SensorPlug Motion Sensing Outlet
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Product Description

It's tough to turn the lights on when your hands are full. But that doesn't mean you need to stumble around in the dark when you come home with your arms laden with groceries, kids, laundry or the myriad accoutrements of modern life. The SensorPlug Motion-Sensing Outlet is a passive infrared motion sensor that's triggered when you walk past, instantly turning on a light or even an appliance, such as a fan or a radio. Since the SensorPlug inserts right into a wall outlet, you don't need to wire it in.

Customer Reviews:

  • Sensor plug
    Many great uses for this light control, I use it in the bathroom with a small lamp to turn on for late night trips when you do not want to turn on the bright lights!...more info
  • Works with my Redytemp hot water circulator
    I love it, now my hot water circulator only runs when I enter the room and turn on the lights. Sweet....more info
  • Still work well a year later; ordering more
    I bought these sensor plugs over a year ago, and am still very satisfied. I tried to find them at the local hardware store, no-one carries them. So I'm ordering a 3rd plug now.
    ...more info
  • Plug-in motion sensor triggers lights or electrical appliances
  • Can be set to activate only in darkness or at any time
  • Timer turns device off after motion is no longer detected