Toshiba TDP-TW300U XGA Wireless Projector
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Product Description

The TDP-TW300U high performance projector features all the power and functionality that a large-scale presentation venue needs in a sleek and easy to use package.The TDP-TW300U is designed to meet the demands of large-scale presentation venues such as auditoriums, training centers, lecture halls and large conference rooms. The projector features a vibrant display, special remote network management capabilities, and high-end multimedia functionality for presentations that will impact large audiences with sharp displays and premium performance.

Fitted with multimedia capabilities, the Toshiba TDP-TW300U XGA Projector combines convenience with some of the most advanced electronic technology available today to place the power of professional-quality images in your hands.

With wireless capabilities, the TDP-TW300U is a great choice for high-impact business presentations. Take a product tour.

A host of advanced connections are available on the rear, including an ethernet port for network control, as well as a memory card slot.
The TDP-TW300U features a brightness level of 3000 ANSI lumens, making it ideal for use in locations such as lecture halls, auditoriums, and large conference rooms, but with recommended projection distances of 3.9 to 45.3 feet and screen images measuring in size from 3.3 to 25 feet diagonally, the projector also gives you the versatility of presenting in smaller rooms. Other key features such as DLP technology, native XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, and a 2000:1 contrast ratio guarantee that your images will be sharp and bright, as well as detailed enough for easy viewing of complex spreadsheets or software demos. In addition, with the TDP-TW300U offering a reproduction range of a full 16.7 million colors, and with the added feature of Toshiba's patented Natural Color Enhancer color correction circuitry, the projector can produce images in the most brilliant and accurate colors that will be sure to dazzle your audience and enhance the impact of your presentation.

The TDP-TW300U is fully equipped with input and output terminals for you to connect to multiple video and audio sources, including television signals. The projector will let you connect easily to your laptop or to a desktop computer already in the room, but the integrated wireless card can also free you from the hassle of computer cables, while the projector's memory card capability will give you the option of delivering a computer-free presentation.

The TDP-TW300U has 2 built-in 4-watt stereo speakers, while output terminals let you use external speakers for increased sound. You can also connect to an external monitor that may be more convenient for you to view than the projected image your audience is watching. The display offers inset and split screen options, allowing your audience to view more than one input source at a time. And with a fully loaded mouse remote control with laser pointer (battery included), the TDP-TW300U gives you the freedom of speaking from any position in the room. An array of connectivity options that includes self-diagnostic capabilities, password protection, and email status notifications makes the TDP-TW300U easy to maintain and operate within a network.

You will be impressed by how quietly the TDP-TW300U runs, as well. The noise level of a residential area at night typically measures about 40 decibels, but with a virtually silent fan and motor, the TDP-TW300U produces a noise output of just 32 decibels (29 dB in low mode), letting your audience focus on the screen instead of on the equipment.

All of these features come in a portable unit. Weighing 12 pounds and fitting easily into the soft carrying case included with purchase, the TDP-TW300U is designed for travel as well as for local use. Intended for professional-quality presentations, the Toshiba TDP-TW300U Projector is an invaluable multimedia tool that can be used in any number of business, educational, and community settings.

What's in the Box
TDP-TW300U projector, mouse remote control, battery for remote control, IR receiver, power cord, RGB cable, wireless 802.11b/g PC LAN card, CD-ROM, user's manual, and soft carrying case.

  • Native XGA 1024 768 resolution produces crisp, professional images that allow clear viewing of fine print and detailed spreadsheets
  • Wireless card allows you to avoid the hassle of cable connections to your computer
  • Brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens and diagonal projection size of up to 25 feet
  • Display capabilities include split-screen and inset modes
  • Remote control with laser pointer gives presenters freedom of movement