Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 ( 967561-0403 )
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Product Description

The sleek Cordless Desktop EX 110 makes it incredibly easy and affordable to go cordless, in style. Quick and simple to set up, keyboard and mouse perform as reliably as any corded product. An 800-dpi optical mouse responds instantly, tracks precisely, and provides maximum freedom. One-touch media controls make music or video playback easier - and more fun. Launch your Internet home page, email, or onscreen calculator - all from the keyboard. Plus, navigate the web or close your browser with convenient left-hand buttons. Keyboard is spill-resistant too. It's a superb combination of quality, value, comfort, and great looks.

  • Connectivity - USB / PS/2
  • Keyboard Key Count - N/A
  • Mouse Button Count - 2
  • Keyboard Hot Key Count - N/A
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for the price
    I've had this keyboard a few months now, and have been very pleased with it. I have my laptop hooked up to my tv as a screen, and this keyboard has been great for searching the web and doing some gaming. The only reason I give it a 4 out of 5 is the keyboard does feel a bit cheap; however, nothing has broken on it and it has worked flawlessly. ...more info
  • Excellent price,product & fast shipping!
    What can I say, It works, wireless and even better than the one I originally bought a year ago! Thanks! Didn't even have to download. Just plugged in and worked!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Love it - great buy - bought one for my daughter's computer. Highly recommend....more info
  • Basic functionality compatible with Mac OS X
    I can't speak to the more advanced features of the keyboard, but the basic typing functions (with the Windows button functioning like the Apple key) works perfectly with no hassle. My PowerBook G4 was easily able to recognize the keyboard after the very simple setup....more info
  • Very good keyboard
    I disagree with people who says that feels cheap, i found it very well made, it's not ergonomic but is comfortable, the keyboard doesn't make a lot of noise, i like the rugged shine finish and yes the wheelmouse makes kind of noise but isn't a big deal, another thing is than batteries last like 4-5 months nice usign it at 2 feet, to keep it working at 5 feet you need to change batteries every 2 months, nice set!...more info
  • Worked great for a month now...
    I've had the product for about a month now and have no complaints. The only minor thing that I could whine about is the batteries that came with it: the AAA's were dead. Other than that, everything has worked terrific. Easy installation and a good deal for the price. Recommended....more info
  • Excellent Duo
    One year ago, I wanted to go wireless, so I went online and found this. I went and picked it up at my local Radioshack and am very pleased with it. Set up was a breeze. One thing I like about it is that it is Vista compatible. First off, the keyboard is very sleek, light-weight, and it's programmable keys are very nice. The mouse is a little heavy, but it works on almost any surface and gives it an under control feel. So far, I've had no problems whatsoever with the amazing duo. I also would like to compliment Logitech on the ability for the wireless adapter to be used with a laptop or desktop. ...more info
  • Good
    Great product! The only problem is that the mouse does not let you click and quickly scroll to the top. Other than that the product is great. And fast transaction!...more info
  • Works great, but construction is cheap.
    This is a good buy for the price. Simple and does the job. But the plastic construction is looking cheap. The delete key makes a slight rattling feel/noise because of it's larger size. Other than that this is good working product. The convenience keys are a plus. They refer to commonly used operations such as opening email / browser, back button, close button etc.. No fancy buttons or options.. light weight and slim. So far happy with it. If you are looking for a simple and budget wireless combo this is a good product to consider....more info
  • exceptional
    I have no problem with the product so far. it works eceptional well, in fact i am using it right now....more info
  • My second one I have bought....
    This is my second one I have bought for a client I have never gotten any complaints on this product they like the price and setup is easy.Will offer this product again to the next client needing this item....more info
  • mouse keyboard
    i love the ease of the cordless mouse and keyboard, I have not had a corded mouse in over 2 years because it used to make me feel tied down...more info
  • Keyboard is bad for typing
    I have this keyboard/mouse at the office where I work. The mouse seems fine to me - you can adjust how the speed reacts on your computer settings, so I don't understand other people's complaints about that. The scroll wheel of the mouse moves in notches instead of a smooth scroll, and makes loud clicking noise with each notch, but it's tolerable.

    The keyboard is the real problem. Many of the keys do not work unless you press very hard. This is difficult if you do a lot of typing and type fast. If I try to press harder to make them work, it ends up typing the same letter multiple times, so then I have to go back and delete. The keys that are particularly bad are number keys and the control key. This is really annoying because it makes it difficult to copy/paste. Half the time the copy doesn't work, but then I don't find out until I try to paste, so then I have to go back and copy again. Do this several times for the same piece of text and it gets very frustrating and slows you down! If you are a slow and careful typer or don't use the control button or number keys, you might not notice this problem. I have a different wireless logitech set at home that is much better, so my other experiences with Logitech have been fine. Overall I do not recommend this set because it really slows down my work and makes me prone to errors. ...more info
  • Great product
    This is a replacement for the same item --- obviously, I really like it. I can sit in my recliner with the keyboard in my lap and the mouse on the chair's arm --- all with no cords!...more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 ( 967561-0403
    I was using Logitech products for at least 10 Years. This is cheep quality and It broke with in ten days. People do not have time. We expect a company like Logitech shoud produce better products....more info
  • Logitech IR
    Its a good deal for the price....the keybord is too big even the mouse is also not that handy keyboard is cheaply made the keys have a cheap feel too and the buttons on look as they are made of low quality. the product work good for the price paid.......!...more info
  • Bad Enough To Never Buy Logitech Again
    I've had this keyboard/mouse combination for a little over a year now and in that time I've come to decide to not buy a Logitech keyboard or mouse ever again. It's not so much the workmanship of the parts as it is all about the battery usage by the mouse. The keyboard lasted exactly one year with the original batteries it shipped with but the mouse has gone through nearly $50 in batteries in the same time. I've owned other wireless mice that easily have five or six times the battery life I've gotten on the one in this set.

    The keyboard part of the combo is about the only good thing for this set. There is a nice tactile feedback when typing and the added application control keys along the top and left side come in very handy but that's about the only good thing for this combo package.

    In the past I've tended to buy Microsoft keyboard and mice as they always seem to work well and after my brief foray into using Logitech hardware I'm going back to Microsoft. I'll probably still buy speakers from Logitech as they've always performed excellently for me but I have to admit this bad experience has made me skittish as far as trusting the brand again....more info
  • Nice keyboard for slow typist.
    I bought this keyboard for my wife. The keyboard touch is too heavy and the transfer rate too slow to keep up with her typing speed (+100 wpm). She went back to her wired keyboard after two days of frustration. I don't have a problem with it as I punch the keys at about 20 wpm max. The volume control and media keys work well on an XP computer....more info
  • Great Setup
    When I opened the Box, I happened to be one of those one in a million people that have a problem with the product right out of box. ( I did buy a Refurb model) My reciever wouldn't connect with the mouse or keyboard. So I called Logitech, and was given some of the BEST SERVICE, I have ever experienced. I've always trusted Logitech but with customer service like theres, you can't go wrong. They sent me a new reciever, all I had to pay for was the Three day wait period. Great Purchase for People who like Freedom from there Desk or Have there computer connect to a LCD TV like me. ...more info
  • If it feels good....BUY IT!
    The keyboard feels good and does the job beautifully. The mouse is fine and does the job wonderfully. You can't go wrong with this quality set. Of course, if you only want the "BEST" then you can blow some more money on a fancier set. But, of course, it's only because YOU'RE RICH!!!

