Microsoft B5W-00001 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000
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Product Description

Work in comfort on the go - this notebook mouse offers the unmatched accuracy and control of advanced laser technology. Easily enlarge and edit details with the new Magnifier.

When you first start using the Microsoft B5W-00001 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000, you'll wonder how you've managed without it all these years. Offering an unmatched package of ergonomic design, accuracy, style, and advanced features, this mouse will give you the comfort and performance that your work deserves.

Four-way scrolling with Tilt Wheel Technology.View larger.

Get five times closer with The Magnifier. View larger.

Snap-in receiver automatically turns off the mouse.

Microsoft's Laser Mouse 6000 features an innovative, ergonomic design.
Accuracy and Performance Features
Featuring high-definition laser technology, the Microsoft B5W-00001 offers laser precision as you scroll through your files. Smoother tracking means less strain on your hands and wrists, and higher responsiveness means that you'll quickly notice an increase in your productivity. The mouse offers four-way scrolling, adding even greater efficiency and comfort to your work. The entire scroll wheel tilts from side to side, acts as a button, and reacts to how quickly you roll the wheel to enable smooth, accurate maneuverability. For example, if you're working with a super-wide spreadsheet, you can tilt the wheel from side to side to scroll right and left, without having to click the sheet's tiny scroll arrows.

If you work with a lot of digital imagery, you'll love the mouse's magnification feature. With this feature, you'll think that you have a magnifying glass pressed against the screen. With a simple press-and-hold motion, the magnifier enlarges the area of your screen that fits inside the lens. You can easily adjust both the size of the lens and the level of its magnification. The Magnifier works in most programs. (The Magnifier is not compatible with Direct3D API in full-screen mode, media players, OpenGL, and Layered Windows. If you are using Mac OS X, the Magnifier enlarges text and images on the entire screen.) When it's time to touch up photos, or fine-tune detailed tasks, the magnifier will quickly become your best friend.

The mouse also features advanced Microsoft technologies that help prolong the life of your batteries, which means that you can spend more time working and less time running back and forth to the store. The B5W-00001 automatically enters standby mode when it's inactive for a certain length of time, which minimizes unnecessary battery drain. In addition, the light in the mouse's optical sensor illuminates only as brightly as is necessary to provide optimal tracking power. And finally, the mouse features a handy snap-in receiver that plugs in when you're ready to work, then snaps into your mouse when you travel, further preserving battery life.

Of course, as its name implies, the Microsoft B5W-00001 is wireless, which means you'll never have to hassle with cords again. An ambidextrous, ergonomic design that features a rubber-sided grip and a sophisticated form gives this mouse a cutting-edge look and feel that will complement today's latest technology. So if you work with a computer that runs Windows XP and has an available USB port, the Microsoft B5W-00001 could be the mouse you've always wanted.

What's in the Box
Wireless laser mouse, receiver, 1 AA battery, software CD-ROM, and user's manual.

  • Features high-definition wireless laser wireless technology and tilt wheel for superb precision
  • Offers four-way scrolling for greater efficiency and comfort
  • Magnification feature lets you expand sections of your document
  • Unique stand-by mode saves battery power
  • Ergonomic design reduces problems associated with repetitive stress
Customer Reviews:
  • This is a very good notebook/laptop mouse
    Microsoft B5W-00001 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000

    This is a very good ergonomic mouse. Don't listen to all the skeptics....more info
  • So Good, I bought two
    This is a fantastic laser mouse: wireless, quick, magnifier, compact, fast movement (adjustable, of course), very long battery life, light, and simply a pleasure to use. I'm so impressed, I'm buying a third to use with my new notepad on order....more info
  • Here are the problems
    First off, go for Logitech mice; they are cheaper, have better laser technology and better "other" button placement

    Bad things are as follows:
    The mouse wheel is too small (but does have a nice no-friction scrolling.
    The side button is horribly placed for me; i have to put my whole hand over the mouse for my thumb to be able to reach it.
    If you lift your mouse up for any reason, it will take a few moments to come back; in other words, it sleeps really fast.

    Worst thing are as follows:
    The mouse has to be within a 1.5 feet from the receiver (for me)
    Sometimes, the mouse just randomly spazes (?) out; sometimes it just moves a few pixels though i move my mouse a good distance.

