Nokia 6230i - Cellular phone with digital camera / digital player / FM radio - GSM
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Flexible, efficient, and powerful: the Nokia 6230i phone shares the same classic design as the popular Nokia 6230, but with revved up features inside. The camera resolution was upgraded up to 1.3 megapixels so you can show off your images in print. There's now 32 MB of internal memory, which is easily expandable with removable MMC cards (up to 512 MB). Use the phone as a storage device for photos, music and video files - or even documents and presentations. When you need to get files from one device to another, the Nokia 6230i phone gives you true versatility with Bluetooth technology, infrared, Pop-Port, USB (supporting plug-and-play), and GPRS/EDGE networks.

Customer Reviews:
  • State of the art stylish.
    Nokia really is always setting the standard for cell phones. They have been making them the longest and basically if the other manufacturers could copy their interface then they can't go wrong.

    The Nokia 6230i looks cool (stylish silver and black) and exactly the right size for a cell phone - feels good in your hand and fits nicely in your pocket. Its also impressively fully featured for its price having a radio, mp3 player, speaker phone option, camera (still and moving), wireless connectivity, infra-red, Bluetooth, push to talk and numerous other features I haven't discovered yet.

    The technology at this stage for the camera at this stage is not quite perfect - in low light/indoors the photos are a bit grainy and the 3gp video files generated don't like things to move too quick. But that is the current state of the art - give it a few years and we will all be taking perfect quality photos and able to record our whole day in commercial quality video just on our phones - if we ever get the need.

    If there are any Nokia designers around then the there are a couple of things I can suggest. Firstly the MP3 player has no fast forward/reverse and when pausing it is very easy to skip to the next track. Also, when filling out a text message using auto-predict the punctuation marks take a long time to navigate to and finally the "screen saver" display does not show the time.

    But these are just minor gripes, otherwise an excellent phone !
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