    ...more info
  • great set for great price
    I haven't had any problems with this set and find its response time very quick, just as though it were plugged in. Also has some cool features on the actual keyboard, which is a bonus....more info
  • My best keyboard & mouse ever.
    Battery life is great, price is great, looks nice, keyboard feels great. Just buy it....more info
  • Very happy with this product
    I ordered this cordless mouse and keyboard duo for my office conference room. We had too many electronic cords in there so I wanted to try this out. It was so easy to put together and use -- I just plugged it in, literally and turned on one switch and there it was -- only maybe a 5-minute set up time. Since then I have had no problems whatsoever and my employees enjoy the ease of use and being able to pass the mouse and keyboard around the table whenever they need to give their presentations in conjunction with our overhead projector. We are very pleased with this product....more info
  • Decent Keyboard, below average mouse
    The keyboard works well with my laptop (which functions more or less as a desktop for me)and has good range. However, I was disappointed in the mouse and stopped using it after about 48 hrs. and went back to an older ergonomic Microsoft model. The mouse was cheap and difficult to control, often moving/"twitching" the cursor around the screen for no apparent reason. ...more info
  • Woorks just like it should
    This is a basic wireless desktop. It installed easily, works fine and was very reasonably priced. Simplicity personified!...more info
  • Good choice for the money
    If you're looking for a no-bells cordless set that is lightweight and easy to set up, this is the best I've found for the money. The mouse works fine I'm only slightly dissatisfied with the size and compactness of the keys. I use a keyboard all day so this it's an adjustment to get use to the spacing difference each day. But I got this one to work while on my treadmill so the size is perfect. The batteries seem to be holding up well. The hot keys are a nice feature too....more info
  • Good Price
    This works good as long as you dont expect too much distance. If you keep the keyboard within 10-12 feet of the transmitter it's great. If you don't have a strait shot it starts missing keys.I was able to configure my setup and I am happy with the product....more info
  • keeping it simple!
    this item is perfect, works as well as standard set and i have no problems with mouse or keyboard great taskbar help and product info and website for product is easy to navigate,setup and get info. also good distance....more info
  • Great Product for price
    I have had no problems whatsoever with this set. Logitech always makes superior products when compared to similar brands at the same cost. Some people have mentioned that this set has limited range...I have had no problem being 20 feet away from my computer with it working like a champ. You honestly cannot go wrong with this keyboard and mouse for the price....more info
  • not user friendly
    the wireless mouse programmed easily. The wireless keyboard would not work. If I tried to program keyboard the mouse would have to be reprogrammed. Never have got the keyboard to program....more info
  • Works great under Linux Ubuntu
    I've had this now for over a year and it works nice. I use it under Linux platform and it has not failed me. I don't get the 'Battery' warning though but that's because it's under Linux. ...more info
  • Disappointing Construction
    Flimsy, likely fragile, and has rattles inside. I don't expect it to last very long. Also, the finish of the keys are too reflective of light. The glare is undesirable. Also, the key action lacks a solid, positive feel. (UPDATE: the unit "died" after less than a week's usage.)...more info
  • Great Product
    I love this keyboard / mouse combo so much I bought two. The wireless works great, even on a Linux system. I love the extra buttons placed conveniently where you can use them often. For example, I love the browser back button one the left hand side for quick return when surfing the web (and yes it works in Linux as well). Or, I often use the calculator key or the sound controls including the mute buttons. Over-all I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great Keyboard!
    I bought this keyboard for my mother last Christmas and it has been really great. It has a lot of nice features and we have had no complaints at all. The Amazon price was much less that any of the local stores were charging. We are very happy that we purchased this!...more info
  • Great mouse and keyboard, but terrible battery life and annoying software
    This wireless keyboard and mouse set are average at best. The mouse and keyboard themselves are fine. They are of decent quality, made of your typical black plastic. The mouse is a good size for my hand, and the keyboard is serviceable, if a bit noisy compared to others I've had in the past. Where the EX110 fails are battery life and very annoying software.

    The batteries in the mouse seem to go bad literally every month. When they are low, the software that allows you to use the custom buttons on the keyboard begins to give notices that pop up from your system tray in XP: "Warning, your mouse's battery's are critical!" Close the message, and it will reappear an hour later! It will do this for WEEKS. The only way to stop it is either replace the batteries or manually shut down the Logitech software which then prevents you from being able to use the custom buttons. Logitech should have enabled the user to choose if they wish to receive these focus stealing messages or not.

    Another problem is that the wireless connection is spotty at best. I have the transponder sitting on my desk, no more than a foot and a half away from both the mouse and keyboard, and yet I consistently experience disconnections. This is really frustrating. I've tried moving things around, but it has not helped that much.


    Inexpensive wireless set

    Customizable buttons are useful, as are the sound control buttons that are on the top of the keyboard. They allow you to advance or reverse tracks, stop or pause play, and adjust the volume. This has got to be my favorite feature, although almost all keyboards have these keys now.


    Poor battery life for the mouse.

    Annoying software that gives you repetitive messages when the batteries of the mouse run low.

    Limited signal strength for wireless connectivity

    Noisy keyboard tray

    There are a lot better wireless mouse/keyboard options out there. Buy something else if you think the issues I've described will bother you as well.
    ...more info
  • Logitech is great
    this is very nice works really great on vista but if u have anything lower than vista dont bother it doesn't work right but by all means if u have vista it works like a dream Logitech is one of the best brands out there....more info
  • Nicely designed keyboard.
    It is worth the buy. It has a nice keyboard. I kind of did not like design of the mouse (but thats just me).

    Range is pretty low (3-4 foot maximum). I thought it will work for at least 10 foot....more info
  • Battery WASTE
    Inexpensive keyboard; I've had battery problems since the first week of use. I am constantly replacing the AAA batteries on this keyboard. Over the long run this is a lemon. It becomes an expensive keyboard to own. I should have taken it back in week one. ...more info
  • great product!
    love keyboard form factor. keyboard is compact and fits nicely on even smaller desktop spaces. mouse feels nice and easy to use, not bulky and bulbous like some mice. setup was a breeze. i've had two other logitech wireless keyboard/mice combo's and they all worked great. the only issue i've had is that if you have two of them too close together you may get some interference....more info
  • Works for Me
    I was a little leary of this product due to some of the other reviews but I went ahead and bought it. I'm glad I did. I had zero trouble setting it up, it functions exceptionally well. It's not a tank as far as tough materials go (so I'll try not to throw the mouse against the wall when I'm mad) and a couple of keys are not in the universal location (nothing critical) but it's a very nice set if you're looking for a bargain....more info
  • N
    The keyboard is not good. It makes a lot of noise when I push the button. And one of the bracket on the back broke the first day I received it....more info
  • Comfortable keys, poor range
    This Logitech keyboard has nice resistance and typing quality. The wireless range is limited. I had to move the receiver from under the desk where I had my previous one to on top of the desk. It's about 2 feet from my keyboard and mouse, and seems to work fine there. Any further than that, or any obstacles between them, and it isn't entirely reliable. Fine equipment for the price....more info
  • Affordable and practical
    We were looking for a replacement for the previous of Logitech keyboard and mouse combo which was a refurbished set and still lasted for 4-5 years. The brand new set is even better with USB and P/S2 connection both choices. Light weight. We hasn't need to change the battery since we started using it, for almost a month now. For the price, it is fantastic....more info
  • a good purchase
    I am a person that hates cords but wanted a keyboard that would do the job for a fairly good price. Once it got it and installed it, all it became was smooth sailing from that point. The keyboard and mouse is serving its purpose for me as I type out this comment. ...more info
  • Awesomeness Helps my lazzyness
    I bought this so i could sit on my futon, and watch anime from my computer on my tv and thats just what I did without having to get up for the first time!

