Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

Package Includes: StreetPilot c340, windshield mount, USB cable, Lithium-ion battery
The new Garmin StreetPilot c340 provides in-car navigation that's simple to use and offers use-friendly options and control. The c340 gives you turn-by-turn directions and turns text into speech -- and if you miss a turn, it will automatically calculate a new route. Follow directions with a color-coded map and 6 million different points of interest. 3.5 LCD display with backlit touch screen Offers 3D mapping or 2D overhead view Built-in 12V power adapter/speaker for external power in your vehicle Integrated suction cup mounting system, for easy adjustment & quick release Lithium-ion battery for trip planning - approx. 4-8 hours battery life USB interface Dimensions(WxHxD) - 4.4 x 3.2 x 2.8 Weight - 9.4 oz.

If you're looking for vehicle navigation that's powerful and simple to use, the Garmin StreetPilot c340 is just the ticket. Right out of the box, this unit helps you make the right turns wherever your travels take you. With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, text-to-speech voice commands, a brilliant display that shows the way with 2D or 3D animations, and a massive points of interest database, the c340 has all the basics covered. Plus, you'll find some great additional features that make it a must-have companion.

Look Mom, no buttons! Garmin has taken simplicity to a new level with the c340.
The c340 is designed with simplicity in mind, although Garmin hasn't forgotten to add a touch of class. With a weight of under ten ounces and a width of 4.4 inches, the c340 is ultracompact and easy to transport. To keep confusion on the road to a minimum, the only buttons are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch. The bright 3.5-inch-diagonal display features a touchscreen, making it a snap to input routing information and make quick selections on the road. The c340 sports dual integrated speakers for high-quality voice prompts, a USB port for PC connectivity, and an internal lithium-ion battery that provides power when you're planning your routes outside the car (approximately 4-8 hours battery life). In addition to an included 12-volt power adapter for in-car power, there's also an SD memory card expansion slot for use with other Garmin MapSource mapping products. The unit is secured by a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield, allowing for easy portability between vehicles. You can even customize the c340's appearance with optional colored faceplates that suit your style. While the c340 has an internal GPS antenna, it also has an MCX-type connector for hooking up an optional external GPS antenna.

Finding your way with the c340 starts with inputting a location on the touch screen. Next, the unit's text-to-speech feature speaks to you just like a back seat driver, telling you the names of streets and when to turn and in what direction. And if you happen to miss a turn--don't worry, the c340 automatically calculates a new route to your destination. Audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings help you navigate more quickly while keeping your eyes on the road. You can also choose between a 3D mapping perspective or 2D overhead view.

The c340 offers clear, easy-to-read 3D directions.
Another time- and frustration-saving feature of the c340 is the database of preloaded maps and points of interest. Gone are the days of uploading partial maps from your computer to your GPS device: the c340 has them all built in. The unit comes preloaded with Garmin's highly detailed City Select NT street data of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Finding points of interest along your route is made easy with the c340's huge built-in database of nearly six million hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. Garmin has also made it easy for users to upload custom points of interest--now you can add school zones or safety cameras to your database. You can even turn on a proximity alert to notify you of upcoming custom points of interest.

Garmin really kicks the power of the c340 up a notch with the addition of real-time traffic information. This optional service will display congested areas on a color-coded map, allowing you to avoid traffic by simply pushing a button that calculates a new route. All this wizardry is made possible by the new Garmin GTM 10 receiver that connects to the c340 and other select Garmin products. Note that while the GTM 10 receives digital data from specific FM broadcast stations in select major metro areas throughout the United States and Europe, note that these traffic services are available only in select cities where coverage exists. The service requires the GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver and, in some cases, a subscription to enable these traffic capabilities.

What's in the Box
StreetPilot c340 receiver with built-in antenna, dual internal speaker system for voice guidance and alerts, vehicle suction cup mount with 12-24 volt adapter, dashboard disk, USB interface cable, preloaded City Select North America NT database, and quick-reference guide.

  • Product Type - GPS
  • Built-in patch antenna, MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection.
  • Preloaded with detailed U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico maps - no downloading required.
  • SD memory card expansion slot for use with other MapSource street-mapping products.
  • Traffic alerts with optional GTM 10 FM TMC traffic receiver.
Customer Reviews:
  • great price and it works well
    great price and it works well, just wish there was a way to put it somewhere else besides my windshield...more info
  • A Great Birthday or Christmas Present
    I purchased this Navigation system as a birthday present for my son. He is delighted with this product. He uses it mostly for long trips and also to find addresses within our town. He says the product is very easy to use and easy to follow instructions.
    It would be a great Christmas present for a family or for a traveling salesperson. Of all the Navigation Systems in the market today, this one has most positive reviews.
    ...more info
  • GPS navigator
    I love this Garmin Street Pilot. I take it whenever I go somewhere unfamiliar. I get lost easily and this gets me where I am going and home without problem. Its easy to program and use....more info
  • the suction mount sucks!
    well, the suction mount simply broke on the second day (not just fell off the window - it broke right at the place where you put GPS - it seemed to be too heavy at first place!!), the GPS fell down, never used since then! Still need to contact the warranty company and demand a replacement of that junk! Cound't even register the product on-line, always got some kind of error!

    The GPS itself is pretty good, I guess. It has a lot of nice options - like to avoid highways, find the fastest/shortest way, you can put a whole bunch of addresses in your favorites for a quick search. Too bad I can't even use it because of that stupid mount suction broke! ...more info
  • Excellent product for the price
    The Garmin Streetpilot C340 is a very nice product, especially for the price. The text to speech feature is wonderful, the maps are clear and easy to read, and the touch screen is easy to use. It is very easy to set up, just plug into the computer for the initial set up and charge, and then it is ready to go. The preloaded destinations are plentiful, although not as up-to-date as I would have liked. However, I've talked to other people with different GPS systems from other makers, and this is a common problem. I use the Garmin daily, even when going to destinations I'm familiar with because I like the estimated distance and time of arrival functions. It also solves the problem of reading street signs at night, since the street names are on the map, and the ones needed are verbalized as well. I like the fact that it lets you know when you are approaching a turn before you are actually on it, and then again when it is time to turn. Adding and changing destinations are also very easy to do.

    The GPS is very accurate and loads up quickly. However, it occasionally seems to have a little trouble when on multiple over/under passes (but then, so do I!).

    I recommend the Garmin Streetpilot C340. Although it is not as sleek as some, the price is right and it is very user friendly with plenty of nice features.

    ...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Garmin c340- Ready to use out of box, few intuitive glitches but still easy to use, some out of date info....more info
  • Great product, great price
    Delivers as promised. User friendly and does everything its supposed to do. Easy install with clear instructions....more info
  • Don't leave home without it
    I cannot read maps or use the mapquest directions without missing a turn. I need specifics, like roads as I pass them so I can see how close I am getting to the road I need to turn on. This system gives you play by play directions until you get to your destination. I love, love, love this product. Matter of fact, each time I take it with me when someone else is driving, they usually get the model number and purchase it for themself. It is sooo easy to use and talks the directions to me step by step. When I'm somewhere it's confusing like a large city, I enlarge the map so I can look ahead to see where I'm headed. Cannot say enough good things about this product if you are location or map challenged like me!...more info
  • Beware of mapping updates
    I just tried to put the 2009 City Navigator North America NT map into this GPSr. It will not show water features after the update. Garmin has told me that this is a problem with this unit. They are reimbursing me the price of the map update because I can't use it for finding streams, lakes, and rivers. If all you want to do is put in an address and go, that's fine. It's been a great GPSr for me and has taken me places I didn't even know exist. Just remember that you may not be able to see the water features on the map, depending on your location. And you may not be able to pinpoint your favorite fishing hole because it won't show up - all all. I'm putting the old 2008 map back in so I can use it for finding water features.
    For the price of this unit, you can get a new one and not go through the headache of using outdated maps for the rest of the time you use it....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    I owned the Garmin StreetPilot c330 for 3-4 years before purchasing the c340 and it was so easy to use I wanted something that operated the same way. I was going to buy a CD to upgrade the maps to reflect road changes in my area, but they wanted $80-$90 for the CD. That didn't seem to make much sense to me so I started to look for a new unit.

    The c340 operates the exact same way as the c330 with one additional tells you the name of the street to turn on rather than just "turn left" or "turn right". Saying the street names is a huge help in navigating and I'm really glad I upgraded to this new unit.

    Midway Auto Supply, Inc shipped the c340 and they were excellent to deal with. The new unit arrived in just a few days and the price was great...just $156.

    I know they stopped manufacturing this unit, but for anyone looking for a great navigation system for short money, you can't go wrong with the c340....more info
  • One of my all time best purchases........
    I have had mine for over a year now, and I can't say enough good things about it. I will admit that it sometimes gets the "close-up" details wrong (like saying an address is on the right and it is actually on the left), but I think most people can use their brains to figure it out. I can't tell you how many fights this thing has prevented with my wife and I (that's no small detail!). Something that I really like is that when I'm driving around at 2 AM, bleary-eyed and wiped-out from driving all day, I can do a quick search for all the nearby hotels. The nearest hotels pop up, with PHONE NUMBERS so I can call them and check on availability, prices, etc. What a nice feature! On another trip my wife forgot her prescription, so we needed to find a Walgreen's because they have all her information on file. We just typed in a search for "Walgreen's" and 3 or 4 of them popped up. It took us right to the nearest one. This thing is worth EVERY penny!...more info
  • It stopped altogether
    I bought this one year ago and it has completely stopped working. I have yet to contact Garmin, but the simple fact is this device is currently nonfunctional....more info
  • Wonderful Basic GPS Unit
    We were looking for a basic functionality GPS system that offers reliable satelite connection, text-to-voice speech, and a bright screen (enough to shine thru the brightness of the mid day sun). To our delight, this Garmin offers just that. It offers a reliable and quick sat. uplink when you are outdoors, while indoors it may easily loose connection.

    The screen is a good size and the on screen navigation is user friendly. The maps that come on this unit are out-dated, however work efficiently in our Greater Chicagoland area. If you contact Garmin Customer Support, they will more than likely offer a 50% off for a map upgrade.

    Battery power is decent. PC connectivity is great; for those people who like to upgrade the GPS voice system to something like Celebrity Voices, you will be out of luck since I have found no one to support this unit for such upgrades. Even tho customization is very limited, you CAN upload your own start-up screen with Garmin's propietary software available for free off of their websites.

    A great purchase for someone that wants a solid GPS unit without the fluff....more info
  • Maybe I just got a lemon
    A friend of mine has a low end Cobra and I was impressed with its performance, even though its reviews were terrible. I bought a Garmin 340C after reading the rave reviews. My Garmin arrived in its factory box with all the papers and supposedly the latest map updates.

    I suspected something was amiss when it indicated my home address was at the other end of the block. I solved this by having it regester "home" as my driveway rather than my street address. I used it on a 200 mile trip to Dallas after inputting my destination as the address of a friend whom I always stay with when I go to Dallas. The Garmin took me to a house in another block on the correct street across a major boulevard. The street address didn't match.

    My bigest gripe, however is the display, which is impossible to see clearly on a sunlit day, even with the brightness turned to the maximum. I also thought the female voice sounded more monotone like a robot, and was not as natural and understandible as the female voice of the Cobra.

    Lastly, the Cobra had every tiny dirt country driveway in its memory, but the Garmin totally missed several paved side streets that had been there for years. I was not impressed but will likely keep the Garmin because I don't need the hassle of repairs or returns.

    I will likely replace the Garmin with a midrange Cobra. I don't mean to offend any happy Garmin owners. I'm just relating the experiences I've had with mine....more info
  • A O K
  • Great and Very Practical GPS
    This is a great inexpensive GPS. The touch screen is clear even in daytime. The interface is great and very easy to use. Wife, who hates reading manuals is very happy with it. During the night, it automatically switch to nightmode which is very important so as not to distract you while you drive. Nightmode is less bright by turning the color to a dark background. Audio is very easy to understand. It tells you in advance when you are about to turn. At the top, it tells you the street you are in and the next street you will need to turn. Once you start the car, sattelite connection speed is pretty decent. The screen is large enough for visual. There is a built-in rechargeable battery with the unit which last for several hours. But ideally, the unit should be used plugged-in with the included cigarette lighter adapter. This senses when you start the car and automatically turns on the GPS which at the same time starts charging the internal battery. The GPS can also be charged through the included UBS cable through a computer.

    We own this for a couple of years now. It was purchase at that time for 299$. Purchased a 2nd one, a refurbished unit for 199$. Both are still working.

    Rooms for Improvement:
    -There is a small round plastic with adhesive at the bottom to stick to the dashboard where you press the suction cup; or you can stick the suction cup directly to the windshield. Either way, the suction cup will fail and the GPS might fall or slide off your dashboard. Could be dangerous when it happens when you are driving.
    It is much better to get the accessory where you put the GPS on top of the dashboard instead of using the suction cup that comes with the unit. This accessory is not cheap though - around 39$ at the of this review.
    -Can be made smaller in size...more info
  • So Easy to Use!
    Ok, so I am a little technologically challenged - but my StreetPilot is soooooo easy to use! It is great for long trips, but also invaluable for local travels such as finding a Drs. Office in the city, etc. Most of all I LOVE to use it for finding addresses to garage sales! It works great and does everything I need it to at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    This is the 2nd Streetpilot c340 that I have purchased (one for myself, one for my sister and bro-in-law. We have been completely satisfied. We especially like the voice directions because we don't have to take our eyes off the road. If you want an "entertainment center" this isn't it, but it will give you great directions....more info
  • Good GPS
    I like this GPS, but it is a little bulky. I wish I would have sprung for on the thinner models. However, it's a great device and I've had it for almost two years with very few complaints....more info
  • Pros and Cons... Short and Sweet!
    Pros -
    User friendly reasonably accurate some nice features.

    Cons -
    1. Takes too long to track satellite.
    2. Window mount - falls of the window. Cumbersome and expensive to replace.

    Own a Tom Tom as well. Compared the two in an A-B simultaneous comparison...
    They both will get you there. The directions were the same. The terminology of where to go was different, but equal.

    The Tom Tom does not fall of the window, and fits in your pocket. Grabs the satellite much faster than the Garmin. If I had to buy again, probably the Tom Tom - just because of the Satellite reception time....more info
  • Nightmare !!!!!! STAY AWAY
    The people who rate this 5 stars have no clue what a good GPS is.
    This is the same unit National Rent a car uses. My group and I are frequent travelers, each renting cars 3-4 weeks per month. We all HATE this system so much we moved to Hertz, even at a higher price. This unit got us all lost so many times I cant keep track. Last week I got stuck renting National in San Antonio and again totally lost twice in one trip. "you have arrived" to an empty lot in a ghetto an hour from my destination. Again returning to the airport. Same thing in Seattle, Huston, Pittsburgh, ect. And we all have similar stories.
    Want to find a local restaurant? I won't just list all in the area, you have to choose the type, American, barbeque, Japanese, ect. I can go on.. good luck
    ...more info
  • Garmin makes the best..
    This is the fifth Garmin and the 3rd c340 I have purchased. So needless to say, I am very impressed with the product. We tried a Tom-Tom product and found it to be cumbersome to use and didn't like the setup, so we sent it back and got another c340. Any time I buy a GPS product, it will be a Garmin. ...more info
  • Don't be afraid to buy refurbished
    I bought the refurbished factory sealed unit from digitechdeals and it works great and appeared to be brand new. The unit itself has helped me numerous times since my move to New Orleans. This is a computer so you can't expect it to always take the route that a local would take. If you're using it to navigate a new hometown, you must take some responsibility to learn the main streets yourself and it will recalculate according to the route you take. If you use it for A to B road trips, it works great. Comes with a suction cup mount and must be mounted in order to pick up satellites. In my experience it won't work for walking or biking or sitting on your carseat, you have to mount it to the windshield of your car. I paid under $130 total for the resealed unit and am happy I saved some money....more info
  • Great Piece of Equiment
    I purchased this Garmin because I had borrowed one from my Mother and loved it. I really like it a lot!!! The only "downfall" is that it really likes back roads; which is okay with me, but if you like to drive highway you might not like that feature. That said, however, if you know what highway to get on it will recalculate and take you that route. It is VERY EASY to use and I am glad that I have one, it helps find addresses for any reason - from going to Yard Sales in the town you live in, to visiting new places!!! If you want a Garmin but don't need a bunch of extra STUFF, this is the one to get!...more info
  • All we wanted in a GPS
    This is an excellent GPS. It does everything we wanted it to.
    Only problem we had with it was the attachment to hang it in our van.
    It wouldn't adapt to our air vents, to be hung. We didn't like sticking the suction attachment on the windshield. It tells everyone that you have something in your car that is valuable.
    We put it in our console compartment now and just get it out when we are using it....more info
  • Great Pilot
    I bought this Garmin before a 750 mile trip to the Colorado mountains. I plugged it in, put in the destination address and it delivered me to the front door of the cabin about 12 hours later. It is easy to use right out of the box and has many great features. It never lost a signal even on narrow mountain roads or during thunderstorms. It is most handy when navigating unfamiliar roads in urban areas or some county road in the middle of nowhere. If you miss a turn no need to worry, it will recalculate a new route quickly....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 the best.
    I love my Garmin StreetPilot, has worked like a charm once you understand how to set it up and use. Anytime I've had to go somewhere I've never been to before, it gets me there, no problems....more info
  • GPS Navigator
    Great product. Since I sent this to her my Granddaughter can find her way around Dallas....more info
  • Great product, nice price
    Waited until the price dropped to pick up this garmin GPS. Easy to use and came with updated 2008 maps. Friction mount does not stay put on my Tahoe dash but makes it for easy storage with a suction cup ring or dash mount....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    I love this product. I like the fact that it tells you the name of the road you are turning on. It is easy to use, very self explanitory....more info
  • Frustrating to set up with Mac
    The GPS unit itself works great, and is intuitive and easy to use. HOWEVER, it is a horror to set up if you have a Mac! Even though the website claims they now support Mac, they are really useless when it actually comes to it. I initially had to set it up with a borrowed PC (predictably, the software was ridiculously unintuitive; when the so-called mac update, was announced--many months after it was supposed to come out--I ordered my free update CD, having finally figured out how to get it from their unwieldy website. Forget downloading the files or maps directly from the site, even with the various and confusing unlock codes you have to use! The CD arrives in a few weeks: no Mac update on it, no help on the website. You would think that nowadays any big and well known company would in this day and age provide Mac support (not to mention web downloads of additional programs/maps!). Very disappointing....more info
  • Garmin c340

    This is my 3rd GPS.

    I owned a Garmin c230, Tom Tom one, Navigon 2100. Each has found a home with other members of the family, not by my choice just Dad is apparently a soft touch. I research purchases to no end for fun and to determine value.

    The C340 is an older style and while the form factor is a bit bulky by todays standards, the performance and price is great.

    It acquires a signal fast, it's display and volume super, the software is among the best as is the Points of Interest data base.

    The Maps are as good as any GPS and there is no way any GPS system can be 100% current.

    I decided to use the same approach as I do with laptops, no sense to strive for the newest when you can get great performance from a legacy model.

    This unit sold for almost 3 times the price 2 years ago and is still a solid performer.

    All GPS devices are a useful tool, the software and POI's on the Garmin is something I have found to be of high value....more info
  • great product
    Will get you anywhere you want to go with ease!! Great product, would highly recommend.....more info
  • Waste of money
    I purchased this Garmin for my spouse. Once the GPS was installed into her car, we discovered the street we live on was not in the "maps" in the device. She contacted Garmin for updated maps and was informed she would need to purchase them for around $75. After discussing the issue of having an up to date product for customers to buy, we decided to return it to the retailer....more info
  • Amazingly Great Value
    We started using it the moment it arrived. It's easy to set-up, easy to use. The suction device that holds it to the windshield works really well. It's suggested routes to locations in nearby cities are better than the more common routes I have used in the past. I've been using it in rural northern Michigan and it knows every road up here! The fear of getting lost is gone. I never have to ask directions again, just get an address and you're done! ...more info
  • Very User Friendly
    The Garmin StreetPilot C340, my not be the latest thing on the market,but it works great, Just put in the address where you want to go, & it takes you right to the location. I wish I had one of these, 20 years ago !!!

    Thanks Garmin & Amazon.........A. Gray
    Indiana, USA...more info
  • garmin street pilot
    Easy to operate.
    Information is mostly accurate, but there are restuarants that are out of busines for over two years in there and places that are over two years old that are not there.
    We loose sat contact on 75% of our trips for a short period of time.
    Time to location very good....more info
  • saved me in downtown D.C.
    I purchased this product after getting a job in Washington D.C. and was tired of getting lost downtown all the time. It saved me from the meltdowns I used to have and got me to places painlessly. It was super easy to use, and now I can enjoy the scenery while driving instead of having panic attacks....more info
  • Wonder little device
    I bought this product a few days before a long drive from Philly to Bar Harbor, Maine. I was a litte concerned that I wouldn't have a chance to learn how to use it before we left. Talk about worrying about nothing.... I plugged it in...turned it on...and with in minutes...I was a wizard. The GSP does all the work...and adjusts on the fly if you decide take a route other then the suggested route. The entire family got a kick out of changing the nationality of the GPS. By mid-trip...Jill (American voice) or Emily (British voice) became part of the family.

    One of the best features was being able to see what the projected time of arrival was...that helped with the age old travel questions..."when are we gonna get there".

    I bought this GPS for $155 and shipping was free. I also had a $25 gift card. This is the best $130 I have ever spent....more info
  • good product
    Good price for a Garmin product, a little bit too big compared with newer units. Huge directory of places of interest. It actually gives you the names of the streets, so I like that feature. Very easy to use...more info
  • Supperior GPS unit
    I recently purchased the C340 for myself after borrowing a unit made by Magellan. I became instantly frustrated by the Magellan from the moment I powered it on. It took me quite some time to figure out how to enter in my destination from the get go. While nearing my destination, the unit was preparing to tell me to turn left at the next street. I proceeded to turn and found out it was off by about 200 ft. When the route attempted to recalculate the route, it took no less than 30 seconds before it got me on my way. After my business meeting, I wanted to get back home. This feature was not availabe on the Magellan. Now that I have the Garmin C340, I have found all of these issues have been resolved along with the talking street name feature which works great. This is the best unit I have ever played around with and the best $150 I have ever spent....more info
  • Stopped working after a week
    I bought this item refurbished. After two days, I kept receiving a message onscreen that the battery was low, even though I kept the product plugged into an external power source. After a week, it stopped working. For the time it worked, it appeared to be a very good product. However, I basically threw my money away on a refurbished product. This is the first time I have had trouble with a refurbished product I have purchased and I am now leary to buy anything refurbished in the future that has a battery. It does not appear the product was actually refurbished but that the battery was close to dead, and so it was sold as refurbished. Disappointing....more info
  • Good price for odd item
    I thought I'd try out one of these GPS units but find it superfluous for the most part. But the price was right for experimentation at least....more info
  • Customer Service STINKS!
    God forbid that your Garmin break down twice for the exact same reason, they will argue that it's not broken. In fact, even after the problem was escalated all the way up, they may still break-out in hives if they have to repair the second defective product that you were PROVIDED by them. I'm so unhappy, I'm laughing all the way to TOMTOM....more info
  • Great - removed the stress of driving
    The Garmin Street Pilot is one of the best purchases I have made. My husband thought it was a stupid purchase however, one use and he was hooked. He had no idea of the many uses, from finding a gas station, restaurant, etc. to giving you the time it will take for your trip and the miles left to go on each road you travel on. It is great!...more info
  • garmin GPS
    this product is great! and I received it timely and i would totally recommend it to anyone like me who is map challenged!...more info
  • Simply incredible!
    This product is amazing! We used it to go to Florida from Dallas and I can't believe how accurate it is! I absolutely love it! Several roads were closed, but the Garmin navigated us around them. We even used it to find gas stations, restaurants, etc. nearby. I give this product 5 stars....more info
  • Garmin 340
    So far so good. Occasionally seems to want to shut off "due to low battery" despite being plugged in. Did not recognize local small town when directly entering address but came up with town when favorite site searched. Not the greatest for directions for longer trips when you take traffic flow into consideration but great once close to site....more info
  • great buy
    My husband uses it for work everyday and finds it very reliable (except for brand new developments of course). He got it for Father's Day and loves it!...more info
  • Beware of Garmin Software & Update Policy
    I bought a Garmin GPS about one and a half years ago. The hardware is fine, the screen bright, the recorded voice clear. But on a trip across Virginia, we turned onto a Virginia freeway that cut a corner between I64 and I95 south. We knew this freeway was new, but it had been opened for at least two years. We were therefore surprised when the Garmin immediately insisted that we execute a U-turn (and continued to do so as we successfully completed this twenty mile long short cut). The Garmin database was clearly years out of date. But when I went to their website I found that to update the maps on my unit (barely over a year old), they wanted $70 dollars. Then, more recently, we took a trip from Charlottesville VA to Bethesda MD. Google maps and I agreed that the shortest route was via state route 29 (a fast four lane expressway) for a total distance of 117 miles. But the Garmin was adamant that we stay on Interstates all the way (I64 to I95) for a route that Google says totals 177 miles. That is, the Garmin wanted us to travel an additional 60 miles or add about an hour to an otherwise 2 ½ hour trip. My Conclusion: Garmin's hardware is fine, but their road database appears to be grossly behind the times (and expensive to update), and their route selection algorithm tied to Interstates even when their use makes no sense. I would thus not buy another Garmin product and instead carefully read the reviews of competing brands to see if they do better on these points....more info
  • Amazing Piece of Equipment
    I am extremely happy with this product, it is a wonderful piece of equipment. I use it most days as it takes me the shortest route. It is truly amazing. It's very practical because it is small and easy to handle and also mounts very easily on my dash. Very easy to set up and directions are great. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • good in this price-range
    I used to use TomTom before, and this is my first time in Garmin. First thing I noticed was I can't find the next direction from the screen. Other than this, this GPS is good to me....more info
  • Garmin is Charmin'
    This item offers pretty basic but quite serviceable navigation. No frills, easy to follow instructions with voice commands to alert you to your next turn along the route. I like that you can take the unit with you when you travel. This is when I need a GPS unit - more than when I'm at home and know where I'm headed. Small, compact easy to transport and use while on the road. One drawback - You are not able to toggle off the area displayed to see what is around where you are traveling. For the cost it does just fine! ...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot Rocks !
    I love it! We got this about a month ago and had a small baseball park to find for my sons game. We got on line and looked up the address to the school and it drove us to the front door turn for turn. If you made the wrong turn it would turn you around and redirect you... I love it. Worth the money we spent and would buy it all over again.
    [...] ...more info
  • Garmin c340 gps
    This is the 2nd Garmin c340 we have purchased. We obviously must like it. For the money, it is simple to install, use, and store. It works great....more info
  • Good product, lousy accessories
    The Garmin StreetPilot is easy enough to navigate and use, especially for people like me who are slightly technologically impaired. However, my biggest disappointment was when it ran out of battery on me and I went to plug in the car adapter/charger that came with it--much to my shagrin, the adapter did not fit the streetpilot! I had to go and buy a separate car charger. I'd highly recommend the product but be forewarned that you may need to buy accessories separately....more info
  • Garmin 340
    Delivered on time, as advertised. We have a fleet of them all working perfectly. I just wish it had a headphone plug for listening to directions on the motorcycle....more info
  • Garmin Support Sucks
    Great unit. Garmin support sucks. I uploaded the free map update data and it erased everything. 30-40 minute wait on average to talk to someone on the phone. Email support always generates page error message.
    I think I will use this now useless unit in an impact experiment from a 50-ft height....more info
  • Great little GPS
    This is a great GPS unit for the car. In fact my wife has been using it for over a year now to get around in LA, and when it had its screen inadvertently crushed in the glove box, she specifically requested the same unit. Unlike a few other units we have used, so far we have not noticed any map innacuracies or been sent to dead ends.

    It is responsive, does not have a problem acquiring a GPS lock, and quickly recalculates, albeit with a slightly annoyed tone (that becomes a running joke) whenever driving past the suggested route.
    ...more info
  • GPS System
    This GPS sytem was okay, but it did not show the longitude, latitude or ellavation of any location. Otherwise, it is a good system for finding streets, not all country roads. My husband wanted these features, so I returned this system to the seller....more info
  • Great GPS
    After researching all models available, I bought this one for my mom for Christmas. She loves it and raves about how easy it is to use. Highly recommended if you are looking for a "plug and play" easy to use GPS with voice narration!...more info
  • good product for the price
    Good product for the price, but I wish I would have spent a little more and bought a nuvi instead. It would have been smaller to carry along in my bag would we travel....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
    I have used this GPS to travel. I enjoy how simple it was to use. It has been very beneficial to my wife and I. No more maps to read....more info
  • Horrible
    It gives the WRONG directions almost every time. It tells me that a destination will take 3 hours when in reality, it should only take 1 hour. Tells me to get off the wrong exit. Very stressful when you have a young child in the car.Customer support e-mails have not been responded to. ...more info
  • my StreetPilot c330
    i have homeimprovement business and i travel between westerly RI to Boston Mass for estimate and my garmin is doing job very well.I pay in 2007 more than 200$ but worth thousand.Only two thinks i can say 1-cranston rhodeisland some restaurant all ready open 4 years ago garmin dosent show 2-mansfield Mass home depot Garmin dosent show my costumer they say that home depot allready there few years.Anyway i still happy i wont go to work with out my streetpilot....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot
    Bought the StreetPilot for an upcoming trip to Idaho so haven't tested it extensively yet. Around town I was originally frustrated by the safety feature that turns it off if you are trying to set it up and the car is moving. Since I was the passenger, not the driver, I quickly found the place to turn the safety feature off even though I understand the reason for it. So far, in town it is very accurate....more info
  • Perfect for going places
    This product is perfect for going places you haven't gone to before. The map literally knows every street in the US and Canada. My only concern is that when it tells you to turn its not fast enough. When your driving in a place you haven't been to before this may be either dangerous or annoying because you keep missing the road. Therefore you should drive with a passenger when using this product so that he/she can follow the built in map while your driving. Other than that this product is awesome and i have no complaints....more info
  • Garmin C340 - Navigation Street Pilot
    For someone who gets lost in a parking lot, and also has a hard time figuring out any kind of directions, the Garmin C340 is the greatest product made since the wheel. My brother and my son, whom both do a lot of traveling, have now purchased this same model. It's the best one of all.
    The only con is the auto holder, which comes with it. I have purchased the "Garmin Dashboard Mount" which works great. (NOT the Bean bag holder.)
    ...more info
  • Garmin Street Finder
    Received the Garmin Street Finder and really like it. It was delivered quickly and works great. Easy to understand and very user friendly. I would recommend this product highly....more info
  • Get there on time!
    Excellent help in doing my job as a Realtor. I may schedule 5 - 7 showings in a day, and can get from one to the next with ease!...more info
  • WOW!
    I am extremley horrible with directions, which is bad because with my job I drive all over city to city, to areas ive never been. My boyfriend got sick of me calling him telling him I was lost, so he got me this for christmas.
    I tried it out and it was so amazing! I love the fact that even if I choose to go down another street, it will still get me there!
    I think Ive only had two problems two where roads were recentley closed off, but my lady still got me there.

    The only thing I dont like is when I turn it on for the first time for the day, it can take forever to find a satelite, sometimes like 5 minutes, which can be a bad thing if your in a hurry.

    But overall, its a great product, and for anyone who is sick of driving while reading mapquest directions, this is for you!...more info
  • garmin street pilot c340
    Great GPS unit. Very easy to set up and use. Good graphics so you can easily drive and look at the screen. The audio doesn't pronounce some of the locations very well, but that's a minor detail. I like that it tells you ahead of time for making turns so you can change lanes if you need to. I've tried to outsmart it for the fun of it and it always gets me to where I need to be with no problems....more info
  • beautimus
    I like it. It takes me right to the front door of where I am going. What else can I say?

    Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Exceptionally Easy to Use...
    This is a very nice product -- and I speak from the perspective of this being my 3d GPS (an older Lowrance unit that I still have plus a built-in unit in our newest vehicle). It is so intuitive that I haven't once had to check the manual; that's saying something because some GPS units seems to require lots of time studying the manual. I only have a few quibbles here and there regarding some of its features (would be nice if for example you could edit someone's address in your address book instead of deleting and starting over),but overall it's a very good unit that is easy to use with an excellent display. I have no qualms in recommending this to friends....more info
  • A great buy!
    I am directionally challenged and the GPS is one of the best inventions ever. Even when you miss a turn, it 'recalculates' and helps you find your way. The Garmin is great, easy to work, easy to read...aside from my IPOD it is the best thing I have ever bought....more info
  • Garmin 340 street pilot helps relieve Mom's stress
    I recently purchased a Garmin Street Pilot 340 GPS system as birthday present. My daughter often drives alone so having a GPS system relives my stress as I wait for her to come home. It works very well and has voice directions with street names. We are both very pleased with this product....more info
  • Practical technology
    I am in the middle of a 4000 mile road trip - the first using a GPS device of any sort. The Garmin has performed to perfection. I have discovered that I prefer to use "view map" on those long interstate miles where there are no turns for the next umpteen miles - then entering specifics when I get close to stopping for food, gas or lodging. I have also discovered that by using the (-) key in the upper left that I get earlier warning to turns - which is nice when traveling at interstate speeds. It can be a pain for those states (like California) that don't allow mounting on the windshield - to find a better way to keep the GPS where you can use it. Not a complaint against this particular GPS - it true of all. The POI's seem to be adequate - though I could wish that rest stops on the interstates were marked. However, I think this is minor when compared to the useability overall.
    Well, I have now completed the 4000+ mile trip. When I first wrote we hadn't been in the little mountain roads of New Mexico or Colorado. I'm more impressed now. Even in canyons with high sides the GPS didn't lose lock but once or twice - and then recovered quickly when the sides opened up. We even found a cafe in a most out of the way location you can imagine - and really enjoyed the food in this little 'mom and pop' operation. The 'recent locations' is a great utility. No matter where we strayed off to, just simply going to recent locations and choosing the address of our motel or hotel brought us right back without a hitch. It even recognized when there were service roads beside the main street and directed our turns into food, gas and lodging at the right place then along the service road to the location. We really had a good experience.
    For an easy to use, practical GPS without all those bells and whistles - this is a great choice. ...more info
  • garmin c340
    great product! love that it corrects a wrong turn by immediately re-calculating the route. easy to use and follow! up to date information. clear, colorful screen; just the right size. great for finding necessities along the route, gas, shopping, food......more info
  • a great product
    This is a great product. It is user friendly and great to handle. I just love it, it gets me where I need to go....more info
  • Excellent GPS real good.
    Pretty nice and compact GPS and worked really well under all conditions and calculated pretty fast. Real good buy and worth every penny.

    Gave a 4 instead of 5 for the only reason that suction type stand was difficult to take off the mirror and had to pull real hard.

    But gave perfect directions....more info
  • Garmin c340
    I bought this for work and my wife keeps stealing it. Anyone can program it.. The c340 has had most of the address that I needed and was correct in getting me there. I even use it in rental cars when I travel. Be sure to get the beanbag type mount so you can move it from car to car. The suction cup one that comes with it is not very handy...more info
  • really good
    this product is really good. arrived much before the anticipated date... thsi GPS has a huge POI database. I am new to thsi town and it has helped me find my way......more info
  • Garmin c340
    This product works exactly as described. The ease of use is amazing. We used it on a trip to southern West Virginia and were able to find all of the locations entered. I would definitely recommend this model....more info
  • Perfect
    Tried many other models of garmin and this one is more than what you need in functionality. Tried the models with MP3 players, not worth the sound quality. I tried the handsfree blue tooth also sound quality horrible. Basic features and that's really what you need. If you want something else, like MP3 or bluetooth buy it, just not with a GPS....more info
  • Outstanding Product!!!
    I owned the predecessor of this model (c-320) and passed it down for the family to share. The three primary features of the c-340 that impressed me were:

    #1 Voice to text - You never have to look at the display. It will guide you by "speaking" the upcoming street name to you.
    #2 It has a more vibrant display of colors than the c-320. The c-340 came to life right out of the box.
    #3 There were no arduous loading processes nor any additional memory to purchase to help it swallow the entire USA map system.

    The only drawback that I found on either units is the mounting hardware. Very flimsy...allows way to much jiggling on rough roads. A beanbag on the dash is the only fix unless you do what I did. A custom hard mount in the console with the aid of an external antenna. ...more info
  • An excellent unit for the price
    PRO: An excellent basic navigation system that is very easy to use. It's very accurate and the maps are detailed enough to make things clear. A plus is that street names are spoken.

    CON: The only drawback I've found, which may also be a problem for other units, is that when you're in a multi-lane highway, it isn't very clear which lane you should be in when there are multiple options for exiting.

    I bought the Garmin c340 for my wife for Christmas and we have found it to be a great GPS unit for the price. We just needed a basic unit and don't need all the bells and whistles (or the price) of the high end systems. What helped distinguish this from the Magellan, TomTom, and other Garmin units I considered was that it speaks the street names which turns out to be very helpful. Starting it up for the first time was simple and the manual wasn't really needed except to help explore options.

    A friend and I took a trip from Maryland to Florida and back and the Garmin never let us down. We were both impressed by ease of use and the very good level of detail in the maps, which can be set at more or less detail as needed. There are enough options to satisfy anyone looking in this price range and inputting information is very intuitive.

    My wife does not like technology items at all, but she has taken very well to this unit and has not had any problem operating it. She even enjoys using it which was a pleasant surprise for me!

    I would definitely recommend the Garmin c340 for someone who needs basic navigation that is simple to operate, but is also reliable and accurate. This has been a solid performer over the four months we've had it....more info
    I bought this garmin for my husband who when we get in the vehicle waits for directions to get out of the driveway. He gets along with the garmin a lot better than me because the lady in the box is more polite than me about his driving. Good graphics and easy to follow its lead. It takes you right to the proverbial front door....more info
  • Never Lost Again
    This is a great gadget and being portable makes it easy to transfer between cars and motorhome. I especially like that I can bring it in the house to program before I leave since I bought the A/C adaptor. I'll never get lost again....more info
  • Get a Garmin or Get Lost!!
    I purchased the Garmin StreetPilot c340 for use on our travels. Guys hate to ask for directions, and I am one of the worlds worst. It has turned out to be a really nice tool. Having the ability to look up gas stations or places to eat when you are in a strange town is very handy. The display is nice and crisp and the audio function lets you keep your eyes on the road, where they belong. Programming is a snap and it allows you to just press Present Location to set your "home"....more info
  • Electronica Direct was GREAT in helping me return this item.
    Electronica Direct was great about getting me my refund fast and they were very friendly when I wasn't satisifed with this GPS. I mailed back the GPS unit on Friday and had my refund by Tuesday afternoon. I'll buy from them again because of their wonderful customer service. ...more info
  • Refurbished GPS a good deal
    I didn't really need this gadget, because I hardly ever drive to places I haven't been before. That said, I still wanted one. But since I didn't really have an urgent need for a GPS, I didn't want to pay full price for a new one. After some research on the "Internets" I decided that this model was the one for me because of its text-to-speech function, enabling it to actually say street names, instead of saying "turn in 200 feet." Then I started looking for refurbished units. Customer reviews scared me off of most of the online vendors. But when I saw that Amazon was offering one at a very competitive price, I decided to take a chance on it. The gamble paid off. Bottom line: This GPS works as advertised.

    My only criticism so far is that the instructions that come with it are not very helpful where the battery is concerned, and the downloadable PDF manual is not much better. I had to do some "Googling" to find out that I needed to charge the unit for several hours through a USB connection to my computer before I could use it. Once I resolved that issue, it worked fine, except that it initially seemed to take a long time to find the satellites. I'm very satisfied with the way it's worked since. Someday I may actually drive someplace where I have serious need of its help....more info
  • breva
    good service on shipment. unit seems to not be real accurate in rural settings. had to have antenea to get satilite reception. unit seems to concentrate on one route and does not recalculate route other than to make you return to route until it has to much later on route. ...more info
  • The Garmin GPS is great.
    This GPS works great trying it out around town. Have a trip coming up that we will really put it to the test. We opted to keep it out of the window. It is working just fine in a space under our radio/cd player. We have a Honda Accord, so the dash isn't an option. ...more info
  • streetpilot
    all is good on our second garmin,our first one was haywire and we sent it back...more info
  • Great transaction
    Great transaction,seller shipped just within Amazons alotted time to ship or at least thats what they told me when I called to see if they had even shipped it....more info
  • A little slow acquiring reception
    This suits my needs just fine, as I only use it a few times per month. If I were an everyday user, I would definitely buy a better unit. The pros - price, touchscreen, speaks street names, seems to be accurate. The cons - can be painfully slow in acquiring satellite reception. This is not good when you need directions quickly. It is also a bit bulky and hard to put in a travel case or other small area.

    For the money though, I think this is a great unit and I recommend it to anyone looking for a beginner unit or for people who only need occassional GPS....more info
  • works well when it works
    I mainly had problems REPEATEDLY with the charging cord. at first, it stopped charging . then I used a USB cord to charge from my computer. now nothing works. the battery is dead.replaced a charging cord , quit working again.. very frustrated....more info
  • garmin c340 street pilot
    Wow and WOW! I didnt get the same machine as many of the reviewers here. MC340 did operate out of the box. BUTTTTTTTT- //////////////////The maps for my area are seriously out of date. From my house to the hospital it wants to take me through the middle of the JMU campus or on roads that havent existed for at least ten years. I go online to see about map updates and they are not available. Sometimes it even tells me to make a turn on a road that is perpendicular to the one I am on??? I would be very hard pressed to recommend this to a friend or to buy another Garmin product.

    Roger-Harrisonburg VA...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS NavigatorWe liked our GPS so much we purchased a second one for our other car. We love it. Once it got lost in Vancouver BC, but they had reconfigured the freeway. It takes a while to realize that the GPS is not only to get you from point A to point B. When we are lost powering down the freeway, we use the GPS to find motels and restaurants.
    If the price keeps coming down, maybe I will buy a third one....more info
  • Great for the price.
    This is a great little GPS and has just about everything you really
    need for a very reasonable price. I'm impressed. ...more info
  • Perfect GPS!! :)
    Have had the c340 for a few months now. I can't believe I ever lived without a GPS. This is a great value on amazon and the free shipping is a plus. Have had a few hiccups with it, but not the GPS's fault. Sometimes when plugging in locations that are at a mall it will take you to the entrance of the mall so you are left to assume its actually inside the mall. Other than that I've had no problems with it....more info
  • Simply Sensational!!
    Like many, I read many reviews before making a puchase on items such as this. As a matter of fact, I read quite a few reviews from this page. All I can say is the reviews are spot on. This GPS for the price is what this review is titled, simply sensational. I've had it for about a month and I'm amazed on the accuracy and functionality of the unit. The interface is very simple to use. My wife has used it while she's been out of town the last few weeks and dearly loves the information it can give you and the ease of use. This is a great buy....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a really helpful product except that it takes a little more time to think and suggest an alternate route, when we miss a ramp/turn or exit. Also, it is a little Bulky, But who cares when it does the job almost perfectly. If anyone is looking for a Cheap GPS, this is the product to look for. ...more info
  • Good but doesn't work in New York City
    I live in the suburbs and the unit works great. One of the main reasons I got this is because I like to make frequent trips into NYC and thought this would be useful. Wrong! It immediately loses reception once you get near any tall buildings. Overall, it's worth having but don't expect it to work in cities....more info
  • Dont Buy!
    This unit lacks the most current GPS receiver, SiRF's high performance SiRF Star III chipset. This receiver has made it possible for reliable GPS navigation even in dense urban environments, behind tall buildings, in canyons, etc. Virtually all new GPS units use SiRF's receiver, and this should be a deal-breaker for any new GPS you buy. Trust us, you'll want SiRF onboard - performance is superior to prior GPS receivers....more info
  • Garmin 340
    I was not sure if I wanted a gps, but when I purchased my Garmin 340 I was very pleased. I have had it about two months and am very pleased with the operation, even though it tried to take me down a closed road and through a gate of a restricted housing development. I put it on speed instead of shortest distance and now it works like a charm ...more info
  • Early opinion
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator I have not operated the unit enough to become totally proficent in its program, but my initial response is that I am satisfied and will continue to be satisfied. That being said,I would probably have been happier with the Nuvi line because of the thin profile as opposed to the bulkiness of the Street Pilot. ...more info
  • Great deal, Garmin did it again.
    Great Garmin GPS. These units are built well and do what they are supposed to. Large color touch screen and common navigation features make it great for use in the car. Like the features and options for this as well. Graded down since it is a bit large and the software seems to hang up more than other models of Garmin GPS. I use 9 types of Garmin GPS and this one has the hardware but the software is a bit lacking. I reloaded the drivers and software version and got it more stable. Audio is loud, screen is easy to see, and touch screen works well. No problem with suction cup mounts or wiring. I do wish the power could be connected without the mount though. Overall, great unit as they are cheap and usually discounted, and can be used in rental cars. Just make sure the rental car company drone doesn't try to take this thinking you rented it from info
  • Great deal, great value
    It's really a great choice, very good value compared to other models. Easy to use, choice of computerized voice, switch from 2D to 3D, even switches automatically on night mode for driver's comfort at sunset. Loads of useful info, loads of settings possibilities also. The only thing, Garmin has no recent updates. My street does not exist on it's maps, and one restaurant we were looking for had closed since the GPS had been programmed. So, it would help if GARMIN could get their act together, and update more often.
    But the GPS in itself is a very good buy, I would choose it again....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    Have used it many times and just love it. I'm not great with directions but this machine does it all for you - that you can even understand!!!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I'm very pleased with the Garmin street pilot,I do alot of driving for my job,and don't know what I did before purchasing,this product....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5 in Portable GPS Navigator
    The delivery service on this product worked out extremely well. I ordered 2-4 days before I wanted it delivered (for a birthday no less), and it arrived one day ahead of time. The person I gave this to thinks it's one of the best gifts they have received. I'd recommend this specific model to anyone: it has good interface and is very easy to use....more info
  • Not as warm as my wife, but nags just as well.
    I got one of these things with an Enterprise Rental Car on a recent trip to new England. THe interface is very easy to work with and entering text has an intuitive feature that pops up a list of streets or cities when you've entered enough letters.

    I really enjoyed the female voice commands. This helped me with the loneliness of not having my wife along. Although, the Garmin said "in .3 miles turn left on main street" rather than saying "we just passed main street and I bet you were supposed to turn there".

    This unit took me everywhere I wanted to go in Vermont, Massachussets and Connecticut without fail. When we got into down town Hartford in the rain it was a little slow at a couple of intersections, but that just reminded me of my wife, especially the way it kept saying "recalculating" after we missed a turn.

    But seriously, certainly worth the 8 bucks a day for the rental upgrade. Well worth the $200 on Amazon....more info
  • Nice unit.
    The GPS unit itself is everything I expected it to be. The mounting stand however was disappointing. Purchased in August of 2007 and it's already not able to be tightened enough to hold GPS in upright position on the windshield. ...more info
  • My Wife LOVES HER GPS! Never lets us down! OA COCO!!!
    Fantastic investment. It never steers us wrong. No pun intended. My wife and I invested in this product about a year ago and we've traveled to different states and the maps are flat out PERFECT! What's really neat is that it has a feature to show where the state line is if you're traveling long distances between states. It tells you exactly how long it's going to take to get to your destination and will automatically adjust if you're in traffic. It has different language sets, also. A plus, if you want to learn a few different ways to say "Turn Right in 500 feet." LOL

    Great overall!...more info
  • Very Happy with c340
    My last GPS was a Garmin V with a 1.5" screen and a menu system that was more oriented towards an engineer than a typical driver. This wasn't bad for me since I'm an engineer, but I have to admit it was not easy to use when you were kind-of in a hurry to figure out how to get somewhere.

    The c340 is a breeze to use. It has a large screen and gives voice instructions. Best of all, the entire US maps are preloaded. No more having to load specific maps before going on a trip.

    Only complaint is that it sometimes takes a long time to fix on the satellites. Oh, also there is no AC charging adapter included. You must use either the cigarette charger or the USB on the computer....more info
  • BEST unit we own!!
    We have this Garmin and another Garmin model too. This unit is the absolute BEST of the 2!! And the other one is a newer model and cost more? The Garmin C340 can be upgraded to traffic reports and newer map additions when it needs to be updated. But Garmin told me over the phone how to check for future upgrades needed and it came with the most accurate and most current information right out of the box. I just received this for Christmas 2007 from my daughter and wouldn't take any other brand or model out there! It was user friendly from the moment I took it out of the box...and my husband was given another Garmin model, but likes mine a whole lot more! Great screen size, great sound and directions too. It even re-directs me when I make a mistake (thank goodness). Oh well, he's stuck with his.
    If you are wondering whether to go with this model or this brand, don't even worry about it! This is the only one you'll ever need! It even works in other countries when traveling.
    I live in California and had to get the dash friction mount which works perfectly! We can't have units put on our front windows. You don't need any adhesives, Velcro, etc. It just sits on the dash where ever you put it without any problems, perfectly!
    GET IT NOW!!!!...more info
  • Even better than I had hoped!
    I got the Garmin c340 StreetPilot for my husband's birthday gift. We tried it out this week, and it is fantastic! I hadn't seen a need for one, but my husband had been wanting to get one. We tried it out and were amazed at the accuracy and the ease of use. I'm sold on it and my husband is very pleased with it....more info
  • A reliable, easy-to-use GPS unit
    As a beginner to car-based GPS, I found the c340 to be extremely easy to set up and use. All of the directions I've received so far have been reliable, and the wide variety of voices available are pleasant and easily intelligible. I like this unit so much that I've already bought two as gifts for family....more info
  • garmin street pilot 340
    in my humble opinion, i would like to say the little garmin is likely the most satisfying purchase i have made in recent memory, it works right out of the box--gets me to where i am going everytime, easy-easy to use, has a volume control that lets me hear very well, in well spoken terms-neat to be able to have a different voice if one needs to enjoy another voice, besides ones companion telling the driver where to go!!! i am a 66 year old disabled person, and having the garmin by my side is very comforting , especially when going to places i have never been to before,i have total confidence in this product---very good, if i get better [health wise]i am going to buy a couple more for my children ...more info
  • Easy to use and affordable
    This is the second Garmin c340 we own. It is easy to use with the touch screen and the voice guidance is loud and clear. I recommend this unit because it names the street rather than just directions alone. It has many other features that we use such as finding restaurants when we are in unfamiliar areas, gas stations, medical centers etc. It might not be the smallest but we have found it portable enough to take on vacation and pack in a suitcase....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot
    This is by far one of the best purchases I've made in quite a while. I travel on business a lot and really feel more comfortable when I know where I'm going. I've been lost on a few trips while trying to either follow a map or MapQuest instructions. The Garmin StreetPilot is fantastic! The features are very impressive and the maps help in ways I hadn't considered.

    We had to drive through a blizzard to get to our ski vacation last week. Visibility was horrible and we could barely see the road. Having the Garmin show us what was coming helped us navigate safely through a really scary drive. I just keep loving this thing more and more!...more info
  • Great GPS at a good price
    I purchased this GPS for my wife. She wanted one for Christmas. I liked it so well that I intend to buy one for myself. It's easy to use and has enough features for a low such a low price model. ...more info
  • Great product!
    This is a wonderful item! Not only does it give you turn by turn directions. It also gives the street names for easy navigation. I recommend it highly!
    ...more info
  • wonderful
    We just love this GPS. Never uses one before either. The whole family uses it. It is amazing. I did my research and made a great choice. We have owned this one for 6 months now. We even packed it to take to Colorado with us. It never let us down. I highly recomend....more info
    This was a first attempt at a GPS system. We are very very happy with it. It's simple to use and user friendly. I did alot of research on the internet regarding pricing and Amazon gave me the best price! Will buy with Amazon again!...more info
  • Garmin
    This is a replacement to the one I received on Christmas. The first one would not hold a charge. The power cord did not work. However, my new one is working great! Very easy to use.

    ...more info
  • It's amazing!
    I love my streetpilot. I am amazed at the technology that allows the maps on my screen to show me the small curve in the road. This is perfect for a text to speech version and has all the street names you can imagine. The only thing that I wish were different is that once it starts mapping it does not show the whole plan for getting to the destination. Best wishes....more info
  • a great and simple product
    I highly recommend this product for a few reasons. First, it is so simple to use. Second, the price is just right. I drive for a living, and I don't know how I went so long without one. Bright touchscreen display, clear speaking turn-by-turn directions. What more can you ask for....more info
  • c340review
    so far very satisfied. functions as advertised. only time will tell if it will need repair in the future....more info
  • stopped working
    We got to use this GPS by Garmin twice before it just stop working, had to send it back to the company for repairs in two months time had to pay for shipping. Waiting on return....more info
  • Best GPS in this price range
    I got this Garmin C340 after a long research so I was pretty sure this was a good product. Let me tell you this is not the best GPS in the world but for this price and with the TTS option, you wont find anything else.

    1. Sleek design and easy to use.
    2. Very easy user-interface and navigation.
    3. Millions of POI's which are sorted under names such as 'restaurants', 'hospitals' etc and also lets you search for your own POI in their database.
    4. Direction recalculation after you get lost is pretty quick and accurate.
    5. Has a USB and related software to download latest firmware updates and maps from the Garmin website.
    6. Lets you customize the route finder i.e 'shortest distance' or 'shortest time' etc
    7. Text-To-Speech (TTS)

    1. The charger plug is integrated with the Suction windshield mount, so if you want to carry it to someone else's car, you will need the suction mount too...:( (but there is some good news, this GPS can be charged with the normal motorola Razr charger!!).
    2. It takes some time to acquire satellites and the TTS feature doesnt respond fast enough. so if you take a ramp on the highway and you need to take the immediate exit, you might endup taking the next one. (but you can always come back on track right, thats what the GPS is for...;)

    So after all is said and done, I would recommend buying this GPS because this is the best option in this price range (I got mine for $190)
    ...more info
  • Has a mind of its own after a year
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

    I bought this for $350 in Jan 2007 and was delighted with it at first, It's very user-friendly and intuitive. But then the battery died and I discovered that the car charger is defective and doesn't work. So, I have to charge it using my PC. Okay, I've adapted. Then, I swear moments after the one year warranty ran out, the gps went wacko. I would hit the button for a common destination and get the screen for all the gas stations in the area. I tried over and over and couldn't navigate the navigation system. Some crazy robot brain had taken over. Oh, I'm sure that I can spend some major bucks to download an upgrade for it. Why can't it work right in the first place? ...more info
  • Good for the most part
    First of all, right out of the box there was a bad pixel so it looks like there is a piece of dust or something on the screen. Product doesn't always pick up satellites right away and sometimes loses them. This is a good product if you are completely lost or have no idea where you are going, but if you have an idea of where you're going, it brings you the strangest ways. We will often drive a different way from what it is telling us and it recalculates which is good. Also, it won't pick up newer places so you can't just put in "Joe's Pizza" and have it find it, you must know the street address....more info
  • Nice, but could be better
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
    Map for my area a little out of date, which causes me concern if I were a stranger traveling in this area. Voice of "emily" has a hard time with speaking mult-syllable street names so bad you have to look at the read out and verify what she is saying, thus taking eyes off road. I recommend down loading their manual first and become familiar with its workings. If I were buying again, I would go for top of the line GPS from Garmin, they appear smaller and simpler.
    Having said that, this still is a good buy and will do the intended tasks...more info
  • Great unit
    The only thing I miss is the "altimeter feature" that I had on my previous Garmin 2720, otherwise, a great little navigator....more info
  • Product is as represented in ad.
    The item arrived well packaged and as represented. It was ready to operate as it came out of the box. In the car and operational without any technical knowledge needed....more info
  • great gps
    I bought several of these GPS's (one for each of my grown children) they absolutely love them. Over and over they have raved about how easy it is to use and how accurate it is. It was recommended to me by a good friend whom I trusted and I have not been disappointed. They were delivered from Amazon in a timely manner and in perfect condition. At some point I intend to order one for myself....more info
  • gps review
    The GPs is very helpful in getting from point A to Point B. However, on occasion, it will detour us around some older streets. I don't know, maybe these streets it detours us around were very seldom used. Therefore, these older streets may not be mapped. Other than that, it works great. We've bought two of these, one for me and one for my wife. We would recommend this item....more info
  • A good, basic, easy to use GPS
    I bought the Garmin c340 for my mother. I have a Mio C520 and felt that it would have been too complicated for her to use. When I took her for a drive with both units hooked up side-by-side, she agreed with my choice. The options and display on the c340 are very user friendly. Basically, you touch a start button, choose a POI or enter an address and you're off. In the side-by-side tests, both units chose comparable routes. Both units have text-to-speech and performed similarly in that regard as well. One of the main things that my mother was glad about was the size of the text. Although the Mio has a 4.3" screen compared to the Garmin's 3.5" screen, the steet names are much larger on the Garmin, making it easier to read. The Garmin was lacking in the number of POI though. For example, I did a search for Zanies comedy club in the Chicagoland area. The Mio came up with all 4 whereas the Garmin only listed the location in downtown Chicago. I attribute that more to the huge database in the Mio than to a deficient one on the Garmin. Overall, the Garmin is a terrific entry level GPS if you want text-to-speech. ...more info
  • garmin streetpilot
    Product fun and easy to use and recommended. Price is right and has everything one could need, especially as a first time user. Best feature--can always get you back on track if lost. What more can you want.
    Maps (v8) not always 100% accurate though, but this seems inherent in even on-line maps. Good idea to review your route before.
    The instructions that come with the unit are not comprehensive enough to discuss all features of the product, but over a little time, you find little features that are a happy surprise.
    This is our first GPS. Although a good tool, I am now starting to question its use by new drivers. It can be more distracting than helpful. Even for experienced drivers there seems to be a competition between the GPs and the radio, especially if the upcoming route consists of quick changes.. Again, this is related more the the GPS than this particulate product....more info
  • Great for even those NOT directionally challenged
    OK I admit, I'm directionally challenged. If you give me directions don't tell me to take a certain road number to another road and turn right at that road name. Tell me by saying "It's two lights passed the mall on your left" and then I'll understand.

    My fiance was heading out of town for three weeks in January so for Christmas he bought me one of these. I love it!! I feel free in a way where I'm not afraid to drive places.

    Where use to I was stressed if going any place I haven't been to for at least three or more times I now can relax and know that I'm not going to miss an exit or a turn.

    The Garmin is great for even those who are not directionally challenged. The most obvious reason is if you go to a new town it makes finding places easy. But the least obvious reasons is it's great for discovering new restaurants and new places to go which you may have not known about. Also I found it finds newer and faster ways to go places which you may not have known about. It also is great if your normal route is blocked for some reason.

    The only complaint I have is it doesn't know pretty new areas. We have a new shopping center and that shopping center isn't on Garmin's maps so it doesn't know to list that area however if you know the address it can still find it. ...more info
  • Best GPS I've ever owned!!!!!
    I've been using GPS for over 10 years now and this is easily the best model I've ever owned. The touch screen works flawlessly. The display is very large and easy to read. The voice prompts are the best I've experienced, as well. It will tell you where your next turn is AND THE TURN AFTER THAT AND IT SAYS THE STREET NAMES IN A NORMAL VOICE. Previous models only gave you the turn and then waited until it was complete to give you the next. That sucks when you're in a metropolitan area or high speed traffic with 8 lanes like Atlanta.

    Here is an example:

    "In 1/4 mile take Exit 104, Pleasant Hill Road. Keep right on ramp. Then turn right at top of ramp." -then- "Proceed 1/2 mile and turn right on Mall Blvd."

    The GPS gave me the immediate directions and the following directions so that I can determine which lane I need to be in at the top of the ramp. I love the intelligence of this device! You will also not find a GPS with as many features for this price. Do not waste your time with Magellan or Tom-Tom. I've had both and they were sketchy. They both had trouble maintaining satellite reception and the intelligence factor of each device was very lacking. I almost always had to do U-turns with Tom-Tom and Magellan.

    The only con of the c340 is that a few places that I've searched for in the category-based seach engine it provides were not there. These places have been there for five years and should show up. Their addresses are in the database, but finding them by name didn't work. That might change in the next map update. That is my only gripe.

    I highly recommend this device. It has saved us on many, many occasions....more info
  • Great Garmin!
    Just what we wanted. Easy to use and even had a back way that no other navigation system had....more info
  • This product could save your marriage
    The way I look at it the Garmin Street Pilot c340 may save more marriages than Dr Phil. I am absolutely awful at reading maps, and more than a few angry words have been exchanged between my husband and me as he--foolishly--asks me questions I can't answer. Enter Claire, my name for the GPS I gave him for Christmas. She speaks in a well modulated voice that my hearing impaired husband has no problem understanding and, furthermore, she never gets mad or flustered if he decides to deviate from her suggested route. A simple "recalculate" is all she says as she plots another course. This model announces the street name, and a glance at the screen shows all kind of features like intersections, feeder roads, rivers, lakes and woodlands. She's straightforward and easy to use, finding addresses and identifying nearby restaurants, gas stations and the like. I also like that she offers an estimated time of arrival on long trips, adjusting the ETA as the trip progresses. Trips are a lot more pleasant now. We both agree that this was a great purchase. ...more info
  • Portable GPS
    This product is amazing. If you use it during the daytime, the map is daytime. If you use it at nighttime, it changes to night map. Very easy interface to use. My only concern is that it can get hot after one hour of use....more info
  • great little device
    Have used the GPS several times and it has gotten me where I want to go without fail. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a decent GPS for not a lot of money...more info
  • Lost Chick in the Big City
    The best thing ever created. This is a short and to the point review. I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY Work in Queens and family lives in the Bronx, NY. Mind you I was always lost in all 5 boroughs going to a friends house was nerve wrecking for me. I am one of those people that gets lost going to the corner store so this was a must have for me. I have been able to travel on my own without once getting lost except when I have a true ditz moment and don't pay attention to it, which even then is not bad because it just recalculates. It have given me correct and accurate direction up and down the east coast. I have even been able to make stops to pick up gifts my searching through it shopping section or just typing in Macy's and yes I do this a lot. It has made a world of difference for me no more embarrassing calls asking for directions, sounding like the forever lost duckling.

    Pro's For the regular person, easy to use, direct and straight to the point.

    Con's You need to buy the docking system the attachment that comes with it only lasted me 3 months before the GPS started flopping around on it and started falling off my windshield....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 GPS
    Purchased for daughter; although the c330 was "check-rated" by Consumer Reports, this model gives specific audible street names e.g. "turn right on Maple Avenue," instead of simply "turn right." And, most importantly, she and her boyfriend tried to see how accurate and up-to-date the device was re: out of the way locations. They drove all around the back roads of East Texas and the device NEVER let them down--they were unable to get lost, no matter how small the road! Extremely easy to use right out of the box....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Garmain GPS is easy to use and extremely accurate. I have used it to go everywhere and I NEVER get lost now! The voice and the maps are easy to read and there is no problem commuicating with the satalite.
    ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    I bought the C340 as a gift for my wife (Christmas). We've used it quite a bit already and it is a tremendous product. I researched a lot of products before I bought this one (as I always do), and this one is definitely well worth the money. ...more info
  • A great product!
    The c340 was a Christmas gift for my wife and from the feedback she
    gives me it was the best thing I could have bought her. She is the type
    of driver that gets lost easily. This gives her the confidence she needed
    to drive to places she would not have attempted to drive to. It was so
    easy for her to use that she didn't need any instructions. I did download the manual from the Garmin website. All in all, I can say that
    this was a great investment and Amazon's price was hard to pass up.

    ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5I
    Since I am not great with technology, it would have helped me to know I would need someone to help with loading information on the Navigator and getting it running. I have not done that yet. When that is complete I will be able to use it. It arrived in good condition and looks like it was pictured on the screen. NOW I HAVE TO GET IT UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought you could just take it out of the box and use it....more info
  • Excellent product, simple to use!
    This is a fantastic value. I did not need an MP3 player or BlueTooth speaker, so I went for this model and saved $200.

    I purchased this as a Christmas present for my parents. I tested it on a trip and ended up keeping it (and buying another for my parents).

    The audible directions are fantastic! It starts announcing turns at just under a mile away ("turn left on Maple Street in .8 miles"). It repeats it at two tenths of a mile away ("turn left on Maple Street in .2 miles"). When you are at the turn it announces it again, and also gives the next direction ("turn left on Maple Street, then turn right"). When you head off course, it recalculates a new path very quickly.

    My parents cancelled their OnStar service, as the visual and audio directions and automatic path recalculations were much better.

    This Garmin is a great value for the price!...more info
  • GPS works well
    This GPS works well. It may not always take you the best route but it gets you where you want to go. I found that the map needs some updating. When I was traveling in SC, it still did not show an Interstate exit ramp that has been there for over 1 year. I am pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Great
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He is a police officer and has used it get himself places faster than the GPS in his police cruiser. I have used it too, and it is fantastic. It has taken me to places I am unfamiliar with and back to my front door with no problems. It also makes me feel more comfortable when I am driving to areas that I haven't been before. The voice directions are a big help because you don't have to keep watching the Garmin, and you can keep your eyes on the road. I would recommend this to anyone who drives a lot or anyone who has a bad sense of direction. It will get you where you need to go!...more info
  • saves time in strange places
    This device will save you from driving around in circles spending hard earned $$ on fuel and wasting precious time. It is fairly simple to operate and will keep you company out there on the lonesome prarie....more info
  • Good but could be better
    It did pretty much what I expected, but the limitation to a single waypoint on a route was a significant problem. I often need a route where I go to several locations. It would have been convenient to be able to enter the entire route before I leave. As is, I have to reprogram the route after each stop. The display is bright and readable....more info
  • Garmin C340
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS NavigatorWhen you find yourself in unknown locations this little wonder will locate your destination. It will save you time and fuel....more info
  • Excellent GPS
    This GPS works very well. Voice directions are very good. An excellent GPS for the money!...more info
  • Garmin helping Dad
    My dad who is 80 wanted the Garmin even though he pretty much knows everywhere he is going. We feel better that he has it as he is older. It is helping him stay on track. I spoke to him last night and he thinks it is an excellent product and he is enjoying his Christmas gift. ...more info
  • Easy!
    Setup was simple. Just plug and go! The unit is very accurate and I would recomend it to anyone!...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    I am mostly satisfied with the function, however, the maps are way behind the times. When I say way behind I mean years behind. Dallas and Fort Worth are growing quickly so this GPS is often not of good service to me. I feel I paid a premium price for a standard GPS. ...more info
  • Great product!
    The item arrived in just a couple of days, packed very securely. When they were opened for Christmas, my kids said it worked perfectly. They love their Garmin. Great product and very good service!...more info
  • Good and useful
    The GPS works well, except that there is no instruction given on how to mount the GPS on the dashboard, as California law disallows GPS on windscreen. We had to figure it out ourselves, after a long time, and also end up breaking part of the bracket....more info
  • Excellent product
    This does a outstanding job for the $225 price tag, can't beat it. I purchased this one after using with a coworkers unit for a day and I had to have one. The only very small complaint I would have is that it is a little late on the call for you to turn on side streets that are fairly close together and you have to pass it and take the next one and go around the block. But this doesn't happen often. You can't beat this for the price, Great unit....more info
  • Garmin 340C
    I am very pleased with my Garmin 340. I was especially pleased with the price. There are more fancy GPS Systems, but this one is all I need. It quickly locates the satellites and I seldom lose service. The only drawback and this is probably true with all GPS systems; It pays to have a general idea of where you are going because it does make mistakes. Also, it occasionally says something is on the right when it is on the left and vice-versa. ...more info
  • bargain for the price
    Very easy to learn how to use. Ready to use right out of box. Voice is plenty clear & loud. Charges battery as I drive or can charge battery on computer with cable provided. Battery seems to hold up well enough to use on short trips in older six volt car where can't use cigarette lighter to hook up. Simple packaged instruction folder is all you need. I downloaded the complete instruction manual but do not feel it is necesasary. The windshield suction mount won't work on my 2001 Avalon so I mount it in my cup holder with a strong rubber band. The road directions have been very good in Northern California so far. The restaurants are definitely not up to date but good since you can get address & phone number so can call to verify still exist. You can download updates for free if there are any. Garmin seems to be a good customer service company but I have not had any problems with my unit. Too bad they do not have a better mounting system than the suction cup and bean bag type dash mount as neither are very worth while for many types of cars such as I have. Bottom line is that for $222.00, it is very worth while....more info
  • Great Christmas Gift
    I bought this product for my brother last Christmas. He has poor eyesight, so he hates going to new places because he can't read street signs that well. I put a lot of research into finding out which is the best GPS out there, and this one seemed to be the most balanced. It was at a good price, accurate, and prnounces the street names, which is infinitely more helpful than, "turn right in 200 feet".

    SO far my brother loves it, and i don't think he's gotten lost lately, so i give this product top marks. ...more info
    I haven't had an issue with this yet, great delivery time, very use full works to it's fullest...more info
  • Garmin is really Charmin'
    If this StreetPilot c340 was any easier to use, it would be embarrassing! My only nitpick is that some of the newer strip malls and points of interest are missing out of the box. I haven't tried to update the map via the Garmin web site, so this problem could go away?

    More importantly, I got the best deal on this unit on the Amazon site - how cool is that? I had researched this product at Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot, Staples, WalMart, Target, and a whole bunch of online sites - right after Thanksgiving - and Amazon gave me the lowest price! Also, I qualified for free shipping and still got the shipment within a week - a full week ahead of Christmas! Now, I am a believer! ...more info
  • The best for the price
    I bought two of these as gifts this year. They are the best out there for the money. Just take out of the box, turn it on, and it is ready to go. Easy to use, bright, clear picture and the directions are right on track....more info
  • C340 Garmin
    Great item, easy to use right out of the box. the voice activited turn on named roads is very nice....more info
  • Easy to set up and use
    This product was very easy to set up and use. Will certainly help my wife who has a hard time finding her way around....more info
    Over a million points of interest.. has awesome reception even when I went throgh tunnels.. taken few roadtrips with it. Sometimes I travel a route I want to go and then let the Garmin recalculate route.. Only wish it would tell you to turn a little sooner.. sometimes to close to turn to switch lanes (but that seems to problem with them all)....more info
  • Really great
    I got this GPS unit for Christmas and I love it. I'd planned to buy a Nuvi 700-series, so I wasn't sure how this would compare, but I've been really pleasantly surprised. This unit has its shortcomings, but so do units costing five times as much, so I can't hold it against the c340. It is insanely easy to set up and use, and it's fast and easy to take out and put back in. It attaches to the windshield in a way that it doesn't obscure ANY of my view of the road, and it automatically dims at sunset. The text-to-speech makes it so that I virtually never have to look at the thing while the car is moving. I ignore it until it talks. (I also love how Jill says "Recalculating!" when you don't do as she says. She is pretty sarcastic, as electronics go.)


    It takes a really long time to search POIs, and, for whatever reason, there are a lot of inaccuracies and omissions. Sometimes an entry seems to be missing, but it's actually listed under the wrong name. It's not THAT big of a deal, because I have a cellphone and can call 411, but it'd be nice if it were faster and more complete.

