Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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Product Description

Take control of your health and fitness with the Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor with IQ SystemT. Clinically proven to display fast, accurate readings of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse, this monitor features one-touch operation and reads in about half the time of other traditional monitors.

The Mark of Fitness MF-81 delivers accurate, clinically-proven blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home. View larger.
More Comfortable and Convenient
Thanks to the dual mode fuzzy logic for both inflation and deflation, this monitor is more comfortable and convenient than other monitors because it reduces time spent at higher cuff pressures. To help you track your results over time, it offers a 60-session memory with date, time, and average. Wrist monitoring means there's no need to remove a jacket or sweater, making it easy to check your pressure and pulse anytime, anywhere. The large, digital liquid crystal display is also clear and easy to read. Included with the monitor is a zippered storage case and full instructions in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

The Benefits of the IQ System
The MF-81 features the IQ System, which makes it both quick and intelligent. This IQ System is a group of features allowing rapid measurement of blood pressure without sacrificing accuracy. Because the memory feature lets you show your doctor your results over a 60 day period, it's perfect for those who want to monitor their blood pressure for medical reasons. It's also ideal for both athletes in training and those just getting in shape, because it monitors your resting pulse rate, a reliable indication of physical fitness. The monitor comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty, is 100-percent latex free, and runs on two "AAA" batteries (not included). For optimum accuracy, convenience, and comfort, no other blood pressure monitor makes taking care of your health so easy.

What's in the Box
Mark of Fitness MF-81 blood pressure monitor and warranty.

  • Convenient and comfortable wristwatch monitor lets you save 60 readings
  • Clinically proven to display fast, accurate readings of systolic/diastolic blood pressure and pulse
  • Features one-touch operation and reads in about half the time of other traditional monitors
  • Large, digital liquid crystal easy-to-read display
  • Measures 3.8 x 3.9 x 3.6 inches (WxHxD); 8 ounces
Customer Reviews:
  • Stopped working after using it less than 6 months
    I bought this product from Amazon and as other people have reported, this product stopped working after using it for less than 6 months. My recommendation would be to buy a wrist blood pressure monitor made by some other company....more info
  • Mark of Fitness MF-81 Blood Pressure Monitor
    I love it. It is so easy to operate - and small, so it doesn't take much space. It works great...really good choice. Terrific purchase....more info
    Easy, compact, portable, nice features. Synced with Dr and VERY close. Do not hesitate at all to buy this one folks!...more info
  • Not very accurate, but inexpensive.
    I found this monitor to be way off in the readings it took when compared to those at the doctor's office. After reading many other reviews here it seems some other people got accurate readings so I might have had a faulty unit. The battery life of this unit is good and it also stores multiple readings for your future reference.

    I have since tried an arm cuff unit from Omron Omron Elite 7300W Womens Avanced Blood Pressure Monitor and I find that it gives me much more accurate readings and is very easy to use. However, it is more than double the price of this monitor. I find that arm cuff monitors are generally more accurate than the wrist monitors and personally I am not going back to a wrist monitor again....more info
  • Good Wrist Blood Pressure device
    This is the second wrist cuffed blood pressure device I've owned. It fits very snuggly on my small wrist. The on button works every time. The device if not loud when inflating. The only issue is the cover for the batteries is not firmly secured. More a nuisance than anything else....more info
  • Accurate, inexpensive
    This unit replaced an earlier Omron wrist unit that I owned but seldom used due to a lack of confidence in the readings. This unit does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what the previous one couldn't - it gives reproducible results and is a very good tool to track your blood pressure and, in my case, the efficacy of my prescription in controlling it. This has been extremely important since, as many others, I tend to be high at the Drs. office and this gives me a chance to get a more accurate picture of my typical pressure - in the AM, with coffee, without coffee, etc. etc. Of course, you only bother to do all that when the unit is accurate.