    It's about a 6-10 feet of range between me and the computer, i can't see anything but it has a good range and i memorized where the stuff i need to click is. This product is great & CHEAP. Go buy it if you are lazy and want to watch more anime WOOOPIE!...more info
  • Better than expected
    Better than expected. After reading some of the reviews, I was bit reluctant to purchase this. Easy setup (Windows XP). I use this on a desktop PC (dedicated movie box - Netflix) I wanted to control PC wireless and this keyboard/mouse perform much better than expected. The distance was my main concern. This works about 8-10 feet without any problem. Not the best in the market but not a bad deal at all. ...more info
  • DIfferent Battery Sizes for Keyboard and Mouse
    The mouse and keyboard use different battery sizes (AA and AAA). We should have done more research before making the purchase....more info
  • Invest more money, this keyboard/mouse not worth it
    I bought this product maybe a year ago and haven't really used it much since then. It goes through A LOT of batteries, way more than the average person would ever want to place in a wireless keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse never shut off so even when your computer is off you are still losing battery power. I brought this back out last week sometime and have been using it and taking the batteries out when I am done. In the middle of typing last night the keyboard completely stopped working. Tried everything to get it to work with no avail. The only way it does work is if I hold the keyboard so it is vertical and try to type like that. Definitely not worth it and I would invest in a better set....more info
  • great product for the price
    Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 ( 967561-0403 )

    We love the flexibility of the wireless keyboard and mouse. They are both very comfortable. The only complaint is that the scroll button on the mouse is very loud! It makes a loud clicky sound when you roll it....more info
  • Logitec Keyboard
    Good overall but NO SCROLL LOCK, seems to be missing on new keyboards. Annoying, have to switch back to my old keyboard to use 10gear switch to go back and forth between my two computers. Guess you have to look at everything....more info
  • good deal
    I like the product, was not overjoyed with the shipping cost but all else is great...more info
  • Iffy Wireless Range
    The blurbs on these wireless devices are sparse on the wireless range. I felt a little gipped when I discovered I could not use this combo beyond four feet of the receiver. Not what I had in mind when I wanted to use it sitting on my couch 10 feet away. It is strictly a "desktop" combo and no use for a home media center set-up...more info
  • Worked fine at first, uses lots of batteries...
    I'm on amazon right now to buy a new wireless mouse. This one uses a ton of batteries. I even started using rechargeables! Anyway, the right click button stopped working, so I can't even check my spelling in this review! I'm constantly having to reset the button on the bottom because the lazer gets "stuck." How annoying. I also have to open the battery case and reinsert the batteries up to 5 times per day. The more I write, the more I think about changing my star rating to a 1, but it did work great for about a year, except for the constant battery changes. The keyboard is fine. I like how it has an email key. That's about it!...more info
  • Exceptional
    Turns on when you turn computer on, turns off when computer is off you don't have to remember to - real plus for me - battery life seems to be good - I've been using it for five months on same batteries. Never had any problems with it - can't tell it's not connected by a cable except that I can easily hide it in a cupboard when not in use. Love my super tidy desktop!...more info
  • Good but in expensive
    This is for my secondary system. I have Microsoft Natural Keyboard with my primary system, which is expensive but just awesome. This keyboard mouse is good for the amount. Great value for the money....more info
  • Incredible Combo!!!
    I bought this product for an old desktop that I have and it improved the Internet upload time by about 6 seconds. I love the programmable buttons on the keyboard. The mouse is pretty heavy, but, it works at amazing distance and on so many surfaces. The receiver is pretty stubborn when trying to tilt it, but it works just as well in any direction within 90 degrees of the device. Setup is easy, about 2 minutes for me. Also, it is SO INEXPENSIVE!! Great buy....more info
  • It does what you expect it to do
    I plugged it in, it works. Other than a lack of tangles I wouldn't even know it was cordless.

    Minor quibbles on key placement - the Home/End/Delete/PgUp/PgDown keys are in a different configuration than I'm used to, leading to some mis-hits. The "go back a page" and "close this application" keys are placed in a way that makes them liable to be hit when poking at the Ctrl key. Easy enough to disable them, though. (And why are those keys needed? Ctrl-LftArrow and Ctrl-F4 already do those jobs.)

    As for the rest of the extra features (quick launching of programs, audio controls, etc.), they're nifty, I guess, but I'm not sure I'll ever be using them much.

    Overall, quite pleased with my purchase. I wanted a wireless keyboard that works, and I got one....more info
  • Cordless is better!
    This cordless desktop keyboard and mouse is definately worth the money. Super easy to install. It really tidies up my desk. The mouse works more quickly than my traditional mouse. It's nice to just put the mouse and keyboard in my desk drawer for more desk space when not in use. I was surprised that it even came with Duracell batteries for immediate use. I will buy another for my other computer....more info
  • Works great
    Easy to set up and use. Took me about 10 min because I am using an older version of Windows (2000) and my tablet does not have a disk drive. Even still, downloading the proper file from the Logitech website was easy....more info
  • WARNING: Not all Logitech brand products live up to expected quality.
    I purchased this product about two months ago. I noticed the lack of the traditional cap-lock and num-lock indicator LEDs right away. I also noticed the very short receiver range. The last straw came yesterday when the mouse died and I had to go back to my old one to continue working. If you need to go cordless I suggest going to a better quality product. It may cost more up front but will be more reliable than this one....more info
  • Wireless to the MAXXXXX!
    This keyboard is so great. when I type, it types, when I slide the mouse, the cursor follows. I bought mine used and i believe this is one of the lowest priced brand name keyboards. Works like a beauty has some great shortcuts like zoom, volume, web, etc. What more would you like? either way its great and you should buy one to now. iiv already got 2 of them....more info
  • piss poor
    If i would have recived the damn thing then yes but i never got the damn thing!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Mouse is cheesy
    I would not buy this. This was purchased by my office. On the keyboard I really like the location of the back button, the calculator, home page and e-mail buttons. The keyboard and mouse are loud. I can't express how much I hate the mouse it's really really noisy especially when scrolling and it eats batteries like you wouldn't believe and there is no warning that the battery is low. I would invest my money in a later model and get a rechargeable mouse, which will be cheaper than the money you will have to spend on batteries....more info
  • very worth it for the money $
    i just got this its very worth it for the money
    very easy to installl
    iam runing windows xp it works great no problems with it at all

    ...more info
  • Noisy Wireless Mouse
    I was initially thrilled to get the wireless keyboard and mouse at the great price, although I bought it because the mouse fits better than other big ones on my hand. However, after using for three months, I had to give up using the mouse, as the mouse seem to roam freely on its own will. I mean the mouse cursor on the screen. I guess, it is due to noise from all the other wireless device near my computer desk - couple of 2.4 GHz phones, wireless router, bluetooth headphones and transmitter, and probably the huge speaker on which this mouse transmitter sits (and the fluroscent lamps, VCR, printers and what not). I am not sure of noise problem on the keyboard, as I do not type that much, but I do graphics with the mouse, and it is a pain to point at anything accurately - it will move slightly at the last moment on its own. So today I had to switch to the old wired $5 mouse back.

    Also, my wife uses the keyboard much, and she immeditely noticed that the letters on the keys are printed very small, and like us, if you are used to type while looking at the keys (not a touch typist), it is a strain to look at the much smaller letters - about half the size of letters on standard Dell or Gateway keyboard, which I had earlier. Also the key clusters on right have changed as noted by another reviewer, but I can live with it. Since I switched to wired mouse, I guess I will switch back to my earlier wired keyboard which came with my desktop, and put this wirelses set on sale on crigslist or ebay....more info
  • For the price it "has" been fine.
    It has functioned very satisfactorily, several hours per day, for over a year. But now the period key, which I use frequently as a decimal point, functions intermittently. So I will be replacing the keyboard with a higher quality model. I have no regrets buying this product, however. I feel that I got my money's worth....more info
  • Great buy
    I've owned other wireless keyboard and mouse sets, but the big problem with them was the battery life in the mouse.(avg. 2 wks.)With this system, I've just replaced the mouse batteries after approx. 5 wks. of everyday use. The keyboard is good quality, easy to use, pretty much avg.
    Have yet to replace the battery in it. For wireless, I highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Must buy
    I love my new keyboard and mouse! The layout is slightly diffrent the standard keyboard with the delete key, and in a diffrent shape, but other then that it is fine, i got used to that small change very quickly. ...more info
  • Not better value around!!!!
    It works the way it supposed to to work and you can't beat this price!...more info
  • Good Value for the Money
    Good Value for the money, no problems setting up and using. Comes with easy to use software. Good solid Logitech equipment....more info
  • I love it!
    I love logitech products, they are very intuitive. The keyboard is great, and the shortcut keys are great. The mouse is a little large for my small hands, but I love this product and bought another for my work computer....more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for
    I was looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse for cheap that I could use a couple times a day for personal computer use and that is exactly what I got. Nothing too fancy, just simple and easy, plug in and go. Works from at least 10ft away....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse is an excellent product for anyone replacing their keyboard. It is simple to install and effortless to use. The instant response keys for many operations are great. You cannot go wrong with this product....more info
  • Great keyboard
    After wearing out my original HP mouse and keyboard, it was time to find something else. I had seen Logitech products in various stores and decided to price them. I was so happy to find the unbeatable price from Amazon that also included free shipping. Wally World didn't even come close to Amazon's price. As for the product, I couldn't be happier. After loading the software and plugging the USB in, the product works flawlessly. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Logitech Cordless Keyboard/Mouse
    For the price, a good product, but my older PC, running on Windows XP home edition, could not support the software without it slowing down my entire system to a snail's pace, or preventing me from accessing Internet Explorer all together. Once I removed the software, on advice of Logitech tech. support, all is fine and the hot keys still work anyway, except the one for the on-screen calculator, but the calculator key on my old, corded, keyboard didn't work either, so I gather it has to do with something other than the keyboard itself. My only small complaints about this keyboard are 1) it doesn't tilt on enough of an angle when the little feet are popped up, and 2) there are no indicator lights to let you know if the number lock or caps lock is on, but for the price, I really can't complain. At least I no longer have to pop the support feet down everytime I want to slide my keyboard drawer under the desk. I can leave them up all the time....more info
  • Logitech cordless keyboard & mouse
    An excellent item at a reasonable price.

