has the longest battery life of any slim digital camera. :)

    Overall, buy this product if you own a DSC-W100 and don't need an extra battery. Thanks Sony and Amazon for another great (and did I mention inexpensive?) product!...more info
  • It's nice but...
    Wish it was bigger so it could fit the battery charger as well...or wish the battery charger was smaller, but I'm not sure that is possible...overall, a nice product....more info
  • Good Camera Case
    We got this camera case for the Sony DSC-T50, and it is the perfect sized case for that camera. There isn't really too much you can fit into it other than the camera and perhaps a memory stick in the small zipper pocket, and a little lens paper, but that's all I ever carry in it so it works well for me. If you like to carry other stuff other than your camera in a camera case, you will need to get a larger case. ...more info
  • Bad Fit on Belt
    I would not recommend this case, as the belt loop is too loose, even for relatively wide belts, so it flops around. It does, however, have a small zipper pocket for a battery and a stick, which is nice, but I will not use this case. It fits the DSC-T10 fine....more info
  • Once again another great product from Sony!
    I bought this Sony digital camera pouch for my digital camera at the same time. This pouch has ample amount of room for the digital camera and enough room for you to carry an extra battery and memory card if you like. It has a zipper part where you can put everything and zip it up. The cushion inside this pouch supports pretty much the whole circumference of the digicam. So if you happen to drop it.. no biggie! It's pretty much protected with all the cushion inside. ...more info
  • Very good choice
    This case is very good and serves its purpose.
    only problem is that side pocket is not very large and cannot accomodate extra battery. Room is only enough for extra memory stick....more info
  • Very compact
    I just got back from a cruise and this case was a good fit for my w50 cybershot. However, it did not enclose the camera completely. I am sure that there are better cases out there, but I have yet to see or read if they are as light or compact as this one. This fit great into my front pocket and was not a bit uncomfortable while I sat down. It also has a zippered pouch where you can put a few memory sticks in it. It has a lot of padding and it looks like it might withstand a drop from your hands....more info
  • Excellent Product at a Great Price
    Sleek, compact design, snug fit with Sony W100/B camera and crisp closure. Can't be beat!...more info
  • Works great
    It is difficult to review this product without commenting on the speedy shipping. In fact, I received this case several days before I received the camera. I am very pleased with both the case and the camera... especially the fast turnaround on the case....more info
    Do not buy your camera carrying case through ANTonline if you want to be able to sleep at night. ANTonline has NO reputable customer service whatsoever! No telephone number, only an e-mail where they respond with platitudes that "they will open an investigation." Meanwhile, I still have not received my purchase and have not been refunded. They are more concerned with policing and smearing their customers in the review section, than they are with actually responding to REAL complaints. Think twice!!!...more info
  • Great for the DSCW50 (DSC-W50) from Sony
    This is a great case with belt loop. I highly recommend that you get one of these for your DSC-W50 / DSCW50 Sony camera because it will protect the large LCD display. There is a D-ring on the belt loop as well as a snap. You can snap the camera to your belt, or if that makes you nervous, there is a sewn in section under the snap loop that you can fit over the belt. This case is well worth the asking price and I see it on sale now.

    CAUTION: The case is too small for the larger older cameras, but is perfect for the DSC-W50....more info
  • A perfect fit for the camera.
    A perfect fit for our Sony DSC-T30B camera. Fits pretty snuggly. Wish it were just a hair bigger to fit in an extra battery, but it isn't that big of a concern. I like the fact it has a snap on belt strap, though I don't use that much as it usually just goes in my purse.

    ...more info
  • Good
    It is useful because it keeps my slim camera in place and not bouncing around as it would in other case. It does not come with a cord or something that I can put around my chest just a loop for my belt to wear around my waist, that is the only thing I find not satisfying....more info
  • great product
    Fits our Sony Cybershot DSCW30 very well. The price was unbeatable. Case is a good balance of bulk and protection for the practicle user, but may be a little bulky for the fashionable user....more info
  • Camera Case for Sony Cybershot
    The quality of the case is very good but it too small. The camera fits nicely but there is no room for anything else such as a patch cord....more info
  • Really great for my DSC-W50, but not very roomy
    I bought this case with my Sony Cybershot DSCW50 and I think the price is excellent. The case is really hard in the outside and soft enough in the inside, so your camera will be really protected. Like other reviewers, I like the strap that you can snap onto your belt or use it around your wrist. My onlu "BUT": the small zippered pouch on the inside front is too small, all you can carry in there is an extra memorystick but there is no way you can carry an extra battery. So: the case is perfect if you only need to carry your camera and an extra memory stick....more info
  • Perfect for DSC-W50 Camera
    This case is very compact, but still has all the necesary features.
    - Provides good protection for the camera.
    - Has a built in belt strap that snaps securely.
    - Has a small zipper pocket for memory sticks and you'll even be able to fit a spare battery in this pocket.
    - The design allows for the camera's hand strap to be used, so there's no bulkey case strap.

