Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord for Nikon D70S & D80 Digital SLR Cameras
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Useful for releasing shutter remotely to reduce camera shakeShutter can also be locked in Long Time Exposure

  • For the Nikon D70S & N80 Digital SLR Cameras
  • 4-pin remote control
  • Makes it possible to release the shutter from a distance
  • Helps prevent camera shake during shutter release
  • Adds greater convenience and ease of use in a wide variety of shooting situations
Customer Reviews:
  • worked great
    The product works great. The only down fall with this is the cord isn't very long. But other then that it works great....more info
  • Remote cord great for tripod shots
    If you're into time exposure, micro/macro, or even portrait photography, you can't beat a remote shutter release. I also have the wireless remote, however, if you're behind the camera outdoors, chances are it won't fire. The remote cord does exactly as advertised and nothing more....more info
  • Close quarters remote
    The only 2 things I'd change about this product:

    1) include a 6' or 12' extension cord to allow you to get a little further from the camera (think sticking the camera on a pole for perspective views)

    2) allow the remote to rapid fire - you can't hold the button down and fire continuously like you can with the actual shutter switch.

    Other than that - it does it's job. An electronics wiz (like me) can get around #1, #2 is probably a firmware issue (Nikon - are you listening?)...more info
  • this is worth the purchase
    i bought this in june to use with nikon d80. use it to take picture of fireworks. it stall a little, but i found out that it was because most d camera ony use up to 4gb. i was using an 8gb. it works great after i switch out the card. before that i also took it for a swim. after that i took it to utha to take pictures of lightnings. i perform very well even after taking it for a swim....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote cord
    Bought this as a birthday gift and the receiver was more than happy to get it. He is a fussy about photography equipment and he is enjoying this....more info
  • Good Remote
    Lightweight. Does what it is supposed to do. I like the shutter release lock feature as it allows me to take long exposures (some have been for 10 minutes)....more info
  • A Necessary addition
    The Nikon Remote Cord carries out the same function as the cable release on film cameras. It plugs into the camera and has the same functions: either to release the shutter at a predetermined shutter speed or hold the shutter open in "bulb" mode. The control responds exactly as the shutter release button on the camera by setting the exposure and focus when held half way down. It works flawlessly. For macro photography such a device is very necessary. Its advantage over the wireless version is that you don't have to be facing the camera to activate. It would not replace the wireless in some situations as the cord is only 3 feet long. ...more info
  • Tack Steady
    The Nikon MC-DC1 remote along with a good tripod allows rock steady photo shooting. Works great....more info
  • Not So Thrilled
    The tiny USB connector snapped off after a few uses, it bent when I set camera down and then just weakened from there. I am getting one of the angled USB connector models and suspect that will resolve that issue......more info
  • Nikon Solid
    Like anything else made by Nikon, this remote shutter release works well and is a quality product. I haven't had a chance to use it too much so far, but the little that I have used it, it's worked flawlessly. A must for long exposure shots. Eliminates camera shake when triggering shutter. A welcome addition to my D80 set up....more info
  • Works Great! MC-DC1
    This is the best accessory that I got for my Nikon D80 as far as stopping out-of-focus/blurring for long exposures and night-time photography. This and my ML-L3 has allowed me to really begin taking great night time photos (long exposures) as well as sunrises and sunsets with great exposure w/o movements. Works well for portrait shooting too. Shot the 4th of July fireworks with many great shots and pictures that were great and clear. This also worked wonderfully well when I went out and shot water/movements using the MC-DC1. I set up and then fired away using the unit when bracketing. Nice just shooting and not looking through the viewfinder all the time.

    I carry my unit in my pocket when I go out shooting, even without a tripod. I even shot holding the camera in my right-hand looking through the viewfinder and firing the MC-DC1 with my left-hand with great results. I focused and did everything I needed (AE/Locked) and fired with great results at slow speeds. You can hold the camera with two hands and still fire the MC-DC1 with little inconvience and very little camera movement caused by pressing on camera. Practice and see what I mean. You can also lean on walls etc, but if you can't, this is an option.