    I'm always impressed with Amazon's reliability & service to their customers....more info
  • Great Bargain
    It was on sale and I paid less than $28 and used the free shipping. It arrived at my doorstep in 3 business days. The logitech is outstanding. Easy to set up, works perfectly, good quaility. I have had Kensingtons - they suck. I liked it so much I ordered another for my office at work. The second was not on sale so it cost me $32. Still a bargain! ...more info
  • Limited range
    I have a computer linked to my tv, I wanted to have a wireless mouse and keyboard for it. The range is really bad, four feet and it has trouble working correctly....more info
  • Cheap, Works, but painful..
    Cheap, works fine. The painful aspect of using this "cordless" keyboard and mouse, is you need to plug in a nasty little wireless port on to your computer.. i should have read the specs more throughly before choosing this one.....more info
  • Can't COPY anymore
    Rats, you can notice the delay of the typing. The most annoying: due to the delay or whatever, never could hit Ctrl+C at the same time....more info
  • cordless desktop
    The product did not work out of the box. Nothing could be done to make it work and the help line is non existent - never did reach a human. So I returned it and got my money back. Amazon was great in that there was no questions asked....more info
  • Good combo
    My only regret is that I did not buy a wireless mouse and keyboard any sooner! The black color is great in that smudges do not show up and no more pulling and janking cords and getting frustrated with the cord lenghts. Great product, easy to setup and great to use. I feel the keyboard legs could be a little higher off the table....more info
  • Cordless atlast!
    I am very happy with this purchase. For a small price it has definitely freed up alot of space on my desk that was previously occupied by keyboard and mouse cords. The keyboard seems durable and very user-friendly. Although not the fanciest keyboard/mouse out there, I am happy with its value and recommend this for anyone how is looking to go cordless for the first time. ...more info
  • Logitech wireless desktop
    I've been very pleased with this product. Originally, I was looking for a wired keyboard with a wireless mouse. I bought this unit and with no wires on either the mouse or the keyboard, it has been very nice. I have a keyboard drawer under my desk and there are no cable routing issues. Plus, when I want, I can pop it up onto the desktop with no problems. It's just great!...more info
  • Good value
    Decent wireless keyboard and mouse for the price. Overall a very good value and works well. I've bought two sets of these already. Only issue I had with one of them was that the batteries included died pretty quickly. Otherwise, everything else worked fine....more info
  • Works great with the Playstation 3
    I would have given this keyboard and mouse 5 stars but the wireless range is only about 8 to 10 feet and you can not have the USB receiver with in 2 feet of the TV monitor or speakers. This is a little tough when the USB cord is only 3 feet long. But, if you can handle these limitations the functionality and durability of the keyboard and mouse are great. ...more info
  • Awesome budget cordless set!
    This is a great cordless desktop set for those on a budget!

    Pros: Attractive design, programmable keyboard keys, great price.
    Cons: Noisy scroll wheel on the mouse.

    I strongly recommend this for anyone looking for an inexpensive way to go cordless!...more info
  • WHOO
    This Item is really wonderful. Everything works on it, you can hook this thing up wirelessly while the computer is off but if this is pluged into the computer you can sync the mouse and keyboard before you turn the machine on!

    NICE....more info
  • Great Hardwarre!
    I have used the keyboard and mouse for about a month and I love'em.
    There are no delays in keystroke response time. I love the extra function keys on the keyboard. The only downside of it all is that the key strokes feel a bit "light." The mouse feels weighty yet comfortable, but the keyboard feels a bit cheap. Other than that, I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Nice for the price!
    Great addition to a laptop purchase I made. I only use it when im at home (where i use it a lot) and does help in saving wear and tear on my laptops keyboard....more info
  • Batteries in mouse don't last long
    This keyboard and mouse combination is great for the price but you will have to change the batteries in the mouse often. My co-worker changes his at least every 3 weeks. Mine lasts about 4-5 weeks. But like I said, for the price its great, you can't complain....more info
  • wireless keyboard
    I received the key board in good time and it works great as well as the mouse....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    This is one of Logitech's cheapest wireless desktop items, and the quality shows it. The keyboard is functional, but the keys sometimes feel a bit squishy and less than responsive. The media keys are cheaply-made, and some of mine are already loose even though I've hardly used them. The mouse is by far the worst mouse I have ever used: it feels sluggish, is not particularly ergonomic, and worst of all, both buttons squeak with each click. I suspect this last part has to do with a badly designed battery holder, which seems to grind against the inside of the casing whenever the buttons are clicked.
    In terms of overall bang for your buck, it's not much buck, but even less bang. I'd suggest one of their higher-end products if you want to go with the wireless desktop....more info
  • Serves It's Purpose
    I am not a huge techie, but i find this keyboard very user friendly. Installation was a breeze and it works very well. No hitches or glitches so far. The keyboard itself is quite simple but stylish. Overall i am very satisfied....more info
  • Good keyboard/mouse combo but not excellent!!
    The combo works well and is quite reliable. The mouse is very simple and does its job well. Only gripe is that the keys on the keyboard make quite a bit of noise. Other than that, I guess it is a good option for someone looking a cheap keyboard/mouse combo....more info
  • Can't beat the quality for the price!
    The price is good. This is my 3rd wireless logitech keyboard/mouse device. The design is better, buttons are easier to press. The only thing to ask for is a double side tape so I can secure the light weight receiver....more info
  • Feedback
    This product is good enough for the money you pay. I think 'X' and 'Home' (Grey Color) buttons are placed in the wrong place (on the left side of keyboard). While holding the keyboard you may accidentally press the 'X' or 'Home' buttons which will stop your browsing or will take you to home page.

    Rest all is good with this product.

    ...more info
  • Nice Price with Crazy Hidden Cost
    I would like to give this set 4 stars when I got it first day. The reasons are cheap price with wirelss function even the quality is soso.

    However, I change my mind after 2 week. The worse thing is the power consumption. The mouse bottom sense red light is always ON, even you truned off the computer. I believe the keyboard does, too. (Keyboard has no LED light for me to tell, but you can know per change battery period.) This set is a crazy battery drinker.

    In addition, this set requires way more battery power to work normally. I take out the batteries after the mouse losing control and put batteries into my old Logitech mouse (Logitech LX5 Cordless Optical Mouse). OMG, it still can work for extra 2 weeks.

    I just wanna give this battery drinker 1 star after I used it 1 month.