    Overall, it is ok for $20 flat; it is a good notebook size, battery lasts a long time, and its comfortable, but the unresponsiveness kills it....more info
  • Great Product and it Magnifies!
    I love this mouse! It has the magnifying feature and it works great for my tired eyes when I need to see fine print. I'd buy it again and the seller was perfect. I would buy from him again!...more info
  • Horrible Mouse
    I purchased this mouse over a week ago and I've already put it away for good. It doesn't work most of the time. It constantly is losing it's signal and even after repeated efforts to reinstall or get the usb plug and the mouse to recognize each other it won't work. I tried downloading new drivers and that didn't solve the problem. I've given up on these wireless mouses as I haven't found a single one that works properly or stays working for longer than a month. I'm going back to a wired mouse. I've bought even the most expensive high end wireless mice and non of them work right either. I'll stick with the wired from now on. ...more info
  • Absolutely Terrible!
    This mouse has great features and software. However, it's made very cheap. The housing is very weak and the battery compartment keeps popping open on its own. Clicking does not always work. The buttons creak like you're bending them instead of getting a distinct click. Finally after having it for only 1 month the scroll wheel quit working. The cursor was also very erratic. You would think it would be better with a laser but it's actually worse. I finally had to stop using it completely out of frustration....more info
  • Not quite an upgrade as I had thought!
    I have owned a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop for some years now, and I have loved it - it has been the one of the best investments I have made. I thought that sticking with Microsoft for my input devices would be the way to go...I was wrong.
    I need a mouse that was compact with a small receiver to take on the road with me with my laptop, and decided on this one. I figured I couldn't go wrong with Microsoft, so I bought this mouse. The price was quite steep at $79.99 Canadian. The concept was a great one - a compact mouse with small receiver that actually fits in to the bottom of the mouse - what a great idea! As well, the battery would not be drained while the receiver was in place on the mouse. It only required one AA battery, and it was a laser mouse to boot, which meant better resolution.
    I was sorely disappointed, however. I found that from time to time the mouse pointer would get very jerky, and the mouse button would become unresponsive unless clicked multiple times. I thought at first that it might be a low battery, but I recharged the battery completely and ended up with the same problem. I figured I had just ended up with a bad batch, so I went to the store and exchanged it for another. Unfortunately, it wasn't long until I started getting the same problem. It wasn't constant - this problem would come and go - but for such an expensive item it should not have malfunctioned at all. Although this mouse may seem to work great at first, it eventually gets problems, which can be frustrating. Also, the battery life is not nearly as long as the 6 months+ I would get with my Microsoft wireless optical mouse. I figured going back to that was my best bet.
    Microsoft has a really great concept with this mouse, and it has some awesome features, but it has a ways to go in perfecting the laser technology. I would suggest sticking with your optical mouse until they do work out the kinks!...more info
  • Precision laser but tough on hands
    Good mouse for laptops. But a but too small for an average hand like mine. It takes effort to click right-button and feedback from the buttons are not that tactile (great). I recommend Logitech mice for its ergonomics and feedback....more info
  • Excellent mouse
    I bought this mouse as a replacement for my Notebook mouse 3000 which died after serving me for 2 years. It wasn't great in the beginning. Mouse buttons were hard to press and after a couple of months, the left mouse button started making a strange noise when pressed. At this point I contacted Microsoft support and told them about the problem. They sent me a replacement mouse in 2 weeks. After the new mouse arrived, I realized the problem of the mouse buttons being hard to press was also because the earlier one was a defective piece. I am now extremely happy with the new mouse. The precision is great, much better than 3000. On the whole, its a great mouse if your piece isn't defective!...more info
  • Eye of the beholder
    I have used my wireless laser mouse 6000 for about a year and have had ZERO problems with Windows XP ...... it works out to about 3 feet from my Dell laptop easily ..... not sure how it works with VISTA ..... make sure you have a good battery...more info
  • Great mouse, minor niggles
    I added this as an update from my wireless notebook optical 3000 mouse. The only real problem I have is the scrolling which I loved that had the clicks on the old 3000 model but I guess because of the 4 way scrolling they could not have the clicking.

    The other users who complain about the scrolling action need to change their settings. This mouse scrolls fine once you adjust the acceleration and speed settings for scrolling. The main reason I bought this mouse was for the horizontal scrolling which works excellent. As someone who spends tons of time on the computer I am really pleased with this mouse. It is as accurate as the 3000 if not more so, especially on my down cover which the 3000 had problems with. I would have to guess that the people who complained about the mouse not being as accurate either had a defective mouse or had it too far away from their laptop or they were using it on the desktop.
    Very good mouse, just wish the scroll clicked...more info
  • Easy to Use Mouse
    The mouse is easy to use and just the right size for my hand. M...more info
  • Not very comfortable
    This mouse is very functional, very precise, but the designer should have thought about another design. ...more info
  • Awesome Mac Mouse!
    I own an Apple/Mac computer and I was looking for an alternative to the apple brand mice because they are pieces of crap.


    The cool thing is... all of the buttons are customizable on a mac so you can set the "zoom" button for your expose, or dashboard, etc. As well as when you press down on the scroll button.

    The laser allows the mouse to be pretty dang accurate and I haven't had any problems with that so far. I do a lot of graphics stuff, and if it works for me it should definitely work for the average user.

    THE BAD:

    My left mouse button squeaks a little when pressed down. Not a problem, it is fixable I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    The mouse tracks and scrolls extremely fast on my Mac. You have to change the scroll and tracking speed to almost ht slowest setting. (not sure if this is necessarily bad or not, as it's not that big of a deal)....more info
  • Keep you "wired" mouse on standby
    Energizer e2 Lithium Batteries - AA by Energizer
    Micro 2nd Srce OEM WHEEL MOUSE OPTICAL-1.1A WIN32 PS2/USB 3PK ( D66-00034 )

    Having said the following, I would buy this again and I would recommend it to a friend. The links above are what I refer to below.

    I have experienced a lot of the drawbacks complained of by other users. At times it cuts out and the buttons sometimes need to be clicked more than a few times to get it to do what you want it to. But I attribute that to the fact that it is a WIRELESS mouse. Other electronic devices will interrupt the mouse's wireless signal, the battery might die (or get low), or the surfaceyou're using it on might not be suitable (like kitchen countertops that have a crystal content).

    I got this mouse on sale at Staples for $19.99, and am over all very happy with it. It has its drawbacks, yes, but as someone who uses his computer constantly (Facebook, e-mail, Photoshop, full-time online student), I don't have much reason to complain.

    Just keep your old "wired" mouse at the ready in case this cuts out at a bad time and you can hot swap it out. I'd also keep some extra batteries on standby. It takes regular AA's....more info
  • I can not understand about good review for this mouse.
    1. click is very firm...
    2. if the mouse is little far from USB port, It doesn't work.
    3. I feel pain in my wrist with 2 days use....more info
  • Lifetime expectancy = 1 month
    Pretty horrible.

    It works for a while, and then buttons start to go bad. And on day, you will find that you can't click on anything, 'cause the button is not operational anymore....more info
  • Great product ... but ...
    I've owned one of these for over a year. It is sensitive and it fits the hand really well, for a notebook mouse. Also, the IR laser beam (invisible), to me, is less annoying than the red flashing beams of the alternate technology devices. The software that comes with this mouse, with the instant magnification feature, is beyond wonderful for these older eyes. Can't see some small type on the screen? Click. It instantly blows up to size huge. Click. It's right back to normal. I love this thing.