    It has become undispensable in getting focused shots in many situations. By the way, I had no problem pluging into my D80. It fit snugly and I had no problems disconnecting. My hobby has gotten to be even more fun. Highly recommend this unit. Price is great too. One problem is that the product could be made more durable, but it still deserves a 5-star rating....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote
    I found the Nikon MC-DC1 Remote very useful. It made it much easier to hold the camera still....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Corded Remote for D70s
    This is a great remote. The button functions just like the camera and is easy to focus the camera. I found no need for a wireless remote since I try to stay close to my camera when it is on a tripod. I give it two thumbs up!...more info
  • Excellent Service/Product
    Very happy with the service received from Amazon. Fast delivery and excellent service overal. The product works great. I am very happy with the purchase of this product. ...more info
  • Great Buy!! Perfect for your long exposure needs
    I recommend this product for anybody looking to do long exposures that deal with night shots or painting with light. I have used it on my Nikon d80 and I have had no troubles with it. A great part about it is that it locks in place for bulb exposures so you do not have to worry about holding the button.

    The price is great too. The only down fall is that it is not wireless and only three feet long. If you are looking to have a longer trigger release cable then go wireless but be prepared for a big price difference. I do not have the wireless one yet but I plan to have one in my bag for those special needs when I need to be a bit farther then three feet.

    All around a great buy and very well built. I would recommend you get one just incase your batteries on your wireless runs out of batteries.
    ...more info
  • Expensive, but performs well
    A needed part of the Nikon toolkit (I have a D80 and LOVE it!!). The wireless remote is also a very nice feature, but requires you to be in front of the camera to work with the remote reviever that is located in the front of the camera. A remote firing capability is an absolute must if you want to do any long shutter speed (exposure) photography, and is really required if you want to get the sharpest focus possible for portraits and landscapes (using a tripod)....more info
  • NIkon MC-DC1 Remote
    An absolute must accessory at an affordable price , for a novice as well as a professional. Made my life so easy....more info
  • Should have gotten a long time ago
    For the money, I should have purchased this a long time ago. Just what you need to keep the shutter open for time exposures (trying to get lightning shots at the beach), hummingbirds at the feeder on the deck while drinking morning coffee. After all it is a NIKON product!...more info
  • Nikon D80 remote card
    Works well with only one small issue.

    Camera need to be switched off before connecting to the camera....more info
  • Well worth the price
    This remote does exactly what it is supposed to do. Nothing fancy but is well worth the price and the item arrived in a timely fashion....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord d70S & d80
    Product works great! Easy and Simple gadget to have, helps with shots that require no movement. Fits and works like a charm. When installing be sure to read the instructions and also be sure to press in firmly when attaching it to the camera. Overall a great product.

    Cons: Could be longer in length to move around with but it's only about 3 feet long....more info
  • Usefull Complement
    An usefull component very recomendable for all users, include, those users, that have an ML-3....more info
  • Remote Cord Works Great!
    I wish the cord was a little longer, but it works great! I love it! I'm using it with the Nikon D80 and I can confirm it works....more info
  • very good
    I had ordered this item for my boyfriend before the holidays to take holiday pictures of my niece.
    He really likes it because the pictures doesn't turn out to be blurry from shaking hands when pressing down the shoot button.
    The only thing we hope is that the cord could be longer.
    Good item to have to accesories your nikon d80....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Tip
    Just got my MC-DC1 and spent two hours trying to get it to work, thought it was defective! The problem was, and a lot of other folks have encountered this, is that you really have to push it into the socket. Don't stop pushing at the point where it feels like it is in place. It really takes a bit of effort and the socket on the D70S is very snug, so push away. Once you get it in all the way it works like a champ! Really glad to have this little accesory in my kit