    Overall, the end out is 2 stars from its advantages and disadvantages. I would say "Don't look at its current price, but think about your future cost."...more info
  • What... no ZERO star option??
    Keyboard ok. MOUSE IS TRASH. I have had this "thing" for just one day and already the mouse button squeeks worse than if it were a live mouse!!! I'm off to Circuit City and this puppy is going in the trash bin where it belongs. For $35 I didn't expect top quality but I DID expect it to work correctly for more than a day!!! Geez. And no warranty of course... because I didn't PAY THEM AN EXTRA $15 (on a $35 item???)... I can see why they require you to pay extra for a warranty... they know it's trash. SAVE YOUR MONEY....more info
  • Logitech wireless key board and mouse
    This is a good product. Though I needed an adoptor for the mouse to work on our system it is has been great. The key board is a little big, which makes it somewhat ackward to carry around it sits well in a lap and its short cut keys are helpful. Overall very satisified with product and expremely pleased with the price....more info
  • You need one of these keyboards
    Why did I wait so long to get a remote keyboard? Works great, a snap to install. Volume control very handy when watching videos from the easy chair.
    ...more info
  • works great
    Easy to install. Frees up your desk area from wires and cords. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • good keyboard
    It connects easily and has some nice features such as; volume control, one touch internet and outlook keys, and media buttons. I have used keyboards that support your wrists better and that would be the only reason I did not give the set 5 stars. The set is definitely worth $26....more info
  • Outstanding
    I have always wanted to go cordless on my desktop but I never knew how easy it could be and how truly nice it really is! I love this product, very easy to set up, nice features and seems very durable....more info
  • great range, great battery life
    I have had my wireless keyboard for about 9 months now serving as the second keyboard in my living room TV (running dual monitors) and have not had any range issues within 7 or 8 feet. ...more info
  • Logitech Cordlessesktop EX11C 967561-0403
    First rate well-priced excellent product. Easy to set up. I don't understand why anyone would need a more expensive wireless keyboard and mouse....more info
  • Great product for the price
    Well, having read the reviews before purchasing the cordless desktop, I did not have very high expectations from the product, but all in all, it was a good buy for the asking price. It works well and meets all my daily student life requirements. Yes, the quality does appear a bit cheap but its great for students and for those who just want a durable and reasonable product. The mouse scroller could have been a bit more smoother to scroll. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This wireless keyboard works great. It really cleans up my work area.
    I received it in 4 days even around the Holidays. Great price for a great product....more info
  • Great item
    Installation was a breeze, but you need a spare USB port to use it.

    Works flawlessly, and allows keyboard and mouse usage a longer distance from the computer without wires....more info
  • Small footprint, excellent value for light/intermediate use
    At a price of only $29.99, I wasn't expecting too much, but this unit has delivered all that I expected - a functional wireless keyboard and mouse, working well right out of the box. I chose this unit because of (a) price, and (b) its small keyboard footprint. I wasn't seeking additional programmable buttons (though it has some), nor was I concerned with 800dpi pixel precision mouse performance, because it's not used for any work that detailed (like photo editing). We also didn't care if the mouse was "non-ergonomic", in fact, we prefer the 'older' style small mouse as opposed to the larger curved ergonomic style. Given these expectations, the EX110 does the trick for us. All buyers should consider listing what's important to them, in priority order, and let that be a guide for product selection. Many of us are so easily attracted and influenced by features and functions that we'll never use or use only infrequently.

    Production quality appears sufficient for our light use, perhaps an hour each day; for a heavy user, I might be concerned about long term reliability of pounding the keys thousands of times, but that is simply an opinion and projection, and is not based on experience. I don't have enough time with the unit yet to experience the battery life (two AA in the mouse, two AAA in the keyboard). The system worked well right out of the box, and my wife, the primary user, is very pleased with it. The receiver sits under the desk totally out of view around 15 inches away from the mouse, with the thick desktop in between, with perfect performance. I didn't even have to install the Logitech drivers for my WinXP OS. My only product design complaint - the keyboard tilt legs (underside, in the rear, that lift the backside of the keyboard) are somewhat low, are not adjustable as on the more expensive units, and do not tilt the keyboard enough for her liking; this might be an individual preference....more info
  • Great product with good price at Amazon
    First of all, you really can't beat the price here with its great quality. Two years ago I purchased one set of this model and recently I purchased another three sets to replace all my computers' keyboards and mouses. Unlike the other more expensive models which are bulky, the EX110 keyboard doesn't occupy lot of space on the desktop.

    The keyboard uses two AAA batteries and the mouse uses 2 AA batteries. The battery drain is considerably low and I use rechargeable NiMH batteries that last for a long time. I like the speedy buttons on the keyboard to control the sound volume and mute, plus a quick button to open up the calculator. This unit comes with both PS2 connector and USB connector. You can use its PS2 connector if you don't want to waste your limited USB ports. For the new Dell Vostro Desktop model that comes without PS2 port, you can just plug this unit's USB connector to one of your USB port and it works for both keyboard and mouse. With fresh batteries, the unit can operate six feet away from the reciver. Of course, make sure that you don't lay your cordless phone, cell phone or wireless network antenna around the receiver and you will do fine.

    I am very please with this product. The fact that this model has been on the market for more than two years without being retired from the manufacture, it speaks its great value for itself. Best of all, you can plug the USB connector into your computer and it works without the need to install any driver. Unless you want to try out additional software provided on the CD by Logitech, you can just toss the CD into your desk drawer....more info
  • Not responsive enough.
    On some games, the mouse doesn't seem responsive enough to play the game. It seems to delay to long (PBA bowling for instanace). The key board is good, but it doesn't work my yahoo jukebox in next track etc, unless I have the jukebox maximized. My older logitech cordless works everything great. I wouldn't recomend this keyboard and mouse. I like my other one so much better....more info
  • Excellent Keyboard Value and Function
    This keyboard combo actually works better than most other wireless keyboard/mouse combos I have tried at any price. At the low price I paid, an amazing value. Highly recommended....more info
  • another reliable product from logitech
    This is a great item from Logitech. It was easy to set up and has given me no trouble so far....more info
  • Great simple wireless keyboard & mouse
    This combination wireless keyboard & mouse is just what I was looking for...a simple one that is the size of a regular keyboard, and doesn't have all the extra (and un-needed) buttons of the fancier models.
    I have always liked the look, feel and quality of Logitech keyboards and mice; and this bundle is no exception. Nice clean look, good feel & touch and smooth reliable mouse operation....more info
  • nice keyboard and mouse set
    Wireless is the way to go. I have not had to replace batteries in mouse or keyboard yet and it's been almost 6 months since I purchased this. Nice design, and durable....more info
  • Great for home use
    This set is perfect for the price. I have had no troubles with it, it's super light and slim, and you don't have to install the software if you don't care about the music controls on the keyboard. My only complaint is that the mouse wanders sometimes on screen, but it's nothing major (and it could be that I just need a mouse pad). Most complaints I read for this product were by serious gamers or other people who live in front of a computer. If that's not you, and you just need a simple wireless keyboard and mouse, I fully recommend this Logitech set. I coupled it with a Targus AWE26US Ergonomic M-stand for Notebook Computers laptop stand and am very happy....more info
  • wonderful addition to our tech center at home
    we are so appreciative of the cordless keyboard and mouse. Glad to be rid of the complicating wires. It was easy to install, and has worked flawlessly for weeks. We are happy customers!...more info
  • logitec ex110 review
    works as promised. have had good experiences w logitec peripherals in the last 10 years.

    ...more info
  • durable and good deal for that price
    this is the best item i could get for that price. a tool very handy as my laptop gave up on me when i started programming on it..Then i went on to buy it but always having a little doubt, but after using it for more than 5 months I feel that it is a great addition.. For my laptop having Vista i just need to connect it and it works great.. The jet black color goes in sync with any laptop. the battery life for the keyboard and the mouse is good, ... on a whole it is trendy, cool and cordless.. but the only disadvantage is that the keys make a little noise like the desktop keyboards found in computer labs..we can even find that the cursor jumps from from a particular place on the screen some times. but on a whole it is a worthy gadget to own to make your life easy at a very low cost ...more info
  • Defective mouse and generally poor components
    I had read these reviews and, when ordering, expected a cheap mouse - not a defective one. The tracking laser forgets to track my movement every once in a while, leading to death and inaccuracy in online games.