    Aside from the accuracy, the unit also seems to have good battery life. The compactness and ease of use are great features also. The only drawback is a touchy "power on" button that turns on a little too easily. All in all a great purchase. I wouldn't trade it!...more info
  • Disappointed
    The monitor did not give very accurate readings. I compared it to the one at the Doctor's office and it was way off....more info
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    The wrist BP monitor is convenient and very easy to use. The digital read-outs are large and easy to read, even without the glasses that I normally wear. At this point I am very happy with the purchase, but I have had it for only several months, so I know nothing about it durability....more info
    C. MILES, TEXAS...more info
  • Nice Monitor
    I bought this monitor based on the other reviews. I have always heard the cuff type monitors were more accurate than the wrist models, so I took this with me to the doctors office. I got about the same readings as he did within 5, so I think that's pretty good. Even his reading was different that the nurse's who took it at the beginning of my appointment. It also displays your heart rate. There is a 50 reading memory so you can recall your previous readings. I like it and it's very easy to use....more info
  • Wrist blood pressure monitor
    I compared the readings of this monitor with those of a very high-end machine, several times, and it always came out within a few points...which is to be expected. All in all, I really like it, prmarily because it's so easy to use....more info
  • EASY
    I love my new B/P monitor. It is incredibly easy to use and seems to be accurate so far....more info
  • for a month I've used, comparing it with other teams is very little difference, is very reliable complying with the procedures a
    for a month I've used, comparing it with other teams is very little difference, is very reliable complying with the procedures and care that the manual specifies, and I'm very satisfied
    thanks...more info
  • Cheap and reliable
    I bought this as a gift to my uncle two years ago. He has been using this to the maximum and found effective....more info
  • mark of fitness
    After finding out that I had high blood pressure I needed something to monitor it. A friend offered his blood pressure machine to me and I tried it and it was just a lot of work with the pump that you had to pump up So I went out and found this product and compaired it with is and they were the same reading. and so much easy'er to use. I am glad I bought it...more info
  • Value for money
    This works well if used as instructed. The wrist should be parallel to heart and should be used in a stable state.. should not talk while using....more info
  • wrist blood pressure monitor
    I was disappointed in this machine. I could never get an accurate reading.
    Money was wasted on this monitor....more info
  • Easy to use great for older adults
    Bought this for family, really well done, works good and take pressure that is consistant. Checked with manual pressure guage and was for the most part in line with reading.

    Blood presure can fluctuate even from one take to the next so this equipment works....more info
  • simple blood pressure cuff that works every time - even with my big wrist.
    I have bought several blood pressure cuffs over the years, all of them over $70, and none of them worth anything. They were bought at CVS and Walgreens and WalMart, and none of them worked for any length of time.

    I found a friend who owned this cuff, tried it, and it worked. So, I shopped Amazon to get the best price. Shopping Amazon is smart shopping....more info
  • Location, Location, Location
    For the price this item does exactly what it should do. The only thing you have to be careful about is placement on the wrist. If it is not where it can sense your pulse it will respond with an error....more info
  • Very convenient thing to have for all those blood pressure patients
    This saves ALOT of time for people who have to check their BP very often. In addition to this, it also gives accurate results! Definitely a must have!...more info
  • easy to use
    I really like this. Its simple to use and keeps a record of readings.Nice price too. Also the case make it easy to carry. ...more info
  • Very user friendly
    My husband and I love this monitor. It is easy to use, requires only one person, and keeps us competing for the best readings!...more info
  • Great Product
    Mine works perfectly and I check it against the old style. I am a C/V nurse and I tested it on everybody in the lab. Accurate. What an Amazon price!...more info
  • Great!
    This monitor works great and seems to be accurate (I compared it at the doctor's office)....more info
  • Good item. Good price.
    The price is very good. [...]. Bought 2 for gift. The Calender setting is a little confusing. But with the instruction that's not a big problem. This is a wrist monitor. The cuff should be a little longer if a big guy want to use it....more info
  • easy to use blood pressure monitor
    I found this item to be pretty easy to use and got it for my husband for one of his christmas presents. It was easy to read and pretty accurate so it worked for us. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to use blood pressure monitor.

    ...more info
  • Good bargain for the price, works great.
    It works. Consistent readings, light weight, great style and comes in a nice transparent plastic case. Will definitely work as a great gift idea....more info
  • Easy to use
    I have found this monitor to be very easyMark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to use( without help ) and it is accurate when checked against the doctors prefessional grade monitor....more info
  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    This is excellent for my dad and very partial. I would buy it for this seller again...more info
  • b/p cuff
    This is very inaccurate. I am a home health nurse and I was trying to demonstate how to use this. It gave consistant high readings, high enough that a lay person would have called 911. Her actual manual B/P was only 104/70, this machine put her in stroke range...DO not waste your money!!!!...more info
  • Works great
    Item works accurately. Took it the doctors office to have it checked out and was told it was accurate. ...more info
  • Useful and Accurate
    I have found the MF-81 BP monitor to be pretty accurate. I am in nursing school and I take it to clinical with me to compare it with readings on the hospital machines.. The memory function is great... and it's easy to operate. ...more info
  • No frills, but it does what it says it will.
    There are some products that do a little more, but for a simple blood pressure monitor this can't be beat.
    Fast readings and accurate enough for a home user.
    I have no complaints.