    You won't be able to carry the camera's 120V charger, but buy a spare battery and store it in the case pocket....more info
  • Better Alternatives
    This is a nice case for my T-10. But if you would want a real "cool" black leather case that can hang on your belt and makes a perfect fit for the T-10. Check out the Canon PSC-55. A little cheaper, but has more of a classier look to it. Same padded interior and the Canon logo is small and you would not notice that is made for a different camera. The fit is neither too small nor too large. Check out the dimensions if it may fit other sony cameras. But for the T-10, it is perfect. By the way, I do still have the LCS-CST but prefer the cooler, classier, black leather Canon PSC-55 camera case for my Sony T-10. ...more info
  • Sony Carrying Case
    This was a good buy. My Sony DSC-W100 fits snug into the case. It does have a zippered pocket up front(for a memory stick) and a snap handle on the back (for attaching to your pants if you don't want to carry it). This works well for me when I'm not using my camera, I always put it back in it's case to protect it from damage. I will probably invest in a bigger case so I can fit more items in it, like pictures, adaptor for computer, battery charger, memory stick, etc. Other than that it works out fine for me....more info
  • Perfect Choice
    This item fits the camera very well and provides a good level of protection. It does increase the bulk of carrying the camera, but not nearly as much as the leather case does. It has plenty of room for extra memory cards and an extra battery. It is the best choice for this camera and is available at an excellent price....more info
  • Just not enough
    It fits the camera fine, but could have been made with just a little bigger Accessory Pocket for the extra battey And memory stick....more info
  • limited size
    We have a typical sony cybershot digital camera...I thought by buying a sony brand camera case we couldn't go wrong...well, I was wrong in that assumption....the cast was too short, and the cover didn't wrap all the way over the I had to do a custom on it. This is a first-time for being let down by a sony product....more info
  • quality gear
    Thi is a good product, I have dropped it with camera inside and I have no scratch or dents...more info
  • rugged, fits just right
    This little case is well made, fits my wife's Sony W50 digital camera perfectly, has an easy velcro closure and a small zippered pocket in front where we store the pro duo adapter. It is heavy duty so it protects the camera well....more info
  • Great for DSC-T9
    The previous two reviewers failed to see that more than one seller offered this case. I bought it after the first complaint-about-shipping-review for under $13 from antonline through amazon.

    I was worried about buying it since the other reviewers failed to confirm whether or not you can fit the battery in the front pouch. I can fit a spare battery, with plastic case, inside there with a Cybershot DSC-T9 no problem (and yes, you can squeeze a memory stick duo in there, except you might want to keep the battery's plastic case off for that).

    The case felt a bit large for me and I just don't like carrying things on my belt so I added a hook to the other end of the case (very easy to do) and then a strap from another camera case. This thing fits perfect with the strap around my neck and the case comfortably at the side, or however anyone wants to wear it.

    I uploaded photos of the battery fitting and my added strap to amazon's customer images for those curious. If you find a seller without the $50 shipping problem (which you will on amazon) then go ahead, you can't get a better case for the DSC-T9 and maybe entire DSC-T series....more info
  • Is this vendor a joke?
    I purchased the Sony Cybershot camera through Amazon and was very pleased with free shipping, as I often am with Amazon. I purchased the camera to replace a broken Cybershot (accidentally dropped a few too many times...) - we have been very happy with the quality of the Cybershot.

