XPRO 12"x24" Studio Photography Light Tent - Dome - Cube - Box
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Product Description

Our XPRO tents are commonly used in catalog photography for imaging highly reflective objects such as plastic, glass, and metal. The light tent can also come in handy when an "ultra soft" lighting effect is needed. Illuminated from the exterior of the tent, the XPRO tent acts as a diffusion room surrounding the subject with soft diffused light which reduces unwanted glares. Reflective objects are best imaged in side of the tent because the surround environment inside the tent prevents image reflections of the room and the photographer. Our Light tent is a perfect studio device that anyone can master and produce catalog style images just like the pros.

  • Ultra white nylon reduces photo color discoloration
  • Comes with one black and one white backdrop.
  • Reduces hot spot and glare from highly reflective objects
  • Professional Catalog photography made easy
Customer Reviews:
  • Good enough.
    We got this product to take close up photography of items for online auction. It is fairly well built and comes with a black or white backdrop and a carrying/storage case. There are no directions as the previous reviewer said, and it does reduce shadows as long as you have adequate lighting and/or have a flash that can be repositioned so as not to create reflections or shadows. The only drawback is that it built in such a way that you'll need to build a stand or put a stand inside to mount items for taking photos; the nylon is very slick and does not rest flat so it is difficult to keep them in position unless you mount or position items on a different surface in the tent. The low price for a starter photography tent makes up for a lot!...more info
  • super for close-up/macro photography
    This is my first light tent. For the price, it is wonderful. Even at full price, it is worth the money if you photograph jewelry, food, coins, toys or other products (or anything else that will fit in the tent). Two words: no shadows.

    I don't know how much of my satisfaction is the joy of using a light tent and how much is this XPRO light tent. [...].

    My XPRO light tent did not come with the green backdrop shown but did have a white and a black backdrop that attach with their own Velcro strips. They unwrinkle well in a clothes dryer.

    If you only need a small tent or just want to experiment with shadow-free photography, this is a great buy. Its low price gets it 5 stars despite its lack of instructions.
    ...more info