    If you do buy one make sure that you put it on correctly (if you're wearing it like a wristwatch then it's backwards)....more info
  • I like this monitor
    I like this monitor as I have small wrists and it fits me just fine. However, if you have bigger wrists, it would not be a good fit.

    It seems to give me an accurate reading on my BP. I have no complaints...more info
  • Have had a great experience
    The best advice I got was to bring my unit in once I bought one (I'm pre-hypertension and so daily monitoring is helping me stay motivated for weight and salt intake).

    I bought the MF-81 and did bring it to my next visit. It was spot-on with the cuff! I'm sure that, on occasion, a unit will be off for one reason or another, so do what I did and bring it to the doctor's office with you!

    More about this specific unit: I like that it is battery-operated, and that it has a memory function. It is also compact. It sits by my morning vitamins, out in the open so I don't forget to check my pressure. I've had it for nearly a year, used it nearly every day (don't always take it on trips), and only changed the battery once.

    I haven't had any other tool for checking my blood pressure, so can't compare it to anything else, but I will say that this one is accurate (don't forget to check w/a doctor), easy to use, has a good battery life, and a nice memory function....more info
  • it works fine
    I bought this product about 1 year ago. The numbers on the screen just disappeared recently. The company is willing to exchange this product but they will charge 7.95 for shipping and handling even the product is still in the warranty.
    ...more info
  • Do not recommend this item
    I bought this item for my mother with hypertension. Daily readings are always lower by 20-30 units than on manual blood pressure cuff.
    ...more info
  • MF-81 Wrist BP Monitor
    I am an RN & truly like the convenience of this product's use, & so do my patients. Less hassle to get on compared to the wrap-around to the uppper arm having to move arthritic joints, etc. However, I have found, when doing a comparison of the "dial" BP cuff & this wrist one, there is about a 5point difference between the 2 with the wrist one measuring less. I tried this on varies ages....more info
  • Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    Not accurate.
    Only reason to keeping is don't want to spend time for returning procedure....more info
  • First try was bad then, it is OK
    The first shippment delivered a defective unit. The LCD screen would not come up properly and all the nubmers would show only the top half. That gave me the opportunity to test something I have never done with Amazon: a return and/or replacement. It was handled every efficiently as I expected. I had a new product before I had the opportunity to return the bad unit. The new one works just fine. I noticed the wrist size is quite small, since I am skinny, I had no problem but I wonder if it would work as well on a large wrist... It is very easy to get a read, it never failed with me....more info
  • Value for the money product, still excellent
    Absolutely no problem with the product so far, bought it for a person with a heart disease, so the equipment is used a couple of times a day.

    Used more than 8 months - excellent display and battery life, comes with a case....more info
  • Accurate and very portable
    You can go anywhere with this Monitor, big numbers on screen, batteries life is excellent no matter how many times you started it
    Two thumbs up!!
    I already bought 3, one for my father, one for my mother in law and one for me!!...more info
  • Inexpensive monitor
    This monitor was very inexpensive and unfortunately you get what you pay for. The instructions were hard to read and the display is also hard to read. The monitor seems to work and is easy to put on. If I were doing it again, I would have spent a few more dollars for a better quality cuff....more info
  • Pretty Reliable
    The readings vary from arm to arm at times, which is concerning. Still, not a bad product....more info
  • Value for Money
    The good points are