    However, my first copy of this mouse's scroll wheel disintegrated at just about 1 year age and the mouse was trash. I have a new one and it is getting 8 hours of hard use per day. We'll see what happens. (By the way, I've used the various Microsoft and Logitech scroll wheel mice since they first came out and no other model has ever come apart.)...more info
  • This mouse needs to meet Felix
    I bought my Laser Notebook 6000 about 2 months ago, thinking it was going to suit my needs for both at home and on the road with my laptop. It works GREAT! Errrr, I mean, when it has a fresh battery that is less than 4 days old (1 only and it can't be a rechargable of any sort as I have found). IT works GREAT! - as long as it is not more than 6 inches away from the USB receiver; It works GREAT! - as long as you don't want to use it on paper or unfinished wood, or a blanket, or anything else that is not very reflective. I have tried uninstalling the hardware, software, reconnecting to the port, changing ports on my computer, using an extension for the USB devise, disabling my laptop mousepad and software, and even Voodoo to make this dang thing just work without being pampered like a 14 year old rock-star Diva just to get a crisp, non-fluctuating and consistent pointer. I just ordered a Logitech and I'm looking forward to it's arrival so I can trade this POC for a cheap sixer to celebrate one less Bill Gates hyped up product that I have to deal with. I'm wondering... is Linux ever going to start developing open access hardware???? I guess that's up to us....more info
  • I'm Returning to Mine - Gives me Cramps
    If you have mild to severe carpal tunnel syndrome like I do, I would NOT recommend this mouse. It is simply uncomfortable to use. First, it lies too flat to be gripped comfortably. I do NOT have large hands either. In fact, I am a woman with very small hands and I found it simply "too small and thin" to be of comfort. Second, I was getting a cramp in my middle right finger from using the scroll wheel. Again, the design is simply not very ergonomic IMHO. I did like having a programmable 4th button (which is why I wanted to upgrade)but that was really the only improvement I saw. For now, I will stick with my Microsoft Optical Mouse 3000 as it simply is A LOT more comfortable to use. It's a shame that the newer model has a poorer design ! I might have to switch to Logitech VX......more info
  • Nice to use a real mouse with a laptop
    I have only recently had a laptop of my own to use and first thing I missed having was a traditional mouse. My friend had one of these and I used his a few times first before buying one for myself.
    I works well and doesn't seem to need a special pad or anything like that to use it. I like the fact that the wireless usb part stores nicely with the mouse and is not likely to get lost in my moving around with the laptop from place to place.
    It installed on my winxp machine with ease needing no further drivers and it just seems to work really well.
    Ken L.
    ...more info
  • Mouse doesn't work
    The Mouse simply doesn't work, i try to contact the seller with no answer, Try not to buy to this seller....more info
  • Microsoft B5W-00001 Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000
    One of the worst pieces of hardware I've purchased in the past two years.

    Short on features/functions.

    Short on range.

    Suggest buyers consider Logitech....more info
  • Very Good!
    This mouse is of very good quality. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the range is very limited, but if you are using it with a laptop, then it shouldn't be a problem. The buttons are easy to push and the scroll wheel is very nice. The laser sensor works on a number of surfaces with no problem. Once the USB adapter is plugged in, the mouse is connected in seconds. Plus, the price is very good!...more info
    I live outside USA and for me was a very good opportunity to buy this Microsoft Notebook Laser Mouse for this price, who was very good. Here in Brazil the same mouse cost more than U$ 120,00. It took approximately 20 days to receive the product here in São Paulo (Brazil), but I received it with no damages and working fine. I recommend this seller and with possible I pretend to buy with him again....more info
  • great mouse
    I got this mouse a few months ago and it works great. It is a good size and shape. The battery life also is good. I would definately recommend this mouse to a notebook user...more info
  • great but missing the clicky feel to the rolly wheel.
    Yes I'm over 13 and I said "clicky" and "rolly". Only 4 stars because the rolly wheel is a little too sensitive and lacks the clicky sound/feel of the wheel as you roll it down a page for instance that my older MS wireless notebook mouse has. Anyhow I have no other complaints; I've been using one at work for a year with no problems. ...more info
  • good remote rodent
    this is a good travel device and well designed. the usb connector tucks almost flush into bottom of the mouse body and shuts down power to the mouse (1 AA bat). smooth control of pointer. nice, because i'm not a big fan of notebook touch pads. never met one i liked. software loaded without a hitch (xp tablet os). screen portion magnifier (off/on button, not in the way, is on left side) that follows the pointer works with precision if required. marginally useful. all in all i recommend it highly and i am not a big microsoft fan. only caveat is, have only used it for a few weeks, cannot comment on durability....more info
  • wireless mouse
    Not very good for a house with impatient people. It was a little sticky at first, by the time I contacted seller, they broke it. ...more info
  • Nice and comfortable for my laptop
    I just received it today and immediately plugged it to my laptop. I'm on my bed and I've been working with it for a couple of hours and the mouse feels extremelly well. My hand is big but the mouse fits very well.

    The installation was very easy although you need to install the IntellPoint software in order to get all the features offered by the mouse. With basic drivers only the wheel and the middle button works. The horizontal and magnifier buttons doesn't work without the drivers.

    Great product....more info
  • Mediocre
    The mouse was much too small for my hand and my girlfriend's hand. Its quite uncomfortable to use for more than 15 minutes - but it is small.

    I ended up giving this to her and buying a Logitech VX Revolution instead...what a difference! The VX Revolution is about 2x the price but well worth it. ...more info
  • Laser Mouse 6000
    This is a small but not Minnie Mouse. Works very well, Linux picks it up (USB) and it works great. Windows requires drivers (provided) to use all of the features. The magnifier is one of the most useful features. Convenient for travelling. I bought another one so I can have a home and an office mouse that are identical....more info
  • Tendonitis causer
    First off I think this mouse looks great, which is why I bought it, but it is a horrible product. Within a half hour of using it I had shooting pains going up my arm. I had gotten tendonitis about a year ago which I was able to trace to the use of a different "ergonomic" microsoft mouse. It hurt for a long time but had pretty much gone away until I tried this ms mouse. After about a half hour I had pretty severe shooting pains. I think that it was mostly caused by how hard it is to push the buttons on it unless your fingertips are at the end of the buttons on the front of the mouse. I returned it yesterday and got a Logitech Lazer V450, which is a fantastic mouse. ...more info
  • Laser mouse 6000
    It's nice---when it works. Produce is very picky about location. It also eats batteries at a pretty good rate. I'll stick to a $5.00 connected mouse next time. Very expensive....more info
  • Very good road companion
    Pros. Very good travel mouse, works on every surface, good battery life.
    Cons. Mouse buttons sometimes randomly are missed.
    ...more info
  • It broke in less than a month!
    I purchased this mouse for a co-worker, per his request. It looked so fragile, that it actually broke! He used it for less than a month and it did not work anymore. We were not very happy with this purchase, but I guess we had a bad luck getting this specific one out of thousands out there which would probably work just fine. He decided to buy a different mouse after this happened. ...more info
  • All the bad reviews are right
    I have had one of Microsoft's older wireless notebook mice for about a year and was completly satisfied. When I lost the transmitter, however, it was easiest to buy a new mouse, and at the price, why not upgrade? My experience with mice is that Microsoft, for some strange reason, really makes pretty good ones.