    When you search for "Target," a list like this will show up:
    Target (1.7 miles SE)
    Target (5.9 miles N)
    Target (6.1 miles E)
    Target (11.9 miles NE)
    Target (12.3 miles SW)
    Target (49.0 miles N)
    Target (60 miles S)
    Which one is the one you want to go to? Who can say? It'd be nice if it said "Target - Evergreen" or "Target - Portland" or something--anything!--like that. You have to check each one, then push "back," then forget which ones you've already checked, and accidentally check them twice, then accidentally push "back" twice, so you have to enter the search again, and that takes a long time. I'd really like the ability to name and label POIs and favorites. Also, as far as I can tell, the "My Favorites" list is always sorted by distance, which sucks if you want to drive someplace 300 miles away.

    The keyboard is in alphabetical order instead of QWERTY.

    Sometimes the turns DO come up too fast. Maybe in a rural setting where there is only a cross-street every quarter-mile or so, it's easy to see where you're supposed to turn, but in the city, when there are a lot of (badly labeled) cross-streets that come up fast, the c340 doesn't always give you enough time to turn, and the first warning is too vague. One time it was literally impossible for me to turn legally, because I had to get into the left turn lane, and the c340 had only warned me after I'd passed the last car in the line to turn. You can't rely on the second warning. You have to find the street yourself after you hear the first warning--and sometimes there IS no first warning. I'm an excellent driver and a reasonably intelligent person, and I've been caught short by the turn-warning problem.

    The c340 sometimes will say "Drive to highlited route" if it doesn't know how to tell you to get to a particular jump-off point. That's easy in low-traffic areas, but it gets complicated in heavy traffic, especially on one-way streets. The hard thing about it is that the c340 will let you drive 45 minutes out of the way without correcting you if you haven't hit the highlighted route yet! It will only correct you after you begin driving on the route. It probably sounds dumb, but sometimes (because of train tracks and right-turn-only intersections, most notably) it can be hard to get to the route if you aren't familiar with the neighborhood.

    "Turn right on Grand."
    "Ok, sweet, I know Grand."
    "What? I missed it? How could I miss it?--OH! GRAHAM! Turn right on GRAHAM! AUGH!"

    And then, the biggest problem for me: This thing is like the size of a softball, and although it isn't a Garmin Nuvi 770, it still ain't cheap, so I don't want to leave it in the car. So you can imagine the problems that presents. No one wants to carry around something that big unless it's set in platinum.

    I can't wait for the day that Garmin and all the other people start to use tagging and/or other user input for these systems, and the POIs are constantly updated in each unit. My c340 is set to take the fastest route, rather than the shortest, but sometimes it drags me through HORRIFIC intersections where I have to sit for 5 minutes, just waiting to turn. Wouldn't it be rad to be able to tag bad intersections? Or if your GPS unit sent traffic stats back to Garmin? A store by my house has about 8 different entrances, so you can pull into the lot from any side. It blew the c340's mind when I drove in through the back way. If people could tag those driveways, or if the GPS could send driving statistics to the manufacturer, no GPS unit would tell me to drive 5 minutes out of the way to get to that store. It would be GPS utopia.

    So, to sum up:
    Lots of quirks, not a perfect answer, but in my opinion there is no perfect answer until GPS technology gets a little smarter. None of the quirks are dealbreakers for me. This is a great unit and for the price (especially on sale, hint) it's more than I could ask for. My expectations have been exceeded a hundred times....more info
  • Straight Forward: The Pros and the Errors I have found

    -EASY to use, very straight forward. I barely had to glance at the instruction manual (which isn't very big anyway). The hardest part was when I had a blond moment on how to get it to stick to the windshield (doesn't give good instructions on how to, lol) which ended up being very simple.

    -Stays stuck onto the windshield quite nicely (sometimes too nicely). Pulling it off the windshield can require some effort if it bonded just right... it does have a nice tab to pull that is supposed to unsuction it, but it can be a bit difficult.

    -Contains locations, such as hole-in-the wall places, that I had never even noticed before!

    -I love that it doesn't just search for the restaurants nearest to you, but you can even specify which kind of restaurant you want to eat at; such as American, Steak, fast food, etc. or you can just search for the nearest.

    -Great noise adjustment. I can make it very quiet or loud to the point it makes me cringe (or jump if I'm day dreaming).

    -Relatively fast at locating satellites. Sometimes if it takes a bit I will just go back into the menu and hit map again and it will suddenly load faster (I have no idea why).

    CONS: Not really cons, just errors I noticed it had.

    -One of the english voices will not say the street names, so I use "Jill" to guide me instead (however, it does have a BUNCH of different languages and even different accents that you can have speak to you).

    -I tried to make it to my local Costco and found another unique error... To actually GET to Costco I would need to go to a stoplight and turn left, then turn into the parking lot. However, Garmin must have had Costco's "address" as out on the street, not actually back in the parking lot, and so my Garmint old me to make a U-Turn at the light (instead of a left) and then would have directed me to a random spot on the curb off the edge of the highway. Luckily, most people are smart enough not to drive blindly and would have noticed the giant costco to their left and would have figured out where the parking lot entrance was.

    -It misses some of the fast food joints, but carries most of them and even has some little hole-in-the wall's that I had never even noticed before.

    -If you have more than one address, for example, such as take me home and along the way bring me to a Gas station, it can be a bit difficult. When I arrive at the gas station, it doesn't always consider me as "arrived" (possibly because I didn't pass the exact spot that it considered as the gas stations address, which is generally on the curb outside the place) and so when I get on the road again it will keep trying to direct me to the gas station because it thinks I got lost along the way or something. Sometimes I have to cancel my next destination and just start over (not very difficult, but still annoying).

    -Sometimes it likes to take me a different route that isn't as easy as the way I would like to go (such as when I'm telling it to take me to a place I am familiar with). This could possibly be because i have it set at fastest time, and the route I normally take has more stop lights than the backway it wants me to go. For example, going to my parents house would require me to stay on the highway until I reached the road they lived off of. Garmin directed me to turn off the highway and take a road that runs parallel to the highway but has no stop lights (I don't like to take it because it is twisty and windy) When I tell Garmin to find me an alternate route it gets very upset with me until I have passed all side-road options and it has no other way to direct me other than the straight highway. I will have to keep experimenting and see if using shortest distance helps at all. ...more info
  • GREAT!
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He enjoys gadgets. This is a success! We travel often and this little GPS does the job. You can add your favorite stops, include a stop on the way or do a quick look up for a place to eat or shop while you are in an area. There is so much more. It is extremely easy to use - and FUN!...more info
  • I just love it !
    The Garmin C340 is very user friendly and is very accurate. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Excellent value and quality
    Bought this as a gift for my husband, and he's delighted. It's a good mid-market choice, not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but it has everything he wanted. Remarkable technology....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought the Garmin c340 for my husband for Christmas. We love it! It will talk to you step by step to where you need to go. Sometimes it will take you a different direction, but it will get you there. The only down fall I can see at this time is you have to purchase a cable to get the traffic controller. I would have liked that to come with it...but overall, this is a great product. If you haven't heard on the news the Garmin and TomTom GPS are a very popular item for thiefs so be sure not to keep your GPS unattended in your vehicle. It's a hot item to be stolen. ...more info
  • No frills, convenient and effective
    Is a little bulkier that the nuvis but then I wan't really planning on carrying it in my pocket.

    I frankly like this better than the nuvis (bulkiness apart) since the volume control is independent of the screen and I find myself adjusting the volume often and don't like to navigate the screen menu everytime for it.

    The usual options for navigating are pretty user-friendly for the most part. No complicated screen navigation, pretty intuitive menu options.

    My only crib is that I have on occassion found it to be slow in picking up satellite reception - mostly under bridges or in the woods. This problem also occurs when there's a huge change in location since the last time it was turned on (e.g. you turn it off and then back on in a different city altogether)

    But all in all very good value for money....more info
  • Works as Advertised
    I haven't conducted the extensive testing that some reviewers put products through, but the Garmin StreetPilot c340 I purchased for my wife seems to do everything we expected of it extremely well. My wife has to make fairly frequent trips between our home in Louisiana and places in Texas where our daughters and grandchildren live. Being somewhat direction challenged, she used to find herself occasionally, well, lost. The c340 enables her to move around with total confidence, without the stress and loss of time she sometimes experienced before. The device is incredibly easy to program and use. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    I needed a unit for my wife to use. She is somewhat shy when it comes to using new technology, so it therefore needed to be very easy to use. The Garmin 340 is very easy to use, and so far it has been very accurate....more info
  • Impressive
    I ordered this as a gift for my husband and we are thrilled with it. We are amazed by the accuracy of it. I'm glad that I paid the extra to go with the C340 version. It is a great value and I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a GPS unit....more info
  • So far, so good.
    I purchased this product last month (with a current map) because I was planning a extended driving trip over the holidays. That didn't pan out but I did have to do a day trip to an unfamiliar location about 90 miles away. The set-up was amazingly simple and the display was easy to view. I was driving with a friend and we were talking the whole time, but the verbal turn-by-turn instructions (and there were quite a few through both urban and rural areas) were great and took us directly to our destination. The device helped me to stay on track and not miss anything. It also helped us locate the type of restaurant we wanted with no problem.

    The only downside that I've noticed thus far is that in my town, a few of the restaurants that have been around for a few years are not included in this "current" map. That concerns me for when I have to travel to unfamiliar locations. It makes me wonder what else is missing. Otherwise, I am pleased....more info
  • You'll Never Be Lost Again !
    I bought this Garmin GPS for my husband's Christmas present. He hasn't used it yet, but I sure have! It's fun to use, and a foolproof way to get where you intend to go. You can even anticipate the curves and turns in the road as you travel, although you're not supposed to be looking at it. I'm the one who thought we didn't need such a gadget, but will continue to use it often. ...more info
  • Gift Giver
    I gave this Garmin to my husband for Christmas and we both have been so pleased with its performance. He is 64 so we really appreciated the ease of start-up. It was basically an unwrap, turn on, and go. We used it to go to my sister's house whose street address is her privately named long driveway to her house. The Garmin maps even had her drive and the loop in front of her house. Every time the "voice" would come on to warn my husband to turn in .4 miles or .2 miles, etc. he would just be amazed. We both can not wait to use it on our next Jeep trip in the mountains....more info
  • Easy to use!
    I bought this for my parents for christmas. It is very easy to use....more info
  • Garmin 330c
    If you don't have one, then get one today, especially if you hate being lost as much as I do. A friend set his up in my car so that his wife and I could travel to an unfamilar area. We made it without incident, even after one wrong turn (totally our fault). Recalculating ... "Lady Garmin" is what we affectionately call her now, got us there without issue.

    I was so impressed with this GPS that I bought my husband one for Christmas and even HE LOVES IT! That being said, I'm ordering another for myself. ...more info
  • great product, great price
    This arrived with a winddow mount so you don't need to order one separate like I did. Has the ability to find addresses of businesses for you, as well as entering addresses to find routes. But it will not anticipate traffic so if you know you areas traffic patterns...ignore the GPS. It will recalculate routes when you diverge very quickly. Very glad I purchased this item....more info
  • gps
    we have only used this once so far. the directions given are sometimes a little unclear, but if you pay attention to road signs you can figure out where you need to go. ...more info
  • Great for cities
    I bought the Garmin StreetPilot basically for taking alternate routes to avoid traffic tie-ups when we are travelling interstates. The first time I used it was for a trip to Nashville. It was great for navigating in a city where we had no paper maps. We used it to find a shopping center, a particular restaurant where we only had the name and no address (it's locating of various points of interest--restaurants, malls, gas stations, etc.--is super), and to get around the city in general. I didn't use it on the main highway since I knew where I was going and it had me turning on roads other than what I intended. You need to use common sense with the system as it tried to take me on a street that no longer was a through street. But making a turn caused the Garmin to reprogram and it got me to my destination by another route. It's a great little device and I'm glad I purchased it....more info
  • Nice Gadget..
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. HE LOVES IT!!! He mentioned the Tom Tom but after doing my homework, reading many reviews I decided on the Garmin. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because we have Nissan Murano and the Garmin will not stick or suction onto our dashboard. Mounting the Garmin has been a nightmare. I just checked the website and found a "better" mount for the Streetpilot series and hope it works. For now he has it suctioned onto the LCD display monitor. Hey ladies, I don't know about you, but this product was not a luxury it was a necessity. ;0)...more info
  • A must have!
    I bought this for my fiancé and he loves it. The window is big enough to see clearly while driving. I also got the dashboard mount that was offered with it and I was happy I did; it keeps the Garmin StreetPilot steady without fear of it sliding around the dashboard or having to hook it onto your window. Overall, a great buy!...more info
  • Excellent buy for the money
    I researched online and in stores for quite some time before deciding on this GPS. I would have preferred one smaller, but wanted one that actually said the street name to turn onto, as my husband has trouble looking at the directions on the screen while he is driving. The smaller ones that have the voice speak the street names are much more expensive so we bought the Garmin Street Pilot c340. The screen is nice and large, and ones with a larger screen just put more stuff on them, so the writing was smaller. It sticks to the window great, and you can charge the unit with the plug that attaches it to your computer, so you don't need a separate charger. The option to add you own personal points of interest is great. I went on a free website and downloaded all of the restaurants and stores that we use onto the Garmin. For the money, and even considering other more expensive ones, I would definitely recommend this one to everybody....more info
  • GARMIN C340 Review
    The GARMIN C340 is a very nice unit. After purchase, used it on a trip to New Jersey and it worked very well. The text to speech feature is great and makes a big difference when you're looking for the street names while listening to the C340's directions. The battery life was shorter then expected, about 2 hours, otherwise an excellent product....more info
  • What a GPS ought to be
    I've had 5 different GPS's over the years. Still using my $900 StreetPilot III from 6 years ago and LOVE it. I replaced my wife's GPS V this Christmas, and the C340 is exactly what a GPS ought to be. It doesn't connect with your phone. It doesn't show your photos. It doesn't play MP3 music. It just take you where you want to go. It's reliable. It's affordable. It runs -- if you want it to -- on its internal battery for hours after the power is shut off. It has the entire country and Canada preinstalled; no need to connect it to a computer for anything. It's really a steal. We like it so much, I bought two more for my father and brother-in-law. It is very hard to justify paying any more than this for almost anyone. It really disappoints me that it's discontinued by Garmin. It's perfect and people in the market should grab a couple while they are still around....more info
  • Great GPS for the money without all of the frills!
    I purchased the Garmin Street Pilot c340 after reviewing 100's of gps systems. I wanted a system that had text to speech; several map views (3-D IS THE MOST EFFICIENT AND HELPFUL FOR GUIDANCE. "Jill" guided us on our recent trip up to New Jersey and New England letting us know every turn, where to turn, and if by chance you missed the turn, she would recalculate. We purposely missed turns just to see what she would do. Knowing how long before "Jill" would tell you what to do was a great benefit because instead of 600 miles to someone's house, she would alert you to how many miles to the next time something was going to happen. Of course, some addresses are not in the system (neither are they on any online map search, but we never once had to call someone and say "How do we get to your place?" In fact, our home address is not even accurately placed on any online map service. Don't blame the GPS system - not everything is ever up to date!!!!
    For the money it was definitely worth it. It paid for itself as far as I am concerned and it definitely can keep the peace between driver and co-pilot when in the past if a wrong turn was made or an exit was missed, etc, tempers would flare. The Garmin c340 is a PEACE KEEPER! So, the bottom line, if you need a gps that doesn't have the extra frills like Blue tooth, mp3 player, etc, then this is perfect gps. The voice guidance is understandable, and it is easy to mount on the windshield. Locating gas stations or restaurants wasn't a problem. It can be programmed to avoid toll roads, traffic, u-turns....You tell it what you want and it will do it for you! I highly recommend this unit - you won't be disappointed!
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    Got the Garmin C340 for Christmas,tried it out and it works great.Screen is big enough.The only thing that I would like to buy is the dash mount.The windshield glass on my truck is too deep,but it did bring an adaptor that has a stick on back.I will try to set this up somewhere in the truck so the unit will be close to reach.The unit is easy to set up,also it does not bring a users manual.You have to go to their website to down load a copy....more info
  • bought for husband for christmas Garmin c340
    Just a quick review...Upon reading previous reviews from other people who purchased this Garmin c340, I purchased it for a Christmas present for my husband. He has said numerous times that this is the Best Christmas present I have given him in 16 years. We recently used it on vacation in minnesota. Very wrong directions. I also got a chance to use it when I went somewhere w/ my sister in law and it was very simple to figure out how to use with out reading the directions.

    ...more info
  • cannot export favorite point
    The Garmin c340 cannot export favorite point. At some point, you need to update your map and firmware. All the favorite point you saved will be lost, what a pain....more info
  • Better Than Expected
    I was expecting this to be a tad chinsy since it is one of the cheaper GPS units out there, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I purchased the StreetPilot as an "us" gift for Christmas, and it helped us out tremendously. It shaved nearly 30 minutes off of what we had previously thought was a 2 hour drive in rural Michigan... it may not have been the best route in traffic, but it worked great for us. We have also used it in the California bay area and it works like a champ....more info
  • My first GPS unit
    This was my first GPS unit, and I am very impressed with the Garmin. As a manager of a branch with nearly 1500 customers in the metro Atlanta area, I have spent a lot of time looking up addresses in MS MapPoint, and a ton of ink printing directions when I needed to visit one of our accounts.

    The setup is extremely easy, and no lengthy instruction manual is needed, although one can be downloaded from the Garmin website. The windshield mount works great in my F-150, especially when I mount it over the rear view mirror. The power cord is hanging down, but I plan to hardwire the unit this weekend so that the cord can be hidden in the headliner. The screen is easy to read, and the text to speech helps keep your eyes on the road.

    The one feature I really appreciate is the ability to load my customer base into the unit. I already had the latitude and longitude for my major accounts' individual locations, and it was a simple matter to put them in the proper file format and download them into the 340. Once I read through the help file, I was able to put in 625 custom Points Of Interest in literally 3 seconds. Now I can go from one customer to another in no particular order knowing that I'm taking the quickest route. If I get turned around due to traffic, the unit will quickly re-calculate a new route; an awfully handy feature in Atlanta traffic.

    I would highly recommend this unit to anyone....more info
  • Garmin street pilot
    LOVE it!! We have three in the family of four drivers - I have to borrow one!! - speaks street names. not as sleek as the Nuvi's but it does the job and costs a lot less. Worth it for a little extra bulk. Carrying case highly recommended....more info
  • Worth It
    I researched GPS products for a month or so, and this seemed to be one of the better deals. During Christmas, my family alone bought 3 GPS navigators, this representing two of them. Every person enjoys their GPS, but the Third one ahppen to be $150 more expensive. So if your looking for an affordable GPS, this is probably your best choice... Highly Recommend for the Price!...more info
  • Great GPS!!
    This is truly one of the best GPS units I have ever seen. Garmin makes the best GPS units, better than Magellan and all the others....more info
  • Great Going
    It is generally very good at mapping a route. In fact, it has shown me some shortcuts around congested areas I did not know existed. Several times it has missed--e.g., once it routed me to a street that did not go through to my destination. In gneral, it's great....more info
  • A good GPS to have
    I bought mine just before the christmas and even paid charges for the 2 day shipping as i wanted to have it before christmas. Anyways i tested the unit by taking it to a place i had never been to before and i must say it performed admirably.

    The only drawback that i have seen till date is the text to speech feature doesn't always speak the names of the street or the Hwys. I did play around a bit with the settings when i received it so am not sure if it is a setting that i messed up or the unit itself has an issue.But initially it did speak a few street names but not all of them that it wanted to take me on....more info
  • Easy to use
    So easy to use. I would definitely get the optional mount with it. We use it in 3 vehicles and we are impressed with the accuracy. Locally, we know shortcuts and it makes the adjustments very well. Fingerprints are our greatest problem. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    We are very pleased with this product. it is very good. Shipping was very timely. ...more info
  • Best Gift in 2007
    What to buy my spouse? We're pretty plain people, trying to get our last child safely off to college and pretty much think we have everything important in life. But my love still likes gifts! I tend to be practical and somewhat like buying things that I might like to use but am too proud to buy for myself.

    Still, no frills required but darn, it took hours of studying to find the right model after deciding what to buy! So-o-o I bought the Garmin 340. Unlike last year's iPod Nano (aforementioned child uses it for the parent) this baby was hooked up and ready to go instantly! A 600 mile trip later, I've been declared brilliant!

    Didn't need the MP3, FM, traffic-stuff ----just plain, easy to read, intuitive, speaks to you device ---- and gets away with telling you where to go! Okay, so it only tells you how to get there.

    We love it!...more info
  • Great !
    As a newcomer to town and being seriously directionally challenged, this StreetPilot is not only a time saver, but it eliminates the stress of getting lost. The mapping and voice directional are very clear, and a pleasure to use....more info
  • Everything you could want in a GPS
    I've had my c340 for almost two years and I'd hate to be without it. It's saved me so many hours of trying to find my destination (and I'm good at reading and using maps). In addition to the high quality of the unit, I'll add that Garmin provides supurb support - I'll be a loyal Garmin customer for any GPS I purchase. I've bought two more of these for gifts....more info
  • Garmin 340c
    Awesome... Little GPS.. How did I go places without it....Small, yet big enough... You will love it......more info
    This GPS was so much more than I ever expected. I bought it for my husband who is a long-haul trucker. He says he doesn't know how he ever got anywhere without it. It does everything he needs and so much more. We were so pleased we ordered one for each of our sons. GREAT VALUE FOR THE MONEY!!...more info
  • great product
    The Garmin C340 is a great GPS navigator. I did not have any experience with other navigators, but found it to be simple and accurate to use. The fact that this version tells the street name before the turn is great....more info
  • All that I wanted
    I bought this product because my cousin said it was wonderful. She was right. It does everything I needed it to do. My only complaint is that in bright light it is hard to read the screen. ...more info
  • fabulous product
    i absolutely love this gps. i shopped around for awhile and finally decided on this one. it was easy to set up and very easy to use. i love that it quickly finds your route again if you make a wrong turn. it doesnt take forever. speaks loud and clear and its light weight. fits right on the windshield. definately would recomment this to anyone for the price that you pay....more info
  • List Price is deceptive
    List Price: $857.99 This is very deceptive.
    Price: $224.25
    You Save: $633.74 (74%) Availability: In Stock.
    Research shows Listed Prices are in the $ 321.00 range.
    I bought the StreetPilot c530 and was very happy with it. It came with a carrying case in the box. I bought the StreetPilot c340 and expected this item to come with a carry case too. It did not, so that was a disappointment. The boxes look identical.
    ...more info
  • The Garmin Revolution
    I haven't had as much fun with new technology since my Commodore 64 in 1983! This device is easy to use, and can keep you on track to your destination even when you take a wrong turn or exit. The mapping is very detailed and voice prompts let you pay attention to driving instead of looking constantly for the next turn....more info
  • Hubby is very pleased!
    My husband wanted one of these for awhile, so I decided to surprise him for Christmas. I told him now that he has it, he actually has to take me somewhere so we can use it. He loves it though, it's really fun and so easy to set up. Highly recommend....more info
  • very helpful tool
    It is like having a person next to you who knows exactly where you are going-anywhere!...more info
  • Garmin has terrible customer support!
    Garmin has terrible customer support!

    I bought the 2008 North America map update from Garmin for my Garmin StreetPilot GPS in August and was never able to install it. I kept getting an error message "The product key you have entered has already been assigned to a different Garmin GPS" The 8-digit "product key code" on the sticker which came with the disc was evidently not enough to unlock the disk. After 5 calls to customer service and 4 emails they finally acknowledge that they sent me the wrong disk - it had been assigned to 3 different unlock codes, so the maps could not be unlocked and loaded onto my GPS. This is another example of software protection run amok. It took 3 calls to customer service before they even gave me the 25 digit unlock code. If they are so concerned about security, they should send someone out to my house to load the new maps. Each time I called customer service, I had to wait on hold for 30-45 minutes to speak to a representative only to be told that they need to transfer me to the software division which was another 20-30 minute wait. The tech support in software has no direct line so each call took over 1 hour. When I sent a detailed email message to their customer support, I got an email telling me to call the 800 number. I am NEVER buying another Garmin device. I will wait until Apple makes a GPS.
    ...more info
  • Garmin c340 performance
    The GPS, of which production has been discontinued by Garmin, performs beuatifully, accurately, promptly and clearly. It is intuitively easy to operate even before downloading the operator's manual from Garmin. It searches for desired destinations, advises best route and guides the driver visually and manually enroute, providing estimated time at end.
    Programming and storing locations for future use is quick and self instructing. Street maps including names, which are spoken when needed, are shown and zoomed in on command.
    I highly recommend the device which is easily installed in three minutes and transferrable between vehicles.
    Garmin assured me by telephone that service and repair is still provided....more info
  • Street Pilot c340
    Lighter and easier to operate than one I had several years ago. Very user friendly and very easy to set up. Much quicker to locate itself than the previous model....more info
  • Garmin is tops!!
    I bought 2 as gifts and they are loving every minute of their travels with the GPS!!...more info
  • Fantastic purchase, fantastic gift
    We had bought this GPS late last year, and we loved how it worked. Having the unit actually speak the names of the streets was a big plus, and worth the extra money. We loved this unit so much, that I bought one for my brother for this Christmas. He used it on his trip down to visit with us, and enjoyed how well it worked. This products is wonderful. It makes you feel secure in the knowledge, that you won't get lost driving to an unfamiliar place, and it can look up restaurants, hotels, etc along the way too!...more info
  • We love it!
    This is the best thing we have ever had. It worked perfectly and was very accurate. I highly recommend!...more info
  • Don't leave home with out it.
    I bought this device over a year ago and couldn't be happier. I have loaned it a couple of my friends who immediately bought one just like it. One of those friends has one built into his Denali but uses this one for it's user friendlyness and ability to move it from car to car. The other had just bought one of a different brand and asked me to come over to help him learn how to use it. I couldn't make sense of his so loaned him mine. With out instructions he was able to master the c340 and immediately took the other one back for a refund and bought c340. The only caveot is it doesn't come with rubber dash mount which by the way works great, so plan on getting one when you buy your c340....more info
  • very good
    Just gave this as a Christmas and my mom hasn't had much time to use it but so far it has been very useful. It does come ready to use straight out of the box and is very user friendly. She isn't very tech savvy and was able to use it right away. It gave the wrong directions one time but it was clear that the directions were messed up so re entered the address and it worked better....more info
  • Daughter loves the Garmin
    We bought it for our daughter and her safety on the road. She enjoys it very much and uses it every trip she takes.Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Bad Receiption
    The C340 is very wide so it is not handy when traveling on planes, you would have to bring a seperate case for it. Also we could not get receiption in our house so we can only enter a trip outside. Other models of Garmin and other brands have worked in our house but not this one. We do not live in a rural area so there is no reason it should not work....more info
  • What a great deal I got on this! Chanukah gift for my brother!
    This was a perfect Chanukah gift for my brother!
    I used it, when I was home visiting. Excellent price and value & very dependable!...more info
  • Useful but stubborn!
    The Garmin c340 came in very handy on our recent trip from Virginia to Miami... the voice commands were easy to follow, the display very clear, and the timing of turn on cue. We did not like the fact that it does not have an option to avoid toll roads (it kept directing us to the FL Turnpike even though I-95 was parallel to it!). We liked the choices of voices - my kids loved Austrailian Karen. On the whole, it is a great value, easy to use, and useful for road travel. We recommend it!...more info
  • Highly recommended
    I received this unit as a Christmas gift and I highly recommend the unit. I took a drive to a rural area within an hour of opening the gift and it couldn't have been easier to use. I plugged the unit into the power adapter - it took about 90 seconds to download from the satellite (a one-time activity) and it was ready to use. I had not read any manuals and I found it intuitive to use. I was able to put in the address I was headed to and it quickly calculated a route. it wasn't the route I normally took so I turned a different way and it immediately recalculated the route without further input. The unit speaks in a variety of voices and it does give you the name of the street you will be turning on. Very simple to use.

    The only thing some people may find as a negative is that the pronunciation is not always accurate. However, to offset any confusion, the street name is also displayed on the screen. I haven't downloaded any new voices but I look forward to exploring that aspect of the unit as well!!...more info
  • The best ever!!
    Talks to me. Tells me where to go. Dummy proof. Touch screen is easy to use.

    Nothing else to say....more info
  • Can't live without it.
    I have had it for over a year and travel all the time. It stores all my addresses and never gets me lost. I need to upgrade the maps but for some reason have an issue paying $60+ to get the updates. Will wait until I start getting lost and then think about it. Payed way to much but like any electronic gadget the price always comes down after a wile....more info
  • Disappointed ....
    I purchased two of these as gifts for myself and my son. I have the SP c330 and like it very much. I am upgrading to this model because of the voice naming streets capabilities. I was totally disappointd though when I went to the Garmin website to check on the manual and accessories, I found out that this model has been discontinue. Amazon should have offered this as a discontinued item with a bigger discounted price. At the very least notify the buyer(s) that this item was discontinued. I am however confident that this product will work well for what my needs....more info
  • instruction relatively clear, but takes too long time to locate satelite
    I bought this item during thanksgiving period, so it is a deal. just tried several times, shows instruction fine, but took too long time to locate satellite, usually five mins or so....more info
  • Great Value and performance
    No need to pay twice the price for a more hyped model. This one offers outstanding performance and ease of use right out of the box....more info
  • don't leave home without it!
    I've been needing one of these for such a long time, and it's an incredible tool. I can go to previously-unknown destinations without a care. I can relax and put myself in its hands and GET THERE. I am NUTS about mine!...more info
  • Very Good GPS at an affordable price.
    I bought this as a Christmas gift. Of course I had to test it out. I figured I would download the latest updates, but it was already updated. This unit also had the 2008 maps installed.

    I turned it on for the first time and I will say it took a few minutes for the unit to lock in on the satellites. Once it did, it has worked fine for the few test drives I have done. I have the NUVI 350 and this is the same software. The street names is one of the reasons I went with this model. Once you have that don't go back.

    I can tell you Garmin is the best ....stay with them and pick the model that matches your needs.

    ...more info
    I just started working as a service manager for a oil and gas company in an area that I have never worked before. I spent my first two weeks of employment trying to locate customers homes and places where technicians needed my help.
    After some research I ordered a Garmin StreetPilot c340 GPS Navigator. I took it from the box to my service truck and it hasn't missed a beat yet. Right to the customers door. Rural and city areas it has gotten me where I need to be when I need to be.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone in the service indusrty that is looking for an easy to use GPS that can be moved from one vehicle to another very quickly.
    I have convinced the owner of the company to place one of these in each delivery and service truck we have on the road. The price is right and the product outstanding....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot Awesome
    We could not be more pleased with the StreetPilot. It has increased our confidence in driving-maps and directions were making us anxious. It is great at night when vision is limited to see signs, etc. We had only heard other people talk about GPS systems now we can say we have the best....more info
  • Delighted
    I bought this for my husband for a birthday/Christmas present and he loved it! I researched and researched using Amazon and epinions and finally chose this Garmin model. So far, it has performed as promised. He has only used it a few days but he is really delighted with its performance. We live in suburban Atlanta so that may improve its performance. I bought the traffic device and he has been happy with its performance so far. He found it to be super-easy to get running. I purchased the dashboard holder and the charger that he can use in the house.

    I would recommend this GPS system to anyone and I found that purchasing it through Amazon was extremely easy and satisfying. Amazon, you are great!...more info
  • OK product with a coupple exceptions
    The connection to the power cord is poorly engineered - broke on my first Garmin. The companty replaced it - good news but the replacement is now hosed.

    ...more info
  • My Garmin
    I think my Garmin is great only dislike I have about it is you can not enter your own coordinates into the gps to find the area you want. I think it would have been nicer if they had included that feature. I do have a small hand held Garmin that I carry with me in my quad at all times, but still would like this one to have that feature also....more info
  • Maybe this one will work
    I ordered mind on Nov. 17 it took 2 weeks to get it. It worked for 30 mintues. I was told to sent it back and they would overnight me a replacement, I did and received the replacement 8 days later, setting in my driveway in the rain and the box was opened and the GPS was used, everything in the GPS box had been opened and used. It was shipped DHL. I called again and was told they would ship another, then got a e-mail saying that they would not be shipping another, then a few days later a e-mail saying it had been shipped again by DHL. Yesterday it came USPS, DHL sent it USPS. I haven't used it yet hopefully it will work. This was my first order from Amazon and I don't think I will order again. It cost me $22.00 to sent them back. ...more info
  • What an awesome and fun addition to my Truck!
    I'm getting ready to move - and my sister gave me this for a Christmas present (early). I used it in my new town to find the location of the apartment my realtor was showing me. Since I didn't have a clue where I was going, (the new city is huge!) my Garmin told me right where to go! I got there 45 minutes early and thought "I'm hungry!" and my Garmin told me where the closest Taco Bell was. I had time to have lunch and still meet the realtor! AWESOME! I know it's going to be a big help finding things once I do move (in 3 weeks!) and I'll think of my sister when I use it! I've read that the traffic thing isn't worth the additional $$$, unless you are in a city, so I think that once I've gotten settled, I may get it. If I do, I'll come back and update my post to let you know how it works!

    The only problem I've found with it - if you are very familiar with an area and you set it for a location you already know how to get to and you aren't going the way it is telling you to go, it keeps re-calculating trying to get you back on the path that it knows. (Although it did find a Sonic closer to my sister's house than the one we had been going to! :-)

    And one little hint - don't buy the Garmin Portable Friction Mount for Nuvi, StreetPilot I Series & C530, C550 (010-10908-00) for this model - it won't work!! ...more info
  • This unit is manufacturer discontinued
    The unit is great, but is a discontinued model, and nowhere that I could find in all the advertising does Garmin publish this, or do the retailers. The only way I found out was to go to the Garmin website and try to update the maps. You also must have purchased the unit because you have to put in the serial # b-4 you can get to the portion of the website that tells you-Manufacture Discontinued!!! Shame on you Garmin!!! ...more info
  • Very good basic unit
    Purchased the unit after having a gifted unit by another brand break me into the world of GPS travel. As usage went further on the other unit I realized I drive too fast for it to work properly, what I needed was a unit was a faster processer and updated maps. Once I got the Garmin up n running, I set up both and had them guide me home. The Garmin gave more progress reports and was more accurate as far as my speed and location. On a street to my house which is on a one way street, the other brand had me going the long way around the block whereas the Garmin had updated maps and knew the street I usually turn onto the get to mine was now one was in the opposite direction and therefore accessable.
    The best feature of the Garmin C340 is the text to speech ability, it lets you keep your eyes on the road and not so much on the unit. It beats "turn left in 200 yards" which I had a hard time calculating into feet. The Garmin doesnt have bluetooth phone or mp3 capaiities but who need it, my car has a fine cd player and my bluetooth headset sits on my ear anyway. The Garmin does what it's supposed to do with no fuss and the processor is fast enough to keep up with spirited driving without leaving you 20 feet to turn before it speaks....more info
  • Garmin C340 GPS - Great value for voice to text GPS
    For around $225, you get a life changing piece of electronic equipment. No more maps, no more getting lost, no more stopping to ask directions. I've had older Garmins that did not have the voice to text feature, and while they got me where I was going, they could not compare to the voice to text feature that speaks the names of the roads, removing any need to ever look at the GPS on the dashboard. Save your money if you are considering buying a GPS that does not have voice to text. This Garmin does everything you need to get from point A to point B, has the best maps in the industry, and gives you a voice to text feature not found on lower priced units, all for under $250....more info
  • User manual
    Great instrument, really crummy Users Manual. I should not have to experiment with it to find out all of its capabilities. Examples would be useful.

    When I installed the new maps in my 2005 Garmin c340, it eliminated all of my "Favorite" locations. Advance warning would have been useful.

    But when used properly, it is great....more info
  • Can't Get A Better Deal!!!
    1st let me say, don't listen to the negative reviews on this product.

    The big one is "don't get, it's discontinued"---who cares?? models of everything from cars, to phones, to TV's come and go!! There is nothing wrong with it!!

    I did a LOT of homework looking at GPS before I settled on the c340. The big selling point was the Text to Speech. When I got it out of the box, it was already charged. I turned it on, and the 1st few minutes it needed to find itself. Took about 2 minutes, but its the only long wait I had. Once the satellites were located, it was pin point accurate. the WAAS feature puts you closer to the actual location, its amazing. Once it was on, and i took a drive, I saw how great it is. The top of the screen aways flashes the next cross or side street coming up.

    I tested a few businesses, and it did a great job of finding them. If it was in the opposite direction, it would find some side streets for you, and get you turned around, so you dont have to pull a u-turn.

    The maps are updated for 2008. It did have a few things missing, but i'm not complaining. I know its because the businesses, roads, and new on ramps were just done within the past 6 months, and didn't expect them to have them installed yet.

    When I got back home, I loaded the CD-Rom, and hooked up my c340 to my laptop, and updated it. (ITS NOT A MAP UPDATE, do not confuse that.) Once updated, it did reset all the settings I put in, but it wasnt a big deal to fix it all. I did get scared though. After updating it, it thought I was in Kansas, not wouldnt find the satellites. After taking a drive, and doing a master reset, nothing worked. I called Garmin, They said when it updated, it needed to re-find the satellites, which means keeping it turned on, and not moving for 20-30 mins. This is because it needs to wait for a sat. to pass by again. about 25 mins and it found itself, no big deal, but a relief nothing was wrong.

    Some people complain that it takes you to wrong places, or it says it arrives, but its no where near, etc. Here is why. The POI in the system have address, SOME (very few) dont have an actual address to it. For example, it may say "Wal-mart Main St", instead of "Wal-mart 123 main st" Since there is no nubmer, it's going to take you to the very begining of THAT road in THAT town. But it's not a big deal, it has the phone # on it, just call and ask. And it's not Garmin's fault, which some people blame. Look in your phone book, a lot of times businesses are listed without an exact address. If you call, and get the actual street address, just punch it in, and go. You can even put in an Intersection if you know 2 cross streets.

    Another feature I like is the "detour" feature. Say you have a address locked in, and your following directions, and you run into traffic, or construction, etc...hit the detour button, and it will find another route for you to take within seconds.

    You can also get a traffic transmitter for around $200 to add on to it. This actually is the same you see on news chanels, where it tells you the traffic speeds, conjestion, accidents, construction, etc. I don't have this add-on, so I can't comment on it.

    Over all, of the complaints I have seen on here, I have not come across. I think for the money, you can NOT beat the c340. It is the best investment I have made in a long time, and highly recommend it....more info
  • 4 star
    Recieved in a timely manner. Well packaged and at a fair price. The esae of Amozon is a great help...more info
  • Got A Lemmon
    Item lasted 30 minutes, till after the batter died. When I went to recharge the item wouldn't recharge at all. So I returned to Amazon for a new one. Hopefully the next one will be better....more info
  • Havent gotten lost since I bought this...
    Love this product. It hasnt failed me yet!! Good thing is you can update stuff via your USB port.

    A friend got Tom Tom but after experiencing mine, turned it in and got Garmin. If its good enough for planes its good enough for me LOL.

    Only bummer is I couldnt get it to stay on my windshield so I ended up buying the pricey dashboard mount thats sold separately....more info
  • My Garmin Streetpilot 340 review
    I got this as a birthday present for my boyfriend. When we take road trips we ALWAYS get lost. Not anymore. I opted for this version because I like the feature that announces up-coming street turns by name. Also my parents, who have an older Garmin model, complain about the annoying voice announcing that they have "gone the wrong way" when the make a wrong turn. This model just quietly re-calculates your directions without telling you you've screwed up. It's very polite. We are very pleased with it! It has many options and it's easy enough that a retard can use it. <- not trying to be offensive here. You just sit back and drive and let it do the work for you. I've never used Tom Tom but during my research on this product I found that Garmin is thought by many to be more reliable. The 340 is more expensive then some models, like the Tom Tom One and the previous Streetpilot 330.... but less expensive than alot more and is well worth its price. We even like the windshield mount that it comes with better than the dashboard mount that you can pay separately for. It's a good buy. ...more info
  • Garmin 340
    The Garmin 340 works great and I've had no problems with it. The only complaint is that the voice on the GPS will not say the name of the street correctly but this is a minor problem....more info
  • Great device, great deal.
    I've owned the Garmin StreetPilot c340 for about two and a half years. I play in a rock band that tours for a few weeks each year, and figured a GPS would make navigating the US a lot easier. Boy, was I ever right.

    Before going on a tour, I no longer have to print out several pages of Mapquest or Google Maps directions, which are only so reliable to begin with. (And that's to say nothing of the reliability of a sleepy or drunk co-pilot trying to guide you from the venue to the hotel after the show.) I've never gotten bad directions from the Garmin, and if you need to change your route for any reason, it can adjust on the fly.

    Another cool thing is the pre-loaded "points of interest," in categories like food, gas, entertainment, shopping, etc. This way, if you're driving along and realize you need gas, you can easily find the nearest gas station. This feature comes in a lot handier than I ever would've imagined before getting it. On the first tour my band did with the Garmin, we were in Columbus, OH and got to town several hours early. No one was at the club yet, so we went to our buddy's house. He wasn't home and we couldn't get him on the phone, so we were like "well, let's go to a movie." The Garmin told us where several movie theaters were, complete with phone numbers, too. We found a theater about a mile away from where we were, and passed the time before our show relaxing at a movie. Another example: A couple of months ago, my wife and I were in Michigan for a wedding. We got to the hotel late the night before and realized my wife had forgotten to bring contact lens solution. We asked at the desk where the nearest pharmacy was, but when we got there it was closed. We then checked for pharmacies in the GPS, and called several until we found one that was open. Easy peasy.

    Another standout feature is the text-to-speech turn-by-turn directions. This way, you get clear and specific spoken instructions like "in point five miles, turn left on Main Street." That may not seem like a big deal, but in rental cars I've used other GPS units which don't have this feature, and the spoken instructions are more vague, along the lines of "left turn approaching." That requires you to take your eyes off the road to look down at the screen to find out the exact when and where of the upcoming turn.

    By looking at the Garmin website, I've learned that this particular unit is discontinued. That likely explains why Amazon is currently selling it for more than 70% off the list price. But don't be discouraged by the fact that this particular model is discontinued - Garmin provides excellent customer service, they're continuing to support this device with firmware updates, and you can update the maps as necessary. Actually, checking now, the Amazon page says this comes pre-loaded with "Garmin City Select NT Version 8 street data of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico." If the Amazon description is current and that is true, that map set is about two years old so if you buy the c340 I would suggest installing the new "Garmin Map Update 2008 City Navigator for North America NT" which Garmin released in late 2007.

    Even with the additional cost of buying the new maps, this is still a great deal. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I bought my c340 about two and a half years ago, and I paid somewhere in the mid-400's for it. Since then, I've been completely satisfied with the Garmin StreetPilot c340 and have considered the price I paid to be money well spent. At the price Amazon is selling it at now, it's an absolute steal....more info
  • Garmin C340
    I purchased my Garmin C340 in November. I am very pleased with my GPS. I used it to go to Pennsylvania and Virginia. It is very easy to set up and follow the directions. Sometimes it took a little too long to respond when you were only a short distance from your next exit or street, but most areas don't have their streets marked very well. I recommend this product very highly. It has provided a pleasurable driving experience for me when traveling.

    ...more info
  • Solid Performance for the Money
    This is a solid performer, especially for this low price. Although we wish this were a little more portable (for those walking tours, etc.), we would rather have this bigger unit than any of the comparably priced smaller ones because this actually tells you the names of the streets and highways, rather than just telling you to "turn right in one-mile." If you're just getting into the GPS thing, thank the US Air Force for allowing access to their satellite signals and Garmin for their excellent product....more info
  • the c340 GPS has worked great
    This model just seems to do what it is supposed to do - give good directions and get you there. The only issue I have had is with the estimated arrival time calculation. I'm not sure how the calculations are done, but they are frequently not reliable....more info
  • Garmin 340 Street Pilot
    I borrowed a Garmin 330 from a friend before buying this model, which I chose because it speaks the street name that you need to turn onto. The 330 just says "turn left in 900 feet". This model may not take you on the actual shortest route, but on the easiest route instead (it didn't follow short-cuts that I know about). Overall, an amazing device that is well worth it's cost! The ideal model if you don't need all that other added-on (expensive) stuff that you'll never use....more info
  • Great GPS - truly plug and go!
    I bought this for my husband for his birthday. He always loves having new gadgets. Plain and simple. Great for what you need it for. It is truly plug and go. We took it on a road trip and by the time my husband went in a store to buy us coffee and get back to the car, I had it hooked up and ready to go. Has given us great directions so far. Voice is clear, picture and options are great. Definitely recommend!...more info
  • Great Value !!
    Compared a number of GPS devices in this price range (under $200) and found that the Garmin c340 had the BEST overall value. It was the ONLY device that combined Text to Speech directions with BOTH U.S. and Canadian maps.

    It calculates quickly and found just about anything I asked it to find. The one exception is asking for the nearest WalMart. Even though we have one about 5 miles away (it's been there for about 5-6 years) -- the Garmin said the closest one was 65 miles away in Idaho. (I live in Washington state.)

    Easy to set up out of the box. Buttons are nicely spaced. Easily the best value for a GPS device in the $200 price range.Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Garmin C340 Awesome Unit
    I purchased thia a few weeks ago and I'am truly amazed with this unit. I researched many models and for the money the C340 is the leader of the pack. You are truly up and running right out of the box. A little more bulky than I would like, but less expensive than the smaller nuvi's. You won't be disappointed in this GPS. Amazon a little slow on the free shipping, but can you complain when they are paying the freight....more info
  • Works Right Out Of The Box !!
    I'm cetainly happy with the c340. However, I found using the suction cup offered me some difficulty in areas of crime (they want to steal it). Sooo ! I forked out some dough for the dashboard weighted mount, which is easier to dismount and stuff in your notebook case, case solved !. Seriously, this GPS is wonderful, and if you make a wrong turn, it will give a corrected heading, to get you home or another destination......more info
  • Simplicity and Efficacy
    The Garmin Streetpilot 340c is a fine product. It is extremely simple to use right out of the box and does exactly what it is supposed to do. We used it while visiting Memphis and never got lost once while we drove all around the city. I especially appreciate the feature that tells you the street name to turn on. It leaves virtually no room for driver error.

    Other useful features are the ability to store locations in memory and the dining and lodging locators. We will feel much more comfortable traveling away from home from now on. This is one product that delivers the goods. ...more info
  • Jury is still out!
    I recently purchased the C340 here at Amazon.
    Here's the kicker: When logging into Garmins Web Site to register my new unit, the C340 shows up as "discontinued".
    Amazon has been stellar in their willingness to take it right back! PROPS to Amazon on that! The set back for me is...I can't make up my mind what other unit to buy as I'm on very limited budget. I called Garmin who tells me "I should (that's the word I worry the most about) be able to get support and updates as long as it remains under warranty". Well, after a year, then what?????
    That all being said, I'm really happy with the unit so far. If you want "high tech", try something else. If you can roll with basic stuff, you'll be good to go! The mounting hardware is good with intigrated plug to mount arm. Auto video dim is good set up. Video is good and clear. User friendly device for the basic user who needs no bells and whistles!
    Again, great support from Amazon, I just wish they could help me make up my mind as to what to do from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -ddw...more info
  • Lots of GPS for the buck
    The c340 gives good directions in an easily understood voice- fortunately it has a good volume control. I use the device mainly as a safety tool allowing me to concentrate on the road, not on the street signs....more info
  • Great unit for the price.......
    This is my first GPS unit, and I can't imagine needing anything else. I purchased the Garmin C340 for an early holiday present, to myself! The unit is very easy to use, it has a very sharp and clear screen, it's inexpensive and best of all portable so I can use it from car to car.

    I was amazed at the accuracy of my first address input, "as other reviewers are" and the quick response of the system. I like the way it announces the name of the street before the turn and if you miss the turn, the unit will reconfigure to provide updated information and directions to get back on track. I actually have nothing bad to say. This is a great unit for the money...
    ...more info
  • Easy to use right out of the box
    The c340 is my first GPS. It is truly easy to use right out of the box. I was amazed at the accuracy of my first address imput and the quick response. The screen is clear and precise. The voice is easy to understand. I feel as though I will never be lost again! I am very impressed!...more info
  • works great
    The C340 GPS works well and is worth the $220. It will get you there but not always the quickest route. I really like the recalculating feature and the voice prompts...more info
  • Garmin
    This unit has been a lifesaver as we moved across the country. It gets us to our destination so easily, we feel like we are natives here. I suggest the dashboard mount as the included suction cup does not hold well in the heat....more info
  • Garmin C340
    This product is very easy to use and is very accurate. Can't beat it for the money....more info
  • Good Features. However, performance is lacking
    This has all the features you would want. Such as text-to-speech, easy to use user interface, POIs, it searches addresses as you enter the characters..reducing the need to have to fully spell out the street. However, the GPS receiver is not a Srf III. I traveled to Boston, the oldest city and it could not find one of the oldest streets in history [Beacon or Beacon Hill]. In the city, it kept loosing the signal and it was somewhat useless as it could not direct you to a location without endless re-calculation due to signal losses. I'm glad I did purchase it in time for my trip. Now, I know how important it is to have a GPS with a more responsive receiver, such as SRF III. Again, feature wise it is awesome. But, if it can't guide you or provide you with somewhat accurate directions, it isn't much good. Even in Georgia, it kept dropping signals. I purchased a GPS for my phone and it hasn't dropped a signal and it is so much precise and accurate....more info
  • christmas gift
    As far as I know this product is great - it is a Christmas present so I don't know how it works yet...more info
  • Garmin GPS 340
    Great product, only thing is initially it takes forever to set itself at a location. I think I have to call the support for that, I heard they reset it and it should be ok....more info
  • Poor product
    Major issues include very delayed response and reception. Connection with satellite takes for ever and seems lost many a times. Connection drops out at the drop of a hat. A bit of cloud cover and there goes the connection. A few trees overhead and it loses it. What's with the 4 and 5 stars? Ridiculous!...more info
  • Great GPS for anyone
    Love this GPS system. It's easy to use, easy to read and I cannot say enough good about it. I actually have nothing bad to say. I was in a really bad traffic jam on 81 in NY and hit the detour button - awesome. I must have saved at least an hour of time going through the detour. I highly recommend this GPS system. It's inexpensive and easy to use and best of all portable so we can use it from car to car. Buy it - you won't regret it....more info
    I bought this couple of weeks back, it arrived bit late but amazon kindly refunded the shipping charges and sent out as soon as they had it in stock. c340 is easy to use and i would recommend for the beginners who are new to GPS....more info
  • garmin
    I love this... I have used it so many times... especially around town and on vacation... A must have....more info
  • Worth the money!
    Bought this product after careful review and don't regret it. Ready to use as soon as you power it up and with easy to follow menus. Offers automatic recalculation of routes which isn't a feature every navigation device on the market offers. Highly recommend to others. ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    Before my husband and I took a trip to the West Coast, I purchased the Garmin StreetPilot c340, and found it to be very helpful as we drove down the coast. Would highly recommend this item....more info
  • Never be lost again
    I really love the Garmin StreetPilot c340. It provides all the features of most other similar products and I was able to get it at a decent price on sale. I like the way it announces the street names just before the turns and if you miss the turn it will recalculate to let you know how to get back on track.

    Unfortunately, the suction cup mount is not supposed to be used in my state. This is a minor setback but I don't like using adhesive on my dash for the optional mount and I'm too cheap to buy the mount that's supposed to work without adhesive. In addition, this does not work very well if you're not on a street. I understand it's not really designed for anything else but it would be nice to mark where you parked your car and it give you directions on how to get there. The main reason I purchased this, however, was for our road trips and for this it works perfectly....more info
  • Garmin is better than you think
    This is my second Garmin c340 and it was bought as a gift. I loved the product but I found out the company may be better than this fantastic product. My first Garmin had a problem and the unit was sent and returned in 8 days (including ground shipping times both ways)! In this "throw away world" its nice to know somebody still stands behind their products! Way to go Garmin! ...more info
  • garmin C340
    Great gadget for a reasonable price. Every time I think it is going to get me lost,it proves me wrong. It takes me exactly to the right location. ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
    Overall I like this item very much. It does, however, not provide all the options that were available in the iQue series but is well suited for the new GPS user or those desiring only a minimal familiarity with such devices. Improvements over the iQue series include preinstalled maps (mine occasionally forgets a street or two), the ability to not freeze when transitioning to 12V DC power, and the 3D display (don't let yourself get too distracted!). I would recommend this item and have enjoyed it so far....more info
  • Garmin c340
    Other than driving around town to test it, I've only used it once on a long trip. Worked great. The re-routing after a missed turn is VERY fast. It did get a little confused in downtown Houston though. So far I'm really happy with it. Only downside to me would be it's size. Seems unnecessarily large compared to other GPS units....more info
  • I don't regret it!
    I decided to buy a gps unit after I got lost in the city trying to get my wife home after surgery. I decided not to have this happen again. I really liked the way Amazon can compare units and this unit was the best buy for me. You will like this unit. ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    After considerable research, my husband & I purchased this model. We couldn't be more pleased. It is simple to use and very accurate. The screen size is perfect. We would recommended this to anyone!...more info
  • Discontinued Product - Do not Buy
    The Garmin series c340 has been discontinued by Garmin about an year ago. I found this when I was registering the product on Garmin's site.
    Surprisingly Amazon does not mention this fact even once in the product description.
    You will be much better off buying a newer model....more info
  • Don't buy it
    This GPS does not seem to work in large cities. My husband was driving in L.A. and it kept losing its signal and repeating the word "recalculating." He got lost several times as a result. He would have been better off with a paper map....more info
  • Very good little device
    I bought this for my mom. I was able to use it with her for a week. After that week, I'm sure that will be able to use it with any any problems. It was very easy to use.
    Some of the street names were right but the mapping and location seemed to be accurate....more info
  • Great buy
    Great product. Used it to travel from Massachusetts to New York without any problems. It re-routes you when you make wrong turns or miss exits. The only issue I have with the system is that it sometimes, not always, gives you directions when you are almost at the road or intersection it is instructing you to take. You do get both the audio and the written instructions/direction, so that if you were not paying attention to the audio, the written information is on screen. I absolutely love the fact that the system provides the audio names of the street and roads it wants you to take, taking the guessing game out of driving. The maps may need updating, and I haven't attempted to update them yet. The GPS device is a little bulky to carry in your bag or pocket. It is a great system to have. I would buy it again. ...more info
  • garmin c340
    I'm saving tons of paper by not having to print out maps. I love the fact that I don't have to take my eyes off the road to read directions. Just don't let your teenagers get their hands on it. They changed the language settings to German and imagine my surprise when the GPS started talking. Kudos to the ease it was to change these settings back however....more info
  • Great for chauffeurs
    As a chauffeur, I often have a pick-up in remote residential areas early in the morning. Such addresses are often not displayed on houses, nor are streets clearly marked. With the Garmin 340, I no longer fret about finding the address. The only area where Garmin has trouble is when streets are closed. Then you must find your own detour, but the Garmin quickly adapts and recalculates a new direction....more info
  • c340 vs Lowrance iway 550c - good for simple users
    I had a Lowrance iway 550c but it was stolen from my car, so I had to buy another GPS.

    The Garmin is great for what you pay for. The Lowrance was $600, the Garmin was around $218.

    Pros: Easy to use, no instruction manual necessary.
    Prefills your typing (instead of having to type in San Francisco, it prefills when you type in San F*** and gives you an option of San Francisco or San Fernando
    Says the street name in over 50 languages. We are using Australian English for fun.
    No frills interface.

    Cons: You have to type in the city to begin your search. I wish it would remember your City. You can bypass this screen and search for the address in any state, but it takes longer.

    Features Garmin 340c doesn't have that Lowrance did. Again, its not really a fair comparison because you get what you pay for but they are things I miss in the Garmin.
    *Can customize the page. If I wanted the time on the upper right instead of bottom left, each module was movable.
    *I can add "widgets", over 100 items to display on the page (and move it on the page). For instance, I like to see the altitude from sea level. I added it to my Lowrance page. You can also add, time to each destination (if you have multiple stops) and time to final destination right on the home page. The Garmin shows this, but its layered deep in the interface and you can't customize the Garmin default page.
    *Lowrance listed actual street addresses. For instance, I have to turn left at Main but I liked knowing the name of the next streets around me (oh, I didn't know we were so close to State St!). The Garmin just tells you the street name you are suppose to turn on but is generic in the rest of the map.
    *Lowarance also listed parks and libraries, a kind of points of interest. If I'm driving to a destination, on the map, it'll tell me I'm passing Smith Park and York Cemetry and SF Zoo. I like knowing what else is nearby in case I want to go there another time. With the Garmin, it just tells me the route I should take to my destination but everything else on the map is just a vertical and horizontal line.

    Like I said, you get what you pay for.
    If you like a basic GPS, Garmin is right for the money.
    If your a gadget person and like customization, get a higher grade GPS.

    Con with the Lowrance I bought, it was a 5" screen and not portable.
    So consider how you're going to use it before you buy.
    Is portability really necessary? The Garmin is portable but I haven't take it out of my car yet. ...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    With this GPS you will not get lost. It's user friendly touch-screen makes for quick look-up. Set-up is simple too....more info
  • How Can You Live Without One?
    This in-car GPS has all the latest maps and talks you through your route. Even if it makes a mistake, it will correct itself. You might find the word pronunciation a little strange at times. I also have a C-330 in another car and I really couldn't do without them now....more info
  • Love it!
    Well made up for the delayed shipping. I received the GPS today and have to say I love it. I highly recommend buying this unit. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS unit for the money!
    This is our 2nd Garmin c340 unit, we purchased another for the other family car since we've moved to a new city with crazy streets. It does exactly what we expect in a GPS, with the exception that the Points of Interest are outdated by atleast 2 years and the maps are atleast that old.

    The maps are very accurate and the voices are very clear and state the street names as well as the distance before the turn.

    I've played with the other major GPS systems on the market and I can easily say that the Garmin is the most user friendly....more info
  • Value for GPS
    This is a great starter product for the GPS novice. Includes all necessary information for US, including options for local lodgings, fuel, attractions, and food.
    I have always used traditional turn by turn directions from the internet and AAA and prided myself on a good sense of direction...but this product was a welcome addition, nonetheless!...more info
  • If you travel, it is a time saver
    This unit is nicely priced and well equipped. Most everyone can pick it up and start using the interface with no more trouble than an Ipod (parents and neighbors included).

    It does not take much space in your car, but if you want to remove from the vehicle often, the Nuvi's are thinner with bigger screens, but cost more.

    This is a fantastic navigational aid on trips. Don't buy it if you want to go off road or into deep woods, but everyone else will love it....more info
  • Great gps system
    great gps system, it has helped a lot, I don't get lost anymore in new cities, and helps me find plenty of places....more info
  • garmin
    use on all long distance trips. it is like having a person that lives in every town with you. Love the detour feature.wish it swiveled like the newer models....more info
  • Garmin is a rip-off!
    The Garmin company is awful. If you buy from them, you will most likely have to deal with their Customer Sevice Dept. Good luck! They act like they are too big to worry about a consumer. They sell out-dated maps(over 1 1/2 years old) in their units, and expect the customer to spend $70 more to update the map in a brand new unit! What good is a GPS that doesn't know some of the roads exist? The customer service department says, "oh well most people are ok with old maps". I will not own a Garmin, I would rather be lost!...more info
  • great GPS but last voice prompt before a turn is at 200 ft
    I bought the c340 to give as a gift based on my great experience with another Garmin GPS model, my Street Pilot 2610. The c340 compares very well with my older 2610. The 3D view and Text To Speech are very nice new features. 5 stars. However, it didn't take long for me to discover what others have reported about voice prompts coming too late before a turn. Subtract 2 stars. The last voice prompt gives me only a few seconds before I need to turn, so the prompt is more a verification that I'm making the correct turn than a useful warning to get ready to make the turn. My 2610 notifies me at 400 ft before a turn versus the c340's 200 ft. This makes a big difference in the navigating experience. With my 2610, I don't have to look at the screen as I approach a turn. I don't know what technical issues stand in the way of a solution. Is it too much to ask for a software update that would notify at 400 ft instead of 200 ft? Or at some user selectable distance from the turn?
    Bottom-line for buyers: if your vision is impaired or you otherwise want a GPS that can be used via voice commands only, then look elsewhere because with this unit you'll need to glance at the display during the last 500 ft to see how close the upcoming turn is in order to get ready to make the turn (the display will show the decreasing distance as you get closer). If not for this issue which many people don't mind, I'd give it 5 stars. ...more info
  • My gps
    My Garmin gps is the best toy I've ever gotten. Even my husband, who considered it a toy rather than something we needed, was so thankful we had it for our drive to CA. It is very accurate, super easy to use and helped us find our dinner stops and hotels several times.

    Glenview, IL...more info
  • Don't leave home without it
    For the last few years, I've been happily using a Garmin Streetpilot C330 (which I call "the nanny" because I use the stern, authoritative British voice, which reminds me of Mary Poppins). The one thing I really missed was the street-name announcements. I know it seems lame, but where I drive (eastern Massachusetts) there are so many intersections with multiple branches that a simple "turn left" doesn't always tell you which street to take. So, when I saw the C340 on sale (not here) for under $200, I decided to go for it.

    So far, it lives up to its expectations. For those who complained that they never got a GPS signal when they first used it, it's important to know that it sometimes takes a long time for that initial "orientation." My 340 took about 8 minutes to locate the satellites when I took it outside, but once it did it's grabbed them consistently within 30 seconds every time I turn it on. While the audio quality is a tad less clear (a bit more "machinelike") than the 330, I would assume this is because the 340 has to use so much more of its voice processing for the street name announcements. This feature in itself really is wonderful, and well worth getting any GPS that offers it.

    I haven't compared the 330 features to those of the 340. I'll never use SD cards, but it's a nice feature. I do recommend that you get the optional weighted dashboard mount--unfortunately, it's the only option available for the 3xx series other than the suction mount, which is completely worthless. Apparently, the third party GPS mount vendors don't feel it's necessary to create a mount for this series. I can't say how it works in the city, but I do know that my 330 rarely lost a signal in anything other than a tunnel, even in New York City. If you really have problems holding on to the signal, getting an external antenna might be a better solution than deciding to upgrade to the c530, which may have a better receiver but doesn't come with text to speech.

    Sometime I would like to try the live traffic feature, but I don't use it enough to justify the extra receiver and cost, but it's nice to know that I can do so. It's also nice that the 340 includes the 2008 City Navigator maps, so I won't need to upgrade this year.

    Overall, the 340, since it will likely be discontinued soon, is a great value if you can find it for under $200 new. It's definitely a step up from the 330 and is perfect if you don't need all the bluetooth/MP3/added nonsense of some of the other GPSs out there. ...more info
  • A must buy
    I have used this unit for over a year now and have taken it to CA, WY, ID, MT as well as Victoria and Vancouver. I haven't tried the traffic updates yet since I do not have the receiver.

    Pros: Overall its a very good product. Always shown the correct routes. Rerouting is faster. Voice prompts are loud and clear. Ease of navigation for the display menu.

    Cons: It takes almost a minute or so after start to get connected. Sometimes it is annoying. Does not have mp3 feature if you care.

    I definitely recommend this....more info
  • Garmin's website says the c340 is a "discontinued" model
    According to Garmin's website on 11/26/07, the c340 is now listed as a "discontinued" model. However, the c330 which lacks the text to speech feature is still listed as an active model. ...more info
  • Great product, but I have a question
    I bought my second c340 this month (November '07) as a Christms present for my often traveling son. In order to test and charge the unit, I took it to a known destination out of state (MA to NH). Flawless directions until I arrived at my destination. When I got where I was going, the voice prompt advised that I had arrived at my destination "on the right." The location was actually on the left. Same thing happened on the way home. I know this is a minor irritation to many, but I wonder if this is a glich I can do something about. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated. I love the c340, except for this little blip in accuracy. Thank you in advance for your response....more info
  • Magellin is a better choice
    I purchased this GPS for my son for Christmas on the recommendation of someone. I was already an owner of a Magellin Maestro 3140 which had gone up in price to $289.00 so I decided to go with this one at $224.00. Not a good choice. Although I am sure it will get you to your destination it does not compare with the Magellin.

    1) It would not boot up in the house and I had to go stand outside for 5 minutes for it to do so. My Magellin boots up in the house instantly. If you have to reroute on the road I am wondering how long it would take to find those satellites and reroute you? And if you have to wait for it find satellites everytime you enter a new location?

    2) When I did get my location I selected food from the options and it only listed restaurants up to 6.4 miles, my Magellin allows you to scroll up to 15 miles.

    3) As far as I could tell the only option for your destination is the 2D or 3D map, the Magellin will also allow you to show the trip directions. The Magellin gives you the option of seeing the route in print form so you can visually look at the route you will be taking and know in advance how long you will be on each road, ie: 70 miles on route 80 west then 46 miles on route 79 south etc.

    4) The Magellin also offers the AAA option, if you are a member of AAA, it will show you which locations in any specific area accept AAA.

    I was thrilled that the price however came back down on the Magellin in the meantime and have returned the Garmin for the Magellin which is back down to $227.00!...more info
  • Good by disappointing
    I did a lot of research before purchasing my streetpilot 340. I must admit that I was very dissappointed in the maps and accuracy. I used in in 4 states and had the same problem every time. If I had an address it did get me to the location most of the time. My biggest problem was when I typed in a name. Example when I typed in Dunkin Dounuts it would give me locations miles from where I was. I tried it over the weekend and it told me the closest one was 30 miles away, however there were 3 within 4 miles of my location. Also, when I seached by location it would say the place was 8 miles away but when I drove there it was much farther. The last straw was when I entered a loaction and it said it was 92 miles away. When I looked at the details of the route it was actually 137 miles away. It may have just been my unit but this isn't what I expected. ...more info
  • we won't be lost again
    This product is a life saver on a long trip! We appreciate the voices, the clarity of the screen, and the real help in navigating. We are satisfied customers and have recommended it to our friends....more info
  • Troublesome startup, but otherwise superb
    Still thought we were in Idaho while sitting in the middle of Texas, but after a couple of re-boots it found us. Other than that hiccup, has been perfect!...more info
  • Wonderful
    We are thrilled with our GarminStreetPilot c340!!! Having recently moved to a different state, we are unfamiliar with most of our surrounding communities, this is an absolutely wonderful tool for us, no more guessing or getting lost. We could not believe the discounted price and shipping was so quick. What a great decision this was and we thank you!

    Janice Bigley...more info
  • Perfect for the Price
    (First time GPS buyer looking for an affordable GPS Device)

    I bought this item on a Black Friday sale for $199. Why I recommend this GPS is

    1.At this price point there are only a few GPS devices capable of announcing Street names. It makes a LOT OF DIFFERENCE especially in cities and Airports

    2. Installing the item is a breeze. It comes preloaded with all the maps. You just need to fix it in the Car to the Windshield/Dashboard. Please note, Garmin also supplies a circular adhesive mount in the box to install on the Dashboard. You may not need the friction dashboard mount unless you need to use the C340 in more than one car.

    3. It can store up-to 50 recent locations and you can store more in the favorites section

    4. SD Slot to load additional/updated maps comes handy when you want to use in other countries

    5. The voice prompts are crystal clear and "Jill" pronounces the street names, favorites and other tongue-twisters very well. "Jill" announces each turn entry/exit twice. Once roughly a minute before the turn and once a few seconds before the turn. Sometimes it combines an announcement with the previous announcement when the times to respond are too short.

    6. Comes with standard USB interface to connect to computer and make any necessary upgrades

    7. The maps and Display are clear and visible easily even in broad day light, contrary to some reviews I found on this site. The User Interface is simple and intuitive.

    8. C340 allows you to view the route simulations so you can plan your route ahead.

    Bottom line: If you want a simple and affordable GPS device which can help you drive to the place you want, this is it.

    My only complaint is the GPS froze for 4-5 seconds before it could recalculate the route when I missed my way in the airport.Also for obvious reasons it cannot pick up signal from satellites near high-rise buildings and indoors. I can live with a few minor blemishes for a great GPS at this price...more info
  • Excellent, can't see the need for anything else
    This is the first GPS receiver I bought, after a recent trip to Ithaca - where I got lost multiple times because of detours and road construction, even though I had printed google maps directions with me.

    I realized with a GPS I don't need to prepare all directions and printout before hand. This is amazingly simple to use, the interface is very intuitive and the unit is extremely sturdy. I don't see a need for anything else in a GPS.

    This is so good, that for the first time I am writing an amazon review!...more info
  • All the things I needed
    I bought this recently and it has all the features that I needed. I don't want to have MP3 capability, and all other except the GPS and this is the exact thing I needed. Voice is perfect and screen is good....more info
  • Easy to use
    The Garmin C340 was extremely easy to use and set-up. No thick instruction books - everything is on the touch screen. My wife loves it as she is not into all the gadgets, but can use the Garmin for her work without a hassle....more info
  • what happened to intersections?
    what happened to inputting intersections? Unlike the c330 (which has this) this feature has been omitted (why? this is a standard feature in gps units) in the event that you have an address that is just not in your maps at least a person can give you the cross streets. Text to speach is cute but not at the expense of leaving out the intersection feature!...more info
  • Seems adequate
    A few of the addresses I've tried to find are out of date and it sent me to the middle of a cow pasture when I was looking for a department store. (I discovered that there was a numeral missing from the street address--so it sent me to the middle of the street. I knew I was in trouble when the road turned to dirt.)

    It also is pretty reliable and will seem to get me where I'm going in strange towns and that's what I bought it for....more info
  • awesome!!!
    This GPS is great!
    StreetPilot c340 GPS say the streeet name when you turn.
    It's very useful.
    I really recommend this GPS....more info
  • Fantastic
    I received this as a gift. I live in one of the outlying cities of NYC. I moved here about 2 years ago. I am not afraid to drive here, and to my own merit, I do have pretty good mapping skills.
    Then why do I love having this GPS in my car? I can get around traffic ( which is an everyday occasion here), I can also go from point A to point B without needing to consider one-way streets, etc.
    It is accurate and easy to use. ...more info
  • Often helpful, often frustrating
    I have enjoyed using the Garmin StreetPilot 340, despite some of its limitations.

    First, here are some of its good points: It does a good job directing you along the route it chooses (more on that below among the bad points). If you're traveling without a live co-pilot, it's great to have. It's easy to use.

