High Current Power Distribution Module
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Product Description

Power up to nine AC or DC surveillance cameras from a single location. The High Current Power Distribution Module conveniently distributes a single AC or DC input into nine individual outputs for centrally powering video cameras, PIR motion detectors, or photobeams. Each output is protected with a 400mA auto-resetting PTC to protect any shorted output from disabling the other power outputs. The modules accept a 6- to 30-volt AC or DC power source (sold separately), which connects either to the input terminal block or the 2.1mm DC power jack located on the module. The High Current Power Distribution Module has visual LED power indicators on each output and a Master Power On/Off Switch. Two or more outputs can be paralleled for additional current. Power distribution kits are available for nine 24-volt AC cameras and 12-volt DC cameras. Both of these kits come with power supplies that can support all nine cameras.

  • Single module distributes power to nine surveillance cameras
  • High-current module accepts power supply of 6 to 30 volts AC or DC
  • LED power indicators provide visual confirmation for each connected load
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 4.3" x 2"
  • Warranty: Lifetime, limited