    But this is not one of them. The tracking and scrolling are poor, the scroll wheel is hard to set, the buttons truly ARE too stiff.

    Get a lower model.

    UPDATE: My review was premature. Make sure you get the updated Intellipoint driver from Microsoft, AND, when you install the driver, make sure you select the Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000, and NOT the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. There is a difference. However, the buttons are still stiff, and the "bumper" around the front end of the mouse further inhibits your clicking. I would bump it up to 2 stars if I could, but not more....more info
  • Scrolling wheel problem
    I purchased the Microsofts wireless 6000 this June 06. I noticed right
    away the scrolling wheel was not rolling smoothly. I ignored it thinking
    I was overly sensitive being this was my first wireless mouse. Fast forward 4 months and the rubber grip separated from the wheel making it
    nearly impossible to use. I haven't notice any other complaints about
    the rubber grip so this just may be an isolated incident. However the
    mouse is a little on the small size for everyday use especially with pc games....more info
  • Mouse clicks
    This would be a real nice mouse except that the left click button doesn't work smoothly except at the very tip. ...more info
  • Excellent Mouse
    Bought this mouse for a new Thinkpad that was supposed to arrive already but was delayed in shipping. So, while waiting, I hooked it up to my IMAC. I am thrilled with this mouse. So much better than the mouse that came with my Mac. Very responsive and fun to use.
    No problem holding the signal and I love the responsiveness and the scroll wheel. Suppose I will have to buy another for the Thinkpad since I can't see giving this one up!

    A very excellent product that I can highly recommend....more info
  • A poor product
    I have been using this product for a week now. I am very unhappy with it. Does not perform even core mouse functions like click, double click. The cursor keeps jumping all over and loses connection with the base very often. Do not recommend....more info
  • Works fine
    I have owned this mouse for 2 weeks; so far no problems. After plugging it in, it takes 5 seconds for it to "find" itself, and after that it is fine. Maybe 1 out of the last 50 times I've used it, it loses its signal, and takes 5-10 seconds to "find" itself again. But this is rare....more info
  • Do not buy - Not as good as the Wireless Notebook OPTICAL Mouse
    If I hadn't sold my Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse to a friend at work on my way out the door the day my new Laser 6000 was waiting for me at home, I'd probably go back to it. But he gave me fifteen bucks for the old one (with a few months of use on it), and I got the Laser 6000 for twenty-three bucks on sale online. So it's a cheap upgrade.

    And it is an upgrade. It's not a bad mouse...I was just spoiled by the old one. The buttons take a little getting used to, but I found that simply adjusting the mouse in my hand, with my fingertips more toward the front, took care of that. Initially I missed the "gear clicking" effect of the old scroll wheel, but I'm used to the smoothness now. And the Magnifier is a really cool tool. I was already running IntelliPoint software in order to get the Middle Click function from the old scroll wheel, so I just changed the Device config to the new Laser, which immediately enabled the Magnifier.

    Both the old Optical and this new Laser track perfectly on every surface I've tried them on.

    If this new Laser 6000 mouse had retained the easy clickability and perfect ergonomics of the old Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse, I'd give it 5 stars. But I'm getting used to it, after only a day.

    (p.s. I'm thinking about taking this mouse out to the shop and using a grinder to take off the center ridge, which still feels a little weird in my hand)

    UPDATE less than 2 weeks later: I don't like this mouse. The stiff buttons have proven to be a major hassle (when I'm tired, the effort required to left-click causes the mouse itself to move, causing mis-clicks), the center wheel is VERY difficult to use as a middle button, and in addition my mouse driver is suddenly acting up...when I click the button, the effect on-screen is two inches away from where the cursor is. I'm using the same MS Intellipoint software I had been using w/ the previous Optical mouse, and never had this issue. So I'm sending this mouse back, and if I could knock it down to One Star, I would....more info
  • Great Notebook Mouse
    I love this mouse, just wish it were a tad larger to fit my hand. Precise, works under most surfaces, the receiver design is excelent....more info
  • Microsoft makes software, Logitech makes mice.
    This mouse is riddled with problems. The pointer tracks erratically, the scroll wheel has no tactile feel and has a dead spot where it doesn't scroll at all. Batteries last less than a month, as indicated by the software popping up a notification balloon on the Windows taskbar. It frequently looses its wireless connection to the computer.

    Microsoft used to make a good mouse but this one is junk. I feel like a sucker for buying it. I won't buy anymore hardware from Microsoft.

    I'd let Microsoft stick to making software and get a Logitech mouse....more info
  • Nice mouse
    a compact wireless mouse with laser technology. No driver needed. No tracking problem. Maybe MS fixed it? ...more info
  • Very good lappy mouse with some minor problems
    I read some negative comments about this mouse but I still decided to give it a try. After I got it, I do find some tracking issue as claimed by some other people only when I change the cursor speed to very fast. When I use the default setting the mouse works greatly.

    laser precision
    ergonomic design
    more buttons
    pretty good tracking

    some tracking issues when speed is very fast
    more effort needed to click right button than my old MS 3000 mouse
    not all buttons customizable
    relative short receiver range(~1.5m)

    In all, I would say it is a pretty good mouse and worth buying...more info
  • Do not buy!
    I agree with most of the posts here that state that the mouse is not ergonomically designed. It's hard to left-click even after I had adjusted the settings.

    After installing this wireless laser mouse, my screensaver would not work. I have Windows XP Media Center. I searched the microsoft support page and found a temporary fix that I have to do every time I want my screensaver to work. You would think Microsoft would have a permanent fix to this since it's their operating system and mouse. It is just typical of Microsoft.