    Now, here is some of the bad: Unfortunately, the route it chooses is sometimes ridiculous and inefficient. I suspect the underlying problem is that the device is programmed to determine the compass direction your destination is from your point of departure, and, then, map a route that seeks to stick as much as possible to that direction. (You can pick an intermediate destination that forces the StreetPilot to generate a better route.) At times, it takes you off a major highway onto a secondary road sooner than it should timewise (I've experimented with the route preference settings and that doesn't solve the problem). It doesn't always get your destination right (even when it's a location, like a hotel, that's in the database). Disconcerting for "Jill" (one of the navigation voices) to say your hotel is on your right when the only structure in sight is a small ranch house. So, don't expect perfection, second guess the route it chooses, and carry some maps. Still, it is fun to use and I don't regret the purchase....more info
  • Battery died in 4 months resulting in GPS ltrying to locate sat for 5 mins
    Worked fine for 3 months and then it started to shut itself down during summer saying something like - temperature too high unit shutting down. btw, I live in northern CA where it does not get as hot as some other parts of the country. Then the built in battery died (5 months after the purchase). Since then the unit took at least 5 minutes (sometimes up to 10 mins). Lived with the problem for 6 more months & then returned it for a full refund. I won't say the name of the store but you all know which store would take a product back after 11 months & give a full refund without any hassle.
    This is the second GPS that had a problem (first one was a Magellan which fell down from the windshield & broke the screen. Got full refund for that too). So, I would suggest people to buy any GPS from a place which has liberal return policy....more info
  • A great product
    I bought the unit after seeing it in a friends car. Never had to open the manual (which must be downloaded). A great value. Amazing techology....more info
    This is a great basic GPS unit. I had the Garmin c330 but the c340 reads the street names to turn on to. Many car rentals use this unit to rent for $10 a day in their rentals. It is the best unit because it is dumby proof. Without ever having used a GPS unit, anyone can be figure out how to use this without a manual in just a few minutes. If you miss a turn the c340 will re-route your course faster than any other companies GPS. I use this unit every day in my work. I have a new found confidence knowing that I will never be lost where ever I drive....more info
  • Garmin Street pilot c340
    The Garmin Street Pilot c340 is the, "BEST"'s easy to use and is a lifesaver for those of us who are, "Directionally Challenged"...wherever I have to go I can travel without worry...I gave one to my son for his car, and now neither of us have to worry...
    I love the fact that there is no service fee and that I can transfer my Garmin from one car to another.
    I'd definately recommend this product to anyone ,(and I have),who has need of an auto navigator......more info
  • Great Gadget
    Purchased it on Amazon, worked right out of the box, used it extensively in NY, Washington, always took me to the destination (was it the best way to get there?? not sure as it was my first time driving to these places, but like i said always got us to the destination). Used it to drive to Toronto, it did take a lot of state routes instead of the Interstate not sure why, however have been using it extensively and love it, no more maps and stopping to ask directions....more info
  • Gets it right--most of the time
    So far,I am pleased with this product. There have been a couple of incidents when I am not sure it selected the best route. It chose the Interstate rather that a straight shot two lane. I am not sure which was the best route time wise . Any time you do not "obey" the suggested turns, the Jill voice says "recalculating" in a slightly exasperated tone, which I find amusing. Occasionally it will do an odd pronunciation also. It did not find a restaurant once, probably because it needs a new map update. All in all, it is easy to use and seems to be a good choice. ...more info
  • Love this GPS
    The only thing that is lacking is icons. My old GPS even though it didn't have text to speech it did have small icons on the map. One was a gas station icon and the other an atm. Very convenient when taking a long trip so you know were you can stop and get gas....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    I researched several GPS units before deciding on the Garmin C340. It had the features I was looking for and seemed to be the best value for the money.
    It does not have ALL the bells and whistles available but I didn't want to spend twice the money when I wasn't completely sure about using a GPS unit to start with.
    Right out of the box we took it on a trip to Branson MO. The turn by turn 'voice' directions sure helped break the monotony of the trip. The accuracy, which says it is within 15 feet, was almost scary. It correctly told me to turn when there were no visible street signs.
    I have already dediced that I never want to leave home without GPS again.
    The downloadable POI (Point of Interest) files are a plus as well - although not necessary.
    A few features are:
    *locations to most major restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping centers
    *locations of car repair shops & gas stations
    *Locations of two things you hope you don't need on a trip: hospitals or ATM's.
    It is my opinion this is best value around!

    ...more info
  • Beware when it needs out of warranty service
    I have had this unit for a year and a half. It needs a new battery. I contacted Garmin and it turns out that they charge a flat repair fee of $250 to fix anything wrong with the unit. I can currently purchase a new 340c for under $229.
    Expect ZERO support from Garmin for this unit when the 1 year warranty expires....more info
  • Garmin Street Finder
    Pretty Cool item and after "playing
    with it a while" I'm getting the hang
    of things. I'm a Grandma, and not very
    techy, but I think I can do this! I suprisingly
    find different screens on the Garmin, but am not
    sure how I got there! I love hearing the vocal driving
    directions as you don't have to take your eyes off the road.
    The only 2 things I would change is #1,
    a more explicit step by step instruction book
    for the not-so-technical person.
    #2, that you could charge the Garmin Unit itself inside your
    house by using a regular elec. outlet rather than having to
    use the cradle that holds the Garmin & plugging it into
    your car cigarette lighter. Both options would be great. ...more info
  • garmin streetpilot c340
    I bought this item and we took it to New Orleans a week later. We had a great time! I never got lost, it took us to restaurants, and locations all over New Orleans, including the Zoo. It was easy to program, easy to use. The only drawback was aquiring satellites in downtown, between tall buildings. It took us through the french quarter right to our parking garage, across the river to the west side, and home to Georgia via a route I've never tried before, from Columbus to Macon to Athens. I love it....more info
  • Garmin c340
    Delighted with this product. Easy to set up, easy to see, excellent features, couldn't be any happier....more info
  • Suction cup problem
    Great product and very easy to use; however, be careful about the mount. We use this between our two vehicles, and when we had taken the mount off the windshield, we had to use a putty knife to get it off (apparently the sun had somewhat melted the rubber). Also, if your windshield is cold, it won't stick to it. Solution? I'm not sure. I would guess that you would need two mounts for each vehicle, because once on you don't want to take it off....more info
  • Nothing negative to say
    This is my first go at a GPS system and there is nothing negative I can say about this product. I researched a lot of systems and chose Garmin because of their range of products in this category. I recently took a vacation to NH and MA and the traffic is horrendous. Just hitting the detour feature saved me from sitting in a long lines of rush hour traffic. It worked without fail....more info
  • GARMIN C340
  • Garmin c340
    I bought this unit over a year ago and it never left me stranded. It is easy to program and can be updated over the internet. As far as I know it works all over the U.S., my own experience with this unit was mainly along the Eastern seaboard from Maine to Georgia. Great travel companion....more info
  • As accurate and as good as the map it contains
    While this unit is very accurate as a GPS and acquires the satellite signals very quickly (within < 1-2 min after car starts up), its accuracy is limited by the map it contains. In my area (Houston, TX), the map seems to be off by 300 ft. This can create some problems when it approaches an area with many intersections that are close to one another or trying to exit highway with exits that are very close to one another. It also does not know that some of the streets in my neighborhood are prohibited to make left hand turns during week days. Furthermore it is not easy to find something by spelling. For example, I could not find Victoria's Secrets by spelling but could easily find it by search in the shopping/appraisal category. These issues are not serious, however....more info
  • Good entry level unit with text-to-speech
    This is a good easy-to-use GPS unit with a crisp touch screen and a good mounting system.

    Voice is good without text-to-speech. However, when using text-to-speech, the voice guidance is not very clear and loud.

    The map is OK. It worked pretty good during a long road trip, but it gave me bad directions that kept me driving around narrow streets time and time again when I was only 10 miles from home. I had to drove about 5 miles back to the roads I usually took without GPS.

    Overall, this is not bad for the price....more info
  • Best invention ever!
    This little machine is amazing. I just wish I had bought it before our trip to Seaworld. I'm sure I would have been spared hours of being lost and frustrated. One little thing though, if you live on a military base be careful of when it tells you to turn down an alley. An alley to Garmin is usually a tank trail to the Army. Other than that, it's awesome!...more info
  • Too Big for Small Car
    The C340 is excellent for navigation, but the size does not fit well in a small car's window. I have a German made convertible and I could never get the suction window mount into the window and use a dash pillow instead. There are other flat panel styles that may work better. I am amazed at how well it works, but it also has on occassion gotten confused by the location and given me a strange route to my destination. For the most part it works well and the text to voice is well worth the extra cost....more info
  • Great Product! Great Price!
    As someone who can lost in her own backyard, this product has been a lifesaver! It's user friendly, and never again will my children have to say, "Are you lost again, Mom?" I highly recoommend this product!...more info
  • Works Right Out of the Box
    This is my first experience with a GPS navigation system. I now know why the Garmin c340 is so popular.

    It came fully loaded with mapping software and POIs and was so easy to start using. You can really just plug it in and go.

    I got it just a few days before a big road trip. It worked almost flawlessly throughout the 1600 miles.

    I would recommend it for its ease of use and reliability.
    ...more info
  • The Garmin c340 is great
    On a recent trip to Sanibel Florida to attend a wedding we decided to rent a GPS when we rented a car in Fort Meyers. My first question to the gal at Alamo was is it easy to use, her comment was if she could anybody could. She was right, we were able to use it right away with out any directions at all. In as much as we did not have a clue where we were going this was well worth the rental fee. If you have ever driven from Fort Meyers to Sanibel one cannot believe the amount of lefts and rights we made before getting to the hotel. It got us there right to the front door. On returning home I immediatly ordered one from Amazon. I opted for the c340 because of the voice on street names although the c330 worked just fine for us. I would highly recommend this item,and it's also a great mans toy. We all need toys!!...more info
  • Absolutely fabulous, would recommend it to anyone!!
    My parents got a Garmin last year and loved it so my husband and I bought this with some of our wedding money and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It adjusts your time of arrival when you take gas stops and lots of other fabulous features and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a navigation system!!...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    This product is ridiculously easy to use, and very lightweight so removing it from the car is not a problem. Couldn't be easier or more useful!...more info
  • Garmin C340 Street Pilot
    Does all it is suppose to do. I like the screen and the ease of operation. It's great for trips andv gives great directions...more info
  • This is a great GPS
    I am directionally challanged. I bought this Garmin c340 GPS and love it. It is ready to use right out of the box. And very easily programed. I wish I would have bought one sooner. With gas at $3.00 a gallon, I can't afford to be lost anymore....more info
  • We love this thing
    We bought this for our 16 year old son who just got his license. We didn't want him getting lost out there. It has worked out great. We have learned so many better ways to go places and we pass it around between the 3 of us all the time. It has served it's purpose since our son has missed turns and it will automatically recalculate a new route from wherever he is. We've been thinking about getting one of these for a long time. If you are debating, go ahead and do it. It is very handy. Now, I don't have to mapquest everything ahead of time. I just get in the car, put in the address and go. It has also helped with finding things when you are in a new area. I was about an hour away from home and needed to find the local mall so just typed in mall and went right to it. It's great!...more info
  • Purchased the GPS C340 Streetpilot
    I wish I had gotten this sooner, But I have found out that it needs to be upgraded on streets and business. The ones they have on mine has been out of business for 10 to 15 years and NO WALMART was listed in the town!
    I got it fast and would order again!...more info
  • Nifty and well designed
    I am currently on a business trip with a rented car. I opted for the Garmin GPS because my trip plans included some unfamiliar destinations.

    This is my first experience with a vehicle navigation device, other than commercial-grade nautical GPS systems. So my comparison base is a little weird.
    Even so, the Garmin C340 has performed pretty darn well. Leaving San Franciso, the little magic box told me to go straight, while the street sign said turn left. I figured the GPS was temporarily flummoxed and I followed the sign, with the result that I had to make a tricky u-turn. From that point on I vowed to listen to the magic box, and she hasn't steered me wrong yet.
    Easy to use, and pretty darn accurate.
    Quibbles: 1) the zoom function on the map doesn't often cooperate, or it's slow. I think it is related to the system's feature of auto-zooming to show your next turn. 2) My colleague rented an identical unit that had a faulty charger connection. To charge it from the car, you have to hold it with two hands to ensure the electrical contacts stay together. 3)The unit is locked out while the car is moving. This makes it impossible for on-the-fly navigation by your co-pilot. This may be an adjustable feature that was put in place by the car rental company.

    If you drive a lot, get this Garmin. Very nifty and accurate....more info
  • Garmin will get you there if you are lost

    I purchased my Garmin C340 in July. This product does what it was
    set up to do, provide directions if you DO NOT know where you are
    going. This product has allowed me to go places that I would
    normally avoid, becaues I hate being lost. When you miss a turn
    it will re-calculate a new route, the look down satellite can
    confuse the garmin while going over a bridge, but it will recalculate
    once you have crossed the bridge. If you do not like being lost,
    buy a Garmin C340....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot
    Great gadget. I purchased it for my daughter because she was moving out of town to Rochester, NY from Richmond, VA. We drove up there together and used the Garmin. It led us every step of the way. We wouldn't have been able to find our way if we had only depended on a mapquest printout. When we ran into detours, the Garmin guided us right through. Now I need to purchase one for myself. Great buy!...more info
  • streetpilotc340
    My first trip using the streetpilot was over 1000 miles. It was a great help especially through large cities. I found only one error on the whole trip.
    It was right on the button for making turns.

    Jim...more info
  • C340 Fine, crappy order fullfilment
    The Title says it all.

    The Garmin C340 is fine. What was sub par was how long it took the order fullfillment process to work. It appears that Amazon Super Saver orders have a hidden cost and they really want you to pay extra for what most online businesses consider processing invervals.

    Unless Amazon is significantly cheaper, will purchase from other online venders....more info
  • "Lost" without it !
    Purchased the Streetpilot c340 just prior to a road trip. Very simple to use - even for my computer challenged husband! Loads of features to find food, lodging , fuel, etc. Even can find the nearest hospital wherever you are! Wanted to avoid a traffic tie up in a big city, pressed "detour" on the screen and it took us right around it!! Love it! I could sit back and enjoy the trip and leave the navigating to "Jill" our garmin genie! Ordered one for my daughter for Christmas....more info
  • Worked for me
    This is my first experience with a GPS. I purchased it, based on the comments of other users. I used it for recent trips to Georgia and Texas, and, for the most part, it worked extremely well. A couple times, it tried to lead me astray by suggesting I take unnecessary side routes off a more direct route, but was quick to 'recalculate' and get me back on track. It was also confusing when, at times it would give me a 2-mile advance notice of an upcoming turn, when other times only a 0.9 tenths of a mile advance notice. In town driving, most times it would give me a 0.2 tenths mile advance notice, while other times only about 400 feet. But, once again, I do happily recommend it. I really like the verbal directions and the way the map is layed out....more info
  • Garmond Street Pilot c340
    Man life is good! Use this all the time. No maps, no worrying about directions. ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot
    The images and data are about ten years behind the times. One is unable to program to a city without a specific address. Everything else works well. I'm not happy with it....more info
  • Recommended
    I bought one from Amazon in Jan 2006 @ the price of $629 (approximately). It really helped me a lot during my first year in Washington DC area. Last month, my car was broken into and this GPS was taken away from by car by someone. I really could not drive without it since I go to different place everyday. I immediately placed an order after I came back from client. It is a surprise it dropped to $260. I think it is a good buy. My husband and I once went to NC and route 40 was closed due to an big accident and it was pouring. this GPS helped us to find the hotel we booked in a very terrible weather condition. In summary, I love it....more info
  • C340 Street Pilot
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS NavigatorI now own 2 of these. The first one worked so well, I told a friend and he purchased the same one. With the second (for my wife) there was a problem which was resolved by going on line with a Garmin tech and resolving the issue. ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    Very happy with functionality of Garmin c340. This is the second time I'm purchasing this product as first one was stolen from vehicle. Easy to use, but recommend getting AV charger. Would also prefer charging ability without connection to bracket. The window suction unit frequently falls off window. Otherwise, very satisfied. Amazon had best price by far....more info
  • Wonderful product, great for finding places
    I bought this for my husband, he is a self employed roofer, and needs to find addresses all the time. He says it is wonderful, and saves him lots of time and gas, because it finds the places so well. I want to get one for me. If you miss a turn, it calculates a new way. Very nice!!!...more info
  • very inaccurate, especially in remote areas
    this item is easy to use. but it has in half our experiences it led us wrong; so much for easy use.

    we live in sonora, ca and it has directions from our home going over routes that do not exist!! it has our house where it is NOT when we use it to navigate home (glad we really know where it is, but then the neighbor lady is nice to visit).in modesto it had us go on a street (milnes) that does not go all the way thru to the next street (oakdale), near death valley it not find little nearby towns (lone pine), then, off of route 395 going south to bakersfield and turning on rt 178, it rejected that route...until 5 miles down 178, when it finally plotted a route.

    in bakerfield it took us to our route ok, but when we left to go on the freeway it had us on some other strfeet than where we were (which was where it had originally taken us).

    you can NOT depend on this for directions you NEED two things in addition, a map and common sense. if in a strange area it WILL get you lost...but happy, it will eventually get you on track but only by driving different recalulated routes.

    finding points of interest is middling at best. it will not show where rest areas are on freeways, it pronouces words sort of ok, but there are several common ones that it takes you awhile to figure out the word it is saying. there were no campgrounds listed, but we had maps and a book which led us to them. i suspect there are many many things that are not listed.

    it takes a VERY VERY long time to access satelittes, 5 minutes plus is not uncommon. and i have read where the batteries only last 18 months, this from actual users and not the hype of 10 years given by customer service from garmin really sucks, i have yet to be able to reach them via phone, emails are not answered either. the phone tag wait time is upwards of half an hour.

    yes only two stars, i would give only one, but what the heck....more info
  • Can't get lost anymore!
    Not only is the mapping feature great this unit tells you when to turn. The actual MPH, distance and other stats are also great on the open road.
    Best thing to come along for cars since FM radio....more info
  • Entering of Address Location too lengthy of a process
    This worked fine for navigation once you had your location entered. To enter an address it was like trying to text message on a cell phone. That is why returned it. I now use MS Streets and Trips on my laptop...much easier to enter location data and with the 17" screen much easier to see. Although, I do miss the SPOKEN Street names in the voice directions of the Garmin StreetPilot....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    I have been dealing with Amazon for quite some time. I have always been pleased with the service. However, I recently purchased a Garmin Street Pilot from Amazon (through ANTonline). I received it defective and cannot get anyone to tell me how I can return it. I am rethinking using Amazon for future purchases!!!!!...more info
  • Good so far
    I had the StreetPilot C330 and after a little over a year it went toes up. The cost of repair was $225 and the cost to upgrade to the C340 was only $280 with shipping. A no brainer.

    The C340 actually calls out street names at turns which is a help over the last one (C330) It seems to be faster and it has the capability to accept an adapter to provide traffic jam rerouting. I have not added that option as it requires more equipment and a monthly charge.

    I should add that I considered switching to another brand. Both my C330 and my wife's C330 went toes up after a little more than one year just beyond the one year warranty. I wrote to Garmin and they have chosen to fix both under warranty even though it has been over one year. NICE!!!...more info
  • Good and Bad
    Received the new C340 one month ago. Seemed to work OK but as of yesterday it was on it's way back to Garmin. It would not display any image, only a white screen. It was disappointing, as for 4 weeks it did fine, then failed. I am also the owner of a III+ which I have had for 6 years. It has made 2 trips back to Garmin for warranty repairs as well. The C340 did not receive very well in cloudy conditions. I was told this should not be as my III+ would receive great in those same conditions. Garmin has good repair service, but would have to admit the record so far is not steller. Would have to think long before another Garmin GPS purchase....more info
  • Incredibly easy to use....
    I bought this unit from Amazon after a recommendation from a friend. Of all the consumer electronics I have ever bought - this is the easiest I have ever experienced. You really don't need a user manual.

    The unit gives excellent directions both through the screen as well as the voice prompts which are loud and clear....

    My only beefs: The suction cup mount which is provided with the unit does not hold it on the windshield well. I bought the gravity-based dashboard mount two weeks after I bought it and it works better...

    The unit does not have some new addresses it in. There is a new dormitory on the University of Alabama campus (opened in 2005) and the unit does not have it. I even plugged it into my computer with the supplied USB cable and did a software update (once again very very easy) and asked for map updates....still didn't have the address...

    Still, for the money it is a great unit....well constructed and extraordinarily easy to use....recommended....more info
  • Street pilot C340
    The Garmin C340 GPS is a great touch screen unit and excellent value for the price. I use it in the floral delivery business and for the most part it is just as accurate as key maps. It allows me to concentrate on driving through crazy subdivision mazes without taking my eyes off the road. It is usually one or two houses early upon destination arrival announcements but that is fine with me. Street turn announcements are a little slow if you are traveling at high speed. However,the key is to view the display with consecutive directions turned on, letting you prepare for the turns. I also think spending the extra money for a C340 over a C330 is worth it. I like hearing the names of the streets when turning. I don't believe this model displays lattitude and longitude if that is important to you. The unit does not come with a charger but can use your computer's USB connection for charging....more info
  • Very neat product
    I love it. Quite easy to operate and full of useful information in addition to providing directions (like location of nearest ATM, restaurant, hospital, etc.) ...more info
  • Almost Perfect Basic Navigator
    For those you who only want the basics in GPS navigation, this is a great unit. The only issue I've had with it is, like many folks, the suction cup mount. I recently pruchased the Garmin dashboard mount (010-10613-00) which solved the problem....more info
  • C340 Garmin
    Attributes: Very nice, compact, clear screen, loud clear range voice, very good detail on screen, accurate. Provdes rapid route corrections. Negatives: No instructions (would be helpful for off interstate long distance trips, such as side trips or country roads). Often gives travel routes that you cannot relate to or different than you expect. Permanent mounting requires sticking to hard smooth surface (no bean bag dash mount)which in new cars is often difficult to find. Learning curve would be less if instructions on all of its many capabilities were provided in writing. If you need a GPS (I certainly do) this is a very nice product but it does take playing with to learn how it really works and what all it will do. For my use (simple is better) it solves a lot of wasted time issues turning around or asking for directions. A good price and recommended, just plan on a learning curve....more info
  • Best purchase in years
    This device will get you where you want to go. It's easy to use and will find you an address, food or fuel with ease. Not feeling good? It will take you to a nearby hospital. My wife wants one for her car! You can't go wrong with this product....more info
  • Great lil devise
    I Purchased this lil devise to use in the limo business and I have to say it has gotten me out of a jam more than once. It is very accurate and reliable. The only flaw is that it has the exact address was wrong on several occasions, but it is right in the immediate area so if your paying atention to the addresses it is no big deal but enough to give it a 4 instead of a 5....more info
  • Mrs Garmin
    While we have only used the 'Garmin c340 gps for a month, and for one out of state trip, we have enjoyed it and found it helpful. Still a few features we have to make ourselves familiar with.

    We call her "Mrs. Garmin" because she does get a little cranky on about the 3rd 'recalculate'. Oh well, my husband should be used to that...

    We live in a town of 1100 people and the Garmin insists in sending us home via residential streets rather than a straight shot through town - like it wants us to miss all the traffic congestion. (duh) Guess that's the nature of the beast, er satalite. But as I said, we like it and it did get us in and out of K.C. just fine....more info
  • Garmin C340
    The Garmin c340 works. We had a c330 briefly but found that it did not have the storage capacity for the new maps and did not give the street names for turning as the c340 does. We recently took trips to 2 unfamiliar, large cities - Pittsburgh and Chicago - and were very pleased with the performance. We like the ease of use, ability to store in Favorites and go with a couple of screen touches. When we became lost, the Garmin simply recalculated our route - a great time saver due to some major interstate construction. We found a couple of restaurants on the road, as well. The display is nice for highlighting in both words and in color the route to be taken, and displaying the arrival time. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • This is the best Satellite Navigaror
    I am a real estate agent. There are 3 things I absolute need for my work: cell phone, car, and navigator. This product is the best. No problem whatsoever for 3 years now. It takes one of the major stress out of my everyday work. Thank you Garmin!...more info
  • Excellent, simple to use, lower cost GPS
    This is an ideal GPS unit for someone who just wants a GPS. If you want bluetooth, MP3 player, ability to show photos and something to cook breakfast for you, then don't buy this one. I tried the C 330 first, but decided I'd prefer to have the 340 since it has "text to speech", so it actually announces the street names for you to turn on. Two small nitpicks: the volume control doesn't have small enough increments, so at times it is either a bit too loud, or a bit too quiet. Second, it doesn't seem to "acquire" the satellites as quickly as the C330 did. I don't know why that would be, but there are times when I start up and it takes a minute or two to know where it is. The C330 seemed to know immediately where it was. These are very small issues, and don't really trouble me. I like how simple it is to use, I like the size, and the mounting system, and I LOVE the Australian girl, KAREN, who never loses her temper when I make a wrong turn, just says "recalculating" and then tells me what to do next. Cool! I like that there are about six or seven choices for voices, although I wish they'd give an option for an Irish voice. I doubt I would switch from Karen though, she is just too nice. I highly recommend this unit to someone who is looking for simplicity and a lower price GPS unit. Okay, this is an update after using the unit for several months. I would still highly recommend it, but I do find that only being able to enter one waypoint has been an issue on a long trip I took. It would have been nice to enter several. It has to be forced to calculate the route I want to use, and you can do that by entering way points, but if you can only enter one, then if you are going far enough, you will find it will sometimes route you a way you don't want (not that that is always bad, it does usually come up with the quickest route, its just that sometimes I want a scenic route, or I want a different route, or whatever). I don't know if more expensive units are easier to use in this respect, I have read that some have the ability to enter many waypoints though... Anyway, a small thing, I still very much love it, I am thinking of getting another one for my son, so obviously, the little issues aren't enough to make me spend more. ...more info
  • Garmin c 340 Street Pilot
    We just love our Garmin Street Pilot. We will never get lost again!!...more info
  • A Must Have for Travelers!
    I don't know how I made it without the Garmin c340! This is awesome! I travel frequently throughout the country on business trips. I would usually print out the map from a well-known website. It worked but not like this. I took the Garmin with me on a recent trip to Los Angeles, CA. If you have ever driven in LA you know there is no way you could read a printout of the map and drive at the same time.

    On my visit to LA, I also had to go to several other cities and locations in CA. Driving in 4 to 6 lanes of traffic is not my ideal situation. Not once did I get lost. The Garmin got me to every city, every hotel, all the business locations, to the car rental site and back to the airport. It even gave me the names and phone numbers of restaurants within the area. It was unbelievable! I love it!!!

    I was actually riding with another individual when we got lost. I pulled the Garmin from my computer bag, loaded in the address and wham...we were at our destination in no time.

    It was mentioned in a previous review that it kept falling off the dash. I have a both a portable and a permanent holder for the Garmin. It has never fallen off the dashboard of either car I've used it in.

    I would HIGHLY recommend the Garmin to anyone. As a matter of fact, after seeing what it is capable of doing, I bought one for each of my children as they travel as much as I do. Both have told me it was the best gift they could have received!

    ...more info
  • Wouldn't want to drive many places with it
    I've had my unit for a couple of months and it's been a great time saver. I'm a wedding photographer, and since I've started using this GPS unit, I can get to events quicker without having to worry if I'm going in the wrong direction. Here's some likes and dislikes:

    1. Unit recalculates when you decide to take a different route or if you turn the wrong way.

    2. Recalculates pretty fast and keeps you on track.

    3. Good battery time.

    4. Constant voice reminders when turns are coming up.

    5. It's pretty good about calculating how long it will take to reach your destination. So if you're running late because of traffic, you can simply phone ahead and let someone know about time you will arrive. If you're stuck in traffic, the unit will recalculate the time accordingly.

    1. Suggest you buy additional warranty for the unit. I had to return my first unit because it had a faulty battery. The store replaced the entire unit at no extra charge.

    2. Window navigation/menu should include default state and city choice. Don't like typing in the city each time for a new location.

    3. The unit will often choose routes that are longer than necessary. So be conscious of where it's telling you to go. Use your common sense. If you take another direction, it will recalculate for you.

    4. Would be great if it could input information verbally as well as typing it in....more info
  • The best value I found in GPS devices--expensive features for less
    If your main concern is not getting lost and getting quality directions to where you need to go, this is your unit. I don't need mine to play mp3's, etc etc. I bought one used for $185 and couldn't be happier. One thing to watch out for if you really care is that if you buy it used, you probably won't be able to update the map to the most recent map on the Garmin website for free. I didn't do this, and it hasn't been a problem at all using the last map version.

    This is the first Streetpilot model that will say the actual street name to you instead of must flashing it up on the screen ("Turn Left on Maple Street" rather than "Turn Left 300 feet ahead" and flashing maple street on the screen. The streetpilot 330 doesn't do this. If you get a Nuvi, you'll have to pay 350 or so to get the same feature. This feature is essential.

    On satellite reception:
    The GPS seems to look straight up at the sky. It loses reception when you're driving underneath a highway (where the highway is above you for a while, not just driving under a bridge). This hasn't been an issue though. Its gotten me everywhere I need to go. Other than driving under a highway for long periods of time, or going through tunnels, the GPS doesn't lose signal, even in storms....more info
  • Awesome Product
    We love this unit. It is easy to use and very helpful. Would highly recommend this model....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot C340 exceeded my expectations.
    The C340 is easy to use and it takes the stess out of finding an address. It is so intuitive. Take it out of the box, plug it into a powersource in your car and play with it for a few minutes and you will be ready to go. I used it on a trip to the west coast. It was simple and reliable. Heavy traffic can be very distracting. The screen is easy to see and the voice commands are a huge help. If you are looking for a place to go eat, the C340 will give you a list of the restaurants. Pick one, and it will give you directions. No wonder they are selling so many of these things. Not to mention I can take it to use in rental cars....more info
  • Very Pleased
    Very Happy with this GPS. Does everything as promised. Slightly slow in "Acquiring Satellite", but after it locks on all is well.
    Good Delivery Service from Amazon....more info
  • Streetpilot 340
    I am extremely happy with the purchase. I loaned it to a friend that pulls a travel trailer, used it for 2 weeks, and he also had no problems or suggestions. I would definately get the 340 over the 330 due to the voice instructions telling you what street to turn on. I had some trouble in logging on to the internet to check on updates and getting them to download to the unit. Overall, a great product for the money. Consumer Reports rated it a Best Buy which was one of the major factors in buying this unit. I agree....more info
  • Great Product
    Product is as advertised. FYI, should you fly to another region, the Garmin takes 10 - 20 minutes to search for satellites in the area. ...more info
  • Way to Go
    I no longer try to read a map & drive at the same time and better yet I don't get lost. Great product!...more info
  • Gotta getta Garmin
    This is my second C340 purchase since my first was stolen a few weeks ago. I researched what was new and found that this was still one of the best values. The price had actually decreased $140 since I bought the first one in December, 2006. Amazon had the price to beat both times. The unit is very easy to set up and use. I have used in on trips across several states. The only time it seemed "confused" was when I was in downtown Philly. The unit couldn't seem to pick up a satellite signal amongst the tall buildings.

    I recommend purchasing the dash mount that has the three weights/discs on the bottom. The suction cup won't stick to the windshield or the metal disc that comes with the unit if you travel bumpy roads.

    All in all a great value. I don't travel without it....more info
  • Liked the c330 better
    Replaced my stolen C330 with the C340. The C340 seems to take longer to acquire my position on start up. Most other features are the same. I wish I had replaced the C330 with another C330, the extra feature is not worth the extra money. I feel the C330 is a better unit....more info
  • GPS
    Work good didn't have any problems with it. Help me in the long trip. I am happy wit it!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS Navigator
    I love this GPS. While I intially had to call the help desk to aid with set up, it is now up and running. It gives very clear directions including street names which is very helpful. It estimates actual arrival time rather than counting down remaining minutes to destination which I find a little odd after having installed GPS which counts down the time. I also like the fact that I can remove it from the dash and put it in the my storage compartment so that it is not in view when I am not in the car. I would absoutly recommend this product....more info
  • Nice GPS with few pitfalls
    Most functions work properly. I like the text-to-speech feature give its price compared with other more advanced models.

    I would like to see a function to overview the route it takes (perhaps I did not read the manual carefully, but at least such function is not there AFAIK). It makes a bit painful when it leads me towards a different route than google map does for a long trip.

    Sometimes the audio instructions are not given on time, but mostly it is OK.

    Sometimes it takes long time to get satellite. Especially it is turned on in a different place where it is turned off last time. You have to restart it sometime. Looks like a bug to me.

    Poor reception when you are under a bridge (open air on two sides). Not sure if this is normal....more info
  • Garmin C340
    Good GPS fast access to satellites clear voice street by street directions. Good value for cost....more info
  • Jill is Slow
    I have this since 6 months now. In an effort to make it personal, the company ahs given the user options on picking certain female navigator voices to choose from depending on the accent you prefer. Fro example there is an American called Jill who can navigate you or if you prefer an Aussie, you can go with Karen. I like this feature since I can call my machine by a name.

    However, Jill can be very slow and moody in downtown areas. I drive in NYC and she is useless there. Also, there are areas in the burbs where she can take a long time to locate satelites. She doesnt give you choices of "whether to take HWYs?" or "Non- Toll Route" etc.

    ...more info
  • C340 REVIEW
  • Great but a little corky
    The use of this device is phenominal they really made it user friendly and really easy to use. It was very effective at getting you where you needed to go but sometimes it would take longer routes for no good reason. This was during the first test run where I knew how to get to the place I was going to. It took a long route and tried to make me cross every possible toll around Boston. I wish there was an option to avoid highways or tolls or even excessive traffic lights. Work on that Garmin. Otherwise my wife says she is more than happy with it and would recommend it. ...more info
  • Garmin 340
    I wanted the best and bought a Garmin. I used a rental c330 this summer so I bought a c340 this fall. I would not give it up. Amazon had the best price and is very customer focused. ...more info
  • Highly addictive!
    You will not want to go anywhere without this Garmin. I LOVE it. I now get lost just to use my Garmin to find new roads. It makes travel a true adventure! The software is preloaded and ready to go. All you have to do is plug it in. I also bought the recommended base. I have had minor troubles with mine being as steady as noted by other reviewers; however, I'm also satisfied with that purchase. ...more info
  • Review for Garmin c340
    I've been using the product for over a month now. I've tested extensively most of its features.

    The good - easy to use, preloaded maps, etc.

    The bad - as soon as you enter downtown of any city with hi rise buildings it is almost guaranteed to loose satellite signal. You can work around it by pressing lower right corner on the screen that displays when to turn next. It will tell you where is the next turn. Well, that is only helpful if you previously had satellite signal. In case if you turn GPS on while between high building it will not be able to locate satellites.

    I tested it by driving to Quebec, Canada. Anyone trying to find a location in Canada need to know this tip - GPS may not be able to find the Canadian address by City. Make sure to use Canadian zip code instead. This way it's guaranteed to find the direction.
    While being in Quebec and Montreal I tried to use the system in walk mode. It would not have the signal in most places where it has while driving in a car. I guess that can be attributed to the fact that there is a better clearance for the satellite signal in the middle of the road then in the sidewalk.
    Speaking of the accuracy of the directions it is pretty accurate, although don't expect it to find an optimal path. If you know local roads well you may be disappointed by the routs GPS provides. Of coarse it will recalculate the route once you miss the turn. But I guess there is no GPS system that will always provide you with your favorite route.
    Well, occasionally it will stop a few hundred yards to few miles off the destination. Again, this problem is rather map issue then the navigation unit. I've seen other navigation of different brands and map-sets coming to wrong destination as well.
    Oh, the street pronunciation feature really worth spending a little extra money comparing to c330 model.
    Overall it's a good navigation system and I recommend buying it. Just don't expect to rely on it 100% and always use your common sense....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    The product is wonderful. Would and do tell people about it and where to get it. ...more info
  • not complicated but a few down falls
    There are really little instructions(about a 3 page mini insert) They don't tell you download updates before you enter new info otherwise it wipes out everything. Certain funtions only work in certain modes, like mph you are travelling, this doesn't show if you are using directions you punched in, still haven't figure out how to get school zones etc. nor are they any explainations of functions such as detour, etc. The voice is fairly loud, you have to play with it if you want to look at it with north at the top, other wise whatever direction you are travelling will show as up, the shortest distance vs the fastest route is not very accurate(mapqust does better there)
    Cigarette adapter died after about 3 weeks Garmin was good at replacing it, but I still pick up an extra off of ebay to be sure. Would like to see notes somewhere so that extra info could be typed in such as an addresses phone number.
    Yes I am glad that I bought it as the night srcreen is really good, could use better nti glare for the daytime...more info
  • update it as soon as you get it
    I purchased this product for my fiance and I to use while we get use to our new surroundings in a new city and state.

    One of the first things that I noticed is that certain locations were not correct. If I selected the location from the menu options, some of them took me to a residential neighborhood.

    I've had the chance to use the Nuvi before as well. If time doesn't matter when its searching, then save the money and get this product. The time isn't TOO bad, only if you're in a hurry.

    Oh and once I updated the maps and such everything seem to flow a lot smoother....more info
  • very easy to use.
    one problem was having to charge it electrically at least the first time. it will not charge in car at first and i thought it was broken. but charged it inside electrically and it is working fine. Does not have some of the back roads in alabama. but it is deffinately worth the money. it is easy to use. i counldn't get along without it in my job with home health . ...more info
  • Very happy with my purchase
    I took a while to review a lot of different GPS systems online. I am on a budget so I could not buy something too expensive, but I did want something good. I decided on the Garmin and so far it has not dissappointed me. It gives clear directions, and if I do a wrong turn recalculates very quickly. It has different languages and the colors are bright. I am very happy with it. The only thing is that the suction cup is not that great, but I can deal with that!!! Good purchase, good price...more info
  • can't pick up signal in Ottawa, Canada
    The GPS couldn't pick up the sattelites while I was in downtown Ottawa, Canada. Afterward, it couldn't pck up any signals even we are in suburd of Ottawa with no high rise building. In the states, the GPA works fine....more info
  • Not Too Shabby
    I love my GPS. I received it as a graduation gift in May and waited this long to write a review so I could have some time to experience the pro's and con's. I'm naturally bad with directions...I get lost all the time. I just started working a job as an auditor this month and with clients all over the place, this GPS has become a necessity.
    Pro's: My favorite part about the GPS is I never have to worry about getting lost. If I take a wrong turn it recalculates and finds an alternate route. I moved to a new town and didn't know anything. It showed me my closest banks, supermarkets, parks...basically everything I needed. I love the feature that allows you to see all the turns you're going to make and counts down the miles. It gives you an expected arrival time to your destination. As you get stuck in traffic, it allocates for that. I love that it saves all my recent selections.
    Con's: It sometimes takes me on the most bizarre route. I find myself turning off a road only to turn back onto it after 5 minutes of driving in a different direction. But I don't mind, since it still gets me where I need to go. Sometimes it tells you to turn when it wants you to stay straight. If I'm on a highway and there's a major exit in five miles, it says next turn in 5 miles when it's really that I need to bear with the highway. It has taken me to a wrong location once. Mapquest sent me to the same place, though. Mine takes quite a while to acquire the satellite. I have no idea why; it didn't used to. What I do is start driving and hope it kicks in before I'm in unknown territory.
    All in all, I'm VERY satisfied. I'd recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Relief for the lost solo driver/occupant
    Excellent to read and set up. Allows change of itinery mid route and continue on to destination. Make a wrong turn? Not to worry- a rather unappealing voice reroutes you and indicates the next move for you. Only disadvantage I found was that it is limited as to where to locate it in car. Windshield most common and if dashboard,it is difficult to attach given the contours of the dashboards and distance to see it. Would certainly recommend it to anyone who travels alone into unfamiliar territory. ...more info
  • The "I finally got one!" newest item in my life!!
    I won't be redundant, and repeat ALL the things the others have said about this little pod, called a Street Pilot. And a pilot it is....I rode along with a friend last month, and she had one of these.
    OMG!!! For the $, DON'T hesitate. Buy one and be amazed like the rest of us.
    I got the 340, in anticipation of moving to a larger town that would have the capabilites of the traffic feature. But for only $30 more, it's there if I need it.
    A+A+A+A+A+ Garmin, you struck a homer with this one!...more info
  • Saved the day!
    We recently relocated to another area of our state and my husband got me this GPS for a housewarming gift. We took it out of the box and didn't need to do a thing to it other than tell it where HOME was. It has saved me hours of getting lost! It has help me find parks and stores as well as has recommended alternate routes around town off the beaten path that has lead me to finding other places/stores/parks etc. I'm much more adventuresome when venturing out on roads I don't know now that I know I have "Jill" (our GPS's name) to bail me out! ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    Fantastic product. Directions for bringing up programs easily done. Love this product and worth every penny. The price for this product and the dashboard mount were very reasonable. I price shopped 2 other websites and got both mount and GPS for under what the other 2 sites were asking just for the GPS. Don't hesitate to get these items....more info
  • Its good, but .....
    We bought a GPS to eliminate the driver yelling at the navigator "WHAT DO I DO NOW??" when we would get close to our destination. Now when we reach our destination city, we get to our destination address easily.

    We ordered the unit from Amazon - only after we received it, did I read the "What's in the box" carefully - does NOT include the full instruction manual - HUH!!! Amazon refused to send me one - luckily I got one from the manufacturer.

    I like the unit, I will not return it but it needs a way to check the routing after you input the end points.

    We were going from St Louis, MO to Salem IL - Mapquest said I-70 West to I-57 North to Salem. The GPS unit kept telling us to drive on the small State & County roads - but that would have saved us 5 minutes at the cost of more difficult driving. Next we went from St Louis to Carbondale IL - normal route I-70 West to I-57 South. After the Salem trip we decided to let the GPS route us. MISTAKE - it took us off the Interstate and put us on small roads - we were behind a Farmer on his Tractor - oh such fun!!

    When we reached Carbondale we were on a highway with an access/service road - the GPS unit told us to make a right turn into our destination hotel - but the hotel was not on the highway, it was on the service road so I couldn't get there.

    ...more info
  • Good investment
    Used the Garmin for a 1000 mile RV trip. Took us down some interesting roads, but all were correct and the shortest route to where we were going. Gas stations and restaurants were a little outdated (those places change daily) but still helpful. All in all a good value for the money, easy to use and accurate. Better than paper maps by far....more info
  • Garmin c340 is awesome
    I am so pleased with the Garmin c340. This device exceeds my expectations. This is user-friendly right out of the box. I love the way it announces the street name before you come upon it so I feel confident where I am going. Easy to find restaurants, shopping, parks... anything you need. It also gives you the phone number of establishments so you can call ahead for reservations or confirmation of appointments. I love it & highly recommend the Garmin c340; I bought one for my husband & one for me!...more info
  • Easy to use, disappointed in performance
    This unit is very easy to use, but did not have as many features as I would have liked. Sure it can get you from point A to B, but it will not always be the fastest way. It will reroute you quickly if you go off course. It speaks far enough in advance to give you adequate heads up. I found it difficult to create some kind of daily route. You can set it to go to point A by way of point B to get to point C, but forget it if you have A to G for the day. I played with it my first day around town, and the preloaded directions for say Wal-mart, lead me in the opposite direction. The website is not useful to download lists of personal addresses, or to update the current preloaded ones. I would not recommend this unit for someone who travels to a lot of addresses frequently. For the traveler who is looking for something easy to use, preloaded restaurants, etc. this is for you. It was easy to get started, automatically changed backlight when it gets dark, turns off when you get out the car....more info
  • Great advacements in this product
    Before buying my c340, I owned a street pilot 3. I traveled the East coast and West Coast wilth my stret ilot 3. I can't believe how easy it is to use the c340 and how quickly it responds if you go off route. I would definetly recommend it to anyone. I am going to sell my street pilot 3....more info
  • StreetPilot c340 - Perfect toy for the long rides....
    Did a lot of homework before purchasing a GPS... knew that Garmin was one of the best names out there...

    Great toy... simple and easy to use - and does everything you want it to do.

    Highly recommend this item...
    ...more info
  • Fabulous!
    We LOVE our Garmin Street Pilot. It's intuitive, easy to use, and easy to understand. We had experienced another model that did not speak the street names (e.g. "turn in 500 feet"). We were constantly going past the street and having to listen to the lady say, "Recalculating . . ." This c340 is a basic model that speaks the street names. There's no mistaking where to turn. What a relief....more info
  • Great invention
    This Garman navigation system is easy to use and immensely helpful. How did I ever live without it? It is so reassuring that I will never get lost again!...more info
  • Good GPS, though not perfect
    I had this GPS to replace a cheap one, which often drag me to a wrong way or one way street. I have to say, overall, it's a great one. It does take me door-to-door, wherever I am and where I want to go. It's very accurate, never get me lost. The voice is loud and clear. Control is very easy and quick.
    A few cons I feel it's important to mention:
    -The alert is so close that can cause you to miss a turn. It'll wait until 0.1 miles to remind you to turn, which means if you're driving in a downtown, it might drive you crazy. So you need to quickly glance at the screen to make sure if it is your next turn because the screen changes must faster than the voice.
    -Although I have the V8 map, the data seems not very up to date. If you want to find an Exxon gas station, for example, it will guide you to that station, but it might or might no longer be Exxon any more.
    -The route it gives you is not always the best route. If you choose "Fastest time", it will drag you to the nearest beltway no matter it may be 10 miles futher or what the traffic condition is. If you choose "Shortest distance", it will draw you the most zig zag route, which means the shortest distance for ... the bird, not the car.
    -The power switching is kind of annoying. If for some reason the plug gets loose, the power will be lost and it will notice you to "Continue in battery power" or it will shut down by itsefl in 30 seconds and counting down, which means you have to touch the screen to switch to battery or lose the direction. It can be annoying and distract your driving if your power plug is old, like mine.
    -You can change the voice to other languages, but only the American voice "Jill" can spell and speak the street name (Text to speech), others will only say "Turn right" or "Turn left", like in the C330. So if you're considering between this one and the C330, that's how different it is, I guess.
    I used it to get to know one of the craziest city in the US after New York, the Baltimore city, MD. The fastest route it draws always take me the longest time time because of traffic in this downtown. After being familiar with the area, I combined Garmin with Google Earth and tried to draw a better route myself. It was much faster, shorter and saved me at least 20 minutes each time. The same with the Points of Interest data, you should refer to the internet before taking Garmin to the road. Sometimes, you will find an extincted gas station, shopping or restaurant but still appear on Garmin's map
    Other than those, this is a nice and reliable GPS to have.
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I was looking for a GPS unit since I often travel around the country for business. After a few days of research, I decided on the Garmin based on the reviews here. I couldn't be happier! It's an excellent investment. I didn't need alot of bells and whistles, I didn't want to pay big bucks or have to read a manual to figure out how to use the thing! I needed a basic guide to get me around in unfamiliar territory. This unit is totally user friendly and easy to navigate right out of the box. Just enter the address and press GO. The voice prompts you at every turn. Amazon's price was the best and it arrived quickly. If you want an excellent GPS unit at a great price, I highly recommend the Garmin c340. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Use in a Semi. and the best route to test with
    Got this yesterday, will use in Semi, first route I put in ANY GPS unit when testing it's routing is very simple Fargo ND to Sacramento CA. If the unit routes you thru Bosie, don't buy it. the correct and shortest route is south outa Bozeman MT, thru West Yellowstone (Hwy 93) then to I15 Idaho Falls ID. saves appox 200 miles. I ran this in the C340 and DING DING DING it won the prize. It also has a truck setting which seems to be great. Doesn't have restricted routes in it or low clearances. So drivers be careful but for nite driving and finding that raod that you can't see the sign for it's tops....more info
  • great investment
    just bought the Garmin C340 after reading reviews about it.
    Received it a few days before going on a trip from eastern Long Island to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
    Getting off Long Island and Staten Island, we were is disagreement, that is the C340 and I, For the fastest route, it would have taken us way up north and for the shortest route, through all the side streets of Brooklyn and Staten Island.Neither was the way, I wanted to go. So I think, there could be some improvement of customizing your trip.
    But once we gotten into unfamiliar territory, it was great. Lead to the destination without any problems. Would buy it again....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
    I recently purchased the Garmin Street Pilot c340 from Amazon. I was very impressed that I just turned the unit on and added the desired address and the unit brought me to my destination. I have been using it for over a month now and I'm sorry I did not purchase one of these earlier. Also I was going to purchase this unit at another retailer but Amazon beat their price by about $30.00.

    Thank you Amazon and thank you Garmin for such a fine product....more info
  • Spend the extra $50 and go for the c550
    The c550 came with a car rental and I loved it. I did the research and figured I would save a few $$ and go for the c340. Bad move - I returned it and got the c550 instead. The 340 does an adequate job but: 1) mount kinda sucks (compared with the 550), 2) it's SLOW at aquiring satellites and finding POIs, 3) the GLARE ON THE SCREEN IS HORRIBLE.

    The c550 comes with anti-glare screen, FM traffic adapter included(!), rocket fast, and has a great mount.

    Do yourself a favor - I wish someone had told me. ...more info
  • It's just what I needed!
    I wanted a GPS and I was really sold on the Tom Tom until my wife decided that I could not spend $500 on it! Shoot. Well a friend of mine suggested the Garmin and I found out that the c340 really fit the bill. I really love the text to speech feature which means the streets are called out by name. A crucial feature when you are navigating in uncharted territory. But thanks to the Garmin, its all charted! I have seen a couple of misses. It lead me to a couple of resturants that were out of business, not a big problem but I still am not sure how the map will ever get updated. It did find me gas in the middle of nowhere (Colorado/Wyoming border), which at 10pm was a lifesaver! All of the street and road data has been spot on. I really like that it recalcultes the route when I blow the turn, this happens more than I care to admit. The distance feature is not as accurate as I would like when indicating a turn, I'd say it is about 70-90 feet off, but now I know to compensate and I usually hit the right street. It also knows about one way streets which helps a great deal.

    I highly recommend this unit! ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    I went on vacation to several states: UT, Nevada, Georgia and Florida and work very good....more info
  • Garmin C340
    The Garmin C340 is great what I like most about it is the voice prompts for turns when they come up....more info
  • Battery Woes with c340
    I have enjoyed my Garmin c340. I like the large database of locations I can type in and get directions to. It is probably as accurate as friends' competing units.
    As others have said, sometimes it tells you to turn just a little too late. Having only used two GPS units, both Garmins, I cannot say this is a unique failing to all or some Garmins only. It is not always easy to read on a sunny day since the screen is not too bright. The worst, however, is that in less than a year, the lithium battery failed so the unit must be plugged into a power source. You cannot take it into your hotel room to plan the next day's venu. Without that plug in the cigarette lighter it is dead, and according to the manual, you cannot replace the battery yourself. If you look at sites like Amazon, you will find that replacement lithiums are available for other GPS units. I am about to buy a family member a GPS, but will certainly not consider the c340 becuase of the battery problem with no easy fix....more info
  • c340
    We had the Garmin c330 and upgraded to the c340 and couldn't be happier.
    Pre-programmed all of our destinations before a trip to Seattle and found this to be invaluable.
    ...more info
  • decent GPS
    - I was considering Garmin, Mio and TomTom. I finally decided on the Garmin after reading so many reviews from different websites. Everything is fine, but when you're in a parking garage, the reception is horrible. Even after we left the garage and out in the open, it still says "acquiring satelite" for minutes. I had to "STOP" it and then restart the route in order to connect to the satelite. So, that is kinda annoying because you can't just wait at the stop light until it acquires the satelite.
    -And at one point, we were looking for McD. We missed one, and wanted to see if there's another coming up. c340 directed us to turn back and go to the one we missed. At least it should displaying a U-turn sign to indicate that to go to this location, you need to turn back.
    -it would be nice if it can take into account which freeway is more high in traffic. during our trip to LA, it instructed us to take I-5, which is pretty jammed most of the time, instead of telling us to take I-405. When we changed the route ourselves, it kept on telling us to go back to I-5. another annoying part.
    -the screen is hard to see under the sunlight. and the window mount fell off from the windshield (we weren't driving on bumpy road); luckily the system wasn't damaged.

    but overall, it still does its job and get us to where we need to go.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely great if you have more than one car
    Very easy, intuitive interface that is streamlined to have all the functions you need for automobile navigation and no more. Highly recommend the TTS feature with the Australian Karen voice - TTS is a must have in my book. POIs were easy to add from my home computer. I changed the splash screen to show a picture of my family. Updating the internal software is a snap with Garmin's Webupdater. The update took about 10 minutes including download via DSL and install on the unit. My unit, purchased a week ago, came with the latest version of the maps but not the latest firmware. I haven't had any problems with finding satellites from my car in suburbia although it seems to find satellites better if you let it acquire them before you drive the car. Acquiring satellites in normal conditions takes about 30 seconds or so.

    Mounting was a little bit of an adventure as I didn't care for the suction mount. My solution for my three cars is to buy one of these (010-10613-00) and two of these (010-10199-02). The cradle/cord from the 10613 unit will fit other lots of other garmin mounts, including the small stick-on one - 10199. I don't think you can get the cradle/cord separately, you must buy the 10613 to get the modular cradle. Also the cradle/cord has been upgraded so the cord will unplug and is identical to the one on the suction mount so the Garmin mount system is highly modular if you get the right pieces.

    At the price Amazon is offering for the c340's, this is a great buy. If you need more functions than what you would use for navigating an automobile then you should probably check with the Nuvi's or others as I don't think this has a feature set that supports hiking, mountain biking or geocaching....more info
  • Nimish - New Jersey
    It is a great product. It has all the features that one need on the road. If you miss the direction, they will guide you again and give the street name and distance info before the next turn. I have pleasure of using it.
    ...more info
  • review of garmin gps
    I have found it very easy to use and found it is about 99% correct. I really have no problem with it except for a couple of small issues. First the stored directions for rural areas seem to have some glitches. I would suggest that you do a quick scan of a map if unfamiliar with the area to make sure you are on the right path. (example: in rural Indiana, it had us on the right highway but kept stating we were going south when we actually were going north which was the correct direction.

    Also, strongly suggest the buyer review the on-line users manual before setting out in a vehicle as there is no written user manual included with system and you have to keep playing around it to discover all the features.....more info
  • Consider Cobra 2100 GPS +speed/redlight camera alert+Free updates
    Consider Cobra GPSm 2100 navigation with free updates & speed camera/red light camera updates. I use it with my Valentine one radar & its fun and safe way to drive on long trips with such investments that keep you awake & make trip exciting & ticket free. Check out GPSM 2100 not because its cheap but seriously consider its features. I enjoy Cobra GPSM 2100 & valentine one radar detector both. I remove Radar detector in Washington & VA but keep the GPS on. It works great!...more info
  • Great for the money
    This product works great. It is not too bulky and gets great receptions. The only thing is that it doesn't get satelites when you're indoors but that's expected unless you need driving directions from your garage to your living room.

    The touch screen is great and the buttons are large enough to touch while driving. The speakers/voice are loud and clear.

    The features are great and the POIs are pretty extensive. Searching for the POIs take roughly a minute or two but they are good enough. You can always updated your maps/POIs for free once you've registered the product.

    Overall, I really think this was a good decision....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Sometimes it takes you over strange roads, especially if your are in a known area. Stick with it anywhere and it hardly ever fails to get you to where are going. I have put in an incorrect address and the GPS brought me to the area before giving up. I would recommend this model to anyone....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    This is a great GPS unit. It's loaded with a database of attractions, food, lodging, gas stations, etc that I have found very useful, especially when traveling in areas that are not familiar to me. I recently used it on a road trip from Maryland to Niagara falls NY, with a stopover in Williamsport PA both going and coming. From Niagara falls I traveled to Hamilton, ON and to Toronto and then back home. The Street Pilot never lost satallites and was right on the mark with directions and with clear maps the entire way. In the cities, street names were anotated on the map making it easy to anticipate the next turn. The voice prompts are also very useful, although sometimes pronunciation is not quite right but understandable anyway.

    I highly recommend this unit for travel in North America.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Review
    Happy with my product. Works as advertised. Minor problems. Manual could be better. Some inportant details are missing....more info
  • Real Life c340 experiences
    This seems to be a decent GPS but it is far from perfect. Among the major setbacks are: the voice comes on very late when making turns, frequently just as the turn is upon you; the GPS feature is off a good amount of time by more than 50 feet, not a majot factor except when in a crowded area; it is diffuclt to override the system's selected driving route making some trips frustrating. It is important to have a some sense of where you are going and how you would like to get there and not leave all the details up to the GPS. The maps frequently don't show the cross streets.
    Among the better features are the window mount. You don't need the optional dash mount as the window mount works really well. The screen is visable in almost all sunlight conditions. I live in Florida where it can be really bright during the day and usually have no trouble viewing the screen. The GPS is easy to use even with out instructions. Some I guess might call it intuitive. You also don't need the optional battery charger since you can charge the GPS when you don't need to use the GPS functions.
    At less than $300 bucks it seems to be a fair exchange. And it's fun....more info
  • GPS
    This system is very easy to set up and use. The only problem I had was keeping it on. I ended up purchasing something else for that and I am very happy. I'll never be lost again!...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    We are happy with our Garmin Street Pilot. It got us to a remote mountain restaurant, but gave bad directions back to our hotel. Fortunately we were close enough that we knew where we were. The pre- loaded maps and directions are truly amazing!...more info
  • Very Good Product
    I love its text to speech feature but I think that the device is too bulky and missing other simple features that were found in older versions. I still think that I got a great buy....more info
  • Simple, user friendly and worth its price
    1. Very easy to use. Easy touchscreen interface. You can store regular travelling locations in favorites for easy accessibility. The BEST thing about this GPS is that it says the street names to make the turn at. This is by far THE most important thing to look for in a GPS (Otherwise you will end up having a GPS which says make a turn in 300-400 ft).
    2. Decent size screen. Sometimes the glare of the sun can make it a little difficult to view. But you can always adjust the setup for easy viewing.
    3. Very sturdy. My GPS has fallen around 10-15 times and it still works (thank god).
    4. Can update the software online. But you cannot get new maps. You will have to purchase new maps at garmin's website for around 50-60 bucks

    1. The GPS holder that comes with the package is not very good at holding the GPS. Does fall out a lot when making sharp turns or when braking. I would suggest buying the frictionless mount GPS holder which can be removed and placed in the glove compartment when not in use. But the frictionless mount also slides off the top when making sharp turns.
    2. Sometimes (pretty rare), the software will hang.

    All in all a very good GPS to buy for the price. Make sure you buy the 340 and not the 330 (numbers can make a whole lot of difference)....more info
  • Best value for speaking street names
    I believe this Garmin c340 is currently the best value Garmin navigation device. I consider the feature of speaking the actual street names to be my must have feature. This feature will tell you to "Turn right on Franklin Street" instead of just "Turn right in 500 feet." My unit delivered on August 3rd with the v2008 preloaded maps has an amazing amount of preloaded points of interest to get you just about anywhere you need to go in the entire US and Canada. Thanks Garmin!...more info
  • Just Buy It!
    The name says is all-GARMIN. These guys pioneered the GPS thing.
    Unit works great, and have not had any errors. Recalculates very fast
    if you miss your exit. I especially enjoy the Austrailan accent voice
    option. Would be nice to have a bit larger screen, but with the voice
    prompts you really do not even have to look at it other than to enter
    your destination info. Very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • Should be a little cheaper I think
    I'm a little disappointed in it. It is an accurate leader but does not really chose the fastest way. Sometimes it leads you into one way streets where traffic goes totally the opposite direction. Also once when I was in a neighborgood im not familiar with I searched for a gas station but it took me to a restaurant. Otherwise, when you type in the address or an intersection it takes you to the exact place. I don't know, maybe it works better in smaller towns/cities. (I'm from New York City where traffic directions might get changed from time to time.)...more info
  • I don't worry about changes in my schedule anymore...
    I am a Certified Home Health Aide for the Visiting Nurses Association of Central Jersey. My territory covers all of Monmouth County. There have been times in the middle of my day that a call from the office has changed my schedule and my path of travel. A hard copy of travel directions was cumbersome, inflexible, and actually dangerous to read as I was driving. The Garmin StreetPilot has made my assignments so much easier to reach without the fear of getting lost. ...more info
    I was hesitant in buying one, as I don't drive out of town, but it was a case of want over need. I recieved it quickly to my surprise, and was thrilled with it.. I ordered the C340 as I liked the text to speech and found it great. I use it to find local locations, even some I am used to as I never have to look at it, I just listen to the verbal directions, and concentrate on traffic. I also bought the dash mount, and the combination of the two work well. Once I put the assm on the dash, it stays there, over speed bumps and sharp braking....I recommended the dash mount to friends who have the Garmin GPS, and they like me enjoy the ease of removal to prevent theft......more info
  • best thing since sliced bread
    Love it!!! I bought 1 for the hubby & 1 for the geographically dysfuctional daughter. The daughter, at first, gave me one of those thanks for dictionary attitudes, but grew to love it. I ended up with the hubby's GPS. Works great! When my employees go out of town, they always take mine. They (and I) love it when travelling. Super easy to use and so wonderful for finding services (gas, food, entertainment, etc.) Love it, love it, love it!!!...more info
  • The Only GPS You Will Ever Need
    This Garmin portable GPS is the absolute best! It couldn't be more accurate and the speech is totally clear and understandable. My husband and I have taken two trips since I received it and it was a real life saver. For being such an excellent product it is very affordable. The ability to transfer it between vehicles is going to be great too!...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilotc340 Traffic ready GPS Navigator
    I received my c340 GPS within a week. It has been everything I thought it would be. When driving, it gives alternate routes to the location in 2 seconds. My wife drove to San Diego from Los Angeles and the GPS gave her directions to the door of her motel, also when using the restaurants the GPS told her how far the Crab Restaurant was as she got closer. I usually just listen to the direction turns without having to take my eyes off the road. Before a trip we loaded the addresses in the house the night before and it worked perfectly. One restaurant was closed down, but other than that I was very satisfied with the Garmin c340 GPS. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340
    One of the best inventions ever....right up there with the Ipod. Gives explicit directions, good visual screen, has large arrow telling you where to turn, gives you the distance until next turn, gives you estimated time of arrival, and even speaks out the Street names and directions! The the price, I feel is unbeatable. Saves time, money, gas, and frustration. Took a recent trip to VA in the hills of Roanoke, and was never lost once with my Garmin. Overall very satisfied....Never be Lost again. ...more info
  • Great travel companion
    This Garmin is great. It is easy to use, and gives clear directions. I use other languages to guide me around, and the only downside is that street names are not used in that mode.
    Design is small enough, but easy to read and operate.
    I noticed that the maps are not updated frequently enough with new streets. ...more info
  • Does NOT have latest GPS receiver!
    I spent a lot of time looking for a good receiver and eventually settled on this one. I liked the features and the reviews were generally very good. So I ordered this unit and thought that was the end of it. Well, I stumbled upon a website ( and they mentioned units to avoid. The units to avoid included many Garmin units (such as this one) because these units are not being sold with the latest GPS receiver (the SIRF Star III) which is supposed to provide dramatically better results in traditional problem areas (tall buildings, urban areas, tunnels, etc). I confirmed this information with other websites and then decided to order the Garmin Nuvi 350, which has both the new GPS receiver and the other features I wanted. What is really ridiculous is that the Garmin website, even when you compare the units using the compare feature on their website, does not actually show which GPS receiver is being used....more info
  • Good and Bad
    First of all the good: the device works fairly well.

    Only fairly well, because it is routinely confused and tells me to bear right when it should say left. (there's a three spots going down into Tacoma and another by Bellevue which I always have to watch close)

    The bad part? Updating the software and/or the maps is confusing, if it's even possible at all. An hour was as long as I was willing to devote to the task before I gave up and just accepted that whatever maps it came with, that's what it'll have until I throw it away. What should have been simple ended up require 2 different registrations and 2 different codes on their website before they would release current maps. (Who do they think is going to take their maps, that doesn't have their device? The map data is useless without one...) When I finally recieved the data, it didn't work.

    Typical corporate philosophy: the shorter it's lifespan, the sooner you'll have to buy another one.

    ...more info
    I loved this! However mine got stolen out of my car one awful night in July. So if you get this very user friendly product make sure you dont leave it displayed like I stupidly did. I replaced it with the nuvi 250 since it is thinner and fits better in my itty bitty glove box....more info
  • Good function but some issues
    The GPS itself works extremely well. The problems are with the accessories. There is no power port in the GPS but it mates through the base. The base is fragile. Also the the power cord leaves a lot to be desired. If a fuse goes out, it is easy to lose parts which will make the unit non-functional. Of course none of these accessories are easy to obtain replacements for. If not for these problems this would be a five star unit...more info
  • Never get lost again!
    Never had one of these toys before, but this is an excellent product. Used it in Florida and the GPS was right on. Love it! Can't wait to take more trips to fully utilize the GPS....more info
  • Bargain price, outstanding performance
    I've had two other GPS systems by Magellan. They were pricey ($350 - $400). They provided what I needed. I purchased this item for at least a $100 bucks less and was expecting "you get what you pay for". I'm absolutely delighted. The graphics are far superior to other systems. It is easy to read regardless of lighting (it even changes the entire color scheme at night for easier reading). The touch pad is also far superior. I'd like it if the controls were a little more intuitive but a few uses make that irrelevant.
    This is definitely a keeper....more info
  • Tardy and Unfriendly
    Having a GPS is great, and this c340 will map out the path to your destination. That feature is invaluable, and I have had no problem with destination accuracy navigating around Washington State.

    Beign prompted by the c340 in a timely manner is a whole 'nother story. Quiet often I am past the point that I can safely turn into my destination when the unit is prompting me to turn. This is especially a concern when my daughter, who is just beginning to drive, is using the unit. So, we have backtracked on many occassions to our destination because we have missed the turn. (yes the map is displaying...but why buy a unit with voice feature if you have to view the map in order to not miss your turn.)

    The voices options in the c340 are pretty darn unfriendly. The voice options are great for annuciation, but maybe that is why they sound so unfriendly. I fell like I am being scolded every time the unit has to "recalculate", which is eveytime we miss our turn. :-) General driving directions are a little distracting also. For instance...when we talk about highway 182, we refer to it as Highway One-Eighty Two. The c340 refers to it as Highway One-Hundered-Eighty-Two.... takes a little getting used to.

    We own a Tom Tom 510. Tom is just the friendliest guy in the world. Actually I think the voice's name is Richard. Tom Tom 510 is just as easy to use as this unit, has a pleasant voice that gives directions in a timely manner.

    I reccomend Tom Tom 510 over this unit. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS!
    Excellent GPS unit all around! I am glad I got the c340 instead of the c330 because of the text-to-speech feature which allows the unit to say street names instead of just "turn in 500 feet." Very useful so you don't have to take your eyes of the road to find out where your street is. I have had no problems acquiring satellites around home (NJ). I took it to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas and it found my new location in less than 30 seconds. I can't believe how I ever lived without one of these. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Garmin C340 Screen Locks Up
    The Garmin C340 StreetPilot screen locks up frequently during use and you must restart the unit; it is often useless until you unplug from power and restart the unit. Jim Porter,PTC GA Garmin StreetPilot c340 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Unbelievable!
    I was always lost! I would call my husband in tears because I couldn't find my way around while traveling. He would desparately try to figure out where I was on the internet and guide me via cell phone but by the time I'd find my way out we would both be upset. NO MORE!

    I just went on a trip to Southern Indiana, a place I had never been. Although I took a few wrong turns, it always "recalculated" and got me back on track. And when I needed fuel, it found a station for me. I didn't call my husband for anything other than to tell him I missed him! No tears! Thanks to the Garmin people for making such a fine product. ...more info
  • New User of C340 Initial thoughts
    Just got a C340 with V8 mapping and tried it out on a 350 mi r/t jaunt to southern NJ. Now I know the route well so this was a system test. Have to say unit delivers what you expect for the price = it does the job well. Couple of fluky traits like pronouncing street names incorrectly or using street references that no one really uses such as referring to Long Island's Sunrise Highway as "POWMIA" Highway, but no big deal. I used the friction mount which fit ok on my Subaru Legacy dash rather than the windshield mount. It might shake a little bit going over rough road but not really a problem. Had no real problem either with glare; still usable. Per earlier suggestions from this forum I downloaded the 'American Jack' speak which worked fine.

    Bottom line = great instrument; fun to use as long as you retain your overall situational awareness. And yes there is that problem with the Garden State Parkway where it tells you to keep right in the local lanes when you would rather be in the express lane. Documentation could be better written but all tech writing nowadays is terrible. Highly recommended for someone wanting a good basic navigator without spending a lot of money.

    Does anyone know the purpose of that moving 'line gauge' which appears above the 'Arrival' box? Cant' find any reference to it anywhere in the documentation. It must be timing something; how close you are to arrival time perhaps.

    FYI - I am using a 4" wide kids plastic lunchbox with some foam inserts as a carry-storage case for the unit incl the friction mount. It is the ultimate stealth case with no markings except for 'Fantastic Four'.

    8/21 Update: With the dash friction mount I noticed the unit gets really hot during a typical summer day. Cannot be good for the battery not to mention the electronics. Seems to me that an AC vent mount would be a better idea or maybe a cupholder mount. Anything to get the unit away from the window and hot dashboard. Got to be real careful to initialize the unit before setting out. I got messed up in Phoenix when I couldnt set it up until I got on the freeway. After a couple of hiccups I ended up going in circles around the airport until I set it correctly! Also you have to trust the unit implicitly when you are in an unfamiliar area. I went left even though the unit said go right -- and ended up in circles again until a got redirected.

    Michael...more info
  • A Pilot for Everyone
    I bought this for my wife who is technology challenged. She was able to use it without reading the instruction manual and love it as she cannot read a map. Great item and very intuitive....more info
  • Satisfied with Garmin C340
    I had a problem losing the Satelites until I reprogramed it as instructed by Garmin . Now it works very well , no complaints except that it sometimes calls out the turns late and it could have a better volume control with a wider range.The Garmin people are EXCELLENT to work with , I can't praise them enough . I haven't compared the Garmin to any other brand .

    I purchased the Garmin from Amazon which , in my opinion is a GREAT company to do business with . I never got hurt by Amazon !...more info
  • Good Performer
    I got this as a gift and never would have thought to buy one myself but I sure would now. Directions are usually decent and maps are up to date for everything I've seen so far. The points of interest are pretty accurate but opened/closed places in the past year may not be correct. Be careful when selection a POI, somehow my friend scrolled around the map and thought he got us directions to a place to eat but it took us to a mobile home instead. Uploading new POI's is simply and I've created files for all my work locations. You can find free POI files online for most any restraunt or store. Like to eat at Blimpie? Download the .csv file and now you have all the locations of it. Traffic function works but is limited for now by the 3rd party provider but may be even better in the future as more people subscribe....more info
  • wonderfull product
    Could be bettter looking and sophisticated, but this does everythin you need, its realy a 5 star product....more info
  • Garmin C-340
    This is an outstanding product. It has both voice and visual directions. I am completly satisfied and would buy it again....more info
  • Great GPS for the monry
    While many of the high end GPS's are faster and offer more options, I have found that the Garmin c340 does what I want, and when I need it. Its very easy to use, sun glare not a major issue, and reliable. Well worth the money. For normal day-to-day route directions, this does the job well....more info
    From premier avionics to mobile mapping Im impressed with Garmin. Ive had my c340 for over two years now. It has saved me several times esp when interstates get tied up due to accidents etc...I get to keep moving. It takes a while to trust them, but eventually you rely on them. It's not always perfect but it gets you there. It has areas for improvement. My vision isnt great and the glare makes it tough to see at times. The window mount will fall off, so be careful about mounting it high. Protect the expensive battery by keeping it out of the sun when not in use..also understand the reset button underneath the frame. I almost paid for an expensive repair needlessly. It must stay plugged in to keep the battery charged. I had it fail on a backroad one time due to low battery..yikes.
    You have to pay for remapping $75 every other year, but this amazing device is worth it....more info
  • Easy to use and gets the job done.
    I have been using the c340 for a few weeks now and it is a cool little device. The POI's are cool and it has just about everything. The maps are easy to read and the voice features are a necessity for me when I cannot look at the GPS. My only 2 complaints are just some minor niggles. It kind of has a funky shape that makes it a little harder to take with you. Also, the voice feature works well but sometimes tells you what to do a little too late (i.e. "take ramp on left to I-680 South" - about 20 feet before the turn which can result in you missing the turn if you cannot get over). To remedy this, just look at the next turn and you should be good. Like I said minor complaint.