    1. Compact and good carrying box.
    2. Accurate measurement and confirmed by doctor.
    3. Cost is less as compared to comparable instruments....more info
  • reading inaccurate at times
    The accuracy of this monitor is unreliable. Most of the times it gives correct reading. What it's good for though is it can tell when pressure is high or low but it you want something more accurate get the ones that come with a shoulder band....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    This Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor shows correct reading almost always.
    I am very happy with the product.
    ...more info
  • Average
    I bought 2 of these a year ago, one`for my folks and one for myself. If the included instructions are followed properly this device gives relatively accurate readings otherwise the readings are all over the place. The batteries lasst for months but the battery door on both broke after a short while....more info
  • Another with a bad display
    Just like other reviewers I received one with a display gone bad.
    Amazon sent out a replacement quickly.
    Used a few times but does not seem that accurate- about 10 to 20 low.
    Thinking of sending back. My advise- spend your money on a more accurate device....more info
  • broken!!
    after less than 6 months, this product stopped working. i received an email from amazon that the product has had problems. i've emailed the company several times, but i've not received any response. PASS on this product/company....more info
  • Not accurate
    There seem to be some problem with the device. It is no where close to the accuracy. The distortion is in the range of +/- 10 units...more info
  • Mark of Fitness MF-81 BP monitor
    Used correctly, this is an excellent and reliable product. I tested its accuracy with the help of a doctor friend, who took my blood pressure with a traditional cuff on the arm and a stethoscope after I had taken it with the wrist monitor. The Mark of Fitness readings were right on....more info
  • Bought 2 so far and am happy
    I recently bought the second of these from Amazon. The delivery as always was quick from Amazon. My in-laws are using the first one i bought and are very satisfied with this. Its pretty fast and accurate....more info
  • Pressure Cuff
    This product has been a wonderful tool in keeping tabs on my blood pressure. I have owned one for several years. I recently purchased an additional cuff from Amazon for my daughter who is pregnant and requires blood pressure monitoring. I would recommend this product unconditionally. The size is wonderful for travelling or keeping in your bag for anytime use, rather than the bulky traditional cuff and stethoscope....more info
  • This product never worked :(
    I bought this in October 2006. I tried and tried to make it work (changed batteries several times). It always read an error. I thought I was doing something wrong, so I put it away until I went to the doctor's office. It wouldn't work for them. By then, I had it several months and could not return it. I tried it again later and the numbers were only half showing....more info
  • Waste of Money
    I bought this monitor in March06 for my dearest in laws. The monitor stopped working after 3-4 months. They old me this product never displayed correct result. I am very much annoyed....more info
  • Working fine for me
    I have not faced any problems with the battery or accuracy so far like other reviewers, it is working fine for me....more info
  • Stay away from this dud!!
    I bought 2 of this back in Aug 2006 when the review was 4-5 stars. Both the displays don't work with new batteries. Unfortunately I shipped it abroad without testing it, with total faith in products carried by Amazon. I will probably stick to books and CDs/DVDs the next time I buy from Amazon....more info
  • DO NOT buy this one!
    I bought six of them as holiday gift for my elder relatives. However, unlike other amazon quality products, three of them turned out having screen display problem so I had to replace them by sending them back to Amazon. Although I received the new package by one-day free shipping, there is still one having the same problem. Now Amazon claimed that they are going to research the problem. Let's wait and see then....more info
  • Display problems
    I received 2 of MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors and both for both of display DO NOT WORK even with brand NEW batteries. I ended up returing both of them.

    ...more info
  • Same accuracy as doctor's one
    I took Mark of Fitness MF-81 the doctors office to compare,
    since always at the doctor my blood preassure was to high,
    when at home was fine. So I wasn't sure which is correct.
    And the result was revealing. Mark of Fitness MF-81 showed
    amost the same BP as doctors device.
    Apparently I am always nervous in any medical facility,
    like many people do what affects BP, so never rely on doctor's BP meassurment.
    Anyway, Mark of Fitness MF-81 is great and fast, I recommend it!...more info
  • Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    No good, you have better choice and better make from Omron or some other manufacturor. Very very unstable,and always need atleast 2 to 3 time to read, with different results....more info
  • Worst Product ever purchased, with bad customer service
    Purchased 2 monitor. One is working good.
    Other Worked good for 2 weeks. Then from display unit's place number started disappearing. Got this monitor replaced.
    The replaced one was worst than the first one. Display was again not working.
    Tried with customer care to replace this. They gave assurance that a return label will be sent. In last 2 month called several times. But nothing has been done. ...more info
  • This BP Machine is no good
    I bought this from and this product sucks and it never gives acurate readings,the battery runs out with in no time.......more info
  • Don't buy it
    This is not a good buy. The readings are not consistent. Two consecutive readings are 50 units different....more info
  • Not accurate
    I bought this product one month ago, measured my B/P every daytime hour for three weeks and found the SYS reading is about 10-15 mmhg higher than the arm monitor and DIA reading is about 5-15 mmhg higher. I just returned to exchange a new one (same brand) but the result is only a little better than the previous one. I don't know why so many people gave 4 or 5 stars for this product. I also tried Omron, the result is almost the same. I heard from medical field said most of the wrist monitors are not as accurate as arm monitor. I don't know what brand has the best product. I hate to carry a big arm monitor around when I go out but what can I do. ...more info
  • Bad product
    MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor looks so great that I ordered two, but to my surprise both of them are giving wrong results.

