Crosley CR73-3 Celebrity 3-Disc Entertainment Center Audio System, Oak
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Product Description

Crosley Celebrity 3-CD Entertainment Center: Full-stereo function and classic antique looks all in one! The old-time radio hour with a twist! Underneath the vintage looks lies full modern function: CD, Cassette, AM/FM radio and 3-speed turntable... play your entire music library! And the rich wooden case blends seamlessly into any classic decor. Details: AM/FM radio with analog tuner 3-speed (33 1/3, 45 and 78) belt-driven turntable with diamond-stylus needle... there's just no substitute for real vinyl is there?; Side-mounted cassette deck... your kids will call it "retro"; Front-loading 3-disc CD changer with LED display, programmable 20-track memory and repeat play; Dynamic full-range speakers for rich sound that really brings your music to life; Approx. 19 3/4 x 13 3/4 x 14 1/2" and 25 lbs.; Bring back the golden age of radio without giving up modern function! Crosley Celebrity 3-CD Entertainment Center, Oak

With a design that combines the best features of modern audio systems with a rich heirloom appearance, the Crosley CR73-3 Celebrity Entertainment Center is an instant classic. The handsome exterior looks like a Depression-era radio, with a warm oak veneer housing, an antique-finished metal control panel, and an eye-catching center radio dial augmented by a single contemporary feature--a two-digit LED display. But inside the timeless housing sits a host of modern conveniences, including a front-loading three-disc compact disc changer, a side-mounted cassette deck, and an analog AM/FM radio. To top if off, the lid opens to reveal a three-speed belt-drive turntable that plays your favorite full-length 33-1/3 rpm LPs, old-school 45 rpm singles, and even older-school 78 rpm discs.

The CD player is equipped with such features as a programmable 20-track memory and repeat play (one and all tracks), letting you listen to songs in whichever order you wish. The cassette deck, meanwhile, records from CD, LP, or the radio in addition to playing your '80s tape collection. As a final bonus, the Celebrity is completely self-contained thanks to the pair of built-in full-range stereo speakers. All you have to do to enjoy your varied music collection is find an AC outlet and plug in. The Celebrity is a must for music fans who demand convenience and broad functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

The Celebrity measures 18 by 11.25 by 12.5 inches (W x H x D) and is backed by a 90-day warranty.

What's in the Box
Celebrity Entertainment Center, diamond-stylus needle, 45 rpm spindle adapter, user's manual.

  • Nostalgic audio system with 3-speed turntable, 3-disc CD changer, cassette deck, and analog AM/FM tuner
  • Warm oak veneer housing, antique-finished metal control panel, and eye-catching circular radio dial
  • Belt-drive turntable lays 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm albums; 20-track programmable CD memory and repeat play function
  • Side-mounted cassette deck records from LP, CD, or radio; built-in full-range stereo speakers
  • Includes diamond-stylus needle; measures 18 x 11.25 x 12.5 inches (W x H x D); 90-day warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The crosley CR-73 entertainment center as a gift
    We purchased the entertainment center for our Christmas gift. On Christmas morning we went to play the worked. Next we tried to play the CDS and we could not hear a thing. We tried everything but nothing worked. Also the tape player on the side was troublesome...the tape had to be jammed in to get it to fit in the slot. We called Crosley and they suggested that we return it, which we did and are now awaiting a refund from Amazon....more info
  • Guift for Rene
    This is a great sounding and great looking product. It arrived just before the birthday party and was actually the hit. It's amazing how many young people have never actually listened to an LP in person. Any It worked just fine and I would recomend it to anyone who has LP's they want to enjoy again....more info
  • Old is new again
    Works great - I am really enjoying all of my old records, CD player works great. Glad I bought it...more info
    I purchased this Crosley CR73-3 Celebrity 3-Disc Entertainment Center Audio System with the matching wood table from JCPenney just 2 years ago. Very seldom use the cd player and record player. Turned the radio on mostly on weekends. But used the casstte player often. Well, the cd player and record player just stopped functioning a week ago. I couldnt even get the cd player drawer to open. When I finally did open it and inserted a cd it wouldnt play it, so I decided to ck the record player and it wouldnt work either. Only the radio and casstte player now function. I paid over $250 dollars for this sorry piece of Crosley product! I will NEVER buy anything else with their name attached to it. Just a waste of good money....more info
  • Spinning The Oldies
    Crosley comes through with an inexpensive way to listen to your records from the past...and they do in class! Its authentic design looks sharp and it delivers quality sound. ...more info