    The center mouse button does not operate nearly as well as other middle buttons. The whole setup seems cheap and rushed. I'm sure the type on the keys would have worn off in a few months, had I not returned it for another model. Do not buy this set unless you _really_ can't afford a slightly more expensive model. I am not very well off myself, but I won't be buying another cheap keyboard and mouse set ever again....more info
  • Simple, practical
    This product is simple to install and simple to use. It is for those who desire wirelss capability, but not a lot of cost. As I said, it's simple, easy to use and works well, at a reasonable cost....more info
  • Comfort plus
    Ordered on Monday with the free shipping option, arrived on Wed. Can't beat that for speed. Thank you Amazon for that kind of service. I love the freedom from the wires. Keyboard is very sharplooking. The white letters in sharp contrast to the black keys, so very easy to read even in low light. The keys respond with a light touch, so can type really fast. Definitely not as quiet as a laptop keyboard, tho. Mouse feels good. I don't mind the clicking - it just gives a very postive response feel. Don't know how long the batteries will last because I've just attached everything, and was so excited about being free from catching wires that I just had to write immediately. Reason for only 3 stars is that when I load the program CD, the laptop totally stops responding. If I put the CD in after I power up, the screen goes black, and I have to use the start key to power off. If I leave the CD in when I start, it just doesn't. Have to research the reason for that. So for now, just plain and ordinary use of the mouse and keyboard for typing, everything works great. I wished I had done this years ago....more info
  • Great product, so far!!
    Well I read all the reviews and read things like, "eats batteries too fast", "mouse clicks to loud", "keyboard made cheap", etc. I've had the keyboard and mouse for a whooping 3 days and they only thing bad I can say is the mouse clicks alittle loud and the keyboard doesn't incline with the feet. Other than these minor complaints, I'm extremely happy with this product. The connection is great. I use it for my home computer so I haven't had the need to test the distance of the keyboard and mouse signal, but I'll believe everyone else. I like Logitech products, they have always treated me well and I'll continue to buy them. I'll add more review as my product experience continues ......more info
  • ignore the critics - this is a good deal
    I'm a university student so I use my computer for hours of paper writing and homework. I have had this keyboard for a couple of weeks now and, so far, have had absolutely no problem with it. In fact, I love it compared to what I used to have (standard Dell keyboard and roller mouse that came with my computer) and it is a definite upgrade from an essential, standard desktop. I read that several people complained about how the keyboard feels cheap and I have to disagree with them; it feels like a keyboard and is definitely heavier and more comfortable than the keyboards you'd find at a public library, at work, or the basic ones that come with your computer. When I'm using the keyboard, my typing is not deterred by any sory of "cheap feeling." Also, the keys that aren't in standard place are ones that are far away from the ASDF JKL; and that you would normally have to look at to use unless you are some sort of typing pro. I'll concede that the mouse looks cheap but it works great and it fits comfortably in your hand, which I think is good because it makes it easier to move around. Lastly, the wireless feature has good range and I have no problem taking my keyboard as far from my screen as my eyes will allow (10 ft - I haven't been able to test for an upper limit.) Plus, the receiver is very small and stylish looking. Lastly, it comes with the green and purple keyboard and mouse adapters so you don't have to use up your USB ports to link the duo to your CPU or buy adapters separately. All in all, I think this is a really good deal compared to the prices and quality of other wireless desktops. ...more info
  • EX110: Still one of the best in the industry at a great, Amazon price!
    This combination works and very well indeed. I bought another one for a gift. The batteries last a long time. The sensitivity is good even at longer range. Highly recommend this product. BTW Amazon shipping is great!...more info
  • Great Product, Great Price
    I bought my logitech ex110 about a month ago. I love the features of opening/closing programs from the keyboard. Music controls are excellent! I use it for my desktop and not gaming, but the range is perfect for my use. The delete/home/end keys are switched from other keyboards, but I am getting used to it. I just got 2 more for my peers at the office. VERY SIMPLE to set up and get typing! Even comes with batteries!
    I highly recommend this unit....more info
  • All right, but nothing special...
    I'm mildly preturbed that I paid $59.99 at Radioshack for this thing when I see they sell it here for so cheap. Based on my experience with this product though, I wouldn't buy it unless they were charging $9.99... and even then, it'd be my backup keyboard. I agree with the other reviewer, it is a pain in the neck with how they changed the home, delete, end, page up, page down key... I spend at least 5 minutes a day backtracking through my work because the insert key is now over the number pad... For someone who's work involves lots of typing, it's not a very good buy...

    Really though, I was writing this review 'cause I have had this thing less than 3 months and my "N", "L" and "S" key have almost completely rubbed off. For me it's all right I suppose as I don't have to look at the keyboard, but it's not really user friendly in that regard. I don't recommend this to anyone else, while my experience has been positive in some ways, it just doesn't look like this thing is going to make it for the longhaul... and at the almost $65.00 I paid for it after tax, that's just not good enough for me. ...more info
  • I'm a Happy Camper
    In my work, I hammer the dickens out of my keyboard-mouse combos, so every three years or so, even a good one like Logitech eventually buys the farm. This is my latest...and I'm plenty happy with it. Solid basic combo. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more expensive models, but I don't really need keyboard shortcuts for turning on the toaster or setting my alarm clock. One suggestion: Always go to the Logitech site and download/install the latest driver set for your model. The CD is always a version or three behind. ...more info
  • Cordless Desktop
    Works well, only problem was that the batteries in the mouse lasted less than a month....more info
  • Very Poor Range
    It's a great product for the price as long as you are sitting very close to the sensor. I bought it to use it with my Windows Media PC on big screen so I can sit back on the couch and surf the internet. But the range is very poor and signals are easily lost if any minor electronic device or speaker is in close by....more info
  • Economic and Functional.
    For those people out there who need something that will replace their aging Mouse and keyboard, this is it. The best feature of course is that its wireless and will be a perfect set to replace the corded parts that come with 90% of the retail desktops out there. The next thing is that unlike most other keyboards, it doesnt have a whole slew of extra keys that for the most part remain un-used. For a $30 combination, its clean, works well and is worth every penny. The only suggestion I would make that would save any wireless customer a lot of money is to invest into some nice rechargeable batteries, they work just as long as regular batteries but arent disposed of everytime they lose charge....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I loaded this on my IBM Windows XP Computer and my screen saver had problems which I finally got to work but the computer wouldn't shut down at night or when not in use. When I loaded the software thinking that maybe it needed something from that to function properly, my problems really started. The computer wouldn't boot up. Had to go into the computer on safe mode to delete the program which was not easy.

    I have had a Logitech Cordless Desktop in the past which I loved and actually I wore out. Don't know why this one wouldn't work for me...more info
  • Good Logitech peripheral as usual
    At this point, I can't even count how many Logitech peripherals I've bought. They tend to make good stuff. What I like about this keyboard and mouse is that on a desk, the receiver can be somewhat blocked and still get a good signal. The range beats our older HP wireless devices....more info
  • Not a couch browser
    I got this to use with my PS3. The USB interface had no problems working with my PS3 under both the GameOS, and under Linux, however the wireless technology is somewhat lacking. It's rather finicky about having a completely unobstructed line of sight, and needs to be rather close to the receiving unit. The mouse suffers more from this than the keyboard which can make web browsing and fine mouse work quite the hassle.

