Valet 562T Remote Start with 2 TX
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Product Description

VALET 561r Remote Start System 3-channel remote start/keyless entry system; Features HX Super Heterodyne ultra long-range receiver technology ; Clone-Safe(R) Code-Hopping(R); Parking light flash; Built-in, miniature, high- current Extreme Capacity Relay(TM) mini relays; Defroster output; Built-in turbo timer; Comfort closure; Horn honk; 1 auxiliary output; Includes one 3-button transmitter Remote Start System

  • 3-channel security/keyless entry system
  • Parking light flash
  • Clone-safe code hopping
  • Built-in turbo timer
  • Includes wiring kit and one 3-button remote controls
Customer Reviews:
    This is simply the best product made for a BASIC remote start application. There are products with more features but across the board this brands quality is second to none period. I have sold directed products for nearly 15 years and it is a very rare occasion that a unit is bad out of the box. 99% of the time failure of this product comes down to INSTALLER ERROR not a bad unit. Every year more and more cars can not have a remote start installed in them. Thank the Car manufacturer for that. This product is intended for PROFESSIONAL install I strongly recommend that or you will end up frustrated and giving a great product a bad review. ...more info
    I wouldn't purchase this product if I were you. The reasons are simple, insufficient instructions, lack of customer/technical support(unless you are a dealer) and the product was defective out of the box. ...more info