MobiCam Wireless Color Receiver/Monitor
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Product Description

Features: Connect to a TV or VCR with included A/V cable. A/V monitor can be used as an additional monitor for the MobiCam system. Monitors can be setup in multiple locations for added convenience. Low-battery power indicator. Battery or AC power.

  • Makes it possible to cover all primary spots within your home
  • No hardwires to install
  • Monitors may pick up interference from cordless phones
  • The closer the monitor is to another frequency the more static heard
  • Choose a monitor that operates in a different frequency, don't get a 900MHz cordless phone and a 900MHz monitor
Customer Reviews:
  • Not worth the money
    Not worth the money for the following reasons: Yes, this monitor is wireless - for about 15 minutes (doesn't even make it thru one nap time)! I mostly used this monitor at night, and the night vision is in black & white. It produces a lot of static - so much so, that I had to turn off the sound completely - and what's the use of that!? Also, the picture quality is not so good, and gets worse over time....more info