    All in all an awesome little device. When I upgrade to a thinner model with Bluetooth it will DEFINITELY be a Garmin....more info
  • I love my new toy!
    I admit to being orientationally challenged. I get lost a lot and have trouble following verbal directions. When a friend told me you could get portable versions of the GPS navigators, I had to have one. I selected this one based on reviews and feedback from a salesman at Circuit City (although I bought it here on Amazon -- much better price!), and I have to say I love this product. It can get me just about anywhere. You can plug in an address or the name of your destination or have the gadget do a search for you based on categories like grocery store, fuel (for gas stations), etc. It will recall your recent destinations so you don't have to hunt down the address again. It estimates your time of arrival, shows you a map of your next turn, tells you the distance until your next turn, recalculates quickly when you veer off the selected route. You can choose a number of different voices, which is kind of interesting. And I noticed that some of the voices are chattier than others -- some give more detail than others so you can choose how much chatter you want to hear. (By the way, I highly recommend you pay the extra money to get the navigators that talk. When you're driving, it can be hard to watch the monitor to see when and where your next turn is.) This GPS will generally recommend traveling on major thoroughfares and will work very hard to get you back to that route if you take a back road. And you definitely need to know the correct address of your destination if you're going by address. The GPS can't work miracles. I have really been putting mine to the test. I had to rent a car in another city a few weeks ago and drive from downtown to the suburbs and back. Being orientationally challenged, this would have worried me before. My GPS got me there with no problems. I wish I had purchased this a long time ago. One very nice thing I discovered is that it gets a perfectly good signal just sitting on my console -- probably because I have a sunroof -- so I don't have to mount it on the windshield or dashboard. That's a convenience in terms of being able to easily hide it or put it in the glove compartment to deter theft. ...more info
  • Great Unit, Lousy Mount
    Functionally, this does a great job. Size-wise this isn't the sexyest body in the world, but it's not huge either. I would buy this again. BUT, throw away the standard, included windshield mount. It's a pain to use, blocks my vision, and the suction cup material glues itself right to the glass, leaving behind an ugly black ring. Even after scraping and Windex on the glass, I can still see where the suction cup was. Trash the included mount and buy the mount that sits on the dash; it's GREAT....more info
  • garmin 340
    i like this unit better than the tom tom! i wish i wasnt so hard headed
    and bought this along time ago!...more info
  • Garmin C340 Navigator
    Used this navigator to go from Green Bay, WI to Cleveland, OH I typed in the address in Cleveland and it took us right there.
    On the way back the wife was driving and missed a turn and we ended up lost in Chicago without a map. The C340 recalculated and gave us directions to get out of Chicago which save me from a lot of cussing as the last time we got lost in Chicago it took us 4 hours to get out.
    GREAT product...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilotc340
    Very pleased with ease with which I can input address and receive quickest route while driving-very important in my line of work and decreases divided attention effect on driving ability and safe operation of my company vehicle (vs thumbing through mapbook). Have mounted unit just below and left of rear view mirror. Will soon be ordering voice command recognition option to avoid taking one hand /finger off wheel to input address. ...more info
  • Warning Warning Maping nighmares
    If you Plan of buying this unit and going to Europe (France)do not waste your money.I just returned from a month in Southern France,maping was a nightmare.The unit could not find St Tropez,Villefranche sur mer,Cap Ferrat many locations in the city center of Nice and also could not find the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.Received on the screen a message "receiving incorrect route directions".I had the latest map the Nt friend from ialy visited with his tom tom 910 and we used his in the car on battery and my Garmin plugged in.His was 98# accurate.I would hate to see anyone else spend $279.00 for the card and leave for Europe and then be so confused.The only saving grace was on highway exits. ...more info
  • A mediocre product
    This review is based on about 20 days usage of C340 streetpilot. Its useful if you have to go to new places. Based on reviews I read on this site Garmin may be better than the others but there are a few annoying things about it that needs getting used to:

    1) Acquisition of satelite signal could take anywhere between 1 to 7
    minutes when you power it on. If you are in a new place and type in the
    destination address and start to drive assuming that the device will
    give you the directions in a few seconds or a minute, you could be
    dead wrong. You may end up driving for a few minutes in a totally
    wrong direction.

    2) Inconsistency in its alerts before a turn. Sometimes it will alert you
    0.2 miles before, sometimes 0.5 miles, sometimes 0.8 miles, sometimes
    1 mile and anything in between.

    3) On a long stretch of road (typically where you have to drive 20 miles
    or more and then take a turn) it goes to sleep and does'nt wake up
    untill you reached the end of the road and have taken the designated

    4) If you deviate from the suggested route, it gets confused sometimes
    while recalculating the new. It will say "recalculating" a number of
    times, ask you to take a U-turn to get you back on the original route.
    Eventually it does recalculate the new route.

    5) Search feature for an attraction is very slow and sometimes you feel
    like giving up.

    Inspite of the above problems its a useful device to have for the lack of something better. I hope Garmin hires better programmers to write the software, at best its mediocre and reminds me of the buggy Windows 3.1.

    ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    The c340 is a Solid performer. I originally purchased the Lowrance C350. What a mistake!
    I returned the product (Lowrance)3 times and finally asked for a refund. Lowrance does have good customer service. Go with the Garmin product line! I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Beware
    Beware, because you will get hooked on this GPS the first time that you use it.....this is my first GPS and we love it. I did an extensive research before buying this one....and glad that I did....the models below this one do not announce the street name but this one does and I like borrow a is so easy to use even a caveman can do it.....I also bought the friction weighted mount and glad that I did....We have a 2004 Ford explorer and the weighted friction mount fits and works can very easily disconnect the GPS from the friction base mount and carry it with you but I throw my boonie hat over the GPS when we park and you can't tell its even there....a suction cup on the windshield would be a dead give-a-way to a thief....who would know, yes their GPS is in the glove box or under the did a great job too...We love this Garmin c340 unit and we recommend it....UPDATE UPDATE....Sept 29....We just got back from a two week vacation...drove thru several states and was the first time to use the GPS on vacation and all I can say is "WOW" !!....And to borrow another popular saying...we'll never leave home again without it.......more info
  • watts4
    This product is awesome. We took it on our vacation to FL recently and there is no way that you can get lost. Plus when you need an atm,gas,hotel, or somewhere to eat all you have to do is touch the screen. It is very simple to use. Even if you take a wrong turn the system will redirect you. We plan on taking this product wherever we go in the future....more info
  • Good GPS unit, good portability
    I already have one GPS built in to one of my cars, but wanted one I could use when in another vehicle or when flying and using a rental car. Overall the Garmin c340 GPS unit works very well, in some cases better than the built-in unit. The 3-D view is very good for those that are directionally challenged (i.e., "if I'm going East, which way do I turn to go South?" type of people), as it shows the view just as if you were looking down the highway. The maps were very detailed, and the touch-screen was much more handy than the knobs and buttons on my built-in unit. The huge database of restaurants, drugstores, emergency rooms (yes, I used that one the first trip!), are invaluable when you need to find something quick. All you do is pick what you want from the list, and it tells you exactly how to get there. The voice notification worked well, and keeps you from having to look at the unit all the time. You can even pick an accent for the voice (we liked the Australian female, whom we named Karen).

    The ONLY real problem I had was it did not seem to keep up with where my vehicle was as well as my other GPS, so if I was traveling in an urban area and moving pretty fast, it sometimes gave me little warning when I needed to turn, because it didn't know where I was. So I missed a few turn-offs because I couldn't change lanes fast enough. In most situations, however, it gave me plenty of advance notice.

    If you are going to use it in more than one car, I'd highly recommend getting the optional weighted base, which is a great attachment that allows the unit to sit securely on almost any dash, yet allows you to throw it under the seat when you get out of the car so it doesn't get stolen. ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    We used this product the last of May, to vacation in California. It not only took us from Phoenix to California the easiest way, it took us from the resort into San Diego. Whenever we would turn wrong, it would recalculate, and get us on the right track. Would highly recommend this product, and it is very easy to use. ...more info
  • SHAK
  • great product
    the text to voice announcement of the streets is a very helpful feature and worth the cost. ...more info
  • If you have it you can't get lost
    Anybody that works outside sales or drives a vehicle for a living needs to have this amazing GPS. I can't believe the technology works so good. Take a wrong turn no problem it recalculates where you are. The estimated time of arrival so far has been very accurate. Didn't think I'd like the talking part, but it's great you don't have to look at it when you're in traffic. It's so easy to use anybody can do it. I can't say enough good things about it....more info
  • Worth paying a little more
    This was a Father's Day gift and I took a lot of time to read all of the reviews, etc. Once I decided on the Garmin brand - which model to purchase? I think the majority of the reviews came down to two basic features that are worth paying more for - touch screen and the audible saying the actual street names. The C-340 fit the bill perfectly and our Dad LOVES it. Our parents also belong to a motorhome club and they have taken it on two trips so far and it has performed perfectly. The only down side is that the novelty of his new gift has not worn off yet and he uses it to go to the grocery store which annoys Mom to no end! ...more info
  • RTFM -- I should have followed my own advice...
    So, we get in the car, of course I have google-mapped the way, know every turn etc. But the GPS disagrees with me, *every-step-of-the-way*... I finally cave in and follow instructions. And my adventure in the back woods and rolling hills of Virginia begins... Not altogether ready for that. So the first sign for the highway, I bolt out of the 'adventure'. I have to admit, I had a good time adding 4 extra hours to my trip driving aimlessly, but clearly, that's not a reason for getting the c340.

    Well, lesson learned: read the manual! I love the simplicity of this goodie. Unlike the other 4 I bought and returned (tried the 'al cheapo', the 'do-it-all-including-breakfast', the 'next best thing since sliced bread' - you get the picture), this one is a keeper. I like the text-to-speech (hence forking an extra Wilson or Ben Franklin for the c340) given that 300ft might as well be the distance NY to Paris... (so, turn in 300ft means nothing to me). I also like the idea of the slot for extra maps on SD, although I decided against lugging the unit to Europe this summer.

    Most impressive: It gets you to Starbucks! - i.e., the POIs are great.

    Complaint: I would like to be able to set more than one 'in between' point, in order to get the unit to follow the way I want, not the way IT wants. And don't say 'what's the point', if I don't follow directions. It does not follow 'established' routes. I want to be able to train it to give me directions home the way I drive it for years, not the way "it" believes is closer or takes less time. From Balto to the White House is: 95S, 495W, GA Ave, 16th St. Extended, 16th South. Plain and simple. Not South on GA, Right (East) on Whatever, Left (South) on Whatever-Else, and only then, Left (South) on 16th...

    OK. I have a beef with Jill... But its a live relationship. We are learning to get along better. I learned to program it for highways when I have no plans for rolling hills, she has a low or no volume wheel I can turn down...

    Seriously folks: this one has *almost* no learning curve. And as everything that should come natural (like, say, parenting), RTFM!!!...more info
  • Excellent reliability for the price
    This is great for the price. I used it in my recent trip to Toronto, Canada. It gave me excellent performance. Note the following pros :
    1. It is accurate 2. It has user settings to avoid 'toll routes', etc. 3. It has navigator mode and map mode. 4. Small 5. Light weight 6. Comes with car charger and a holder to mount it on the windshield or dashboard.

    I am very satisfied with this purchase. If you pay $330 and buy it, you may never have to worry about driving direction. Just drive anywhere in US and Canada any time you want...

    You will not get satellite signal in a closed parking lot. I just drive to the street and then it is ready in a minute. It does not bother me because even my cell phone does not work in an closed parking lot...
    ...more info
  • Street pilot C340
    The charger for our garmin GPS didn't work so we had to buy a new one other than that problem the system seems to work fine....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    We reviewed all GPSs in this class and found this one to be almost perfect. My criticism is that the screen is a tad small, a tad hard to see in bright sunlight and the unit doesn't warn you in enough time to make turns, especiallyat off ramps on freeways, in a comfortable fashion. The Australian girl's voice is best....more info
  • Weak excuse for a GPS
    I'll make this short and sweet:

    -Colorful maps
    -Spoken street names
    -Great POI database

    -Route customization DOES NOT EXIST: This was the reason I bought and sold the unit within 2 weeks, you CANNOT customize or alter the route in any way you want! You either take the route you get or do a detour feature but you CANT calculate alternative routes, avoid certain streets, take certain streets, this is very annoying when you want to find more than one way to a place.
    -Horrible Re-Routing: I tested this unit on a 125mile road trip, when I missed an exit it took 10 MINUTES to re-route me! Luckily I knew the road otherwise I would have to pull over and wait for the unit to help. I think this is due to the fact that the distance was so long. BTW the unit took atleast 3 to 4 minutes to initially route the trip (Tom Tom One takes about 1 and half minutes).
    -Routes given by c340 often take you on very trafficy streets (bad routes that are longer and slower than necessary) this is in comparison with the awesome routes Google Maps give.
    -Unit takes 3 to 4 minutes to find satellites: this sucks because you sit in the car and cant drive anywhere until satellites are found, i found this inexcusable.
    -Signal loss happens very easily: any obstruction to the unit causes it to lose the satellite reception, (unlike the Tom Tom One which can hold a signal IN DOORS!)
    -Annoying Avoid Tools feature: unlike Tom Tom which asks each time you take a route with tools, whether to avoid tools or not. Garmin makes you select a feature in the settings menu, so every time you want to avoid tools you must go to the settings, set the avoid tolls on, and then re-route your current route. VERY ANNOYING!
    ...more info
  • Good Investment
    It's been a while since I bought my StreetPilot and would still recommend it. Only problem I did have with it was in San Fran when it took a long time to start - I guess because of all the concrete buildings? Other than that love it!...more info
  • Can't say enough
    All I can say is that this is the 3rd unit I've bought and thay all have worked great. My parents both got them from me and they also love them. The 340 is the best for the money, hands down....more info
  • My First GPS
    I researched several other makes and models online, but decided on the c340 because of a sale. When I went into the store to pick it up, I checked out all the makes and models I'd researched and physically compared them to the c340, and I liked the simplicity of the c340s interface above all others, as well as the simplicity of the map view. Once I had it outside the store in my car, it took me about 5 mins. to have it up and running, and I almost didn't need any sort of instructions. It really is so easy to operate that a child could use it.

    It's simple, without a lot of bells and whistles I didn't need, but it does have the text-to-speech, which I definitely wanted. So far, it's worked like a charm. Sometimes in the middle of a lot of buildings crowded together, or inside a building, it takes maybe 2 mins. to get a signal, but I would think that's a situation you'd have with *any* GPS. I drove through a very long, deep "under the runway" tunnel and it only lost signal 3/4 of the way through - that impressed me. I would recommend this simple, neat unit to anyone....more info
  • Good GPS
    After a TON of research about which GPS system is right for us, I went with the Garmin c340. And you know what? It is the right one for us! It has all of the features I find important (reroute around traffic, saying street names, etc) and was a reasonable price. Granted, there are no crazy bells and whistles on this model, but it does the job well! We are very pleased....more info
  • Handy little machine
    Just got back from using on vacation. Generally worked real good - kept loosing signal in the mountains and in the big city, but still had good directions. My son has the unit that does not give the street names (a bit cheaper) but I really found the name to be very helpful since you sometimes have several streets all together. I probably will not use daily, but when traveling in unfamiliar territory it's real handy. You have to try to find a mounting location that get's the unit out of the bright sun and reflections to help see the screen, but you really do not want to be doing to much looking at it while driving any way - it talks to you enough....more info
  • Almost perfect
    In short, this is a great product and highly recommended. Free upgrades are easily installed. I've used it for over a year now and have found it almost unreal in its ability to deliver the goods. Since it is portable, I use it in rental cars when out of town. Really great for getting out of and back to often confusing big airport rental car lots. Only two minor complaints:

    --the screen is a bit washed out in bright sun. Not sure how to fix that but hopefully there is a solution to be found in future models.In cloudy weather or at night it is fine.

    --more important, the voice turn indicator comes much too late. Sometimes it is fine, e.g., "Turn left on Main Street in 400 feet." More often, however, it will give you this instruction only when you are just crossing the street you should actually have turned on. When the screen is washed out from the sunlight, you need this voice instruction in advance! This is particularly annoying when you are on a three or four lane road and you know from the lower right corner screen instructions that you will be turning in, say, 400 feet, but you don't know whether to the right or the left. ...more info
  • I am still thinking an looking, but..
    This seems to be the answer for my job. Now, what is the difference between v7 and v8 software ? and how come Amazon does not sell the one with V8 ?? I am looking elsewhere since its much cheaper for V8. ...more info
  • It's great!
    I know there are over 600 previous reviews but I have to tell you this thing is great. I recently drove from Seattle to Orlando and it found the shortest, quickest route. Spend the extra few dollars and get the voice model, it is really worth it. You don't have to depend on watching the screen. It always gave me at least 8/10's of a mile notice before any turns and I would never have found my way through Kansas City without it. If you want a GPS, this is it. ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    Garmin C340-For the price and ease of use...I don't think there is a better unit. I have 2 of these for me and one for my wife. My wife won't go anywhere without it and I love the arrival time feature. Only on a very slim occasion (ie. new road/development/tall buildings) does "Jill" have any trouble. I have used it in Baltimore, D.C., (while traveling) Seattle/Tacoma WA, Cleveland/Pittsburgh and nearly everywhere in between. The best part...the price keeps going down....more info
  • Very Happy
    It's a wonderful system. Small and portable, but large enough to easily read the map. I highly reccomend it for anyone looking for a navigation system. My girlfriend just moved up form Texas and swears by it. ...more info
  • Garmin c340
    Love my Garmin, she gets me where I need to go most of the time. The only negative I have is that she may not be aware of detours and may not always give you the shortest route. However, she will "recalculate" the way if you know a shortcut. I especially like the feature that shows restaurants, etc in the area and their location. Easy to use and love the vocal directions. She is not 100% correct but pretty darn close. We use her every time we travel and now feel lost if she's not with us. (I call her Gladys!)...more info
  • Garmin is No. 1
    My life has changed for the better, as I never, or almost never, get lost any more. Thank you, E. Burtch-Farrell...more info
  • On the Road with Garmin c340
    Having never used a GPS - I didn't know the questions to ask about the product. I was pleasantly surprised the Street Pilot c340 was almost everything I wanted. It is very user friendly. It has many features I didn't know I wanted like finding the hardware store in other towns because produce wasn't available locally. I have found it quite helpful even in locations I am familiar with. The only draw back I found - you can't request to stay off interstate or toll roads. This model only offers the quickest or shortest routes. I still feel I got my monies worth in this product....more info
  • OMG !!!! Why didnt i order this before -- This GPS is ***AWESOME !!!***
    I got this GPS on Saturday afternoon and right out of the box i could go straight to the car and hook it up ready to go. The menu is so straight forward and simple. I punched in the address of the place I was supposed to go and the first time it took about 15 mins to acquire satellite signal(now it takes less than 1 min to get it).

    I have hooked it up using the suction mount on the left of the rear view mirror so its in my peripheral vision. Since it has the "Text to Speech" feature, u really dont have to look at the GPS, it tells u at least 3 times b4 the turn is coming along with the Street Name so u have enuf time to get into the correct lane to make the turn. If by chance u get distracted and dont take the turn, it recalculates the route and within 15 seconds tells u the next turn to take.

    I got lucky and got one with the latest software version(Ver8) :)

    the POI db it has is awesome !!!!! its got every type of restaurant in it, coffee places, fast foods. u name it and u can find it !!!!

    I had read some reviews complaning abt the brightness, if u mount it high up near the rear view mirror, u wont have this issue. If u mount it on dash then u might have this issue. Also, some ppl had issues with the volume, I had none.

    I am happy with the suction mount and dont plan on spending the extra $30 on the dash mount.

    Also, if ur not using the GPS while driving, u can turn the power off and it gets charged :) so dont spend money getting an AC charger. I called Garmin adn they confirmed that u can charge the unit with the USB cable too, just hook it up to the USB outlet in ur PC and charge it :)

    Drop me an email it you have any questions :)

    I am ***very happy*** with the Garmin StreetPilot c340 GPS :)

    PS: b4 this i had ordered the ViaMichelin X930, that was worthless. Garmin C340 is AMAZING !!!!...more info
  • Love this GPS
    I love this GPS. Prior to this, I had a Lowrance I-Way 500C that was a nightmare of problems, and a thief took it off my hands. So I was so pleased to get this lower-feature unit that actually works. I've never had problem finding location with this unit (as I did with the Lowrance). I think some of the routes it gives are kind of strange - not the fastest or shortest. But all in all, it's a great product....more info
  • Good Unit But Map Database is Out of Date
    I bought this unit just before a trip from Phoenix to San Diego and it performed very well. The only drawback with it is that the map database is probably several years out of date, at least for the area where I live, in a fast growing area east of Phoenix proper. The unit knows nothing of a new surface arterial near my house that has been open for at least 3 1/2 years, since I moved here, and a new freeway that has now been open for one year. The result is that if I want the unit to guide me from home to my destination using those routes, it will be busy announcing constant recalculations of route until it gets back into the known world. I suspect this will be an issue with all Garming GPS units as they share the same map database. Other than that localized glitch, I'd highly recommend this unit....more info
  • GPS is short for Greatest Product Sinceslicedbread!!!!!!
    I borrowed a high-end Garmin Street Pilot for two had features I'd never use (Bluetooth, MP3 player) and it was heavy, so I bought the Nuvi c340 and just took it out for a spin across the state to visit colleges (my first weekend car trip without another adult). It was as easy to use as the big one and an absolute joy to have as a co-pilot. No more distracted driving looking down at printouts from Mapquest while going 55 MPH, and no more reluctance to drive around a strange city looking at cool stuff for fear I won't be able to find the hotel again. Another major plus for people who need immediate bathroom access (like people with bladder or prostate disease and parents with toilet-training toddlers) is that it will find you the nearest gas station or convenience store. THAT ALONE MAKES THIS THING WORTH THE MONEY!!!

    This is a great affordable model, lightweight, and an indispensable addition to any car. I am glad I got the c340 over the c330, because the spoken street name prompts are VERY useful.

    Two minor issues: I found the screen washed out a bit when mounted on the windshield on a bright day, so I will try and amend that by mounting on the dash and using a screen protector. Also, when comparing the Mapquest directions to the GPS directions back to the turnpike from a very rural detour, the GPS took me on an indirect and circuitous route. If my co-pilot hadn't been asleep in the back, he could have helped me out. It took a little longer than it should have but still, it got me there. ...more info
  • Impressed
    I am extremely pleased with my garmin c340. It's exactly as advertised and meets my needs. I have programmed my vacation route and can't wait to see how it does! Around town it's incredibly accurate so far....more info
  • Amazing Instrument
    The StreetPilot c340 is absolutely essential for traveling into areas you are not familiar with.
    I wish, however, that they would make a cable to attach the StreetPilot to the cigarette lighter in a car without having to use the arm to attach it to the windshield....more info
  • garmin c340
    this garmin is worth the money but you would be better off with the nuvi 350. The c340 is bigger and it doesn't really fit in the glove compartment or armrest when you're not using it. the nuvi 350 has the same size screen but is smaller and fits in your pocket and comes with an AC adapter. They both give the same directions. The nuvi 350 actually takes a long time to acquire satellites when you first turn it on. The c340 fell off the windshield twice already while driving. I think the suction cup could be better....more info
  • Love it
    I have no sense of direction and this for the most part is fabulous.
    It pronounces street names, which is key (versus take the third exit in the traffic circle). You can bring it anywhere in the country and has free software updates online. The screen is amply large. My only two complaints are that it isn't great on detours, like if a road is closed it keeps trying you to get back on the road when you detour off (so you need some basic knowledge if you're driving in an area with lots of closures) and that my gps came out of the suction cup when I was rear-ended. I called Garmin and they sent a new suction cup, but I don't plan on testing that out. ...more info
  • WOW!
    What did I do before this Street Pilot. I travel New England for Hallmark
    cards. All I need is an address and the Garmin brings me to the door. Any questions?...more info
  • Huge Help! Thank you!!!
    Ok, so I keep putting off spending the $ on this product. You may ask what business I have writing any sort of a review on this product. I work in outside sales, drive about 4K miles per month, and have been half heartedly (re)searching vehicles to replace my 300M which has 166K miles. Yet, I love my car/office. The biggest consideration has been GPS. I now believe that ANYONE considering the purchase of a new vehicle with factory installed GPS should read the reviews on this Garmin. I'll be sharing this info with all the other account executives in the company. I've decided that the best decision (financially) is to save my money, buy this Garmin c340, and commit to keeping my existing vehicle. Thank you, reviewers....more info
  • Horrible Sattelite Service in San Francisco
    I am sure this is the best GPS available and it is very user-friendly but I would recommend against it if you live in the Bay Area - including San Francisco. I lose my signal many times each day - always in random areas and even with the extra antenna (that I had to purchase at an additional cost) I have just as many lost sattelite connections....more info
  • a easy to use gps unit but i could have bought a cheaper one for my needs
    a easy to use gps unit but i could have bought a cheaper one for my needs. PROS: 1. easy to use(no maps to download)
    2. finds sat. quick
    3. reroutes u quick if u go off course.
    4. custom poi's are cool once u figuer out how to download them from google earth.
    5. the car mount that comes with it works good. easy to take out.
    6. batery life seems good.
    CONS: 1. could have bought a cheaper one and been happy with it.
    2. it always does not take u the best route(it wants to take u on the highways.
    3. maps need to be updated(some of the restruants have been closed for awhile.
    4. when u get poi's from google earth, the phone numbers for the poi's dont transfer over.
    5. hard to figuer out how to use the tour quide feature.
    6. no bars in it or go go bars(i guess garmins does not want u to go bar hoppin....u can load 100s of them from google earth.

    if i was to do it over i would have bought the one from hp for about 100.00 more. that one has soooooo man more feature, like wi fi and an mp3 player. its a gps unit first then it a palm piolt operating on windows....more info
  • This product is a home run
    I love this product. Super easy to use. Drive anywhere and never get lost. I am buying one for my wife. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    This little jewel will spoil you. I do a lot of appointments in customers homes and I have to arrive on time so getting lost isn't an option. This little Garmin is great. I have made over two dozen appointments over the past month and only once has the unit been unable to find the address (new subdivision) but even then it got me close enough to find it on my own. I couldn't get along without it! ...more info
  • Della
    We are having fun with it, and have entered our friends' addresses it it.
    So far, pretty easy to use....more info
  • just okay
    Its works just okay/ I took it to Hawaii on a trip and it lost signal about 75% of the time. And worse than that when it was working it took us to the wrong place. I took it again on a trip to Flordia and it couldn't even find Disney world Or it would take me about two blocks from where I was supposed to be and lose signal. At home in Arizona after the trip the clock never worked corectly again. It does do better here in az, but again sometimes it will take you to the wrong place. If I had to do it again I would buy a better quality one and spend more money. ...more info
  • Best for the money!
    I did a fair amount of research for a GPS system, both on the internet and in stores. This one was the best for the money for what I wanted. I can move it from car to car and I don't need a technical degree to work it!...more info
  • I love this thing!!!
    Right out of the box, I began looking for the instruction booklet. It only comes with a small leaflet, which I soon figured out was all you really needed. I'm sure as I go along I will find out more features, but I just took it on my first business trip from TN to WV and it worked great. The only small problem I've had is if the address is in a shopping center, it can't find it. A restaurant was listed as 1000 University Center and it wouldn't pick it up. I found that to be true a couple of times. I just called the restaurant and asked them the closest road to them and I got there fine. Other than that, it will get you there, sometimes on a back road, but you will find it to be quicker than the main road would have been. This is great for someone like me with NO sense of direction. I love the text to speech feature. And she will repeat what she says 2x, just in case you miss it the first time. Well worth the money!! I bought a camcorder bag a Walmart for $12.95 and everything fits perfectly. Wouldn't spent the $ on their bag....more info
  • Fair GPS but has problems
    C340 works reasonably well and allows faster input than the Neverlost (Hertz). Unfortunately it suffers from a few problems. It runs a poor 3rd compared to Neverlost and Lexus (Best).

    1. It takes a long time to acquire satellites. Several minutes or more. You'll be a few miles down the road before it connects. Longer than Neverlost or Lexus.
    2. Frequently loses signal. And this is in LA, low buildings, populated area.
    3. Timing is off for signaling. Frequently declare a turn just as you're crossing the intersection or exit, even at street speeds. Be prepared to take the next street and losing time trying to get back to where it should have guided you.
    4. Sometimes rounds the street address to a different number.
    5. Painful to change settings and no way to see what they are. If you want to set it not to use the freeway because of rush hour you have to go through a few sub-menus and change it. Unfortuantely there's no additional display indicating this (or even North) oops, forgot to switch it back on. Now dig down again.
    6. Power requires it to be mounted in the bracket since they weren't smart enough to have the same connector.
    7. The dashboard mount (extra since Calif doesn't legally allow the suction cup that comes with) doesn't work. Be prepared for it to fly off the dash and hit you or drop to the floor as you make a turn. You'll need to set it in the seat or mount it illegally with the suction cup.
    8. BUGGY software. DO NOT TURN OFF ALL THE AVOIDANCE SETTINGS. (Freeways, u-Turns, etc) It's now in a mode that it will always avoid freeways regardless of what the prefs are set for. Power on and off makes no difference. (Finally had to do a software update just to get it to work again)

    Another note: Even though it has a SD slot it can't use SD cards(?!)
    The StreetPilot c320, c330 and c340 units do not support Custom POIs that are loaded to the SD Card. You have 2MB of internal memory to load Custom POIs to. At this time I am not aware of an update to allow Custom POIs to be recognized from a SD Card on these units....more info
  • Garmin GPS is a winner!
    This is a great product. I have used both the c330 and c340. Both do a superb job. I like the c340 better because when prompting you to turn right or left you are also told the name of the street onto which you are turning. Both units show the name of the street on the screen. Both of these units are very user friendly and contain all types of useful info, such as, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, airports, gas stations, etc. My only complaint is the mount which comes with the unit. It is a suction cup base and if you are using this unit in several different vehicles it becomes a problem. Also, because of the risk of theft you must move the unit out of sight when leaving the vehicle which means more messing with the suction cup. For approx. $35 you can purchase a dashboard mount which works great and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle very easily. The c340 also can be used to check traffic. I have no need for this feature and have no info on how it works. I have used this unit in 3 different states and it works well everywhere. All in all - a great product!...more info
  • Simplicity
    This is a solid travel tool, with whch I am very pleased. My wife said if I have to read the manuel I don't want it. She took it on a trip out of town to a relative, entered the adress and returned home a believer in the c340....more info
  • amazing navigator
    I was so impressed from the very first use. Then it just kept getting better. This GPS system is by far the easiest to use, and has the most astonishing features, of any I have previewed. It is truely amazing, and fun to use. I have demonstrated and recommended it to several friends and family members. Some of whom have already purchased it. ...more info
  • Fantastic
    I've had mine for about a month, and I think it's great. I just moved to a new region, and it's so nice to be able to just go and not worry about having the right directions. My only complaint is that sometimes it sends me down routes that aren't the fastest or easiest (but it always gets me there)....more info
  • Great GPS System
    The Garmin StreetPilot c340 is a great product. I bought it for my husband because he travels often with business through-out PA, MA, NJ, and VA. He absolutely loves it. There has been a few roads or buildings we could not find due to being new but otherwise the system has worked wonderfully. The screen is easy to read and placement to windshield is simple. We recommend it highly. We used it right out of the box and it was easy to program addresses. The default voice is a bit annoying but it can be changed. We like Karen who has an Australian accent. Amazon had the best price and shipped the product quickly and efficiently....more info
  • Easy to Use
    Right from the box I entered an address and was off. Very easy to use and very good directions. The text to speech funtion is very helpful. I would definitely recommend this unit....more info
  • Gets Me Where I'm Going!
    I recently moved to MA from CT and took a job that takes me to people's homes in MA, RI, and NH. Knowing that I would need assistance in reaching the correct address at the appointed time I chose the Garmin StreetPilot c340 as my guide. I'm happy to say that it has never let me down as yet in the one month I've owned it. I'm particularly fond of the text to voice feature....more info
  • Garmin c340
    Great product. Lists some dead end streets and some that don't exist. I use it every day in my job. Would recommend it. Missing some addresses in my local area.Waiting for the next update.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Excellent Excellent
    Need I say more, not one fault about it. Easy to read, Easy to program. Was a gift for my husband and I am getting one for myself...more info
  • good investment
    Saved me lots of time. Formerly a MapQuest user. Like identifying streets by name....more info
  • Got lost....Get this
    The Street Pilot is an excellent guide that takes you where you want to go. I have tried this on both known and unknown locations and in every instance arrived as directed. If I drive a different or shorter route it automatically recalcualates and shows new course accurately. Input is simple and the display is clear....more info
  • gps garmin/340
    it is the most easiest gps to use the one feature i like the most is that it tells you what street your next turn is going to be by street name but also the distance to it the points of interest are amazing. the most important feature is the spell feature. just spell what you want & most of the time it will give it to you. thank you garmin. i think though when you purchase a gps from whatever company the updates should be free. i mean come on your paying a good piece of money as it is....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot 340 C
    This item performed well. I would recommend having a back up from map quest or yahoo maps since the unit will sometimes lose the signal.

    I did not understand that a purchase needed to be made in order to get traffic alerts. Too bad that is not included.

    Have already recommended this product to friends....more info
  • Makes me want more
    The basics are all there. But, for instance, I would prefer it showed me where the gas stations along the route are rather than just telling me how far away they are and then having me go to a map to get there. Sometimes they take me off my course and add a few miles or time to my trip.
    The other problem is that the directions, if there are more than two that happen almost consecutively, are not given quickly enough. In other words, the third turn in a quick sequence is not directed until after the turn has passed.
    But, in general, it has been amazingly helpful and has not erred.
    It cracks me up that when it needs to recalculate, the voice sounds a bit exasperated....more info
  • Excellent except charging battery
    I have used this navi for 2 weeks.
    This navi is excellent finding satelite so quick, navigation is accurate and easy to operate. As for navigation, it earns 5 stars.
    What I don't like with this navi is that it does not charge the internal battery as long as I'm using it. In other words, I have to drive with this navi powered-off in order to charge the battery. Otherwise, I have to take it to my home and charge it with AC adapter, but AC adapter is not included. hmmm.
    ...more info
  • New user
    Good product..compact..out of the box ready..good resolution even on bright days. Routes sometimes are not the best, example: when I program a known route, it sometimes responds with strange deviations which takes you off highways and on to congested local roads with lots of traffic lights. Also when the designated road veers right or left, the program responds with "turn left or right" when you're really just following the curvature of the designated road....more info
  • Storm
    I use the Street Pilot to get to customer locations. While at a location a severe storm hit knocking out power lines and knocking over trees. It seemed that every road I turned down was blocked by a fallen tree, or traffic was not moving. I hit detour on the Street Pilot every time my path was blocked and it led me out and home. This one incident made the prcahse well worth it....more info
    The Tiger Mouse is excellent and all you have to do is plug it in to your laptop-That's it! Plug and Play all the way. I love the tiger design too! The "tiger" is also light and very compact for travel....more info
  • Great GPS for the cost
    I live in a very rural area and this GPS gets me where I need to go. It works really well in more populated areas. Of course the maps do not know new subdivisions or new stores that they built on farm land but it will get you close enough in that situation to figure out the rest. When I was traveling to Utica, IL, the talking GPS navigator "Jill" told me to turn in 1 mile but the screen was telling me to turn in 100 ft. I followed the screen and it was right, however again, I was in a desolate area. When you register the prodcut at Garmin's web site you can sign up to be notified for automatic updates to your system free of charge. When you decide to take a detour the GPS recalculates quickly and helps with the rest of the destination. You can also program it to avoid highways, gravel roads, tollways, etc........more info
  • This GPS is really great when you are lost.
    I didn't give this model a 5-star rating because it does make a few mistakes, especially in Kansas City, Kansas. An example would be that we were directed off of I70, made a loop around The Great Wolf Lodge, and back on to I70 heading in the same direction as when we left I70. This didn't make much sense. But.........We got lost in downtown Minneapolis several times and were redirected by the GPS and arrived at the destination we wanted. We love having it when we are traveling in new places. As the previous navigator, I love not being responsible for the map and each turn we need to make. It makes traveling less stressful....more info
  • Nice product
    Good product. Really helps in places you do not know. Takes a little long sometimes to acquire a signal....more info
  • Surpassed Expectations
    This GPS device is easy to use and very effective. The voice directions which include street names work well on this model. Highly recommended....more info
  • Garmin C340 GPS
    The Garmin C340 is very easy to use. Was used on a recent trip in California. At times, did not always list the shortest distance but was about 90% reliable to help get to final destination. Voice is a little low and radio has to be low in order to hear directions and people can not be talking to loud. Hard to see screen in daylight. One bad feature is that the unit has to be attached to the holder it comes with in order to charge the unit. In California you can not mount to the front window so harder to manage the unit. Other than that, so far I am happy with the purchase and for the price it is a great deal....more info
  • Works Great!! Why pay more?
    When I first purchased my wife was like another toy? But guess who used first (on a road trip) and who's car it is in 98%!! I would not be without it on a trip!!...more info
  • GPS Navigator
    We've used it for a couple trips within 200 miles from home. It lead us right to the store's front door and to the mission school we were looking for. What a remarkable little gadget! Our son used it in his car since it's portable. We think it's a lot of fun and so easy to use....more info
  • outstanding streetpilot
    Outstanding GPS device. While it may not always choose the optimal route, it will get you to your destination.
    Easy to use, easy to program. Gives you constant feedback en route, very quick to recalculate when your choice of route differs from the machine's chosen route. You'll never be lost in your car again!...more info
  • street pilot c340
    I gave it a 5 star because I dont know if there's a better one. I just went on a two week car trip and it worked great . If I didn't have a exact address I put in what I had and got pretty close to my address. I liked that it gave the street names for turning. ...more info
  • Excellent value for the price
    User friendly, reliable, makes my driving in unfamiliar country more enjoyable and safer because I do not have to be looking at printed maps and worrying about missing exits, since the Navigator will recalculate should I miss. Minor inconvenience is that on-screen keyboard is alphabetically arranged, rather than "qwerty"...more info
  • Affordable GPS that works well
    I performed extensive online research for portable GPS navigation units. As with most web reviews, the ratings were mixed: there were always the handful of people who went to the extent of ridiculing every option out there. Finally, it was a toss-up between the c330 and the c340. I decided to get the c340 because it calls out the street names instead of simply directing me to turn left or right.

    I have used the unit for about four months now in the suburbs outside Boston, and it has been very good so far. The directions are clear and sufficiently in advance of turns. The sound is also clear enough to be heard over the car CD player. The suction mount is better than what I expected. However, it still manages to fall off once in a while when the temperature varies significantly during the day. Re-attach it, and it stays on for several days.

    I have encountered exactly one suburban residential address so far that the c340 could not locate. To be fair though, most online mapping tools failed as well. I use the unit routinely for bypassing traffic jams, even though I have not subscribed for the traffic info service. A bit of familiarity with the roads and congestion patterns in general is useful, however, since the unit always tries to get you back to the main route as quickly as possible. This may not be sufficient to bypass the bottlenecks. Again, this is probably a trait of almost every basic GPS brand.

    Overall, an excellent and cost-effective unit. Hoping to eventually test it in dense urban areas and a few other cities....more info
  • Easy to Use!
    I purchased the Garmin StreetPilot c340 for my directionally-challenged (I can say this because I inherited the gene) mother for her birthday. She has taken scenic detours on her way to visit me (in a fairly distant city) the last couple of times she has come to visit, so I wanted to take some of the frustration out of the drive. In addition, her work requires her to be on the road quite a bit, so I thought this could assist her there too. Because this was for my mother, ease-of-use was of paramount importance.

    Enough about why and on to how it performed. I first checked out the non-talking version (c330?) in a large electronics retail store. The unit was simple and appeared to work well, but I worried that my mother would have trouble watching the road and the GPS at the same time. I purchased the c340 for the audible instructions feature.

    It arrived promptly, in brand new condition, and, happily, charged which allowed me to test it immediately. Input is easy and intuitive. While it provides the locations of nearby restaurants, gas stations, etc., there are not many options to play with. For my mother, this was a good thing. In short, the Garmin c340 does its job simply and well.

    My mother has since received it for her birthday and used it. She informed me (proving the value of the gift) that when the Garmin tells her to turn right and she turns left (?), it immediately tells her it is recalculating directions and to turn right. She was impressed with the effort the inanimate object goes through to get her back on course. I am happy that she seems pleased and, fingers crossed, will avoid unwanted two hour scenic excursions while coming to visit us in the future.

    Of course, the downside is that, when intentionally taking an alternate root on her home turf, the Garmin insistently (incessantly, perhaps?)informs her how to get on its preferred path. Of course, this could be solved by giving in to the imagined whims of the Garmin or, less robotically, by turning it off until you actually need it. I did not, of course, make either of these suggestions to my mother. I do not know if there is any override feature which would accomplish the same result.

    In addition, the unit need not be mounted at all, much less in only one car, in order to function. This is good for people, like my mother, who usually use their own car, but sometimes take another (my sister's) car on long trips.

    After testing the unit myself (and hearing my mother's report), I do recommend getting a GPS system that is voice-enabled.

    If you want a simple to use GPS system at a comparatively reasonable price that has some great features (locates fast food, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc.) but few "settings" to screw up , I highly recommend the Garmin StreetPilot c340. ...more info
  • I'm lost but it says I'm there
    So far I have done a hard reset and uploaded the updated map set twice. I still get wrong directions as I approach my destination. I should just know if it tells me to turn right that I'll need to go left when I get to the street I'm looking for. Going out of town again this weekend. If it gets me lost one more time I'm returning it when I get back - assuming I don't end up in Deliverence 2007....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS Navigator
    Love this product. Works great,well worth the money. You'll never get lost again. Find any place you want to go fast. (Directions,food,gas,hotels,anything)...more info
  • Garmin C340
    I brought this navigator for my mom and it work great. My mother now travels more than she use to with out the fear of getting lost, so if your looking for a great navigation system this is it, Oh and Amason is the best place to shop....more info
  • Great product
    I actually bought this for my father, but I own a C550. Both are great units and work well. I did have an issue with the C550 freezing the 2nd day I had it, but a quick download remedied this forever, according to Garmin. I found Garmin's tech support very helpful and friendly.

    The downside of a GPS unit is that there's not a "Take the shortest distance" or "Take the fastest route" choice. In other words, in some cases it will lead you on roads that may be shorter distance-wise, but ultimately longer because of traffic lights, rural traffic/speed limits etc.. Other than that, it's a fun toy to have....more info
  • Street Pilot Street Ready!!!
    The Street Pilot Has performed everything I have asked it to do so far! Great Value wonderful performance!...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot
    I love it! Bought the Garmin Street Pilot for my husband for his birthday, we have both used it and it works great! Two friends were in the car when I used it and now they HAVE to have one too. So happy we made the purchase....more info
  • Great Product
    i was alittle skeptical about the use of gps....but i used it on a recent trip and it took all the headaches out of maps and saved me a lot of time.........more info
  • smooth sailing
    This is the greatest. Took the Garmin C340 out of the box, downloaded the most recent upgrades/maps and gave it to my wife for Mother's Day. She is not the most adept when it comes to gadgets. Anyway, she used it and was so excited at how easy and accurate it is to operate. Say goodbye to mapquest.

    Hope she will let me used it too. ;)...more info
  • I couldn't live without it
    It works great. It does everything it is supposed to. My only complaint is the built in speaker could be a little better. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    I found this product ready to use right out of the box. Since I travel a great deal, it has become my indispensable companion. I have had only minor problems in directions when it tried to send me on streets that have become one-way.
    aasgha....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS Navigator
    The c340 is a very good product. I found it very easy to use and simple to get started right out of the box. Everything you need is there and the c340
    prompts you through all the steps to get you going down the road. It updates quickly and it cannot get lost, at least I haven't been able to since I started using it. I can't compare it to anything else because it is the first GPS I have purchased but it does everything it says it can do and thats good enough for me. I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of getting lost while trying to read maps....more info
  • Great GPS
    No learning curve, figured it out right out of the box. Got me from Newport, RI to San DIego, Ca easily. The only problem I had was with the mount staying in position. It worked fine stuck to the windshield, once I got to CA and had to (illegal to drive with anything suction mounted to windshield) switch to the dash mount, any bump in the road would cause the unit to tilt down so that it was no longer easily readible. Fixed that with a bit of superglue, now it's fine. ...more info
  • One Of The Best Things I Ever Bought! Needed It YEARS AGO!
    Basically this is going to be a very long and detailed review. I want you to read this review as though you're listening to a friend tell you their personal experience with this GPS.

    I'm going to start with the cons on this GPS to get that out of the way.

    CONS: It's not intuitive like a human being. You have to get the idea out of your head that it's going to hold your hand through everything. I have noticed that some of the routes it chooses for me have been illogical. BUT HERE'S THE THING: There are options in the Navigation settings to minimize this! For instance, it defaults to having you not make any U-turns but sometimes that's the most logical thing to do. Also, I was in a rural area and was trying to get to an address and it tried to make me go down a dirt road that didn't exist! (Actually, it did exist but it looked more like a pedestrian path and it had a fence blocking it off). So I went into the Navigation properties and had it select "avoid unpaved roads" and it got me to the place a different way. I also wish that it had an anti-theft feature like the c550 with a pin number you had to type so if someone stole it, they couldn't find their way to your house.

    Another con is that the voice isn't real loud. You sort of have to shut people up in the car and turn down the music to hear what the voice is saying. Also, the computer voice butchers the pronunciation of most of the street names (unless the street name is obviously rooted in the English language). I've heard people complain about the glare on the screen during the daytime, I haven't actually noticed it being too bad. I can still see it clearly enough. The other thing is most people complain that it tells you to turn when it's almost too late. It DOES, but it also gives you plenty of warning too (it tells you twice, once when you're like a half mile away and once when you're right on it). And the final frustrating thing about this GPS are the maps. Garmin needs to seriously release map updates for it more often - and for FREE. Although I suppose I shouldn't complain because they could charge a monthly fee for their services (like Onstar). The GPS could not find one of the first streets I imputed into it. Fortunately, found the street and made me a route. Now, the GPS knew all of the streets EXCEPT the last one on the route (the one I originally put in there). When I got to the house, I discovered that the subdivision the house was built in had only been there like 4 years. But 4 YEARS??? Garmin should have figured out there was a new street there by then right??

    NOW THE PROS: I'm telling you, I get lost in my own town! I absolutely avoided driving downtown in the past. I was always running into one way streets and dead ends, etc. But with this GPS, it KNOWS downtown. It takes me quickly and hassle free through the craziest parts of town flawlessly. It knows where those one way streets and dead ends are. One of the greatest features this thing has is the detour option. It gives you TONS of detour options. And the points of interest feature is THE BOMB! It beats the internet sometimes. It's super relevant and accurate displaying hotels, parking garages, gas stations, movie theaters near you and creates routes to get there. You can even spell in the name of the store you're looking for in that town (i.e. find the nearest Walmart near me). I haven't tried the traffic antenna feature but I've read some bad reviews on it so I'm hesitant.

    Overall you will not be disappointed. The Garmin c340 is 100 times better than my first GPS (The Magellan Roadmate 2000 - A JOKE of a GPS).
    ...more info
  • Good unit for the money
    After reading many reviews for this product, I decided to buy not only one, but 3 of them (for 2 of my friends). For the most part, I am quite satisfied with the performance. I do have trouble whenever I try to type in the name of a location (not the address, but the actual name). It seems to freeze without finding it even though I input the city & state it's located in. This could be quite frustrating when you don't know the exact street address.

    The map is very clear and easy to read and the voice commands are clear and loud. I would recommend this model over the C330 (the C330 doesn't speak street names) because you don't need to glance at the map as often when you're trying to keep those eyes on the road. Just listen to the voice prompts and you'll be fine. A good buy for the money!...more info
  • A really fun toy - and very useful
    I've wanted a navigator for some time and finally decided to purchase one. I wanted one with street level ID (not just "turn in 400 feet") but didn't care about the capacity to play mp3 etc. I did want maps already installed. This one worked perfectly out of the box. It was intuitive and so one does not have to read elaborate directions. It doesn't always choose the best route (by my standards) but always gets you there accurately. This is well worth what I paid for it (about $300). I've had it for a little over a month and still love it! I always turn it on, even when I know where I'm headed. It finds satellites quickly and, as I say, has been accurate and trouble free to date....more info
  • Street Pilot C340
    Purchased a refurbished model for a very good price. Model performs as well as expected. It will get you to your destination dead on. Sometimes not the most direct but always to your desired location. Beware the refurbished models. Mine was difficult to register as the previous owner was the owner of record.
    Garmin's customer service is first rate and will guide you through any rough spots on usage and registration....more info
  • Excellent GPS unit
    The c340 has been excellent since I received it. It picks up the satellite signal within one minute and has been extremely accurate. The voice is clear and loud and the directions have been spot-on. I would heartily recommend the c340 for a new or more experienced GPS user....more info
  • Great Travel Assistant
    The Garmon StreetPilot C340 was the best buy for me and provides me with more than what I expected. I am still finding useful ways to use it even after having it for 2 months. You can find local shopping, dining, entertainment, auto repair and pretty much anything else you ever wanted. The directions are accurate and simple to understand. The voice prompting is nice and it even states the names of the roads instead of "turn left in 400 yds".

    I previously used Microsoft Streets and trips 2004 and 2006 with GPS. This definetly beats having to have a laptop running for all of your trips and I would definetly buy one of these over the MS program....more info
  • Never get lost again
    Not only will this device guide you in unfamiliar areas, but it will greatly enhance your local driving as well. This GPS unit has already saved me considerable local driving time, as it has enabled me to bypass local freeway driving due to construction. For the price, you can't beat it....more info
  • My little Navigation Device.
    I bought the garmin Streetpilot C340 in Christmas 2006 and it came preloaded with all maps of United States, no Canada,Europe,Mexico.If you need these maps, you have to go the garmin web site and purchase these maps. The only free upgrades you will get is, to chose the diferent types of voices and language. ( Female and Males)Unless you plan to drive in these countries, then is a good investment and risk taken. The Street Pilot C340 is pretty accurate, it may take to recalculate your route just about one to two minutes some times but. It will take you to your final destination some times,it is not the shorter distance but you get there. The voice is Very clear and the screen 3.5 is keep you well informed of up coming streets or roads.Good device you can installed on the windshield or mount it on the dashboard, Make sure you clean the area with alcohol prior to attach it.Try to keep it away from the sun and unplug it when not used, it will work with the two hours charged in your palms but you can also charger in your pc or cigarette lighter.Very handy device, it will pront you to take an alternate route too,I Paid $356.00 Dlrs on Amazon compare to Bestbuy or Circuit City, in mine area (New York) is just about $499.00 on sale. ...more info
    I am very satisfied with the Garmin Street Pilot and use it everyday for directing me to the right locations in my Realestate business. This is really a great device for someone that does not have a good sense of direction.The only problem with the device is that it does not adhere very well to the the windshield and has fallern off numerous times. Sometimes it does not allow you to spell the correct city and gives you a alternate instead. But for the most part I am very happy with the Navigator and would higly recommend it....more info
  • Great tool
    I was truly impressed. This unit put us within 50 feet of our destination every time! However it would sometimes tell us there was a better route, this lead us out onto winding 2 lane roads into the middle of nowhere when there was a perfectly good freeway nearby. Avoidance and preference settings should have helped with this. Sometimes it was best to have checked the map and stayed with our original route.
    I did not realize just how far GPS had come in the last few years. With few shortcomings this is a very useful tool that I recommend. Just don't forget to look at the map.

    Bill...more info
  • street pilot 340
    I just finished a 2120 mile trip and the street pilot was able to find all places and routes even small out of the way places. it was the best Gps I have used and its my 3rd one....more info
  • Really Impressed
    Still working out the many options and screens but so far am very happy with this gadget. Very easy to use and very reliable. Direction guide a little sketchy, lots of trial and error which is tough if you're solo but doable. Go Jill !...more info
  • Better than a back seat driver!!
    This product performs better than I ever expected. It's hard to believe how accurate it is and how much information comes to you from this little box on the dash!...more info
  • Garmin c340 GPS
    Great product,great price. Simple to use ,just plug it in and go....more info
  • Garmin c340
    Great GPS at the price. Small, easy to throw in the suitcase use with a rental car and simple to use....more info
  • Excellent Auto GPS
    The c340 was ready to use right out of the box. It was easy to install in the car, and has been easy to transfer into other vehicles. It is intuitive to use and has detailed maps of the areas we have driven through. The voice prompts are clear and timely. I've had no problems with it....more info
  • Thank you, gods of Garmin!!!
    This Garmin c340 is absolutely the answer to my prayers. I tend to get lost pretty easily. Not locally, but on trips out of state. This totally takes the worry out of driving. It may not take you the fastest route to somewhere, but it gets you there. The voice is loud and clear; setup to use it each time is very easy with the touch screen. You select map, address, food, gas, etc. and it guides you along the way. You are told what your next turn will be in advance, and then again just before the turn comes up. I didn't buy the accessory which can help you avoid traffic tie ups, but that may be my next purchase. That would be great. ...more info
  • Awesome GPS
    This GPS is extremely user friendly and reliable. You do not need to read the instructions to get started, everything is pretty self explanatory. It is a bit bulkier than some other GPS's, but I love it.

    ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    Pros: I have to agree with the previous posts in that out of the box the c340 is easy to use; however, it took me several days of using it to work out some of the finer points. I find myself using the database for hotels, eating places, gas stations, etc. much more that I thought I would. It's amazing all the sites buildt into the database. Even if you don't know the address of a potential location, if you can find the general location on the c340 map, you can get directions to it. We love to experiment with the different voices too.

    Cons: I find the voice sometimes difficult to understand. The voice volume control is only audible on the higher settings which limits the voice volume sensitivity. Also, I always look on the map now when I come to a turn, because sometimes an intersection where one is to go straight appears as a turn under the "turn" label. The map, however, is correct. Not quite sure why that is. I've made a few wrong turns because of this. The nice part though, is that as soon as the c340 knows you are off the track, a new route is calculated. Also, any street that has the abbreviation "Dr" for drive, is pronounced "doctor." Actually, that's kind of amuzing.

    All in all I'm happy with my c340 and take it with me wherever I go even if I know how to get there without it. ...more info
  • A welcome companion
    The StreetPilot has never failed us. It is easy to use and knows its way around our tri-state area. It is well worth the investment as it saves time and provides a stress-free ride. ...more info
  • Bertha
    We used our Garmin Street Pilot c340 (a.k.a. Bertha) within 3 days after receiving it to go to Syracuse to a gun/knife show. She performed wonderfully. We even had some roads and streets that were under construciton or shut down and when we turned because of them Bertha got us right back on track.

    We recently went to KY for a family visit and Bertha was great. I don't think we can get lost or stranded in a place we can't get out of with this navigator.

    We could not be more pleased.

    ...more info
  • awesome!
    Newbie to the states, and of all in California!! This helped me find my way around and would recommend it!!!...more info
  • I will never get lost again!!
    This is an easy to use device, if I can do it anyone can. It has everthing to take me were I want to go. Highways or back roads, now I always know where I am. I am very happy with it. Get one!!!...more info
  • Really happy with the Garmin StreetPilot c340
    I purchased the c340 after renting a c330 on a vacation. Works great right out of the box. Easy to use and accurate. I would recommend this unit to anyone....more info
  • Garmin
    Very good GPS. It is excellent for guilding to addresses within cities that you may not be familiar with. ...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
    Like text to speech. Routes given by the Garmin are at times circuituous, but get you to the destination eventually....more info
  • GREAT GPS!!!
    The Garmin StreetPilot c340 is affordable and wonderful! It gives very accurate directions. I like how its voice tells you not only to turn left or right, but which street to do it on. Maps are very clear. You can zoom in and out. You can ask it to find hotels, restaurants, and more. It even gives you phone numbers. It has cut out briefly during thunderstorms, but so does my satellite TV. I am extremely satisfied with this unit, and have not gotten lost since I bought it. I mean, if it can navigate Queens, NY........more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Absolutely love my Garmin c340 GPS. Recently used it on a road trip from North to South Carolina and exceeded my expectations. Took it on a commercial flight and no problem through security. ...more info
  • What a disappointment!
    Many problems. #1. You don't get directions until you start moving your car out of your driveway or parkwing lot. Shall I may a left turn, go straight, right turn, what? You have 2 out of three chances of being wrong BEFORE you even start the trip. #2.Difficult to understand names of streets. #3. Kept using name of street when it turned into highway. Ex. Follow Smith St. 10 miles when Smith street became Highway X 3 miles down the road. #4. Just the opposite. Said Follow Highway X 10 miles and Highway X became Smith St. 3 miles down the road. #5. Difficult to find POI. #6 Final notice to make turn came (for me) seconds too late makeing it difficult to get in proper lane. #7 None of this mattered because the unit turned itself off and stayed off for hours and nothing I could do would turn it back on. (Overheated?) When it did turn back on it never operated "normally" again. Returned it to Amazon. Customer service was very good, which I appreciate. PS. The clearness of the voice and volumn were good....more info
  • I highly recommend this product!!!!
    I had been skeptical about using a gps but since I am relocating to another state I wanted something to help me get around.
    This product is amazing! The minute I opened the box and turned it on it was ready to go. Not only does it get you exactly to the place you want to be but will reroute you if you can't get there the way it originally described.
    The price was very reasonable and its well worth it.
    I suggest this product and I am so happy I purchased it!...more info
  • Good value
    The unit worked well out of the box with litle difficulty. The unit is very accurate and can find hotels and other points of interest (POI) not only at your location, but also at your destination. The voice guided directions can be helpful and will actually name the street to make your turn onto while approaching the intersection. You can turn the volume down however if you would like to drive in quiet (a mute button may be nice). I would have been helpful if Garmin would have 'main' menu feature would have been added, since at times you need to back out of a screen by repeatly hitting the back button. Other than that, the unit works well...more info
  • 340 garmin gps
    Very fine product.. I called for help and they bent over backwards to help.....more info
  • Garmin 340
    I recently went on a long trip, I was happy to have the Garmin34c with me, it was fine at the begining of the trip, but the Garmin voice wanted me to exit, so I did exit and it took me thru the downtown area, many occurances, it was wrong, made metake a turn in a dead end street.... I am not happy with it at all, I can not trust it on a long trip again...more info
  • Garmin c340 - Very Pleased
    The Garmin c340 does exactly what the description states: Easy to setup ... Out of box activation. I am especially pleased with the corrections in directions when I miss a turn or decide to take a different route from the one the Garmin outlines.
    My husband and I plan to purchase units as Christmas gifts for our children!...more info
  • Great item
    Ready to use right out of the box.Very useful and easy to use...more info
  • The NOT included Garmin GTM 10 FM TMC receiver is needed
    The NOT included Garmin GTM 10 FM TMC receiver is needed, at $180, plus a monthly subscription, to get the traffic data. The ad copy suggests it is included. And why this item is $300 mote than the 330....more info
  • My first gps
    I really like the c340 navigator. It is very simple to use and seems to be very accurate. It continually amazes me with the amount of info in its program. on occasion it seems to get confused but it recovers quickly. I don't have a basis for comparison but I really like the C340....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Not only does the product help me find my way around, but has shown me new ways and quicker ways for trips I thought I really knew. It's sure easy to use. (Read the manual really makes it a lot easier)
    We'll try it on some long trips coming up in the next few months. Now my daughters want to borrow it for their trips....more info
  • its ok
    I have used only one other gps and thats magellan in hertz rental cars
    its old, no touch screen, but i find it much better

    easy enough to use
    recalculate route is fast

    1)map is not easy to navigate, e.g. in current map if i just want to see what streets are on my left, i cant just move left in the map, i can click directions, show map, + + + + + move move move move ah....

    2)it tells me tooooooooooooooooo late about taking left or right turn
    like when 0.2 miles left
    if i am in left lane, its impossible to make a right turn

    3) the way it sits on the glass by default is ugly.
    I had to by the dashboard mount for 30$

    4) its not easy to choose route using highways vs using streets
    if you want to avoid highways, u need to go to somewhere in system settings and change etc.
    you cant just switch easily in the middle of the route

    trust me
    for 320$ its just ok product, i expected something great

    bye the way
    5 ***** to amazon
    i bought it and then they reduced the price
    amazon has this 30 day price gurantee (but you need to remind them about it)

    so i just emailed them and they gave me $$$ back!
    it costed me 320 instead of 389

    if you decide to buy it, shop around for price first...more info
  • Go anywhere Product
    This product worked a lot better than I expected. I just took a trip and I could go straight to any place I wanted to without a problem. I take this evevry where I go, especially if I am not quite sure how to get there. It is wonderful finding gas, food, and lodging. We now own two my wife travels everyday and won't leave home without it. ...more info
  • Garmin Street pilot c340
    We Love it. Couldn't be better. Gets us exactly where we want to go.A+++++...more info
  • Liked it so much I bought a second one.
    Super unit, have had those built in and this one does twice the job. Love the way you can just point and touch for results. Have allowed friends to use mine and they have bought them also. Would not RV without this unit. The speaking turn by turn is wonderful....more info
  • My friend was right
    I bought the Garmin C340 because a friend of mine had one and I was really impressed at what it would do. It was everything he said it was. I took several 300 mile trips and when I needed gas or a place to eat all I had to do was enter my request and bingo it was either the next exit or one or two thereafter. A really neat product and one in which would help the least gadget minded find their way to any valid address. Thanks for all the fun....more info
  • Works as it should
    It took a little while to familiarize myself with all the functions of this unit but I can say I never get lost with this Garmin
    The voice announces the street name and how far it is to turn that is a big help to keep your eyes on the road and not on the unit.
    If a street has changed or not passable the Garmin recalculates a new route. Overall very satisfied
    ...more info
  • Garmin GPS 340
    I purchased this for my parents. We previously bought one around Christmas for ourselves. My parents were so impressed after a demonstration that they wanted one too. It is not perfect but is amazingly accurate and very user friendly. We took ours on a plane trip across the country and it worked just fine....more info
  • GPS - Garmin StreetPilot - Totally incredible!
    I cannot begin to express how happy I am that I purchased this StreetPilot. The voice is clear, the maps are as detailed as you choose, the directions are precise. If you change your mind and want to go a different route, it will re-calculate within minutes. I don't know how I lived without it. I am totally directionally dysfunctional. It is like a dream come true! Other features such as locating restaurants and lodging where ever you are is totally incredible. There's more - buy one and see for yourself. I am having some difficulty keeping it suctioned to the windshield (I've cleaned the window, but it still won't hold). It has fallen several times and withstands the fall. I am going to order a dashboard mount to alleviate this problem. ...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    I finally decided on the Garmin C340 and really like it quite a bit .....the price was reasonable and I like that it gives voice commands so that there's no interference with driving. Also, it immediately "recalculates" my route if I take a different road. I recommend this model to a novice thinking about getting a GPS system without "breaking the bank"! It was so very easy to learn how to use and for those who cannot apply to their windshield (by law), I just keep it in my cupholder and it works just as well without blocking anything....more info
  • Maps are outdated, and old,
    Bought this product November 2006. I live in Jacksonville Florida. The GPS unit does not know of streets that are up to two years older than the Sept 2006 release date of the internal loaded MapSource software.

    No updates are available from Garmin.

    Gets lost and provides bad directions most of the time.

    Wish I could return it. Works most of the time, but is wrong enough to be annoying....more info
    I returned my C320 that I bought at frys for 219 + tax. I decided to have the C340 because of Text to Speech (TTS) capability. I really love the unit because it make you smart on the road. It pickup a signal at less than 15 seconds with external antenna. Also, I have a CRV 2006 and its actuall fit on the console. My only problem is the glare but I easily fixed it by buying a Clear Binder Pockets (Avery 75243) cut it into the size of the screen , add .1 w and .3 h. then fit it to the c340 which works great and no glare anymore. Love this unit. No problem in signal here with external antenna. Solid gadget , loud speaker. Great.

    ...more info
  • GPS, Plain and Simple
    I just finished a 5,000 mile road trip in my RV using the Garmin c340. It is simple to use, accurate, and just the right size. I have talked to some people that were worried that they needed a larger screen, but I found this screen was plenty large and didn't obstruct my view of the road at all. I highly recommend this over more expensive GPS devices....more info
  • Very pleased with my purchase
    I was a bit hesitant to spend the money for this but I became a believer instantly! I am a pretty low-tech guy but this Garmin c340 is extremely easy to set-up and operate, even for me. Its seems to be well built and of solid construction and nice looking to boot.
    At 59 years old is sometimes is stressful finding a new address and keeping from crashing into something too, but with this unit I can just relax and drive. Way cool!...more info
  • Garmin C340 - my new best friend in the car
    I love my new C340, I insisted I wanted one. I am glad I did. When I told my husband I would like to get a GPS, he said that we would not need one. He claimed there was nothing that he could not find with the help of mapquest and a good street map (the old soldier he is). But when we got the GPS while we were on a trip in Arizona, it even convinced him. He and I had no idea how great, easy to use, and accurate the C340 is. My husband took it on a trip with a friend last week, and he said that they would have been lost without my GPS. Now my husband's friend wants to buy it too. ...more info
  • The best driving aid since the automatic transmission.
    I have always been somewhat directionally challenged. Now when I travel I can concentrate on my driving and not on wondering where I am. The Garmin StreetPilot c340 is so simple to use I didn't even have to read the instruction booklet that came with it to put it to use. The program is extremely well done and is absolutely intuitive. I am most happy with it.
    ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    Excellent GPS with tons of options and easy user interface. I took it from Vermont to Virginia with no problems. The one thing I wish though is that the voice was louder. It can be easily drowned out by light music or people talking. ...more info
  • So easy a 62 year old can do it
    My husband and I didn't need to read the instructions to figure this out. It is so simple and a great device to help when travelling into new areas. It is easy to read, clear voice commands. I also got one for my son who travels a lot using rental cars. He loves the feature that helps you find restaurants....more info
  • Amazon Customer Service - the BEST!
    I just ordered my Garmin StreetPilot c340 on April 20th and can't give a review of the product. But, I already have a great impression, thanks to Amazon's customer service, namely their rep. Pratyush Shrama. I am moving out of state in 6 days and ordered my StreetPilot(what a great price!!). When I noted the est. del. date I was worried that my order might arrive after I'd moved. I contacted customer service and Pratyush said he would expedite my delivery so that my order would arrive prior to my moving date. On top of that Amazon offered to refund half of the cost to expedite delivery. What a relief! I have enough stress with moving - but Amazon helped to relieve some of that stress!! I will definitely make my purchases from Amazon in the future. What great customer service!...more info
  • Makes Map Books Unnecessary
    Been running the unit for some 30 days on local trips of less than 100 miles. Absolutely impressed with built in maping info along with preloaded food, billeting and local attraction info. It has alerted me to locations that I have never seen or been concerned about previously. The unit is easy to setup, operate, plus input your own data points and the voice qualities along with the pertinent voice alerts of the "guide person" are outstanding. Only criticism I have is that the windshield mount should have a little more verical adjustment capability to handle the extreme slop of some vehicle glass angles. This unit is an absolute best buy candidate. ...more info
  • Love it Love it Love it!!
    I love everything about it. It does everything that it said and is great. My son-in-law borrowed it for a trip he was going on and now he doesnt think he can continue to work without it. Hes getting one for his B-Day....more info
  • Not a good choice. It gives crazy routes.
    This is my first GPS. I checked so many reviews then decided to buy this one. I'm still confused how come the review rate is so high for this GPS. After few months using it, I regret buying it. But it's too late for me to change idea now. Give you some examples how it drives me crazy:

    1. Route you to turn right on a bridge. HELLO, is this a suicide GPS? We would jump in the river if we follow the route.

    2. Ask you to turn left on a road which you can't turn.

    3. On the way we drove to Canada, it routed us to drive off the highway. We thought the GPS was giving us a shortcut, and excited to follow the instruction. Got off the highway, turn left, turn again, then turn on a highway...THE SAME HIGHWAY. Did they put a joke function in the program?

    4. Chosed less Toll option, it still routes you to lots of tolls. If we use our usual way, we only need pay $6. Following the GPS instruction, we paid DOUBLE.

    5. Too slow, give you instruction right before you need make turn. If you are not a good driver, you might miss your turn easily on highway.

