MA-8880: USB Cable for Cellular (Camera) Phone Data Sync / Transfer: Motorola A630, C975, E1000, V975, V980 with Software & FREE 500 Ringtones + 500 Pictures
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Product Description

The retail package contains a Handset Manager software CD and a high quality USB interface data cable for your Motorola A630, C975, E1000, V975, V980 phones. It enriches and backups users mobile contents. User manuals and Handset Manager Version 9.0 are available in English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese.

  • USB Data Cable for Motorola A630 phones
  • Latest Verison of Software and Drivers ALL included (Compatible with MS Windows 98/98SE, NT, ME, 2000, XP)
  • Free Software Upgrade
  • User manuals and Handset Manager V9.0 are available in English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • Free 500 Ringtones + 500 Pictures
Customer Reviews:
  • Can't get the sofware installed
    I recently bought this cable/software kit so I can synchronize my data with the Motorola A630 mobile phone. I have had extremely hard time to get the driver and other software installed on my computer. I have already spent many days trying to get some basic stuff working. In the end, the whole process is a very frustrating and disappointing experience.

    Firstly, I could not install the driver software on my desktop computer. This is a 2004 model computer with surplus memory, hard disk space, and with a high-end graphics card. It runs XP Home edition. After spending a couple of days trying to get the drivers installed, I just gave up.

    Next, I tried to install the same on my laptop computer. It is a 2001 model computer with XP Professional edition. After some struggling, I got the drivers installed. Few more hours, and I could manage the installation of Handset Manager software. I could successfully download the pictures I had taken using the camera in the phone. I could also download my contact information from the phone. However, I didn't see anything to synchronize my Outlook information with the phone. Feature could be there in some other software, but I haven't seen it yet. Then, I tried to install necessary software so I can upload some games. After a VERY LONG process, I couldn't perform one of the steps and I am now stuck. So, I still can't install any games to my phone.

    Their online helpdesk is open only during business hours. I can't take a day off from work just get this software working. I am giving two stars despite my woes because their support is easy to reach (no 800 number, though). BTW, emailing their support is worthless. On a second thought, I am reducing the rating to 1 star.

    I have been working with computers for about 20 years and I consider myself profecient with computers.

    If you choose to buy hardware/software kit from Mobile Action, my best wishes for you....more info