Estes R/C Aerial Photo Airplane
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Product Description

Everybody looks like ants down there. Fly high with this giant-sized twin engine radio control jet. You can reach heights of 1,000 feet and then you get to snap 26 digital pictures of the scene below. You'll have great flight control with the large electric ducted fan jet engines, and by using the technique of "Thrust Vectoring" you'll be able to climb, dive, and turn just by changing the speed of the engines controlled by the 2-stick transmitter. Taking pictures is as simple as pushing a button on the transmitter, and can be downloaded into the computer for printing. The VGA camera has 640 x 480 resolution. Perfect take-off every time, using the EZ Launch catapult system, included. Two NiMH rechargeable flight batteries are included for non-stop flying by having one "on charge" while using the other to fly. Also requires six "AAA" batteries (not included). Measures 32"L x 55"W x 8"H.

  • Takes 26 digital pictures by radio control while flying
  • Twin, electric-ducted fan jet engines
  • Simple thrust vector steering control
  • Additional rechargeable flight battery included
  • Includes home and auto chargers
Customer Reviews:
  • Cool plane. Needs LOTS of space to fly it.
    This is a really cool product. The plane can take pictures while in flight, though I had a little difficulty with picture taking. Not every press of the photo taking button resulted in a picture being taken. Launching is a little tricky. You have to pull back on the launch cord with a large amount of force in order for the plane to get enough speed to get airborne. But once you get the hang of it, it's not bad. The big thing is that you need LOTS of open space to fly this thing and must have NO wind while flying. The engines aren't powerful enough to fly against anything but the smallest breeze. Also, it's kind of an expensive model so if you have no experience with RC planes you might want to learn on a less expensive model plane like the ones sold by Air Hogs....more info
  • Is it really supposed to fly?
    Following the directions to a "T" we tried three times to fly this plane, it never got off the ground and in using the launch cord set with it, the plane came apart all three times the third resulting in the wires being torn from engines. Very poorly designed and I have serious doubts this plane was ever meant to fly, at least not following the directions the plane came with. I did find this toy highly educational, as I will spend my money more wisely next time!...more info
  • really cool, but where are the snakes?
    All my friends keep telling me to get snakes on a plane. I keep saying look don, I do not have time for that, I am cleaning my house right now. So I have some time and so I came online looking for snakes on a plane, and I watched the film but I want the real deal, you know? Yeah you know what I'M TALKING aboot. I said aboot because of the whole Australia thing. Anyways there are not any snakes on this plane so I was very disappointed. It looks cool and actually survived a couple of landings before the third attempt. On that one oh man, was it bad, it caught some wind and careened around and tried to overcorrect and you know what happens when you overcorrect. Anyways so yeah it came down and smashed into my doghouse and splintered into a thousand bits. I was so sad, I ordered another one but I made sure to put a note in there asking for there to be snakes on it, so when it breaks you can see them coming out and being released into the wild, you know? That is all, have fun with your plane!!!!...more info