    So, I'm returning this product! It was such a waste of time! ...more info
  • Sad.
    I usually like Microsoft peripherals, and own 2 Microsoft keyboard/mouse sets with which I'm pleased. But sadly, this stand alone mouse, which I bought to travel with my laptop, is just a terrible product.

    It's got a few problems, but the deal-breaker, to be sure, is the click feature. It's probably the most ancient mouse feature there is, and they still managed to screw it up. Sad.

    Simply put, it does not work. For one, the curve of the mouse is slightly wrong. They seemed to be far more concerned with making the shape pretty than with making it comfortable. The result it that the wrist angle is uncomfortable and my fingers got tired quickly.

    But the REAL problem with the click feature is that you have to press the mouse buttons far to hard to get them to register your click! Very often it did not register my first click, and I had to click 2, 3, or even more times in order to get it to take. Perhaps I'm used to a much more delicate mouse, and the problem lies with me? I don't know, and frankly don't care. What I do know is that I couldn't suffer using it for more than about 6 minutes before I felt like throwing it hard against the nearest wall.

    Another problem worth a mention was the range, which seems to be very poor. I held the mouse right next to the laptop, no more than 6 inches from the side opposite the antenna, and it still rated the signal strength as "low." Again, I thought that was pretty sad.

    Lastly, the diagram on the back indicates that the usb antenna can be stored inside the device itself while not in use. This, happily, is true. Unhappily however, the antenna just 'sets' into a recess in the bottom of the mouse, with nothing more than a very small bit of friction to hold it in place. It does not 'snap' in there, as I hoped it might. This left me totally unconvinced that mouse and antenna would stay attached after rolling around my briefcase or suitcase for a few hours.

    I suppose that the last 2 problems would not be terrible if it was one of the cheaper mouses (mice?) on the market, but I paid over $50 bucks for mine. Blahh.

    I'll be returning it to Staples tomorrow. At least writing this review made me feel alittle less frustrated in the meantime....more info
  • A good notebook mouse - not as bad as described by previous reviewers.
    Once a rating was given, it can't be changed. I'm not happy about the design of this feature. I know there are a team of Amazon SDEs behind the rating function. please fix it, guys!

    After about 6 months, my 6000 stopped working. Lost tracking on almost all surfaces. Not sure what's the problem and I just can't fix it. Is it kinda trap M$ using to generate more revenue? Just want to reduce my rating to a single star!

    Now, I'm using a logitech USB notebook laser mouse. It's feather-weight. Its old fashioned USB link works just fine. Can't agree more with another reviewer on "M$ makes software, Logitech makes mouse"

    I am a CS major and my Dell Latitude D610 stays with me more than 10 hours a day. After giving my last Microsoft wireless notebook mouse to a friend in China, I decided to try this one, an upgrade version with laser bean.

    Again, Microsoft exceeds my expectation. The mouse looks more stylish than its ancestor Microsoft Wireless Optical USB Notebook Mouse BX3-0000. It uses an invisible laser bean to replace the annoying red bean for tracking, and delivers more precise tracking and fast response. It works on any surfaces - glass, palms, jeans, paper, and even my thigh :). The wireless adapter is smaller and no longer needs a twist to be clipped onto the bottom of the mouse. The 4-way wheel pleased me as much as it did on my Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer Optical 2.0 Wireless Mouse. It rolls smoothly and accelerates precisely as I browse through long programs and large Photoshop works.

    I want to give it 4.7 stars due to a few design flaws. 1) You need to setup this mouse carefully using the latest Microsoft Mouse program. The complains in previous reviews are mainly caused by this problem. Once it's correctly setup, it will work just fine. 2) The two buttons are a little bit stiff to press, compared to the other Microsoft mice I have. Nevertheless, it's never caused a problem other than forcing me to press a little bit harder. It might be a headache if you play games that need a lot of clicks. ...more info
  • Great mouse
    I ordered 4 of these for me and some of my co-workers and we think they are great. I am peson that lives a fast paced day and I love the quickness and accuracy of the functions. We have no problems with the range even if the USB is on the left, right or rear of the computer. I like being able to make small movements and have maximum screen movement. This is mouse is great. I have gone through 7 different mice and finally I have found a mouse that meets my needs....more info
  • Not as bad as these reviews would have you believe.
    First of all this mouse will cover a 14.25" screen with 1280 resolution with only an inch of travel. My other hard-wired mouse uses about 2.5", so it will come across as overly sensitive. But my right arm is tired and there aren't too many alternatives for lefties, which I was by nature before computing.
    No mention of anyone using/trying this mouse as a drawing instrument, which is why I bought it, as it has a claimed .001 resolution.
    The single battery slides in at an angle, so the mouse is balanced, though it would appear not to be due to the space for the USB transmitter.
    The buttons are not all that difficult to push. You can hold the mouse upside-down while scrolling and not accidentally click a button; however a surface rougher than formica may be a better idea as the cursor may slide off target when clicking on a hyperlink. Everything takes a little practice.
    See if this doesn't work out as a half-way decent RSS reader tool You can hold this mouse at all times and use your clothes to move it around on.
    It doesn't rate such low star reviews....more info
  • Not Great, but Good Enough
    I've had this mouse for about 2 months and I've used it with both a notebook and a PC. I installed the software on the notebook and haven't had any major problems.

    On the plus side: There are adjustable controls for the pointer, scrolling speed, and lots of other things. It's slightly smaller and much lighter than a regular mouse so it's easy to thrown in a bag with a notebook. There's a magnifying feature which may be very helpful for some users, but doesn't seem to do much for me.

    On the minus side: The pointer can be a little erratic. I find it accurate enough but the movement is not as smooth as what you would get with a regular mouse. It can also be difficult to set an ideal scrolling/pointer speed. (The scroll wheel is very loose and it's not easy to scroll slowly through something.)

    All that said, I'm satisfied with this mouse. I do not often use the scrolling wheel because of the problems with it. I never use the magnification feature. But for surfing online or writing a paper or playing solitaire on a notebook this mouse is sufficient. As a side note, my PC mouse just stopped working and I found that I can plug the USB adapter from the wireless mouse into my PC and the mouse works just fine on that computer without installing the software.

