SterlingTek's Premium Sony Equivalent AC/DC Battery Charger for NP-FC10/11 battery Sony BC-VC10 Replacement
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Our Price: $8.99

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Product Description

Sterlingtek's BC-VC10 Equivalent NP-FC11, NP-FC10, and Sony C Series Battery Charger has been engineered to charge both your original Canon NP-FC11 battery, as well as our equivalents. Comes with car adapter!

  • Don't miss out on your perfect photo opportunity because of a dead battery!!
  • Upon a full charge it shifts into trickle charge mode.
  • This charger is so light weight that is could easily fit in your front shirt pocket, or in a small camera bag.
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will replace this or any other item that you purchase from us for 1 year from the date your order is processed if it fails under normal wear or is defective. We always sell new high quality items and we are willing to back them up @ SterlingTek TM!
Customer Reviews:
  • No need to spend a lot of money: Does the job just right!
    We lost the charger cable for our Sony digital camera. I surfed for a while and this was the most affordable option I found to be able to charge our batteries. I've had it for over a month now and I can't complain: I didn't spend a whole lot of money and it does the job just right!...more info