    This is enough for now. Right now we rarely use the GPS anymore. If I keep using it, guess the list will be much longer....more info
  • mind blowing
    got this after doing quite a bit of research on the web. the price from amazon was about $15 more than some competitors but am glad i bot it here... ordered on easter sunday (monday was holiday for competitors) with free shipping and the c340 was at my door on wednesday evening! way to go Amazon!

    the device itself is very solidly made and kudos to Garmin for great design in the cradle... very solid fit and the power cable fits discretely and out of the way. great snap-in snap-out design makes it easy to remove the thing and store in the glove box. the device is also smart that it powers on/off automatically when the car is started / turned off.

    the accuracy is fairly good. some roads have undergone construction and changed a bit, but overall it is dead accurate. the text to voice is mind blowing and a very useful feature. i wonder how people got to places unknown before these things! ...more info
  • Go for it...
    As you know, the C-340 is not the top of the line Gps device made by Garmin but it serve the purpose and it is one of the best on the market... accurate, correct time if you set your device to the correct time zone... solid state electronic product. If you are looking for the top of the line go for the NUVI350 it is the very best... i sound like i work for Garmin, NO, I have a C340 and one of my friend has a Nuvi350. Quality electronics is the way to go

    Jb from: Tampa, Florida ...more info
  • Works as described.
    I can't go out of town without it! It'll get you there, sometimes not the quickest, but mostly it does. The text to speech is worth having, for not taking your eyes off the road. ...more info
  • some difficulties
    It was very easy to set up and take a picture, which came out fine. Having a problem trying to figure out how to compress the picture. When I attached the pic to an e-mail, it was 1m and took a long time to load, and difficult to view. I'm also still having a problem on how to attach the neckstrap provided. Still trying to solve these problems....more info
  • Never be lost again
    Spent some time finding my way around Detroit on vacation with a friend's c330...thought the only improvement could be if the device actually called the upcoming streets by name. Guess what? This one does! It is ready out of the box. Very simple interface, yet packed with features. It comes loaded with several voices, but you can download any number of additional voices for free. Highly recommend this product....more info
  • Beware of the volume
    I have no major problems with the navigational ability but please beware of the volume. In all English and French voices the poor volume even on maximum meant that the unit could not be used with the radio on at all, nobody could talk and all windows and sunroof had to be closed. The Hertz rental GPS was much better in this respect (Magellan). If you do buy this please test the volume on day one and decide whether you can live with it. I just had a minor collision caused by glancing at the screen for a moment when the voice should have sufficed....more info
  • c340 very poor choice
    Purchasing the 340 was a bad choice. Without a map I would have been lost. When I typed in Broadmoor Ave. it would override this and go to Broad St. The 340 would shut itself off after a few minutes so it was useless. The 340 doesn't give the option of shortest route vs most interstate. At times it would give directions that were 60/70 miles out of the way. It doesn't recognize major highways in some areas and takes a lot of time to recalculate. At one point we were actually parked in the driveway of our destination and because we had taken a shorter route it was still trying to direct us onto a different route. The next morning it did recognize that we had in fact reached our destination. I used a Magellan unit in a rental car, it had many features that the Garmin lacks. Best Buy or Radio Shack have a thirty day no hassle return policy. I hope I can return the 340, it has been a major dissapointment. ...more info
  • works like a charm
    I was up and running in literally five minutes. I have never downloaded the optional user guide off the website and was to use just about every function with ease. The interface is very clean, simple to use, and I'm a big fan. I looked at a lot of the cheaper GPS's, but I'm glad I spent the extra money to get the Garmin.
    ...more info
  • Bruce
    The Garmin StreetPilot c340 is a very useful tool. I don't even have to pull out maps or search on the internet anymore. Just log on to the device and input address and the system will automatically calculate route distance and time to get to destination. I recently used this device to get to Irvine, CA, a place I've never travelled to and it worked well.--It gets the job done. The plus to this product is that it also shows listing of shopping areas, restaraunts, cinemas, gas stops, etc. As for the volume level, it is loud and clear. The voice direction from the system might take a little time to get use to but it's not a problem. Overall, the Garmin StreetPilot c340 is an affordable gps system that works well and will get the job done with some nice features on it....more info
  • My Garmin GPS
    I purchased the Garmin C340 to assist me in my job. The device is very easy to use. Take it out of the box, secure it to the windshield, and plug it into your outlet. It is simple to remove so that you can put it in your trunk or take it with you when you are not in your vehicle.
    Sometimes the GPS directions are inaccurate. If you ignore the speaker's directions, the system recalculates the directions. My husband loves the device. I prefer to use a map and my intuition. Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS Navigator...more info
  • the best thing never got lost
    is so great that I gave one to my brother and he can't thank me enough he is very happy with it....more info
  • You Gotta Get A Garmin!
    It's the best present I've bought for my husband. We used it on a recent vacation to Dallas and it was Great! It sure saves on arguments and frustration driving around unfamiliar territories. I highly recommend purchasing one....more info
  • Garmin SPC-340 is really a good GPS
    I have this GPS for the last couple of days and i really love it. The overall look-n-feel plus the functionality is amazing. The only drawback i found is that the map needs to be current. It missed some points plus sometimes it takes a little more time to find some location....more info
  • Garmin 340
    Used the unit extensively on my recent vacation. It is highly accurate and only failed where street names have recently been changed or where street has two names and Garmin only recognized one. It did temporarily get confused in downtown area where tall buildings apparently blocked access to the satellite. Great feature is telling you which lane to be in when highways split. Great value and highly recommended....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
    The Garmin works great! It has a comprensive map system and the on screen directions are fantastic. Easy to set up and the touch screen information is simple to understand. I would recomend this to anyone who needs to travel in unfamiluar areas....more info
  • Life saver !
    The good:
    Overall easy to use
    Good and detailed maps
    Voice navigation is quite helpful
    Easily finds alternate routes and does great u turns via back streets

    The bad:
    The suction mechanism to attach the unit to the windscreen doesn't work perfectly. Occasionally it falls off !
    Occasionally the unit will not find the shortest route....more info
  • Love it...just one small problem
    I bought this because I'm on the road a lot and was frequently getting lost. It's great. I no longer have to look at a map...with one exception. In the instructions, they don't specify how to look up an address on a highway or route. Sometimes it's spelled hwy or rte, and sometimes it doesn't give you anything at all. And roads that I know by names are listed as county routes (CR) not by street names. That's somewhat annoying. But other than that, it's a great help....more info
  • Love My Garmin!
    I travel extensively for my work and my Garmin purchase was long overdue! I used to use Mapquest for my trips, only to get lost in the last couple of miles of the journey. Now, if I miss a turn or change my plans, my Garmin 'recalculates' the necessary route! If I want to stop for food or fuel, my Garmin helps me find my favorites and give me directions to them via an easy to use push button screen. I can then continue on my journey without reentering the address!
    10/10-best money I have ever spent (great deal on Amazon too!)....more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340 Traffic-Ready Vehicle GPS Navigator
    I purchased thus unit prior to a road trip from Tennessee to New Mexico. I had a few days before the trip to play with it and it proved extremely easy to master. Many of the places I wanted to visit were already in the data base and the ones that weren't were easy to enter.

    The voice guided directions were very helpful and made it simple to negotiate through the several large cities on our route. It was great to be able to see where rest stops, restaurants and gas stations were located while "on the fly".

    While a GPS is a great convienience, it is no replacement for a decent map and common sense. A few of the locations were off by just a little and some were off the mark entirely.

    I am extremely pleased with this unit and will never travel without it....more info
    To be fair. I loved this device. I say "loved this device" because I have returned it back to amazon (which was very easy and at no cost.) One of the reasons I chose this model C 340 is because it as "Traffic Ready". What this means I am not sure any more. One thing I do know Is that It is not traffic ready UNLESS you purchase SEPERATLY the TRAFFIC RECIEVING ANTENNA. This costs at least $150.00 or more extra. I repeat the traffic feature DOES NOT work without this additional antenna and subscription. I have basically dediced to spend a few more well actually $100.00 more and get the Garmin c550. Not only Is it "Traffic ready" but It comes with a built in traffic antenna, the antenna is in the power cord that plugs into the cigerette lighter. This makes the c 550 truely TRAFFIC READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Not only do I NOT have to buy an additional antenna but it comes with many other bells and whistles. If knowing the flow of the traffic is not important to you the C340 was near perfect....more info
  • Wouldn't want to be without mine!
    I bought this for recent trips to Omaha, California and Colorado. It has been great. Note that when you turn it on for the VERY FIRST TIME, it takes several minutes to look for the satellites. After that, it goes much faster each time you turn it on. I did have an issue with punching in an address that I knew to be in one city, but it didn't give me that street as an option in the city. To get around it, you can put in the state and the street name (I think there is a 'search all' feature) and it found my address, but put it in neighboring town. That work-around got me there nevertheless. I always get lost, and the Garmin c340 gives me peace of mind, like a safety net. I also tried the POI feature to find a restaurant, and it led me to just what I was looking for - it lists local restaurants as well as chains. Also note that at least two of the car rental companies I have used in the past month offer the c340 as their navigation system to use at about $8/day charge. (Enterprise and Dollar were the companies).
    ...more info
  • Don't hesitate, just buy it!!!
    I spent hours reading GPS reviews by people who bought them and finally chose this unit. I am not disappointed at all. It will get you to wherever you are going without a problem. It doesn't always choose the fastest route because of redlights and traffic, but if I use the "shortest" route feature, it tends to almost always choose the route's I've used as "shortcuts" to places I already commute.

    I've even read some negative comments from people and they are unwarranted, unless you expect this unit to do the driving for you too. One comment I read repeatedly was that it tells you to turn too late. I haven't found that to be true at all. If you are a lead-foot, then it will be late because it's designed to tell you right as you approach the turn. If you drive like a maniac, it can't keep up. Drive the speed limits, and you will be told exactly when to turn. It also warns you on your last turn, how far your next turn will be, so simply pay attention and you can't go wrong.

    I'm sure there are some exceptions, depending on where you live, as to how good this unit performs, such as newly developed areas and such, but that will be the same issue no matter which product you purchase.

    This unit is everything I expected, wanted, and more... You'll never be lost again!!!...more info
  • nice little GPS, but slow to start when surrounded by buildings
    so far the garmin c340 has been great. i just moved to new york city and am on the road constantly, and the fact that it speaks out the actual street names about 200 feet before the actual turn is a huge plus (unless you're really speeding). the only problem i'm having is that satellite reception is difficult to acquire or completely lost when surrounded by tall buildings. i haven't explored all of its features, but it's been a dependable, "some-frills" product. be sure to explore a bit when looking for these; i found a garmin c530 for $50 less at staples here in the city, beating both amazon and j&r soundly. ...more info
  • Worth it
    Overall this is really a great one to have at such a good price, especially in New Jersey. I think it is really worth it, no more print outs, no hassles for directions and fights in the car :-) and so reduced stress

    I like these a lot:
    1. "Turn in so many feet" indicaton at the lower right corner is great. I use it most of the time to judge the correct turn.
    2. Voice indicated directions really helps that we dont have to look at GPS most of the time
    3. Touch screen easy-to-use interface,
    4. Finding nearest restaurant of your interest.

    1. Some of the jug handles and one ways are not loaded in the device. This happens inside the town sometimes but not on major roads.
    2. When searching for nearest points of interest, some times the device takes more than 15 minutes to return the results.
    3. Initially the map can be set to highest zoom in, so we can see end to end map view of start and destination. But during the drive, Map level zooms to lowest level showing the next turn though the map level is set to maximum info on map.
    4. It would have been great if the device showed end-to-end directions in text (as in the yahoo or google), so we can view the complete route in advance whenever we want to during the drive.
    ...more info
  • Continues to Frustrate and Not Pick Up Signal
    Short Strokes: This is a terrible unit that has given me nothing but headache...NOT RECOMMENDED!

    I've had this unit since Christmas 2006. I have a HORRIBLE sense of direction and this thing would be a Godsend if it would ever work. It NEVER (as in: less than 5% of the time) picks up satellite signal (I live in San big hills, always sunny and clear) and leaves me lost and wanting to tear my hair out. If by some chance it does pick up a signal, it promptly loses it within 5 minutes leaving me screwed on unfamiliar roadways.

    Thinking I must have a defective unit, I RMA'ed it with Garmin. They forced me to register (luckily I kept the original box with the critical piece of orange paper inside that somehow proves that I own this piece of junk...otherwise I'm told I would have been screwed since they don't think that the serial number proves it's mine. Oh yeah, now that I've registered, I've noticed that my travel and electronics-related junk mail is skyrocketing...thanks Garmin!)

    It took them 9 days to get it back to me (plus obviously I had to ship at my own expense) and they replaced it with another unit and a piece of paper that said it had been tested and worked. Ok, great. I unpack it, connect to my PC to update the software, take it out to my car and guess what? No signal! I figure, hey, maybe this thing needs some patience to warm up and detect the satellites (or vice-versa). Since I know generally which direction I'm heading, I start out. 10 miles down the road, all I get (every time) is "trouble tracking satellites, are you indoors now?" I say No. "Are you currently in San Diego, CA?" I say Yes. Is the date [today's date/time]?" I say Yes. "Acquiring satellites". (they never get acquired).

    If I could return this thing I would, unfortunately for me it was a Christmas gift. It is completely useless and unreliable....more info
  • Extraordinary ease of use
    The c340 was running out of the box. There is no owners manual to read through before you can use it. It is intuitive, portable, and accurate....more info
  • Garmin c340
    I find this item to be very easy to use and the directions are right on every place I have used it. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a GPS sytem....more info
  • Great
    1. VERY easy to setup
    2. Bright clear display
    3. You can leave the Winshield mount (directly attached to power cord) and take the unit with you (to avoid theft).
    4. Touchscreen controls so easy a caveman could do it.

    1. Pretty sure it doesn't always take you the "Quickest" route....more info
  • I m lovin' it!!!
    I bought this C-340 about 1 month back.
    It is one of the most wise purchases i made!
    AMAZON service is GREAT! It was delivered 1 week before time.
    "Jill" text to speech ....Girl she is good!
    Very accurate
    Makes life simple
    Good battery life
    Touch screen is very simple to use
    I have mounted in my BMW dash far it is holding up good!
    like the options of restaurant and fuel stations.
    Glare in daytime
    street maps not updated.
    But you know what ,.....for this price....c'mon....can't complain.
    i would give 4.5 stars.
    If you are debating between...330 v/s 340.....GO WITH C-340.
    Some reviews say, street names are pronounced funny....I would say...may be one in hundred.....Well,as human we make mistakes in pronounciation too!!! Isn't it!
    Y.Dialani...more info
  • I Should Get a Commission
    This Garmin C340 works splendidly. On a recent trip, the driving was much more relaxing because the Garmin took all the stress away--plenty of warning when turns come up, perfect route planning, excellent design. After seeing it, a friend ordered one, my brother ordered one, and I bought another for my daughter and son-in-law. Before I bought it, I feared the GPS would be a distraction while driving and diminish safety. My experience is just the opposite--since you are more aware of intersections and course changes, you become,I think, a safer driver....more info
  • "jill" gets an A+ on her first test drive!
    Never having owned a GPS system, I was suspect of whether or not it would be worth the monetary investment. Well, the Garmin Streepilot c340 has made a believer out of me. I put "Jill" the voice operator that is part of the system to three seperate drive to address tests and she passed all three with flying colors.
    The system is easy for a "newbie" to operate, and I know that my wife will want one for her vehicle, now that she has seen the system in action.
    Garmin has produced an outstanding product, well worth a five star rating....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340
    This is one of the most convenient and user friendly units available. I also own a Garmin Streetpilot 2730, the c340 is simpler, and its size makes it better to take a long to use in a rental car....more info
  • Wonderful product
    No complaints at all. It is very easy to use and simply a delight to have. I had one question that I didn't find addressed in the manual, and their support center answered it quickly. Highly recommended....more info
  • Superbly does precisely what it is designed to do.
    This is a very carefully engineered product that does what it does superbly but only does that.

    If you want to get to a place you know the address of or can identify by name, it will almost certainly get you there. If you detour, it detects the detour within a few hundred feet and recalculates a new route in a few seconds. The screen is easy to read even for old foggies like me.

    I would not be without it.

    However, I often want to get to a place whose address I do not know, but which is near a known intersection. I do not know a rapid way of entering intersections directly.

    The mounting is specialized and the 12V power connects to the mounting. In California, where I live, it is illegal to mount it to the windshield as intended, so Garmin has supplied a glue-on mounting patch to provide a mounting surface. I use several vehicles,and do not want to scar up any of them, so I end up laying the unit on the dash with the windshield mounting arm used only to connect power. Awkward and not very secure.

    The traffic monitoring adapter requires insertion into the vehicle radio antenna line, so it tends not to be portable at all. I suspect a trip to Radio Shack could result in a workaround, but the result might be unsightly.

    ...more info
  • Life saver with little flaws
    Living in Northern Virginia, where urban planning, if there ever was any, was done by a deranged mind, the Garmin C340 saves my life (or at least a lot of my time) on a daily basis. It really helps to get arround in an area where maps are only an option for people with advanced navigation skills and lots of spare time.

    Being relatively new to the area I love that my Garmin finds shops, restaurants and all kinds of places for me. Simply tell it that you want to go to the next Trader Joe and it takes you there. I use it as much as yellow pages as I use it as navi system.

    As to the text to speech funciton: I would say it's worth the extra buck.

    However there are two flaws:
    1. There are a lot of surprise exits in the DC metro area that the system doesn't annonce early enough. It happens that I am in the right lane and the Garmin tells me to exit on the left lane in 200m (great thing for Europeans in the US, you can switch to metrics). By the time I get to the left lane I am way past the exit.
    2. At more-than-4-way intersections it is sometimes hard to recognize which road the Garmin wants you to take.

    But these two flaws definitely do not defeat the purpose, because with the propose alternative routes the Garmin generates I am still saving a lot of time compared to not having it....more info
  • loud and clear
    great gps at a great price. easily opperated. loud and clear instructions with quik recalculations if taking wrong turn or starting route differently. highly recomended....more info
  • Wonderful unit with a few drawbacks
    I purchased the Garmin c340 unit about a year ago and have used it on a regular basis since. Overall this is a fantastic unit that I just couldn't do without.. unfortunately it does still have a few drawbacks.

    Starting with the good:

    Fast startup - approximately 8 seconds from when you hit the power button to when you have access to the main menu.

    Nice, large screen which is easy to use even during the daytime (and switches to another color scheme at night to make it easier to use).

    Nice battery life - uses internal batteries and charges (or powers off of) a cigarette lighter adapter. This is what I use while in the car and the battery holds a lengthy charge when unplugged from it (between 8 and 10 hours in my experience). There is a slight negative to this which I'll touch on more later on.

    Straight-forward and easy to navigate. It includes a listing of several businesses in your current area which are sorted by category (Gas stations, hotels, restaurants, Attractions, shopping, parking, hospitals, etc..) - Good for when you're in a new area or don't have a lot of time to cruise around and see what's around you. A "Browse map" will show a map of your current location and allow you to see (via icons) what's close by.
    You can also enter a street address and be taken right there.
    Like the battery issue, theres also a slight negative to the included directory.

    Text-To-Speech: My reason for buying this unit over the others. Hearing "Turn right in 300 yards" can be confusing if you're in an area with short blocks or multiple streets close to eachother. Text to speech will actually speak the street names to you, telling you to "Turn right at Main Street". Great feature I wouldn't do without!

    The cons:
    Very bulky unit - While it is only about 3 inches tall by about 4 inches wide, it's about 3 1/2 inches deep. Compared to the higher end Garmins which can fit in your front pocket, this one has trouble fitting in even a wide pants pocket. Since I take mine with me when entering stores (after seeing just how many cars get broken into when theyre sitting in plain sight), it becomes a hassle. I eventually had to purchase a camera-case (Sony LCS-CSD General Carrying Case for Compatible Cybershot Digital Cameras) which holds it perfectly.. but I find that I still have to clip it to my belt loop because of the size of the unit.

    Internal battery: VERY nice as you dont need to change it, but you're limited to the power it has. If you're without a car-adapter the battery will be dead about 8-10 hours later.. Additionally, these batteries are known to lose their holding power over time (this was an issue with the iPod) - meaning that 3-4 years from now it might only hold for 3 hours.

    Internal Directory: Another nice feature but since it was preloaded when the maps were created, you'll look up a restaurant or store only to find that it no longer exists. Not a big "Con" but you will come across it from time to time.

    Poor satellite reception compared to new Garmin's: The c340 loses reception when not in the direct open - if you take it in your house, a store, or get stuck in a tunnel you will likely lose connection until you get to the other side. Newer garmins will work perfectly even in these same conditions. Not a huge problem but if you're in a location covered with trees you may also lose connection.


    A few other notes:

    Touch screen and user interfaces are very easy to use.

    The c340 lacks features like the bluetooth phone connection, MP3 player, traffic (an optional antenna and subscription is required on the c340), movie times and gas prices of the newer units. It's nice to press a button and see the current gas prices of every gas station nearby (in realtime) or what time a movie is starting.. Unfortunately those features are not present on this model. If you can deal without these (as I could), the c340 makes a perfect GPS unit. I do wish that I purchased one of the slim-units to make it more portable but at twice the price, I just couldnt justify it.

    Pick one up and you'll have a great time with it!

    [UPDATE: July 01, 2007]: Just took the garmin on a short road trip with me. 3 hour drive to a city I've never traveled to - my only preparation being typing the address into my Garmin. As soon as I typed it in, the system estimated my arrival time (6:12). This time did fluctuate slightly during the trip based on how fast I was going. 3 hours later and I arrived at my destination - just a 6 minute difference in time from the estimated time and my arrival time (I arrived at 6:06).

    The garmin got my there in one piece and showed me around town!

    The only trouble I had (and this is the first of it's kind that I've experienced in the ~10 months I've owned the unit) was that the display read "Exit (x street)" while the voice prompt (and visual map) suggesting continuing on the freeway. I took my chances and stayed on the freeway which turned out to be the correct answer (I'm sure the garmin would have steered me back onto the freeway either way).

    Can't wait til my next trip!...more info
  • Streetpilot
    This is a very nice unit. It has a few drawbacks. It takes a long time to locate satellites. It does not give you options like fastest route versus shortest or most use of highways or avoid tolls. The unit can be used in multiple vehicles but you need to buy a separate mount for each as the mount is glued on, not suction. Overall I am quite happy with it in spite of its limitations....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    The Garmin item worked great right out of the box, battery was almost fully charged. Software updates and download of different voices is simple. After two months, the rubber on the suction cup mount deterioriated, called Garmin, they sent a complete new mount, including the power cable via overnight air - no charge. Yea, Garmin! That's good customer service. Rated at four stars because the voice directions don't use the most commonly used names for some roads. e.g, Calls I-75 "GA 400". This is correct but NOBODY calls it GA 400. That's really on worth 1/2 star..........more info
  • one happy traveler
    I work as a background investigator. i travel all over the place. this garmin is my love...and she (Jill) saves the day. Jill is the narrator in case you were wondering. ...more info
  • useless
    ill rather keep checking maps on the road they are more acurate and fun, i dont know if its because the program in my gps is dated 2005 but in the south esat coast of florida with all the new developments the machine keeps givin me crazy routes or is unable to give me a route at all...more info
  • So far, so great!
    This is an exceptional product indeed. Having just purchased a new car that had a "built in" GPS navigation system installed, my recent purchase of a c340 Garmin unit was for my older car, and was thus a great comparison for me. The Garmin is extremely functional, and easy to use. The mounting hardware is well crafted and works very well (I use the glass mount system). The Garmin also provides a much better view of what is ahead, than my other car's more expensive system (it was nearly $2000 extra)...and has a number of options with regard to different voices, something I find most amusing (I guess I am still a kid at heart!) addition, the Garmin is portable and thus I can switch it to rental cars easily for my out of town travel...all in all, a wonderful product!...more info
  • Garmin is a Great Choice
    I have used the optional nav systems that are a $2,000 option in most cars, and the Garmin c340 is by far the easiest and best performing nav system I have ever used, at a fraction of the price. It is so user friendly that all I had to do is turn it on and go. The amount of data pre-loaded into the unit is staggering. My relative that lives on a private road with only three other homes was in the system. The other systems I have used could only get me to an intersection, about a mile away. My only regret is that I did not spend a little more to purchase one that is bluetooth ready. I am thrilled with my c340 and purchasing it on was easy and fast. ...more info
  • I love it!
    for a direction -challenged, newcomer to Atlanta, Ga - The Garmin c340 gets me where I need to be....more info
  • excellent
    I have an Accura with the navigation system built in. I find the Garvin GPS system much more accurate that the one built in and easier to read and program....more info
  • Garmin 340
    we like our street Pilot. It's accurate and we no longer have worry about looking for street names. Sometimes though, it delays the comand to turn left or right until after you have passed the exit, forcing you to make a U turn. That only happenned once, so i don't suppose it's a problem....more info
  • bargin seeker
    This unit has saved me on several occasions. It works well and is about 98% accurate. It lacks a few features that I saw on a Hertz rental that had a GPS such as how much further you have to go to reach your destination. For the money, it is a good buy....more info
  • Easy to use
    I love the clarity of the screen. It has easy to follow instructions and so far, I have been very satisfied with the Garmin c340....more info
  • Portable, affordable car navigation
    I found the instructions easy to understand and it was easy to install. The first time I was really lost and depended on it to get me home, I thought it was worth every penny. Would advise every woman traveling alone to have one. ...more info
  • Good product for drivers with bad sense of direction
    Very easy to use
    Store common travel location in favorites
    With 340 it also speaks the street name with turn right/left
    Clear visuals
    Clear communication

    Not sure if it always takes you from the shortest route but yes it will definitely take you to your destination
    Overall impressed with the product and never felt better when i am travelling to an unknown location...more info
  • Great GPS
    A most excellent piece of engineering....nice screen....suction cup holding for 4 months so far....good directions....voice is pleasant...accurate 98% of the time...some places in directions are out of business....would I buy the same unit again is the question.....absolutely...............more info
  • Got to get one...............
    I love it. I recommend it very highly. It's user friendly. I would buy it again. I love the fact that it recalculating in no time.
    ...more info
  • A worthy upgrade from the C330
    The extra money over the C330 is worth it since the text-to-speech system can read the street names in your coming turns instead of saying "in 30 meters turn right".

    Powerful and intuitive - During my California trip never got lost even once, nearby attractions feature a really nice bonus (e.g. find all attractions or say italian restaurants within 15 miles of current location)

    User Friendly - Even my parents figured out how to use it without instructions.

    Really happy with this product......more info
  • Great GPS
    Overall, we are pretty happy with the unit after about a month of using it. However, I'm not sure it is worth paying extra money compared with Garmin i3/i5. Yes, the screen is bigger - but you won't really care after a few weeks. Yes, the touchscreen is so much better than the wheel - but then again, how often do you use it? Yes, it is very convenient when the unit can spell street names instead of just saying 'turn left' - but my unit often goes into denial and forgets to name the streets (a reboot usually helps). I would recommend to start with i3/i5 and upgrade to c340 only if you can't stand the small screen with a little wheel. This said, GPS is a must. Except for those who still don't get cell phones....more info
  • Garmin C340
    This is my first GPS and it has been very good. The screen is clear and bright and is easy to see in bright daylight.
    I have no complaints and would buy it again....more info
  • Better than factory installed GPS
    I bought the c340 for my wife for Christmas, as she is always getting lost when going places that she is unfamiliar with. I had a factory installed system in my Chrysler Pacifica, and liked it. Well, when we mounted the c340 in her car and turned it on, wow, what a difference. Technology wise, the c340 wins hands down. There is no comparison. The features are outstanding compared to factory installed units. The recalculating time when making a wrong turn is incredible. The c340 does recalculating almost instantly, where my factory installed unit would take maybe 30 seconds or longer. The POI feature is far superior to the factory installed unit. There is only one negative that I can think of. When turning on the unit, sometimes it takes a minute or two to locate the satellite. Once it's on, it's great. If it turned on instantly, I would have given the unit a 5 star instead of 4 stars. Well, I just got a new car, another Pacifica, and this time without a GPS. I'm buying the c340 for my new car. That's how much I like the unit....more info
  • Garmin c340 Does the Job
    The unit was ready to use out of the box. Graphics and voice directions are clear and accurate.It does what it is advertised to do. A great product!...more info
  • Garmin GPS c340 car navigation system
    This device is fantastic...........very easy to use right out of the box and requires virtually no training since it is so intuitative. Our vacation in San Diego was much easier and more pleasant since we felt comfortable going ANYWHERE in the rental car, even though we had never been in the area before....more info
  • Great GPS!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this Gps. It is not obtrusive because it is small enough,yet with my bad eyesight I am still able to read the screen.
    I feel lost without it. It is just as important as my cell phone.
    I have not had any problems with it what so ever.
    Great Product!...more info
    Jill is my new best friend! I can't believe I have lived this long without her. She has saved me so many times already and I've only had her a month. She is so user friendly a 7 year old could work her. She is extremely precise and accurate. Sometimes I question the route she is sending me on, but I have faith and she delivers. Just do what she says and you will be where you need to be when she says you will be there. I have NO negatives to report. She is easy to use, easy to understand, recomputes a perfect new route when you stray from her original suggestion and never misses a beat. I bought a travel case for her and I love that too. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT HER!! My husband is in outside sales and has to go from one account to another and he just punches in the next address and she gets him right there. No more maps or asking directions. And she is very accurate when it comes to what time you will arrive. We are never late anymore either because of Jill. I am considering buying another since my hubby hogs this one and I feel lost without her. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340 GPS
    This product is so intuitive and user friendly for a newbie I was amazed. I had a Garmin GPS III Plus several years ago and although it was a nice GPS it was not near as traffic ready or as versatile. I really like the voice choices and rapid location acquisition of the c340. It even predicts my arrival time and does so accurately, despite delays and speed changes.

    Since I often choose a different route from the one shown, the c340 almost immediately recalibrates to the new route. Despite the fact it does not always give timely verbal instructions for a turn and seems not to know where the usual fast food restaurants are,(neither Arby's nor Wendy's were shown), the c340 easily deserves 5 stars. Incidentally, although verbal turn info is sometimes spoken a bit late for the turn, the c340 does make up for this by also showing oncoming turns at the top of the screen. You just have to glance at it as you travel....more info
  • gps c340
    The Garmin c340 is great! You sent it promptly and easily. Thank you!...more info
  • Recommend Garmin Streetpilot
    This is a great product and so helpful when traveling in unfamiliar areas. The Garmin is easy to use and I would recommend it. Purchasing on Amazon was the best price I could find....more info
    Easy Great Wonderful no problems here. Only negective is updates cost $75.00....more info
  • Take note truck drivers
    The Garmin 340c is a must for over the road drivers, Church ministries and delivery systems. The only I would reccommend is that the download be updated to show new and improved road systems. The Garmin does not like military reservations however you can put in critical areas by using (my locations) once you get there....more info
  • quention of reliability
    Since I purchased this item on 1/26/07 I have had to reset the system entirely (with help from tech support). The unit has shut down for no apparent reason, I must calculate the program after every other use. I replaced my Garmin street pilot with this unit and am beginning to regret the move....more info
  • great
    on the road alot. easy to use ,couldnt get along without it. wish it would show different routes....more info
  • good GPS, some minor glitches
    I had a garmin i2 before i got this for our second car. I tried out a magellan roadmate 3050T, but had to return it as it couldnt find POIs properly (I asked it for the nearest target and it said it is two states away:)
    But no such issues with the c340. quite up-to date maps and the UI is clean and uncluttered.

    The negatives:
    The Text to speech is not really clear. The names of certain streets come out garbled, so you still need to look at the screen to make sure you have the correct street. (eg. it says "Lawrence expeeway" for "Lawrence expway".
    When i try to locate a POI, say the nearest starbucks, it shows a list of starbucks nearby, puts the distance and the direction next to it (like 3.5 mi S, or 2.4mi SW). but when the vehicle moves, the directions(S, SW,NE etc. ) change to small arrows. But this changes back to the S, SW, NE etc when the vehicle stops. I really liked this feature of magellan, and was thrilled to find it on this Garmin, but i dont understand why the arrows can be displayed only when the vehicle is moving. I agree that it has to be so when the vehicle has not started moving, but you should be able to move the vehicle a bit, get to the arrows and the arrows should stay when i stop my vehicle.

    er... overall, i think i am just being picky... but if it were not for the above, i would have given it 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Get what you pay for -- average price, average GPS unit
    This unit is best for rural areas, as it doesn't get very good reception in large cities (Boston downtown for me). Additionally, the maps that ship with the unit are very outdated, resulting in the unit calculating routes that are far longer than they should be when navigating highly urban areas.

    Also, you MUST buy the Garmin dash mount kit (sold separately), as the suction cup mount provided with the unit is utterly useless....more info
  • Great in most situations
    If you're traveling to an area that is not experiencing a lot of road construction or new housing developments, you'll be fine. It will take you right to the doorstep in style. Good clear directions on a large, bright screen make it easy to see. The suction mount is just a notch short of super glue. It won't let go. I live in an area with many new subdivisions springing up. Much of the city's residential areas and accompanying road construction are not yet in the system. I'm new to the area, so it will be great when these areas are added to software. Some of them are 4 - 5 years old and are still not yet in the unit. Other than that, this is a straight forward, easy to operate, effective unit that does what it says it will do. ...more info
  • Great GPS unit, but not perfect
    Overall I love this unit, but there are a few minor issues. First, it sometimes takes a very long time for it to turn on & recognize where it is. It sometimes takes several minutes for the map to come up & for it to take directions. This doesn't seem like much, but when you get in your car & are waiting for it to boot up, a few minutes is a long time. Also, many times it tells you that your destination is on the left when it is on the right and vice versa. The volume could be louder--I have it set on the second loudest setting, and it is still difficult to hear when the radio is on, and the speaker vibrates.
    Now the good stuff--It gives excellent directions most of the time. I have gone places where I have no clue where I am going & it has gotten me there flawlessly. I haven't opened a map in months!It is easy to read when it is on the dash, and this model says the street name which makes it easier to know where to turn.
    Overall I am very happy with this unit but can't give it 5 stars due to these shortcomings. ...more info
  • great... i love it
    its really good to have an instrument like this and i love it.. otherwise i would be going on finding an address .. the whole day coz am a new driver.. but the only thing.. bad abt this is some times it dont tell the street names when making turns and we end up revolving around the destination address.. but it has lot of great features like you can run on battery.. overall performance is good...more info
  • Unbelievable
    I find this unit easy to use,accurate,and time saving. We just love it !!!...more info
  • Incredible unit for a good price
    DISCLAIMER: My wife and I share this Amazon account, and she got her name on the account. This review was done by L.J. Klein's husband. :-)

    I've always thought a GPS would be a nice tool to have. Not a must-have item, but a great little time-saver.

    Boy, was I wrong! This little c340 is the greatest invention since the automobile! I have a good sense of direction and have amazed my wife on more than one occasion by driving into a new town and driving around as if I'd grown up there, but it was always a bit stressful when that turn that I thought would take me one place actually took me another.

    This unit has completely alleviated that stress, and that's just the tip of this unit's capabilities. The ability to search for restaurants, motels, post offices, etc. is one benefit, especially if you're unfamiliar with an area. The ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is impressively accurate and is constantly updated (a wonderful way to answer the kids' "When are we gonna get there?" question).

    The maps are very accurate. They're not PERFECT, and sometimes the unit will tell you to turn where no road exists, but if you miss where it thinks you should turn it will quickly recalculate another route.

    I've used and looked at other GPS units, and I highly recommend the Garmin Streetpilot c340. I give it 4 stars only because it's not perfect (and Amazon doesn't let you give 4-1/2 stars)....more info
  • Best thing I ever done.
    The Garmin GPS is a great product.My wife and I just got back from a three week RV trip.We traveled over 3000 miles to 8 different camp grounds.It`s so simple to use a Caveman can do it[Ha Ha].Just put in the state and street address hit go and follow the arrow and listen to the prompts We never looked at a map our whole trip.Hotels,Gas, Resturants,Campgrounds are just push botton away.We had more time to enjoy our trip and not look at maps.Voice prompts accure at 3 to 8 tenths of a mile depending on your speed.Good traveling. Clayton...more info
  • A Direction Finding Wonder
    The c340 street pilot has a built in street map memory that is awesomely accurate. It also has the text to voice converter which is quite helpful. It is very easy to use and in the map configuration can give you a check on your cars' speedometer. Excellent device. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I cannot believe how this thing works, it is amazing and very handy! My husband used to be afraid to go places that he was not familure with now he grabs the Garmin and goes! ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340 Nav system is wonderful
    I'm really enjoying this GPS navigation system. I recently moved to a new town and it's keeping me from getting lost. It moves easily between cars. I even take it on trips and pop it into the rental car. It takes a lot of stress out of finding my way in unfamiliar territory. I looked at more ecpensive models but felt I didn't need the additional bells and whistles like MP3 players and photo viewers. The Garmin c340 has all the functionality I need....more info
  • My Garmin Stress Reliever
    Having just moved to a new city, I would be at a loss without my Garmin. It is absolutely terrific and only on a few occasions has it given me a command a bit too late. For the most part, it is a lifesaver and for the cost, I would definitely recommend it. Driving is stressful enough without having to be looking at a map too! I never have to worry about getting lost anymore....more info
  • Best GPS system I've ever used
    Dollar for Dollar this is probably the best/most useful elecronic device I have bought to date. I am already a fan of Garmin as I own a Forerunner 305 sports GPS watch and this product has further strengthened my faith in their product line. I did a lot of research before I purchased and heard a lot of negative commentary about their main competitiors, particularly Magellan.
    I have spent a lot of money on OEM systems in my cars over the past few years. This little device has them all beat hands down on functionality and value. It's easy and intuitive to use (unlike my clunky $1600 BMW system) offers touch screen simplicity, (unlike my $1500 Nissan system). Most importantly, it's very portable. My wife and I used it on a trip to Arizona recently. After a trouble plagued flight with extensive delays we were faced with a long late-night rental car trip to our a final destination with our overtired 5-year old daughter in tow. Normally just getting out of the airport is a challenge to our marital bliss but this time it was effortless and tension free. I plan on taking it to Europe ( with map upgrades) this year as the challenge of driving from Rome's Airport to Tuscany will definitely be more manageable with it. I recommended this system to a neighbour who is also very pleased with his purchase. In summary
    Great Product - Garmin knows Maps and GPS
    Great Value - Can't beat this price
    Does the simple things very well
    Great features (eg gas station and ATM finder)
    Works out of the box (you don't need a degree in electrical engineering to instal)
    Beautiful graphics -clear screen with auto-dim for night use

    I cannot think of any way I could improve this device. Great job Garmin!

    ...more info
  • GARMIN-C340 Street Pilot-The perfect navigator
    Looking for a personal navigator on-line will yeild a plethora of navigating electronic boxes. But, who's is who's, what is what, this one or that one and why pay more or why pay less. The simple answer is to ask the people who have already purchased one. They can tell you the good points and of course the bad points. I wanted one for my father in-law who happens to need one that basically does all the work for you. The Garmin C340 fit exactly what he needed, easy to use, no real need to read through pages of instruction, very straight forward, uses real street name and not coordinates, finds gas, food and lodging at the touch of a button. What more could anyone ask for. The C340 is it...wa-la...we're here.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340
    As a Realtor, I'm always going to different places with my clients. The Streetpilot makes this MUCH easier! It announces the names of streets when telling you to turn. It's also helped me make short cuts through neighborhoods that I didn't know about. GPS allows me to spend more time talking to the people in my car versus trying to figure out where to turn. This is especially true at night when it's so difficult to read street signs. The GPS isn't perfect yet, and you'll have to pay attention to turning points...sometimes you'll only have 100 feet before making that make sure you're in the proper lane. There's a notation on the screen in the lower right-hand corner that tracks when to turn and that helps but requires one to take their eyes off the road. You'll also find that the system may not know about all the new roads being built in your area...and "she" has been quite adamant that I make a U-turn in the middle of the evolving Springfield "Mixing Bowl" here in Northern Virginia....more info
  • Ultra-Intuitive!
    I've had this unit now for about 2 months and I'm completely satisified with it (well, almost completely...I wish it could store routes, but that's relatively minor). It's remarkably easy to use, ultra-intuititve, and the POI database is huge AND up-to-date. The voice direction capability works great; I can hear the woman giving me directions over road noise with no problem, and usually over the radio as well! The c340 features text-to-speech functionality, whereby it converts street & placenames to speech, and that functionality works quite well too. It also feature a variety of languages and dialects to choose from; I can have english spoken to me by a choice of several American, Britsh and Australian accent women (my fave is the Aussie).

    All in all, I can't imagine getting more GPS for the's a winner....more info
  • Great Product!
    Bought this unit on a trip to Florida and it performed very well. Returned a Tom Tom unit that I purchased (same $$$) first but didn't like due to poor POIs locating ability (couldn't find a Circuit City I was parked in front of!)
    It works well and is easy to use... minor annoyances are the fact it doesn't seem to announce the turns quick enough to slow down and turn in time. This is usually the 2nd voice alert and I am now aware how "late" the voice alerts come, so I usually can make the turns fine. The Tom Tom gave me almost continuous alerts which could be annoying too!
    I also noticed that a small percent of the POIs are on the wrong side of the road according to the Garmin. No big deal as I could see the store was on the left instead of the right. The other "glitch" is the mispronounciation of street names and highways. I am still trying to figure out what my gal "Jill" is saying for a street I travel on (Norway Avenue)...
    But for the majority of keeping one on the right path, I highly recommend it. Suction works great and I only lost signal going through a long tunnel. My wife is now using it for her home health work and reports that it helps her a lot find rural roads and addresses (especially in the dark when road signs are near impossible to see).
    ...more info
  • Garmin c340 street polite
    The c340 is an excellent product. It is easy to use and navigate through the program. I like the mounting setup how the adapter attaches to the mounting bracket not the gps itself, it just makes it easier to mount and dismount. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend the c340 to anyone....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340
    I purchased this for my husband as a Christmas gift..and now we fight over who's car it will be kept in!
    We just love it...and recently took it on a trip with us to Florida.
    Being in unknown territory, it worked like a charm! Getting us to and from the airport with ease, plus all the little side trips and restaurants during our stay were a breeze.
    The only thing we didn't get was the leather case for carrying, which I found out from a friend, was available for this unit. I would recommend getting that if available.
    ...more info
  • That Annoying Voice
    I purchased this and must say that it is definitely a worth-while purchase and the price is competitive. Would recommend it over several others I researched and tried. (Tom Tom, Magellan etc.) One really annoying feature!!!!!
    The voice that calls out the turns etc is an Engliush Lady with a British accent. Her pronunciation is most annoying. For example, Dr. as in Drive becomes Doctor to her. St. as in Street is Saint to her. Pensacola Drive became Pen-soc-a-law Doctor. There are new thrills daily. I usually run with the voice turned off. And, perhaps the annoyance is a tradeoff for the overall high quality of performance....more info
  • Good navigation unit
    I bought this unit for help in navigating to away games. My daughter and son are both involved in sports year-round. The problem is that we don't always play the same schools, hence the need for our navigation unit.

    The drawback - we live and travel to many small towns throughout the state. I have tested this unit on a couple of trips since Christmas. On the most recent test, it told me to turn left and had I done so, I would have ended up hitting a tree (nothing there but forest for a half mile). Thankfully, I knew this particular school's location (it was actually on the right), but for those unfamiliar with the area, this would have been rather confusing. Also, it doesn't pick up many "Mom and Pop" establishments and even misses a few franchise locations in these small towns.

    Overall, I am pleased with my unit. But forewarned is forearmed....more info
  • Garmin C340
    In general works OK. Loosing signal in a city and takes a while to reacquire signal....more info
  • Getting there is lots more fune!
    The Garmin makes finding your destination a pleasure. No more balancing maps, hand-written directions on tiny notepads, or other inadequate directions; just punch in the data and Go! Or ask it for the closest Starbucks--or gas station--and let it find the way. It's easy to use and hard to beat....more info
  • Jill takes you where you want to go...
    This is my second Garmin that I own. My wife and I love this one because this one has the "text to speech" feature. You don't have to look at the map at all just keep driving and Jill will tell where to go. Just listen to Jill that all you need to do. My first GPS was Garmin iQue 3600 that's completed to operate (my wife's says so) didn't have touch screen and it was PDA and a GPS, but c340 is very simple to use....more info
  • Ease of use
    I bought the Garmin C340 for my wife. It is as easy as "where to and where am I now". She uses it and says that it is very easy to navigate through the screens and is user friendly. The C340 also has the street name announcment, which comes in very handy. I would highly reccomend the Garmin C340. ...more info
  • Great Product for the price!
    I purchased Garmin c340 five months ago. I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is not hard to use, and it saved me in numerous situations. To think about it now, I can't imagine driving to an unknown destination without my Garmin! GPS is a must for every family or person with a car....more info
  • Excellent product
    I just purchased this product and used it on a 3000 mile trip. I previously had a hand-held Garmin that I also enjoyed; however, this unit is SO much easier to use and has so many features. It never got me lost, and always got me to where I programed. The text to voice feature was a real treat making it simple to navigate. On the down side, the maps weren't always up to date, and it seemed to me that taking a freeway would often be faster if not shorter, but the unit more often than not directed me to surface streets when driving distances within a city. Also, I missed the altimeter feature that my hand-held unit had. I would rate this unit as outstanding. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340
    I found this unit to be very easy to use right out of the box. The extensive list of points of interest preprogrammed into the unit make it especially useful. The written manual, available online, is not particularly well written and is somewhat confusing. ...more info
  • GREAT !!
    After having been totally disappointed with my purchase of Magellan GPS, I have found the Gramin Streetpiolet to be not only very user friendly, but also fairly accurate (sometimes gets it's left & right turns confused). It's text to voice feature is an absolute MUST. (The GPS units not having this feature tells you to turn right or left, without a CLUE of what street you are turning on without staring at the map). While I have not had a chance to use it extensively, so far I'm very impressed with this product. Got a great deal on it from Amazon!...more info
  • Fabulous Device
    I live in a major metropolitan area and my wife frequently has difficulty navigating from place to place. I bought the C340 for her this past Christmas and I couldn't be more pleased. My primary considerations in selecting this device were ease of use, accuracy, and voice prompts. This device definately delivers on all three. My wife loves it, and I have been so impressed that I purchased a second one for myself. Two thumbs up to Garmin on this one. ...more info
  • Causes global warming
    I've had my c340 about a month, and keep finding alternate ways to get places I thought I knew. Now I want to drive everywhere.

    Love it. ...more info
  • This is a wonderful thing
    Haven't been lost once since I plugged it in! Very easy to use--don't over-think, just follow the quick start steps and GO. Very fast response & recalc. times, too. Despite its small footprint, the graphics are excellent. Someone wrote they've 'been so many more places now that they have it'--I'd BEEN to all those places, too, because I was lost. Now, I'm seeing less of the road, but enjoy it so much more.
    ...more info
  • Easy to operate
    I received the GPS and after taking it out of the package, reading a few directions, I was up and running within 20 minutes. I was able to obtain satellite signals while inside my home. The only thing Garmin could do to improve the product is to include a wall charging adaptor.

    I have not taken any trips away from home, however, if the unit works as well away from home as it has around my home area, I do not believe I will be getting lost....more info
  • Great product, but not always the best route choices
    I've had this product for 4 months and it has saved me from getting lost plenty of times. I live in Manhattan and when using it here it's a bit finicky and loses satellite reception quite often because of the tall buildings. When I would drive long distances it would take me a longer way than necessary but I downloaded the newer map version (with the help of an extremely nice and knowledgeable Garmin technician) and it seems to be a lot better. I've taken this with me on trips to Florida, Long Island, upstate New York and California and it has been a savior. I was able to rent a car and be on my way! It lists nearby restaurants, shopping, attractions and much more. You can also say whether you want it to find directions based on shorter time or shorter distance. The only difference between the c340 and c330 is that you can have the spoken voice dictate street names instead of just "Turn right in 1 mile" it says "Turn right on Main Street in 1 mile". Also, this model has the capability for an add-on traffic receiver which I did not purchase. Overall, I say that this is a great buy despite having some kinks it in....more info
  • that's enough research. now buy this!
    first things first. man made GPS navigation systems. you can buy a $200 product or a $1000 product. they're both gonna have their flaws. but if you want a reasonably priced, DAMN GOOD GPS navigator, don't look any further! i got this one in oct '06.. and i deliberately waited 4 months to write this review only so i could post a very accurate one.

    i live in washington DC and my car is like my second home since i travel so much. that said, let's get to the nitty gritties. occasionally, the unit does seem to falter around construction zones and doesn't recognize exits especially if they're being re-routed.. there is huge amounts of construction going on around the mixing bowl in the DC metro area and so that's where the unit wigged out a little while trying to give me directions (this happened when i was testing it out initially.. thankfully i knew the way home so i didn't really need the unit's directions).

    as a frequent traveler to NY, this unit worked surprisingly really well even between all those tall buildings where i didn't think it would get satellite reception. only once it failed to sync up the satellites which was annoying, but fortunately NY has enough cab drivers that were able to guide me to where i needed to go.

    the pluses: good price, compact, easy to read, WAYYY too easy to use, dashboard disc (so you don't have to use the suction cup to mount it on your windshield), and THE most amazing feature: text-to-speech (which even some of the higher up models don't have!), good battery life (4hrs)

    the minuses: occasional failure catching satellite signal (but this will happen with any model i'm sure), a hunchback look (i wish it were sleeker looking)

    personally i've never had any screen glares affect where i'm going.. and it's pretty anti-glare for the most part.. but again, this is an issue that could happen to any GPS.

    stop looking. start buying. and enjoy!

    p.s. i'm only giving it 4 stars bc nothing's perfect. but this one's about as close as it gets!...more info
  • Love the Garmin c340
    As the owner of another brand, this is a far superior product...have not been disappointed at all..the price was good and i am very pleased.....more info
  • Best gift for my husband
    I bought this for my husband since he travels a lot for work. We have a built in navigation system in our Honda and I think he got a better deal. When you are in the cities, it switches to a 3-d view and he says it's much easier to see where you're going while traveling. It's easy to use too....more info
  • Good purchase
    I am very happy with the Garmin c340. I'm in the car driving around all day for my job and it helps immensely. There's no need to search maps, just type in the address and it tells me where to go. One thing I don't like is that I always have to type in the city even if I'm going a couple blocks away. A more expensive version I've used asks if it's the same city you last searched for. Sometimes there are mistakes in the directions but they are the same as those provided by MapQuest so it's not a Garmin issue. Other than those 2 minor things, I am very happy that I bought it. I love the text to speech feature. I also like that it has battery backup so that I can unplug it then plug in my phone or computer and it will run off of the battery power.

    I read reviews in which people say they had to buy the dash mount because the suction cup didn't work well, but mine works fine. It has fallen off the windshield once but I just re-stuck it to a cleaner part of the windshield.

    For the money, it's great. I'm really happy with it overall....more info
  • Satisfied with Garmin AND
    I have used my Garmin C340 several times already and it has been right every time. Love the text to voice feature. A layer of comfort is added when it tells me to turn right if it also tells me the name of the street I am turning onto. As usual, ordering from is a piece of cake and the delivery of my GPS very prompt!...more info
  • Lost No More
    I'm a first time GPS user and this item has proved to be a great addition to my life. I have used it locally and in a very large city with no problems. The unit recalculates quickly whenever a wrong turn is made and it will probably save my 34 year marriage....more info
  • Great Navigation System
    We bought the Garmin C340 about 3 weeks ago and we are quite impressed. We like the fact that it is so easy to use. Just turn it on and go. The Garmin is always able to locate our position immediately. We chose this version because the Garmin gives you the names of the streets rather than just telling you to take a left or a right. There is also a field on the screen you can touch to determine when and where your next turn will be. An additional bonus is that it can estimate your arrival time. That's pretty neat. It adjusts depending on your speed. The only negative thing, and it's nothing bad, is sometime the system mispronounces street names BUT the street name will be on the screen if you are unsure. ...more info
  • Garnin c340 GPS unit
    Wish I had bought it sooner. We have left the house and over a hundred miles turner into a drive we had not been to before. Its text to speech feature is great when in heavy trafic or multiple steets from an off ramp. That feature is well worth the extra it costs over the c330 unit. I have had the unit fall off the windshield with the mount because it was not mounted securely. My fault. I ended up shuting it off and after stopping I just selected my destination again and continued on after it aligned it self. Great unit....more info
  • Why won't it stick?
    I bought the Garmin Streetpilot c340 based on reviews here. I can't imagine how I lived without it before. The touch-screen and ease of use are way better than the $1,400 built-in system in my husband's new Infiniti. I am awed by the technology that can find me out of all the cars on the planet. But why can't these geniuses figure out a better way to mount it on the windshield? This funky little suction-cup device with tab works most of the time, but not all the time. Late last night I was driving up the New York Thruway at about 70 and about 15 minutes into the trip, splat, it came off and fell on the floor next to my foot. I think it's the difference in temperature between the cold car and the heated-up car that causes the materials to expand or contract and the seal to break. I know they make dashboard mounts, but I think they call attention to the fact that you have a portable GPS. and some people, especially in New York City, might want to break into the car and look for it. I think I might send a polite e-mail to the manufacturer, too, but thought I'd start by posting this here....more info
  • easy to use
    we have used the street pilot in the rural north shore of long island its pretty good. Looking forward to a real test when we try it in Boston !...more info
  • Very good unit for the money
    Volume switch could be a bit louder, and the "voice" could be a little sounds shaky, at times.
    Also, sometimes the turn is upon you before the navigator tells you to "turn." Needs to be "quicker."
    All in All, the unit is very good, and stays locked on the the satellite signal excellently...except when in a tunnel....more info
  • Excellant
    Finally bought an electronic gizzmo that is actually better than my expectations! The Garmin c340 works right out of the box, is very user friendly.

    It works in the St. Louis area very well never loosing a signal, the voice is loud and clear and the display works very well when placed in the proper orintation. You don't have to look at the unit that much because the voice tells you exactlly the direction and street name to turn on. However if you set it too just Map and are driving around it gives you a world of information, including heading, speed, and upcoming streets displayed over the 3D map.

    It comes with a cigar lighter cord for charging in your vehicle, but it also charges if you have it plugged into a computer USB plug, which surprized me. There is a program available that will automatically update all your software.

    I an so taken with this product that if it were possiable I would give it 6 stars. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340 Navigation System
    Excellent product very easy to operate and accurate mapping worth every penny I spent on this system...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340 Portable GPS Navigation System
    We have been very happy with our new Garmin. It was very easy to start using - just turn it on. The display is very eay to use. Despite some of the complaints I saw in other reviews about the advance warning before turns, we have found it to be ample. The unit tells you how many miles before the next turn and then a warning when to make the turn. The display also shows the distance to the next turn. This is our first GPS and we are very happy with it....more info
  • Purchase of the Garmin Streetpilot c340 Portable GPS Navigation System
    I was very statisfied withthe purchase of the Garmin c340 GPS system. The unit was delivered a few days after I placed the order and it was in mint condition.

    Upgrading from Garmin 3600 series the c340 GPS is more convenient having the entire country ready to go. The satellite connection is very fast and the menu system is user friendly. I enjoy the new features like the 3D image of the road and the choices of voices, personally Karen with the Australian-English accent is my favorite.

    [...].If your new to the world of GPS, this unit is the way to go.

    ...more info
  • Garmin streetpilot C340
    To date I have found the C340 very useful at my work, such as providing a location and path to that location. It's procedures and methods are clear and very useful. For the first time, I have found a computer device that is designed for the average person, instead of a computer guru, and that is appreciated. While I have not used the C340 in other locations than my home town as yet, I feel confident it will be of great use when I do.

    The only fault I could find to date is that some of the paths to my destination provided by the C340 are roundabout, rather than the most direct path. Yesterday the path it showed was around the block to get to a business, instead of the most direct path, which was a simple block away from the main artery. I must say these instances are few and far between. Overall I find it a winner....more info
  • c340 GPS Navigation System
    I brought the c340 GPS for one reason and that was to get me around big cities. I find in my travels that to get directions from the locals can be anything from a non exsisting land mark to just go down that way for awhile and you'll see it. I am person who does not like to spend alot of time programing electronic gear. To my surprise the c340 is very easy to program. My only difficulty was learning how to spell street names correctly.
    When I got the unit I took it on a driving spree from Colorado to Boston. The unit itself does real well in the cities but has moments that it wants you to take another route while your on the interstate. On my drive I thought the c340 is easy to read in day/ night time driving and to hear the voice instructons. It got me to my destination within 10 feet. Not bad. I am very please with the unit and would recommend the unit to anyone. ...more info
  • Garmain Street Pilot
    This unit exceeded my expectstions. It performs better that a friends unit costing much more....more info
  • I love it
    I like its portabiity, and convenience, and it works as good or better than the GPS in my Lexus. However I wish it would indicate the actual turn when you reach it, rather than just telling you the next turn. The only other area that could be improved on, in this wonderfull device would be a better selection of voices, more pleasant voice tones etc....more info
  • Great for GPS beginners
    This is a great GPS system for beginners (which I am). I needed something easy to operate with not a lot of bells and whistles. My only complaint is with the lack of documentation for the unit. I would recommend this for anyone who wants a GPS but is technically challenged....more info
  • Excellent product!
    The Garmin 340 is an excellent buy with very few negatives. One quirk is it often tells you to turn left or right when one street runs into another with no real turn to take. Other than that, I find the directions clear and easy to follow....more info
  • Excellent & addictive
    We love our Garmin Navigation system. We recently took her along on a vacation, and drove to all our destinations with confidence. There are a few minor things I would change about how you look up destinations, but this is quite easy to use. ...more info
  • Very Worthwhile Purchase
    I have owned this product for a month now and can't find any faults so far except the volume could be louder. I drive a fairly noisy company vehicle and have had problems hearing the directions while driving on the highways. I would recommend this unit to anyone in spite of this....more info
  • Garmin C340 GPS System
    Transaction was outstanding. Quick delivery. Product as advertised.
    Product okay so far. Still in learning stage. ...more info
  • Garmin StreetPilot c340
    I just received this streetpilot as a gift. This is the best I have owned. If you are a person that gets lost or is not good with directions, this is for you. I have entered locations to go to and changed my route intentionally to see what would happen. It recalculated my directions and got me to where my original destination was with no problems. It also lets you know prior to the street when to turn. It comes with a female (Jill) English voice. But you can go to Garmin's homepage to download the English version of Jack's voice. Forget the instructions, very simple, basically install and drive. Great product by Garmin once again. ...more info
  • Still rooms for improvement.
    The good about this is it say the name of the street and I supposed to keep my eyes on the road but wrong, it frequently would tell me to turn as I was passing the intersection or exit freeway with less a mile when I'm in a left lane, making the last notification useless, you still have to pay attention on the display....more info
  • truck route
    I bought the Garmin C340 for my husband for Christmas. We love the fact that we can use it in both of our cars. My husband drives a truck and will be using it for the truck route option as well. All the options are great. We love the fact that you can look up the address and phone# of places you want to go. This is a great item for the money. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • Garmin C340 GPS
    First, if buying a GPS don't settle for the C330.. The 340 uses street names for all directions/turns as the 330 does not. Equipment is simple to use. Could use a little more instructions....more info
  • Overall, pretty good for the money
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I researched all of the types and brands of GPS systems, and I came to the conclusion that the C340 seemed like the best for the money. My husband is a contractor and we live in a rural area of south jersey. He's used it several times and it's never let him down. The maps do need to be updated (we had a lot of businesses that went up in the past couple of years) but besides that it's pretty good. I read other complaints that the screen will zoom in automatically and won't let you zoom back out. That hasn't happened to us. It has zoomed out automatically when making a turn, but you can just press the screen to zoom back in. But it only does this once in a while. You can't beat the price Amazon sells this for - it was $100 cheaper on Amazon than in Best Buy. I highly recommend the Garmin StreetPilot C340!!!!...more info
  • Easy to use.
    This unit is ready to go right out of the box. Voice is loud enough and intelligible, taking me directly to the doorstep of my location....more info
  • Happy Husband
    My husband said this is probably the best gift I've ever given him.We find it very helpful,& for the most part easy to use.We also like the fact that it's a portable unit & even loaned it to our son while he was in town visiting to help him navigate around the Bay Area.Now my husband never has to "stop & ask for directions!" (of course being a man that's against the rules.)...more info
  • "Gertrude"
    This is really great, went all the way to a town in Georgia without looking at a map !!!!! Gertrude put me right in the front of my granddaughter's house !!! Amazing....more info
  • Garmin c340 and the Garmin Nuvi 360
    Garmin C340
    I bought this GPS for my girlfriend after one of her friends mentioned how much she liked her own GPS and much research. The software is great in terms of ease of use and I I liked the voice turn by turn directions with the street names. Also, the ability to choose a different language or dialect was a nice touch. One thing I was a little surprised at was that the software was not completely current as far as newer streets, stores, etc. in our area. I would have thought Garmin would have kept this product as up-to-date as possible considering some of these newer locations were introduced at least a couple of years ago. The suction cup mounts are not as dependable as one would hope either. These are just a couple things I'd do differently but overall it's a decent product.

    Garmin Nuvi 360
    After playing with my girlfriends C340 I liked the idea of a GPS so much that I bought myself the Garmin Nuvi 360. I like the more compact size of the Nuvi 360 better however it has smaller built in speakers so it's audio output suffers a little against the bulkier C340 with larger speakers. The software offers more on the Nuvi. It is ideal if you would plan on taking it with you on vacations and rent a car or just want local information when on holiday. The built in Mp3 player leaves something to be desired for me. If I want to listen to the MP3 player in the car (the only place I would use it) I have to rely on the Nuvi's own speakers which just doesn't cut it. You should be able to add an FM Tuner (like the Ipod) so you can stream it to your car stereo. Didn't anyone tell Garmin that this can be done? However if you would only use it as a REALLY EXPENSIVE walkman then it would be fine. It's too bad because the MP# player mutes when upcoming directions are being announced which would be ideal. Again, I wish the maps were a little more up-to-date but it does the job. Amazon had the best price I could find anywhere for these items...I'm a researcher....more info
  • A good little navigator
    I purchased the Garmin C340 as a Christmas gift for my husband. We have not used it a lot, but the times we have it has been quite acurate. A couple of times it has used a route that we would not necessarily have taken, however, if we had not known where we were going it would have gotten us to our destination. It also had the name of a road wrong one time, but Mapquest also had the same wrong name for the road. The Garmin did get us to my destination and it was in a very rural area. I think we are going to be very pleased with the Garmin C340....more info
  • Great buy
    We bought this for our daughter for Christmas and she loves the ease of operation. It is very simple and the Garmin c340 tells street names where many of the other GPS devices do not....more info
  • Great ease of operation
    The Garmin C340 is fantastically easy to operate with the touch screen. The level of detail in the maps is incredable. The numbers of restaurants in the system is also great. We are very very pleased. The instructions on adding the traffic capability are sparse....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Nav. System
    It is an exacellent product; easy to use and understand; great price from Amazon.................more info
  • Fantastic
    I won't write much, because there is not much to say other than that it is the best GPS you can find...including those factory installed, at least in the new BMWs and Land Rovers.
    It has all the info you need, it is extremely easy to use, and extremely easy to upload new maps, or update the information in it....more info
  • Couldn't live without it
    My job calls for me to travel all around the US, so I constantly have no idea where I am, or where I am going. The Garmin is so practical and such a help that I could not do without it. The days of reading a map are over. No way I could navigate a mountain side or a busy freeway with multiple merging points without my Garmin. The text to talk is great so i don't have to constantly look at the screen and drive. The touch screen is great, and the avoidances come in handy when I don't feel like paying a toll charge.

    My only gripe is that the volumn should be louder..can't really listen to the radio and hear the Garmin at the same time. Also, make sure you are not under any kind of cover when waiting for the satellite. I was at a gas station and could not get the address to pull up, when I noticed i was still under the cover at the gas pump....I inched forward and it worked just fine. Sometimes it take a few seconds to find the location, but it has never failed me. Of course it has not depth perception, so once it told me I had arrived at destination, I was in the middle of a highway...the location was above me on top of the mountain (Pittsburgh). Otherwise, this is a awesome unit and I highly recommend if you are gonna get a GPS, specifically a Garmin, get the makes a difference when it says 'keep right onto OH-71' as opposed to 'keep right' .

    Go Garmin!...more info
  • garmin gps
    I LOVE it!!! I had wanted a GPS for Christmas and my husband purchased the Garmin C340.It is truly terrific-probably the best gift I've ever received. It does occasionally get stumped, but certainly far less often than I would get stumped without it!! I was very surprised at how clearly the voice commands come through and the screen is actually large enough to see which also surprised me. I would highly recommend this item and would give it a 5 star rating....more info
  • No reservations
    After kicking myself for the past 2 years for not paying more to have navigation added to my car options, I finally decided that I was tired of getting lost in new locations and first purchased a Magellan unit - I found it to be tedious, non-intuitive, and with a finicky touchscreen. I returned it within a week. After this souring experience, I waited almost another full year before finally trying again with the Garmin c340 - what a difference. I thought about more expensive models, but part of the beauty of this unit is its simplicity. Like most everyone else, I didn't bother to read the manual and don't ever plan to. It typically acquires a satellite signal within a block or two of driving when I first start it up - plenty fast enough for me, at least. My only complaint is that it often does not route me on the shortest routes (seems to stick more with the major thoroughfares instead), but it does recalculate a new route rapidly once it realizes that you didn't listen to its previous direction. Prior to buying, I had concerns about screen readability in daylight as well as volume of the voice while driving but neither is an issue at all - the screen is bright and easy to read, the volume easily heard. I would buy this unit again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Enormous Safety and Effeciency Improvement
    My wife is a personal assistant to a commercial real estate developer and a great portion of her time is spent running errands in areas she is not familiar with. She had told me of some close calls she had in the car, as a result of traveling slow to read street signs or address numbers. On other occassions she was delayed when she had to stop to phone the destination and ask for directions (one of the few who will not talk on the cell phone while driving). With the Garmin c340 she is able to give all her attention to driving, keep pace with the flow of traffic, and not experience delays to stop and get directions. She said she has reduced her errand time by 30%, and reduced her auto expenses by 10%.

    I was a bit frustrated when I found the unit came with a quick start manual and you have to go to the Garmin web site to down load the full instruction manual. My wife was not concerned as she has never read an instruction manual for anything and usually tosses electronic gadgets to me to figure it out for her. This thing is so complete and simple to use you don't need the instruction manual. I had to show her twice where the on/off button is (one of the most prominent features on the side of the unit?) and then I went to download the manual. She kept coming into the office to show me what she had learned to do with this thing. By the time I had the manual downloaded, on a dial up line, she had figured everything out so I never read the manual! I originally started looking at the GPS because a friend, who is a electronics wizard and writes computer programs for video games, had a TOM-TOM. He came to visit about two weeks after we received the c340 and my wife was showing him all the features and he sat there with his TOM-TOM and kept saying, "Mine doesn't do that!" He called a week later and told me that he knew I was a little disappointed because my wife took the Garmin, and tossed me her new road atlas, and he offered to sell me his TOM-TOM cheap because he replaced it with a Garmin c340 Streetpilot.

    The review, I read on Amazon, which informed that this unit tells you the street name of exits gave great influence as to my selection of this unit as my wife travels to California for her employer, and we have relatives in San Francisco. We now travel there and navigate the traffic like one of the locals.

    In summary: I researched every GPS I could find for three months before purchasing and the c340 is the most powerful at the affordable price; this unit will pay for itself in reduced driving expense, at today's gas prices, in about 6 months if you run daily errands; insurance companies should give reduced rates to drivers who have a GPS as it allows you to focus on your immediate surroundings and not impede the regular flow of traffic....more info
  • Simply Navigational
    I bought the Garmin Streetpilot C340 after reading rave reviews
    about it. Without the hassle of downloading maps or any other
    prerequisite operation to make this GPS system works is just beyond words.

    The LCD screen seems pretty small at first, but after placing it in the car,
    it is readable from about 2-3 feet away. The sound is very clear and I like the fact
    that it announce the street name (Turn Right on Main Street instead of Turn Right)
    in order to make a turn which is pretty convenient.

    The touch screen capability is definitely a thumbs-up! Easy-to-read buttons and even
    have the availability to insert a Secure Disk for more downloads on their Web site.

    I downloaded the male voice (Jack) online and it comes free with your purchase.

    Easy to place the hardware on the cradle, and easy to store it away. The battery
    should last between 6-8 hours, but it comes with the car charger which I hardly use.

    Just plug it in to your PC using the USB port, it will charge overnight for your
    next road adventure.

    The 3 dimensional view is quite nice, and along with that - it list almost everything
    within your driving vicinity whether a gas station, grocery store, shopping malls, etc
    is the best feature ever!

    Surprisingly, we travel almost new places within our city limits and discover there
    is more to the city that we thought.

    To suffice - it is a "Must-buy" for the price and features you get in comparison
    to other portable GPS out there.
    ...more info
  • Best investment I've recently made
    This is by far the best investment I've recently made. What I love about it is it shows everything you'd ever want to find in an area or city. It comes in handy when traveling where you have no clue where to go for gas or lodging. It's great when planning outings in an unknown city. I can find local attractions at the touch of a button. With the audio directions there is no need to look at the screen, this GPS will get you there. I wanted to go snowboarding and found a local ski resort just by touching the "activities" button. I was so happy to have this with me afterwards, because I took a wrong turn on the way back and realized I was lost. I just typed in the addres of where I was staying and I was back on track and home before dark. Just love it! What's nice about it too, is it's portable. My son and husband us it also. I use to download my trips off of Travelocity. I hated that I had to pull over so many times to refer to my many sheets of printed directions. Now I don't have to litter my car anymore and can enjoy the senic drives I've been missing all this time. The best thing about this is it affordability. I couldn't find this particualar model at a better price but here....more info
  • Garman C340 GPS
    Love it - ready to use right out of the box. I have no sense of direction so the clear audio gives enough advance warnings for any upcoming changes. The screen is easy to read and I have not had any problems with glare. The only problem I have is that I cannot register the unit with Garmin. Even though my unit was listed as new (and it was sealed), their records show this unit has already been registered. This will be a problem if I want to download any updates. ...more info
  • As obviously easy to use as a pair of scissors
    I read all 175 reviews available at the time, and ordered this for my daughter and me to use to take her child to a medical specialist for surgery in a distant metropolitan hospital--three women wandering across the country, if you will, arriving on a rainy winter night. It led us straight to all destinations--the hotel, the clinic, the surgery center, the drugstore, the steakhouse, and home again. I also ordered the weighted dashmount, and it is just incredibly steady. We were pleased with our success. Thanks to all the reviewers, especially the 78-year-old who assured us that it was his best purchase in years. We concur. ...more info
  • Love it!
    As a Realtor this product is wonderful for what I do. I can program addresses into the unit at my desk and then put it in my car and go. ...more info
  • Great for the Money!
    We bought this to use for traveling in our retirement, and it seems to work very well, although it has a couple of quirks, it is wonderful! It is simple to program, quickly adjusts to a change that was not in the program, and seems to find the best ways to travel. I would recommend it to my friends....more info
  • Great Information, Easy to Use
    Garmin products overall are a great purchase. This product is no exception. Easy to use (yes, no manual is included, however, you won't need one) and well thought out. Lots of information in one small box. I have no complaints about this product. Even the suction cup attachment seems to be working well....more info
  • Garmin 340 GPS is a gem.
    This GPS performs. It performs right out of the box. I looked at other brands buth I knew Garmins reputation, and this litle jewel hit the ground running. We've been all over the Southeastern U.S, including metro Atlanta. My son's car got impounded; towed to a remote location. The Garmin 340 in our car took us exactly to the location of the vehicle. Amazing product. ...more info
  • Makes Driving Fun
    We bought our Streetpilot right before a driving trip to Florida, 1100 miles each way. This is super easy to use. It tells us every turn to make along the way, and tells us in advance which way we need to turn so we will know which lane to be in. As we were looking for a hotel or a grocery store, we just pressed in our request and in seconds, we had a list, including distance, and then if we chose one, their address and phone number, and then if you press "Go," it will take you there. It gives you all kinds of other information, too, such as miles traveled, miles to your destination, moving averages of your speed, approximate time of arrival, etc. It really did make our trip less stressful and more fun. It is amazing! ...more info
  • GarminStreet Pilot 340
    The product looses its satelite signal frequently even after having added an external antenna.
    When identifying roads, it uses the historical road name (Chadborn Rd)insted of the official local, state (Maine 35) or federal highway number. This is very confusing since most major roads are identified by number - as in US 302 or Maine 27.
    I've only had the unit for one month and have had to "Reset" it twice as a result of it locking up.
    I have had one occasion when the unit directed me to take an impassable 4WD road to achieve the shortest route to my destination. The roads involved actually exist but are not passable - especially in the winter....more info
  • Small and compact
    I have had the unit for about a month now. It's a good bang for the buck. if i had to do it over again I would spend a few more $$ to get a few more bells and whistles. All & all it's a nice compact reliable unit...more info
  • How do you know if your on the right path if you dont know where you are going?
    I absolutely love this product!