    I am surprised to see such nice reviews for this product...
    I will strongly recommend not to buy it.

    Thanks.....more info
  • Amazing
    I never thought such a small piece can do so much, don't even hesitate about getting this blood-preassure monitor!!!...more info
  • Good stuff
    I bought this monitor and sent it to my Mum, who has high blood presure and was suggeted by the doctor to measure her blood presure everyday. She loved it, saying it was easy to use and the average blood presure she got with this monitor was almost the same as what she got in the clinic. ...more info
  • Seems good but, poor quailty
    I have tried 2 of these now and both had defective lcd screens....more info
  • Good cuff
    I find the readings on this cuff (when used properly) to be reliable. I have also double checked the results on myself with a standard electronic arm cuff and when checking family members with a standard manual arm cuff. It's small, light, easy-to-use and my patients find it much less cumbersome than an arm cuff. I would recommend it. Just be sure to read the instructions on how to use it and be very particular about arm position EVERY TIME you use the cuff....more info
  • new blood pressure monitor
    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new monitor. This product is very easy to use & comes with instructions that are written in a way so that the average person has a clear understanding of how to use the monitor.

    This pressure monitor fits right onto your wrist just as easy as putting on your wristwatch. It allows you to store up to 30 measurements in the memory & I have found that it is very accurate measuring the same as what my reading is when I have been seen by my doctor.
    I am certain if you purchase this product that it is a wise buy & that you will be as satisfied as I am....more info
  • BP meter is just what the doctor ordered
    This MF-81 BP monitor is awsome. I can't believe how small, portable and easy to use it is. It is quick and easy and has large read-out numbers. I thought it would be big and clunky when I ordered it and saw how cheap the price was but was really surprised at how sleek and small it really is. Looks like it cost way more than I paid for it. Nice sleek carrying case, too. I take my BP first think in the morning when I wake up and it is a snap to use. Easy to see the large read-out even with blurry eyes first thing in the morning. ...more info
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
    MF-81 blood pressure monitor is very easy to use and seems to be accurate. Have not compared it with the doctor's readings but I am happy with it....more info
  • Fast & Accurate - updated after a year
    I was looking for a BP measuring device which is most importantly accurate. I ordered first for myself, found it so good and when compared to my doctor's results, it was 100% acurate. Then I ordered for my parents as well. Excellent product