    Hope this helps some of you?...more info
  • Great Remote/Shutter release for Nikon D80!
    It works and you need it for low light, fireworks photography, etc. Although it says for D70, it works for the D80 as well. ...more info
  • A Must Have
    If you have a tripod to avoid camera movement, then you will definitely need to have this Nikon remote cord. It eliminates the camera shake when you press the shutter button, thus virtually eliminating any blurriness caused by the camera movement when pressing the shutter. Plus it allows for longer exposures by having the capability of leaving the shutter open for extended periods of time. A must have for photo enthusiasts. ...more info
  • Review Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord for Nikon D70, D80
    Excellent Product, easy to attach to port on my Nikon D80 and it functions exactly like my shutter button, press it half way down to focus and finish pressing it down to take the picture. Very handy to avoid camera shake when mounted on tripod. Very happy with it...more info
  • Nikon Cord Remote
    Excellent and speedy service. A great product and easy to use on a Nikon D80....more info
  • Long Exposures
    I bought this controller to do long exposure shots. It's worked fine for all the photos I've taken...nighttime, early morning. I'd recommend!...more info
  • Says what it does, does what it says
    I originally bought the wireless shutter release and it was a bust, at least for me. Not as much flexibility with this tethered model but it works as advertised....more info
  • nikon remote switch mc-dc1
    Dont buy any other brand! I did and was sorry. the cheap imitations are JUNK. Sure Nikon costs more but its worth it. I d give it 5 stars, but the plug on the cord should really be a 90 degree bend like nikons other remote switches. Its easy to break one of these sticking straight out of the camera....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord is a WINNER!!!
    This remote cord from Nikon simply and efficiently does exactly what its designed to do. It is an electronic bulb release for the D80 and it works flawlessly. I took many night photos of the Colliseum in Rome and they all came out perfectly...and I owe it all to this little winner!!!...more info
  • I can't believe I waited so long to get this......
    Just thinking about all the wasted time and missed shots because I didn't have this before is a little depressing. Especially given how cheap this is, I don't know why I waited so long to get it. Quite simply, if you do any tripod photography this is an absolute must. If you are doing low-light still life, night shots, or any shooting that requires a long exposure time then I really don't see any reason not to get this. What did I do before getting this? Set the timer each time and waited around for it to go through it's beeping spiel before finally snapping the picture. With this item, it's instantaneous. Just snap away!

    By the way: I am shooting with a D80. This works with the D80, despite the little information out there to that effect....more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    Item was delivered on time at the best price and performs as described; couldn't be happier....more info
  • Wow that is a short cord
    So all and all this product dose what it says... the problem is that no one tell you the cord is very short 1m about 39inches. I'm sure this is fine for most people I was just hoping to get further away. I wish that the product description had listed the cord length....more info
  • Nikon MC-DC1 Remote Cord
    The cord works fine. The only complaint I have is that the connector is difficult to inesrt into the camera. It's just as difficult to remove. Maybe it will get better with use....more info
  • Nikon Remote Cord
    The cord works very well. It is simple in its design and to use. ...more info
  • It does what it's supposed to do...
    The one big advantage of this unit is that it's the only way to coax the camera into taking exposures longer than 30 seconds. It is also, of course, useful in any circumstance when you'd use a cable release on a traditional camera.

    The one odd thing about it... If you've set the camera for say a 5 second exposure, and release the button before 5 seconds passes - it'll stop the exposure when you release the button. There is a sliding lock that will hold down the button for you, so you're not stuck wearing out your thumb during an astrophotography session....more info
  • Very useful in longtime exposure and set up captures
    Except for the a little bit high price and shipment fees (which is 30% of its price, btw), this is a very useful accessory for Nikon D70s or other model it can apply on.

    For me, this cable is extremely useful when I needed long time exposure in Manual B(ulb) mode (over 30 sec)) for city night views or astronomical shootings. It's also useful when I was waiting acrobats' "only moment": after I got everything setup and made sure they are right on the focus and things are in the depth of field, I just sit and waited and pressed. It provides half-way-down releasing press, but the response is not as quick as the body button so it is necessary to count the lag into your own capture.

    The plastic is a little bit "plastic"-easy to deform and leaving scratches on the surface and the cable is delicate too (I accedintally clamped it on my tripod's insert plate and almost peel out the cable coating). But since this is a genuine Nikon accessory, I am confident in its quality.

    If you need night photography or leisure waiting capture as I do, this would be a necessity. If you just need something to reduce vibration, use timing shooting mode or the infrared remote control, they are better because the cable will easily get into your way and cause accidents. And its length(1 meter/ 3 feet) is not long enough for you to leave the camera, and not short enough (like 60 cm / 2 feet) to get out of the way. Still, for me, it's worth the money.

    PS. It take quite a bit of force to plug it into the camera (and out), and it suggests the camera should be off when I do that, which I often forgot. ...more info