    I travel for a living and don't know how I have made it this long with out anything like this?

    This was a Christmas gift and could not have been happier. I am a bit frugal but I have found more things with this little device then I could have ever imagined. The only thing that comes to mind is this is to travelers' what the ipod is to music lovers. The software on the device is extremely easy to use the software from the website is while a bit hidden easy as well to update the maps.

    I did not quite understand the traffic ready feature but this does require an additional service and antenna to pick up this service I have not seen the need for this but could see where it would come in handy. I have so many new features to test out that this will probably be 6 months or so before I am ready to test this type of feature.
    ...more info
  • Great product for an affordable price
    I took sometime to review different GPS products and finally bought Garmin C340. It turned out to be a very good decision. Its a great product: Easy to use, easy to configure, provides street names for navigation.

    Cons: Couple of times the GPS stopped giving street names. I wasn't sure what's wrong with it but when shut it down and re-started it worked fine:-). ...more info
  • Review of C340
    I like the C340. I am amazed at how well if performs. My only problem is that I can not figure out how to enter an intersectioin in the go to option.
    Sam Strong for Helga...more info
  • Great Product
    If you want to find your way around town or your way around the country, this product will do it for you. No more maps needed. And it will tell you how to get to restaurants, airports, shopping and a whole lot more! It's well worth the money!...more info
  • Very Pleased with the Garmin Streetpilot C340
    I purchased two of this model, one for myself and one for my father. We are both extremely pleased with this product. My profession requires me to travel to new destinations frequently and I have found this device to be an invaluable tool.
    I am impressed that it not only can direct me to any address that I plug in, but it recalculates a new route if I miss a turn. I also appreciate that this product is simple to use and self-explanatory. I would recommend this model to anyone considering buying a portable GPS system. ...more info
  • limited usefullness
    I wouldn't trust this thing with my life, it has mis-led me more than once!
    It's worth about $75...more info
  • How did we live without this product
    Very easy to use. Really enjoy the security of knowing we will never be lost again. Have come across a few addresses that our Garmin could not locate but for the most part we love it....more info
  • Great little unit
    We've only used this GPS a few times, but it is so easy to use and very accurate. The screen is clear and easy to see and hear. Plugs into cigarette lighter, wall or runs off battery. You can even find restaurants and stores. My husband wasn't sure he would need it (typical guy thing), but it is truly a time and aggravation saver. I would highly recommend the Garmin Streetpilot....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Easy to operate. Great software. Perfect for women who travel on their own....more info
  • Garmin C340
    This is an easy to use, clear and concise navigation system. It speaks the names of streets which other systems don't and the menus are user friendly. Buying it from Amazon made it an easy, enjoyable purchase....more info
  • Garmin Not So Charmin
    I really like hearing the streets announced when it's time to turn. However:
    1.Garmin often takes you on a zig-zag course to the destination in a round-about way as MapQuest sometimes does.
    2.It would have taken me on a longer route on a two-lane highway if
    I didn't know better from Central Coast to Sacramento.
    3.It tells you about 1/2 a block before the turn; I'd prefer one block or
    more in advance.
    4.Good feature is that when I go the better way ignoring their direction, it will recalculate; and that is helpful when I get closer to destination and need its help....more info
  • Garmin street pilot
    Excellent gadget for precise navigation. Did not find any flaws in the system so far....more info
  • Won't get lost now!!!
    Provides for alternate routes. Can't say enough good about it.Good price for features. ...more info
  • Gift for Son and he loves it
    We will be buying another one for the family. The Garman Street pilot C340 is a very helpful navigation tool....more info
  • Love the garmin c340
    Excellent product for price. Amazon's price could not be beat. ...more info
  • My first Auto GPS !
    WOW. It's great, easy to install and you are up and running immediately.
    Got the best price through Amazon !...more info
  • garmin C340 GPS
    Attaches and removes easily from windshield...great graphics and excellent voice prompting...very user friendly. The size of the unit is about right. My wife and I are thrilled with the product. ...more info
  • It's a great GPS naviator
    I only try it twice. With such a good price and quality, I'm very happy with the product and like it very much....more info
  • garmin C340
    This was brought as a gift for my father. We found it easy to use and very helpful. The only problem was that announced street names often did not match what showed on the sign-- especially in towns where streets change names several times....more info
  • We love the Garmin C340 but.......................
    We love the Garmin C340 but it has somethings that could be improved.
    I bought it for my partner who has to travel to places she had not been before.
    The things we like about it are that you can see the map easily, is accurate most times and when not it is that the place is on your left and it says on your right.
    What our complaints are: The voice is very robotic sounding, that the robotic voice says BRANCH instead of BRIDGE when it says Brooklyn Br. or George Washington Br., if it is an Expressway it is abbreviated to Espwy and so the robotic voice slurs espwy instead of saying expressway. It says Oreeol for Oriole so what I am saying is that the robotic voice does not read the words but it is somekind of recognition software that does not know the words and sometimes gives you the wrong idea.
    With all that said would I buy another or buy again and the answer is YES.
    I have a StreetPilot lll which I have had for about 6 years and its voice does much better BUT does not announce the streets to turn on just that there is a turn in 50 ft or 1/4 mile take exit such and such but says on top what the street is so the C340 is an upgrade of telling the street one is supposed to turn on as well as having it on top of the screen.
    I now prefer the C340 when we travel, has a better suction cup to attach to the windshield and looks bigger even though it is not bigger.
    Buy it, you will not be disappointed. GARMIN is the best company to deal with also, their customer service was great when I had questions about my Streetpilot lll and I am sure they are still great although we did not have any questions about this C340 it is so easy to use....more info
  • Great product at a great price
    I bought the Garmin c340 based on a friend's recommendation (he has a c320). This is my first GPS and I am very happy with it. I have had it for about a month. Took it on a trip to San Francisco and it performed flawlessly. It even found me the closest parking lot to my destination.

    I called Garmin customer service to request an additional dashboard mounting disc (required in CA) since it only comes with one and I have 2 cars, and they sent me a package of two discs for free.

    I love the text-to-speech feature. It is nice to hear the actual street names.

    The only negative I found so far is that it takes a minute or so sometimes to acquire the satellite signals. Not a big deal, unless you're lost before you start... ;-)

    The price at Amazon was also great ($350)....more info
  • Garmin 340C
    Great product with excellent utiltity. I found it to be particularly useful on road trips when i am in unfamiliar territory which happens quite often since I work in sales. The only downside would be when I am in areas that I am quite familiar with the directions seem to be based on the shortest milage and not the shortest travel time. A number of times it tells me to go a route which I know will ultimately. take an extra 10 minutes to travel to my destination. Despite this one flaw it is an excellent product which I would recommend....more info
  • GPS 40
    This GPS was bought for my wife who is directionally challenged. She is really satisfied with the product. I have noticed that when you input an address, the system seems to always choose the closest way to proceed, even if it may not be the safest way. However, when you ignore these directions the system quickly recalculates and gives directions to proceed on the route you have chosen. We are entirely satisfied with the overall results of the GPS 40....more info
  • Love not being lost !

    My boyfriend Jim did all the research on the Garmin Streetpilot and the
    C340 had everything I needed. I'm a designer for Oskar Huber Furniture and we visit peoples homes to do entire room designs. The Garmin takes all the fear away, of being late to a job or lost. I'm new to Lawrenceville so the C340 Garmin helps me on the job and off. I love not being lost! ...more info
  • From the stone age to the star wars era
    Just bought this product in less than a month and I'm very happy that did it. It's great, you just take it out of the box and plug-in, is that easy. The screen works great and the instructions are very clear and accurate. Until a month ago, I was a mapquest fan, but today, mapquest looks like the stone ages, after you use this product for a month, you ask yourself, how did a ever lived without it....more info
  • Love it!
    I love my new GPS! It is very easy to use and to understand. I have been using it to get to places I already know to see how well it works, and I have been very pleased. I like that it tells me how long I will be on a certain street and my arrival time (which adjusts as necessary in case their is traffic or you make a stop along the way). This is my first GPS and it is a great one....more info
  • Worth every penny
    I got this for my wife for christmas and she is very non-technical and had it up and running in a snap. The user interface is very intuitive and she is loving it....more info
  • Great Garmin!
    I love it. It occasionally makes mistakes, for example when we arrived at destination it said the restaurant was on the right and it was on the left, but we could easily see it. Don't know if there's a way to contact Garmin and tell them the problem or if they can even correct it....more info
  • Service Issue
    Read all the reviews, did my homework, bought this in Aug06. Wonderful while it worked and one day it was dead, DEC06(right before a trip!). First contacted tech support by email (6 day turnaround), called (30-35 min hold time), emailed again. Still waiting for a RMA #. Unit is 4.5 stars. Customer Service 0....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot 340 Portable GPS
    We love it! We recently moved to a town in the mountains with no street numbers or names! I can always find where I want to go, even if I have to go North, South and East before I can go west! ...more info
  • Gar,om c340
    It works quite well in most situations. It does try to send me on gravel roads on some routes. Excellant unit for the money...more info
  • gps
    This is a great gps. We took it with us on our Las Vegas vacation. We rented a car, and this gps told us how to get to every exhibit. This little guy is almost too good to be true. ...more info
  • Must Have for anyone who Drives a lot
    This is a great product. Easy to use. I just plugged it in and it operated. The only problem I had was when it lost satellite reception which can occur when it is cloudy. So it's always good to have a general idea of where your going.

    It is great to have on unfamiliar roads or in a new town. I had rented one from a car rental & fell in love with it -- so once I got home I bought one. It's like having your own personal navigator. Instructions are clear and it tells you, every time you turn how long you'll be traveling before you'll have to turn again. Then within a few feet, it tells you to turn now. Sometimes I think I could drive with my eyes closed (well almost.)...more info
  • Wonderful Product
    There is nothing bad to say about this amazing product: Easy and fun to use, big-clear screen and I love the fact that it talks to you while you are driving so you can keep you eyes on the road. [10 Stars]...more info
  • Great product
    This is definitively a very helpful product.
    I used it a lot during the Winter Holidays in areas I had never visited before. And to have it in cities and out of main roads was a must. I will definitively recommend it.
    But I have some additional comments.
    - The size is ok but when it is much cheaper I will definitively consider buying a smaller one (especially when traveling by plane first with only small bags).
    - From time to time the distance before turning drop to zero without notice at some major crossroads!!! When you know it you pay more attention to the arrow or to the voice but this got me two mistakes before I realize that.
    - And I am glad I was focused since it wanted me to turn the wrong way once.
    - If you use other languages, be careful: the translation gives some strange results and can mislead you sometimes (at least in Spanish and in French).
    - In cities with high buildings such as New York, I suggest you travel with a map. The connection with satellites is not always there.
    - Which drives me to my final comment about street pilots and all the GPS gismo: never forget to have maps and to teach your kids how to use them; if not you can do absolutely nothing without electronic devices and you have to hope they never fail you. Anyway, stay focus.
    ...more info
  • Garmin c340 GPS
    Dollar for dollar, the best portable GPS out there! I researched every make and model and customer feedback sold me. The unit is so simple to operate that no manual is included. None needed.I was up and running within 2 minutes!
    There are 3 controls: On/off button, volume control wheel and a touch screen that's intuitive. I opted for the optional dash mount and 12V adaptor - Worth every penny! I love its portability and use it between my two cars and company truck. Goodbye, Mapquest and Yahoo Maps! Awesome!...more info
  • Touch-screen / awesome simplicity!
    This is my second Garmin GPS. The first was an IQ 360 pda / gps. Never used the pda but the gps while complicated, was excellent. The old one came with an encyclopedia owners manual. The new, hardly any instruction whatsoever as this unit is so-o-o easy to figure out. My only question: What's "Traffic Ready"?...more info
  • It is a good one and very helpful
    We like the Garmin C340 very much. The directions are clear as is the map. We like the special features such as the projected time of arrival at the destination and the ability of the system to adjust to changes. The latter is particularly important if we miss a turn, which happens because it does not give last minute directions in enough lead time. That is the only negative we find with the system. We recently purchased a weighted dash mount that does not require permanent attachments as we use it in more that one car and it also gives us the flexibility of using it in rental cars on trips. Overall - an excellent product....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 review
    I am very pleased with the Streetpilot. It is easy to use with touch screen input. With all the preloaded maps, it's basically plug in and go.
    Voice instructions are not (as I had feared) irritating, although pronunciation is sometimes a bit off, e.g. Pipestone Street was pronounced "pip i stone", instead of "pipe stone". If you miss a turn, the unit is very quick to recalculate and issue new directions promptly....more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot c340
    This is a great unit so far. Very easy to use and the display is easy to read. Also very easy to move to different vehicle...more info
  • great
    I like the color combination. works fine. GUI is easy to use. It's smaller and lighter than I thought. the screen is smaller than I expected but it works....more info
  • bsns dad
    Bought 3 for employees/family. Everyone reported that it worked great right out of the box. First trip was from NJ to SC with no problem. Good value for the money. Would suggest that the mfgr include a cloth bag for storage when you want to take it off of the windshield in a bad neighborhood. Would recommend....more info
  • Love it
    Oh i love it. I got it in mail by Dec 28th and two days later went to NC (10-12 hr drive from NY). What a difference this thing made! Life before the GPS was : getting route via Google maps, search for points of interest and get their addresses, and then get lost on the way. Not to mention the stress. But with this thing sitting there no more stress, no more Google maps. I just printed out the addresses of the sites where i wanted to go to, and as we went along, just typed in the address and leave the rest to the system. Its a smart machine. It would recalculate the route if you were to lose your way (which is handy, did not happen that much though). Also in the menu section, it has 'pre fed choices' like food, lodging, fuel and point of attractions. Sub menu had more choices like for food menu: Chinese, American, Indian etc. You just click on it and it will guide you to the destination. Screen fidelity is great, and had had no problem using it during day time. Also on my way back, it was raining the sky were overcast but never lost the signal. Its highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • A must have.
    The GPS works well with only a few problems. When you enter in a town some times it comes up with the wrong one and will not let you correct it. Their are ways around it, you just have to use the map function and pinpoint the location that way. It makes for a nice side seat driver, one that knows where it is going....more info
  • Garmin C-340
    Excellent product. I had a Street Pilot I3 which I have since given to my daughter-in-law. My only issue is that the speech is not as clear as the old I3 (which did not pronouonce street nameslike the C-340 does). I downloaded the updated speech files and it did not get much better.
    Still, the touch screen and the map scan features are the greatest! I paid $356(a while back though, they are much cheaper now) at wall mart for the I3, and only $421 at Amazon for the C-340. The way to go. ...more info
  • Great Navigation System
    My husband and I purchased a Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS System for Christmas and just love it. Easy to install and ready to go without any problems, very user friendly....more info
  • Great Product
    My husband and I did quite a bit of research on GPS' and found the reviews for the Garmin C340 very helpful. There were pros and cons regarding all the systems we reviewed but the Garmin C340 reviews were the most convincing. We never used or purchased a GPS before, so we had nothing to compare it with. We found the Garmin to be just as advertised, "EASY TO USE AND VERY HELPFUL." The screen is large and clear and her voice is loud enough for everyone to hear. She gives us plenty of warning by calling out the next exit or street with plenty of notice. Once or twice she might get close to the exit, but the screen always shows the next exit or street you should be ready to take. We call her "GYPSY," because she takes us everywhere. We are planning to move to PA. next year and I know I will be using her everyday. My husband always tries to get "her" lost, but she recalculates and quickly gets us back on track and home again.
    We can't wait til our next trip....more info
  • Excellent
    A great product. I tried 3 others including the GARMIN 350 and found this to be the best. I also read the reviews and found them very usefull. I do a lot of back road driving and it kept up with me just like it was a real person that new where we were going. AMAZING!!
    Back roads driver in Michigan...more info
  • Excellent
    A great product. I tried 3 others including the GARMIN 350 and found this to be the best. I also read the reviews and found them very usefull. I do a lot of back road driving and it kept up with me just like it was a real person that new where we were going. AMAZING!!
    Back roads driver in Michigan...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot C340
    It is a great product. It is idiot proof. Even untechnical type people (like me) can use this product right out of the box. It gets you there every time and even the directionally challenged ( like me) do not get lost....more info
  • Great Product !
    Works as advertised. The C 340 is improved over the C 330 by the street name being spoken before the next turn, as opposed to just saying make next turn....more info
  • Not as reliable as Garmin 2610 or 2720
    I own the the Garmin 2610, the Garmin C340, and have used the 2720 in addition to IGuidance 3.0 for my PDA.

    A lot of ordinary consumers I have met seem to use their GPS systems in towns they are already familiar with. They seem to think their GPS systems are great but have used them in very limited ways. You see, when you are familiar with an area, you can anticipate.

    In places like Los Angeles, Houston, Pittsburgh, all cities I have lived in, GPS performance varies wildly.

    Issues that I have had and have been replicated on the GPSPassion forums.

    Late Turn Notification:
    Several reviews here allude to the fact that you are notified 200 feet from the intersection to make a turn. This can make it extremely difficult to navigate in large cities, but is sufficient for places like Olathe, KS (cough, cough). Frequently, it would tell me to turn left as I was passing the intersection. This happened on virtually every firmware revision since the the first and on two C340 units.

    Address Error:
    I also use IGuidance 3.0 and a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 which have always been perfect in guiding me to street addresses. The StreetPilot C340 on the other hand puts me 300 feet away from my house. It's not an issue with map data because both IGuidance and the Garmin 2610 use the same maps with no issues. I also had a similar problem with the NUVI.

    Okay in California, Horrible in Houston, TX:
    Virtually none of the directions or POI were even close to their actual location in Woodlands, TX. Houston was slightly better. Try selecting the Homewood Suites hotel in Woodlands or any other hotel in that county and try navigating there. It will take you to an EMPTY FIELD of grass. The IGuidance and Garmin 2610 in the same areas are perfect.

    I really wanted to like my C340. It worked great in Los Angeles, but was worthless in Houston, TX.

    I take the C340 on trips, but I certainly would never use it as my sole GPS system. I also carry IGuidance 3.0 and a Garmin 2610 as backup....more info
  • Great Product.....I'm satisfied
    I use Garmin Streetpilot C340 in Austin, TX to find my way around the downtown and surrounding areas. I've also used this in the Bay Area, California when I was out there on business. I'm very satisfied with this GPS unit. It's simple to use and gives accurate directions all the way through your journey. It also allows you to set the travel mode (avoid highways/ shortest time route) and many more options. This product will be more than enough for most users. It's capabilities also extend to giving traffic reports for a small monthly subscription fee. Overall, This is a great product and I highly recommend it to a regular driver!...more info
  • Great help in the car!
    I recently purchased the Garmin c340, StreetPilot through Amazon, and from the price to the shipping to the car navigation system itself, it has been a great experience. The Street Pilot is simple to use right out of the box, nothing extra was needed. I would recomend this to unit to anyone looking for a basic simple to use navigation system....more info
  • Great Unit, but traffic ready is a bit misleading
    I love this device, even if the maps aren't necessarily 100% accurate. While on a recent trip it led me to a phantom post office, but the next one available hadn't moved, so all went well. I won't travel without it. The only thing I found misleading was the "traffic ready" description because to be traffic ready actually requires another sizeable investment to buy the GTM-10 FM Traffic Receiver and a subscription. Otherwise though, I think this is a great product....more info
  • Satellite Signal Issue
    After reading all the reviews and owning this product for 2 months , I feel that I didn't do a good buy. The unit overall is satisfying, but the problem starts coming after you come out of a underground garage or once you lost signal. The system never aquires the signal and I had to turn it off and on to get the sigals back. This becomes very critical especially if you come out of the covered garages and directly on roads and have no freaking idea about direction. The system would useless as you will taking rounds and rounds of the block till you get satellite signal...big big flaw......more info
  • Great product
    Did alot of research and I decided to get the Garmin Streetpilot C340. The reviews that I had read on Amazon is what lead me to this product. The reviews were accurate. We are very please with our Garmin. We used it on a recent trip to California. When we got our rental car we plugged it in and it took a little while to find where we were but lead us to our destination. We feel very confident now when we are traveling. It gave us enough time to adjust lanes to make sure we made the right exits. It also told us our estimated arrival time. Wish had purchased this alot sooner!...more info
  • Extra Parent Comfort
    Bought these for our college daughters. Helps us not to worry as much about having them driving around in unfamiliar territories....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    The Garmin C340 GPS unit was easy to use right out of the box. We've had no troubles with satellite acquisition, and we like the fact that the unit will re-calculate a route based on deviations we make from the original route, in fact, we get a kick out of the "tone" of the unit when it advises that its "Re-calculating". We especially like the fact that in addition to advising us to turn right for example, it tells us what the street name is, so we can concentrate on driving and not on the unit.

    The unit has been reliable, and we feel that we can venture off to places we probably wouldn't have before because we have this unit to tell us where were going and how to get home. I would buy this unit again if given a choice.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot
    I purchased the street pilot for my son who is very happy with the navigation system. I have the garmen c330 so that makes him even happier because his has traffic ready. Again he is completely satisfied...more info
  • C340: Excellent buy
    I have used my C340 for a couple of trips and have found it to be excellent. It is very easy to use and provides clear instructions on getting from point to point. Won't leave home without it....more info
  • Great GPS
    If you are looking for a GPS without the extras like MP3 and photos, then this may be what you are looking. We already owned the C330 for my wife and the increase in traffic and more frequent business travel has made a second purchase necessary. I like the street information on the turn announcement. That was a very nice improvement over the C330. Getting to work in the morning is so much easier when the backups start to happen....more info
  • Gamin C340
    Unfortunately the map/logic for Sarasota Florida leaves something to be desired. The prompts were sometimes in error and other times routed us into dead ends. The logic seemed to like U-turns. However the map displays are good and helpful. No problems with hookup.......more info
  • Garmin C340
    I purchased this unit for my wife. I had read that this unit was one of the easiest to use GPS models available, the review was right on. My wife who is somewhat technically challenged (has a hard time setting the timer on the VCR) was able to use the unit right out of the box.
    The touch screen address entry was self expaniatory and easy to navigate through. The mapping is as accurate as can be expected with the day to day traffic construction detours that occur. The screen is bright and the information is easily read. The voice commands are clear though the pronounciation is sometimes questionable.
    I would highly recommend this unit to anyone....more info
  • Gotta have it!
    I'm a GPS nut - in the air and on the ground. Owned 6 Garmins! Have been using GPS in my car for more than a decade. This is a must have for serious road travelers. Highly readable screen, great database, helpful locations and effective voice directions. Menues are easy to learn. My 196 and 296 have more options, but are not as good in directions or screen - 3d is really helpful. Good mount, fine power supply and rechargable battery make it easy to use. Also great service fro Amazon. No, I was not paid to say this!!!...more info
  • A big help on a trip.
    My husband and I are enjoying our new toy. It seems to be quite accurate.
    We were looking for a restaurant once and kept going around in circles, only to find the the "pilot" was right and we had missed it.

    It makes interstate driving very easy by telling you which lane to be in way ahead of time.

    The voice is hard to understand at times.

    I am having trouble loading the software that was sent. We have a call into the company but haven't resolved this as yet.

    All in all...a good investment. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot
    I bought the Streetpilot for my teenager who uses it all the time: driving is now far less stressful because the navigation is taken care of by the Garmin. It is extremely simple to use and exceptionally reliable: it has not given wrong directions to date, so using the Streetpilot provides a level of comfort and confidence to the driver. The screen is easy to see and read without distracting the driver's attention to the road.
    This has been an excellent investment and a major relief to me as the mother of a new driver! I am probably going to buy one for myself next. ...more info
  • Great product!
    This is my first GPS system, and it works really well. Didn't have any problems with the windshield mount. The unit powers on itself when the car starts, which is really convenient. Highly recommended!...more info
  • GPS- Gamin Streetpilot C340
    This system is extremely user friendly, I was surprised how easy. I like being able to change the accents as well. My husband takes it on all his business trips so he can navigate new cities....more info
  • Very good product, but the support doesn't exist
    This GPS Navigation System works very well in USA and Canada. Some maps needs to be upgraded, but works very good. I was trying to download maps from other countries and works OK too. The support doesn't answer the questions.
    ...more info
  • review one
    its a great toy but it wont stay stuck to the windshield so that makes is a bit inconvienent...more info
  • Very pleased
    I purchased this as a gift for my father-in-law. He has never owned any type of navigation system, and doesn't have any real experience with electronic gadgets. He has had a blast with this thing. It apparently is very easy to use, even for a newcomer. I am in Iraq, so I haven't been able to use it, but based on the "happy quotient", I'd give it 5 stars. My wife said he initially used it to travel between familiar places, to test it AND his ability to operate it. He gained confidence due to its simplicity. He hasn't learned how to use all of the features, but he travels often and will undoubtedly figure them out along the way. I plan to buy another one for my personal use when I return....more info
  • great gps
    gps is great and easy to use the only problem I had was with the suction cup it melts to the windshield here in florida and is hard to release....more info
  • Hard to live without once you've had it
    I bought one of these after reading numerous rave reviews and I must say that I have to agree with every single one. The ONLY issue with it is the suction cup mount that comes with it, however, the tripod car stand is fantastic and really a must purchase if you're getting this.

    It has every feature that I could possibly need and I just got to use it while traveling to a new city for the first time just a couple weeks. It completely changes travelling. One of the great things was bringing it up to the hotel room to plot where we were going. Plus, not having to rely on shuttles and taxis since we already knew where we were going and could use the Streetpilot to locate parking garages was fantastic.

    Since I've had this thing, 2 family members and 1 other friend of mine have purchased them as well (and I've only had it for about 2 months). My Dad actually started singing "I want a Garmin, I want a Garmin" on our way back from a trip before Christmas. I've never seen him like that over ANYTHING before.

    ...more info
  • A must for every household
    This is a must have stuff for every household if you travel from time to time to places you are not familiar with. What I like about it is when you don't have a destination and just use the "Map" function, it tells you your current speed; if you have a destination, it tells you the approx arrival time; you can search for places like "starbucks", it tells you the nearest one and other ones... I am so dependent on it now that I can't live without it.

    The only drawback is it doesn't have the latest map of my neighborhood. I called Garmin and they apologized for it and said they will make the update in the 2007 version, and I will have to pay for it for the update. It sucks!...more info
  • A simple unit to find your way
    I purchased this unit for my wife who is directionally challenged. She is also a tad techno challenged as well. The C340 addressed both these issues exceedingly well.

    Out of the box she was able to program her favorites (like HOME) and use immediately. She has since used it on two simple trips and found it easy to follow.

    The ability to use the touch screen helps her, as does the options on the screen.

    If there was only one challenge it is that this unit doesn't give you the option of the fastest trip. Everything is the shortest distance. Sometimes that means driving through a downtown instead of taking a Freeway (which may be a few miles longer, but quicker). I know that is available in nicer models though.

    The only other comment is the voice. It tends to put the emphasis on the wrong word in a sentence, which isn't a problem but is pretty funny.

    Overall, for the price, I am extremely pleased with this product....more info
  • Good choice!
    I chose the Garmin 340 to give to my husband for Christmas, without knowing much about the different systems out there. I did my 'homework' and read as many reviews that I could online and checked out Consumer Reports too before making a decision. So far he loves it! We haven't been able to drive anywhere yet (even 2 miles) without it coming along with us. It's been very accurate and extremely easy to use. The portability of it is great too. For the user friendly and accuracy aspects of it, in addition to the price (much lower than it was last year), I would highly recommend the Garmin C340. ...more info
  • Garmin portable gps C340
    Bought this for my wife who travels often. We used it on a holiday trip to New England and it was wonderful - never looked at a map and it took us right to the doorstep of the addresses we were looking for. Used it around our hometown and did note that if you have intimate knowledge of an area there are often better ways to get to a place than the suggested route. Of course the voice "recalculating..." works every time you veer from the plotted course - and never gets angry. Perhaps a later version will finally say "Look, are you going to listen to me or not!"...more info
  • Great
    I am very very happy with this product---Because of my job I have to drive to clients homes and that can be challenging when you don't know where you are going. I find this product a great help. I do recommend this product, it is so easy to use just take out of the box and it is ready to go....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    Great gift for the traveler. My husband travels and is always trying to drive and read a map at the same time. This is great because it talks to you. Gives you directions that are accurate and easy to follow.
    ...more info
  • GREAT!!!
    Easy to use right from the box as advertised. Directions are exact and true. Would suggest using the dash mount instead of the windshield suction mount. It makes it easier to move unit between vehicles and is very secure. Just a great combination..............more info
  • Great product!
    I did a lot of research on a GPS prior to selecting the Garmin. All the GPS products had problem with reception in some areas. I selected the Garmin because I liked the street voice prompt option. We have taken several trips and am really satisfied with the product. It provides three ways to follow your route: printed strip on top, the map with highlighted direction, and voice prompts at exits or turns. When we have changed or missed our exit, the recalculation is very quick. 'Mrs Garmin' is right there with a new route for you. ...more info
  • Great Product
    After searching for a long time, we finally bought the Garmin C340 GPS about two months ago. We have used it on many trips and have been very happy with it. We have recommended it to many friends and even bought a second one as a Christmas gift. Even though we like it a lot, we have learned that it's not perfect. It seems that it will always get you where you're going, usually by the shortest route, but not always. It's wise to double check the proposed route for long trips on a map to see if it makes sense to you. We recently moved to a new city and it has been invaluable for house hunting, etc. We doubt that there is a better unit available for anything close to the current price (about $400). Once you have a GPS, you will probably never be without one again.

    We would highly recommend the dash mount as well. It works great and is easier to use than the windshield mount....more info
  • Garmin c340
    This is an easy to use GPS system. It has made our lives easier and it tells us how to travel and if we make a mistake it recalculates our error.
    I recommend it to all young and old. An asset to all our driving needs. It has even showed us short cuts to places we go to on a regular basis.

    ...more info

    Spot on especially when you are going far and in remote areas like country roads. ...more info
  • A huge HELP
    I really enjoy the ease of use. The preset maps made it ready to use and the voice commands were a big help in heavy traffic. The picture is quite clear and easy to read. The only "problem" was the estimated time and actual time clock doesn't auto change from one time zone to another. I am very happy I made to purchase....more info
  • Could be better
    I love my Garmin in that I just moved to LA and would be lost without it. On the other hand, in certain areas it takes forever to "acquire the satellite" and sometimes I'll be sitting in one stop forever while the Garmin tries to find the satellite. Sometimes it recalculates the route when I haven't even deviated from the route. Also the routes I noticed aren't always the quickest way. It always takes me around in circles. But it does what it's supposed to do, which is get me to my destination. The restaurant/gas station/ search by name feature is pretty cool though. I love my Garmin but I wish I had done more research. Also, after I purchased it, I realized that it is NOT compatible with Macs. So Mac owners beware!!! ...more info
  • good value
    I did considerable research on Nav systems before actually buying one. I narrowed it down to Magellan and Garmin. Neither of them appeared to be perfect from customer reviews, but I settled on the C340 because of the feature set and the price.

    I gave it to my wife for X-mas. She travels a lot in the suburbs of a major metro area for work. She is absolutely thrilled with it as am I. It is easy and intuitive to use. Who needs a manual? Besides the normal POI's, it has hardware stores, Houses of Worship, schools....very nice.

    One problem, not altogether unexpected, was the suction cup attachment to the window. I had read lots of complaints about the device falling off. I figured most people were just not preparing the surfaces well enough. Not the case I guess. I cleaned the window, applied the suction cup with a lot of "ooomph", thought I had a great seal, but it still fell off in a couple days. It could be due to the cold weather climate that I live in. Anyway, I resorted to the dash mount disk that came with the unit. Applied it to a relatively flat part of the dash, attached the unit with the suction cup, and it works great.

    All in all, this product is very good for the money. ...more info
  • Garmin, our little map-reading gnome
    The device is excellent and does what it says it will do. It's very easy to set up. I do wish I could set it up to take us on different types of routes: no highways, scenic, no dirt roads, etc. It is set up with only two options: Fastest route and Shortest Distance. We prefer shortest distance because if we deviate from the charted route it will readjust to follow our course and will then direct us on the next shortest distance. However, it is very difficult to get a large overview of how the Garmin is actually planning on taking you to your destination. Also, I wish you could save destination words that you frequently type in. You can save favorite destinations, say a specific address or a specific business in a specific location. But we use the Garmin to sniff out Starbucks, Targets, Home Depots, Kinkos, etc, all across the country (it works beautifully for this.) However, I can't just save the word Starbucks. I have to retype it in every time I want to find a new Starbucks in a new area. Also there is no way to ask the Garmin to take you to a certain town or a certain intersection. For example, if you know you want to head toward Charleston, you can't just type in Charleston. It needs a specific address (including street #) in Charleston. I find myself typing in Charleston and then from the list that the Garmin offers selecting Charleston Honda or Charleston Baptist Church or Charleston Bar & Grill. Whatever comes up that sounds like it probably would be in the center of town. This can sometimes lead you on wild goose chases too because it will then direct you to that specific business which may or may not be in the center of town. The same goes for requesting an intersection or a highway name. At one point we were lost in Queens NY and needed to find the Van Wyck Expressway. We were very close to it but couldn't find how to get onto it. I wanted to ask the Garmin to find the Van Wyck but there was no way to do it.

    So in summary I would say it is extremely helpful. We love putting it on the general map setting and just watch where we are going when we are just out exploring. We like being able to know exactly what direction we are heading. Very helpful when it is getting to be dusk and we want to vaguely head toward home...without really going home.

    If we need to arrive somewhere quickly, the Garmin is excellent. If you don't like to meander, you'll love it. But it tends to like to put you on highways (especially when set on Fastest Route) even for short distances with easy alternatives. But it always gets you to your destination which is a huge asset over manually reading a map.

    When we really are roadtripping though, we find we still need the morning examination of the road atlas with our coffee, just to get our bearings. To know where we are heading and generally how to get there. Then the Garmin can take us there more specifically and the map can spend the whole day in the backseat...enjoying the ride....more info
  • Great Product!
    I got my Garmin 340 in December. Since I live in Hawaii, I wondered whether the text to speech feature might have difficulty with Hawaiian street names. Although not perfect pronunciation, I was impressed with the unit's ability to give directions close enough for me to understand. I've used the unit in Las Vegas and in Los Angeles(with a dash mount)and only experienced a single instance where it gave me a wrong turn instruction. It's interesting to note that the driving directions on MapQuest also gave me the identical incorrect turn.

    ...more info
  • An OK first GPS
    A nice FIRST GPS. Excellent screen and touch sensitivity. I took it on a very long trip the day it arrived (a trip already planned) and it worked well. Only 2 times did it lead me astray (once on a right-then-left turn that was about 20 yds and the GPS said .8 miles).
    The most troubling aspect is that it took me from MA to PA one way and brought me back a very different route, even though I selected Fastest route both times. I have to look into this. It also didn't find places too well. I looked for a church and a middle school and it didn't find them, so I tried to get the addresses, but couldn't
    Coverage was iffy at times around the mountainous PA regions (and another reviewer said the same about in cities), and a few times blew by the turn/exit only to have the GPS tell me AFTER I passed it. which should make a world of difference as I had an aviation GPS in my plane that had reception problems, and when I installed an external antenna the reception as fantastic.
    The one serious flaw is the lousy external speaker (I did read of this issue before I bought it). It has about 10 loudness indicator bars and only the top 2 are worth anything. With the radio OFF you can use the one before the highest. With music on you MUST use the highest setting. VERY disappointing.

    All in all for the price, a good first choice and definitely idiot proof (not to offend anyone)...more info
  • No Worries!
    After driving around all summer with a coworker who had an older Garmin, I knew I had to have one. The ease and accuracy were startling. Now that I have my own, I find that it allows me the freedom to travel without worry. The directions, 99% of the time, are accurate. The recalculating feature is great; it allows you to make a mistake without concern! The screen is easy to read and the voice is clear. I find the locations are extensive. I have typed in several attractions that were off the beaten path and the Garmin found them and got me there. My only suggestin is to buy a model where the streets name are said aloud. It makes a world of difference.

    I have noticed that there are some glitches. There are two areas near me where it gives an incorrect turn. Overall, it is WELL WORTH the money. The glitches are so insignificant compared to the benefits!...more info
  • can't get lost
    i tried going the wrong way on purpose but the prduct just kept recalculating my destination and got me there. i like the way it says to turn left or right with the name of the street. ...more info
  • First And Only GPS I'll Ever Need
    I'm a person that will research online and at the stores and this is the best GPS I've seen. I was about to order the Garmin c330 until I checked it out at a local electronics store. The salesperson showed me how simple it was to use and I picked it up quickly. When I told him how cool this thing was and that my mind was made up on the C330, he said "wait, check this out" and showed me the C340. This one actually spoke the names of the streets instead of left or right at the next corner. It may not seem like much, but the whole reason for buying a GPS is to have your hand held as you drive. Since I don't intend to buy another, I sprung for the extra $70 bucks. This puppy is a pleasure to use. I am a field technician so this saves me time and fuel when going from one place to another. Its especially helpful when I'm called to go someplace I've never been before and I don't need to ask directions or refer to Mapquest. I simply pull over from where ever I am, key in the address and I'm off. Once its saved, I can always return to it. My wife has always told me I get lost after pulling out of our driveway, but never again. Its size also makes it convenient for when I'm flying out of state and have to rent a car. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • Never leave home with out it!
    This is a great product for traveling to all destinations. When traveling local it pins down the exact location in a unfamiliar area. When traveling freeways, interstates it prompts you to get in correct lane for a lane change. To me the most important thing is the voice prompt. When alone I am not confortable trying to read a screen and drive @ 65 MPH regardless of size. I chose this model primarly for the voice prompts. It does all the other advertised features equally well like finding gas stations and ice cream stores in a strange area. Never leave home without it!...more info
  • Great GPS unit
    Works straight out of the box. Have not done anything with the Garmin site yet. Treking is fast and mostly accurate, although the routes selected may not always be the best and the "voice" is reluctant to change to a better route.

    Would be really nice if the unit have a more pocketable form factor (more boxy)like some of the others. It can actually be used as a hand held GPS....more info
  • Good
    So far I am impressed with the C340 street pilot, it works great and will continually recalculate if you miss a turn. Some devices stop recalculating after a few tries. Only one con is that I was in an area of town where the device got completely lost and kept recalculating only to have me end up in a completely incorrect destination. I will blame that on the subdivision being new, maybe as it was only 2yrs old. You would think the signal should have picked up the new area in 2yrs. Overall this device works great....more info
  • This product is great...
    I have had this product for 8 months now. Has gotten myself and wife out of many binds. Only know of 1 street that it doesn't know of, but product is great!...more info
  • So Good Someone Stole It...
    I had this unit for about a month before it was stolen. Easy to use, got me where I needed to go and was great to find places to eat once I got there. The worst part was that the screen was a bit too reflective and hard to read when the sun was at certain angles. Also, certain street names were too long and couldn't be announced correctly. After it was stolen, I replaced it with the C530. It has a better screen and a security feature that prevents it from being used (if stolen). You do have to input a 4 digit number to enable it for your own use, but that's no problem. At least if this one gets stolen, noone will be able to use it without returning it to Garmin (who would contact me). The 530 doesn't announce street names, but I prefer the shorter announcements. Both units allow the use of POI (points of interest program that you can download from Garmin). This is great to get you near those geocaches before getting out your handheld for the hike in the woods. Both units are great, but I prefer the 530....more info
  • Very friendly
    I found it easy right out of the box, it also is in real time... as good as you can get fro the price....more info
  • great product
    The Garmin Streetpilot C340 is easy to use and very accurate. I've been using it for months now and never had any problem. ...more info
  • ******Doesn't work in DownTowns;doesn't read SD card******
    We live in N Virginia. We made a trip to Downtown Washington,DC soon after we bought the gps. I started from home and took route 50E as it guided then soon after merging into 50E it says to continue 7.2 miles onto 495..which made me surprise and took 495north and then after getting into 495 it again rerouted to 50E and again after merging into it says the same continue 7.2 miles on 495....which is a bitter experience on day one with GPS.....We even had some problems with the GPS loosing its signals many times in washington downtown. We did pull the car to a roadside and waited for the Gps to acquire the satellite signal which made us very unhappy.

    We did a lot of reasearch before buying this product. At last my husband and myself decided to buy only a Garmin product what ever model it is. We started to look from Garmin c320 to c340 and c530. We thought of going for c530 because of its Sirf receiver and good reception in hill areas and downtowns(we got this info from one of the reviewer in amazon about c530). But only the lacking feature of c530 "Text to Speech" forced us to go for c340. We even looked into many reviews of c340 but no one mentioned that it has a problem in satellite signal reception in downtown, otherwise if anyone mentioned it here we would have gone to c530.

    Last week we gone a trip to Newyork. We had some problems with GPS while finding the address for a place near by Status of Liberty.

    The actual frustration we had was when we were returning from Newyork downtown. The GPS never got the satellite signal and we do not know how to get out of the place. We decided to take a big street in downtown and get out of it..hoping that the GPS may work after we come out of downtown. Surprisingly the c340 had a poor satellite reception for a lot of time(May be 45 min to 1 hr) and even if it gets the signal it tells the road names very late after we pass the road it says take Right onto that xyz road...which sucks very much. It also does not work in the tunnels ...

    The another Disappointed thing with c340 is that it does not read the SD card. When I got the GPS shipped. I downloaded some POIs online and tried to load them with the POI loader provided by Garmin. But I could only load the POIs to the buildin memory of the GPS but not to SD card. I even found some other reviews about this problems, but I do not know how to make the GPS to recognize and read SD card, I tried formating the SD card several times though.

    What I would like to suggest someone is do not go for Garmin C340, better go to Garmin c530 or some other product(with Sirf receiver) which can work in all places irrespective of downtowns/hills/tunnels......more info
  • We call her Hillary
    Enjoy our new GPS System. It was very easy to install and use and is loaded with useful information. We particularly like how easy it is to program in where we are going. My friend was so impressed she bought the same model. We do not subscribe to the radio station, but just use the system as is - one time cost.

    ...more info
  • Works like a charm!
    I purchased this GPS unit primarily for my wife, but I couldn't be happier with it myself. It handles pretty much everything we've thrown at it so far. We hoping to use it this summer as well when we travel to Europe....more info
  • Very Pleased with Garmin 340
    I recently did a 1700 mile trip in my Motor Home and the Garmin worked very well. We went through Canada, Vermont, NY, etc. What I really like is the street name call out and the fact that it tells you to stay right or left, etc. after you make a merge or come upon a turn. Visibility was good, accuracy was also good. I do wish it was capable of putting more than one via in the system...if you want that, you have to spend more....more info
  • Review of Garmin Streetpilot
    I use the Streetpilot alot at my new job where I have
    alot of field work seeing clients and providers who are
    located within 2 counties that are both urban and rural.
    In areas with alot of trees sometimes it doesn't pick up the
    signal, like my apartment complex, so I need to check
    mapquest before I leave to be sure I am headed in the
    right direction. But once the signal is picked up, it
    gives very clear directions and I have never gotten lost
    once. I will say that the holder that is supposed to
    attach to the dashboard is flimsy and has never held
    the steetpilot on there firmly. Instead I just set it on
    my passenger seat and it works fine there.

    I am very satisfied with the navigation system and I
    would recommend it....more info
  • Mindless Technology
    I can't imagine what my day would be like without this. I've been a Biotech Salesperson for over 20 years. I must own every map every made.

    Despite the fact that someone broke my car windown to get to my old Garmin, I knew I had to get another one. I chose the 340 because not only does it tell you where to turn, it speaks the name of the street or highway to turn on. This way, you don't have to look at the screen, at all.

    The Garmin 340 is so simple to use that it requires no thought, no real setup other than time,etc., and is invaluable.

    I've given away all the maps and will never be without the Garmin again....more info
  • Good GPS
    I like this one cause its cheap and has all the features which iam looking in a GPS.It makes out to be a nice gift....more info
  • Little Garmin Does A Big Job
    I didn't really have any other unit to compare this one to, other than the more basic types I have used in offshore navigation while fishing. This unit acquires satellites quickly and is so easy to use that a first-timer is up and running within minutes. It is very accurate and usually picks the best route to an obscure address. I have had to override its recommendations very rarely. It recomputes new, accurate routes the moment you have passed a recommended turn. Its database of eateries is pretty good, too! Only groan I could probably come up with is that you can't dim the display for night driving. It switches to a night background at sunset, but I find myself placing my ball cap over the unit when I don't want the glare of it interfering with my night driving. Also, I wish I could figure-out how to make it recognize time zone changes. But, for the money, this little nav toy is a gem!...more info
  • Excellent but not perfect
    This is the second Garmin GPS I have owned. Have had the C340 for about 4 months. I find this unit a lot more accurate than the C330 and the having the street names announced makes all the difference in the world. Aquisition time and recaulculating are snappy. One phone call to Garmin phone support took only 4 minutes to reach the right person and question was promptly addressed.
    Cons: Volume is a tad to low for my hard of hearing ears. No software for Mac although I was told it would be available in the spring. My only other comment is that the final instruction to turn comes a bit too late if you are going fast or in a strange high traffic area.

    In conclusion a great product. Richard of Wichita Falls, TX...more info
  • Easy and accurate
    This unit was so easy to set up that my non-geek wife had it up and running within 20 minutes on our trip from Ohio to Florida last week. Took us right to a restaurant south of Atlanta we were looking for. We used it for a bunch of stops during the trip. Mostly just figured it out from the on-screen menus. Highly recommended....more info
  • C340 is worth the extra money!!
    Purchased this Garmin GPS for my Dad for Christmas. I decided on the c340 over the c330 because of the addition of spoken street names in the c340. It makes a huge difference in the ease of use for drivers. You hear the street name said aloud as you approach a turn, instead of a just generic turn command. Therefore, much of the time you can simply listen to the GPS unit give directions and you don't hvave to look at the monitor. Spend the extra few dollars for the c340. ...more info
  • Great unit, accurate time-saver
    I bought this unit for my husband for Christmas because we travel alot throughout the year in an RV. I have always been the navigator and have taken us on some unexpected routes - atlases aren't very accurate in what kind of road you are traveling on.
    This was ready to use as soon as it was taken out of the box. The ease of use surprised me. It immediately picked up our location. As a first time user, it was fascinating to see how accurate this was in telling where to turn. Our first trip out was to a familiar place where it has taken us 3 hours to travel there. To our amazement, the unit said it would only take 2 hours and 10 minutes going a different route that we would have never chosen on our own. We chose to follow the units route and to our amazement shaved off 50 minutes drive time. This is truly one of the most amazing things that we have ever bought and we look forward to many trips with it in our RV. I would highly recommend this to anyone who travels alot....more info
  • Makes you want to drive again
    Got my c340 for Christmas. Didn't really need a GPS navigation aid because of my limited driving but got it from my grown kids. Now I can't wait to get in the car and aquire some satellites. Very easy to operate,very accurate and
    fun to use. Highly recommended.
    Postscript suggestion: There are many good, affordable GPS Nav systems from several excellent companies. I got my Garmin c340 as a gift and am very happy with it> Do your personal research before plunking your hard earned cash down....more info
    The C340 is my first GPS. I can't imagine any other GPS being any better. The unit was so easy to install and to operate. Will never do without one. FANTASTIC...more info
  • Amazing little device
    We bought the Garmin c340 for my father-in-law (for a variety of reasons) and we/he absolutely love it. It was easy to set up, easy to install and is very,very easy to use. The unit is small enough to hide away in the corner of the windshield (upper left is where we put it) but the screen features and zoom capabilities are large enough to see easily. The touch screen walks you through every step simply and will recalibrate a new route if you drive past your destination. Another great feature is that it automatically switches to a "night driving" background where the map is black instead of white. A white screen can be distracting at night. Our worries about mounting it where washed away once we saw the quality suction cup mounting bracket that is amazingly strong. No sticky stuff, no screw holes to drill.
    Finally, the software is totally up to date...every street we passed, even newer subdivisions were on there. No worries now whenever they are going on vaca or taking the grandkids to one of their many "travel" games.
    An EXCELLENT product, well worth the money!
    ...more info
  • three problems
    We tried this system out today to downtown Boston and noted three problems: (1) the system loses satellite reception whenever the car is under a tunnel, which happens quite often when you drive in downtown Boston. Once you emerge out of a tunnel (and really need directions), the system takes a while to figure out where the car is, by which point you've already missed several turns; (2) When we were driving along I-90, the system kept asking us to exit to streets that were above the highway. Somehow the depth information was lost and the system was fooled into thinking that the two roads intersect; (3) the voice announcement about a turn comes too late, almost at the time of a turn. When you hear the announcement, the car has already missed the turn. With all these one-way streets, that means we have to drive around and around before getting back to where we were. Other than these problems we're pretty happy with the system. We particularly like to hear it "recalculating" whenever we disobey its commanded route. ...more info
  • Awesome Product!!!
    This Garmin is awesome...I just wish i could have waited a lil longer before buying the prices seem to be going down everyday....I paid 400$ for it and its available for much lesser now...if thats ur budget..i wud suggest the nuvi garmin series...where u also have mp3...Else...this is a superior gps...has never let me down..A must for anyone who is not good with or new to routes. SO far it has not let me down...was a lil worried before using it...but its really something i will be using for the next few years constantly!!!...more info
  • Good to Go
    Out of the box Set the basics Type your destination and off you go
    Street names announced , re- directed if you miss a turn.
    This GPS is a must !!!...more info
  • Never will be without again
    Shipping came on time. The unit so easy and clear. I am so happy with it. It took me door to door to a friends new home. Only thing I have found is it does not know some one ways but if you loop around it finds its way and figures exactly what your intentions are. I will never have it out of my car. The other options like restaurant and gas search is right on the money and ones I never figured would be there. I am buying 2 more for gifts today...more info
  • News Guy loves this GPS
    I am a photographer for a local News Station, and I travel all day long. From one story to another, I am constantly in the car. In the days before this GPS I had one hand on the wheel, and the other hand holding my map book. As you can imagine, it was dangerous at times. But since purchasing the C340, it has made my job sooooooooo much easier. I can focus on driving, and let the machine go to work. So far it hasn't lead me astray, which is good, cause if I missed a breaking story because of this thing, I would chuck it out of the window.

    In the end all I can say is this thing works for me. Great PIO database, always finds me a place to eat in when I'm in the middle-of-nowhere. I highly recomend this product....more info
  • Great GPS System
    I loved the ease of use with the C340. It powers up quickly and it's so easy to just plug in the address (touch-screen) you need to get to. It mounts right to your windshield which is totally portable but very stable, I went to the Find Address menu and put in my friend's address the C340 routed my course in less than 10 seconds, before I knew it I was on my way. When I picked up my friend and her son we were looking for a Deli and that was simple just by searching under restaurants in the area. If you want a great hands-on unit to get you from where you are to anywhere in the US then you can't go wrong this one. The simplicity and easiness of this unit is all you need for under $500.00. Love the unit and the completeness of the whole package it comes with. Included are the windshield mount, 12 volt adapter, PC Cable (when updates are made by Garmin) and quick user's manual. I highly recommend the Garmin C340.

    ...more info
  • Garmin C340
    I thought it was about time to get a GPS with all the driving I do on the job and since the price was lowered to beat the Costco price. After free shipping and no sales tax, it was a bargain. Anyway, I have no trouble with the unit. Starts right up and quickly calculates the route, if I wait to move until the calculations are finished. Just a hint for those trying to drive off before the satellite is acquired. Anyway, my main complaint with this system is that the map is at least one year out of date, even though it is the latest version. Also, the route it calculates to take is not always the best route. For example, it will recommend one route to my office, but a different route home. Does not make sense to me. Other than that, the system works well. One other thing is the voice level. It is audible at the maximum volume, but if turned down even a little you can't hear the voice. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is great product. I got it few days back and I love the similicity to operate. Very user friendly. I tested recalculation of route by deliberately taking wrong way, the GPS calculated alternative route quickly. Very user friendly, by just typing few letters it automatically brings back the matching city name or street name so you don't have to type all letters....more info
  • Wouldn't leave home without it!
    This is the second Garmin Streetpilot we bought. We gave the first one to my husband's parents who use it when they tour around the states in their RV. Mind that my in-laws are not the techno-geekie type, but after about 5 minutes of demo, they're off and on their way of happy-RVing.

    Top reasons to love my Garmin:
    - Easy to use, right out of the box with all preloaded maps
    - Gives you your traveling speed, distance, and best of all, you ETA right on the same screen as the route map
    - The C340 gives you the direction with street names
    - Easy input of street addresses
    - Automatically reroutes you if you miss the given direction. But sometimes if you intentionally want to take a different route, it can be annoying with its persistent "Recalculating" message. Luckily, there's a "Reroute" feature, and it'll recalculate a different route.
    - Transportability! When we travel out of state, we take the Garmin with us and just stick it in our rental car. Or we even use it in our other vehicle, which already has a built-in GPS.
    - Accurate, even in our mazed-like streets in the New England areas.

    Need improvements:
    - The volume is either LOUD, or you have to crank your ears to hear the audio, even when the volume is already set at the 2nd highest setting.
    - Wish I can instruct the routing calculation to avoid specific road or highway. For example, if I know there's more than one way to my destination, I'd like to specify which road to take, or which road to avoid.
    - Sometimes the audio instructions come a bit late then optimal - not giving you extra time to get into the appropriate lane, etc., especially when you're in heavy traffic areas.

    BTW, we bought another GPS made by Lowrance before, no way it measured up to the Garmin...we returned it in one week!...more info
  • How did I ever get anywhere without it?
    The first time I ever saw a GPS in action was in a friends Toyota SUV. He had purchased it as a $2,000 option. Seeing his, made me realize that a GPS could be a good tool, not just for trips but for getting around places that I'd been going to for years.

    At first I was a little skeptical about how could this small devise costing under $400 could compare in operation to the $2,000 option my friend had purchased. I was afraid it wouldn't work correctly and I was afraid the screen was too small.

    Well I've had the Garmin C340 for 6 weeks now and it has worked flawlessly. In some cases it has shown me better ways to locations that I had been traveling to for years. The small screen is not a hindrance at all and in practical use doesn't even seem small. The find food and parking features work great especially since it searches for resturants or parking close to your current location.

    If I were going to say any thing negative about the unit it would be that it has made me put more miles on my car than I anticipated. This is because I am now going places where I normally would never have gone. In the past, I would print out maps from Mapquest and once I left my destination I'd just go home, but with this unit, I just look around for local shopping or restaurants, and I'm on to the next location.
    ...more info
  • Junk after 10 minutes!
    I bought this product. It worked great right out of the box...for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the screen went dark and fuzzy and nothing I could do would bring it back. I called Garmin's tech support. They walked me through a quick reset to no avail. Then the technician said "maybe the battery will charge better through the USB adapter". Didn't sound right, but I tried it. Didn't help. I am currently in the process of returning this paperweight to Amazon....more info
  • This Unit is Fantastic!!!
    I was surprised how accurate this unit was when I went on a trip from Teaneck, NJ to Jerricho, NY. I also used it on various other trips. The screen is nice and bright. It tells you when to make turns via voice and on screen instructions. For example, it will say "make a right onto Teaneck Road in 3/4 of a mile." Then when you get to the turn, it will say "make a right on Teaneck Road." Some units are advertised that they give voice prompts but be careful. Some only say "make a right in 3/4 of a mile," and then when you get to the turn will not say anything. Some newer units don't even give voice prompts and this is something that really is helpful when on the road. On the screen, a large arrow appears when you need to make turns. It recalculates if you miss a turn. You can update the unit's maps using the included software. There's even a battery meter to show how charged the battery is....more info
  • don't worth the extra money compared with c330/c320
    Compared to c330/c320, the quality of the voice is much worse. Sometime, you may not tell the name of the street it gives. So, why pay the extra money for this feature. Giving the street name is good and usefully, only it can give it clearly. So, I strongly suggest you go c330/c320 instead. ...more info
  • Great Product - Garmin C340
    I bought a Garmin c340 and it worked immediately after a short setup. I took it for a drive around my neighbourhood. It started up really quick. I deliberately missed turns. It would recalcuate a route to take me back in about 5 seconds. The recalculation time was quite consistent. I am really pleased with it. It would be a great help driving at night and in bad weather. ...more info
  • I like the Garmin C340
    Though not perfect, the product is a Godsend. I travel 30+ times a year, and I love being able to find my way to the hotel or customer location from the airport or hotel.

    The system offers American, English and Australian female voices for the routes. I decided on the Australian, who I call Sheila.

    In Australia, they evidently don't have counties, and the ltter "z" is zed. I came to an intercection for Utica Ridge Road, and Shiela told me to turn left on "Crescent Zed Sixteen". There were no signs indicating any "Crescent", "Zed" or "Sixteen". I turned left anyway, and, about a mile and a half later, saw a sign identifying Utica Ridge Road as "County Road Z-16". After I learned to translate, Sheila and I are communicating well.

    I have not yet updated the mapping online, but I have noticed that things that have changed a lot locally are not right yet to Sheila.

    All in all, I'm very pleased with the product, the purchase experience, and the driving experience.

    Although I can only rate in even numbers, I give this 4.5 stars.

    Petey...more info
  • Pretty good GPS.
    The Garmin c340 is a pretty good gps. It is easy to use and has an intuitive User Interface. It keeps track of past locations, ensuring you dont (often) have to enter an address twice. It has clear graphics and clear voice directions. So far, it has found optimal driving directions for the most part, once in a while it maps the route suboptimally, but its rare. When I miss an exit, it quickly recalculates paths. The only downsides are that it takes about 4+ minutes to connect to the satellite when started up. Once in a while(rarely), it falls behind on its mapping. It thinks that an exit is coming up, when you've actually passed it. When this happens, it catches up pretty quickly. Havent really tested its battery life. It doesnt have a very comprehensive directory of restuarants. But its lodging, gas, local attractions directory is very good.

    Caveat: California buyers: Windshield mounts are illegal in CA and you'll have to have to buy a Dashboard mount.

    However, I am unhappy with Amazon's delivery. The CD is the first shipment was broken, I had to return it and get a new shipment....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Navigation System
    Bought the C340 after researching several other products. Overall, I am pleased with the unit.
    Pluses, For the most part it took me right to the destination I entered in at the beginning of the trip. A couple of times the unit told me my destination was on the left when in fact, it was on the right. A small inconvenience.
    It identified gas stations while I was driving which was helpfull when fuel was low.
    Minuses: The unit "lost" satellite recepton way too many times. Never at a critical time but some losses lasted up to 15 minutes. Good thing I knew where I was going.

    For this I can only give 4 stars, but I'm still satisfied with the unit....more info
  • It works very well
    We've only had this for a few weeks but it works predictably and well. We were receiving a weak but usable satelite signal even inside our house. My 10 year old daughter had it operational and pretty much figured out how to program it on the way home from the store. The convenience it provides makes it worth the investment. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is for it's size. It has a battery but it's just large to the point that it is a little cumbersome to use it outside the car. The Nuvi was considered and given the oportunity I would have spent the extra $$ for the 350 or 360. If you're considering a gps, this one is great....more info
    is my first GPS and is so eay to use and just about anything U need if U not ask for Bluetooth or MP3 player....more info
  • Easy to use but no instructions included in the box
    We just bought the Garmin C340 and love its user-friendliness. However, it was not as user-friendly to set up since the manual is not included in the box. You must go to the Garmin site to download the manual. The manual is also quite sparse. It does not tell you how to add points of interest to the GPS or how to save them to an optional SD card. Can you just stick the SD card into the slot and download the POI to the SD card through the GPS or do you need to use an SD card reader?

    Also, the Quick Reference Guide doesn't do a good job of telling you step by step instructions on how to load the drivers, go to the company's site for updates (must download the updater first) or get the POI loader.

    I would have given the Garmin C340 5 stars had they better instructions. It's not a cheap product so it should not force the customer to find his/her way in installing and updating the GPS....more info
  • Trip to the montains
    I bought this unit here at Amazon around Nov.13th, played with it around town for a few days. Easy to set up, in fact you really don't need to set anything but your home address and where you want to go. THE BIG TEST! We just came back from our daughters new home for Thanksgiving in the mountains of Franklin, North Carolina. We have never ever been to this area in our life, our Garmin C340 took us right to our daughters front door. It never missed a road or turn, it warned us well in advance of all changes comming up. My wife and I are in our mid 60's, eye sight and hearing is not like once was. The unit is easy to see and to loud hear. We are very, very pleased....more info
  • Highly Recommended - Important Battery Information here
    I love this product and can very highly recommend this unit to anyone. It's a great feeling to have this thing by your side as you freely roam aound places you may not have otherwise gone because it's so easy to find your way home or to somewhere else. I love having this in my car and would never go anywhere without it again. You'll find yourself using it to find those hidden streets and shortcuts you never knew where there ;-)

    Also Garmin's tech support is very responsive and helpful. After about 11 months of using the c340 the battery stopped working. After calling tech support it turns out there is a known fundamental problem with the charging circuit in the c340 (maybe other units as well) in that the battery will not actually charge while the unit is turned on. It needs to be in the turned off charging screen for it to charge. So that means if you just leave it in your car for months the battery will never charge unless you turn it off manually. Because of this the battery drains so badly that it actually destroys the battery and it will no longer hold a charge at all anymore. I'm sending mine to Garmin for a free fixup but now I know to periodically (once every 1 or 2 months should suffice) charge the battery overnight.

    So other than this glitch which I know how to avoid (and now you do too) this is absolutly the best unit on the market especially for the price it's at now-a-days. Also don't believe the hype about saving a couple of bucks on the c310. The voice on this thing is GREAT and speaks most street names perfectly, and you'll appreciate it saying the street name to turn on to instead of just turn left or right. The new units have the newer voice pack that fixed a few of the older voice problems (even if they didn't the new one is easily downloadable). The c340 is the BEST of all the streetpilot versions as it's just right. Not too much and not missing all the cool stuff. I got mine about a year ago and still LOVE it. Get one and enjoy, you won't regret it I promise.

    Russ...more info
  • Streetpiolet C340
    Received my Garmin within a week after I ordered. Just in time to take a nice long trip the first of Oct. Streetpiolet C340 worked flawlessly. Was going to get the C330 but after reading review here found out for just a few bucks more Jill would speek the names of the streets. Found out that was a great help.
    Then a couple of weeks ago (Nov. 11) everything was working great when the voice (Jill)just went to being very distorted. Called Garmin Tech Service and after holding 10 minutes got a techinician who informed me I had the wrong Tech. so back on hold for about 15 more minutes and this time got a hold of the right person. They gave me a work order # and I took it in. One week to the day received my Garmin 340 back but upon closer inspection found out this one had a different serial #. After reading the report about them replacing the unit (I hope it was a new one and not a refurburshed one)I deceided to give it a try. It didn't work right, only had two states showing (Alabama and Arkansas) everything else blank.
    So now back to Tech Services for this time only about a 10 minute.Tech was very helpful and had me reprogrammed in just a couple of minutes.Now it works great. Just hope I don't have any more trouble. It defiently knows how to get around.Still am very pleased with the unit and tech support has been fantastic. Would highly recommend it....more info
  • like it.... wish I wait for price drop
    I like the Nuvi 350 better b/c it is thinner but the price was higher than I would like to pay for. I bought the C340 for $470. Now Nuvi just drops to $540. Overall C340 is a very nice unit and it works quite well - took it on the soccer trips and found the field easily. Some limitation on new streets that are not yet updated on the map. It does not have a "remember this location" kind of feature. The unit is too heavy and keep drop down from the windshield. I may need to buy a sand bag to keep it on the deck instead. the software will remember your trip but it does not allow you to delete a specific one. Need more competition to lower the price ...more info
  • Great -Wish It gave more notice of turns in the city.
    First off let me start by saying I get lost EVERYWHERE!! It is actually a joke both at my work and my house. I actually got lost driving 2 blocks away and ended up 3 towns from where I should have been.
    I NEED this thing it was a necessity :)
    The places I have used this GPS- I live in NH, my kids go to school in Maine and I commute to Boston/Cambridge MA. The Garmin has been great on the highway and in rural areas. It has done well in Boston but it never seems to give you enough notice of when you should turn. I actually had to cross three lanes of traffic and cross a cement median, comming off the Tobin to Charlestown because it didn't give me notice in time. It doesn't realize that sometimes you have to get in a lane a half mile back. Also, comming off the Tobin towards Storrow drive it can't distinguish between that area and the exit for Charlestown , so for several minutes you may think you are going the correct way , but you aren't, but it does re-route you once it realizes it. Other then that and lost reception on the Tobin, (which is no big deal, it comes back on) It has been grea! On the highway it gives you a mile and 1/2 mile notice of turns.
    It has a detour function which is great!! Sometimes I use it, just to find new ways of getting somewhere. It also will give you directions for both the fastest and the shortest route. It finds a new route when you have taken the wrong exit. You can also store your favorite places so you don't have to type in the address. One thing It also gives you your estimated time of arrival, which is extremely accurate. One other complaint, which isn't a big deal , is that they are still listing some resturaunts as in exsitance, when in fact they have closed years ago. I don't use the feature that often so it hasn't really been a problem.
    I really think right now this is the best one out in the market.
    UPDATE!! Went to Vermont and while in Claremont area this GPS took us down 4-wheel trails!! Imagine my honda civic trying to go 4-wheeling. It told us to go down dirt rd's etc and mentioned rd's no longer there. You still need to use good judgement with roads.

    UPDATE- Older models suction cup's are staying on peoples windshields, and are unable to be removed except with nail polish remover and razor blade. I called Garmin and they sent me out a new suction cup.

    UPDATE: Used this in San Diego and it worked like a charm! Also used this in NY City. So far the only problems I have had are the logging road in RI incident, Highway tunnels underground ( It loses it's signal and doesn not advance, potentially having you miss you exit. ) Make sure you see where you are going before hitting a tunnel, and some Boston rd's being so close it is hard to distinguish where to turn.
    ...more info
  • Very easy to use and quick to acquire satellites
    I have to admit, I'm a GPS junkie. I've had a variety of GPS units over the past decade and currently own 3 - the c340 being my latest acquisition for use solely when driving.

    I am greatly impressed with this unit. It was fast to get going right out of the box and after the initial satellite acquisition and almanac download (for those who are interested, when a GPS unit is turned off and moved a significant distance, say 300+ miles, from where it last thought it was, it needs to recalibrate itself by downloading the current almanac of satellite positions from the GPS satellites. This can take a few minutes.) In any case, after the initial automatic recalibration, the unit acquired satellites quickly whenever I turned it on.

    The user interface is very easy to use. I've used Hertz NeverLost systems for years and have always thought they had a good interface. I think Garmin's is better. The touch screen is intuitive and very easy to use and the adjustment I want to use most, tinkering with the volume, is an easy-to-use wheel on the side that allows instant access without requiring interaction (and interference) with the on-screen navigation/map display. Very well thought out!

    One highly useful feature is the ability not just to search for Points of Interest (POI), but to have the unit search for those points of interest that are along the route you are currently navigating. This allows you to identify, say, hotels along your route while you are driving and then, using the telephone info provided by the unit, to call the hotels up and see if you can negotiate a lower rate before you arrive - "let your fingers do the walking..."

    If you don't tell the unit where to look, though, it can take quite a while to search for a Point of Interest. I didn't know which city to specify and I did a search for "Eagle Rock Rec" (I was too lazy to spell out "Eagle Rock Recreation Center" which turned out to be about 175 miles away) and the unit chugged away for several minutes but eventually came back with the right entry for me to navigate to. I later realized that even though I didn't know the exact city the destination was in, I did know a city that was near the desired destination. When I specified that information, the c340 took only a few seconds to find the right location.

    The advanced user can also create your own POI lists complete with custom icons and load those into the c340. I have done this for all In-N-Out Burger and Krispy Kreme locations. The advantage to having your own custom POIs even though these places are in the built-in POI list is that the custom POIs are visible on the c340 map screen at certain zoom levels. If you are a Geocacher, you can do the same with geocaches, but you'll still need your handheld unit to find the cache.

    The newer (and more expensive) c5xx units evidently have the Sirf circuitry in them which is more sensitive, allowing signal acquisition indoors, but I found the sensitivity of the c340 to be fine - especially since I have limited my indoor driving lately :-). In fact, I was just playing with the c340 in my office yesterday and it was able to acquire a GPS fix on my position, so it seems to be fairly sensitive even without the Sirf circuitry. I haven't tried the c340 under a thick tree canopy with cloud cover or in a city with lots of concrete canyons yet, so I could change my tune. The comparable c5xx unit at this price point, the c530, lacks the c340's text-to-speech capabilities (this prevents the c530 from announcing street names).

    Since I already have a Garmin handheld GPS unit as well as Garmin's MapSource Topo mapping software, I used the unlock code that came with the c340 to unlock my MapSource maps for the unit. I then loaded the topo maps for the entire Western US onto an SD card (between 300-500 MB) and plugged it into the c340 to see what would happen. It worked! So now I have the c340's excellent built-in maps and POIs for on-road trips *and* Topo Maps available to me for off-road adventures.

    One thing you should do if you are in the US is enable the unit's WAAS capability (the default is for WAAS to be disabled). Enabling this capability increases the accuracy of the unit when certain satellites are in range.

    Also, since this unit has a touch-screen, fingerprints on the screen are inevitable. You should *never* use an ammonia-based product (like most window cleaners) to clean electronic screens - it will cause them to fog. Instead, use those little antiseptic alcohol towelettes. They are cheap and if you don't use them for cleaning your touch-screen they might come in handy for first-aid.

    I give this unit a highly positive rating. I like it....more info
  • Good GPS
    I bought this GPS about 2 months ago. I've used it pretty regularly in southern and northern California. It performs decently in most conditions. Sometimes it takes a few minutes (5 to 8) to acquire satellites.