    As far as the negative reviews go, I think some of those people must have gotten lemons. Of course, if lots of people end up with bad products that's something to think about. Also, if you're looking for something that feels and performs like the desktop mouse you're used to, this isn't it. But if you just want something convenient you can carry with your notebook, I think this mouse is alright. I certainly wouldnt pay the regular price for it. But if you can get it for about $30, I think it's worth it....more info
  • Too sensitive to enjoy using
    It's true -- this is a bad mouse.

    I doubted the reviews before I purchased this mouse, but sadly, they are mostly accurate. The mouse is entirely too sensitive; a slight movement moves the pointer too far. Installing the included IntelliPoint software lets you slow down the movement, but not far enough to make it easy to use. Using it on a non-shiny surface seems to help a bit, but not much. Perhaps worst of all, the mouse wheel spins way too quickly and freely, with virtually no resistance.

    On the other hand, I didn't find any problems with its reception; my USB port is on the left and I use the mouse on the right and it receives the signal fine. Nor did I have any trouble clicking, as other reviewers did. This mouse does have a third, programmable button on the left side. The mouse wheel can tilt left and right for horizontal scrolling, but I found that feature pretty useless.

    I have the Microsoft Wireless Notebook OPTICAL Mouse 3000 and it works great. It has a directional receiver; each roll of the mouse wheel has a nice click; and its sensitivity is just right. I suggest you avoid this one and pick up the OPTICAL mouse instead. (Get the 3000, because the 4000 also has the freely-turning mouse wheel.)...more info
  • Please Don't Sell This or Fix the Problems!
    This is the worst mouse I've ever bought! Returned it right after I received it!
    1. Mouse Buttons feels too hard! You've to press hard and hold to make it work. (Design flaw, IMHO)
    2. I hooked up the receiver to the usb port on my notebook and put the mouse on my keyboard space, which is below my notebook, on my computer table. Tha...Da.... The mouse didn't work. Placed the mouse next to the notebook and it worked.
    3. Mouse feet height's unlevel! Too odd!

    Great things I've found out:
    1. Light weight
    2. Works on glossy surfaces too.

    Anyone experienced the same problems? Or is this is just an isolated manufacturer's defects case?...more info
  • Strange reviews!! Maybe some "anti-microsoft" people
    I was loooking fot the COOLEST looking mouse out there, and I FOUND IT and THIS IS IT, I wanted the best looking mouse for the PC in my store, but I tought this one wouldn't have the range for a desktop pc because it was designed for laptops and the receiver would be naturally very close to the mouse (i had problems with Logitech wireless products because the receiver has to be TOO close to the mouse/keyboard); I was wrong, it works FLAWLESSLY in front/rear USB ports in any of my desktops. Get it, you won't be dissapointed with this BEAUTIFUL little mouse....more info
  • Microsoft notebook mice suck
    I bought the non laser wireless version for notebooks and it just stopped working after about two weeks. I was about to buy this laser model and then I read the reviews and figured that the reliability disease carried over to the laser model. Stay away!...more info
  • This one is really bad :(
    I bought this 2 weeks ago and had problems installing this. Finally got it to work and then it started going crazy. The cursor is erratic and the wireless connection is one of the worst of all wireless mice. If you have the USB port on the other side of the notebook, it does not work well. ...more info
  • very poor control with pointer
    This is a huge disappointment. I have used the latest driver v5.5 and this mouse does not have anywhere near the type of smooth pointer control that you would expect, even compared to the original ball type mice. i have tried many types of mice over the years, including the optical usbs, wireless optical usb, logitech mx1000 laser, and of course the original ball driver types, and this one is by far the worst i have ever used. NOT RECOMMENDED!!...more info
  • Clunky
    I used this mouse for two frustrating weeks. There were 5 main issues:
    1. "Clicking" required very firm, frontward pressure, or you would not get an action.
    2. When clicking, the pointer has a tendancy to move upward, sometimes sliding off the thing you are clicking on. That means a "do over".
    3. The magnifier side button is fickle. Just pressing it doesn't always activate the magnifier. You have to try various kinds of direct or indirect presses. Same with de-activating it. (A nice magnifier, however).
    4. Sometimes the mouse stalls or seems to be just at the edge of the operating range, causing you to fiddle with it to get it to go all out.
    5. Very noisy clicks!

    All and all, too clunky and imprecise. Try the very smooth, quiet and sure Logitech 7X I just bought as a replacement for the Microsoft Laser 6000. It operates as you expect a good mouse to do....more info
  • Better alternatives exist
    I do a lot of Powerpoint and Excel, so the choice of the right mouse is very important to me. I already own the "previous generation" Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (available on Amazon for $24.99 at the time of writing), and thought they had the design nailed with the 3000! When I got my new notebook, I decided to get this one as an upgrade, assuming this would give me higher precision (1000dpi Laser) and 4-way scrolling, and would certainly exceed the standard of quality established by the 3000.

    Well, I was wrong - Microsoft has taken a few steps back this time. Ergonomically, the mouse does not sit as well in my hands as the 3000, and I feel less in control of the pointer. I see no visible increase in precision over the 3000 - in fact its worse. The small left button is badly implemented (too small, not well positioned), so I don't use it (maybe I'll get better at it after some time).

    By itself, this mouse is a good choice in its category - its very compact, very portable, wireless, and has an excellent battery life (as in the 3000, the USB wireless transmitter snaps back into the base of the mouse and turns off battery usage).

    You are better off buying the 3000 - you will get a better designed wireless mouse for your notebook for a lesser price. Can't beat that!...more info
  • Mind of Its Own
    I've read all of the reviews here, and can agree with most of the complaints. My main problem the lack of precision in graphics programs, it's difficult to control. I tried uninstalling Intellipoint and that improved the situation somewhat. The magnifier is indeed almost impossible to turn off. The most frustrating aspect is the vertical scrolling. Even at the slowest setting, images fly by too fast to see (in some graphics programs, ACDSee for example). Other mice have a click/stop with the wheel, this does not, and that may be the real problem....more info
  • Maybe Wireless Isn't Always a Good Idea
    I'm new at this, so I hope this doesn't suck. Having said that, my experience was the opposite of many people's. Being left handed meant I was using my finger for the third/zoom button. So its small size didn't matter to me.

