Cortelco - 255400-vba-20m - ITT-2554-V-BK
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Product Description

Cortelco's industry standard telephones offer the reliability and economical value that customers have come to equate with the company's products. The Cortelco 2500 series telephones meet the basic needs of homes or small businesses. These sets are fully modular for easy installation and modification, are UL listed, hearing aid compatible and are equipped with a ringer volume control. The 2500 series telephones are available with additional features such as flash, message waiting, and A-lead control, making these phones complimentary to the hospitality industry, and compatible with CENTREX/PBX/1A2 applications.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Didn't work for us
    Bought this and never could get it to work. We even changed the plug in the wall. I looks real nice tho. I would not recommend....more info
  • Great Low-Tech Phone + Emergency Prepardness Tool
    Really a simple Low Tech Phone that does nothing remarkable with one exception. If the power goes out, this phone will continue to work as long as the telephone company lines hold out. Your fancy wireless home phones with their AC power requirements will either fail immediately or as soon as the batteries go. An Emergency Prepardness device for the home....more info