    It is however comfortable to use, and light on the battery usage, so I can ALMOST overlook the connection issues....more info
  • EX110 took some getting used to
    good product, works well. pay careful attention to the spacing requirements (8") from any other electronic device. if not mouse occasionally locks up entire system, requiring system reset....more info
  • Cordless keyboard and mouse
    Fine product. Good Price. I am very happy with it.
    ...more info
  • Watch Hot for Key placement
    If you are not used to these key placements, this keyboard can be a nightmare. The INSERT button is WAY OUT OF LINE for any consistent use. ...more info
  • Cordless Keyboard & Mouse
    This prodect is great especially the cordless mouse. You don't have to keep tugging at the cord....more info
  • Great!
    When it comes to wireless products, Logitech is the best!! However, with this desktop, I got it for use with my Xbox and it didn't work. Plugged it into my computer and it didn't even detect it. The only thing wrong with this is that you definitely need the drivers handy. I didn't have the disk, so I had to go online and find the drivers. It wasn't too hard to get this thing up and running again, I just went to Logitech's website and downloaded Set Point. It puts a little icon on your taskbar, but in the configuration you can even get rid of that! (If not, that would have bothered me a bit) There's many hotkeys to define, you can have up to 15! Hotkeys can load applications, webpages, messengers, etc. Anything! In my opinion, this is a great wireless product. It never loses connection and accepts no interference, go Logitech with any wireless product!...more info
  • Ex-110 Not so bad, but
    Installation was amusing.
    Instructions were: Turn off your pc, unplug the wired keyboard and mouse,
    Plug in the ex-11o receiver, and reboot. The next friendly message from the install cd is press enter to install.
    I got around the issue but hot unplugging and plugging.
    My only real beef is the buttons on the mouse come very low in front. If you desk has "stuff" on it, and you bump the bloody mouse of course you get a left or right mouse click, which in some cases is simply annoying and in other cases really &^%^$# annoying.
    I think I need to clean my desk. Its worth the amazon price...more info
  • Logitech Cordless keyboard & mousre
    Great product- keys are nice to use and relatively quiet when typing- I replaced my dell keyboard with this and like it so much better. Price is great also....more info
  • Still lacking......but functional
    I am not thrilled, I have had several wireless keyboards and mice, hard to mix and match the keyboard with the mouse (trackball) I like, the keyboard is a little flimsy (I have had several keys get knocked off, and they don't go back on all the way).

    If you leave this in one place with one computer, then it is not bad...more info
  • Thank you logitech!!!
    I don't know who designed this thing, but the next time you let the interns handle stuff like this, please put a warning on the box so folks don't get their hopes up. Bottom line? You should leave the keyboard layout alone, why is the delete key twice the size of normal keyboards? Why is the layout of end pg up and pg down different than standard? And the 500 meg install disk with a bunch of bundled software was just to much for me. By the time you read this I will have long since returned your product to the store and invested in a nice MS keyboard for about the same price....more info
  • Big delete and F mode buttons bugs me
    I don't fancy the big Delete button and neither do I like the useless F Mode button. As a non-windows os user I don't like either those blue logos on F2-F4 functions keys marking Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Keyboard itself is not a bad one. It's not too heavy either. It takes two AAA batteries, which last in my use about a year.

    Mouse is OK too, I have seen and used better ones, but this does the job. It eats two AA batteries in about two months, so you better get accus and rechanger....more info
  • Like the keyboard, hate the mouse.
    I'm pretty happy with the keyboard -- I wanted something small and minimalist without all those media buttons I'll never use (this one has the standard media and web shortcuts, but they're small and unobtrusive). The keys feel pretty nice, with the notable exception of the space bar which clacks loudly and feels pretty jarring. Overall, though, the keyboard is attractive and comfortable.

    The mouse is a disappointment, though. I have very small hands, but after comfortably using the much heftier rechargeable mouse that came with one of the higher-end Logitech desktops, this mouse feels a little too light and very tiny, and isn't even large enough for my palm to rest on the back. Pretty uncomfortable. Plus, while I didn't want a mouse that was studded with buttons all over like the more expensive models, I found that I really miss the forward and back buttons. (The old mouse was perfect -- a non-clicking scroll wheel and forward and back buttons on the side, and that was it. Now everything is either all or nothing.) Worse than the lack of buttons, the scroll wheel feels very rough and is absolutely deafening, and the right button doesn't work very well at all -- I usually have to click two, three, or four times to get it to work.

    I would have given this product two stars except for the price -- this is a pretty inexpensive set, and it is billed as the "most affordable" way to go wireless. I knew that Logitech did make good stuff, and I was just gambling on how low the bottom end of their product line would go. It was a little lower than I had hoped. If you just want a basic set, this very affordable desktop should serve your needs fine. But if you want a little more comfort, you'll have to pay for it....more info
  • Basic, Low cost, Cordless Keyboard
    This keyboard does exactly what I need it to do and no more.Just what I was looking for a Basic, Low cost, Cordless Keyboard. Hey I was able to type this wasn't I?...more info
  • works like a charm
    No need to install any software. Just followed quick installation. Put batteries in keyboard and mouse. Plug in transmitter and press connect.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    The Cordless desktop system was exactly what I needed. The set up was very easy and was ready to use in a matter of seconds. I would recommend this product to everyone from business owners to personal users. The only thing you'd have to watch out for is the shut down button. After a while, you'll know what to hit and wil be use to the product.
    ...more info
  • Good basic input devices
    desktop works fine, very good for price. shut-down button located badly - shuts down every time I pick up the keyboard, not as water-resistant as the advertising led me to expect...more info
  • Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 ( 967561-0403 )
    This item has performed excellently, I recommend it to anyone looking to avoid the entanglement of a wired mouse. This is freedom!...more info
  • Solid Logitech Performance
    You really can't give five stars to a keyboard/mouse combination -- unless it was telepathic or had a "pizza" key. That said, this is a very good keyboard and mouse combo. Note that I am partial to the Logitech keyboard and mouse's physical properties.

    This purchase was for the daughter-unit up at school. She likes the media buttons and the ease of setup (she may be a Chem major, but she really is pretty PC illiterate, much to the chagrin of her father and brother). She has no problems with connections, tracking, and other performance issues. The mouse does seem to eat batteries at an annoying but not outrageous rate.
    ...more info
  • It really is spill resistant
    One of my cats had a nasty "accident" right on top of this keyboard. I removed the batteries and gave the keyboard a thorough washing with hot water and dishwasher liquid. After drying out for a day it worked (and smelled) like new.

    I'm a touch typist and I really like the feel of this keyboard. It is fairly compact and fits easily in my keyboard tray.

    I'm not thrilled about the nonstandard layout of the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn/Del key cluster. Also, the keyboard doesn't have a Scroll Lock key which makes it incompatible with most KVM switches.

    The mouse is a plain two-button scroll wheel optical mouse which is fine for my purposes.

    I use this combo in both Linux (Emacs) and Windows. I haven't bothered with installing the Logitech drivers in Windows....more info
  • Keyboard Layout Sucks; Mouse Only 2 Buttons + Wheel
    The keyboard with this set is flimsy and cheap feeling.

    Worse, the layout is nonstandard: they've messed up the key cluster above the arrows (Insert/Delete/Home/End/etc.). And the right hand Ctrl is not below the right end of the Shift key, it is under the left end of the Shift key, where one of the Windows keys (the context menu one) normally is. They've taken out one of the Windows menu keys, too.

    The wireless features worked fine (I've used it two days) and worked even without installing their driver software (something I'm always reluctant to do). I think some of the extra buttons (multimedia controls) on the keyboard don't work for me, because of this. I use the computer it's on for work, not screwing around, so this doesn't bother me. (I have it installed on a Thinkpad laptop so I can keep the screen farther from my eyes, and my employer bought the thing; it wouldn't have been my first choice.)

