Cloud Dome Infinity Board Digital Lighting Kit, with Two 5000k Lights & White Matte Background.
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Product Description

Infinity Matte Board... The light-weight and portable Infinity board is the perfect background matte for photographing a variety of images. The effect of the background is simple, your images stand out, while the board fades away to infinity. (Advanced users: this makes cropping and digitally adjusting color and contrast an easier task.) Cleaning: most cleansers can be safely used with the Infinity board.

  • Cloud Dome Flip Light: 19 inch Folding Diamond Grading Light with Compact Fluorescent Bulb.
  • Energy Efficient 13 watt compact Flourescent Bulb 5000k
  • Automatic Shut-Off When Folded Up
  • In Conjunction with Infinity Board , will Produce "Floating in Air" Images
  • Perfect for 2 Light Macro Photgraphy to Eliminate Shadows