    Pros (+):
    1) Compact design
    2) Good maps and display options
    3) Touch screen
    4) Many accent & language choices
    5) Ability to avoid U-turns, Highways, Toll roads.
    6) Text to speech (says street names) - Handy feature

    Cons (-):
    1) No wall charger, can only charge in the car.
    2) Battery does not last very long. 40-60 min on full charge.
    3) Points of interests too old. I looked up Car Washes on it. Tried 4 nearest options, drove around 20 minutes only to find out none of the 4 existed! Some other common stores not in its database.
    4) Sometimes it starts recalculating route even when I am on the right track
    ...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot C340
    Easy to setup. Quick to acquire GPS satellite positioning. Got this for my sister to who is away in College. she has relied on this unit several times and is glad I got it for her....more info
  • A Direct Saleswoman's Best Friend!
    I travel for my business (I'm a consultant for a party plan company), so I drive all over the state. I struggled for almost 4 years with Mapquest printouts until I finally took the leap to buy a GPS. The C340 has been rather accurate and I love that while I'm nearing my Hostesses house it tells me exactly how close I am and on what side of the street to be looking! My only complaints would be that sometimes it prompts me to turn a little too late (not enough time to slow down and make the turn) and when I'm in a really wooded area and it loses satellite reception, I think it would be nice if it would continue the directions guestimating when you would near your next turn until it regains satellite reception. ...more info
  • c340 Street Pilot
    Easy to use and very accurate. Great for innercity like New York or even wide open areas. Excellent signal reception....more info
  • More than pleased with my Garmin C340.
    My only regret about purchasing the Garmin Streetpilot C340 is that I didn't purchase it much sooner. The step by step features and the calling out of each street name when it is time to turn is exactly what I needed to get to visit some places that I am not familiar with, either in my area or out of town. The only oddity is that it will take you to the closest route, which is usually off of the freeway and I like the freeway, but Mapquest will do the exact same thing if you go to their site for instructions. I am very pleased and won't leave home without it! ...more info
  • Garmin C340-Navigation system
    This navigation device is brilliant and so easy to use. This is my 2nd after market nav device and I have used several in car navigation systems and this one is easier than any other that i have used. It is very efficient, I highly recommend this one....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    I've been happy with my Garmin Streepilot C340. I like the size and portability of the unit. Resturants are not always up to date but I was buying it for directions and the maps which seem to work fine....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    This is a great product. It is simple to use and extremely helpful. I purchased it for my wife who thanks me everytime she uses it, which includes short and long trips. The time to destination feature is very acurate and the directions are too. I was a bit sceptical when I bought it as other brands I had encountered had left me disappointed, but this is well worth the money simply by avoiding any fights on a roadtrip about stopping to ask directions!

    Bottom line, it's easy to use, aquires the sattelites in a minute or less when starting, works with included power cord or batteries, good sound/ screen, will find coffee/retraunts, hotels, gas, etc., etc......more info
  • A perfect navigator
    I really found this very useful. Also the accuracy is exceptional.
    I feel its definelty worth the money....more info
  • This is terrific!!
    We could not be happier with this GPS unit. It is very easy to use and has taken us all over the country. It is virtually fool proof.

    We have named our unit Bernice, and taken her whenever we venture outside our local area. We have never been disappointed.

    We recommend this without reservation. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 review
    I chose the Garmin C340 after studying several other brands. I liked it best because- Garmin units reviewed well on the Internet. Garmin is noted for its quality. It was the least expensive unit offering voice pronunciation of the actual street name instead of turn right in 100 feet. You truely do not need to look at the unit while driving, the info is voice feed to you. The display is clear and easy to see. The unit has a wealth of features but is simple to use. You can learn to operate it without reading a thing. But that is also the weakness of the unit, the manual is only available online and if you don't get it, you will miss many features that the C340 has. I downloaded the manual and printed it (about 40 pages), I took it to Kinko's and had it comb binded with clear plastic covers front and back for about $3. The Garmin website allows you to download the latest software upgrades to the unit. Features updates and map updates are available online. I hope to never be lost in a strange city again thanks to Garmin. It only missed one address when the unit had me turn right instead of left. It was about 200 yards off in that case. It is dependable, about 99% accurate, and simple to use....more info
  • Great system and very easy to use.
    I got this GPS and took it to my car. I pluged it in and timed in the name if the store i wanted. (car Toys) it came up with about 10 differnt stores and i picked the closest. This GPS is super easy to use. Its easy to see and i used the suction cup to the window to hold it there and it works great. The only thing i do not like is i have to unplug it from the Power adapter to make it shut off if it would shut off when i turn off the vehicle that would make it perfect. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS
    I admit it! I have never been good with directions. Since receiving my Streetpilot, I've gone places I would never have attempted without it. This is an amazing tool and I just love it. No more having to ask my truck driving brother for directions and being laughed at. I now have "Jill" my new navigator. And better yet, my wife is not even jealous! Easy to use right out of the box. The description could let you know that it comes with the suction cup mount but I really like the mount that just sits on the dash. It was not included with the C340 but well worth the additional $35....more info
  • This is the greatest
    No need to read paper directions any more. This device gives clear direction with appropriate timing. It is spookily accurate with your location and gladly, and automatically, recalculates directions if you decide to take a different route or miss a turn....more info
  • Best buy ever
    I don't know how I found my way around before I had my Garmin Streetpilot.
    Being a senior driver, I have no worries anymore about going someplace that I have never been before. And, even if I have been there before, I don't remember how to get there....more info
  • decent value, some limitations
    I recently rented a car that had a different brand of GPS. It had a few superior features:
    1. Gave more frequent warnings before having to turn. This unit pronounced the street names
    better than the Garmin 340.
    2. Just before you need to turn, a tone sounded. This is easier than judging how far is 200 ft.
    3. larger fonts made text easier to read.
    4. Manual over-ride to seek alternate (e.g freeways only, fastest) routes
    5. Displays how many satalites it has acquired.

    The C340 had a good built-in database, making it easy to find airports and other public locations
    directly without knowing the address. It also installs easily. The touch screed works well too.

    Occationally, the unit gets confused and freezes up. This usually happens in the city. I have seen a few other
    brands with similar features selling for $100 - $150 less, but I have not tried them....more info
  • Garmin C340 review
    The product is quite satisfactory. It is "User Friendly" which makes its navigation quite understandable. There are occasional errors probably produced by interpreting its internal navigational maps.

    I wish they would offer map updates. This product was bought about a month ago could use one....more info
    This is the best gps unit you can buy for the is the bomb! Buy this and you will never get lost. I bought two of them and they are wonderful. If you need directions anywhere, forget Mapquest or the other old ways, toss the road maps away and buy this unit. [...]...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot-A newlyweds lifesaver
    Recently my husband and I ventured on a cross country adventrue from NY to our new home in CA. Newly hitched in Las Vegas, we thought our "honeymoon" period could withstand the journey. Thankfully "Mother" (what we've named our GPS) was there to guide us. Most the time she was on point, providing us with advance warning, clear dictation and extremely helpful directions. As with all moms, this one too made occassional mistakes. While heading to the Maker's Mark distillery in KY she tried to lead us into the woods, thus causing our first martial battle (well that and the nearly empty gas tank in the middle of nowhere). She sometimes doesn't pronounce things properly (Triborough Bridge NY) and in LA she is particularly partial to freeways (although there are more efficient street routes available). All and all, she is better than stopping at gas stations or even printing up mapquest. Ultimatelyl she is enabling my husband and I will make it to our first anniversary, so a worthy expense indeed....more info
  • i have not made up my mind about it yet
    I bought it a while ago but I have not gotten to use it much. From the little that I have used it... So far it has let me down a few times. If you are going to use it in Manhattan.... forget about it. The poor thing went nuts and started doing some crazy things. It has also taken me through some strange routes that in retrospect make no sense. The maps are old. Too many times the places I was looking for were not even on the maps. Sometimes I worry that it is giving me a false sense of security. I always print out google maps directions before I go somewhere and I always have an atlas and local maps with me - just in case. I have used them plenty since I got the GPS so I recommend it to anyone.
    Again, I have not used it much yet so I have not made up my mind about it completely. Overall it is a good product despite of my complaints. I like the touch screen. I can see it in most light conditions. I also like the option where the gps pronounces the street names. It is pretty easy to use even for technically challanged people like me. ...more info
  • Buy it!
    Good product. Easy to use. Sometimes (rarely) doesn't give the best directions, e.g., say you want to take a highway. The ramp is in front of you, but it gives weird directions. I just ignore and take the highway. Else, a perfect companion....more info
  • Fun with GPS
    I thought we didn't need a GPS, but my husband aka Gadget Boy had to have one! Well, we've used the Garmin on two trips and also loaned it to friends for their vacation. We all think it is amazing technology and the Garmin is extremly easy to use. Very simple to communicate with, very accurate in guidence and efficient with instructions. Much more effective and safer then trying to follow a map or written directions. We loved the assist with finding food, coffee, fuel etc. If you drive in unfamiliar territory and can afford one buy one....more info
  • Great GPS navigation system
    I have had this system for about two months now, and couldn't be more pleased. It appears to have every address and street in the U.S. that existed at the time the unit was made. The voice directions are excellent and work even if the "View Map" feature is not turned on. I was especially impressed with the unit when I found that it even had the gravel Forest Service roads in North Georgia in its data base. The unit calculates new routes very fast, so that if you miss a turn, it tells you and puts you on a new route immediately. This is very helpfull in cities with traffic congestion. I would recommend this unit to anyone seeking a relatively inexpensive GPS for their car....more info
  • Excellent unit ....... almost
    Got this unit 4 months ago. Has been a great help since I relocated to a new state.

    Pros -
    1. Quite accurate maps.
    2. Voice prompts with street names
    3. Good battery life.

    Cons -
    1. Voice prompts too close before the turn. If u r not paying attention reading the screen, the voice prompt might come a little too late if u r not in the correct lane to make the turn.
    2. Some addresses not recognized.... although it does recognize the street names when I show up there. Happened only once though.

    Overall, a great unit for the price. ...more info
  • Good for the money
    Since I'd rather be lost then spend $800-$1000 for a super, high-tech GPS; I researched and found the Garmin SP c340 to be an affordable alternative. I like that it tells you the name of the street you are turning onto. Some other units just say "turn right". The c340 will say "turn right at John Street". There are a few drawbacks with this unit: I found it does lose the signal if not mounted to the windshield; it takes a while to load its maps when running on battery; and you can't verify an address with the zip code. (if you can, i couldn't find it) I think if I had know about the zip code thing, I wouldn't have purchased this unit. All and all, its a decent unit for the money....more info
  • Best features per dollar available.
    Took it out of the box and programed it as directed, put it in the vehicle and was in business. Very user friendly, the directions are easy to follow, easy to view and the audio is OK if you keep your windows up. Map is easy to see and the directions are spoken as well as written on the screen. This is a great unit with great features. Only problem is everyone wants to borrow it. I tell them OK with a 400 dollar deposit, that seems to discourage them....more info
  • Works perfectly as advertised
    Exceptionally easy to use.Very intuitive. Note pecullar California law against windshield mounting. Get the dash mount system in CA just in case. ...more info
  • Just didn't have a chance
    The Garmin's size is great, but I had a Magellan before and went back to it. It returned the Garmin c340 for a Magellan 760....more info
  • Time saver
    I don't know why I waited so long to buy this device. Directions are fine but not much help on a dark night when it's difficult to read the street signs and you're trying to watch the road. ...more info
  • Easy travel
    I love my street pilot! Don't know what I did without it...since I do in house sales I don't want to even think about how to get to the next appointment. It takes that stress away that I used to get when I was lost. Great product!...more info
  • Worth its weight in gold!
    The Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Navigation System is an ideal product for people that are unfamiliar with the roads they travel. Gone are the days when you had to print out directions from MapQuest and refer to them while you were driving. This unsafe habit is now a thing of the past. The Garmin GPS Navigation System has illuminated maps (scalable) as well as audio directions.

    I have had the product for 3 months and have already used it to drive across country. There are no detractors - you will not regret purchasing this system.

    I have an appointment next week to have my Garmin hardwired into my truck. It is so valuable that I want to make it a permanent part of my vehicle....more info
  • Street Pilot C340
    Very reliable and accurate. I find that it should give earlier warnings when you have to turn. Updates are easy from my computer, but the only fault is early warning before turn is to be made....more info
  • Great purchase!
    It's my first GPS system and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Easy to use, extremely accurate and fast! And even lots of cool voices and languages to choose from! But, please make sure you protect it and I advise you to take it with you any time you leave your unit was stolen from my car. :(...more info
  • Go buy one!
    This is my first GPS and so far it's exceeded my expectations. I'm the kind of person that gets lost going to the grocery store so whenever I would go ANYWHERE I needed to print out maps. Not only that, but whenever I traveled I'd have to map out all the places I wanted to visit in the vicinity because I knew I'd never find them! With this device, I'm so much more confident. As long as I have it with me, I know I can find anything and won't get lost. I have found a few glitches like when I set a detour it doesn't realize I'm there so keeps recalculating me instead of finishing the route. Also, I've found that even some stores close to my home that have been there for years are still not in the system. Even so, this is a fabulous GPS, worth every penny! Anyone I show this to ends up wanting one!...more info
  • Reduces Driving Anxiety
    This is a wonderful device for me and my husband. We share it between two cars. This is very easy to use the address entry feature. You can even look for places to eat. The spoken instructions are clear. The map shows the proper level of detail. (It can be zoomed.) Once it even helped me to navigate the parking lot of a huge shooping mall. If you make a wrong turn anyway, it recalculates within about a half block.
    Another great feature is it updates your ETA based on travel speed. So you know if you can still arrive on time.

    It is so nice not having to glance down at instructions or wonder which left you should take. It takes stress out of driving and makes it more enjoyable....more info
  • Great for all around navigation
    Had this item for about six months now. plugged it in and allowed the maps to load. typed in an address and it led me right where I wanted to go. took it on a trip from Florida to North Carolina. Didn't tell it where to go. It took the same route we always take. Gave me confidence when I got into small towns in rural Georgia that I would normally be nervous in about missing a turn. Like it a lot....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    Works great - more options than expected - took a bit long
    for delivery so give yourself enough time if its for a gift.
    My husband uses it ALL the time now. (Men hate asking for
    directions!)...more info
  • Great, Basic GPS Unit
    This is the first GPS unit I have ever used. It's simple to get started. Very basic, you don't need to be a tech-geek. I have yet to use this unit extensively but have been very pleased the dozen or so times I have used it. The only thing that has taken some getting used to is that after taking a wrong turn it does sometimes take it a few seconds to recaculate and if in fact you take one wrong turn and then another I have found that its best to just slow down as much as possible and/or pull over if possible and allow the unit to "catch up". I found it great that all the maps are already preloaded and from my experience they have all been pretty accurate. I specifically chose this unit because it speaks the street names to you, something I thought would be extremely helpful as I expect to typically be driving alone when using the unit. Bottom line: I don't think anyone should expect a GPS Unit to be absolutely precise but instead use it as the great, helpful navigation tool that it is. I would definately receommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a basic GPS without the additional frills of playing MP3s, or cell phone etc....more info
  • Get there with ease!
    First of all, the order and delivery process was the easiest possible.
    I had tried another GPS trip device and was quite displeased so I was hesitant to try again. After my son told me about his Street Pilot C340, I braved a try. The Garmin Street Pilot C340 is as fine a piece of equipment as I could ever hope for. I have tried to confuse it by going far off the recommended path. It patiently announces, "Re-calculating" and gives me instructions back to my route. Thus far, I have not been able to confuse it. I am a retired physicist and appreciate good instruments like this one!.
    Gordon E. Gross...more info
  • Garmin 340
    I wish, the screen was a bit bigger. Search options are limited for example, it does not search schools, some of the big departmental stores do not come up even when you are standing close to the store....more info
  • That's what we need
    I didn't use it much and most time my wife uses it. Based on my experience,I think C340 is much better than my PDA plus GPS receiver set on navigation. The function of text-to-speech is very useful for driving on a street with condense intersections or at complex highway exits. Except for this feature, all other functions can be found on a C330/320. Both C340 and C330 have preloaded whole US (+ Canada?)map, but on a C320 you have to load by yourself part or all of the US map from a map CD into a memory SD card depending on the capacity. If you don't care about the feature of text-to-speech, then a C320 + a high-capacity memory card is better than a C330 for thinking about saving money. However, I have to note that I don't know whether there is difference on response performance among these three models. I personally felt that my C340 performed a little bit quickly than my friend's C320.

    For C340, signal receiving is very good. I didn't use it in regions with crowded high block buildings, but around New York City and Albany, I didn't get trouble on signal receiving except for in tunnel. The screen is clear to see unless in a very bright cabin under sunlight. Operation is very simple and direct.

    Of course C340 is not perfect. It is made for easy use not advanced use in avoiding more interactions from users. For example, it doesn't have a computer interface which can let you plan a route in leisure on a large computer LCD monitor rather than on the unit itself. In this point, my PDA+GPS is better. However, I think any PDA+GPS cannot match C340 on real-time re-route efficiently.

    Misleading sometimes? Yes, seldom. But we are human and smart. Without such kinds of toys we will still be live.

    In one word, C340 is definitely good enough as an affordable GPS navigation system for daily use. It is absolutely recommended.

    -David...more info
  • Confident
    This simple to use devise has changed my thinking about going to new places. I didn't like the idea to getting lost and worst, having to ask for directions. Just enter your destination and GO!...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Works well and easy to use. Reasonably priced. It would be nice if you could program in your favorite routes to avoid traffic....more info
  • I love my GPS!
    Her name is Jill and I take her everywhere. I am a real estate agent and find that life just got a lot easier. I can find any house, any time and am no longer fearful of making a fool of myself by getting lost. Worth every penny....more info
  • Good Solid Unit!
    We have used it for 2 months and it works good. We have not purchased the traffic ready radio receiver, wish we had many times in stopped traffic. It can be tricky entering address into the unit, I think it is better to pick the city first then go to the address. If you are entering and street and it prohibits you from entering the "street, Avenue, or other" you need to click on the bar and they will be in there as choices. If you are on the highway and driving over 55 mph the unit will not be keeping up, you will be missing your turn at 65 mph on the interstate. It is very compact and much better then the factory unit in our other vehicle. I find the next cross street header to be very useful in the city for those small unreadable signs! I found the computer connection software very easy to input the saved waypoints.

    would have given it 5 stars if it was faster on the highway! Would buy it again or upgrade to the built in traffic monitor unit....more info
  • No more arguments!
    I've enjoyed my Garmin Streetpilot C340. I've taken it on several trips including driving across country with my daughter. At first, my daughter would not believe the computer and wanted to navigate by map, however after proving her wrong several times and redirecting us back on course, she used the Navigation system flawlessly. No arguments and we truly enjoyed the six day drive!! This is the answer to many family arguments!!
    I really like the text to speech feature, it saves trying to read the upcoming street names....more info
  • Terrific
    The Garmin Streetpilot C340 portable GPS Navigation System is one of the greatest items you could ever buy. We used it in Montana, Idaha, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado and it did a terrific job of telling us just where to go including Los Angeles CA. No one should be with out this system if they do traveling of any type, personel or business. Our son's remark when he used it for one day was the next time we move we are buying one of these. Excellant tool....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    I love this thing. It knows my exact location at all times. I can think of so many times in my life when this would have been helpful. It's great when traveling to unfamiliar cities or just driving somewhere around town. I have found better and faster ways to get to familiar places. Finding gas stations and restaurants is also big help. I have discovered things that I didn't know existed.

    The device can be moved from vehicle to vehicle easily and taken on plane trips to use in rental cars. The suction mount sticks the windshield very good. The mount itself could be better; it never seems to get tight enough.

    The voice commands are helpful; the street names are called out when approaching a turn.

    The map is sometimes out of date, but mostly correct. Some places that have been around for a long tome are not listed; for example there is a Sam's Club near my house that has been there for 5 years or more and it's not listed.

    The software can be updated via the Internet to download upgrades to the system. Additional software can be purchased (which I haven't done) for the device.

    The algorithms used can determine the fastest route or the most direct route. Sometimes these are not the best routes, so you should always use you own judgment. I think that it should use a combination of fastest and most direct. It should use fastest algorithm to get near the destination and then most direct algorithm when getting closer.

    Overall, I'm glad I bought it.
    ...more info
  • I'm Free!
    I couldn't go anywhere prior to this device! (I even get lost in doctor's offices left to my own devices). Now, all I need is an official address and I can get there. It could not be easier to use and I'm still learning wonderful things that it can do. Sure, big tall buildings and tunnels make you lose reception, but not for long. This even tells you what lane to be in so that there are no quick, impossible surprises on a busy freeway. I show this to other people continuously, and they have purchased it also. The one thing that I like the most is, if I'm going the wrong way for what ever reason, I'm only lost a minute - instead of hours like before. This is the best thing I've ever purchased!...more info
  • Love it
    I really, really am glad I made this purchase. It has been so very helpful to my family and I....more info
  • GPS Garmin C340
    I am happy with the Garmin C340 GPS after using it for about 4 months. Even though the screen is a little small, most important thing is it was accurate, and very easy to setup and use. I had a Megellan 300 before, the destination addr entry was very difficult (addr database was very limited, and lack of flexibility), I had to go to computer to load maps, and there is no battery so once the car stops, Megellan 300 does not continue. Starting for Megellan was also tedious.

    For Garmin C340, the destination address entry is much more user friendly, it has a battery can run without power for 4 hours, and init was much straight forward and easy to use. North American maps, including Canada were already there when the device is opened.

    Compare with the accuracy, Garmin C340 was much better as well. I drive to NYC and it knows where to go, but with Megellan 300, the device was completely confused and constantly point me to wrong direction (I lived in NYC for years so I know direction better than GPS). That's why after using Megellan 300 for two months, I decided to return to the seller even though they have to charge me $30 to return (Ship & Handling). ...more info
  • Beware tech support
    When the c340 works, it's great. Unfortunately, my unit didn't. Worse than that, it worked sporadically. It would get me to someplace and then forget where I was. The unit would simply give-up and ask me questions like 'are you in the united states?' on a clear day, on the interstate.

    Garmin tech support, as far as I'm concerned, is designed to avoid dealing with returns. A call into their tech support line will have you waiting at least 30 minutes - I did this three times - so bring a good book. When I did speak with someone, they offered contradictory solutions - even when pointing out the contradiction they will still not admit I had a defective unit. Finally, after jumping through all the hoops they agreed to allow me to return the unit - at my OWN EXPENSE. Sure enough, they then discover it's defective and send me out a new one.

    I am happy with the new unit, so far, but I am not happy with having to shell out an extra $10 shipping to fix their bad unit. Next time I would consider another manufacturer....more info
  • Never lost again (Saucier Ms.)
    I have gotten lost quite a few times, on trips across country. After getting the Garmin C340, I've been on a couple of trips. No more getting lost. One of the great things about the C340,If you do take a wrong turn, It tells you how to get back on the right road.It will take you right to the house, Just inter the address & your on your way....more info
  • Great product; Much like the Hertz NeverLost
    We had been renting from Hertz for the last 6 years for business and vacation travel. I have tried the combo bluetooth and PDA approach but the wife found it too much to have two different items to manage.

    We bought the Garmin c340 in mid October. We took the GPS 4-wheeling and found the suction cup mount ended up on the floor after several wash board roads. It fell so hard that one of the claw-like parts broke. (Garmin replaced it with a new one.)

    We bought the dash mount off It's three footed pads holds the GPS like glue onto the dash and never slips off.

    So far, the trip from Colorado to Grandma's for thanks giving in California went smoothly, with the GPS helping us find the motels and sights to see. Finding gas stations was a breeze in those stretches of highways. This trip when finished would be about 2500 miles with the GPS as guide and having not to stop and ask directions....more info
  • I like it!
    I bought this about 3 months ago. It's not perfect as it sometimes chooses a very strange route for me when I know much better routes are available. Still, now that I have it, I can't imagine being without a nav system. I travel 4 states for my work and I could never carry enough maps to find everywhere I needed to go. I especially like the Australian female voice! ...more info
  • Best Full Featured GPS for the $$$
    I looked at all of the GPS's out there under $500, and this was hands down the best. If your looking for a true GPS unit minus all the unnecessary features like MP3 playback and bluetooth - this is it. This is a great, super easy-to-use, GPS unit that gets you where you need to go. It speaks the street names (which is unusual at this price point) and works great. My only observation is that it's about 50ft off from where I really am - but it may be a calibration thing I need to figure out... either way, it's great....more info
  • Great Product
    Very accurate. Finds sat quickly. Easy to use while driving (I can get to what I need at a stop light). Only 4 stars because it lacks some of the features that are nice to have. I would like to be able to do some of the functions and have more of the details I have on my other Garmin units. If you want easy and accurate you can't go wrong. I qould purchase again...and it's worth spending more to get the spoken directions....more info
  • I can truely say I would be lost without the c340!!
    There are enough technical reviews out there, so to make it simple:

    Here is my life before the Garmin Streetpilot c340:
    I was always late for appointments because I would get lost. My wife and I would always end up fighting in the car about directions. I paid a lot of money in wasted gas and wear and tear driving in circles not knowing where I was. I was always tense, moody, nervous, angry, etc... when I drove.

    Here is my life after the Garmin Streetpilot c340:
    I am early for appointments now. No more fighting with the wife (well, about directions at least). I save money and time whenever I go out. And the best part is I have a smile on my face no matter where I am.
    ...more info
  • What a nice little GPS
    Well if you're like me and need a GPS to get you from point A to point B and not have it play MP3's and all that other garbage then this little unit is for you. I recieved it from Amazon next day and out of the box it was ready to go. I noticed how small it was but the screen is amazingly sharp, even in direct sunlight and easy to read. it's also light weight so the included suction cup holds it firmly in place, even over rough roads.

    Now I am going to dispel some stuff you see on GPS's.

    First Navtec is the primary mapping service. They literally drive around and map things out. The companys such as Garmin or Tom Tom or whoever make the software to have the unit figure out directions

    Next people complain that not every location is in the unit. Well of course not. If Navtec has to drive to these places to get them mapped then they will be a bit behind. If we updated everytime a new road or store was built we would have endless updates so take that for what it's worth.

    Lastly Garmins website for updates is a bit lacking. Out of the box I found most everything I could ever need. Did it have my favorite auto parts store? No, but it had enough that in an emergency (which is probably when I would use this or when I was out of town) it had more than enough selections to get me what I needed.

    People tend to want the GPS to think for them, this isn't an autopilot and it is a man made machine. If you see it is leading you the wrong way then use your brain and go the other direction, the GPS will happily reroute you from there.

    I found it to be very good overall and being critical of things I was very happy. It's not the most direct at times when I tested it by my house, but it got me where I needed to be with no fuss at all.

    I like the basic map feature in that it tells you the upcoming roads before you cross them. These are written on the screen but in just map mode thats fine. In Directions mode it speaks the names of the streets and with many different choices in voice, you can select which one suites you best.

    Overall I love this little unit. It is small, does what I need it to do and is 99.9% accurate, I would say but one!!!!
    ...more info
  • Simple Instructions Makes for Safer Driving
    My experience with the Garmin StreetPilot c340 includes daytime and evening travels over unfamiliar high volume New Jersey and Pennsylvania streets and highways to the mountain roads of Virginia. It worked remarkably well in all situations. I confess being skeptical, but for over a 1000 miles the c340 kept me on track. I had a concern that any GPS navigation system might reduce my attention span to the real task of safe driving. I have reached the very opposite conclusion - the c340 permits the driver to concentrate on the immediate task of driving and not to be distracted by the innumerable signs and crossroads that confronts every driver traversing unfamiliar roads. A quick scan of the lower right hand corner displays the distance to the next turn that keeps the driver adequately informed of progress; then await the close-in verbal and visual instructions from "Jill" as she guides you through the next turn for virtually error free travels. It is a senior citizens "must-have" driving utensil.

    My wish-list would include an expanded user's manual and a computer interface for loading destinations either to SD cards or directly onto the unit. ...more info
  • like most people said - so easy to use
    This is one of the item, I can really say to my wife "trust me from now on, honey". My wife didn't believe the car navigation from the beginning. This item is so easy to use, she finally convinced that I made a excelllent purchase (will, she didn't said that, but I can tell from her face). Now both of us are totally depended on this device when we travel outside of town. If you missed a turn, it automatically re-caculate the route. So, just relax and enjoy a good conversation in the car or enjoy the signorina (oops, scenery man, lady)....more info
  • Garmin is the best for GPS
    I spent a lot of time trying out GPS units, and have compared Garmin, Tom Tom, Magellan, and several factory GPS units. All of these GPS units tell you how to get somewhere and will re-route if you make a wrong turn. However, Garmin is my absolute favorite, and here's why:

    1. The most important thing about Garmin units is the user interface. It is simple to understand and easy to use.

    2. The Garmin unit uses a built in database of sunrise and sunset times (based upon your location) to automatically change from daylight mode to night-time mode. This is important because the daylight screen is much too bright for use at night. With the Tom Tom, you must make this change manually.

    3. If you have the Garmin unit plugged into your car power, when you turn off the car (and the cigarette lighter power goes off), the Garmin unit will detect that and automatically turn itself off (it gives you 30 seconds to override and keep the unit on).

    4. When you start your car again, the Garmin unit will detect that too and automatically power up. If you were in the middle of a trip, the Garmin unit will pick up where you left off, and you won't have to tell it where you were going again.

    5. Unlike most factory GPS units, Garmin will allow you to select your route and make changes while you are moving.

    6. The Garmin units have an extensive database of locations and the excellent interface makes it easy to search the database to find what you want. Do you want food or gas? Just click three buttons and a list of locations (sorted by distance) will appear. If you know the name of the place you want, you can type it in on the on-screen keypad and Garmin will find it for you. You can even add your own locations using the favorites feature. I first started using this when I was out of town, but its amazing what you'll find near you when you look.

    7. While you are driving, the Garmin unit will both prompt you to turn and give you a written explanation of the turn (including the street or highway name and direction) at the top of the screen. The Garmin unit also shows an estimated arrival time (usually a few minutes earlier than you'll actually arrive) and the distance to your next turn. A separate screen gives you detailed trip information, including how far and how long you've been driving and your maximum speed. I used mine on an airplane once (yes, it is allowed - read the back of the airplane magazine), and it now says that by maximum speed was 590 miles per hour.

    8. I often use the Garmin even when driving locally, becase it often finds better, faster ways to get there then the way that I usually use.

    9. Garmin offers a variety of installation options and accessories. My favorite is the friction based dashboard mount (three weights connected to a center stand) which is much more convenient than the supplied mounting system.

    10. If you turn off the GPS receiver (see settings) and then look up another location, you will get the option to set this new location as your present location. This will allow you to use search Garmin's points of interest for the new location. This is a great feature when planning trips, because Garmin's points of interest database is quite extensive and includes all of the typical tourist attractions, plus food, shopping, gas, banking, etc.

    11. Be sure to check for the latest map and firmware updates at Garmin's web-site....more info
  • Budget Entry GPS system
    For the money it takes is a fairly good device that I can't live without anymore.
    Nice and crisp screen, clear voice messages, so far no major errors in maps, in summary, a must-have gadget to nowadays.
    POI upload works seamlessly however you can't set more than a single waypoint while navigating through. No back-tracking either. Minor things like changing you zoom view when approaching next turn are excusable for the price that's being asked for.
    Don't miss the opportunity to add POI (points of interest) to your little machine by searching Google for various sites that provide food and retail stores locations for free done by other happy Garmin customers....more info
  • Garmin C340 /
    All i have to say is that GARMIN is one the best companies that i have ever dealt with.

    I have (3) GARMIN GPS's.

    The C340 is an excellent piece to have in your car. I will not go into as to how good it is, because all of the other comments below speak for itself....

    What i would like to emphamize is the warranty and service from them.

    I have recently had my C340 fall due to the window mount failing (that is another issue that i have addressed to them about) and the screen cracked, ect.. well, then are not only fixing it for me under warranty, but they are also giving me at no charge a new tripod mount for the dashboard which is over a $50 value......

    THEY ROCK.....

    I won't buy any other brand other then Garmin and neither should you!

    ...more info
  • Almost perfect!
    This thing is amazing! The reason it didn't get 5 stars from me is that it doesn't back-track. Rather than letting me go back the way I came, I've been directed out of my way when a simple turn-around would have sufficed. Also, it's notified me of a turn when it's "too late" for me to take it. The "recalculating" feature is nice, but sometimes it takes too long and you miss the turn, making it recalculate again. If it was just a bit faster, and gave a little more notice of a turn (when you've got 3 forks to choose from), it'd be perfect. As is, though, I can't imagine anything else coming close to this! Thought it's gotten me out of my way a couple times, I've never felt lost, as I knew it would eventually get me where I needed to go. Overall it's already saved me hours of driving around in frustration (in DC area) and I only bought it earlier this month! A great buy! I hate how much GPS units cost, but when you think about the time saved, and the fact that you've got satellites guiding you, it's worth it!

    Capability I didn't see listed is that it can tell you how fast you're travelling, how much time you've spent "sitting", and averages (which showed me I sat still as much as I moved, and my average speed in a 40 mph zone was about 25 mph- as if I didn't know that already!) :) (tap the bottom left touch-button for this gee-whiz feature)

    A trick I discovered: if you're distracted and missed what it said you should do next, you can tap the bottom right hand touch-button, and it will repeat the instruction.

    Also, despite this being loaded with the latest update, several of the locations I tried to get to were out of business for some time......more info
  • Delivers right out of the box
    I just received the Garmin c340 after reading the reviews on many other units. The box includes a very simple 'getting started' guide, a USB cable, CD, mounting bracket, and GPS unit.
    It took me about 5 units to unpack this baby and have it fully functional in my car. The setup is a snap, the user interface is simple, yet functional, and the directions have been great. I highly recommend this product and I am impressed with the simplicity and thoughtful design.
    Have fun. ...more info
  • Awesome thing to have, go buy it now!!!
    This GPS unit was really remarkable. Before purchasing it, I was skeptical in general about the GPS technology, and its reliability. So to any first time buyer, here is my advice. Buy this GPS unit Garmin c340 without any hesitation.

    Here are the main advantages -
    It knows and will show you exactly where you are. If you miss any turn, your route will be re-calculated very quickly.

    The Points of Interest feature is awesome. For long trips, you no longer need to stop by any old reststop and eat Panda Express or Arbys. You can stop to a restaurant of your choice and taste. For example, we were able to locate several Friendly's restaurants on our route from NYC to Toronto. You have a choice of weather you wish to locate the nearest location, or at your destination, different city or even at your current route. This is very useful feature to choose where you want to locate the point of interest, when you are on a long trip.

    I almost agree with many reviewers that this GPS unit is worth its weight in Gold. If not Gold, atleast weight in Silver. (Perhaps nuvi 660 is probably be worth its weight in GOLD)

    The kind of things that bothered me, considering that they can be easily improved, and perhaps will be improved as time goes by are -
    1) Notification of a turn is sometimes given when you get too close. 2) The keyboard on the touchscreen is alphabetical (not querty). I prefer querty, since I am always on the computer, but I can see why they decided to go alphabetical.

    The only other silly disadvantage is, it does not have the mp3 player or bluetooth, which the nuvi 360 or nuvi 660 will have. They might be slightly better purchases, since they are more sleek. But this one is really a nice GPS, if you wish to only buy a navigation system, this might be the way to go.

    My advice, if you don't have one, go get it. If your budget is small, get the Garmin c340, if you have more money get the Nuvi 360 or 660. Or even better is to buy the Garmin GPS's which can be installed in the car, since they are out of sight from thieves, always available and have many more features. The one feature i miss is, multiple way points. Basically, this one gives you no choice of route. If you wish to see multiple choice for routes, you need to buy the more expensive units. I might get one of those down the line.

    This technology is almost as important and useful as the cell phone. Don't waste your time reading reviews, go buy a latest GARMIN GPS unit now...

    ...more info
  • Not as good as its cheaper brother.
    A few weeks ago, my Garmin C330 was stolen, so I decided that since I loved the C330 so much, I would take the opportunity to upgrade to the C340. A few weeks with the C340, and I find myself missing the C330 even more.

    Here's what the C330 has over the C340:
    1. Voice commands on the C330 are much clearer and easier to hear. The C340's TextToSpeech option (pronounces street names, exit numbers, and destination names) produces muddy verbal commands that require me to look at the screen for clarification nearly as much as I had to for the C330. Of course, you can turn off the TTS option on the C340, leaving you with the C330 experience at the C340 price. Nice.

    2. I and others on the web are finding that the C340 sometimes gives verbal notification of turns too late. This happened to me just today on my trip from Boston to New York. I missed an exit because the told me to turn left just as I was passing the turn off. That never happened on my C330....

    3. Maps sometimes fail to render on the C340 for about 15 seconds or so. I never witnessed this behavior on my C330. (I'm on the latest firmware update ).

    Here's what the C340 has over the C330

    1. While the C340 TextToSpeech option often mangles street names, it does get highway exit numbers correct -- and that's a big plus as I hurdle towards my turn only to find 3 exits right next to each other. Do I want 15a, 15b, or 15c? I certainly don't want to take my eyes off the road while negotiating turns at highway speeds. And with the TTS, I don't have to.

    2. Traffic routing option. If you buy the extra hardware. And you pay for the service. And if the service covers your area.


    Go with the C330.
    ...more info
  • C340 Portable GPS Navigation System
    Although my review will not reflect a 5 star rating-- my problem is not with the Navigator itself. It is wonderful, but it is wise to look at a map to approve the route the GPS is sending you on. I can drive through the busiest cities and never get a wrong lane. Anything that can do that, gets a 5 star rating from me. It will tell you to "keep left" or "keep right" making sure you are ready to make whatever turn is coming up. It will tell you the name and the exit number you are to take. If you do miss the turn or decide to go another way, it will "recalcuate" your route. No panic--just new directions.

    The things I do not like is--
    1--The complete instruction book has to be printed from online.
    (apx. 40 pages)

    2--All of the instructions do not seem to be complete--doesn't explain all the icons clearly and some questions that I have had.

    3.-Not suppose to put the GPS in direct sunlight, but our dash is mostly in direct sunlight.

    4.--The GPS won't allow deleting of just one address. Have to delete all 'recent selections' at one time. Wish that was different.

    5--Under one of the choices, the GPS directs us to 2 places in
    Europe (I think it is) 4000 miles or more away, and I can't get that off of the GPS. Am quite sure I couldn't drive there anyway and don't know why it is even included.

    6--Sometimes word pronuciation (of the speaker) is hard to make out. The GPS kept saying something "was available", but I still don't know what that was.

    7--Most of all, the plastic attachment (for the car) seems to be fragile and I am afraid some of the plastic will snap or break making the GPS hard, if not impossible to use. Always afraid I will break something.

    Even with the above problems--I would buy it again. Saves a lot of worry and hassle. And, lots of fun to use. So, it gets a 5 star rating from me.

    ...more info
  • Do NOT Buy This One---Buy The C530 Instead!
    The Garmin C340 is "a good product." BUT, it is currently NOT "state of the art". For almost the same price you can get the Garmin C530. The C530 has a brighter screen. And, just as important, the C530 has a "Sirf" receiver. With the "Sirf" receiver the C530 can "acquire sattlites" even inside my house---where before with an i3 I could not. And, I shopped around finding several places that sell the C530 for about $465. If you send me an email, if Amazon will allow it, I'll tell you where I found this lower price! Email:boland7214@aol.

    PS: Yes, it's true the C530 does NOT have "voice recognition" announcing the upcoming street name. But, do you really need it? I don't miss voice recognition because the SAME INFORMATION is PRINTED on TOP of the C530 screen in BIG LETTERS. If you can read you WILL know what is the next street---you HAVE to look at the GPS anyway to see where to just READ the next street. It's "no problem" in my opinion.

    Afterword: Stop! I have to tell the truth. My C530 just "died"----wont't start up! I'll let you know what happens later.

    AfterAfterword: As of Nov. 1, 2007: The FACTS are as above plus I am PLEASED to report that my C530 that "died" was replaced FREE by Garmin and for over a year now it has worked VERY WELL at home here in California and during three LONG trips to NYC, DC, and Orlando. I LOVE the thing! But, the price on these has come WAY down! With the prices much lower, I now recommend Garmins latest such as The Nuvi 270 and Garmin C570---both of which include the North America maps and the European maps for a VERY reasonable price---and they have "voice recognition of street names" which I admit is a good feature----not mandatory but useful when there are several freeway or street exits close to each other. OK, stop the mean attacks in the "comments section" and go someplace and have some fun, ok? :o)

    ...more info
  • Don't leave home without it!
    My daughter just started school, upper west end manhattan ny. I had to drive her there, and it was my first time driving in NYC. I am terrible in directions, maybe the worst ever. My brother in law loaned me his garmin 340 ( he got it the day before), and I used that instead of the printout from google maps. It rained that day... but we got there without problem. Coming home at night ( you have to go the speed limit. If you're in the wrong lane speeding, by the time the unit finishes telling you to turn, you're already past the intersection) , I missed 2 turns , and the garmin recalculated, and got me home without any problems. In the rain, in the dark, in manhattan, I was calm and relaxed. This GPS unit it worth it's weight in gold! I give it 5 stars, 100% I will never agin travel without it...more info
  • Get ready, get set--(oh, darn!)
    When my wife asked me what I'd like for an anniversary gift, the first thing that came to mind was a GPS unit. As a musician who frequently travels to the Chicago burbs after dark in search of remote, unfamiliar addresses, I simply couldn't take the pressure any more of not making a gig on time. The next step, selecting a unit, was a no-brainer. The Streetpilot C340 is the best-seller on Amazon for the reasons given in the reviews. It's an amazing little piece of hi-tech wizardry, giving you accurate directions through three clear visual means (2 types of maps plus written instructions) or loud and lucid spoken directions if you just want to keep your eye on the road. Even if I thought the Nuvi 350 was worth the extra money, its shirt-pocket size practically insures I'd misplace or lose it somewhere down the line. The C340 is the better bet for in-car use. In fact, I'd love to recommend it to other musicians as well as to education profs who are constantly racing to some new school out in the county to monitor a practice teacher's progress.

    But there's a catch, a relatively major one: the case is cheap plastic, which is probably to be expected these days. What I find hard to accept, however, is the overly-small, hard-to-access, ineffective set-screw that is supposed to tighten the unit to whatever angle or position you've chosen. Even after screwing the little bugger all the way down (I have a pianist's strong fingers), it's no tighter. In fact, I can't even see the circular bracket beginning to close or squeeze shut around the stable globe mount. As a result, the lightest touching of the screen is sufficient to move the whole unit out of position.

    Hard to reconcile the retail price of a sophisticated device like this with a set-screw that's inferior to the one on a child's two-dollar fishing rod. (I'll update you on a solution as soon as I find one. Driving with no hands on the steering wheel, I'm afraid, is not the answer.)...more info
  • street seeker
    I would say that this product is the best to have.
    I and my wife don't need a guideperson to show us around town.
    With this GPS you can go anywhere and not know the city or state
    and just hang out hit the GPS and tell it where you want to go and bingo you are on your way there. Don't leave home without it!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great GPS
    Well, I did quite a bit of research before buying this unit. Its a perfect out of the box unit. Comes ready to use. I made my first trip with it and drove 1300 miles. It solved all problems without fail. Detour feature works perfcect as I faced once a closed road. The points of interest looks a little old database,needs to be updated as I searched for a couple of things and it took me to no man's land.

    But overall a good buy. Gets the satellites pretty fast, and pretty user friendly....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Navigation System
    I recently used the Streetpilot for two trips one a short trip less than 150 miles and another approximately 1800 miles. I was impressed with the device. It was accurate to a couple of hundred feet. The only problem I encountered was on a stretch of Route 64 in North Carolina. It was obvious to me that the mapping software for that particular stretch of highway was not updated. But for the price it is a good value. ...more info
  • Helpfull!
    It is nice to not have to use a map or ever ask for directions. Sometimes it is a little slow tracking a satelite and can be frustrating because you are already trying to drive and it isn't giving you directions....more info
  • better than Gates's laptop and GPS
    The c340 is everthing anyone could need. I am a road warrior and travel about 40K per year east of mississippi. I started with han held GPS, tried a laptop with "Streets" and a GPS (but had to hitcontrol/alt/delete too many times while driveing.

    There is nothing better. Be sure to pick the language that gives you street names vocalized. (Jill).

    ...more info
  • Works Great - Needs Some Enhancements
    There is no dearth of reviews here. This is a different take on the product. I give it 4 stars because of some unpleasant surprises and some basic things that I believe the product should have designed in.

    I bought the c340 prior to taking a family vacation by car to Northern California and Oregon.

    How the C340 made the vacation more pleasant
    - Less arguments between my wife and I on driving directions
    - My kids could watch DVDs with the player plugged in to car charger. The C340 has a battery that lasts for many hours (Check if the other products have a battery - otherwise you can either operate the GPS unit or the DVD player and face the consequences of "When are we going to be there?")

    Pleasant Suprises:
    - Very good coverage of navigation for most destinations from Lassen National Park to Crater Lake to Bandon, OR to Florence, OR.
    - Type in the address of a recommended restaurant from Frommer's guide in Eugene, OR and be accurately directed to a scrumptious lunch
    - It's quite remarkable how the unit can accurately "predict" your arrival time.

    Unpleasant Surprises:
    - The mount was not sticky. The unit fell off a couple of times. Till I applied some good old spit to the rubber that attaches to the windshield and it was "more sticky"
    - The town of Mt.Shasta was not accessible. I tried many different ways. I would have expected Mount Shasta to be a city in California and not "non-existent" in the Garmin database
    - Navigating to a Starbucks in Klamath Falls,OR took me to a Safeway.So, okay, Safeway allows Starbucks to brew coffees in their store but I don't think of that as a Starbucks location. More on that below.

    What I would like:
    - I was looking for WiFi hotspots along the way. I had to keep typing in Starbucks over and over again. I wish I could just enter Starbucks one time and store it in my favorites. Everytime I was looking for Starbucks, I would just need to go to my favorites. I expect others might have Chevys or McDonalds or Denny's in their favorites. This would be a good enhancement.
    - THere is a squiggly line to the lower left hand side that neither the manual nor the unit explains. It looks like bars on a cellphone. Either explain what it is or get rid of it.
    - Show the altitude of your location. A GPS can compute that. Great car conversation with the kids - Do you know what the altitude of Lassen National Park is?
    ...more info
  • GPS
    I took it out of the box and it worked! The size is perfect. The only thing that I would ike is if it had the option to change it while driving or not....more info
  • Great buy!
    Great GPS for your money! It's has lots of different POI's, so you can find anything you want. Very user friendly, and ready to go right out of the box. If you're looking for a GPS thats compact, easy to use, and portable, this is it!...more info
  • Goodbye Mapquest
    I have read some comments about it taking a minute or so to acquire satellites. It does, but... so what?
    This was the best spent money in a while for me. We just went to Martha's Vineyard and to New Hope, PA from New York and in the process we made a new friend: Jill (the voice I use) Everytime we go out my friends now ask: is Jill coming?
    I cannot imagine not having it now.
    Good product all around and worth every penny....more info
  • Streetpilot C340
    This navigation system works amazingly well. I used it to find my way from Maryland to Montreal. There are several different highways to navigate and Streetpilot was flawless in getting me into the correct lane to make the change. Driving around Montreal was much easier and I especially appreciated hearing the correct pronunciation of the Streets in French.
    You will love the Streetpilot.
    ...more info
  • Much better than Street Pilot 2270
    I initially bought the 2270 and, while I liked it a lot, it didn't have a battery and it was a big larger than I wanted. After more research I bought the C340 and I love it. With the battery, I can turn it on and enter the address where I want to go. Start the car and off we go. A great little unit. While not as compact/small as the Nuvi 350, it's still small enough to carry in a backpack or purse to help navigate, when necessary, while walking in a big city. If you want a straightforward, easy-to-use unit, this is the one. Read the other reviews as they list many, many of the other reasons why I too love this product!...more info
  • excellent product, go buy it it's worth it.
    I was little hesitant when i bought this unit b'cause of price but now after coming from my canada vacation I can say it is well worth it. I didn' have to carry single direction for my week worth of driving trip to canada. It found so many restaurant and attractions for me. I absolutely love it.

    Took out one star for 2 reasons. 1) takes 1 or 2 minutes to acquire satelite when you start. (non issue for me) 2) sometime gives restaurant address which don't exists any more. (there has to be way to get updated data.

    I will recomend this product to anyone who does lot of driving. Belive me this saved me lot of agony and time while on my vacation.

    Go Garmin....more info
  • Wondeful Unit
    The Garmin C340 is a wonderful unit. It's my first GPS and it makes us our travel will be more easy. This is only a less expensive GPS having text-to-speech feature tells users the name of the street, when to turn, and in what direction. This feature is really helpful when you are in new city and not aware the street names. It also have search feature to find out places. (Hotels/Restaurants/Stores etc.)

    I am using and I am really enjoying this GPS. The only problem I noticed more often I am loosing satellite perception while driving. (I guess this is due to I am keeping on my GPS on cup holder. I was trying to keep C340 on dash board, but it's fell down many times.) But don't worry; satellite signal will be come back in few minutes.

    The other feature C340 missing is there is no option to select to choose alternative routes. Megellan Roadmate is having these menu options that you can select routes: avoid Freeways or Shorter Distance or Shorter Time.

    The same time Magellan Roadmate (Which is in same price range) doesn't say the street names, it says turn on right or your freeway on left. Where as C340 says turn right on First St or Freeway I-5 North on your right.

    Garmin C340 also turns the display automatically to night view after sunset.

    Overall, I will recommend this unit and it's worth buying.
    ...more info
  • Great GPS
    I absolutely love the C340. I don't understand some of the critics of this because mine is EXACTLY what I'd hoped for and expected. The detour function is awsome. No glare issues. We'll see how it endures, but out of the box it works as advertised.

    A few months later, it has taken trips from TN to MI to CA to Vancouver and back. It helped bypass problem areas and find great places to eat/stay as well as points of interest along the way. Signal was always strong, as far as I could tell. There may be more highspeed features others need out there; but for the money and simplified ease, this is perfect....more info
  • Great machine
    I purchased this prior to being deployed for FEMA in New York. We go to states we have never been to and it is very stressfull and difficult to find streets when signs have been blown down by a hurricane or tornado. It works fantastic!!! I know several fellow team mates are going to purchase one now. They made fun of me for having one but they became believers real fast. ...more info
  • Works great if you know how to set your preference
    Garmin Street Pilot C340 works great and easy to use. However, you must know how to select the settings. DO NOT select to avoid tolls. If you do so, you may end up driving thousands of extra miles before to get to the location....more info
  • Great product, made big difference at home
    My wife's job requires her to drive to homes all over the county, and she was always getting lost. Her computer skills are pretty weak as well, so I was hesitant to spend this much money on something she might give up on and never use. But my fears were unfounded. She has no problem with its very intuitive interface, and now she goes everywhere with reckless abandon. I no longer receive those desperate calls, when she can't tell me where she is, but she wants directions to a part of the county where we've never been before.

    When the unit was about three weeks old, it would no longer power on. Garmin sent me a shipping label, I sent it back at no cost to me, and in about two weeks, we had a brand new unit, no problems. I didn't like having a bad unit, but the way Garmin handled the problem was commendable....more info
  • Pleased with the Garman c340
    This is my first experience with a GPS nav. system. I was also concerned with the small size and small screen. My wife and I travel in our RV during the summer and this unit was purchased to help reduce the amount of time printing out computer maps. I have been using it around where we live and I know the roads to see how well it would do. I'm also checking reliability. I've found the screen is plenty big enough to see the route and the voice prompts are very useful. The unit is amazingly accurate whether I'm going 20 miles or 100 miles and is usually only a few tens of feet from where I'm trying to go. This is only true if I input the destination address; so far I've not had such good accuracy when I try using the included map. The only difficulty I've had so far is getting the unit to understand what kind of route I want to use. This is important with a large RV. For instance I've tryed to command the quickest route from point A to point B. The firmware trys to follow that request by taking interstates, expressways and "city" streets! Somehow I've got to get rid of the city streets. All in all this is an excellent navigation system for the money. We love using it. Did I memtion that it speaks at least 6 languages.
    ...more info
  • Great Product; easy to use & accurate.
    We got this for traveling and it is very easy to use. We took it on a trip right after getting it and it was amazing. Simple to use and very accurate. We like the voice directions in addition to the map. It doesn't come with a in-depth owners manual and after using it we knew why; it is very self explanatory. We highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Close to perfect!
    Pros: The c340 is easy to use right out of the box. Even my parents figured out how to use it in about 3 minutes.

    It calculates routes very quickly, which is especially helpful when you're forced to take a detour.

    The 6 hour battery is a neat feature-- I haven't used it for this yet, but I imagine that it'd be helpful for cyclists. There is, by the way, an "avoid highways" toggle.

    Cons: The fuse blew pretty quickly (after about 1 month), so I'd recommend hopping down to RadioShack or somewhere and buying a few replacement fuses. They're pretty easy to find, and really easy to install. It would have been nice if the unit came with an extra fuse.

    Also, upon powering up, it sometimes takes a minute or so for my unit to acquire adequate satellite signal.

    UPDATE, January 2008: Still happy with my c340, but a few notes. The satellite signal gets picked up almost immediately if the top of the GPS unit has a direct view (through your windshield) of the sky. If the unit only has an obstructed view of the sky, it'll have a lot more trouble picking up and retaining signal.

    Also, I'm not a big fan of the windshield mount that comes with this unit-- in temperatures below freezing, it has trouble adhering to the windshield, and in hot weather, the suction cup melts a little bit, and leaves a black rubbery residue on your windshield. I'm a big fan of the separately available Garmin dashboard mount, though. It doesn't use adhesive-- just grippy rubber feet and gravity-- but it stays put nicely on the dashboard....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot
    I purchased this device for my 18-year old son who was moving to a new city. He has not gotten lost yet. I feel comfortable with him driving in unfamiliar areas because I know he will be able to find his way with the assistance of his "Genie" as I call it. It is easy to use. I am amazed at how accurate it is. For the price, it is an excellent driving tool.

    I purchased the optional stand that enables us to use it in multiple cars. I love this thing! ...more info
  • Must have tool for the traveler
    The first trip using my Streetpilot was 1,783 miles, lasted 32 hrs with 24 hrs of driving time (Statistics from the unit). I arrived at each destination as expected and even found out that my rental car's speedometer was out by 4 mph! I will never travel without the unit again. I now how much time I used to spend being lost in a strange city....more info
  • wonderful
    this is a wonderful product. easy to use. i have not been lost since getting the garmin 340. i would recommed this product to anyone!!...more info
  • Excellent GPS but very dangerous dashborad mount
    The GPS is very handy and reliable itself. However, its mount solution is neither handy nor reliable. The single suck panel is liable to lose seal due to vibrations in trip. I must inspect the vaccum bowl very often, otherwise, the GPS would fall down suddenly, very dangerous during driving.
    In addition, the text-to-voice sounds a little strange but I am get used to it gradually....more info
  • Still Trying to decide
    I love the concept and the unit itself...I think my issue might be the maps that are pre-loaded. One time it told me to exit the highway when I was actually entering the highway. One time it told me to turn left when the do not turn left sign was quite visable (not to mention the median divider). I've entered the addresses and/or names of several businesses only to be informed that they did not exist. I was planning on phoning Garmin regarding this but have just not had the the jury is still out in my case....more info
  • Pretty cool toy...
    I bought this toy about 3 weeks ago after I saw it on my friends car. Unlike his model (C320) this one also use the "text to speech" feature which makes it much cooler. I used it a few time and overall it's doing the job very nicely. Installing it was easy and using it is a "no brainer". The only challenging part was to deal with the OS upgrade through Garmin's site and to figure out how you can get more POI for this device (which BTW I'm still trying to figure it out). Bottom line, if you need to get around, this little guy will take you there....more info
  • I was lost - now I'm found
    I arrived here in the States 12mths.ago from "Down Under" so direction for me was way out. Instead of going south I'd be heading north,instead of west I'd be going east. But not any more - the Garmin C340 keeps me on track. What a little beauty, and so easy to use. ...more info
  • Fantastic!!
    I have been using Garmin C340 for a month now. I think it is very accurate and easy to use. I would higly recommend this product!!
    It feels great to stop looking at the paper for directions and just relax enjoy the drive....more info
  • best thing since apple pie

    first time I had one. Excellent,fun and easy to use and very effective. Very accurte driving direction,gives the time of arrival and distance. If you make a mistake, it will make the needed corrections.Going on a trip in sept,flying and renting a car, will take the unit with me. No complaints yet. ...more info
  • Good product, Easy to purchase and Delivery on time
    Open box, everything is ready. Need to select language for text voice prompt because default setting is none text voice. Also to change avoidence, uncheck High Way option, otherwise, you wil be asked to exit high way all the time.

    Easy purchase it from, delivery on time....more info
  • Garmin C340
    I have found this product to be 100% accurate; as I drive all over the New York Metro area. It recalculates quickly if I alter my route. The screen is easy to read and the controls are easy to use. A friend was so impressed with it's funtionality, she purchased one for herself....more info
  • Love it!
    This is the second navigation system I have owned. I previously had a "Navman". The Garmin is so FAR superior!
    It's easy to use & easy to follow. The feature I love the most, which I did not have in my other system, is the detour feature. It has already "saved" me a few times, when there was a major road closure at the beginning of a 400mile trip! It responds quickly to commands, so you can act quickly.
    LOVE IT!...more info
  • So far, so good.
    I travel on business constantly, so this was a necessity. I have used it for two weeks now and I find it for the most part very accurate, although it doesn't necessarily map out the shortest route. There have been a couple of times where I sort of knew the general direction of where I wanted to go and ignored the recommended route and did a short cut and it recalculated and gave me a much short ETA because of that. Aside from that though, it seems right on with its accuracy and the feature which tells you the actual street names is excellent. I would recommend this product....more info
  • You Gotta Have It !!!!
    I am not technical at all so I will just say this product is the absolute best thing I've seen since the creation of the computer! I get lost wherever I go and this thing is amazing. I am not hi tech savy but this is so easy to use I am going places I never dared to before. Even if you manage to miss the turn they tell you about, it just recalculates and gets you going again. It has alot of other great features that are easy to use too. I really didn't even need instructions and that in itself is a miracle. You won't be sorry if you buy this one, thats for sure!!!!...more info
  • Garmin C340
    I'm a consumer report type shopper and after extensive research, I purchased this unit. Worth every penny ! Worked great out of the box. I travel extensively throughout the Detroit area and found this unit a welcomed addition to my work equipment. The voice prompts indicating the name of the streets is invaluable, especially since a lot of streets are not clearly marked. Some common sense is important. On on occassion, the unit had me make a right turn onto a major street, then two michigan lefts an on to the address. I passed the location just to make several turns to return back to the place I had already passed. No big deal, its a great unit !...more info
  • Garmin?????????
    When the item work it is great. I have had problems from the first. Screen going off. Part of picture not there. After 2 hours it just goes out. It does not like heat. If you get one without problems it work great. If you follow what it say to go you will not get lost. It does sometime goes to place in some different way then I would go. Garmin has stated they would fix or replace it if what they told me to fix it does not work. I would buy again Maybe. I have heard of greater problem with other that is not Garmin....more info
  • Terrific
    Easy to use, clear maps, quick directions, nice detours.

    Only drawback is the temporary mounting, which is nearly impossible to do.

    I would definitely buy this again....more info
  • love it!
    I got this for my husband for his birthday. We used it recently on a road trip from NYC up to Maine. It worked great, especially helping us find places to eat along the way (never again will I settle for McDonalds and Burger King on the road) gas stations, even a Liquor store late at night... Of course the directions were great as well. The only con is the GPS' insistence that we take I-95. We wanted to take the back roads. It would always recalcualte the route for us, so it turned out ok. Overall, it was great on it's maiden voyage. We are driving cross country soon and I can't wait to use it for that adventure....more info
  • A must for seniors
    As traffic, speeds and turn offs come at you faster, the GArmin tells you in advance where you need to turn and what lane you need to be in. A real safety item....more info
  • Streetpilot C340 is Great
    I just used the garmin on a trip through Canada from NY. It worked great and saved me time over my previously used route. It was able to find dirt roads in northern Ontario which surprised me. I had to change my route on the way home due to a backup at the border crossing and I used the Garmin in place of maps without a hitch. I have also loaded some custom POI databases from the internet that worked well.

    Highs: Pronounces the road names, re-routes quickly with any unscheduled turn, has a good database, easy to view, updates are easy thanks to the "Garmin Updater".

    Lows: Needs to use the window attachment bracket to connect the car charger, doesn't always know the posted road names - just the route numbers, can only use one waypoint (side stop), No user manual (only available on-line), on-line manual leaves out a lot of detail.

    I would purchase this unit again....more info
  • I never leave home without it
    After having driven a friend's Toyota Highlander that had the $2,000 GPS package, I wanted a GPS for my car. Although the price seemed low, the Garmin Streetpilot C340 does everything I need. It is easy to input your destination and the Streetpilot verbally tells you how to get there with plenty of warnings regarding turns (including which lane to be in). Because it has a listing of shops, restaurants, service stations, etc., it's like having the Yellow Pages at your finger tips. Moreover, the fact that it is portable (it has a built-in battery) makes it convenient to sit in your home, hotel room, etc., and use it to check your routes or look up places of interest at your destination.

    With regard to routing, the Garmin only made one mistake on a long trip and that was because we had just turned it on after a rest stop. Otherwise, it's very, very accurate--when, due to construction, we were diverted into a lane on the Interestate normally used by oncoming traffic, it warned us that we in the wrong lane.

    In short, the Garmin Streetpilot C340 allows you to drive directly to any destination in an unfamiliar town and never get lost....more info
  • 5 Stars Right Out of The Box!
    In a world of confusing mini electronics the folks at Garmin have found a way to make the complex everyday useable. Take it out of the box, follow the simple quick start instructions and head off in to the great unknown. Intuitive, compact, easy to read and understand directions it is just plain fun. As we traveled from Atlanta to New Jersey and back, we found ourselves purposely driving off of the interstates on to some great back roads trying to get lost and then having Garmin get us back on track, never once letting us down. It is like having your own personal guide sitting next to you pointing the way. Need gas no problem the Garmin gives you a list of upcoming service station with mileage to each and spot on directions to each. Same for food motels, hotels, shopping centers, hardware stores you name it and Garmin will get you there. We loved this thing so much we named the plesant female voice who gives the directions "Garmina". If you travel anywhere at all and if you hate to stop and ask directions and if you like to have fun finding new and different ways to get to the same destination get this unit. One of the best features of all, it always remembers how to get you home no matter where you are punch up home and you arte on your way. As a side bar if you are stuck somewhere and need to send for help with Garmina you can always let anyone know exactly where you are without guessing or looking for landmarks. It could be a lifesaver in certain circumstances. I for one will never leave home without it....more info
  • A Good Buy
    My c340 unit is the first and only GPS device I've ever used. I did quite a bit of research, read reviews and advertisements, asked other RV'ers etc. I purchased it primarily for use in my RV, just completed a 4500 mile trip through the US Midwest and Manitoba and Ontario. It was great, fell off the windshield once but I think that was my fault. After making sure that the suction cup and windshield were clean, that never happened again. I downloaded the instruction manual prior to purchase, but the unit is so easy to use that the manual isn't necessary. It could be improved in locating highway rest areas and RV parks. Some are some programmed. We crossed areas where gasoline stations were as scarce as hen's teeth and the c340 was great in locating and guiding us to gas stations, a couple were off the highway and could not have been found with out the c340. Some of the features I like most are a)if you misunderstand or miss what the voice prompt says, it will repeat: b) It can be used as a compass and speedometer. It will tell you your exact speed and direction: c) ease of use.

    On the negative side, once in a while, a turn instruction was too late but after I learned to pay a little more attention to the screen information, I found that I had plenty of time to be ready before the voice prompt. Most of the time there was adequate notice. When a turn is missed, it immediately tells you how to correct the course.

    Things that would make it even better would be: entire route planning and display including estimated driving time and distance. For example, if I am planning a trip from Pittsburgh to Dallas, I'd like to see the entire route and estimated driving time. Of course that information is readably available other places. And Garmin does advise the user to use the c340 as a guide, not the sole input.

    For the price, it can't be beat! ...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    excellent gps unit never had a problem. My wife took it on her first trip,8 hours away. very scared she had know problems with the Garmin unit....more info
  • Ready right out of box
    I loved the fact that the C340 was ready to go right out of the box. It was so easy to operate I didn't even have to read the instructions.You get both voice and printed traffic instructions. My buddy at work saw it, loved it, and purchased it.You can do no wrong. Make a wrong turn and the C340 automatically recalculates your directions.The only negative comments I have and I'm probably reaching is when your in a parking lot the directions may be missing one step. But even if you start out wrong it quickly puts you back on course.Another negative comment is the ability to navigate your trip by giving you more then one option. For example, if you wanted to travel a route with the least amount of tolls.I'm not sure if this technology has been perfected, but it would be nice if instead of having to put in an address for a major mall or stadium, you could just type in the name. Overall I would say a must have for anyone who is not comfortable driving on roads for the first time, this will ease your discomfort....more info
  • Good To Go Right Out Of The Box!
    This was my first time even using a portable GPS navigation system and it was fool proof right out of the box. The C340 was ready to go. Great item and I highly recommend it. We are planning some trips soon and it will definately come in handy. I took a trip cross county last year and had to use microsoft Streets and Maps and a lap top. The C340 beats it hands down. ...more info
  • Fast and Easy to use
    I bought the Garmin C340 for my husband to use daily. It's the best purchase I have made in years. It would take a hugh amount of time in the evenings to map out his route for the next day and now all he has to do is enter the addresses, which takes him only a few moments and he is ready to go. For someone who doesn't read maps well this is truly the answer.

    I downloaded the full manual but he really didn't need it. It was as simple as just turning it on and entering address. ...more info
  • GPS is fine but CRADLE(Mount) doesn't work
    This GPS unit works fine..I used it in NY/NJ/CT and also we went to Toronto 2 weeks back..It worked as we expected...

    The only draback it has is its Craddle(Mount)..Doesn't hold/sticks to the
    windshiled/Dashboard for long time..And this duration has decreased to 5 minutes..
    Now I have to hold it in my lap and I listen to the voice prompts from the GPS..

    I willappriciate if someone can provide me the contact details of that I can call them to get it replaced..

    Sanjeev...more info
  • first GPS
    This is my first GPS system and I have to say that overall I am pleased with it. It is fairly accurate and always manages to get me to my destination. It does have trouble in close streets and will sometimes get confused if streets are very close together and parallel to one another. Also, its "pathfinding" can be a little unusual at times and will sometimes take a roundabout way to get to a destination. It is an excellent device for driving in unfamiliar territory. My biggest gripe with it though is this...when driving on surface streets, it only gives you a 400 ft notice for a turn. That sometimes can be very inconvenient especially if you have to cross lanes of traffic to get there. Also if you are moving with some speed, you may hear about the turn just as you pass the street that you should have turned on. Its not that big of a deal most of the time as the GPS will simply reroute you at that point.
    Satillite pickup can sometimes be iffy, especially in cities with large buildings. Otherwise I think this was a very good purchase....more info
  • I would recommend the Garmin C340 for all drivers
    I've been using my Garmin C340 for about 3 weeks now and am well pleased with it. It is all you could ask for when getting directions to your destinations. Easy to use and set up. Also I highly recommend a optional dash mount for the unit, I think it is much better than using a window mount. Very easy to remove and take out when the vehicle is parked in public. My only drawback is the instructions you get from Garmin on updates to the Unit. The are lacking in easy to understand process for the normal human. ...more info
  • You can pretty much forget about your maps
    For its price, I believe the Garmin C340 is probably the best mobile GPS out there. We used it on a recent trip and we almost felt like we were being dumbed down because we just let it tell us turns and routes rather than planning and watching for road signs. While it may not know every street or spot, if that occurs you just drive a small distance and it finds where you are. It accurately will recalculate if you miss a turn. There are occasional times it will not verbally announce an upcoming turn and route change for reasons I can't explain. Also know you must have a physical address, number and street, for it to create a route, that is you can't just tell it to got to Smith Street or Boston, it must be specific. We found the fully charged battery will last 5-6 hours. It will charge with the car cord or usb cable for the computer. The suction cup mount worked well. Screen brightness is good and it automatically adjusts at sundown. We are still discovering its benefits. One final point. Never leave it on your windshield or in plain sight in your car. As expensive and attractive as a GPS system is, leaving it visible might be an open invitation to a smash and grab by a thief....more info
  • saved my a- - on vacation
    What a joy to go to unfamiliar areas and have the GPS know every street and turn. It kept us from getting lost numerous times on a trip to Maine and New Hampshire. The Garmin 340 performed flawlessly first time out of the box. Can't say enough good things about it. I love this GPS!

    On the downside, it is hard to read in bright sunlight. There should be some sort of glare screen available. Viewed with sunglasses, the screen is discolored and harder to read. However, "Jill", the voice, kept us on track. I just wish she would announce upcoming turns a little bit sooner. I overshot my corner more than a few times....more info
  • Better than I'd hoped for.
    I purchased the C340 after spending a lot of time researching many brands. It was the first and only GPS I'd found that had overwhelmingly positive reviews. I must admit I was worried about some of the negative comments, but I decided to buy one anyway.

    The unit amazed me in so many ways I can't describe them all. It worked exactly as I'd hoped it would, and even better. We live in Salt Lake City and were planning a trip to Portland, OR for the first time and I basically used that as an excuse to buy a new gadget. It helped so much. Driving around a new, big city is never fun. I either have 12 pieces of paper with poorly written notes or many maps that I'm fumbling with. The C340 took care of it all. On the way to Portland it helped us find all of the Costco's to stop for gas. Using the unit, we'd look for off-the-beaten-path restaurants to have lunch in the cities we were passing through and it would take us right there. It was great to just tell it where you wanted to go and have it do all of the thinking. Even my wife, who was reluctant about buying it, was thrilled with the performance.

    Certainly it wasn't perfect, its a machine. It konked out on us twice during the trip, but it was easy to reset it. And besides, twice wasn't so bad since it was basically on for 12 hours a day for 10 days straight. When I tried it out around town, it took some funny turns to get me home, but who cares? I know how to get home. I needed it most while I was dazed and confused driving around Portland or hunting for a new address here in town. If it makes me take a funny turn going somewhere new, I won't know. Or care. It just plain got me where I wanted to go.

    My only major beef is that it seems to be taking Garmin a long time to make them Mac compatible. I had to have a PC friend set it up for me.

    Otherwise though, I love it. The coolest gadget, that actually works, that I've bought in a long time....more info
  • Fantastic aid
    This is my second try - the first a cobra was much bigger but had map problems, no touch screen etc. This little garmin is fantatic. It has the places I want to visit. It says the name of the streets, when I choose to go a different way it adapts almost instantly. The other one kept telling me to make a u turn. This one just recalculates and usually figures out how I am going. I live somewhere where you can go 5 ways to get most anywhere. I have not had it on a road trip yet but looking forward ot using it on my next trip. I am not troubled by complaints others had of sunlight glare and too low a volume. It is fine for me . I use it in the cupholder of my van rather than on the windshield and htat works great too. the touch screen is a must. The other great feature is you can take it in the house to program in trips as it has a built in battery.

    I have not tried to download anything yet but like the fact that this is a possibility which others dont all have. Over all I am more than pleased. ...more info
  • The replacement is great
    I initially purchased this item through AMAZON. It arrived in a timely manner however the packaging was damaged to some degree. The unit would not turn on. The people at Garmin were helpful but the unit refused to work and we were unable to identify the problem. I used AMAZON's return procedure (which is very simple and which simultaneously ordered a replacement even before I returned the defective unit)and was pleased to receive the new unit in a couple of days. This unit is superb, easy to operate and thus far hasn't gotten me lost. I would recommend the dash mount however as I didn't feel comfortable relying on the suction cup when I hit bumps. In spite of a rocky start, I recommend this unit to anyone, especially the tech challenged....more info
  • Could be better........
    I like the ease of use and the text to speech, but it doesn't take intersections as addresses nor does it come with an instruction manual, so if it does take intersections I don't know how. I like the detour feature as well....more info
  • This is a great navigation device
    I read many reviews of the Garmin C340 before I purchased it. My final decision came down to the C340 and a comparable NUVI that was about $100-$150 more. I decided to buy the C340 because I did not need many of the additional features of the NUVI, including the blue tooth cell phone interface, the language translator, and the MP3 playback.