    For $2.99, I thought it would be great to get the case too - how much could the shipping possibly be - $10? NO, TRY OVER $55!!! Yes, that's over FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS FOR SHIPPING ON A THREE DOLLAR ITEM. Give me a break!! I'll buy it elsewhere, that's for sure!...more info
  • shipping???
    How can they try to charge $50 for shipping when this item is only 1 pound and costs only $5???
    Amazon has sucked in my 2 experiences....more info
  • Too small for the referenced cameras!
    Absolutely too small for the referenced cameras, works great for my cellphone....more info
  • Sony Camera Case
    The carmea case is a little bulkie and a wish it had a bit more room for extra chips and batteries...more info
  • Too small for my camera, but excellent product
    I bought two of these Sony Digital Camera carrying cases, wanting to use one for my Sony Cybershot camera and one for my son's Kodak digital. The cases arrived three days earlier than estimated (excellent service), and both were brand new, but to our desmain they were too small for both of our cameras. I guess I underestimated their size when I saw their picture at the Amazon website, where it seemed larger. The product itself is very well cushioned and well made to give many years of excellent protection to your camera. I would definitively recommend it, but make sure it will fit your camera!...more info
  • Great Camera Case
    It's a tad on the small side, but that is remedied by durable velcro!...more info
  • slim carrying case for cybershot camera
    I bought this case for my Cybershot DSC-W50. It's a good case if you want to put the camera in your purse, or on your belt, but there's no room to put extra accessories, like a battery, or memory sticks. It has a tiny pocket for one item only, and there is no strap included to carry it around your neck....more info
  • Perfect size for the Sony N1
    I bought this for my Sony N1 digital camera. Buying online I was worried that it would be too small or too bulky but it's absolutely the perfect size. The price is great especially for something that is Sony. I like the fact that it has a strap that you can snap onto your belt. There's also a small zippered pouch on the inside front that you can put an extra memorystick or even battery. The only thing that could make this case even better would be a clip for those who don't wear belts but still wear pants. ...more info
  • Great case that fits Sony camera DSC-W50, W70 serie
    I bought this case for my wife's new Sony DSC-W70 camera and she loves it. It is pretty slick and fits the camera just tight and right. Its plush interior foam pad offers plenty of protection. I'd say that the camera would suffer litlle damage when dropped. The exterior case is made with a high quality material that not only looks good but will also last for years. The whole thing stays small enough to be carried in my wife's purse easily. Keep in mind that its overall thickness is about 1.5 inch (while the camera is just 0.5 inch) so it won't fit comfortably in any pant/shirt pocket though. If this is what you want, then probably get the leather case model without foam instead. On the other hand, we like the extra protection, zippered pocket, the handy belt loop and the unbeattable price/quality/look....more info
  • too small
    I bought this for my Sony Cybershot DSC-S600 6MP Digital Camera and it's too small -- my camera fits in the case fine but the flap just barely reaches the top edge of the Velcro strip when you bend it over the top of the camera. It's very well made, just too small....more info
  • Great Case, BUT
    I had to return it. TOO BIG for DSC-T7, way too big. That is not really clear when you look at the product description. Never used, but seems to be of great quality.

    IF YOU HAVE A DSC-T7, get the semi-soft case specifically designed for the camera.

    I cannot say if this works fine with other Sony slim cameras....more info
  • Great CASE~It is SMALL, it's COZY, and offers GREAT PROTECTION!!!
    Ordered this right along with my Sony T-9 digital camera from Amazon. Read all the reviews prior to selecting my case, and this was rated best! Now that I have mine in hand... I have to AGREE with everything I read! Works great!!! Fantastic size, and plenty of padding for protection of my expensive pride and joy! If you aren't sure about which case to get your T series digital camera; trust the reviews as I did. This one is a real keeper!!!!!!!...more info
  • Perfect for the my camera, and at a great price!!!
    I just purchased the new Sony DSC-W50 and wanted a case to protect it. This is a great case in my opinion. Soft and plush inside, but firm and protective on the outside. The camera is held firmly in place from the moment you first slide it in the pocket. The additional small zippered pocket on the outside is handy for extra memory sticks, or maybe even an extra battery. The belt loop is very handy, and there is even a metal ring so that you can attach it to a carabiner or something of the like if desired. However, what I like most is that it will protect your investment and look good doing it. I think it's one of the best buys out there. It can be had for less than $15 delivered from several sellers through Amazon....more info
  • good belt case
    Gives good protection. Handy to have on my belt at all times....more info
  • A great little case.
    I bought this case for my Canon SD300 that I had recently purchased. I was looking for a small compact camera case that still have some type of padding or support. While at the store, I compared the case meant for the Canon to many others. I picked up this one mainly because it had much more protection compared to the Canon case, and it came with an extra zipper in the front, perfect for that extra memory card/battery you need to carry around. Even the inner lining of the case is exceptional, with fuzzy material soft enough not to scratch the LCD screen. My SD300 fits perfectly in the case, and although they may not be the same brand, it definitely was a great buy....more info