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GE SMARTHOME JASHEP52068 Wireless Door Chime Kit Easy to install; Single entry; 2 sound options; Range up to 150 ft Wireless Door Chime Kit

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  • An affordable touch of class
    Doorbell transformers, like automobile fuel pumps, fail for reasons that defy explanation. When our doorbell transformer fizzled, I was faced with shutting off power to the whole house while replacing it or finding an easier solution.

    I chose easier.

    The chime plugs into any electrical outlet within 150 feet of the button, which you can mount anywhere and anyhow you please. I used heavy-duty mounting tape to stick the button over the hole left by the old button. The chime itself is plugged into an outlet in a low-traffic part of our single-story house but can be heard in every room. In a two-story house, you could plug in a second chime upstairs.

    The neatest feature is the 8-note "Westminster" melody, which you select with a jumper inside the button. The other choice is a generic "ding-dong". If you don't want to be disturbed, an on/off switch silences the chime. Electronic and mechanical transformer-driven doorbells that play "Westminster" chimes sell for 2 or 3 times the price and require a lot more work to install.

    Four DIP switches inside the chime and button let you choose from 16 radio channels to avoid interference from a neighbor's button or certain garage door openers.

    It's a one-button, one-chime system so you'll need another kit for the back door, with its receiver in another outlet and the alternate chime selected. You'll also need to set one chime and button to a different channel.

    The only maintenance is replacing the miniature 12-volt battery in the button. It's the same battery used in many auto alarm fobs and garage door opener transmitters. Test it weekly. If you have to hold the button to ring the chime, it's time for a new battery....more info