    After a year of purchase, in one of the two pieces I orders, numbers on the LCD screen went bad. I received an email from Amazon stating that the few of the pieces in the July lot of 2006 year have these problems, and should contact the manufacturer. I recently spoke to them and they are willing to replace the one for me.. However the other one is still working fine and give accurate readings,...more info
  • Easy to Use Pressure Cuff
    This is so easy to use and accurate too! No fuss! Outstanding...more info
  • Not Satisfied
    Instrument is very inaccurate. Caused me to have my blood pressure checked by professional which confirmed the inaccuracy of this instrument....more info
  • Good price, works well
    It's very easy to use and works quite accurately (comparing to the readings that those machines at grocery store/pharmacies). The price was well worth it. It also has a neat memory function that stores every reading, giving you an average too. No regrets with this product....more info
  • Good for its Price
    The reading is withen tolerance limit, good for family to check their pressure. It is not recomended were very accurate reading is required.
    The build is bit flimzy.. Overall this is a good buy....more info
  • Good Product
    Buy this product if you get any deal or bargain I got it for 24$. Its ok with my spouse and others, but gives erratic reading while I use it.... Dont know may be it likes fairer sex....more info
  • Love this
    My doctor told me to monitor my blood pressure at home.
    I bought this wrist monitor, & I love it. It is mostly accurate, by that I mean it is within the range my blood pressure is when my doctor takes it. It's small & handy for me to take with me wherever I go....more info
  • Memory stoped working
    After using item for a couple of weeks the memory and date quit working and the screen shows a replace battery icon. I have replaced the batteries several times with brand new, high quality batteries , different brands from different stores with expiration dates ranging from 2011 to 2013. These batteries work fine in other things I've tried them in. Still the memory and date don't work and the replace battery icon shows. I did not drop or do anything to damage unit. I do not trust the readings on the blood pressure part as being accurate if the rest of the machine doesn't function correctly. Money down the drain....more info
  • It works!
    Bought this as a backup for my Becton-Dickinson Wrist Unit, which is no longer available. It works with a similar accuracy, which is more than I can say for some other units -- similar meaning totally accurate! For those who are not aware, your blood pressure is almost never the same twice, even twice in a row with no delays -- but twice in a row should be very close, and with the B-D and this unit, it is. Didn't have my doctor check this one, because he's checked the B-D exhaustively, and this one gets the same (almost identical) results. Don't forget to keep the unit at heart-level -- fingertips just touching your opposite shoulderbone (between shoulder and neck). Good Luck!
    ...more info
  • Extremely accurate and consistent. ... can be a lifesaver
    I have had mine for about six months and have found it to be both convenient and consistently accurate. Any criticisms are likely due to the user not being familiar with how to take blood pressure. Most people know that blood pressure can vary between successive readings, regardless of the instrument used. Position of the cuff with respect of its elevation can also affect readings. An arm cuff is placed at very nearly the same height as the heart, which is ideal. When using my wrist monitor I always take the reading while seated and place my wrist lightly against my chest where it will be elevated at approximately the same height as my heart, and I get very accurate and consistant readings. Sometimes after exercise or mentally stressful events I will wait a minute or two for my body to readjust, take three successive readings, and accept an average of the second two as my "correct" blood pressure. Other averaging methods may work as well.

    Overall, my health is pretty good except for mild hypertension. The last time I visited my specialist M.D. his nurse took my blood pressure with a wrist instrument. The old arm cuff was no longer being used. The reading was fairly consistent with those of my wrist instrument and the cuff monitor at Wal-Mart. The Mark of Fitness BP monitor is also one of the very few wrist monitors approved for accuracy by the German government health agency, and this influenced my decision to purchase this brand in preference to the others. I have no regrets.

    I have never had to change batteries so I can't comment on battery life. In my opinion this is the best BP wrist monitor available regardless of price and I give it a very solid five stars....more info
  • This product is waist of your money
    Every time I have taken the readings , I have got the supprising results , which no where match with the one while taken at the doctor.This is highly dependent on the position if your hand , accuracy is very less....more info
  • Great Blood Pressure Monitor
    I have several blood pressure monitors, and this one is by far my favorite. It is as accurate as my bicep monitor, and far less noisy, cumbersome and inconvenient. I recommend it heartily....more info
  • My little BP machine
    I have had this instrument for about 3 weeks and have found it very useful in monitoring my progress toward lowering my blood pressure. I have started a walking regimen and have noted a distinct improvement in my BP. Being able to observe the benefit of exercise on a daily basis provides an added incentive to continue slogging on. Nice little machine, well worth the money....more info
  • The best price/size
    The reason to get this Blood Pressure Monitor is that my wife is pregnant now, and we need to keep an eye on her blood pressure from time to time. Compared with a mercury monitor it has a 1% - 2% of inaccuracy but watching 90/60 or 95/65 is not real difference for us.

    Is very easy to use, the battery life is good (haven't changed them in a couple of weeks of daily use) and is very light and handy to carry around.