    At first I found the main buttons hard to click. Since I have an engineering/trouble shooting background I played with the problem until I had it figured out. The actual microswitch that is activated never takes much pressure. But to activate it you need to move some piece of plastic that will have various distances and angles involved. The result for this mouse is that if I placed my finger tips right over the far end (front edge) of the levers and pressed sort of to the rear and down almost no effort was needed. If my hand was to the rear of the mouse leverage was such as to require a lot of finger pressure.

    The mouse was used with an IBM T21 Thinkpad to get around the unloved Touchpoint joystick. But when I wanted to use the Touchpoint to scroll, it wouldn't work. From a review here I now know that's a software conflict. The reason I was trying the Touchpoint was the MS Wireless Mouse was getting steadily less and less usable.

    At first it wasn't as smooth in cursor movement as other mice. Although it's the first wireless I've used, I assumed the problem was the IR laser in place of the usual optical sensor. That, and that I need to use a laptop so I can work from bed due to health problems. It was puzzling that the mouse didn't seem to work well on a cloth sheet but I assumed the laser was the problem. Now that I've read through the reviews I've reached a different conclusion.

    Some users found no trouble getting great range and sensitivity with their mouse. Others found it would only work within a few inches. The users who had trouble clicking were having a slight reception problem without knowing it. (I'd found that it was harder for the receiver to hear the signal for a button click than the other mouse signals. If 50% of the data is being lost movement is slowed, but half your "clicks" get lost.) I think the big difference in reception being experienced is most likely due to local RF on the same frequency causing interference.

    In my case the interference became bad enough for me to return the mouse. But in general I liked what they were trying to do. I liked that it didn't use a proprietary rechargeable battery. A "AA" let's you choose how to handle the battery problem. Docking the receiver in the bottom of the mouse to turn off the power and store them together is also a good idea. I like the idea of a magnifying function for use on a laptop. I didn't like that it partially disabled the built in pointing device. I can't give an opinion about sensitivity because reception was never good enough to tell anything about sensitivity. So maybe, if I'm lucky, they'll make a miniature copy with a retractable cord. I'd definitely buy that!...more info
  • i like it a lot
    I read about these complaint about this mouse a lot, which almost make me not buying this terrific laser mouse. It is a wonderful mouse that works on every, EVERY surface I can think of, on carpet, on very shiny surface. The only surface it wouldn't work is on a glasses!!. which is obviousely normal.

    I don't see any problem with the thumb bottom, it works as a magnifier perfectly with out any problem. I think when they say they can't turn this magnifier off is because they hold it too long.

    Precision is incredible amazing, absolutely perfect for everyone.
    I love this mouse....more info
  • Not Ergonomic
    From reading the other reviews, it appears as though I'm not the only one who is disappointed with the ergonomics of this mouse. While I have had it for a while, this issue became apparent only recently as I've begun to use it several hours a day. I've just placed an order for the old BX3-00008, and believe that it will better suite my needs.

    Also, I must say that I am forced to use a mouse pad on my desk (a shiny laminate-topped surface), because the mouse does not accurately register my movement without it....more info
  • Great Laser But that ackward small left Button
    I bought this MS Laser 6000 notebook mouse through Amazon a short time ago. I like it.

    Pros- The laser part of the mouse works great. The laser is 1000 dpi. It works on every surface that I have tried including the shiny reflective tabletops at Starbucks. The wireless works fine any position around my laptop with no problem. You do have to load the special software from the CD but that process is easy and once loaded the mouse works great.

    Cons - The small button on the left of the mouse is almost impossible to use. Default case is that it is used for magnification. I have to use both hands. One hand to hold the mouse and the other hand to push the button. The wheel for vertical scrolling is fine. The horizontal scrolling using the wheel works fine too but I do not use horizontal scrolling that much. The clicking part of the wheel takes some getting use to though. As for basic clicking the mouse design keeps my two figures for left and right clicking a little further apart then I would like. And if you stop using the mouse for a short while, it seems to go in a sleep or standby mode which requires some larger movement on the mouse to get the cursor to move again.

    Bottomline - I like the mouse. Basic operations such as laser and wireless is great. If you use the small bottom on the left often, try the mouse before you buy it to see if you can live with it....more info
  • Worst range in a wireless mouse ever ...
    This product deserves no stars.

    With the receiver in the USB port on the left side of my notebook computer, the mouse stops responding if I move it to the right side of the computer. That's less than 16 inches. I am restricted using it in an area in front of the laptop. Pretty dismal. I guess if I were left handed the mouse might be ok. But then the third button is on the wrong side of the mouse.

    For a right handed person the product might be useable if their laptop had usb ports on the right hand side.

    ...more info
  • Keep looking
    I had high hopes for this mouse. My requirements were 1) automatic shut off; 2) small usb adapter; 3) comfortable and easy to use.

    Based on those requirements I was mostly happy. However, the problems with the mouse itself and the current release of the Intellipoint software outweigh my long term use of it.

    First, I use the side buttons on my desktop mouse a lot. They are programmed to do certain keystrokes (such as close a browser tab) depending on the application I'm in.

    This mouse, although the software claims to support that, fails miserably. Quite frankly, I have yet to be able to program the side mouse button to do anything but "zoom" on the screen, which is a worthless function to me.

    Second, although the scroll wheel scrolls just fine, it has a serious problem with clicking. The pressure to click the scroll wheel is so much that you usually end up scrolling instead of clicking (make sense?).

    In short, great idea, lousy implementation.

    In it's defense, the laser works on just about everything, my jeans, the carpet, etc. and it allows you to store the receiver on the mouse itself when not in use....more info
  • Good Product
    it a good mouse the only time it bothers you is when you are a touch person. it isn't that hard to press the buttons but if ur really sensitive then yes it is compared to other mice but all around it is a good mouse...more info
  • Disappointed
    I've been a user of the Microsoft Wireless Notebook mice for a year, and found it to be a wonderful device. It was just comfortable and a pleasure to use. The only drawback was the hideous receiver which looked... well, strange. But other than that, the buttons were simple to press, the wheel clicked nicely and the tracking was great (I use it to play games!), no lag.

