LCD Keypad for Elk M1 Security/Automation Control System (M1-KP)
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Product Description

When you're ready to expand your M1 or M1 Gold security/automation control system (sold separately), it will be helpful to know that your system will accept up to 16 M1 LCD Keypads. Each keypad features a two-line backlit, large-character LCD of 16 characters per line, which displays the system's diagnostics and settings. The LCD's adjustable intensity and extra-large character fonts improve readability. Between its menu navigation keys and its six programmable function keys, programming the display of time, date and temperature is made easy, especially with the aid of a built-in temperature sensor. On each keypad, one zone input and one output are programmable. The M1 LCD Keypad is attached with a plug-in connector: Only 4 wires need to run to the control.

  • Large, Easy to Read Characters; Back lighted with Adjustable Intensity; Removable Hinged Door
  • Unique Menu Navigation/Direction Keys with 6 Programmable Function Keys, plus Exit, Stay, Chime, and Bypass Keys
  • Operates on 4-Wires (M1 Data Bus)
  • Built-in Speaker with Adjustable Beep Tone and Volume
  • Input for 1 Supervised Zone