Coleman 2D Widebeam Flashlight
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Product Description

The Coleman? 2D WideBeam flashlight showcases an ergonomic soft rubber grip handle and a removable end cap for easy battery access. It's powered by 2 D-cell batteries (not included).

The Coleman 5307A700 Widebeam 2D Flashlight provides a bright, portable light for any occasion. The Coleman Widebeam has a beam that is 50-percent broader than traditional flashlights, widening your viewing area. The center spot of light has a softer perimeter light and the Xenon blue-tipped bulb makes the light whiter. Additionally, this Coleman flashlight is designed with a 140-degree beam to closely match the human peripheral field of vision.

Features include a soft rubber handle, durable shock absorbing head, and push-button on/off switch. The Coleman Widebeam flashlight requires (and includes) two D batteries.

What's in the Box?
Coleman Widebeam flashlight, two D batteries

Manufacturer Warranty
Limited three-year warranty

  • 140-degree beam of light closely matches the human peripheral field of vision
  • 50-percent broader beam of light than traditional flashlights
  • Xenon blue-tipped bulb provides a whiter light
  • Soft rubber handle, shock absorbing head, and push button on/off switch
  • Operates on two D batteries (included), has three-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Don't Bother
    I've owned this flashlight for a while, using it mostly for camping trips. It's NOT worth any price -- even free. The beam is short, NOT VERY wide, and very dim. Like previous reviewers noted, it burns through batteries quickly... which is disappointing considering you get horrible illumination for all the price of D-cells. A cheap $2 flashlight from the discount store would do better....more info
  • Lousy flashlight
    This is a sleek looking flashlight ( mine is all black), comfortable to hold, though a little heavy considering the size. Its not at all compact, meaning one you can carry and shine with your fingers. This advertises a wide beam, and it delivers on that. Unfortunately, the projection is short and the wide beam is dull to the point of it being fairly useless. Further, because of the shape of the end, you cannot stand this flashlight on end, meaning it takes up more space.
    To add insult to injury, the flashlight wore through it batteries very quickly and now the end cap is somehow fused on so that I cannot remove it to replace the batteries. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This Flashlight
    By the time the broad beam reaches the ground the light is so diffused as to render it useless. Walking on a dark road or sidewalk with this flashlight is similar to driving too fast on a dark country road without using the high beams. You out drive your headlights. In the case of the flashlight, you simply out walk the light. The light is weak and fuzzy at the edges with no distance projection at all.

    Without any doubt this is the worst flashlight I've ever owned. The attempt at cutting edge cuts out the user's ability to see anything. And into the trash it goes.

    ...more info
  • High quality Coleman products...
    This Coleman 2D Widebeam flashlight works great. Has plenty of light for those dark situations in the woods...or when the power goes out at home. The batteries last a long time...and I just like it. Good purchase!...more info
  • An okay flashlight
    About average for the price, nothing particularly illuminating about this flashlight. The wide beam is fairly faint, with a strong central spot. This one will go out into the garage, and likely stay there. ...more info