    After using the C340 for a month, here are the "unusual" things that I really like that some of the other reviews do not discuss:

    First, it comes with a USB cord that you use to connect the C340 to your computer and update the device. I use the USB cord to recharge my C340 in the house. You do not need to buy the optional AC adapter, saving around $50. Since the C340 runs off of its built-in battery for a very long time (I found it holds a charge for longer than the advertised 4 hours), you do not need to connect it to the in-car power adapter. I never have to use the DC power adapter, and there are no cords dangling in my car.

    Second, Garmin makes updating the firmware for the C340 very easy. You download a small program to your computer once, you connect your C340 to your computer with the included USB cord, and you run the program from time to time. It automatically checks for software updates, downloads them to your computer, and uploads it to the C340. No muss, no fuss.

    Third, you can download a small software program from the Garmin website that allows you to download and process "points of interest" from third-party sites. I downloaded several free POI files showing all the red light and speeding cameras in my area, as well as places where there are speed traps, and whenever I approach a targeted intersection the C340 sounds an aundible signal, and flashes the names of the intersecting streets in a bright red bar on the screen. Very nice feature.

    My C340 came with about a dozen different "voices" and languages. For no practical reason, I downloaded about another 1/2 dozen "voices" from the Garmin website using the software update program. Essentially, there are options to hear both a man and a woman speaking American English, Australian English, British English, German, French, Polish, Italian, and several other languages. Unfortunately, I could not find any Asian languages.

    Obviously, the NUVI is smaller and more portable, and has a lot more features than the C340. And supposedly it has a better satellite receiver. But I really like my C340, and if it has the features that you are looking for, I would recommend it to you....more info
  • Expert Navigation
    This system helps me find my way to locations I've not been to before, and to navigate around side trips and detours. The audible feature is is valuable when I really don't want to take my eyes off the road. It is an excellent product!...more info
  • Very satisfied with this product
    We recently acquired the c340 Street Pilot and have never used any GPS before. This week we had to go from the tip of Cape Cod into a Boston innercity hospital. If it hadn't been for "Jill" telling us each step of the way, we never would have found it. Due to Boston not marking streets very well, even with voice instructions, we made several wrong turns and each time Jill would redirect us and got us there on time!

    My only objection to the product is I wish it came with a much more comprehensive manual. I have been trying to figure out how to program a three day trip from Massachusetts to Florida, and it tries to take me the most direct route I-95 - we always go thru the mountains of W. Virgina and then down thru the scenic route. Haven't figured out how to tell it to make it go that way! I've tried programming it, but it doesn't "take" and then redirects us back to I-95. I think a manual showing some of the features on how to do various types of programming would be beneficial especially to new users of GPS.

    The mount on the window mid-dash works just fine, the screen is readily visible and in our vehicle there is no sun-washout, and the unit is very easy to remove for theft protection.

    ...more info
  • What a backseat driver!
    My driving has been with full confidence with this navigator. I just typed or selected my destination, touched "GO" and listened to it. Unbeknownst to my family, I found a nice Japanese restaurant near my residence and it took us back home without any hitch when I first tested it. Now, I am so not afraid to detour whenever I encounter a traffic. I never have to worry about losing my way again. I'm afraid I'm getting spoiled and wouldn't drive without it.

    I did observe some quirks and minor flaws. WAAS setting became corky initially. It pointed to a street turn to hit a dead end where it wanted me to make another turn. I wonder if its the older map version that caused this??? If you're a speedy driver, you might miss the next turn for it sometimes announces the turn when you're at the turn. It takes really long to calculate your bearing in a heavy thunderstorm (under very thick clouds). The speaker volume could be better. And lastly, the suction cup doesn't hold well to the windshield. I might try another type of holder (hopefully there is one out there) to keep it steady on one place. I can not afford to buy another one if this breaks due to a flimsy holder. Garmin, are you reading this?

    I would still recommend it despite these imperfections. I salute to this gizmo....more info
  • GPS Review c340
    I heve not yet taken the GPS on a long trip but expect to do so very soon. I did loan it to my daughter and grandson for a trip east. She expressed it was a life saver to travel from JFK into New Jersey, then to Connecticut and eventually to Boston. My concerns are the lack of a comprehensive operating manual. The provided instructions are very rudimentary. For instance, it indicates there is battery. I have yet determined where it is. Is it rechargable? How do you access the battery?
    Another question is, can the GPS be used internationally? Could it be used in Europe? If so, how do you program the intelligence and how is it made available?
    Being a resident of California. I am not allowed to use the windshield mount. I wish I had known that upon purchase so that I would know to order the dashboard mount.
    The last comment is relative to their apparent lack of attention to customer inquiries. I have sent at least two emails asking for assistance and have failed to get any response....more info
  • Wonderful Product, Very few flaws!
    I bought this device for my wife so she could get herself around the city for work. She loves the easy to use interface, and most importantly the verbal commands that it gives. We purchased this model over the c330 for the spoken street names, which work great. The only thing that is even remotely difficult is the POI Loader software that Garmin recommends for entering in your own points of interest. Also, I recommend that you get the map updates almost as soon as you get the device out of the box. I live in an area that has developed immensely since the release of the c340, so several of the POIs were not preloaded. Despite these two small things, this device is absolutely wonderful. It takes a lot of stress out of driving in a busy city, and recalculates lightning quick if you miss a turn. I would recommend this product to anyone who is just looking for a navigational system without all the added bells and whistles (mp3 and bluetooth stuff)....more info
  • Great Value for an Exceptional Product.
    This is my first transportable GPS and it seems to be performing as well as the $2000 units installed in my other vehicles.I felt this unit that speaks the street name definatly has the most bang for the buck. I will definatly be purchasing additional units for all our company vehicles. Great time saver. Shipping from Amazon was lightning fast as well....more info
  • Better Than Guessing
    This Garmin 340 GPS is great! It quickly powers up and locates a destination after a few taps with a finger. My wife cannot do without it and we both take it whenever we go virtually anywhere in the car. he only bad thing is hat after about three weeks we found a dead pixel mid-screen. I contacted Amazon and mailed it back today for a replacement. (Already miss Jill). If we had it to do over again, we'd still buy the Garmin. We're looking a buying a newer house and it really assists us in quickly finding the address - unless it's a new area and isn't preloaded within the Garmin....more info
  • Excellent Navigation System
    I love this navigation system. It is small which makes is better. Really easy to use, easy to search Points of Interest. ...more info
  • Wonderful service
    I had a wonderful experience with your company and the product was shipped on time as promised. I would purchase more products from your company in the future. Thank you Mr. Carmine Regina...more info
  • On The Road
    It operates flawlessly, both the viewing and audible features. Mounted on windshield easily and securely. Also is removable with ease.
    I travel the country in my Van for years. This is the first trip using my Garmin GPS C340.
    All I can say is "How did I ever manage without it". It has opened a whole new vista in my traveling, it locates rest stops on the Interstate and allows one to alter paths and be redirected back to original destination. Saving "home" in new areas allow one to wander and return to original point with no concern about getting lost. No more messing with paper maps!!...more info
  • Best navigation system
    The smart and astonishing feature of this GPS is how "user friendly" it is. You do not need to read any instructions before using it, though it is recommended. Also, the maps are preloaded. It is enjoyable to drive with the C340. ...more info
  • Garmin C340 wins my vote
    Before purchasing a GPS for my car, I compared the many models available and read more reviews than I care to admit. I finally bought a Garmin C340 from Amazon last week, and though I'm an admitted gadget freak and techie. I was amazed at this GPS.

    I don't have a single gripe. Nothing. All the positives I read, like not even using a manual, are true. The negative things I read, mostly about it not always finding the best routes, appear in the reviews of every GPS model. While that's true, so what? In an unfamiliar city, it's a lot better to take the long but sure route than to keep stopping to ask directions.

    I love the display. It's big and easy to read, and very clearly illustrated. At night, the off-white display turns to black, so your night vision is preserved and no squinting.

    It comes with a small quick-start guide, and it's so simple and intuitive that you don't even need it. ...more info
  • satalite connections
    This product is amazing when it locates and is able to make a satalite connection. I had trouble making a satalite connection while traveling on Interstate 95 from Florida to South Carolina....more info
  • It's good but sometimes wrong
    The Garmin C340 Portable GPS is an amazing little device. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is probably accurate 98% of the time but it has a few glitches in it as far as naming roads. I would have a map handy just in case. If you leave it on all the time the voice can get somewhat annoying. We are going on a long trip in September and I will re-review this device after we get back....more info
  • Really worth it
    I just got mine and have been using itfor a couple of weeks now. I initally had problems with it locking up, but I found out that using the webupdater is sometimes not the best thing to do. I just downloaded the update from the garmin site and installed the update and it had been working like a charm. The only thing I cannot figure out yet is how to use the SD card, since I tried to download some POI's and installed them on the Sd card. For soem reason the unit would not read the SD card, but when I install the POI's on the built-in memory of the C 340 it works fine. There is so must written about this unit but I haven't come across any solution yet. The Garmin Website is not really that helpful.If you have questions, you might as well check out all the blogs on the product. Over-all it does what it was built to do. No real complaints here....more info
  • Good, but could be better
    I've own the garmin c340 for 8 months. when i first got it, it locked up 3 or 4 times. after about 7 months i finally went to the garmin website, they claim to have a fix that you could download. i have downloaded the fix and it has not locked up since. this device is good if you are lost, but, 80% of the time it will take you the long way. garmin also claim they have a download to fix that, but on my 340 the problem is still there. the 340 does give you the options for the fastest or the shortest route, but, no matter what you pick, 80% time you're going the long way. when you go to the garmin download site, your 340 Automatically downloads all updates. also the 340 is hard to see in in bright sun light, has alot of glare. having said all that, i am still happy with mine. last but not least----the price WAS NOT RIGHT....more info
  • absolutely the best
    I've tried many gps's. I've found this one to be the best. a must buy....more info
  • Works Great - Highly recommended!
    Pro's- Extremely easy to use, very accurate.
    Con's - Loses signal in high-rise city streets, POI's a little out-of date.

    I read all the reviews of the various GPS units and settled on this based on the user reviews. I am NOT disappointed. I just finished a two-week, 11 state trip that went 3,600 miles. This trip included many rural miles and several major cities, interstate and country roads. The GPS unit worked great. The route it choose was by-far the best, the step-by-step voice directions made navigating a breeze and the arrival time estimation was extremely accurate. I knew this model did not have all the 'bells and whistles' some of the more expensive models had but it makes up for it by being so user friendly. I'm not sure what other feature I would want to have. In addition, the POI's make life-on-the-road very easy. We now know exactly how far to the restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc., that we want to get to. A critical need when traveling with two young children. Some of the POI's were out-of-date however. The only problem I encountered was my wife and kids have now figured out to read the "Arrival Time" estimation so I can't lie anymore that "we're almost there"! Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    We recently used this on a trip to Boston. There were several tunnels closed with unclear and complex detours. The streetpilot was fabulous. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Garmin Delivers What's Expected
    I've now owned my Garmin C340 for about 1-1/2 years.... and I am still totally pleased with the ease of use, and it's performance.

    I have used it in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania so far. Except for instances where I used some recommended shortcut routes.... The Garmin C340 continues to give me accurate information and easy routes to follow. I did recently update the map data. Now I have a newly updated database with new streets and points of interest.

    The instructions are very user friendly... and you can have your unit installed and working within minutes... after some minor setup procedures.

    I would recommend the wireless antenna for users traveling in remote areas or mountain terrain. For city driving.... the unit was flawless. No more missing off-ramps or turns. No more doubt about whether or not I am going in the right direction.

    The unit is very solid and attractive. I would also recommend a carrying case for removing and storing the unit. It's very easy to move from one vehicle to another. The mounting kit stays attached when removing the unit... and can be re-installed in another vehicle in seconds.

    The sound is clear and concise, and you can select a male or female voice.

    I would highly recommend this item. I paid just under $450.00 when I bought the unit. It was a bargain at that price. I bought a great GPS unit for which I expected to pay double the price. Now it can be purchased for 1/2 of the price that I paid. It's well worth the investment!! Get one before they go "end of life".

    Dave Perez...more info
  • Happy with the purchase
    We used the Garmin Streetpilot on a fairly short jouney to unfamiliar territory. It is simple to use and the voice guidance is also helpful. The screen display is clear. We have no complaints....more info
  • Best thing I purchased this year
    This device is fabulous. The 1st time I tried it I knew where I was going but was curious as to how it would calculate the directions. I strayed a few times and it automatically recalculated new directions. I also like how it will display everything along the road like golf courses and lakes and streams. I love the street names in the directions....more info
  • Garmin 340 GPS is AWESOME
    This GPS was well worth every penny I spent on it. I recently moved from Pennsylvania to Texas. I took a road trip along the way and stopped at many places with no worries thanks to my new GPS. Now I live in a new area and I feel a kind of freedom with the GPS because it doesn't really matter that I don't know how to get to the local grocery store or a good place to eat because I can just punch it into the GPS. And you might think, why not use the yellow pages, but the yellow pages do not tell you which stores are closest. I was amazed at all the options on the GPS and how easy it is to use... right out of the box! Ok now for the bad part. I have a Honda element and the windshield is very far away so I can't mount my GPS to the window, I mount it to my dashboard. The thing sticks for the most part but I have to re-suction it about every 15 to 30 min or the unit goes flying off the dash and whacks people in the knees or turns my four ways on or whatever else happens. Also flying off the dashboard is not a good idea for a 500-dollar piece of equipment. One other thing, the way the roads are in Texas, sometimes you are on a road that runs parallel to a high way and it thinks you are actually on the highway when you aren't. Anyway I love technology and I love my GPS and everyone who gets in my car is also amazed at it....more info
  • We love it!
    We are finding this GPS System to be very helpful and easy to use. ...more info
  • well worth it
    I saved $125 over local store price & it arrived in 2 business days. The text to speech is a great feature. I would not buy one without it. There is a glare issue with the screen but plan to try use of a screen protector like you can get for a palm pilot to see if that will mitigate it. Does a great job to switch to night mode by itself, as nightfall comes. It won't attach to my dashboard, even after I got new double stick tape. Perhaps a function of the texture on my dashboard. Or of Armour all cleaner impairing the stickiness of the tape. I use the windshield install and it works just fine. The Fuel feature worked beautifully when I needed to find a gas station. I haven't tried the resturant feature yet so cannot validly comment on it. This is a great tool if you drive alone and do not want to pull over to read mapquest. It made a lengthy trip to a place I had never been very manageable. I bought an insulated black zip bag - a small version of a dop kit for about $5 to store it in. The reviews really helped me select between the brands and models available. Suggest you visit a brick & mortor store before final selection, then Order on line....more info
  • Great Unit With Many Languages
    I am a V.P. of an Intl. marketing firm and I have clients and guests coming to visit from many parts of the world, especially Europe. I have loaned this to many of them for their rental cars and it has given them the freedom to travel our cities without fear of getting lost and being able to navigate in their own language. It really has helped in their confidence to drive in our cities. I also took it to Europe with me and used it in Germany, Czech Rep., and Italy with the greatest of ease navigating those narrow and sometimes confusing streets of the ancient cities. I highly recommend this unit to anyone who works in sales or is a mgr. of a outside sales team. It is a great tool for time management and keeps your eyes on driving instead of looking at a Thomas Guide or other map. Fantastic Unit!!!!...more info
  • Bad Experience with this Garmin C340

    After did a lot of research, I bought a Garmin Streetpilot C340 from here at amazon. but when I was downloading the updates from Garmin website, the c340 was dead, it said that "system software missing", I have to return it back to amazon....more info
  • Great unit for the money
    I live in a very small town in middle Tennessee and this unit has worked great on every trip I have taken. We have only lived up here for a couple of years and this unit is a life saver traveling from small town to another looking for bussinesses and places to eat. I highly reccomend this unit for the money you will not leave home without....more info
  • Very Helpful Item
    I have found the Garmin c340 very reliable after testing it out for the past couple of weeks. It's not perfect and you may have to play with it sometimes to get it to do exactly what you want, but it is very easy to operate and works well. The voice prompts are clear and timely. Overall, I'm impressed with the Garmin. The one thing I didn't find that reliable was it's estimation of miles to a destination. The estimates are generally off (sometimes by quite a bit)and I haven't figured out yet if it's me or the machine. I would recommend this item....more info
  • excellent unit
    I been using non stop. Works excellent. We have been
    traveling NJ and NY area. All directions have been
    perfect. Finding restaurants or pharmacy is excellent
    options. Sound could be a bit louder....more info
  • User Friendly
    After purchasing & using the Garmin Streetpilot C340 Portable GPS Navigation System, I would describe it as very, very "User Friendly". I took it from the shipping carton, plugged it into the cigarette lighter, and within a few minutes, I was programming different (my favorite) addresses into it. I researched the cost at many different sites, and found the best buy at -I would recommend this GPS system to both the novice beginner or the experienced user of GPS systems....more info
  • Some growing pains
    I love my Garmins. I own the C330 and 340. The C340 is excellent value for the money and does a fine job in directing me towards my destination.

    There are some concerns that people should consider. The unit takes longer than my C330 to find its bearing - sometimes more than a minute or two. Also, the text to speech is too mechanical and monotonous. It could/should do a better job than one of my kids toys that cost about $20-30.

    On the other hand, the mapping software is excellent.

    ...more info
  • this item made my vacation so much more relaxed
    I love it, i bought this C340 and recieved it 3 days before I left on a week vacation. it was wonderful, I had to go on a route that required a lot of turns and changes in direction and it talked me thru the entire drive. I did not need a map at all. my wife is not usually impressed by my toys, but she even loved this GPS. I was lost in part of california and I ask this unit to find me a way out and it worked great. I was most impressed by the fact that no matter how small a town i was in it had the maps for it and told me where to go. i am very impressed and highly pleased with this product.
    Con: when you leave your route to go to the bathroom or get gas or keeps recalculating a new route. ...more info
  • Very Nice So far
    So far so good. I really became intrigued and interested in GPS units after a cross country trip from South Florida to Toronto Canada. My boss was kind enough to lend me his nav system, a 2600 Garmin series, not sure of the exact model. My wife and I felt so at ease knowing we had a nav system to keep us guided. This made the trip really relaxing. So I started researching a system for purchase. I checked, googled and yahooed to find out much detail as I could about these products. I looked at the Magellan, the Garmins and the Tom Toms. Based on feedback from this forum, I decided to purchase the C340 for myself. I found the prices were so friendly, I also bought the i3 for my wife. We have loved the units so far. Some folks have griped about accuracy and outdated maps etc, come on, this is to be expected as things constantly change. I am happy with my unit knowing that it will always get me close. No issues so far as I immediately downloaded all software updates available from Garmin's website. The only thing I would change is faster notification of up coming turns, maybe I have to fiddle with the settings so that it notifies you of turns faster.
    Update: The notification changes depending on how fast you are going, so at faster speeds, like on the highway it gives ample time and more advanced notice for your upcoming exits. So this is not even an issue.
    Update#2: I am happy to report that the units continue to perform flawlessly. I sometimes use it as a yellow pages, much faster and convenient because it gives you the distance. My wife has really started to use her model now and she does not leave home without. I am lucky that my cell phone and the unit uses the same type of USB Charger, so now I only carry one charger in the car which fits all my devices, blackberry, cell and C340. I simply place a cap on my dash, to cover the unit if I am making a short stop, no one can tell it is on the dash under the cap.
    I recommended that when you get the unit use it in familiar area so you get used to the way it operates and you will never have a problem.
    Update #3. Continues to work great. A couple of quirks, it gives you distance to the next major interchange if you are on an expressway, this can be a little confusing, because you are not planning to exit, the i3 does not do that. Instead it gives you distance to your next exit or turn.
    I was having issues with glare during the day and finally figured out that if the screen is angled slightly upwards the glare is eliminated.
    The unit did make one mistake last week, on a trip through Orlando, it had me exit and then re-enter I4 for no reason. I had the wife's i3 along for comparison and it did not do that. Seems to be a map error, which I will write garmin about. Still love my umit....more info
  • 4.5 stars
    The C340 is a great GPS system. I originally ordered a different GPS system, but the screen turned out to be way too small, and there wasn't touchscreen capabilities, only scrolling. Thank goodness I returned it. Not only does the C340 have a big screen and touchscreen capabilities, it also tells you the street to turn on (with enough time to spare) and the interface is very user-friendly.

    So why only 4.5 stars? The suction mount. I found out the hard way that it's not too dependable, unless you find the perfect place on the windshield to stick it to. After mounting it onto the windshield and giving it a slight tug, it seemed like it had a pretty solid grip. However, midway through the drive while I was turning, the suction mount along with the C340 just fell off. I understand that the system is pretty heavy, but I don't like expensive technology falling to the ground at random times, so I ended up paying extra for a dashboard mount.

    But other than that, the C340 is solid product....more info
  • Mac owners beware
    I just received this unit and I couldn't believe this after all the research I did: Garmin's software is not yet compatible with Mac OS X. Something that is neither mentioned on the Amazon site, nor on the Garmin site, nor on the box itself.
    VERY disappointing for the ever growing number of Mac users out there.
    4 Stars for an otherwise easy-to-use unit....more info
  • I love it
    This is a great unit. I thought that the screen would be too small. It is not a problem at all. I love the touch screen. It is very easy to use and has a lot of information in the memory. I like how it tells you the name of the street you neeed to turn on. I highly recommend this unit. ...more info
  • Impressive Gadget!
    Very easy to use. Loved the touch screen. Tested the device by going another way other than the listed route and the system quickly recalculated (2 seconds) and plotted exactly! 100% portable to other vehicles since the satellite is built into the extra attachments and no multiple accessories needed. Hard to see sometimes in daylight, but otherwise and good GPS system!...more info
  • This unit is a home run !!!
    I have used Laptop based GPS systems for the past few years and thought it did the job well. I didn't know what I was missing, till I drove with one of my salesmen that had a C340 unit installed. After spending and hour driving, I saw the unit in operation and noticed how easy it was to enter the addresses in.

    That night, I placed an order with for a C340 for my own. For the past week, I have put the unit through it's test, up and down the Northeast and has not disappointed me once. The unit works well under heavy tree cover, which I was concerned about in the beginning.

    All in all, I give this baby a rating of 5 stars !!!...more info
  • Awesome for the directionally challenged
    I am so pleased with the Garmin C340. It is so easy to use and gets you where you need to go. It will prevent me from getting lost regularly, I could not be happier!...more info
  • Garmin c340
    Recently took a trip to New Mexico and Colorado and the Garmin c340 was spot on with clear concise directions, When I deviated from planned route it calibrated a new route and got me on track. The only negative comment is the screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight but I guess when you are driving you better be looking at the road and not the screen....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    I find this product to be very helpful and easy to use. however, I have found several addresses that the Garmin didn't recognize in my travels....more info
  • Streetpilot C340
    Will never go without one again. This unit is fantastic. Enough said....more info
  • over all a 4 and 1/2
    I'm happy with the Garmin C340. The only thing I find it is sometimes hard to read in the sun. ( That could be because of the locate on the window.) Was in Utah, needed to find a store, looked it up on the Garmin, it came up, and was able to drive to the Store. Great investment. Yes I would buy another one.
    The biggest problem I had was I ordered it on line, and didn't see that last time I ordered something I had it sent to another address. UPS was not helpfull at all. I think I will ask to have thing sent by Fed X

    Ray L.
    Fernley, Nv...more info
  • Very Pleased
    After reviewing several mid priced GPS Nav systems, I chose the Garmin C340. Turned out to be a very good choice. The day after I recieved it (free and early). I had to make a delivery from the Detroit, Mi area to Champaign, Il. and on down to McCalla, Al. Got me right to my addresses without any problems, whatsoever. As you may be able to tell I make deliveries for a living. Wish I had made this purchase years ago.
    I thought that Garmin forgot to send directions with their product, but turns out you don't need any. It is that simple to use. You can download a PDF version from their website if you'd like, though.
    There are a few things that would make this nicer.
    1) A larger mounting bracket. I drive a van and the bracket is to short to reach from the windshield. Fits nicely in my cupholder, though.
    2) Should be a way to "fine tune" detours. The system tries to put you back on your route too soon. Maybe the optional ($260) FM traffic reciever would aid in this.
    3) Easier personal routing. Sometimes you know faster routings, but the system doesn't.

    All in all a very good piece of equipment for the price.
    ...more info
  • Review - Garmin C340
    While this device has proved valueable - it did not contain up to date mapping of the area that I moved into. This shortcoming was not known to me prior to purchase, which would have influenced my purchase....more info
  • Smart Girl
    Garmin Sreetilot C340 is one of the examples how far the technology has gone. You can travel without stress or reading maps wherever you want with "Jill", voice that gives you directions. The only problem is that if you drive while an upper level of bridge is above you or you have any kind of obstacle above and you have a ramp in front, you lose the satelite connection and you don't know if you will take right or left. However, if you take a wrong way "Jill" will recalculate and give you new directions in a few seconds. A friend of mine calls her "Smart Girl". I feel very relaxed when I drive with Garmin Street Pilot....more info
  • Excellent features for the money
    I did a lot of research before buying this GPS unit. I think the feature package this comes with is very good. You can pay more, get extra features that I don't really want (mp3 play, pictures etc), but for straightforward GPS use in the car I think it is almost perfect.
    I use it in a full sized van and have no problem with the screen size, window mount, or losing satellites. A little more volume would be nice but it's okay.
    I like the spoken street names, custom POI's and size of the C340....more info
  • Does what it does
    Good use of a touch screen and very easy to follow directions. For the price, this is the right product. I'm more of a second wave of technology kind of person so The Garmin C340 is perfect-- I don't need the latest and greatest, just a solid product....more info
  • Got the whole wide world in my hands.
    Absolutely incredible piece of technology. For anyone who's never used a street GPS before, this will change the way you drive. Hollywood will have to stop making those lost-teen horror movies.


    Crystal clear screen - ok so it gets slightly hard to see in sunlight, but never once was I unable to see the words on the screen.

    Text-to-speech synthesizer sounds very lifelike. Reads street names like a real person. The c330 model would say "Turn left in 500 ft." The c340 would say "Turn left on Main Street"

    Distance to turn shown on bottom right at all times.

    Tells you to bear left or right to exit highway. Always does this with enough time to change lanes. On an interstate, gives you .8 miles advance warning. On a street, gives you 200 ft. warning. Perfect timing.

    Accurate to about 10 ft. of your actual location.

    Imagine never having to look up your location in some crinkly paper map or go on ahead of your trip.

    Attractions/Points of Interest locator. If you need a restaurant, just pick the type of cuisine and it will tell you all the restaurants nearby in order of distance from your current location. Also shows the direction arrow so you don't choose one that makes you go back and further away from your destination.

    Why buy a $2000 factory option when you can buy this portable unit which is 10x better and can be moved between cars?

    Cons: They don't cost $19.99. And it's not hooked up to the steering and gas pedals to drive my car automatically. Other than that, it's the best money I ever spent on technology. I've done a ton of research before buying the c340 and it paid off. The next-generation c550 is probably better but also $200 more....more info
  • Fantastic
    Just got mine today. All I can say is "WOW". It is the perfect size, very crisp screen, and works flawlessly with the firmware upgrade available from the website. I'm very happy with this device. ...more info
  • no computer software, can not up load trips to it
    I found out the hard way that you can not up load maps or destinations from your home computer to this unit.
    I bought Gamin 340 model, and then I bought way point trips (garmin) software program and no luck after communicating with Garmin this unit still it does not have the capability.
    The unit works as well as can be expected with some signal loss in city locations.
    But sometimes I need to customize my trip route, to avoid downtown New York City traffic and this unit thinks the fastest way to the Queens is straight thru New York city, I guess it has never driven in new york info
  • Great... with few exceptions....
    This is a great device. I travel a lot and 99.999999% (clasify it to six sigma) it is accurate, with an exception, once when i was in down town chicago on a sunny morning when it lost the satellite and took approximately 20 min to re-lock itself.

    In general C340 has a great database of places, routes, auto calculation, much more than we need. It is worth every cent spent.

    I also find it useful to save tolls. I have saved over $100.00 in 1 month, where it always calculates a toll free route for me. It pays for itself.

    Update: Maps for WI are terrible. Shows Location like JC Penny in woods. In Chicago looses satellite reception (because of tall buildings). ...more info
  • It Works Great!!!!
    I have never had a GPS before and never been around one until I saw the reviews of this one on Amazon.I must have had good luck with me when I purchased it. In April I use it on a vacation to North Carolina From Kansas City MO. I am still amazed how well it worked. Just type in the address and start driving.
    If someone with no more knowledge than I have about GPS systems had the C340 work so beautifully, then I'm sure anyone could use it. I highly recommend this model ,because of the audio and vidio. Worked great!!!!! ...more info
  • If you're bad with directions, you MUST have this!
    First of all, I'm an electronics junkie. My house looks like the Star Ship Enterprise, and I'm extremely picky concerning the function of everything that I purchase. Probably too picky. So, after being more than impressed with the Garmin StreetPilot c340, I decided to write this review. I purchased this unit due to an upcoming road trip to Florida, and I'm HORRIBLE with directions. It seemed like the logical thing to do. After much research on the latest GPS units, the c340 seemed to be best suited for my needs, financially and functionally.


    As stated time and time again, the c340 is extremely user-friendly straight from the box. No bulky manual is included (although one can be downloaded on-line), most likely due to the fact that it is not needed. There's a brief start-up guide which is more than sufficient to get this thing up and running. Simply let the satellite locate your home location, which takes a few minutes and only has to be done once, and you're ready to input your next destination. Hit "Where to?" on the touchscreen and everything is made perfectly clear. It could not be any simpler. You'll then have options to enter addresses, food locations, lodging, your saved favorite locations and recent browsed selections, fuel, intersections, attractions, shopping, parking, entertainment, recreation, community, near-by cities, hospitals, transit, and auto service locations. There's no guess-work involved: just touch the type of place you wish to find and go; you'll get plenty of options. You can also touch the "Near..." option, type in a city of destination, and it'll pull up businesses in that city for your convenience. Again, this unit is extremely easy to navigate. Pick your destination, hit "Go", and you're all set. Just follow the highlighted path and you're sure to get there with ease. I've had no problems or long-term satellite loss in my area so far. Phone numbers are also shown which would be especially convenient when making hotel reservations on the road.

    The suction mount is also very nice. I was skeptical about it at first: What if it falls off? Will I be able to see the road? No worries; it's great. Like the unit itself, the mount is high-quality and very sturdy. Just attach the c340, place the mount into position (I have it right under my rear view mirror), and pull the lever down. I don't see any way that this mount could fall off, and it's not a distraction while driving. I hear that it's illegal in California, but I really don't see why. It provides the perfect location for the unit and is no more distracting than the rear view mirror. A dash-mount disc is included also for CA residents or in case you'd prefer a lower location, but it's a permanent mount, so I'd advise caution if going with this option. I won't use it myself.

    As far as power goes, a 12V adapter is included for the car, but don't worry about buying the AC adapter. The c340 includes a USB cable that allows it to be powered and charged via any computer with a USB port. Very convenient when planning out trips at home to save battery life. The USB cable also allows you to download male voices from the Garmin site such as American English Jack, Australian English Lee, and British English Daniel which is very cool.


    Not much to say here. The only 'major' thing I've noticed so far is that some local businesses are not in the database, and a few businesses are present which no longer exist. It's kind of strange: local mom and pop stores can be pulled up, but NO Walmarts in my area. I have three Walmarts within 25 miles of my home, and none are in the database. I didn't subtract any points since all Garmin GPS units seem to utilize the same database (nearly 6 million points of interest) and it does have the potential to be updated. Also, keep your eye on the road during exits as it may not detect recent route changes. It will recalculate a new route if you simply go past the road that has changed; you won't get lost, but it can be an inconvenience. It's happened only once to me so far and I've been doing a lot of traveling. It was a familiar area and I didn't even realize that the road had changed. Again, this is a Garmin database problem which hopefully will be addressed in a future update.

    The voices for the most part are spot on. They can pronounce streets that I've been mispronouncing for years. However, every now and then it's hard to decipher what they're saying as they can sound overly-digitized. This is just a minor inconvenience since most of the time they're flawless, but keep your eye on the screen just in case you don't understand the street name. No big deal really. I use American English Jill, and she is usually very accurate with pronunciations. British English Daniel is also easy to understand, although he must be downloaded.


    All-in-all, I'm very, VERY impressed with the performance of the Garmin c340. This is my first GPS, and I can't imagine needing anything more. I'm not sure what these $1000+ units do, but unless they drive me to my destination and pump my gas, I don't need them. I've heard people complain that the touch screen collects finger prints. Hmmm...unless you have jelly, paint, or motor oil on your fingers, it does not detract from the display. Hello, it's a TOUCHscreen. Of course it's going to get finger prints on it. Wipe it off now and then and you're good to go. I've also heard complaints that sometimes the unit doesn't give you ample time to turn via text-to-speech. Well, I've been driving everywhere with this thing for the past three days, and it verbally tells you TWICE when to turn, by street name and in which direction to turn. It tells you once within a 1/4 mile or so and once again right before the turn. If you miss your turn after two verbal prompts, a big white arrow on the GPS screen, and the name of the street at the top of the screen, you may want to reconsider this whole driving thing. The turn alert is almost overkill; if you're awake and free from severe brain damage, you can't possibly miss it. Maybe this was a problem with some of the older units, but mine is perfect. Perhaps these people didn't hear the first prompt and of course the voice prompt times will be shorter with city driving, but that's to be expected. As far as satellite loss, I've only experienced a couple seconds of it while driving so far which is no inconvenience at all. There is an optional generic antenna that can be purchased for around $20 if this is a problem in some areas. The actual Garmin antenna costs more, but I've had no need for it so far.

    After three days of taking the c340 everywhere, I absolutely love it; I have no regrets whatsoever. It's one of the top 3 electronic purchases I've ever made in my life. I can't wait to take it to Florida and find all the local attractions that I would never have been able to locate otherwise. This thing is great. I've already had two friends order the c340 after seeing how well mine works. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


    I just returned from Florida, and I love this thing even more. We never had any need for a map: I simply typed in each destination and we got there with no problems whatsoever. When we got a craving for some baby back ribs on the interstate, I simply hit food, barbecue, got a nice little list of local restaurants, picked one and hit GO. It takes you right there! It then took us right back to the interstate. I'm still amazed that this type of technology can be purchased at a reasonable price.

    ...more info
  • Good device if you are lost
    I am new to the area and I needed a GPS to help find my way when I am lost. The C340 is very good and reliable in that aspect. However:-

    1) It tends to give voice directions a little too late, sometimes right at the intersection. This is one issue that Garmin definitely needs to address.
    2) It does not work well when you have to take turns on over-road bridges.
    3) I dont think the maps on the C340 are 100% updated. I attended a wedding in a growing city in Minnesota (St Cloud) and there were two new addresses that it did not pick up. The C340 also did not recognize new flyovers, which resulted in route recalculations.
    4) Also as previous reviews stated, the C340 loses satellite access in downtown areas.

    Overall, out of 10 I would assign the C340 a 7. Its good for the price!

    ...more info
  • Works really well.
    I am surprised how well this thing works! It does sometimes lose reception on overgrown streets - I live in the country, and on streets with very tall buildings.
    But overall I never leave home without it.

    Highly recommended if your an absent minded driver like I sometimes am....more info
  • For the price, it's a gem
    Others have gone into great detail here, so I'll *try* to be briefer. I've used other, very sophisticated and expensive GPSs, and so there are certain things about the C340 that bug me. But for the price, I don't think you can beat it. Rather than criticise it in comparison to the more expensive systems, I'll simply offer some thoughts that I think could be different about the unit even at its current price:

    1) It loses contact with the satellites pretty easily, and if you are driving in a city with a lot of tall buildings around you, don't expect the Streetpilot to be of much help. Even in Philadelphia, with it's relatively small downtown, it goes astray and loses contact as soon as I get into the high-rises of Center City.

    2) Its verbal alerts to a turn or a merge come very late, sometimes no more than 1/2 of a mile, which can be a bit of a problem at highway speeds, especially in heavy traffic (e.g., you know you're about to exit, but it turns out the exit is left instead of right). Yes, you can touch the screen and have it tell you the info at any time earlier, but, again at fast speeds in heavy traffic, I don't want to have to play with the thing. If they're going to provide the verbal alerts, why not at a point that gives you time to merge?

    3) The route calculation algorithms, as with many less sophisticated systems like this, are sometimes pretty haywire. If you're familiar with an area, you'll be amazed at how wrong it can be. If you're completely lost, though (as I am most of the time), it's a life saver.

    4) Battery life is not great. It's best to keep the thing plugged in to your cigarette lighter all the time.

    ...more info
  • Simple to use, real time traffic info
    I bought the c340 to replace the Garmin iQue 3600. There are only a couple of things that I miss from the iQue that are not present in the c340. For example, in the iQue, the street numbers are displayed as you travel down the road; not so with the c340. In the c340, only the street names that are perpendicular to the road you are traveling are displayed (maybe there's a setting I'm missing). I want to know the names of the street adjacent to the one I'm traveling.

    With that said, the c340 interface is super easy to use. The text-to-speech voices are decent. Additional text-to-speech voices can be downloaded from Garmin. I'm currently running either British male voice or the Aussie male voice. The real time traffic information works well. It alerts you of potential traffic on the road you are traveling or on your route. You can then avoid said traffic by doing a re-route. Be sure to get Garmin GTA-11 and NOT GTA-10 traffic module. The GTA-11 module includes a built-in FM antenna where the GTA-10 does not.

    One more quibble about the c340 is the timeliness of the map database (maybe this is NAVTEQ's fault). There have been instances where I selected POIs that have moved locations, closed, or are not in the database....more info
  • Incredibly easy to use
    When I opened my Garmin 340 box I looked carefully for the thick manual. I couldn't find one, and, as it turns out, you don't need one. I have never seen an easier to set up electronic device, and that includes the Palm. The unit was ready to run out of the box.

    So my next step was to figure out the CD and install the drivers. I inserted the CD and followed the instructions. The instructions told me to turn the Garmin on and then attach it to the PC.

    Aha! I thought. They didn't tell me how to charge it. But, I pushed the on/off button anyway and it turns out it was already charged!

    I then plugged it into the PC and followed the instructions to go to the website and download the application that looked for updates. The application found my Garmin and told me there were no updates.

    So then I figured the suction cup device would be hard to use. Nope. It attached easily to my windshield. The device attached to the suction cup holder in an obvious way.

    My only problem was that I couldn't figure out where to plug in the power cord. The quick setup manual quickly showed me how to do that. It plugged right into the holder!

    Though I read through the manual it was completely unnecessary. The interface was easy to use, the driving instructions are easy to follow. I used it the next morning and found a customer site I'd never seen before.

    My only concern was that I found the screen hard to see in bright sun with polarized sunglasses. But that's more of a physics issue than a product issue. I am TOTALLY impressed!...more info
  • En Pointe Navigation!
    I continue to be impressed by this device. It's worth every penny! I've taken this to Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Sacramento in the two weeks I've had it, and it's found every address and point of interest I've entered. Even taking wrong turns won't fool it--it recalculates a new route quickly. Comes in handy when you need a fast-food restroom in a hurry--an absolute must with kids in the car. It worked flawlessly during heavy rains and snowstorms in the Donner pass. Locks onto the GPS satellites quickly on startup. The only minor quibble is that GPS lock may take time with tall trees or buildings around (to be expected) and some of the newer freeways and streets couldn't be found, but I'm sure a future map download will take care of that. Next, I'll try the FM traffic attachment (a future update soon.)...more info
  • works good but
    Have had this unit for a week now and it works well, finds addresses very well. At this point I have not had it farther than ten miles from home and have found 3 map errors already 2 are on road changes that are over 3 years old and one change that is less than a year old. I took one star away for map errors and another star because it is not mac compatible. I knew this when I ordered it. It is supposed to be compatible by years end. I bought it for my RV and do wish it had a campground POI catagory. I would recommend this unit....more info
  • Easy to use
    I had to make my first trip into unknown territory shortly after receiving my Street Pilot. I found it easy to set up the trip and was very pleased with it's accuracy. The best feature is when it automatically recalculates your route when you make a wrong turn. A great product if you are traveling into unfamiliar areas....more info
  • Nice unit
    This unit lives up to the hype.

    1) Very easy to use
    2) Extensive database also provides phone numbers for businesses
    3) Built-in battery provides 3 hours of use when away from the car. When traveling I use the unit as a form of directory assistance.
    4) Updating the unit was simple (go to the Garmin Website). The included Cable uses standard usb cable (similar to a camera) on both ends. This is nice to have in case you ever lose it. Unlike the handheld Garmin Legend which uses a funky cable dreamed up by some electrical engineer.

    1) Sometimes the unit does not announce the 1st direction to a route. I have no idea why. This usually happens on the return route home.
    2) Does anyone know why I would use the SD card slot? The manual states it has one (duh), but does not list why you would use it. I'm guessing that Garmin put it there because lower cost models are built on the same chassis and need one.
    3) Detours: I wish there was a way to say, Give me a Detour for x miles. Instead it recalculates an alternate route for you automatically when course deviates from plan. Although this is nice it is not the same thing. I would prefer it if it could do either. ...more info
  • Out of Package Use, Very User Friendly
    Amazon had the best price on this item, I ordered it with free shipping and it arrived in two days though the estimate was for about 12 days. This was a gift item and the person I gave it to loves it. You can use it straight out of the package and it is very user friendly. I purchased it on the advise of a friend who has the 330 model and he is very happy with it as well. We love the shopping, attractions and things of interest functions and are starting to find many places of interest that we did not know about in our new neighborhood. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • No Fear of Getting Lost Now
    This GPS is just the ticket. It sits on the dashboard, and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with a simple cigarette-lighter adaptor. It has an easy user interface and the screen is quite easy to read while driving. Using both voice and on-screen directions, this little gadget can find even the most out-of-the-way locations unerringly. It has taken the stress out of driving in unknown areas, and navigating around cities has become so much simpler. We are completely happy with this Garmin Streetpilot C340....more info
  • The Garmin C340 is Super !!!
    I recently bought a little sports car for jaunts through the countryside with my wife. The one thing it doesn't have is a compass. Knowing that we would be going to unknown places and areas, and having had compasses built in to our other vehicles, I was aware of the help the compass could give on back roads when you are trying to find a road or a place. The aftermarket compasses all seem to be quirky at best and completely wrong at worst (digital or otherwise). Initially I bought a (...)bubble Bell compass (suction mount). It worked (or didn't work) as mentioned. So I started doing research on the Internet. I ran across the Garmin StreetPilot C330 during my search. (...). After reading the first 10 reviews, without totally knowing what I would be getting, I decided to order the C330 ((...)) from Amazon. Still researching since I had picked the SuperSaver freight and had a few days before shipment, I found the Garmin website which explained both the C330 and the C340. I found that the C340 had many of the features the $1000.00 units had. It has a better map data base, it tells users the name of the street and it is also capable (although I won't be using the feature) of receiving traffic data signals (with a plug-in adapter and a yearly subscription). (...). I figured that I would try it out and if it didn't at least solve the compass problem, I would return the unit to Amazon. So I cancelled the order for the C330 and ordered the C340, this time paying the $6.00 shipping to get it sooner. In the meantime, I downloaded the C340 Owners Manual ( and quick reference guides to study before it arrived. It looked a little too simple to believe it would actually work. (P.S. Download the manual, because the C340 ONLY comes with a Quick Reference Guide; no Manual).

    Well, yesterday the C340 showed up. It cam in a large enough box to concern me, but that was only to protect it during shipping. Once I opened the box, I found a sealed package (envelope) that said OPEN ME FIRST), the windshield mounting bracket and the power cord (12v). I noticed right away the on the back of the OPEN ME FIRST envelope it stated IF THIS PACKAGE IS OPENED, THE ITME IS NOT RETURNABLE OTHER THAN FOR DEFECT. Being an old and irritated software buyer, this didn't impress me very much. I figured I would return it somehow if it didn't stack up. I opened the envelope and took out the CD and the USB cable. The directions say to install the CD and have your C340 with the USBN cable ready to plug into your computer. I put the CD in and after a couple of menu screens, the program instructed me to plug in the unit to the computer. Then it went through the registration process. It said "congratulations" and the program ended, having installed the USB Drivers for the C340 on my computer. Garmin has what they call a "POI Loader" program (Points of Interest), which you have to download from the Garmin website. I haven't found any of these on their website. Evidently the USB Drivers are there for future map updates, etc.

    IN ANY CASE, I finished with the computer and began to play with the C340. I found that I only needed to refer to the Owners Manual once or twice. The C340 is incredibly user friendly and allows you to play with it in the house (it came with charged batteries; which by the way recharge in the car). The touch screen is super, clear and quick. I was able to go through a lot of the procedures listed in the reference guide with the satellite hookup (the C340 does that once you get outside).

    So, today was the big day for testing the unit. I just had my truck worked on and wanted to test the cruise control. I decided to go to a known location first. When I searched for stores, the C340 came up with the exact Outlet mall I was going to. Once on the screen you just press "GO". The unit shows you the 2 or 3 dimensional map (I prefer the 2D map) and starts talking to you. I selected English-Jill for the voice since it supposedly speaks the names best. I had chosen "shortest route" instead of "fastest route" (the 2 options the C340 gives you). Without doing anything else I intentionally followed "her" directions to see how accurate the C340 would be. Frankly, I was impressed and amazed. The unit was flawless in getting me there (@50 miles), even telling me the correct names for roads I've been on hundreds of times and didn't know. Once we got to the Outlet Mall in good shape, I decided to go to an Amish restaurant WAY OUT in the country (50 miles of small backroads). The Garmin C340 didn't have the exact place in storage, but it allows you to type in a city and I found a place that was nearby. I figured that if I made it to the actual restaurant, I would use the "Save Favorites" button to put it in the C340 memory. Then in the future I would be able to get there from anywhere. This is a super feature of at least the C340 and probably the C330. When you are at a place that you will want to go to later it is a simple task to save the location, and then the C340 will take you there from anywhere. In any case, I followed the directions the C340 gave me and soon we were traveling on little country roads I had never been on. It shows your compass heading as you drive, and we were heading in approximately the right direction and had all day, so I let the C340 run the show. It shows your speed and the estimated time of arrival. It told me from the beginning that we had about 1 1/2 hours to drive to get to the restaurant. Needless to say, we arrived at the location I had picked (which was about 1/2 mile from the restaurant) in just about that much time. The 2 times I got off track because the roads weren't marked very well, the C340 recalculated the trips and gave me directions to get back on track with a new estimated time of arrival. The unit has a "Detour" function on it, but I haven't found it necessary yet. If you just go another way, the C340 initially tries to get you back on track, and then gives up and recalculates a new set of directions from your current location to the destination. Once at the restaurant, I saved the location for future use. Now I was ready to go home. Before I left the house, I had programmed (not really "programmed"; its about a 2 step button push) my HOME. Now I just pushed "Where To"; "Home" and we were on our way. Since I have traveled this route many times, I decided to go my regular way (I was getting tired), and make the C340 correct any differences. On the way back, there were two instances of "differences". Both involved small jogs that probably were "shorter" by a few feet. I ignored the instructions and within seconds the C340 had made the adjustment to get us back on track. The C340 used almost the EXACT route we always use to get us home. It was flawless. After getting home, I decided to go to the store. Rather than programming something in, which I (A) didn't need directions to; and (B) wouldn't save anyway, I just decided to push "Browse Map". This brought up a map show my exact location, compass heading and speed. I did lose the satellites for about 30 seconds during this ride (it shows on the screen which stops moving also). I turned the C340 off and then on, and it found the satellites. I continued on. Once done at the store, I pushed "Home" and it gave me directions right to my house again.

    I think enough of this C340, that I bought another windshield mount and an AC adapter for it (I found them on eBay). I have seen complaints for the Garmin case that Amazon sells that it isn't big enough. I feel it's too big. I just wanted a case to contain the main head of theunit, since you don't want to leave it in the windshield when you are out of the car and I wanted it protected. I found a Sony LCS-CSD Soft Carry Cas for a Cybershot Camera that fits the head perfectly ((...)) at Staples. So far in the 2 days that I have owned this unit, I feel that it works great, is simple to operate and I think it was money well spent. It should really be useful this summer for our country road trips. My wife was impressed with this GPS also. I may get her one for Mother's Day. I have listed below information from the Garmin website. You should visit their website and download the manual if you are interested in this GPS. One world for the C340: SUPER

    Information from the Garmin website ( AS OF 3/10/2006

    The StreetPilot "c-series" GPS navigators feature a simple touchscreen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions along the way. Selecting a destination is straightforward and requires only a limited amount of input from the user. Plus, the StreetPilot c320 and StreetPilot c330 allow you to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view or the more traditional "bird's eye" overhead view.
    For the ultimate out-of-the-box convenience, the StreetPilot c330 comes preprogrammed with highly detailed MapSource City Select street data. The database features nearly six million points of interest-including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. (The c320 comes with a 128 MB SD card and a MapSource City Select CD-ROM for data transfer from a PC via a USB connection.)
    As an added benefit, you can now import customized points of interest with the help of Garmin's free POI Loader software. The possibilities are endless - upload safety cameras or school zones, and you will receive a warning if you are traveling too fast. In addition, an optional proximity-alert feature notifies you of upcoming custom POIs.
    The centerpiece of both units is a bright, 3.5-inch diagonal, 16-bit color display that makes navigation a snap. The StreetPilot c330 features dual integrated speakers for high-quality voice prompts, and an internal lithium-ion battery for out-of-car route planning.
    The new StreetPilot c-series boasts distinctive and sleek styling-the only buttons are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch. The device is secured by a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield for easy portability between vehicles. Users can customize their unit's appearance with an array of colored faceplates (sold separately).
    Garmin part number: 010-00401-10 (...)(for domestic US market only)

    The StreetPilot c340 provides in-car navigation that is simple for anyone to use directly out of the box. After selecting a destination from the user-friendly touch screen interface, Garmin's text-to-speech feature tells users the name of the street, when to turn, and in what direction. If you miss your turn, the c340 automatically calculates a new route to the destination.
    Notification of traffic delays is a c340 option that lets drivers see congested areas via a color-coded map. This feature lets users avoid traffic by simply pushing a button that will calculate a new route. This traffic awareness is made possible via the new Garmin GTM 10™ FM TMC receiver that connects to selected Garmin street navigation products. The GTM 10 receives digital data from specific FM broadcast stations in select major metro areas throughout the United States and Europe.
    The StreetPilot c340 comes preprogrammed with highly detailed City Navigator® NT street data of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The database features nearly six million points of interest-including hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions.
    As an added benefit, you can now import customized points of interest with the help of Garmin's free POI Loader software. The possibilities are endless - upload safety cameras or school zones, and you will receive a warning if you are traveling too fast. In addition, an optional proximity-alert feature notifies you of upcoming custom POIs.
    The StreetPilot c340 joins Garmin's growing line of automotive GPS navigators. It has a bright, 3.5-inch diagonal, TFT display with touchscreen; dual integrated speakers for high-quality voice prompts; and an internal lithium-ion battery for out-of-car route planning.
    The StreetPilot c-series boasts distinctive and sleek styling-the units' only buttons are a rotary volume knob and an on/off switch. The device is secured by a suction-mount cradle that fastens to the windshield, for easy portability between vehicles. Users can customize their unit's appearance with an array of colored faceplates (sold separately).
    Garmin part number: 010-00401-20 (...)...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot C340
    This unit is easy to use and requires virtually no set-up. It is very responsive with positional updates every few seconds. The level of available map detail is impressive and reasonably accurate. I did note that several road and street names were incorrect and roads commonly referred to by name were often designated SR or CR. SR and CR numbers are not easily readable on road signs at intersections. Given those relatively minor issues, I found the unit useful and user friendly on a recent 3000 mile road trip. Garmin needs to provide map updates, since roads modified within the last year (e.g. sections of US 15 in PA)are not in the unit's map database. That is also true of most newer motels (e.g. Holiday Inn Express motels are largely absent). In summary, I am pleased with the C340 and would recommend it....more info
  • Best priced GPS system in the market!
    For the price concious consumer who doesn't want to skimp on features, this delivers quality at a good price! I absolutely rate this 5 stars....although we have yet to upload maps and use the USB driver provided. We went to NYC and NJ just to test-drive our new purchase and we were able to navigate our way thru the craziness.Great product!!!...more info
  • Great Item
    I had a tomtom go 700 and I sold it. This Item is great. Better maps than the tomtom and better satellite accuracy. The option that it has where it actually tells you the name of the street you have to turn on. The tomtom has a smoother operation. But overall the Garmin is a better product in my mind. It doesnt have all the options as the tomtom, but if your looking for a great Navigation system for an affordable price, i would suggest to stick with Garmin....more info
  • very good
    This gps system works quite well. It made a few mistakes and did not give the correct exit on one highway. It sometimes does not warn you of an upcoming turn until the last minute. Even with these minor mistakes I would not go anywhere without it....more info
  • Best Present I ever bought for my wife
    This GPS system is so easy to use. My wife loves it. She has confidence to go places she previously avoided because she will never get lost. I would love to get one for myself and never have to use mapquest again....more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot c340 Review
    I very much liked everything about this unit, it is accurate, I can clearly understand the voice prompts and I can see I'd never get to my destination as easily without it. There are two comments that I'd mention, at installation on my windshield, it couldn't read the satellites, I later found out it is because of the window tinting blocking the signal. The second thing I'd mention, unless I am reading it wrong, I don't see the distance remaining to my destination but it does show the ETA....more info
  • Solid product, high recommendation
    I have used Garmin Streetpilot C340 for about 2 months now. My decision came down to TomTom and this model. I could have easily gotten either one, I guess, since both items are highly recommended on various web sites. I wanted a GPS because I was driving to Washington D.C. (from central PA) for a 6-week training and I had never been to D.C. before. The unit was easy to use right out of the box. I read the quick reference sheet for less than 5 min and was ready to go. The map was very accurate and I had absoluately no problem driving around D.C.. It even knew which street was one way and led me to the correct turn. One small problem I had was that if I drive too fast on the city street, the voice warning maybe a bit too slow and I would had to make a quick turn at the last minute or missed the turn completely. Once I learned to pay attention both the monitor (it tells you the distance you have left before the next turn) and the voice, I had no more problem. Besides the unit recalculate a new route quite efficiently if I did miss a turn. The pre-loaded data, which are broken down into various categories (food, shopping, gas, parking, major attraction, etc) is very helpful, though not all business are listed, of course. But if I have a specific place to go, I just type in the exact address (which is relatively easy to do with the touch screen) and it leads me to the correct location without fail. I drove around D.C. and suburbs a lot and felt like I knew the city well. It is 100x better than trying to use a map and had to constantly look for street name/signs. Highly recommend for people who travel to unfamiliar cities often. I'll be going to San Fran next month to visit my brother, and can't wait to see what this thing can do.
    The only minor issues (basically two) i have with this are the same other reviewers mentioned already. 1) On the trip calculator, it displays the estimated arrival time only. I wish it also displays the distance left to the destination. 2) The power source does not plug into the unit itself directly, instead it only plugs into the supporting base. By the way, love the internal battery which allow me to use it outside of my car. The unit is small enough that I can carry it in my jacket pocket. A few times I used it as a map while walking around D.C.. It's kind of geeky, I know, but it got me where I needed to go....more info
    This thing is the greatest. I have had it about 3 months and used it in many different ways. I am a musician and always gig in different places and the Garman now takes me right to the door. I recently had to rent a car in SanFrancisco so I loaded all of the destinations in the memory before I left N.J., plugged it in the rental car at the airport and drove around like a native. The C340 is the way to go because the voice prompt names streets and exits giving you an extra bit of confidence you are making the right moves. Of course when you use it on familiar routes it may differ with what you know but still get you there. This technology will probably get faster and more precise in the future but it is very usable now. ...more info
  • Helpful but sure needs refinement.
    Very intuitive to use. I was very disappointed using it in Kansas City-poor routing from the airport and maps for downtown K.C. were horribly out of date. It got me to where I needed in Denver, but routing again was very mediocre. This GPS will get you to where you need to go, but don't depend on it for efficient routing....more info
  • C340 is SWEET
    Right out of the box you're on your way. Simple to use, locations galore, the touch screen is fantastic. My friends with older factory GPS systems don't have the touch screen feature. It's nice. The voice prompts are clear at highway speeds. Speakers are good. No distortion. Compact, take it anywhere with you. Just remember to take it with you or hide it while away from your vehicle. I'm sure this would be the perfect grab-n-go present for theives. The windshield suction mount is fantastic too. Easy to use, installs easy, and easily removed for those of us who visit the car wash centers. I have not used the Bluetooth capability yet. But am looking forward to that. Battery life is as stated. About 3-4 hours. But charge times are relatively quick. Haven't had any signal loss issues except for the expected places, ie parking garages. Trees, storms, etc, no loss of signal. I do wish it had just a little more detail in the screen. But it's designed to get you where you need to go quickly, and not to see runway lights and marking at the local airport. All in all, very happy with the device. I've had it a couple months now; use it everyday. It slows me down on the freeway too. Punching in an address, the Garmin will tell you what you arrival time will be. Speeding up to 80-90 to beat the clock, really only saves about 1-2 minutes per 14 miles (that's my observation). So, if it says you'll be there on time, you'll be there on time. Chill and enjoy the ride....more info
  • Street Pilot C340 Review
    I purchased this Streepilot for my wife to better get around areas with which she is unfamiliar and at night. We put it in our Highlander, hooked it up and it worked flawlessly. The map turns as the vehicle turns (as she likes it) and the voice instructions are clear and accurate.

    We believe it be as beneficial as the one that can be ordered with the vehicle, but this one costs only one-quarter as much.

    BTW, this is our 4th GPS; the other three are aviation....more info
  • After months of trying to decide which GPS to buy...
    I finally bit the bullet and chose the Garmin Streetpilot C340, based on everyone else's reviews, as well as both the price and specifications. It seemed to have all that I need, whilst also being fairly simple. Having previously bought a faulty Magellan model - that I spent a whole trip from New York to Vermont trying to make work, before I realized it was broken - I was very leery of this one.
    Thanks to someone's review, I already knew that there were no manuals enclosed with this, so I started printing them up straight away, though actually, I really haven't needed them. I plugged it into the computer to charge it up. I don't think that anyone else has mentioned that you must hold down the power button for a LONG moment to turn it on! From that point on it has been wonderfully easy sailing - or rather, driving!
    This past weekend it has taken us from New York into CT and MA and back home again beautifully. It also seemed to drastically shave time off the Google maps' estimated driving times.
    On a particular point in the journey it lost satellite connection for a moment, and then picked it right up again.
    It's a little disconcerting not to be able to 'preread' the whole of the intended route before setting off in the car, and I intend to fiddle around some more to see if that might be possible, other than by just pulling out further from the map.
    It even automatically switches into night time mode on the stoke of sunset!
    So after this first weekend of use - I love it and am really glad I bought it!!
    ...more info
  • The best directions EVER!!!
    I am the worst one with directions. I always panic if I have to drive outside my comfort area and if in the past I had to drive I would have either not gone or begged my husband to take me. After starting my own business, Kelley Choice Mineral Cosmetics, I needed to travel on a regular basis. I loved my other GPS device from garmin and use it all the time in my other travels so I thought this would be perfect. I tested it in travels where I knew how to get there to get used to how it worked. Then came the day I really needed it. I had to travel 3 hours one way for an appointment. I went to yahoo maps and printed the directions. The directions said it would take 3 hours to get there. Oh, boy!!! Well this is why I bought the GPS, right? So printed directions in hand, cell phone charged and GPS set to the address. The printed directions said to get on I-89. I knew how to get there. But as I get to I-89 the GPS said to go straight and not to get on I-89. Oh noooo. I went with the GPS. No printed directions now!! What the heck, I figured, I'm on an adventure. The GPS also said the trip was only going to take me 2.5 hours and not 3. This machine was great.
    It tells you..
    -how far till the next turn.
    -what route you are currently on.
    -estimated time of arrival.
    -when you are close to you next turn it tells you on the bottom of the screen, "take a right on elm street", stay left ect
    -It has a big white arrow showing you the way to go. As you are going in the direction of the arrow the arrow gets bigger and you can see that you are on the right track.
    -and this is the best!! If you don't take the right turn it shows you how to get back on track. HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!

    During my 2.5 hour trip I got in the wrong lane once. I knew I did. So I just turned around and found the way. 30 second delay. On the way home I took the wrong way and just kept going as I was in area close to home and knew where I was. The GPS said, "recalculating" and then changed the directions and told me how to get back on track. Oh Ya! and once I had to find gas. I hit the gas button and it told me how to find the gas station and get back onto the highway.

    Okay, lets recap.. I am phobic about traveling, always get lost, get all panichy and either end up crying or yelling in the car. This machine got me there and back with no problems!! So my question to you is, why are you still reading this and not buying one!!!
    -...more info
  • performed great
    We were leaving for a trip when the truck arrived with the unit. We put the box in the car and drove out of the driveway. While travelling from Rhode Island to New Hampshire, we turned the unit on and used the suction cup to attach the unit to the window. It took about 15 seconds to locate our position. We didn't read the directions but found the touch screen is very intuitive as we punched in our destination. It worked great and we followed the verbal prompts right to the front door of our destination four hours later. We then traveled to Maine with similar success. The suction mount works fine and presented no problems. The screen is fairly small but OK. It was extremely accurate and even identified a dirt road in a remote campground. We had it on for a total of 500 miles and we were very pleased with it's performance....more info
  • How did I get by without one...
    You've probably read how the guidance isn't perfect and I'm not going to tell you otherwise. But any time I've found myself getting misled I just use the map and regular map reading skills to start moving in the right direction. The device will recalculate and you're on your way. With the clear, concise voice directions you can still concentrate on avoiding other cars. So what if I miss a junction/turning - I just keep following the purple line!

    And yes - when you take it on the plane it can be a little slow to get it's bearings. But the 15 minute ride in the rental car shuttle is usually enough for it to figure out where it is. Slap it on the windshield and you're ready to go when the barrier goes up.

    Finally, the interface is just how it should be - the button logic is clear and operation is exactly as you would expect.

    No complaints apart from the occasional minor routing error. When I used map print outs there were many more errors and a lot more stress......more info
  • Garmin C340 is great AMZON service contract sucks
    The device is great - just do not buy anything from AMAZON (mybe books) because they do not stand behind the warenty. They tell you "Items ordered via Amazon Marketplace are not directly fulfilled by For that reason, your merchant,, must be the one to handle any authorized return of this order" and you are stuck....more info
  • Really Good
    I received my Garmin GPS, read the simple directions, and then proceeded to use it. So far, it's kept me on the right roads...
    I am completely satisfied with this fine piece of electronics...more info
  • Its perfect!
    I have been wanting a GPS for about 2 years now. I finally got the C340 last week. So far its been amazing. I was introduced to Garmin by my friend who owns a 2610, uptil now thats what I wanted but when I did a search for Garmins and saw all the features in this thing I didnt mind spending an extra $250.

    What I liked..

    1)I missed UPS at my house so I had to go pick it up from their service center. I took it out of the box, plugged the cable into my car and to the GPS and it turned on. Put my home adress in and in seconds it was guiding me home. Amazingly easy to use..

    2)The text to voice Jill character is very accurate and helpful. In one week and alot of driving it only got one name wrong for a grocery store (Meijer's pronounced Mai-ers, "Jill" pronouned it "Meee-jers").

    3)It comes with an internal battery, I am not really using the power chord that comes with it for the car. The charge lasts pretty long. A few days even depending on how much driving you do. When its out of charge I plug it in to my car it get charged back up and the wire is back off. It looks sleek without a wire plus you can take it inside or whatever to play around with it. This is a great feature.

    4)POI's or point of interests. I discovered a new resturant 3 miles from my place I had never known existed. Also you can type in something that you don't see listed and it will find it for you. For example "Subway" or "Western Michigan University" or "Meijers" and it ll give you the phone number and address and all you do is hit Go and it ll take you there.

    5)Very user friendly and intuitive. Its like it knows what you want. The menu options are easy to use and buttons are nice and big so you don't have to struggle to put info in while driving. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing this.

    What I was dissapointed about..

    1) And only one complaint. When you put in a destination, it will only give you information regarding that destination. Especially on the freeways it wont show you and streets etc in detail. The top bar will tell you whats next and thats it. You can go into "browse map" and get a very very detailed map but that map doesnt move with the car and its defaulted zoomed out so you gotta zoom into your location then keep pressing arrows to follow your car. Very annoying.

    Other then that I am very happy with this GPS. I think the simplicity and other benefits completly outweigh the one issue I have with this thing. All in all I am glad I got it....more info
  • It's does the job well I try it out I trust it!!!
    for this price this the best...more info
  • c340
    it is a product with excellent potential, versatile, easy to setup and not too hard to use, potentially good value and will serve its user well as soon as garmin puts some decent US-wide maps in it,
    the c340 worked ~92% for the Miami, FL region, i only missed one meeting, which actually happened to be an important one, in ohter cases it guided me well
    i sent the product back to the manufacturer based on 60-% performance for mid-NJ, which made the product totally useless for where i actually live and spend most of my driving time
    ...more info
  • As with all portable units, some good & bad points; read on!
    Having switched from a petrol car (with built-in navigation) to a diesel one (without built-in navigation), I decided to invest in a portable navigation unit.

    Having owned a Garmin GPS2 in the past, I trust their technology, and so considered the c340 & Tom Tom 700 . In the end though, my decision was based around how useful Bluetooth connectivity (available on the Tom Tom 700) was against traffic avoidance (available on the c340). I decided that traffic avoidance is more important for me (but didn't want to have to rely on my mobile to get this data (Tom Tom 700)).

    A couple of things to mention about the c340.

    0 the c340 doesn't have dead-reckoning on-board. Once it looses
    sight of sattelites it stops guiding you until it
    re-acquires. Built-in systems have positional technology
    on-board, along with connections to your reversing lights and
    speedometer; therefore, once they loose sight of satellites,
    they use data obtained from these additional sources of
    information to continue guiding you to your destination. If
    this ability is important to you, look at the Garmin
    Streetpilot 27xx range. Garmin is the only company that makes
    a portable unit that offers this functionality. Of course,
    because of its additional capability, be prepared to pay more
    for it. The 27xx range of units have to also be
    professionally fitted.

    o if you buy an additional antenna (the GTM11) (& turn the
    option on) the c340 will warn & guide you around any jams
    etc... One point to note though; this service is a
    subscription service in other countries like the US, but comes
    with lifetime subscription in the UK.

    o always check that you're comfortable with the unit at maximum
    volume & the radio turned on. Some units (such as Navman
    Icn520 & some PDA/GPS combinations) are too soft at maximum
    volume. The c340 is loud enough. Oral instructions are very
    imporant especially as you'll be moving.

    o realistically assess your future needs; if you travel widely,
    then a unit with more maps loaded on-board may make more
    sense. If you're going to stay in one place, then buy a unit
    to which you can add maps. The c340 (mine anyway) comes with
    the whole of Europe pre-loaded.

    o whilst i have read about screen visibility issues on the c340,
    I myself, haven't had any issues with this. The screen is
    clear and crisp, automatically adjusting for day / night
    driving. Bright colours for daytime driving & dark ones for
    nightime driving. The unit (if programed to do so) will
    automatically switch between these modes when sunset/sunrise
    is reached. This can be distracting when you're learning to
    live with the unit, but you soon get used to it.

    o Two types of voice guidance are available on the c340;
    text-to-speech (where the street names are announced) &
    distance (where you're warned to turn in so many feet / metres
    etc). Not many other units have text-to-speech capability.
    It's very usefull whilst driving. One note though; if you
    travel outside your own country (and they happen to speak a
    different language) then text-to-speech
    doesn't work (unless you switch the unit to that countrie's
    text-to-speech capable voice). What you'll have to do is
    switch to the "standard" voice (feet'n'metres) for your

    o Garmin make it very easy to update the actual software
    engine. Just download a small piece of software from their
    site & install it, connect up the c340 via the supplied USB
    cable and double click the icon. Then leave it to do its
    job. Other items (like the various voices) are not updated
    in the same way, but, it's just a case of downloading the
    update from the Garmin website and (whilst still connected to
    the PC) double-click on the update.

    o the c340 has an SD memory card expansion slot

    o It doesn't come with a wall plug, but ships with an in-car
    windscreen suction mount and power adapter for the lighter
    socket. You don't need a wall plug, as, when it's connected
    to a PC via the supplied USB cable, this powers the unit. It
    has an on-board, rechargeable battery, which means you can
    walk about with it if you go sight-seeing.

    o I'm not so happy with the map. Some addresses are located in
    the middle of intersections! Whilst this isn't a Garmin
    problem (they buy the maps off a third-party company) it shows
    a lack of quality testing. For the price of this unit, I
    expect door-to-door navigation. It has to be said though,
    that all the portable units have problems with this aspect of
    routing. Check this out whilst still in the shop; plot known
    routes on the unit (but none involving your home!) and see
    if you're happy. Plot the same route on as many units as you
    can & see what the outcome is.

    o Garmin don't supply any information on how the software work
    (ie, when you set your vehicle type as car / taxi / bus etc...
    how this changes the way in which routes are calculated. When
    compared to my previous car (a Nissan with their own version
    of navigation (Birdview) installed; for a given route(in this
    case my drive into work) the unit doesn't plot the shortest
    route (I never use "fastest time"). Additionally
    when "highways" is set as an avoidance, the unit not only
    avoids motorways (sorry, I'm from the UK) but also avoids
    A-roads as well (one down from motorways for those outside the
    UK)! I suspect that this is a cultural issue. The difference
    between what I know is the shortest route(which my Nissan used
    to plot) and what the c340 plots is minimal though. Still....
    it does raise some doubts which need careful consideration in
    your decision (especially so if you're outside the US I think).

    o If your windscreen is heated (or has solar reflection
    capability) test the c340 in your car before you buy it. Some
    people's units have problems acquiring satellites when such
    windscreens are fitted. I don't have any such problems though.

    o you can do some pre-travel planning; the unit will tell you
    what is available near a city you specify. All points of
    interest are categorised; you choose what you want it to

    o Only one waypoint (a stop-off point between your start and
    destination points) can be input into a route. If you need to
    input more than one, then the c340 isn't for you.

    On the whole though, I am happy with the unit. I'm trying to find out from someone at Garmin if they can tell me how the software behaves (for reasons mentioned above). Once I have this information, I can use my unit optimally. If anyone from Garmin is listening though; I would resolve the cultural issues that have crept into the programming of these units, which should make for much more happier drivers!...more info
  • Do not buy from Garmin
    Not that there is anything wrong with this unit, rather, you should be aware that Garmin's technical support is pretty bad. I waited 20 minutes on the li