    When I first saw this Microsoft Laser Notebook Mouse 6000, I didn't hesitate at all to buy it. You can say I was pretty disappointed to know that I wasn't getting an upgraded version of the mouse I described above...


    - The transmitter at least looks halfway normal, and is not a big chunk sticking out of your notebook.
    - A magnifyer button was added, but I mapped it to the 'back' button for browsing the internet. More buttons is good thing, but more on this below.
    - The wheel is smooth scrolling and doesn't click. Nice for the lady friend who's sleeping while you work (or play games).
    - Very nice tracking, the mouse is smooth as silk and doesn't lag at all, but no noticeable improvement from previous generations of optical mice.


    - The buttons are extremely hard to press. I've never encountered any mice that had to be pressed as hard as this to get an action done. You feel like you have to push your wrist forward to push the button.
    - The ergonomics of the mouse aren't there. It looks like its made to be comfortable to your hand, but it isn't. Hard to describe, but after awhile, I really noticed that my hand was stuck in a "claw" shape and started to ache a little bit.
    - The magnifyer button... is way too small and hard to press. Also the location of the button, while it looks like it can be easily pressed with your thumb, in fact is not. Your finger has to reach forward to the mouse to press it, which means you will most likely move your mouse too, losing the position you wanted to magnify in the first place. As mentioned in other reviews, sometimes it gets stuck and you need to push it again to pop back up. Those of you thinking it can be used as a 'back' button will be pleased to know that it can be remapped, but also know that the button is not friendly for this usage.

    The main problem I have with the mouse is really the buttons. With other mice, you don't think about clicking because the mouse is easy to press. But with this mouse, you want to press, look down, and realize the button still hasn't been pushed yet. Clicking should not require a conscious effort. Your mouse should not enter your mind when you use it, but in this case, every time you click you will be forced to remember to click just a little harder. ...more info
  • This is bad ....
    Bought this a few days ago. First of all, this is very uncomfortable. Their is a ridge down the middle and that bites your palm of the hand. Also, the scroll wheel is so narrow and it also bites your finger.

    I have had the intellimouse for a while and have always liked. This and the Microsoft Optical mouse 4000 share the same id. I found both very uncomfortable. Dissappointed....more info
  • mouseis poorly constructed
    The microsoft lazer mouse 6000 is probalbly he worst mouse I have ever owened. The mouse is hard to click on the buttons and the manifier button constantly sticks so that if you use it it is almost impossible to turn off. Unfortunately I have had great luck with microsoft hardware before and I discarded the packaging so I'm stuck with a piece of junk. I would advise anyone considering this mouse to not buy it and if you do save all the paperwork so you can return it. The mouse chasis is not even solid which probably is leading to the other problems...more info
  • Good Laser Mouse on all surface, but mouse clicking needs improvement
    I have been a loyal user of Microsoft Notebook Wireless Mouse Optical for almost two years; however, when Microsoft announced the Laser Mouse 6000, I was totally thrilled and eager to switch.

    For one, Notebook Wireless Mouse Optical doesn't work on all surface, especially shiny and reflect ones. If you go to Starbucks often and use the Mouse Optical on their coffee table, I guarantee you that most of the time, the mouse cursor just jumps from one place to another, very frustrating.

    For two, I was happy to see the new side button feature as magnifier. However, I was disappointed as it requires you to install Microsoft IntelliPoint 4.3 driver. If you use IBM Thinkpad X series (or one with only ThinkPoint and no touch-pad), I recommend you stick with Notebook Wireless Optical because the proprietary driver from Microsoft will render the IBM driver useless (worse, the ThinkPoint will no longer work until you reinstall the IBM driver).

    I have been using the new Notebook Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 for a number of weeks. The results are amazing! You can definitely use it on various number of shiny, bright, and reflective surface with no interruption!

    The magnifier feature is well designed and based on ergonomics concept. As you move the scroll wheel forward or backward, you can zoom in or out of magnified area. Similarly, as you move your mouse forward, backward, left or right, you can expand or shrink the magnified area. Very very convenient and intuitive feature!

    Now, the bad part. The receiver needs to be very close to the mouse, within about 5 to 6 inches. The mouse cursor will still move on the screen smoothly even if the receiver is like one ft away from the mouse. However, the mouse clicking (like left button clicking) will be very insensitive. It may require you to double click for a single click effect. Nonetheless, if you move the receiver closer to the mouse, it works just fine. Other factors that may cause the mouse clicking to be annoying and frustrating is shiny surface. It appears to me that even though the laser mouse can work on shiny surface just fine, but the mouse clicking may be not so responsive as you would expect. Overall, I hope Microsoft will release some form of update to this mouse, so that I don't waste my $40 on this awesome mouse.

    P.S. This mouse uses a 1000 dpi laser. Not that it is a big deal. I do not believe that Logitech's 2000 dpi laser will perform any better than this mouse in terms of smooth mouse cursor movement on screen....more info
  • Not as good as its precursor
    I've been using Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse for over 1 year and quite satisfy with it, so when this finally hit market, I bought one without hesitation. However, it's rather disappointing.

    The buttons become rather firm and pretty hard to press now, the mouse itself, has no ergonomic design and hard to hold, I wouldn't be surprised if your wrist/finger hurts after use this mouse.

    The mouse comes with side button, works as a magnification(driver required), but, the button is poorly designed, after turn on with a single click, several clicks are needed to turn it off.

    Laser Technology(no noticeable benifit though)
    Slim Design
    Good built quality

    Poor side button
    No ergonomic design
    Hard to press button(it's a matter of taste, but I don't like it)

    If you need a good notebook mouse, go for Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical, it's still the best notebook mouse, I'm still waiting for V400 though....more info
  • Good stuff
    Microsoft finally releases a laser mouse !! and its worth the wait. smooth scrolling wheel, good reading of surfaces, and ability to turn off mouse (switches off automatically when you snap in USB wireless adaptor onto underside of mouse)
    woohoo !...more info
  • This Mouse Rocks!
    I have always been a fan of Microsoft mice and this mouse continues to confirm my belief. Very easy installation, smooth-as-silk tracking, great horizontal and vertical scrolling. The best notebook mouse ever made!...more info