    Gave it 5 stars because has everything I need and more, it might be not as good for other people, such as persons with high blodd pressure problems, but for us is the best....more info
  • Great product
    The Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a great product. My husband uses it all of the time. It also fits big wrists which is an added bonus....more info
  • Great product
    Inexpensive, easy to use, and accurate (which was my biggest concern). It's a major improvement over the cuff type....more info
  • Easy to use
    I've been using this monitor for the past month. I belive it gives fairly accurate readings (matches well with my readings at the doctor's office, although my doctor disagrees). Its a little uncomfortable if you have large wrists, but it beats the arm band types in terms of ease of use and speed. ...more info
  • Easy as a heart beat
    HBP is a silent killer. Don't be in the dark about your blood pressure...easy to use and takes less than a minute to use. As accurate as the doc's mercury cuff? No...but darn close. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    Attention all current owners of this monitor; to access the average reading press memory once (that gives your most recent reading); press memory again (now you are in the memory bank); now press and hold memory until it shows the average reading. I discovered this from the (so-called) manual and trial and error.
    For everyone else, the reviews in this heading are very good. Accuracy? I've not compared it to the Dr's. office either....more info
  • Pleased with my monitor
    I have tested the monitor on several persons and it is accurate and easy to use. However, for a person with large wrists, it can be slightly difficult to put on....more info
  • Excellent Price,Accurate Readings but low features
    Price is cheapest ever. Other products with same features would cost much more than this one.

    Readings looks okay to me. Though I never got a chance to compare it with Doctor's readings,looks like it does not show inconsistent or dramatically different readings between two consecutive readings taken in a gap of 5 minutes.

    Drawback : Battery indicator is wrong! When I installed for the first time, it was showing low-battery indicator, and same now , after 15 days!
    Can't take an average of readings.

    If you want accuracy at low cost, can very well go for this product.

    ...more info
  • Worthy & reliable product
    This is a good reliable product. Very accurate. I tried this at some time intervals and it showed me almost consistent data. This is very handy and requires two batteries.

    Just a small glitch I noticed that the battery compartment cover part seems vulnerable if used many times.

    Overall, very happy with this buy :)...more info
  • Excellent product! Accuracy guaranteed!
    I just ordered the MF-81 blood pressure monitor. I have noticed the following facts that make this product a great buy:

    1. Accuracy: Very accurate readings. Never seen such accurate readings. I got a 119/81 and 73 pulse rate. On frequently checking the readings, they were very accurate each time.

    2. Usage: Very easy to use wrist monitor unlike the arm monitors.

    3. Design: Sleek and the display has big numbers.

    4. Battery: Eats lots of battery but when a good product is in hand then who cares?

    5. Price: Very Reasonable price!

    In all an excllent combination!...more info
  • Great Idea!
    Easy to use, accurate. Beware of the battery compartment cover, very flimsy and easy to break....more info
  • Accurate and reliable
    I bought this for my mother who was told by her doctor to keep track of her blood pressure. This has been the best useful monitor ever, it has a large cuff which is great since she has a weight issue and the large numbers on the screen are amazing my mom can read her results without having to put on her glasses. It's very accurate and since it has a memory showing date, time and results there's no need for her to write it down on a piece of paper. I would recomend this to anyone who needs to constantly check their blood pressure. ...more info
  • Blood pressure monitor review
    I just received the Mark of Fitness MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This is the second Mark of Fitness wrist monitor that I've had and they are very easy to use and extremely accurate. Also, the price I paid on Amazon was the best price I could find after researching prices for this product....more info
  • Accurate, compact, excellent bargain for the price
    I've used the MF-81 for a few months and I've found it to be very accurate, reliable and, for the most part, easy to use. I haven't been able to test it against a doctor's office mercury cuff (considered the most accurate), but it was tested against another cuff that was tested as accurate and it was pretty much right on the money.

    Positives: Accurate, compact, inexpensive (other cuffs with the same features typically cost more), fits both small and large wrists, remembers last 60 readings and gives average.

    Negatives: To find out the average of the last 60 readings requires hitting the "memory" button up to 60 times. I lost my instruction booklet so maybe there's a faster way. If not, this is an inconvenience. The battery warning symbol is also rather unreliable. Mine has given a low battery warning for a month and I've used it between 50 and 100 times without a problem.

    For the most part this is real bargain. I needed an accurate wrist cuff and I didn't want to spend a lot of money so it's perfect in that sense. If you require getting an average reading without much fuss then you might want to pay more for an easier to use model. ...more info
  • MF-81 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
    This product has turned out to be very accurate when compared to arm cuffs used in our doctor's office. It has also allowed my mother, who has weak veins and large arms, to monitor her pressure. Her arm cuff was usually hit or miss as to whether it would read correctly or at all due to arm size. Very pleased with purchase and price....more info
  • Awaiting the delivery
    I placed my order two days back so eagerly waiting for the delivery. Hope product will be very good.

    Thanks...more info