Cta Digital Ip-fmt Wireless Fm Transmitt
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Product Description

The CTA FM Transmitter wirelessly connects portable music players to your car or home stereo quickly and easily using FM radio waves. Just plug the FM Transmitter into the headphone jack of your iPod, portable DVD player, PDA, MP3, CD, cassette player, PC or laptop computer and set the transmitter and your stereo to the same FM frequency. Enjoy your music experience with more sound and fewer wires.

  • FM Transmitter Transmits on FM channels 88.1MHz-107.9MHz
  • On/Off LED Indicator
  • Compatible With Any Audio Device
  • Enjoy Your Music Experience With More Sound and Fewer Wires
  • For iPod/Portable DVD lPayers/PDA/MP3/CD/Cassette Player/PC or Laptop PCs
Customer Reviews:
  • I like it
    This works great for the radio in my boat. I could not get it to work in my car. (I only tried once so it is possible that it would also work in a car.) Great value for the price. ...more info
  • Does what it is intended for
    Has been a good product to use. Many hours of use. Only drawback has been certain times there is alot of static from the engine and the car is a 2006. Also [and this might be because I don't have a good frequency chossen] the music sounds like a fading radio station. Still very happy with it for the price and my general use....more info
  • works better than others ive tried
    ive got both the universal version and the ipod version of the belkin tunecast II, they are the same except the color. i got the cta unit about 3 months ago, it has better range indoors than the tunecast, also better clarity.doesnt work that well in a car(have yet to find one that does),the 2 aaa batteries last about 15 hours of continuous play, rechargeable nimh batteries run about 6-8 hours.if you want to listen to your mp3 player indoors, this is alot less expensive than belkin,has better range,and costs alot less....more info
  • Waste of money.
    Cheap and nasty with slide around instructions ( cheap stick on paper instr. ) Could not get it to work at all even playing with the units equaliser type adjusters. When a engineer friend of mine tried he got a signal with a lot of static and a 2 foot range. I wish I had looked around more for a decent unit that WORKS.

    PS: Blue light is very nice....more info
  • fingers, keep walking!
    Cheap, shoddy plastic. Turned on once, got only static and hiss. Turned on a 2nd time - nothing. The thing "worked" for less than 3 minutes.

    Item's worth LESS than you'd pay for it w/ the shipping fees. And it's rather hard to return. Keep looking....more info
  • Not happy with this product
    Channels they provide have some broadcasting in my area and the sound sounds like a weak muffled FM station. And night you can just not think about. wish i read the reviews before I got this one. KEEP YOUR MONEY. berdell Chicago....more info
  • Spectacular Device
    Had no qualms with this except it runs off AA. Can't be hooked to your car. It has quite the range. I use this thing daily, on the shower radio, car, on my stereo....more info
  • doesn't work well - even if you turn vol. up - lots of static
    this product is worthless for music. for voice, it's alright. and yes, i did turn the volume all the way up on the mp3 player....more info
  • Not recommended for everyone

    Like many of the people that own an iPod and car, I've thought about listening to the music on my iPod in my car. It sounded logical enough since it would sound great and I wouldn't have to burn anymore cds right? I went in search of something that would do this for me and the Cta Wireless Transmitt is what I found:

    1.) Fairly easy to use: All you really need to do is plug the transmitter into your iPod and then turn the radio on in your car. Once you do that, you find one of the stations that you are allowed to choose on the transmitter and you find it on your radio as well. If you line up the switches (small and I mean really small switches that have a few stations to choose from) then you should hear the music that is playing on your iPod loud and clear.
    2.) Small and convenient: You can put it almost anywhere.

    1.) It doesn't work for all cars. You can barely hear the music and it almost sounds like a radio that has no signal. For some vehicles on the other hand, it sounds great so you could give it a try if you want to do the whole buying and returning routine.

    Summary: Even though it's a cheap price, I don't recommend this product since you don't know if it's going to work. I've heard of other transmitters that you can get to work really well but they require many other parts so you're still paying the money to do it.

    Other options:
    1.) Go to a dealership and have them install an actual spot to hook up your iPod in your car (on average $120-$150+)
    2.) If you have a newer car (usually 2003-2004+), then you might already have an area directly on the stereo that allows you to plug your iPod in directly.
    3.) If you have an older stereo in your car anyway then your best bet might just be to set aside a good savings of cash and just buy a brand new one which should have someplace to plug in your iPod. (Ask and make sure it's included.)

    Goodluck....more info
  • didn't work so great in NJ
    Unfortunately all the channels they provide have some broadcasting in my area and the sound sounds like a weak muffled FM station. Glad it works for others but doesn't work for me....more info
  • Great for the price!
    I use this for my Creative 1gb Zen xtra Mp3 player(via my sony radio),my portable dvd player(at work) thru my sony tv/weather/am/fm portable radio and even works my '05 Avalanche! It works on all without changing the three (dip) switches on the side (FM 88.7 freq)!It has a blue light that goes on when the power is on,I don't know how long it will last(it comes with 2AA batteries) and I don't know if the light has excessive battery drainage yet? Easy to set up,but use a pen or small screwdriver,switches are tiny to set with your finger. For $13.00-$17.00 it's not too bad,most are around $39.oo! A real bargain,so what are you waiting for?...more info
  • Work's Well!
    Work's as good as Irock Player. It's a good price for a quality product. Make sure you follow the directions about how to Tune in the channels and all. It's worth the buy....more info