    I've given it two stars only because it worked great, out of the box, with no driver software. (This is on a Thinkpad running WinXP.) I'm already dreading the battery usage (based on another review here). Thankfully, it's not my main keyboard....more info
  • No Problems. Good Price.
    It works fine. Good thing is no drivers needed to run the wireless keyboard/mouse. ...more info
  • Logitech
    The cordless mouse is great,BUT... the keyboard I have is a pain in the bum! the spacebar and several of the letter keys are prone to sticking right out of the box. I realize that I may have just got lucky and got the only lemon made by logitech(sometimes S#!T happens) !.
    But since they are sold as a pair I can't give a high score....more info
  • recommend this to anyone that uses a computer
    I purchased this exact same item from Circuit City for more than $14.00 more than the price Amazon.com is charging! However I still think I paid a great price because Logitech made an exceptional keyboard and mouse. It was very easy to install (within seconds) and using a wireless mouse and keyboard are much more convenient and comfortable. I recommend this to anyone that uses a computer....more info
  • Buy the Logitech LX 300 for only a few dollars more..
    I also own the logitech laser LX3000 and the LX 700, and I initially liked the EX 110 for its cheap price, light weight, and small foot print (or lap print in my case). I've concluded that despite these benefits, in my opinion, this keyboard is cheaply made, and you get what yo pay for. The keys have a cheap feel to them, and the buttons on top look and feel low quality. I can already hear a very small piece rattling around in the keyboard that must have broken off from somewhere and I've only had this keyboard a few days. I guess it's good if you want something cheap and plan on upgrading in a few months, but you're better off with the LX 300 or better which is heavier and more solidly build. The reason I don't like the more expensive models is because they add buttons and features that most people, including me, don't need or want, but you're also paying more for top quality that feels better. The mouse is also junky; it's not ergonomic (curved for comfort) and the scroll wheel makes a lot of noise....more info
  • invest in a lot of batteries, or better yet rechargables
    I was very impressed with the performance of the wireless mouse/keyboard combination I bought a few weeks ago for my office laptop that I also have an external LCD monior for. However, it was less than week before the mouse started acting up. It stopped responding to clicks and movements eventhough the laser was still on. I would attempt to reconnect the mouse and it would only work for a second. I finally replaced the batteries with recharchables and everything was fine again.....at least temporarily. These are brand new batteries and again it is acting up in less than a week. I am not sure if it's even the batteries because when I swithed out one of the newer batteries with one of the "dead" batteries, the mouse is working fine again. I will recharge the new batteries tonight and see if that makes any difference. I suspect it will, at least for a week.

    The keyboard is fine. its very basic but it gets the job done. I personally hate keyboards with a whole bunch of useless gimmick buttons on them, so this one suits me fine. Even better the keyboard has not acted up since day one, too bad I can't say the same for the mouse. I would get a PS/2 mouse or even a USB mouse, but my office laptop only has two USB ports, one of which is used for a printer and no PS/2 port. I may eventually switch my desk to a workstation that has a USB hub built in so I can have a reliable mouse and not have to buy or recharge AA batteries every week.

    The keyboard is excellent, but the mouse sucks. At least the money I spent on this combo is tax deductible....more info
  • amazing combo amazing price
    i recently bought this combo at comp usa. i have a laptop and face it, a regular keyboard is just so much more comfortable to type nn. i was really only looking for a keyboard (i already had a wired optical mouse) but i couldn't beat the 40 dollar price tag. since i got it i've had nothing to complain about both work great and i don't see any of the lag that other users have mentioned. i'm usually in a dorm room so distance isn't to big of a deal but even when i'm fairly far away (4 feet) away things still work very somoothly. the media keys are great as are the enhanced function keys. having four keys set aside specifically to be assigned functions is a great idea.

    very happy with my purchase...more info
  • Cheap material, OK performance
    I bought the combo from staple s with a $10 off $40 coupon. Guess the store display was not made of cheap plastic, but upon opening the box, I found that the keys actually squeak and so does the mouse, the keyboard shortcut keys have cheap paint and are loose and squeeky too. Today, while folding the two under keyboard swivel stands, one of them came off broken and now the keyboard can only lay flat on the table. I called staples and asked if I can return this POS, they said they'll exchange it for a similar one or something like it. I am definately not buying this again....more info
  • Solid product
    This is my first wireless keyboard/mouse for my computer, and I'm quite pleased. It was easy to set up, it wasn't very expensive, there are some nice hotkey features, and there's barely any difference in responsiveness as compared with wired keyboards/mice.

    A few minor complaints:
    *The mouse never completely shuts itself off--though the battery life is fine. However, because it always periodically refreshes, my monitor's energy saver never turns itself off and I have to manually remember to turn it off if I'm not powering down the whole system.
    *Occassionally, there are some minor hiccups with very fast typing and minor hiccups with the mouse while gaming. I do a lot of both, and again, this is a pretty minor issue.
    *It took some work to get the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc.) to work as normal function keys. By default, they act as global hotkeys that open programs like MS Word--no matter what program you are currently running. So, for example if I were playing a game that has a hotkey mapped to F4, when I hit F4 it'd kick me out to Windows and open MS Word. I had to download updated software to open the option of letting them behave like normal function keys.
    *The keyboard layout is slightly different than standard keyboards; the insert key has been moved to the top right of the keyboard and the delete key is much more prominent in the insert key's old spot. It takes a bit to get used to, but this layout is probably more functional (who uses insert anyways?)....more info
  • Very good, streamlined version, at a lower price
    I am very surprised with the negative reviews this has gotten. It seems to be an excellent unit to me.

    First off, I have been using wireless mouse/keyboard combinations for several years because it eliminates clutter on the desk. The general drawback is that you have to change batteries from time to time, and once in a while you have to press the connect button if something goes wrong. But getting rid of the wires is worth it to me.

    I purchased SIX of the EX110's for a server room application, and they are working great. They are channel matched so they don't interfere with one another.

    The EX110 vs. others:
    - EX110 is surprisingly inexpensive -- this is a great price
    - EX110 is smaller -- that's a pro for me in my application but some might like a bigger keyboard
    - Other units have a lot more features (which I don't need) like directly launching various applications and such.

    For simply getting the wires off your desk, this is a winner....more info
  • Works great
    I bought this combo at newegg about 2 weeks ago and have been using it on my hp laptop and an old 400mhz desktop with XP on it. Both recognized it instantly via USB and worked without any additional drivers. I've used it about 6 feet away from the receiver and I haven't noticed any interference or lag as mentioned in previous reviews.

    Personally I like it since I have limited desk space and it is a compact keyboard, it doesn't have the palm rest, and it doesn't have 50 media buttons that I'll never use.

    Overall I am very happy with it and am buying a second. Only thing is newegg doesn't list it on their site anymore, so I'll be getting it from amazon for about the same price....more info
  • Great buy!
    I usually purchase from independent dealers, but this one from Amazon was much better than my recent purchases. I got the shipping for free, and I still got the product in LESS than a WEEK!...more info
  • poor performance and eventual break down
    the lag that was previously mentioned is very real. in addition, when using this in conjunction with a laptop, the drivers cause an error on every boot up, resulting in a 5-7 minutes boot up cycle. hibernation is nothing more than a memory, as when restoring from hibernation, the drivers cause a blue screen and then a reboot. the drivers also disable the "tap" feature on my laptop mousepad...why? i have no idea, but it works fine once i uninstall the logitech drivers.

    no driver updates are available and my laptop works the way it used to when i uninstall the drivers.

    i didn't even have the patience to call the logitech helpdesk - what would they tell me? "please reinstall the drivers"? "please be sure the connections are tight", etc? all of which i've tried...

    as of today, the keyboard is only responding with every 5th or 6th character i type in...i'm returning it today as well......more info
  • Some keys stopped working temporarily
    The keys were actually smaller than those on my Dell Inspiron 8600. But the major problem occurred about 3 weeks after I purchased it. Some keys would stop responding (would have to bang on them) and just as suddenly start to work again. Going to have it replaced and see if it reoccurs...more info
  • Terrible lag on both keyboard and mouse
    Although I like the compact design of the keyboard, its touch, and grab of the mouse, there is noticeable delay when I type very fast. This applies to the mouse as well, as I notice jerky movements especially when initiating a mouse movement. I tried connecting this to three different PCs and all of them had the same problem. I also tried calling the logitech support but over 10 minutes of waiting knocked off my patience.
    I don't know if this kind of lag is inherent in all the cordless desktop system, but I am certainly returning this product....more info